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^gssfpajPfe EQERTON H. CASE 








JRoom and Picture. .MouM 
arici Bamboo ; Qoods 

TELEPHONE 1419 "Cable IWanwii" 




Fdund*** 18QS Asset* Ov*r - »12,£»O6«OOO 


MUNTX &' BBATTY, Temple Building, TORONTO 






The Toronto General 
Trusts Corporati 


• • 

• • 

• • 

• • 

• • 

• • 

• • 

• • 

• • 

• • 

• • 

• • 

• • 

• • 
r • 

• • 

• • 

• » 

• • 

• • 

• • 

• • 

• • 



D ^IO.T 

188L' F 

Life Assurance 


Cor. Yo nor ^ - <a c ,*«orn<fe S.ts Tor 

Capi $ y ,000,001 

Rese ^iS^v 250,OOC 


John Bell. Q.C.. Belle 
John Laing Blaikie. 
W. R. Brock. 
J. W. Digby, M.D., B 
J. J. Koy. Q.C., M.P. 

Empowered by 

Executor and 

by will 
Trustee under 

pointinent < 

private ind 

will annex* 

Guardian of Infants 

;tc. . etc. 

Hon. Puler Maclai 
E. B. O*ler, M.P. 
J. G. Scott, Q.C. 
'I'. Sutherland Staj 
li. K. Walker. 

undertake and execute 
..« person and e 

,.--ro. Etc., Etc. 
•v Executors, Trus 
,n-ent of money 
es, Stocks, Etc., iss 

>n of Ontario in 18'. 
- usts Corporati 

' .i,'es that cannot be o 

The Toronto General T> -t> uipm v 
two companies are now am. i 

Appointment of this Corporation as Extcutov ^.u, 
the appointment of individuals. 

(1) It has as a Corporation perpetual existence. ('2) The capital of the Corporation and its reserves, am 
over one million and a quarter dollars, furnish a substantial guarantee to the public for the faithful admiui 
all business entrusted to its care. (3) Its affairs are under the constant supervision uf a Board of Direct' 
Executive and Inspection Committees and a trained staff of officers. (4) The compensation of the Corporati 
by the courts on passing accounts, and in no ease is it awarded greater remuneration than is allowed to pi 
viduals, but in many instances considerably less. 



Ansistttnt Bfon&gcr, Se 

• • 

• • 

• • 

• • 



AIan(t(/in<l Director. 

• • 

• • 

• • 

• • 

• • 

• • 

• • 

• • 













Issued by the North American Life are on the 'most approved, up-to-date plans, and, 
moreover, backed by a company of unexcelled financial strength. 







Send your name, address, and age next birthday, and we will forward to you, rates 
and estimate slips of some very desirable plans of insurance. 

Wm. McCabe, 

L. Goldman, 



Head Office : TORONTO 






Capital • 
Reserve fund 






General Manager's Office, - Toronto 

• • H. C. McLEOD, - 

J J DANIEL WATERS, Chief Inspector, Toronto 

J* GEO. SANDERSON, Inspector, Halifax 


General Manager 

H. A. FLEMMING, Secretary, Halifax 

W. CALDWELL, Chief Accountant, Toronto 

• • 

• • 

• • 

• • 

• • 

• • 

• • 

• • 

• • 

• • 

• • 

• • 

• • 

• • 

• • 

• • 

• • 

• • 

• • 

• • 

• • 

• • 

• • 

• • 

• • 

• • 








Nova Scotia 

New Brunswick 

• • 




Campbell ton 

Newcastle Sussex 

J J 





St. Andrews Woodstock 

• • 

• • 


New Glasgow 



St. John 



North Sydney 



St. Stephen 

• • 

_ — 




* • 

Prince Edward Island 




Charlottetown Summerside 





Harbor Grace 


St. John's 


j j 


West Indies 





Kingston, Ja. 




United States 


« r 



Calais, Me. Chicago 


A A 


Great Britain 

Royal Bank of Scotland and Branches 


Credit .Lyonnais and Branches 


Dresdner Bank and Branches 

Domininion of Canada 

Canadian Bank of Commerce and Branches 

United States 

NE\V YORK— Bank- of New York, N.B. A. 
BOSTON — Merchants' National Bank 
CHICAGO— First National Bank 
PHILADELPHIA — Fourth Street National Bank 
BALTIMORE — Citizens' National Bank 
SAN* FRANCISCO — Canadian Bank of Commerce 
MINNEAPOLIS — First National Bank 

• r 

• • 
v • 

Xaldo &• Co. 

Havana, Cuba 



BANK or 

Capital all Paid-up 
Reserve Fund 
Undivided Profits 




Established 1817-Incorporated by Act of Parliament 



0 • 
0 • 

0 • 
• • 



A. T. Paterson, Esq. Sir W. C. McDonald, G.C.M.G. R. B. ingus, Esq. Edw. B. Greenshields, Esq. 

A. F. Gault, Esq. R. G. Reid, Esq. James Ross, Esq. 

E. S. CLOUSTON, General Manager. A. MACNIDER, Chief Inspector and Superintendent of Branches. 

• • 



• » 

• it 

0 • 
• • 

• • 

• • 

• • 

• 0 

• • 

• • 

• • 


Ottawa, Ontario 






St. Mary's, 

Toronto : — 

Yuiige and Front 
Yonge and Queen 

Wallaeeburg, Ontario 

In Newfoundland 

ST. JOHN'S, NFLD. — Bank of Montreal. 


• • 

Almonte, Ontario 

0 0 


• • 


J J 


0 0 


• • 


• • 


• • 

Ft. William, 

• • 


• • 


• 0 


* • 


0 0 



• 0 

Montreal, Que. : — 

St. James Street 
St. Catherine Street 
Seigneurs Street 
Pt. St. Charles 

Quebec. Que. 

Chatham, N.B. 

Fredericton, " 

Moncton, " 

St. John, 

Halifax, N.S. 

Amherst, " 

Sydney, " 

Winnipeg, Man. 
Calgary, Alberta 
Regin i, Assa. 
Lethbridge, Alta. 
Greenwood, B.C. 


New Denver, " • • 

New Westminister, B.C. J ( 
Rossland, B.C. •• 

Vancouver, " 
Victoria, " 

In Great Britain 

LONDON — Bank of M. unreal. 22 Abchurch Lane, B.C., 

In the United States 

NEW YORK — R. Y. Hebden and J. M. Greata, Agents, 59 W 7 all Street. 


CHICAGO— Bank of Montreal. 

LONDON— The Bank of England. The Union Bank of London. The London and Westminster Bank. 

The National Provincial Bank of England. 

LIVERPOOL — The Bank of Liverpool, Limited. 

SCOTLAND — The British Linen Company Bank and Branches. 


NEW YORK— The National City Bank. The Bank of New York, N.B. A. BUFFALO— The Marine Bank, Buffalo. 

SAN FRANCISCO — The First National B.uik. The Anglo Californian Bank. 

BOSTON — The Merchants' National Bank. J. B. Moors & Co.. 

• • 





• • 


0 • 
• • 


9 • 

• • 
0 • 

• • 

• 0 














.A---T. CiK.X. MAXAGKK. 

Chief Inspector aod Supt. of Branch--^, 

LONDON, ENG. OFFICE— 60 Lombard St., B.C. 














Fort Francis 


Branones in Canada 







Port Perry 
St. Catharines 

Sault Ste. Marie 






Toronto June. 







Montreal Winnipeg 

Dawson City White Horse 


Atlin lireenwood Nelson Sandon 

Cranbrook Kamloops New Westminster Vancouver 

Fernie Nanaiino Rossland Victoria 



in tlic United 



Commercial Credits issued for use in Europe, the East and West Indies, China, Japan, South 

America, Australia and New Zealand 


Deposits Received in the Savings Bank Department and also on Special Deposit, and Current 

Rates of Interest allowed 

Special attention given to the Collection of Commercial Paper throughout Canada and all 

parts of the world 

mid Chief Correspondents: 

GREAT BRITAIN — The Bank of Scotland ; Smith, Payne it Smith. INDIA, CHINA AND J.U-AX — The 
Chartered Bank of India, Australia and China. FRANCE — Credit Lyonnais, Paris ; Lizard Freres and Cie, 
Paris. GERMANY — Deutsche Bank. BELGIUM— J. Matthieu & Fils, Brussels. SOUTH AFRICA — Bank of 
Africa, L'd. ; Standard Bank of South Africa, L'd. AUSTRALIA AND NEW ZEALAND — I'liion Bank of Aus 
tralia, L'd. SOUTH AMERICA. — London and Brazilian Bank, L'd. ; British Bank of South America, L'd. 
WEST INDIES — Bank of Nova Scotia, Kingston, Jamaica ; Colonial Bank and Brandies. MEXICO — B.tiico de 
Londresy Mexico. BERMUDA — The Bank of Bermuda, Hamilton. NEW YORK — The American Exchange 
National Bank. CHICAGO— Northern Trust Co. 

• • 

Ij The Bank of Toronto °*"*** \\ 

Incorporated - 1855 

Paid-Up Capital $2,000,000 

Reserve Fund - 1,900,000 


• • GEORGE GOODERHAM, President WILLIAM HENRY BEATTY, Vice-President •• 

• • •• 


• • •• 







GREAT BRITAIN-The London City and Midland 

II TORONTO ^ OR ^ 1 1OPE Bank, Limited, London. 

! BARRIE KingSt-V STAYNER A1 INDIA, CHINA and JAPAN - The Chartered Bank j 


of India, Australia and China. 

p/ )ROT T Tif ' O T T "F 1 "R "F 1 0 

• • COLLING WOOD NEW YORK— The National Bank of Commerce. 

• • £9L P .^£^1 FF POINT ST. CHARLES CHICAGO -First National Bank. 

•• LONDON TinTTTctr r-nrTTivrriTA BUFFALO— Manufacturers and Traders Bank. 

PFTITRRORO Joxvl 1 lail ^UljUi'ltJlA 

55 PETROLKA BOSSLAXD DETROIT-Detroit National Bank. ^ 

• • •• 

** Correspondents and Special Agents in every Banking Town in Canada. 


j j; Collections made on the best terms and remitted for on day of payment. ;• 

i •• •• 

!•• Drafts issued available in Canada and throughout the world. 

i • • • • 

* ' • • 

;•• Deposits received and interest allowed thereon. 



• • 

• • 

• • 

• • 

• • 

• • 

• • 

• • 

• • 

• • 

• • 

• • 

• • 

• • 

• • 

• • 

• • 

• • 

• • 

• • 

• • 

• • 

• • 

• • 

• • 

• • 

• • 

• • 

• • 

• • 

• • 

• • 

• • 

• • 

• • 

• • 

• • 

• • 

• • 

• •' 

• • 

• • 

• • 

• • 

• • 

• • 

• • 

• • 

• • 

9 • 

• • 

• • 

• • 

• • 

• • 

• » 

• • 

• • 

• • 

• • 

• • 

• • 

• • 

• • 

• • 

• • 

• • 

• • 

• • 

• • 

• • 

• • 

• • 

• • 

• • 

• • 

• • 

• • 

• • 

• • 

• • 

• • 

• • 

• • 

• • 

• • 

• • 

• • 

• • 

• • 

• • 

• • 

• • 

• • 

• • 

• • 

• • 

• • 

• • 

• • 

• • 

• • 

• • 

• • 

• • 

• • 

• • 

>••••••••••••••••••• •••••••••••< 


Dominion Bank 

Capital Authorized 
Capital (Paid-up) 
Reserve Fund 

Read Office, Coronto 


HOX. SIR FRANK SMITH, President E. B. OSLER, M.P., Vice-President 


W. R. BROCK, ESQ., M.P. 



T. G. BROUGH, General Manager H. J. BETHUNE, Inspector 









" North End 


TORONTO-Cor. King and Yonge Streets 

Queen Street West, Cor. Esther 

Queen Street East, Cor. Sherbourne 
King Street East, Cor. Jarvis 
Spadina Avenue, Cor. College 

Commercial Credits Issued for Use in Europe and all Foreign 
Countries. Sterling Exchange Bought and Sold 


Correspondents : 

GREAT BRITAIN— The National Bank of Scotland, 
Limited, and Branches. 

NEW YORK— The National City Bank. 

The Bank of British North America. 

CHICAGO— Commercial National Bank. 

BUFFALO— Bank of Buffalo. 
BOSTON— National Exchange Bank. 

DETROIT-Detroit National Bank. 

DULUTH— American Exchange Bank. 
MINNEAPOLIS— Northwestern National Bank. 




• • 

• • 

V • 



V* A *B IX" «.- «..,.«. D. R. WILKIE, General Manager 

• • r~fcf*%l^l W\. "' u "' ln "" E. HAY, Inspector 

• • 

Capital Authorized $2,500,000 

Capital Paid-up - - 2,344,925 

Reserve Fund - - 1,524,203 


H. S. ROWLAND, President T. R. MERRITT, Vice-President 



Branches in Ontario and Quebec 






HEAD OFFICE, Wellington Street East 
Yonge and Queen Streets 

00 »«^ ui , ^« Yonge and Bloor Streets 

King and York Streets 

Branches in Manitoba, North-West Territories and 

British Columbia 




Agents and Correspondents 


• • Bank of Montreal and Branches. X ew York— Bank of Montreal. Detroit -Detroit National Bank. 

GREAT BRITAIN Bank of America. Duluth— First National Bank 

> L'oyd'a Bank (Limited; Western National Bank. Philadelphia— Farmers' and Mechan- 

• • 

• • 

Manchester and Liverpool District Buffalo— Bank of Buffalo. 

•• Banking Co. (Limited) Boston-N. Bank of the'Common- 

PARIS, FRANCE wealth. 

•• Credit Lyonnais. Chicago— First National Bank. 

ics' National Bank. 
St. Paul — Second National Bank. 

San Francisco — Wells, Fargo & Go's 



Head Office, 

Capital paid-up (Dec. 31st) $1,340,328 
Reserve Fund - - 200,000 
Profit and Loss Account 17,687 


G. R. R. COCKBURN, ESQ., President DONALD MACKAY, ESQ., Vice-President 


C. Me GILL, - General Manager 

Agents for the Government of Ontario 






( Corner Wellington and Scott Streets 
Corner Queen and Portland Streets 
Corner Yonge and Richmond Streets 


London, England— 


France and Europe — 


New York- 







• • 

• • 

• • 

• • 

• • 

• • 

• • 

• • 

• • 

• • 

• • 

• • 

• • 

• • 

• • 

• • 

• • 

• • 

• • 

• • 

• • 

• • 

• • 

• • 

• • 

• • 

• • 

• • 

• • 

• • 

• • 

• • 

• • 

• • 

• • 

• • 

• • 

• • 

• • 

• • 

• • 

• • 

• • 

• • 

• • 

• • 

• • 

• • 

• • 

• • 

• • 

• • 

• • 

• • 

• • 

• • 

• • 

• • 

• • 

• • 

• • 

• • 

• • 

• • 

• • 

• • 

• • 

• • 

• • 

• • 

• • 

• • 

• • 

• • 

• • 

• • 

• • 

• • 

• • 

• • 

• • 

• • 

• • 

• • 

• • 

• • 

• • 

• • 

• • 

• • 

• • 

• • 

• • 

• • 

• • 

• • 

• • 

• • 

• • 

• • 

• • 

• • 

• • 

• • 

• • 

• • 



• • 

The Canada Permanent 
and Western Canada Mortgage 




Canada Permanent Building, - TORONTO 


Winnipeg, Man. Vancouver, B.C. St John, N.B. 

Capital Paid-up • $6.000.000 President -GEORGE GOODERHAM 

1st Vice-Pres. and Chairman of Executive Committee, •• 

Reserve Fund - - 1,500,000 J HERBERT MASON 

2nd Vice-President— W. H. BEATTY 
- 22,000,000 General Manager, - WALTER S. LEE 

DEBENTURES— Interest at Four per cent, per annum, paid half-yearly on 
debentures issued for terms of from one to five years. The debentures can be had 
in such sums not less than $100 as may be agreed upon, and are registered at the 
Company's Offices. Interest accrues from the date on which the money is received 
by the Company. 

SAVINGS DEPARTMENT— Interest is allowed on savings deposits of $1.00 and 
upwards, paid or compounded half-yearly. 

LOAN DEPARTMENT — Loans made upon first mortgage on real estate at 
current rates, and on favorable terms. Call or time loans made upon municipal 
debentures, bonds and stocks. 


Quebec Bank 

Founded 1818 Incorporated A.D. 1822 JJ 

- $2,5OO,OOO 

Paid-Up Capital, 



j JOHX BKEAKEY, ESQ. President JOHN T. KOSS, ESQ., Vice-President 



Head Office, 


THOMAS McDOUGALL, General Manager 

•J TORONTO— C. C. SMITH, Manager. 


WM. P. SLOANE, Superintendent, Cor. King and Toronto Sts. 

Montreal Ottawa Pembroke St. Henri St. George Beauce The t ford Mines Thorold 

Three Rivers Victoriaville Shawenegan, P.Q. MONTREAL — St. Catharine St. St. Roch, Que. 

Upper-Town, Que. 

Agents in London, England— The Bank of Scotland 

Agents in New York — Bank of B. N. America and Hanover National Bank 

Agents in Boston— National Bank of The Republic 

• • 


Cbe * * 

Canada Candcd 
•* Rational 

Authorized Capital, - 
Paid-Up Capital, 
Subscribed Capital, 
Reserve Funds, 
Total Assets, - - 






Incorporated under the " Companies Act." 



Incorporated 1858. 




(Limited) Incorporated 1876. 



JOHN LANG BLAIKIE, Esq., President JOHN HOSKIN, Esq., Q.C., LL.D., Viee-President 




Agents in Scotland 

HAMILTON. KINNKAK & BKATSO.V, W.S., 35 Queen St., Edin 

MILL, BON AH & HI'NTER, W.S.. 15 Hill St. Edinburgh. 


* • 




• • 

• • 

• • 

• • 

This Company Lends Money on Real Estate, and purcha-r~ • • 
Dominion, Provincial and Municipal Securities. Issues Duben- 
tures payable in Sterling or Currency for fixed Term of Years. « « 







Loan and Savings Company 



HEAD OFFICE— Confederation Life Building 


Cor. Yonge and Richmond Sts., TORONTO | 

JOSEPH PHILLIPS, President V. ROBIN, Treasurer 

A. T. HUNTER, LL.B., Vice-President E. J. BURT, Supervisor 

R. H. SANDERSON, Building Inspector 



TORONTO WEST— Cor. Queen and Dovercourt. 
HAMILTON- 30 Hughson Street. 
LONDON — Dundas and Clarence Streets. 

TORONTO EAST— 372 Queen Street East. •• 

OTTAWA— 66 Bank Street. 

MONTREAL— Canada Life Association Building. 

WINNIPEG— 5 Ottawa Bank Building. VANCOUVER— 627 Hastings Street. 

HALIFAX, N.B.— 39 Sackville Street. ST. JOHN, N.B.— Jardine Block. 



HEAD OFFICE— 54 WEST NILE ST., Glasgow, Scotland Subscribed Capital, $250,000 Stg. 

The Company holds for sale, at moderate prices and on very easy and favorable terms of payment, some substantially built ** 

. solid Brick Residence! with modern improvements, in Kosedale, Buchanan Street and other good localities in Toronto, also attrac- ' 

J J lively situated Building Lots in Uosedale, and choice Lot^ on Marlcham Street, Kuelid Avenue, High Park Avenue and other Streets; • 

. - also carefully selected Farming Lands in the most desirable districts of Manitoba. For further information apply to the Commis- J 
^^ sioners of the Company in Canada. 



:: — :: 

JAMES L. SCARTH, Estate and Financial Agent, - 11 Toronto St., Toronto 

Houses, Shops, Factory Sites and Choice Building; Lots for Sale in Toronto. Prices Low. Terms of payment J 

• • easy. Loans made on Farm, City and Town Properties at Lowest Current Rates. 



• ; •• 

• 2 •• 


• • •• 

jj MEDLER & ARNOT jj , 

Esplanade Street, Foot of Berkeley Street - TORONTO 

:• 22 

: Dock, Bridge, Elevator and House Builders j 

• 2 •• 

22 MarlneSlip, Ship Carp en tering, Etc. Pile Driving A Specialty •• 


• • * • • 


TO BE ISSUED •* ^^ ^^ •* 



• • 

• • 

• • 

• • 

• • 

» , ^^ • m • • • • m* mm m m mm m* • • •• • m m •** w | • mr •• • • • • •»• 


Containing Descriptive Sketches of over 9,000 post offices in Canada and 
•j 350 in Newfoundland, and over 1,000 places not post offices. The descrip- 

22 tive sketch of each place will embrace various items of interest, such as 

22 location, population, distance to different points, the most convenient shipping 22 

22 station, the nearest bank location, stage or steamboat connection, if any, ex- 22 

2* press, telegraph and telephone connection, money order office, etc., etc. , 22 

22 The CLASSIFIED PORTION of the Directory will contain complete 22 

22 Lists of every Trade and Profession in Canada and Newfoundland, 22 

• 2 making it an easy matter to send 22 

Circulars to Everyone in any line of Business in Canada. 

The Book is $7.50 per Copy to Subscribers. 22 

As only a few will be printed above our subscription list, the price after 
22 publication will be $10.00. 

Er^Send in your Order now and your Name will be printed in 
22 DISPLAY TYPE in your line of Business. Advertising Rates on Application. 




• • •• 

• • •* 

22 HEAD OFFICE— 59 YONGE ST. JOHN C. GARDNER, Pres. and Managing Director 



50O King Street West, Toronto 

• • •• 

• • •• 

• • V^k ^^^ |^ I MANUFACTURERS OF 

mJ m f |\| 
; • • I Im \J 1^1 • • Oxford Lines of Stoves, 

• •••• i • i • • 

Oxford Lines of Stoves, 
Kl l" Ranges and Hollow-Ware 


Gas Stoves, Ranges, Etc. Gasoline and Wickless Oil Stoves 


^^^ ^^P | L^F EH Im ^^^ (From Smallest Domestic to Largest Hotel) 

•• •• 

Gas Stoves, Ranges, Etc. Gasoline and Wickless Oil Stoves 

Broilers Laundry Stoves, Etc., Etc. 

• • •* 

Hot Water Heaters Steam Boilers 

Steam and Hot Water Radiators 

:: aieani anu nui vvaici nauiaiui* 

• • 

• • 

Warm Air Furnaces 



• • 

• • 

• • 

• • 

• • 

• • 

• • 

• • 

• • 

• • 

• • 

• • 

• • 

• • 

ij DEALER Hotel Keepers', Brewers' and \\ 

I: IN n;»+:ii n »rx' c,,« n i;/> n . jj 

• • 


M ^ — •^-^— ^^-^^^^^M»«™««^^™«™^«^»««^^^^^^i^^^^^^™^^^^^^^^^^^^— — — ^— ^^— "•-^-^^^^^— — • • 

• • * * 

Sole Agent for the Cleveland Faucet Company's celebrated "CHAMPION" 

Distillers' Supplies 

Hydraulic Lager Beer Pumps, and Ale Lifts for HOTELS 

** - •• 

I Cork Pullers, Lemon Squeezers, Bottle Baskets, Corking Machines, Bottle Filling ! 

Machines, Beer and Wine Faucets, Ice Boxes, Work Boards, •• 

Metal Polish, Etc.,' Etc. 
• • •• 

I 47 Colborne St., Tel. 108 TORONTO, ONT. j 







Tingley & Stewart Mfg. Co. 

• • 

• • 

• • 

• • 

• • 

• • 

• • 

• • 

• • 

• • 

• • 

• • 

• • 

• • 

• • 

• • 

• • 

• • 

• • 

• • 

• • 

• • 


Rubber Stamps 




Railroad and Office Stamps 

• • 

• • 

• • 

• • 

• • 




Telephone 876O 

10 King St. West, 




19O1 — 

Price, S6.00 *jmK&8iHMBtm P»°*. *6.00 





- AND - 

A Complete Street Guide 


- OF - 










Entered according to Act of Parliament in the Office of the Minister of Agriculture in the year of 
Our Lord one thousand nine hundred and one. 

-£, 0 / 


In presenting our twenty-sixth volume of Toronto City Directory to our patrons, we take the 
opportunity — this being the beginning of the new century — of speaking of the growth of our beautiful City. 

The first City Directory of Toronto was published in 1833 ; we have not a copy of this work. The 
date of the earliest Toronto Directory in our possession is 1837, and in that book is to be found some very 
interesting information, among which is a table of the population of the Home District, which we 
reproduce below that it may be compared with our present population. 


The following table shows a rapid progressive increase in the population of the Home District since 
1799 to the year 1836, inclusive. The population of the City of Toronto, as noted at foot, is not included 
in the returns for the years 1834, 1835, and 1836. 



1806 no return 

1807 4,898 
1809 6,171 

1811 \ no returns 





1815 f 11 

o returns 











1 2,845 

































Exclusive of the City of Toronto which was incorporated in 1834. 

Population of the City in 1834, 



The Home District was what we now know as the Counties of York, Ontario, Peel and Simcoe. 

Since the issue of 1833 to the present time, there have been forty-four Directories published of the 
City of Toronto, each showing an increase in population over the previous issue, until in the present 
volume we find by actual count there are 86,501 individual names. 

This will make 


In arriving at our estimate of the population in the past we have used 3 as the multiple. This 
1 year we use a multiple which we arrive at by carefully comparing the figures of the Dominion Census of 
r 1881 and 1891 with the number of names contained in the Toronto Directories for those years. 

When we look at the table quoted above and compare the figures with the present population, and 
» note the tremendous increase, we wonder if the people living in Toronto in 1834, when, their number was 

only 9,254, realized that they were laying the 'foundation of a city of this size ; further, do the people of 
the present day realize what Toronto will be fifty years from now ; we have worked out what we 
believe to have been the average rate of increase in the past, and applying this rate to the' present 
population, we estimate in 1920 the population of Toronto will be over 550,000, and in 1950 it will exceed 

We do not believe this estimate will be over the mark, if anything, it will be under. 

The present population is nearly three times what it was twenty years ago (Dominion Census in 
1881 was 86,415) why should it not double in the next twenty years ? 

In comparing the Directory of twenty years ago with the present issue, we find only 15 names on 
Spadina Avenue, north of College, where there are 196 at the present time. On College Street, west of 
Spadina Avenue, to-day will be seen block after block of fine stores, where in 1881 there were only a few 
scattered private houses, and in many other parts of the city, street after street and hundreds of houses 
now cover the fields and market gardens of twenty years ago. 

In the January number of the Directory Trade Journal, M. J. Flaherty tells of " The First Directory 
Published in the World." This was in the City of London in 1677, and contained only 1,800 names in 
all. The first Directory published on this continent, says H. M. Graves in the same Journal, was in 
Philadelphia, in 1785, and contained barely 3,500 names, when the population was about 35,000; New 
York was next in order, in 1786, containing 926, while the population was estimated at 25,000 ; Boston 
followed, in 1789, with 1,500 names, the population was not estimated. 

When we look at these figures and see what those cities are to-day, and then see by the table given 
above that in 1799, the population of the whole of the Home District only numbered 224, and again look 
at the present population of Toronto, we may very well believe there will be over 2,000,000 souls in this 
city in 1950. 

Having looked at the old directories from the population standpoint, let us glance at them from 
advertisers' point of view. 

How many firms who have advertised to any great extent, can find any of their advertisements 
of twenty years ago doing service to-day. We venture to say very few indeed, unless the advertisement 
was in a City Directory. The old Directories in our office are continually being used by all kinds 
of people, and the advertisements are just as much alive to these searchers of to-day as they were on the 
day of publication. 

In the 1881 Directory we find advertisements of Canada Life Assurance Company, Canadian 
Bank of Commerce, Canadian Rubber Co., Home Savings & Loan Co., Kenyon Stewart Mfg. Co. (now 
Bernard Cairns), London Guarantee & Accident Co., Ontario Bank, Pure Gold Mfg. Co., Scott & Walmsley, 
Standard Life Insurance Co., M. Staunton & Co., August Bolte, Parker's Steam Dye Works, J. & J. Taylor, 
Toronto Lithographing Co., Elias Rogers & Co., and many others who would have great difficulty in 
finding copies of any of their advertisements of twenty years ago, except those in the Directory that are 
still alive and doing good. And we may here remark that the advertisements of those mentioned above 
will be found in this issue as well as in every issue for the twenty years back. 

It surely needs no other argument to convince any thinking business man that the cheapest and 
most lasting form of advertising is the City Directory. 

In conclusion we tender sincere thanks to our patrons for their support and encouragement, and 
assure them that, in future as in the past, we shall spare no effort to merit a continuance of their favors. 



JOHN C. GARDNER, President and General Manager. 
59 YONGE ST., January, 1901. 


Tel. No. 423. 



Abbreviations 83 

Addenda 49 

Advertisements 1 to 1<> 

Alphabetical list of names 257 to 'JOG 

Hanking and Financial 4 

Business Classification 007 to 1027 

Index to Advertisers 45 

Index to Miscellaneous Directory ... .Below 

Introductory 42 

Street Directory 83 to 256 

Suburban Villages 51 to 82 

Title page 41 

Too late for regular insertion 49 

Ward Boundaries 82B 



Bedford Park (See North Toronto) ti2 

Bmcondale 51 

Chester 53 

Colenuui (See Little York) 59 

Davisvllle (See North Toronto) (12 

Deer Park r.4 

Iioiicasler (See Chester) 53 

East Toronto • 55 

Kglinton (See North Toronto) 62 

Humber Bay 58 

Little York 


New Toronto 

NortU Dovercourt. 
North Toronto. . . . 




Toronto Junction. 










Wychwood Park (See Bracoudale) 51 



Arcient Order of Foresters 1042 

Ancient Order of Hibernians 1043 

Ancient Order of United Workmen.. 1045 

Asylums, Hospitals, etc 1037 

Bands 1048 

Benevolent, Fraternal aad National 

Societies 1041 

Blocks, Buildings, etc 1040 

Cabinet Ministers 1029 

Canadian Home Circles 1043 

Catholic Mutual Benefit Association. . 1045 

Cemeteries 1040 

Chosen Friends, Canadian Order of. . . 1042 

Churches and Ministers 1038 

City Government 1032 

Clcns 104S 

Collectors of Customs 1020 

Colleges and Universities 1033 

Collegiate Institutes 1034 

Companions of the Forest 1042 

Cei'suls 1030 

Convents 1040 

CcuLty of York (Council, etc) 1031 

Court House 1031 

Customs 1029 

Daughters of Ireland Protestant Assn. 1046 

Detectives (See Police Department) . . . 1032 

Dominion Alliance 104B 

Dominion Government 102S 

Educational Institutions 1033 

Emerald Beneficial Association 1045 

Executive Council of Ontario 1031 

Fire Alarm Signal Boxes 1032 

Fire Department 1032 

* Foresters, Ancient Order of 1042 

Foresters, Canadian Order of 1042 

Foresters, Catholic Order of 1043 

Foresters, Independent Order of 1043 

1 German Benevolent Society 1045 

Good Templars, Independent Order of. 1047 

Governor-General and Staff 1028 

Halls, Public Buildings, etc.. 1039 

Harbor Commissioners 1029 

Hibernians, Ancient Order of 1043 

Hospitals, Asylums and Homes 1037 

Industrial Schools 1034 

Inland Revenue 1029 

Irish Catholic Benevolent Society 1045 

Irish Protestant Benevolent Society... 101.i) 

Jewish Societies 1045 

Judges of Ontario Courts 1031 

Knights of Ireland, Royal Black 1044 

Knights of the Maccabees 3043 

Kn'.glits of Pythias 1043 

Knights of St. John and Malta 1043 

Knights of St. John (It C Union) 1043 

Knights of Sherwood Forest 1043 

Knights Templar Masonry 1042 

Labor Unions 1047 

Legal and Judiciary 1031 

Legislative Assembly, Officers of 1031 

Libraries 1038 

Licenses (Liquor) 1031 

Markets 1033 

Masons, Order of 1041 

Medical Institutions 1037 

Meteorological Office 1030 

Military 1030 

Ministry The (of Canada) 1029 

Miscellaneous Societies 1049 

Missions 1040 

Missionary Training Schools 1040 

Oddfellows, Canadian Order of 1044 

Oddfellows, Independent Order of. ... 1044 
Oddfellows, I.O.O.F. Manchester Unity 1044 

Ontario Government 1030 

Orange Association 1044 

Osgoode Hall ' 1031 


Parks and Squares 1040 

Police Department 1032 

Post Office 1030 

Prisons, etc 1031 

Province of Ontario 1030 

Public Buildings, Blocks, Halls, etc.. 1040 

Public Schools 1033 

Queen and Royal Family 1028 

Railroad Organizations 1048 

Rinks (See classified Amusement, 

Place of) 910 

Royal Arcanum 1045 

Royal Black Knights of Ireland 1044 

Royal Templars of Temperance 1047 

St. Andrew's Society 1046 

St. George's Society 1046 

St. Vincent de Paul Society 1046 

Schools, etc 1033 

Separate Schools 1034 

Societies 1041. 

Sons of Canada Benevolent Associa 
tion 1041 

Sons of England Benevolent Society.. 1046 
Sons of Ireland Protestant Association 1046 
Sons of Scotland Benevolent Associa 
tion 1046 

Sons of Temperance 1047 

Steamboat Inspection 1029 

Temperance Societies 1046 

Theatres (See classified Amusement, 

Places of) 910 

Trades and Labor Societies 1047 

True Blue Association 1045 

United Workmen, Ancient Order of. . . 1045 

Universities, etc 1033 

Water Works 1033 

Women's Christian Temperance Union. 1047 
Woodmen of the World, Canadian Or 
der of 1045 




McGregor & Mclntyre 


IN STOCK: Beams, Channels, 65 to 73 Pearl 
Angles, Bar Iron, and Steel. 'Phone 2748 




Acheson \Vm H 1018 

Adams Furniture Co, Ltd . 259 and 957 

Adams J G 25;) 

Adamson Moulding Co.. ..front cover 

Aikenhead Hardware Co 

right bottom lines 

Alexander B P 1000 

Alexander & Cable Lithographing 

Co of Toronto, Ltd opp 202 

Alexander & Son 262 and 992 

Allen Alfred 935 

Allen Wm opp 205 ! 

Alien & Co 438 

American Fire Insurance Co .... 200 

Ames A E & Co 200 

Ancient Order of Foresters 2Oii 

Andrews W A 269 ! 

Angus George 1010 ; 

Antipitzky Mrs Clara 971 

Archer \Vm & Co 939 and 1018 ; 

Ardagh Arthur 270 and 1017, 

Armour & Mickle 271 ' 

Armstrong Fred 271 

Arnold! & Johnston 273 

Atkinson James L 907 1 

Atlantic Refining Co 270 

Auld John, Montreal, Que 940 

Badenach W & E A left bottom lines 

Bain Book & Stationery Co 27!! 

Baldwin & Slack 281 

Ballets Mrs W 1011 

Banfield W H & Sons !>7S 

Bank of Montreal , 5 

Bank of Nova Scotia 4 

Bank of Toronto 7 

Barber Henry & Co 907 

Barber Wm & Bros 995 

Barchard & Co, Ltd 922 

Barnes Frederick 285 

Barrett Miss Amelia 972 

Barrett AC 910 

Bartlett, Frazier & Co 287 

Bartlett Wm & Son 913 

Barwick, Aylesworth & Wright. . . 287 

Bayliss J C 935 

Beaton AH U!>0 

Beatty, Blackstock, Nesbitt, Chad- 
wick & Riddell 291 

Beaty, Snow, Smith & Nasmith. . . 291 

Beaver Flint Glass Co, Ltd . 959 ' 

Beers Wm 935 

Begg Herbert 293 

Bell Wm & Co 295 

Belle Ewart Ice Co 967 

Bengough Thomas. right top lines 

and 1010 

Bennett J S 927 

Bennett & Wright Co, Ltd, The. '. 297 

Berlin Mutual Fire Ins Co 

• right top lines 

Berry Wm 952 

Best D M & Co '. 299 

Biggar & Burton 300 

Bingham Geo A 947 

Bishop Strachan School 3021 

Blachford H & Co right top lines ! 

Blake, Lash & Cassels 304 1 

Bleasdell W H & Co 305 

Blight Arthur 985 

Blue Line 305 

Bocquet, Bloem & Co 972 

Boeckh Bros & Co 306 

Boiler Inspection & Insurance Co 307 

Bollard Alive 307 

Bolte Auguste 15 


L'.olus W J 993 

Bond & Smith 308 

Booth G & Son 309 and 993J 

Boswell A R 310 

Boulter & Stewart 310 

Bowden Frank A 3J1 1 

Bowden J W & Co 910 

Boxall George 313 

Breckels & Matthews 992 

Brenton & Co 1023 

Briggs Alfred W 319 

Brilliant Sign Letters (H M Stev 
enson) 319 

Bristol, Cawthra & Bayly 31l> 

British America Assurance Co . . 

right bottom lines 

British American Business College 

Co 932 

British Empire Mutual Life.. .. 320 

Britnell Albert 320 

Britnell John 320 

Brock W R Co, Ltd, The 321 

Brown Alex & Co 322 

Brown A J 939 j 

Brown Bros Ltd, The opp 323 

Brown J F Co, Ltd, The . .325 and 957 1 

Brown MA 320 

Brown Win G. . .right and left top lines 

Brown & Hussey 927 

Bryan Geo M 958 

Bryant Press opp 329 

Buckland Henry G 1000 

Bull Joseph R (Tor Junction) 70 

Bull W J 996 

Bunker Geo & Son 1009 

Burch John H 935 

Burgess, Dunn & Ibbotson 332 

Burke & Horwood left top lines 

Burns E R Saw Co 333 and 1011 

Burns P & Co 334 

Burritt A P & Co 334 

Burt-Sherratt Ellen 998 

Cairns Bernard 10 

Cale E A 935 

Caledonian Insurance Co... front cover 

Cameron & Lee 340 

Campbell J & W & Co 342 

Campbell Wm 907 

Canada Biscuit Co, Ltd 343 

Canada Featherbone Co 343 

Canada Ice Co, Ltd 907 

Canada Institute for Stammerers, 

The 343 

Canada Landed & National In 
vestment Co, Ltd 12 and 343 

Canada Laundry Machinery Co. . . 974 

Canada Life Assurance Co 343 

Canada Paper Co, Ltd opp 344 

Canada Permanent & Western 

Canada Mortgage Corporation. . 11 

Canada Screw Co 344 

Canada Switch & Spring Co, Ltd 

(Montreal) opp OOi; 

Canadian Bank of Commerce.6 and 

OPP 344 

Canadian Birkbeck Investment & 

Savings Co 344 

Canadian Bridge Co, The 923 

Canadian Feather & Mattress Co. 981 

Canadian Fire Insurance Co .... 344 
Canadian General Electric Co, 

Ltd 345 

Canadian Heine Safety Boiler Co . 345 
Canadian Implement Trade (Sar- 

nia, Ont) 345 


10 IUI "-limited, 78 CHURCH ST. 


Canadian Incandescent Gas Light 
ing Co 345 

Canadian Kodak Co, Ltd 345 

Canadian Pacific Railway Go's 

Tel 340 

Canadian Rubber Co 340 

Canadian Saving, Loan & Build 
ing Assn 340 

Canadian Specialty Co 340 

Canadian Typewriter Exchange . . 347 

Canadian Writers' Bureau 340 

Canniff Henry T 347 

CannifC J Foster 347 

Carey F W 348 

Carpet Cleaning Co 350 

Carree Charles A 350 

Carrier W F & Co 987 

Carruthers James & Co 351 

Cascallen, Hall & Payne 351 

Cars well Co, Ltd, The opp 070 

C'arter-Cmme Co, Ltd 352 

Case Egerton R front cover 

Case George A 353 

Cashmore E J 353 

Cassels, Cassels & Brock 353 

Cassels & Standish 354 

Caston & Co 354 

Castrucci HA 912 

Cay ley Frank & Co 355 

Central Business College 355 

Central Canada Loan & Savings 

Co opp 355 

Central Press Agency, Ltd 355 

Chalkley R & Sons 935 

Challenger Leather Goods Co .... !>70 
Chandler S B Dental Depot, Ltd, 

The 357 

Church of England Publishing- Co 301 

Citizen's Gas Control Co, Ltd.... 361 

City Dairy Co, Ltd . . .left bottom lines 

City Towel Supply Co 1022 

Clarendon Restaurant 111117 

Clarke A R & Co, Ltd H5:i 

Clarke, Bowes & Swabey 304 

Clarkson E R C 305 and 912 

Clarkson & Cross 300 and 907 

Clay George 907 

Clayton Robert 939 

Clute. Macdonald & Macintosh . . 308 

Collins John R 373 and 101G 

Colville Wm K 374 

Commercial Nurseries 990 

Commercial Union Assurance Co, 

Ltd left bottom lines 

Common Sense Mfg Co . .374 and 583 

Confederation Life Assn 

left top lines and 374 and 969 

Conger Coal Co 375 and 931 

Conlan Bros 375 

Conlan Thomas 375 

Connery David G S 376 

Constable George 377 

Continental Life Insurance Co. The 

right top lines 

Cook Thomas J R 930 and 981 

Cook Thomas T 1022 

Cook Wm 378 

Cooper George H 379 and 1001 

Copeland & Fairbairn 10OO 

Copeland-Chatterson Co, Ltd.. opp 991 

Corin J L & Son 3S1 

Corley & Loftus 3M 

Corticelli Silk Co, Ltd :^u 

Cosgrave Brewery Co of Toronto, 

Ltd 383 

Cotton Wm A 383 

MORTGAGE LOANS, small and 

large amounts, reasonable terms. 


Standard Life 

Assurance Company. 


• W. M. RAMSAY, 


Cha*. Hunter, 

Chief Agent, OoUrio. 

Toronto Offices 

Bank of Commerce 




Coulter & Campbell 940 

Cowan Co, Ltd, The 385 

Creelman Bros Typewriter Co. . . . 

right bottom lines 

Croft Wm & Sons 391 

Crombie. Worrell & Gwynne .... 391 

Crompton George 981 

Crossin Edward & Co 392 

Crowley & Lockwood 984 ] 

Crowther James 394 

Gumming & Co (Tor Junction) .... 71 

Cummings J A & Co 924 

Curry, Gunther & Eyre 397 

Curry J 397 i 

D'Alesandro D & Co 985 

Darch J A & Co 401 : 

Darling & Pearson 401 j 

Davidge & Lunn 936 

Da-vis C & Co 924 

Davisville & Carlton Brick Mfg 

Co, North Toronto 923 

Deacon G P 407 

Delamere, Reesor & Ross 409 

Delaney Thos & Co 939 

De Laplante L A & Co, East To 
ronto 978 

Dillabough & Henderson 99S 

Dixon F B & Co 976 

Dixon Harry 990 

Dixon John P 102") 

Doa ne Bros 415 

Dockray Adam 985 

Dods, Grant & Macdonnel! 416 

Dominion Bank 8 

Dominion Brewery Co, Ltd 417 

Dominion Burglary Guarantee Co, 

Ltd 417 

Dominion Distributing Co, The... 944 

Dominion Engraving Co 952 

Dominion Lace Curtain Co 948 

Dominion Line Steamships, Mont 
real 1015 

Dominion of Canada Guarantee & 

• Accident Insurance Co 418 

Dominion Plate Glass Insurance 

Co 418 

Dominion Show Case Co 

left bottom lines and 418 

Don Valley Rendering Works, 

Chester, On.t 1020 

Donald Duncan 419 

Doole Edward C T 930 

Dorenwend Co, Ltd 963 

Dorrien Plating and Mfg Co 42't 

Douglas Bros 1008 

Douglas & RatclifE 994 

Douglass W A 907 

Doust Joseph 4_'_' 

Dovercourt Twine Mills 422 

Downer Pattern Works 997 

Downey Alex 1017 

Dunlop John H left bottom lines 

Douthie G & Sons 1008 

East & Co 431 

Eastmure A L 431 

Eastmure & Lightbourn 431 

Eastwood J P 431 

Kconomica) Fire Insurance Co. . 432 

Eddis Wilton C 907, 

Edgar & Malone 433 

Edwards A J 433 

Edwards Charles M & Co 952 

Edwards R J & Wagner 910 

Edwards & Hart-Smith 

front cover and 434 

Fdwardsburg Starch Co. Ltd.... 1014 

Klder, Dempster & Co, Montreal. 1015 

Elder Robert Carriage Works. . . !)2S 

Elliott Mfg Co, Ltd, The ( 'i94 

Bills CM 436 

Employment Office, "The Central" 

(Allen & Co) 438 

English E Taylour 438 

English Miss M 972 

Equitable Savings. Loan and 

Buildings Assn, The 438 

Equity Fire Ins Co left top lines 


Erie Railway 439 

Evans Charles H & Co 439 

Evans & Sons. Ltd 440 

Evans-Lewis Charles 440 

Ewart James 923 

Ewing & Murphy 102r, 

Fancy Goods Company of Canada, 

Ltd" 443 

Fashion The (O'Donnell Wm) .... 444 

Ferguson & Johnston 440 

Fergusson & Blaikie 446 

Fetherstonhaugh & Co 

. . . .marginal line bottom front cover 
Finch Wood Preservative & Paint 

Co 102fi 

Firstbrook Box Co, The 922 

Fitz Gerald Jerome & Co 451 

Fletcher Robert 453 

Follett J J 454 

Forbes Roofing Co 100S 

Forbes W R 981 

Ford Douglas." opp 45."") 

Foster James 457 

Fotheringham James 1023 

Fountain Wm right bottom lines 

Fox & Ross 459 

Foy & Kelly 459 

Frankel Bros left bottom lines 

Franklin Press 1002 

Fraser & McKeown 461 

Freyseng P & Co 463 and 940 

Frost Arthur J opp 955 

Fryers Albert E 938 

Gamble C & H D 467 

Gander John M 467 and 100O 

Gardiner Thomas 955 

Gardner George M 4i;S 

Gearing Thomas V 936 

George T H 471 

Gibb A & Co 471 

Gibbs Malcolm 472 

Gibson A Cecil '. . 472 

Gibson J G 473 

Gibson Robert L 473 

Gibson & Snider 473 

Gilchrist Bros . . . . 930 

Glionna-Marsicano Orchestra. . . 985 

"Globe," The 937 

Globe Savings and Loan Com 
pany 477 

Goldsmiths' Stock Co of Canada, 
Ltd 479 

Gooch F H .'...'.'.'!.' 479 

Goodwin Company, The 480 

Gordon, Mackay & Co, Ltd 481 

Gordon & Helli well. .. .right top lines 

Gorman Miss Katie 934 1 

Moulding G & Sons 483 

Graham Dermatological Institute 484 

Graham Thos & Sons 978 \ 

Grainger Bros, Deer Park 955 

Gray J Wilson 488 and 910 

Graydon .T C 936 

Great North Western Telegraph 

Company of Canada 488 

Great West Life Assurance Co. . 48S 

Greenwood Russell .... 1006 

Gregg & Gregg 911 

Grenadier Ice and Coal Co 

left top lines 

Grierson D'Arcy D 491 

Griffith R J & Co 49^ 

Grote G W 493 

Guarantee Co of North America 

left bottom lines, 

Gullett Fred B & Sons... 494 and 1011 

Gurflnklel Samson 1015 

Gurney Foundry Co, Ltd, The.. 1." 
Outta Percha & Rubber Mfg Co of 

Toronto, Ltd 495 

duy Matthew . g^ 

Hall F & Son 95ft 

Hall James (Toronto Junction) . . 7 i 

Hall W H 498 

Hall & Murray MV:, 

Hallam John 49S 


Hallman Frank A 

Hamilton Powder Co > ( >] 

Hamilton W B Shoe Co. Ltd 

Hamilton & Co 9-^9 

Harbottle Colin C 504 

Hardwood Lumber Co of Toronto, 

Ltd, The 504 

Hardy Digby 993 

Harland Wm & Son 505 

Harling R Dawson 1015 

Harper George R 911 

Harris E Co, Ltd, The 507 

Harris Lithographing Co, Ltd 507 

Harris SB 503 

Harris W G backbone of book 

Harris W & Co 509 

Harrison & Lewis 936 

Hart & Rlddell 510 and opp 510 

Hartz J F Co, The 510 

Harvey James H 511 

Heffron J J & Co 981 

Helpert Abraham 371 

Henderson C M & Co 912 

Henderson R B 51S 

Hendry J C & Co 519 

Herbert F H 520 and 911 

Heward Georee C 521 

Hewitt R & Son 930 

Hey? Thomas & Son 522 and 984 

Hill Printing Co opp 524 

Hillock John & Co 525 

Hilton Francis A 525 

Hime H L & Co 525 

Hirschorn Lazarus 526 

Hodgins W H 985 

Holland Wm F 955 

Holmes Electric Protection Co of 

Toronto, Ltd, The 530 

Holt, Renfrew & Co 530 

Home Savings & Loan Co, The. . 

right bottom lines 

Hope G & Son 918 

Hopkins Ed -,?,-2 

Hoskin, Ogden & Hoskin 533 

Hotel Gladstone 534 and 

Howard R H & Co 535 

Humphrey B D 53S 

Humphrey E J 538 

Hunter J & Co 540 

Hunter, Rose Co, Ltd, The 54o 

Husband Bros & Co 541 

Hutchison, Shurly & Derrett.... 422 
Hutson W D & Sons. right bottom lines 

Hynes W J 1000 

H A H Cleaner 543 

Imperial Bank of Canada 9 

Imperial Hotel 544 

Imperial Insurance Co 544 

Imperial Life Assurance Co, The. 544 

Imperial Mfg Co 544 

Jmrie. Graham & Co 1002 

Independent Order of Foresters.. 544 
Independent Order of Oddfellows 544 

Jackes & Jackes 547 

Jacques & Grey 931 

Jarvis Aemilius & Co 551 

•Tarvis Beaumont left too lines 

Jeffery & Purvis 55J 

Jenkina A R 1017 

Jenkins B M &: T 95S 

Jenkins & Hardy 552 and -«>s 

Jewell J H & Co 55: 1 , 

Johnston's Granite & Marble 

Works 984 

Jones, Mackenzie & Leonard.... ".".'• 

Jones Wm 560 

Joselin H W 1023 

Joselin J S 9:11 i 

Kay Alexander Cycle Co, The. ... 917 

Kay John, Son & Co, Ltd 562 

Keeley Institute 5(ft 

Kennedy A E :><>; 

Kent Ambrose & Sons, Ltd 568 

Kent B & H B 56,8 

Kerr, Bull & Rowell 569 

Kerr. Davidson. Paterson, Etc. . 569 


"into Office, 49 Wellington St. East. 'Phone 251 

GEO. R. HARGRAFT, Cen'l Agent 

Residence Telephone 3124 
T. C- BLOGG, City Agent 

Residence Telephone 3154 


{Cash and Mutual Plans). 


CAPITAL, $500,000 

Head Office, 



F. CLEMENT BROWN, Managing- Director. 
J. A. MACFADDFN, Genera' .'.gent, TORONTO, 
24 King St. West, Tel. 165 




Keystone Fire las Co 570 

Kilgour Bros 571 

Kilmer & Irving 571 

King Robt W & Co 981 

King & Yorston 573 

Kingsmill, Hellmuth, Saunders & 

Torrance 573 

Kingstone, Symons & Kingstone. 574 

Kinleith Paper Co, Ltd 574 


McMurrich. Coatsworth, Hodgins 

it McMurrich 632 

McXab Allan t ;;::.' 

Macdonald, Cartwright & Garvey 630 

Macdonald J Gordon 03 1 

Macdonell, Boland & Thompson. . 0.".7 

Macdonell, McMaster & Geary. . 038 

MacDougal Sign Co 99:: 

Macdougall & Jones 038 

Kirby Richard G 938 Mackay John " 9ns 

Kitchener & Son 993 

Kramer W J 951 

La Bell Madame Prenner 934 

Lacka wanna Railroad 578 

Laidlaw, Kappelle & Bicknell 578 

Laidlaw R & Co 978 

Lake Simcoe Ice Supply & Cold 

Storage Co, Ltd 

right bottom lines and 968 

Lakehurst Sanitarium 579 

Lambe Alfred B 933 

Lancashire Insurance Co. .580 and 909 

Langley & Lailey 908 

Langley & Langley. .front cover 

_ and 911 

Larter R M. ; 583 and 371 

Laver E A & Co 584 and 1017 

Law Union and Crown Ins Co.. 585 

Lawrence Bros 585 

Leader R & Son 93S 

Leak & Co 537 

Lear R H & Co 587 

Leckie John, Ltd 58,' 

Lennox E J 591 ^ d 911 

Le Roy J B & Co 1001 

Lever Brothers, Ltd 827 

Le Vesconte R C 59--* 

Levy & Co '. .' 1002 

Lewis Rice & Son Ltd back paster 

Liverpool & London & Globe In 
surance Co , 5q- 
Livinski Mde Mary 

Lloyd W J & Co 59X 

Lobb & Baird 598 

London Guarantee & Accident Co 

Limited 599 

London & Lancashire Fire Insur 
ance Co 599 

London & Lancashire Life Assce 

Company 599 

Lougheed " R J ..........'.'. 001 

Love & Hamilton 001 and 909 

Lovell R J Co Ltd The ... onl 

Lye Edward & Sons ' !i'i-> 

Lyman Eros & Co Ltd The. .. 004 

Lyman. Knox & Co 0(14 

Lyon John R '_'_[ ;,-;, ; 

?J°S ean Wm • • -606 and K")0 

McBrady & O'Connor . . . 0"7 

McBride James . 91^, 

McCabe A P & Co . 607 

McCarthy A & Son 009 and 936 

McCarthy, Osier, Hoskin & Creel- 

McCausIand Robert Stairi ' ' Glass 

Co Ltd 

McColl Bros & Co .....'. "opp 

McConkey G S 012 and 

McCullough J S & Co ... 

McCurdy Alex 93,; 

McDonald Colid D 990 


Musson Book '. i;xO 

"My Optician" oxo 

National Assurance Co of Ireland 
National Cash Register Co .... (C9 
National Electrotype Co Ltd The oxx 
National Life Assurance Co .... OX>> 
National Lithographing Co . .opp oxx 
National Shirt & Collar Laundry i;sx 
National Trust Co Ltd. .right top lines 

Neff AC 9i iX 

M:u-key Stained Glass Co 040 Nelson H A & Sons Co Ltd The. . t'.'.m 



Maclaren. Macdonald, Shepley & 

Middleton "... 04' I 

Maclean Frank TV 041 

Maclean Henry 9nx 

Macrae & Macrae !M t 

Magann G P 04:'. 

Maguirf! D F & Co 98" 

Mahaff y Wm S Oil 

Mail Job Printing Co Ltd back 

cover and opp 044 

Majestic Steam Laundry 04 1 

Manchester Assurance Co 040 

Manufacturers' Life Insurance Co 

outside side marginal line front 

cover 047 

Mar & School Supply Co Ltd 980 

Marchment & Co 952 

Marsh I J 992 

Martin Henry 930 

Martin Miss H M 9X0 

Mashinter W & Co 652 

MfiPten. Warren, Starr & Spence 05", 

Matthews Asa 

Matthews Bros & Co 654 

Matthews H J 
Maughan John & Son 
Mearns & Hunt 


^ ^_ _ {557 

Medler & Arnot .T. .77! '. 14 

Mehr J & Son 971 

Meisterschaft School of ' Lan 
guages 93^ 

Melville R M 

Medallion Photo & Novelty Co. 

............. . . . . 

Mendelssohn Piano Co ...... , .. . 999 

. . 

McDonald & Clarke glfi 

McKachern & Ritchie . . . 1000 

McFarlaiie George . . . 972 

McGregor & Melntyre 954 ' arid 


Mclntosh Granite & Marble Co 

Ltd The 

Melntyre, Son & Co 

McKenna F E ' .' ' \ 

McKinncn S F & Co Ltd' 

McKnight J H .'.'.'.'.'. 

McLaren J C Belting 
McMichael A F 



McMillan, Mr- Arthur & Co ..... 031 

Nelson Jeremiah 952 

Nerlich & Co opp 09i.i 

New Idea Pattern Co O91 

New York Hat & Cap Factory. . 904 
New York Plate Glass Ins Co .. 97" 

Newsome & Co Ltd 09:; 

Newsome & Gilbert O92 

Nicholson George '.137 

Nicholson & Curtis 101? 

Nield Ernest Inl7 

Nimmo & Harrison O9f> 

Nixon Emery 943 

Nixon F T 993 

Nordheimer Piano & Music Co 

Ltd The right top lines 

North American Life Assurance 

Company 3 and 970 

North British & Mercantile In 
surance Co left top lines 

North of Scotland Canadian 

Mortgage Company 697 

Northcote R 697 

Northern Life Assce Co 698 

Norton Mfg Co (Hamilton, Ont) 920 
Norwich Union Fire Insurance 

Society 098 

Nurse James 937 

O'Hara H & Co right top lines 

O'Hearn James J 701 and 993 

O'Keefe Brewery Co of Toronto 

Ltd, The 701 

O'Malley J & J L 702 

Oak Hall 70a 

Offlce Specialty Mfg Co Ltd, The 

right bottom lines 

Ogilvie Robert M 911 

Ontario Accident Insurance Co.. 705 

Ontario Bank 10 

Ontario College of Music 986 

Ontario Industrial Loan & In 
vestment Co Ltd 705 

Ontario Wind Engine & Pump Co 

Limited 7OO 

Ormsby A B & Co 1008 

Orr Bros inside back cover and 937 

Orr W H & Son 706 

Osier & Hammond 707 

Over Spencer H 908 

Owens E W J 708 

Paee & Co 937 

Painter Thomas 937 

Parisian Steam Laundry Co of, 

Ontario, Ltd, The 711 

Parke Roderick J 93." 

Parker A S, New Toronto 1024 

Parker R & Co 348 

Parker & Co 983 

Paterson Mfsr Co, Ltd, The 715 

Paton James TV 714 

Patterson Candy Works 9^7 

Mortimer' Herbert "678 Peacock Hotel (Toronto Junction) 79 

Morton Company Ltd The' ' 678 Peac °ck John W 717 

Morton Miss I " qao Pearc y Sanderson & Co 718 

Moss Wm ' ." ' 937 j Pearson Bros 718 

Mowat, Langton, Mowat '&"Mac- Pease J F Furnace Co, Ltd 719 

Pember W T 720 

Pepper John 938 

Perkins, Ince & Co 722 

Perry J A 722 

Petley & Co 723 

Petry W F 937 

MuVray •Printing-Co- •.•.•.•.•. UU " UU1 .TK7: £!>»* Vv^™ ° PP ™ 

Murray Thomas ?lke D c °. Ltd , The 727 

Murray TV A & Co Ltd" OX'7 Pllki ns-ton Bros. Ltd 727 

M^k™ chanes E ..:::::::: ™ S^&si^iiiii:: ?! 

Menzies & Hayes ......... . 

Mercantile Fire Insurance Co.. 
Merchants' Fire Ins Co opp 

Mei rett J ..................... 

Metallic Roofing Co of Canada 




Ltd The right bottom lines 

Meyer Bros 974 

Mica Boiler Covering Co Ltd . .left 

top lines 

Michie & Co 661 and 1020 

Might Directories Limited 14 

Might J M & Co 662 and 1006 

Millar, Ferguson & Hughes 663 

Millard Alexander . 063 

Miller F S 934 

Miller G M & Co ....'.'.'.'.'.'.'." 004 
Millichamp Coyle & Co 665 

Mills. Raney, Anderson & Hales 

Milne John & Co 

Mi'nes Jerries H & Co . 
Mitchell W G & Co . 



Mitchell W & J ..... ......' 970 

Mitchener J G & Co ......'. 669 

Moore & Alexander .......... o pp 952 

Morrison James Brass Mfg Co Ltd 

' ^ " 

Mulock. Mulock, Thomson & 'Lee 0X1' 

Mulvey Thomas <;x:_> 

Muntz Miss Laura ....." 683 

Muntz & Beatty .... front cover 





MMimiMG MRCADE. 24 KINO S7. WEST. T*L 2413. 

Authorized Capital, - S1.000.OOO 
Assets, - $520,000 




Policy Holders' National Union. --".' 

Postlethwaite C R W !«>S 

Powell R P 732 and ')1'7 

Power Bros 7o'2 

Publishers' Syndicate Ltd, The. , 737 

Pure Gold Mfg Co, Ltd ..... 737 

Pyke Geo J 738 

Quebec Bank 12 

Queen City Oil Co 

.top marginal line front cover 


Scott & Walmsley 

outside edges of book 

Scottish Ontario and Manitoba 

Sherman W H 
Sherrin Geo A 

Queen City Plate Glass and Mir 
ror Co, Ltd 739 

Rathbone George 742 

Rathbun Co. The 742 ! Sibley E & Co 

Rawlinson Lionel 743 SiddaU J W. . 

Read & Read. . . 
Redmond Wm H 

Reed Jos B 

Reed J Carl 745 

Reecl J S 943 



Sheppard Chris 904 

Land Co, Ltd 

Seagram Arthur W 

Seaman, Kent & Co 

Selby & Co 

Shedden Forwarding Co, Ltd, The 

Shepard Bros & Co 




744 Simpson F & Sons 

7! 10 

7: jo 




74-. Simpson Irwin 937 

* *' J el : . . TTr A Tl~l I 

Reed Le Grand i45 

Reed & Hynes 74." 

Simpson W A 794 

Sleeman Brewing & Malting Co, 


Sloan John W 

T>. , 

Reeve Charles.".' .'.' .' '. .'." '.".". . ', 745 fmallwood 

Reeve J M. . 74-, Smart Miss Mary H 

Reeve J T. 
Reid Geo & Co. . 
Reid W B & Co. 
Reid & Co. 


Reinhardt & Co 748 

Reminton Standard Typewriter 


Smellie & Shaw 798 

Smith Alfred W 320 and 544 

Smith Bros 92* 


RichardsBros. ......... . '. '. 750 

Riches C H !M)r 

Ridout Doug-las k.'.V.V '.'.'753 and 599 Smith's Toronto Dye Works ...... M9 

Snyder Miss Annie J .807 

Solway & Cohen . . . . • 101 1 

Rpaulding Dr 810 

Speight & Van Nostrand 1018 

Spence Wm A 943 

Sproule G F 812 

Sproule R K 812 

Stackhouse L A 813 

»„„„.„« «* v^un-c, ,.„ , Standard Cap Co, The. ..... ... 813 

Robins & Burden 757 Standard Fuel Co of Toronto, Ltd, 

Robinson George, Toronto June- ' The •••• • ..813 and .«2 

ti on gfi Standard Life Assurance Co 

Robinson' & Heath'.'.'. .'.'.'.923 and" 1016 i _ • • • • • • •••• • - left top B S|5 

Rogers Charles & Sons Co, Ltd, Standard Mfg Co ..... ......... 

The 761 Standard Pork Packing Co, Ltd.. 814 
Rogers' Ellas Co,' Ltd,' The.' '.'.'.'.'.'. Stanway Geo & Co. ._..... 814 

Ridout & Maybee 753 and 990 

Ringham Geo & Co 95S 

Ritchie John, Plumbing & Heat 
ing Co, Ltd. The 754 

Ritchie & Ramsay, New Toronto. 754 

Robertson F & Co 756 

Robertson J S Co, The 757 

Robertson R 937 

Robinette & Godfrey 757 

.right corner cards 

Rogers George M 761 

Rolph. Smith & Co opp 702 

Rolston Laundry Co, The 70.", 

Roper Fred 764 and 908 

Roseoe George 929 

Rossiter Geo & Sons 905 

Rothschild Bros & Co 707 

Rowan & Ross 767 

Roy Alexander 984 

Royal-Victoria Life Insurance Co. 768 

Runciman Robert 769 

Russell H C 770 

Rutherford Miss Harriett 1024 

Ryckman, Kirkpatrick & Kerr. . 772 

Ryott & Smith 912 

Sadler & Ha worth 773 

St Andrew's College 773 

St Margaret's College 773 

Sale Julian Leather Goods Co, 

Ltd 774 

Sails Seymour E 774 

Salmon Lumber Co, The 978 

Salvation Army Printing House . . 


Tesseman B B ;"•;;•_! 

Tl.Min.son Bros g«7 

Thomson, Henderson & Bell .... 

Thomson Thomas C 

Tippet A P & Co 

Toronto Bill Posting Co, Ltd, The, Mo 
Toronto Biscuit & Confectionery 

Co, Ltd, The 

Toronto Bolt & Forging Co, 

Swansea, Ont 

Toronto Cabinet Co 

Toronto Can Co 

Toronto Carpet Cleaning Co . . . 

Toronto College of Music 986 

Toronto Conservatory of Music . . 9Sj 
Toronto Fence & Ornamental 

Iron Works 845 

Toronto Fruit Vinegar Co, Ltd, 

The left top lines an<i 

Toronto Furnace & Crematory 

Co, Ltd, The 957 

Toronto General Trusts Corpor 

Toronto Hardware Mfg Co MO 

Toronto Humane Society MO 

Toronto Institute of Osteopathy. 840 
Toronto Junction College of 

Music, Toronto Junction. . . . 
Toronto Lithographing Co, The, 

846 and 

Toronto Messenger Co 

Toronto Mortgage Company, The 

Toronto Paper & Metal Co 

Toronto Picket Wire Fence Co . . 
Toronto Poultry & Garden Pro 
duce Co, Ltd 

Toronto Printing Co, The 


Toronto Roasting & Grinding Co 

Toronto Rug Works 847 

Toronto Safe Deposit & Agency 

Co 847 

Toronto Weekly Railway & 

Steamboat Guide Co, Ltd.. 847 
Tovell J A (Toronto Junction) .... 82 
Townsend Sherman E.left bottom lines 
Townsend Steam Laundry Co 

opp 848 and 975 

Trades' Fire Ins Co 849 

Tremeear & Co 916 

Trew Thomas E P 908 

Tripp JDA 986 

Tunstead John 904 

Steele, Briggs Seed Co. „ . . ._._ . . . 816 ' Turff Thomas 938 

Turnbull & Russell Co, The 95o 

Turner H W 1020 

Turner John & Son s ->:> 

Tyrrell Wm & Co 854 

Underfeed Stoker Co, Ltd 951 

Underwood G B Inspirator Co, 

Ltd, The 854 

United Electric Co, Ltd 


Smith & Gemmell 911 

Smith F J & Co. 

Smith J Hungerford CO, Ltd, The. 

Smith, Rae & Greer 

Smith T H & Co 


| star 
Stark John & Co 

Assurance Society ...... 815 

lme fr ° nt 






Stauntons, Limited 815 

- - ' 

Steinberger, Hendry Co, Ltd, The. 810 

Stevenson Henry M 319 

Stewart A J 934 

Stewart John 994 

Stinson & Hollwey 821 and 1007 

Stone H & Son 822 

Stone W H 82? 

FUonehouse Edward 822 

Stove Frank 943 unwin, Murphy & Esten . .'. . 

Strachan John_ pa ges 855 and 1018 



Sanderson Pearcy & Co 775 

Saunders & Crottie 1007 

Saunders & Evans 1014 

Sawyer E L & Co, Ltd 777 

Scheuer Edmund 778 and 971 

Schnaufer F 957 

Sehofield R 979 

Schomberg Furniture Co 779 

Score R & Son 780 

Scott W F 782 

Scott W R 1010 

Scott i Scott. . 782 

Strickland W R 
Sullivan Ed 

Sun Insurance Office ^ . . 827 

Sun Life Assurance Co 827 

Sunlight Soap 82T 

8:; i 

Suydam H H 

Swift Charles & Co 
Symons & Rae 
Tache J P & Co 

opp J74 ; Tailoring & Repairing Co, The., 

Tarling C & Co 

Taylor Bros 832, 923 and 

Taylor David J 

Taylor John & Co 

Taylor J & J 

Taylor W M 

Teagle & Son 

"*-"•»"- "• """ "••• 

Tedd Joseph B 922 

Temperance & General Life As- 
surance Co of North Am- 

erica right top lines 

Terry F G 83"> 


Van Camp & Co 857 

Vick & Croft 859 

Vickers W W & Co 859 

Vigeon Harry 90S 

Viv Co, Ltd The 800 

Walker House, Niagara Falls, Ont. 900 

Walker & Robertson 938 

Walsh James J 805 

Walton & Locke 800 ?nd 1O07 

Wampole Henry K & Co SOti 

Warden I & Son '. . 90" 

Warden Wm 80S 

Warwick Bros & Rutter ....opp 869 

Warwick J H 869 

Watkins Lloyd N 98'5 

Watson, Smoke & Smith 871 

Webb Harry Co, Ltd, The 

873 and 929 

Weekes W M 994 

Wegener A C 958 

Wells P J 933 

West Chemical Co, The 877 





VTCftn hi 


Fittin g Shoe made 


114 YONGE ST. 


Page. | 

Westman & Baker 100-* 

Weston F J & Sons 87S 

Weslon Stamp Co 1011 

Whale Albert 928 

Whaley, Royce & Co 878 

Whatmoug-h Miss F Alice STS , 

Yv'hillans & Co 937 ; 

Whitfleld John Co, The 979 

Whitney J W G 882 

Whitten W J & Co 882 

Wickson A Prank 911 

Wilder C & Co 971 j 

Williams Herbert 1007 1 

Williams H & Co 1000 : 

Wilson C & Son 

..... right cover cards and 

Wilson D H .................... 

Wilson Harold A Co, The ...... 

Wilson, Lytle, Badgerow .Co of 
Ontario, Ltd, The ......... 

Wilson, Munroe & Cassidy .... 

...................... opp 

Wilson Wm Co Co, Ltd, The.. 
\Vinn F W .................... 

Winsor & Woodley ............. 

Winston John C & Co .......... 

Woltz Mfg Co, Ltd ............. 

\\ oud G W & Son .............. 

\Yoolnough J W ................ 





Wi-eyford & Co 

Wright George 

Wright James 

Wyld-Darling Co, Ltd 
Yeoman Geo E & Co 




York County Loan & Savings Co 13 
York Laundry Machinery & Sup 
ply Co, Ltd, The 974 

Yorkville Laundry 974 

Young C G 1010 

Young F W 997 

Young James W, Chester Ont . . 1020 

Young J 904 

Young Samuel 938 



Abbott Albert H. iustr in philosophy UnJv 

of Tor, 1 245 Huron 

Adair Elizabeth (wid Francis), 1 360 College 
Alexander Grace B (wid Rev Joan), h 128 

Dovercourt rd 
Allison Win, barber 88 Victoria, h 174 

Amphlett Robert, steamftr, h 17 Trefann, 

from 45 Front e 
Andersou Alexander J (Mills, Raney, Anl- 

erson & Hales), res Toronto Junction 
Andrews Peter, baker, h 55 Anne, from 59 


Archaeological Museum, David Boyie cur 
ator, Normal School Bldg 
Armour Hon John D, Chief Justice of the 

High Court of Justice of Ont, 1 145 Bev- 

Armstrong John, Boots and Shoos 

439 Queen w, h same 
Armstrong John, comp Mall, b 180 King w, 

from 48 Church 
Aim»lruiia N\ 111 i', drivel- (! Wtstou, 1 ~> 

Phoebe, from 9 Phoebe 
Ashdown Wm H, plmbr, rms 35 Lombard 
Aylesworth Robert B, phy 1347 Queen w 
Bacon Isaac, umbrella repr, 1 123 York 
Barchard Mary (wid James), matron Union 

Station, h 52 Teraulay 
Barlow Frederick!, mldr Dom Radiator Co, 

1 109 Gladstone av 
Bates Margaret (wid Thomas), 1 126 Wright 

Baxter Joseph B, steam ftr, h 1056 Queen 

e, from 133 Bathurst 
Beaune Edniond J, fur dresser and dyer 

23 St Lawrence, h 69 Heward av 
Beecroft Frank L, h 12 Melbourne av, from 

46 Gwynne av 
Beiknap Frank A (Peters & Belknap), h 79 

Berkeley from 270 Queen e 
Bell Walter J, trav Consolidated Pulp * 

Paper Co, 1 144 St Patrick 
Bell W Percival, h 3 Orford av 
Bevis Albert H, vice-pres W H Steele Co, 

Ltd, b 119 Mutual, from 160 MeCaul 
Bird Wm R (Hamilton, Bird Co), h 49 

Cowan av 

Black Campbell, sec Toronto Inst of Osteo 
pathy, h 567 Sherbourne 
Black Charles, elk, 1 256 Dunn av 
Blake Samuel J, tmstr Hendrie & Co, ! 

52 Paimerston av 

Bloomfield George T, mach opr, h 10 Tren 
ton ter 
Bond Ziba, wtr Harry Webb Co, 1 1 Brant 

Bonisteel Arthur, trav John Northway & 

Bowden John W & Co (John W and Joh i 

Wilson Bowden), belt dressing 71 Adelaide 

east from 67 same 
BreckeU .V Matthews (Albert E 

Breckels, Alfred Matthews), Church Or 
gan Manufacturers 106-108 Esther (See adv 

classified Organ Mfrs) 

Burch Arthur P, laundryman, rms 34(1 

Burns James, lab, h 125 Sydenbnm from 30 

Butchart Augustus K, ins, h 57 Shannon 
from 183 Perth av 

Cale Charles B, bldr 332 Sumach, h same 

Cameron Angus, plmbr, 1 267 Wellington w 

C.lmerou Duncan, 1 207 Wellington w 

Cameron Rosie (wid Angus), h 207 Welling 
ton w 

Canadian Employment Bureau and Intelli 
gence Office, Henry Toynbee mgr, 66 Vic 

Canadian Missionary Link (montu'}"), 116 
Yorkville av 

Carroll Miss Frances, tchr Rolleston House 
1 170 Bloor w 

Caswell Herbert (Caswell & Paterson), 1 
191 Seaton 

Cnsweil & Paterson (Herbert Caswell, John 
A Paterson). window shade mfrs 7 Union 

CauHon Win C, stock cik Canada Cycle >k 
Motor Co, 1 D54 Parliament 

Cnven John, MD, 1 76 Spadlna rd 

Cballener Edwin, carp, r 323 Queen w 1 
1079 Queen w 

Chambers Miss Juanlta, mus tchr, 1 92 

Chandler Mrs Alary, mlnr Ross & Chandler, 
1 472 Queen w 

Chessell Eliza (wid George), h 339 Smith 

Christian Samuel E H, bkpr McColl Bros & 
Co. b 61 Duke 

Christie Annabella (wid Alexander), 1 530 

Clarke Orange, trav Queeii City Oil Co, 1 
61 McCaul, from 143 Robert 

Cockin Hereward, h 319 Wellesley 

Collins Frederick, prtr, 1 STOW, College, from 
143 Borden 

Collins Harry F, mfrs' agt 4 Lombard, 1 
1486 Queen w 

Collins James, gdur, h !>'.) Yai IIMIUU rd, 
from 742 Euclid av 

Cooney John, plmbr John Ritchie P & H Co, 
h 13 Ivy av, from 9 Jersey av 

Coons Jessie M, phy Tor Inst of Osteo 
pathy, 1 567 Sherbourne 

Coons Wm N, phy Tor Inst of Osteopathy, 
I 507 Sherbourne 

Coulter John J, elk PO, 1 228 McCaul 

Covert Mrs Mary, h 428 Bloor w 

Cox Eliza (wid Joseph), I 22 Eastern av 

Crawford Mary (wid Daniel), rms 18y 
Richmond w 

Creamer Edward V J, foreman Park, Black- 
well Co, h 755 King w, from 66 Niagara 

Crochet and Knitting Specialty Co, Henry 
Davis mngr, 72 Bay 

Crowe Wm J, elk T Eaton Co, b 749 Gerrard 

Cullen Francis jr. porter Can Exp Co, 1 172 

Cunnington Wm, driver Lawrence Bros, h 
9GO Yonge 

Curtis George, cook Walker House, ring 140 

Front w 
Dallas Harry (McLaren & Dallas), h 82 

Dalton Adam W (Madden & Dalton), h 340 

Wilton av 

Davis Evan, elk T Eaton Co, 1 103 Marl- 
borough av 

I'c Grass! Joseph, foreman Parisian Laun 
dry, -i 1U2 Bay, from 135 Simcoe 
Diamond Mineral Water Mfg Co, George 

Percival mngr, mfrs of mineral water 

machines, r 101 King w 
Dimtis Richard (R Dinnis & Sou), 1 113 

McCaul,. from 267 Simcoe 
Dominion Coal Co (James and John 

O'Leary), 281 Queen w 
Dominion Medical Monthly and Ontario 

Medical Journal, 71 Grosvenor 
Dulmage Vernetta (wid Duncan), 1 63 Collier 
Duncan Thomas A, trav Cuthbertson, Me- 

Cunn >t To 
L'llioU Lucius J. treas The Paper Hoods Co, 

Ltd, res Racine, Wis 
Foot Jeffrey, asst sec Royal Canadian 

Yacht Club, h 12 McKenzie cres 
Geddes Edwin, elk Can Transfer Co, rms 

274 Wellington w 
George Wm K, mngr Simpson, Hall, Miller 

& Co, h 80 Glen rd 

Golden Wm S, elk T Eaton Co. b 21 Tra 
falgar, from 61 Elm 

Greennway Annie M (wid Robert W), clean 
er Union Station, rms 272 Wellington w 
Greenwood Thos C, city ed News, U 56 

Hall George, trav, h 316 College, from 38 

Ham Jesse, blksmith 689 Queen e, h 183 

First av 
Hamilton, Bird Co (J H Hamilton, W R 

iiird), shirt and collar mfrs 41 Yonge 
Hamilton James, wks Johnson Temperature 

Regulating Co, 1 259 College 
Hamilton John H (Hamilton, Bird Co), h 

191 Cowan av 
Hetherington \Vm J, rngnr estate of James 

Tennant & Co, h 116 Macdoncll ar 
Hewitt Benjamin, lab Medler & Arnot, b 

59 Frederick 
Hicks Miss Sarah, with The Robt Simpson 

Co, b 34 Alice 

Hogben Susan (wid Reuben), rms 98 Duke 
Holland John T, opr M Staunton & Co, h 

485 Yonge 
Hunter John H, librarian Temple Building 

Law Library, 1 82 St Mary 
Jackson Hubert R, I 2.~2 Wellesley 
Jones Benjamin S, with Robt Simpson Co, 

1 4 Kensington av 
Kahle Francis U, rongr Woodward Cheml- 

i-al Co, I Board o' Trade Hotel, from 91 

King e 

Keen Mrs Cctoerine, with The Robert Simp 
son Co, Ltd, b 45 Alice 



British America Assurance Co. 

Losses Paid Since Organization, 318,707,966.75 

FIRE and 


Tel. 952. 98-1OO King- St. W. Toronto. 

London, Eng., 




h 68 

Keens Walter J, buyer T Eaton Co, 

Spadina rd 
Kelly John, wks Wm Davles Co, 1 

Kerr Milton, mfrs' agt rin 1C, DO Bay, 1 120 

Robert, from 212 same 
Klrkpatrlck Mary (wid Wm), nurse 414 

King e, 1 same 
Lang James C, with The Robert Slmpsoa 

Co, I 209 Jarvls 
Lane Frederick W, broker 84 Victoria, from 

28 same, b 06 Bloor e 
Lane Leroy, presser E Bolsseau & Co 
Langlois Richmond A, agt, h 654 1'arlin 

Lever Bros, Limited, soap infrs Eastern aT, 

g-e cor Don River, from 50 Bay 

Lcvl 1'aul (Standard Cap Co), h 308 Ade 
laide W 
Lowden Stuart C, elk Diamond Glass Co. 

h u s Queen e, 2 e Elmer av 
McCaffrey Edouanl M, trav, Cockbnrn & 

lien, 1 200 Simcoe 
McCarthy Agnes E (wid D'Alton), li 229 

McChire Leslie, plmbr Jas Sherlock, 1 59 

Haze'.ton av 
McCormlck Robert S, stenog Adams Bros, 

rins 54 Teraulay 
McKinley James, carrlagemkr 689 Queen e, 

h 159 Boltou av 
McLaren James A (McLaren & Dallas), n ' 

37 Howland av 
McLaren & Dallas (James A McLaren. 

Harry Dallas), whol shoes 11 Front w 

McMillan Martin, gro 144 Carltoa 

Manley Michael, contr 3 Collahle, from 58 

Aftoa ay 

Mason Waiter J, lab, h 51 Oak 
Masters Edward, broommkr, h 6 r 203 

1'ape av 
Medical Alliance of America, Ltd, room 45, 

75 Yonge, from 34 Victoria 
Muwrer E A, genl yardmaster GTE, b 399 

King w 
Patterson Mary (wid Christopher S), 1 10 

Klmsley pi 
Reeve John E, phy 306 Sherbourne, h same, 

from 335 Jarvls 
Richardson, John T, stndt McMurrich, Ccata- 

worth, Hodgins & McMurrich, 1 30 Grog- 



For any part of the WORLD 


I., I IMC I T E 3D 

59 YONGE STREET Telephone 2229 

We ADDRESS . . . 

Circulars, Envelopes, Catalogues, Etc. 


solder, Baooitt, 
Cotton Waste. 
116-130 GEORGE ST. 



THE TEMPERANCE AND GENERAL LIFE ia unquestionably the best Company for the best 
lives, as it gives them advantages no ether Comoanv can erive. 

Suburban Directory 




(See North Toronto) 



(See LitUe York) 


(See North Toronto) 



(See Chester) 



(See North Toronto) 




(Includes Bedford Park 
DiivisvULe and Kglititon) 


(See Bracondale) 





(See North Toronto) 


(Five miles northwest of P 0) 

Alexander Miss Letitia, tear Braeondale 
Public School, res Toronto 

Andrews George, lab, h w s Albany av 

Andrews James, wks J E Edwards & Sons, 
res Toronto 

Angus James, cnrp, b. w s Howland av 

Angus John, carp, b 337 Howland av 

Angus Sarah (wid John), 1 337 Howland av 

Arthurs Annie J (wid James), h n s Daven 
port rd 

Acstin Albert W, broker, h n s Davenport 

Austin Susan (wid James), 1 A W Austin 

Baird Annie (wid Robert), h s s Helena av 

Baird David, elk, 1 Mrs A Baird 

Baird John, elk, 1 Mrs A Baird 

Baird John, lab, n w s Brunswick av 

Barber David, mach Boake Mfg Co, res 

Baxter John, gdnr, h w s Ossington av 

Beckway Charles, tmstr J E Edwards & 
Sins, b Mrs E Edwards 

Bedford Jason, eng, h s s Alcina av 

Bedford John, nigtitwatchman Boake Mfg 
Co, res York tp 

Belfry Hiram T, piano mkr, h w s Mark- 

Bell Allan, lab, 1 Mrs E Bell 

Bell Elizabeth (wid Allan), h n s Alcina av 

Bell Hugh, prtr, 1 Mrs E Bell 

Bell Wm H, elk, 1 Mrs E Bell 

Blackwell Alfred T (Blackwell & Co), res 

Blackwell & Co (Alfred T Blackwell), var 
nish mfrs, w s Bathnrst 

Bliss Rebecca (wid Thomas), h n s Bridg- 
mnn av 

Boake Edwood, yardman Boake Mfg Co, 1 
G W Boake 

Bcake Frederick C, foreman Boake Mfg 
Co. res Tironto 

Boake G Wilfrid (Boake Mfg Co), h e s 

Boake Mfg Co (Win F and G Wilfrid 
Boake), planing mill, 307-315 Howland av 

Boake Wm F (Boake Mfg Co), res Downs- 
view, Ont 

Bodie Wm, whol btchr, n s Davenport rd 
Uopgls Edwin, gro s s Davenport rd, a w 

cor Christie 
Boultbee Alfred, mgr Canadian Produce 

Co, res Toronto 

Bov en Bradford, lab J H Heslop, 1 same 
Bowes Wm, pdlr, h s s St Clair av 

Turner Postmaster, Davenport rd, s w 

cor Christie 
Bracondale Public School, Matthew 

Holmes prin. e s Bathurst 
Bradley Francis G. plstr, h w s Frederica 
Bradley John P, gro w s Vaughan rd, cor 

St Albaus av, h same 
Bradley Levi. lab, h w s Brunswick av 
Bromley Harry, bkbndr, h e s Bathurst 
Brown Edward, h w s Howland av 
Brown Edward, mkt gdnr e s Bathurst 
Brown Harry, mill hd Boake Mfg Co, res 

Brown Miss Lottie, tchr Bracondale Pub 

School, res Toronto 
Bryce Peter H, phy n s St Clair av 
Buffey Reuben, grader Boake Mfg Co, res 


Bull George, lab, h e s Christie 
lUill Grenville, gdnr, 1 G Bull 
Bull Nelson, gdnr, 1 G Bull 
Buibridge Jnmes, mkt gdnr, n s Daven.- 

I'O'-t rd, h same 

Burbridge Robert, gdnr J Bnrbrldge 
Em-bridge Sarah (wid Robert), I J Bnr- 


Bill-bridge Wm. gdnr J Burbridge, 1 ime 
Byers Wm. mkt gdnr s s Davenport rd 
Callicott Joseph, ,nkt gdnr, s s Davenport 

Canadian Produce Co, Alfred Boultbee rogr, 

w s Christie 

Carter Charles, pntr s s Davenport rd 
Carter Wm G, mkt gdnr e s DufTerin 
Carveth Miss Mary, hsekpr Hillcrest Con- 

va'escent Home 

Cation Wm B, motorman. h 341 Howlnnd av 
Chcpple James, ctr J E Edwards & Sons, h 

s s Albert 

Christie James, cattle dlr s s Helena av 
Christie Miss Maggie, opr, 1 J Cliristie 
Christie Miss Minnie, mach opr, 1 J Christie 
Clarke Alfred, lab, h w s Bathurst 
Clarke Miss Emily., 1 J Clarke 

Clt rke Enoch, mkt gdnr w s Lakevlew «T 

Clarke John, mkt gdur, s s Davenport rd 

Clarke Thomas, tchr, I J Clarke 

Clarke Wm, elk, 1 J Clarke 

Coates John, mill foreman Boake Mfj Co, 

res Toronto 

Coclioy James, mkt gdnr, e s Ossington ar 
Conboy John, gdnr, 1 James Conboy 
Con boy Thomas E, trav, 1 James Conboy 
Conlin Thomas J, prtr, h n s Alcina av 
Coocy Joseph, carp Boake Mfg Co, b 

Vuughan 1'iank rd, cor St Ciair av 
CettPriU John, florist e s Bathurst, h same 
Coulson Mrs Charlotte, nsemaid Hillcreit 

Convalescent Home 
Coy David S, elk, h s s St Albans nv 
Crang Jethro, bldr n s St Clair av, h same 
Crawford Wm, mill hd Boake Mfg Co, re» 

Toronto - 
dossier Wm, janitor Hillcrest Convalescent 

Home, 1 same 

Cunningham James, agent, h s s Alcina av 
Curtis Charles E, btchr, 1 Charles Wood 
Curtis David, mkt gdnr e s Murray 
Curtis Wm, gdur, h s s St Clair av 
Davis Henry, carp Boake Mfg Co, res To 

Dei.gen James, icb. h s s St Clair av 
De Koff John, carp, h s s St Albans ar 
Diuwoody Jeremiah, rckt gdnr w s Man 
ning av 







North British & Mercantile Insurance Company, 

LARGEST FIRE RESERVES. Investments in Canada $6,567,079.94 




Doi ore Frank, N, pntr, h s s Helena av 
Douglas Thoui'as, carp, h w s Christie 
Dm. n Frank, lab, h s s Albert 
Durham Charles, sawyer Boake Mfg Co, res 

Edwards Arthur, etr J E Edwards & Sons, 

h n s Victoria «v 
Edwards Charles, etr J E Edwards & Sons, 

h w s Christie 
Edwards Elizabeth (wid John E), li e s 

Edwards Miss Fannie, opr J E Edwards & 

Sous, 1 H G Edwards 
Edwards Harry G. etr J E Edwards & 

Sons, h n s Albert 
Edwards James U E Edwards & Sons), i 

Mrs E Edwards 
Edwards John (J E Edwards & Sons), h w 

s Bathurst 
Edwards J E & Sons (Wm H, John and 

James), harness trimmings and fancy 

leather goods, e s Christie 
Edwards Win H (J E Edwards & Sons), h 

e a Christie 

Emwy George, driver J R Emery, 1 same 
Emery John, driver J K Emery, i same 
Eir.ery John H, express n s Heiena av 
Emery Wilberforce L. lab, 1 J R Emery 
Etlierington George, lab J Dlnwoody, li n s 

Victoria av 

Felvns Itlehard, mkt gdnr s s St Clalr ay 
Ferguson Archibald, 1 344 Rowland av 
Fisher David, foreman Boake Mfg Co, res 


Fltton Frederick, dairy s s St Albans av 
Flay George, driver Boake Mfg Co, res 

Filming Robert J, City Assessment Commr, 

h St Clair av, n-w cor Bathnrst 
Florence Alexander, carp, h w s Brunswick 


Folcy John, brlckmkr, h w s Ossington av 
Foi taine Francis, lab, 1 Wm Young 
Foord George, gdnr M Foord, 1 same 
Foord Henvy, gdnr M Foord, 1 same 
Foord Marshall, mkt gdnr e s Murray 
Prost Andrew, florist 1 A G B Frost 
Frost George B, lab, h e s Bathurst 
Frost George C, lab, h e s Bnthurst 
Carter Walter, gdnr W G Carter, 1 same 
Garratt Joseph, etr J E Edwards & Sons, 

h n s Alcina av 
Garratt Wm H, etr J E Edwards & Sons, 

1 J Garratt 
Gertdes Walter A, bkpr Boake Mfg Co, res 

Giles George, gdnr 3 Wanless jr, 1 J A 


Giles James, gdnr, b J Dlnwoody 
Giles James E A, lab, h e s Vaughan Plank 


Glass Wm W, tlr, b, n s St Clair av 
Goad A F George, lab, b A Florence 
Goad Herbert, wood turner Boake Mfg Co, 

h e s Howland av 

Goodchild Charles H, whol btchr e s Chris 
tie, h same 

GocoUngs Robert, lab, h e s Vnughan rd 
Gould Robert, mill hd Boake Mfg Co, res 


Graham Bernard, mkt gdnr w s Hilton a? 
Graham Frederick, pntr. h w s Christie 
Graham Owen, h w s Hilton av 
Graham Thomas, mkt gdnr. h e s Hilton av 
Greensides Charles, brlckmkr Wm Green- 
sides, h s s St Clair av 
Grfensides Henry, brickmkr Wm Green- 
sides, 1 same 
Gueushles Heury, mkt gdnr w s Ossingtoc 

nv. h same 
Greensides John, brlckmkr Wm Greensides, 

res Toronto 
Greensides Thomas, brickmkr Wm Green 

sides, 1 same 

Grc-ensides Wm, brick mfr s s S* Clair av 
Greer sides Wm jr, briokuikr \Vm Green- 
sides, 1 same 
Gretusides Wm A, brlckmkr, h.n s St Clalr 

a^ enue 
Grlndall Edward, eng Boake Mfg Co, res 


Giourke Arthur, gdnr, I Mrs M Grourke 
Grourke John, lab, h e s Bathurst 
Grouvke Martin, gdnr Mrs M Grourke 
Grcurke Mary (wid John), mkt gdnr e s 

Bathurst, h same 

Gummitt Wm. mkt gdnr s s Albert, h same 
Hndlow George, gdnr, h s s Albert 
Hamilton John, eng, h n s Helena av 
Hamilton Thomas, lab, h B s St Albaus av 

Hamilton Wm J, carp, h e s Markhsm 
Hammett Thomas, yardman Boake Mfg Co, 

res Toronto 
Hancock Harry, etr J E Edwards & Sons, 

res Toronto 

Hardy Ellen, hsemaid Hillcrest Convales 
cent Home, 1 same 
Hari'iman Charles, wks J E Edwards & 

Sens, res Toronto 
Harris George, carp BoaUe Mfg Co, res 


Harris Wm, lab, h w s Lakeview av 
Harvey Amos, driver Boake Mfg Co, res 

Hcasliji Thomas, briekmkr, h w s Ossmg- 

tou av 
Heath Edward T, chemist, h s s St Albans 


Henderson Albert, elk, I John Henderson 
Hei.derson John, court orler. h n s St Clalr 


Henderson Walter, elk, I John Henderson 
HeLdrlek Mary (wid Miles H), 1 M Hen- 


Heudrick Michael, mkt gdnr s s St Clair av 
Hendrick Wm,Tnkt gdnr n s St Clalr av 
Heron James, h n s Helena av 
Iteion Thomas, carp, h n s Alcina av 
Hesiop John H, farmer, h n s Vaughau 

Plank rd 

Hillcrest Convalescent Home, Miss Mar 
garet Watson matron, Bathurst, n-e cor 
Davenport rd 

Hilton John, gdnr Thomas Graham, 1 same 
Hoad Ernest, whol btehr e s Vaughan rd 
Hogs; Thomas, cond Tor Ry. h H44 How- 
land av 
Holmes Matthew, prin Bracondale Pub 

School, h s s Alcina av 

Humphrey Francis K. prtr, h w s Christie 
Iivine Wm. carp, h I!50 Howland av 
J:\ckson Joseph, btchr, h e s Howland av 
Jackson Win, ciirp, h e s Dufferin, cor St 

Clair av 

Jamleson John M, btchr, 1 T W J.imleson 
Jamieson Thomas W, h n s Helena av 
J&rdine Alexander, spice mfr, h n s Daven- 

pcrt rd 

Jessop C.ipt Dudley F, h n s St Clair av 
Johr.sou Edward, mkt gdnr n s St Clair 

av, h same 
Johnston Francis, carp Boake Mfg Co, res 


Johnston James, gdnr, h e s Christie 
Johnston Thomas, gdnr, h s s Victoria av 
Jolfoy Wm. carp, 1 Wm Pen-In 
Jordan Albert, gdnr W Jordan, I same 
Jordan Horace, gclnr W Jordan, 1 same 
Jordan Walter, mkt gdur w s Christie 
Jorgenson Miss Gunda, tlrs, 1 G Jorgensou 
Jorgenson Gustav, lab, h w s Albany av 
Jorgenson Miss Mary, tlrs, 1 G Jorgenson 
Joy Hudson, bldr w s Bnthurst, h same 
Kemp Charles, carp, 1 P Kemp 
Ki mp F.dwnri), ranch, 1 P Kemp 
Kemp Miss Maud, tlrs, 1 P Kemp 
Kemp Percy, 1 P Kemp 
Ki-mp J'hiyter, carp, h n s Davenport rd 
Kenny Denlsh, gdnr A Jardlne, h e s Chris 
Kerrlson Elizabeth (wid Thomas), drsmkr 

e s Bathurst, h same 
Kerrlsou Miss Florence, elk, I Mrs E Ker- 


Kerrlson Frederick, brickmkr, 1 Mrs E Ker 

Kerrison Wm T, lab, 1 Mrs E Kerrison 
King Win, pdlr, h w s Ossington av 
Kiugsford Wm J, trav, h s s St Clalr av 
Kirliy Richard G, hldr n s St Clalr av 
Kirby Susan (wid Nathaniel), h 342 How- 
hind av 

Lainson Anmer, trunk mkr. h n s Albert 
Lang George, footman S Nordheimer 
Leaver Edward, lab David Pickering 
Lo Cornu Win, carp, h w s Bathurst 
Lindsay James, carp, h n s Helena av 
I, ires John C, bricUmkr, h w s Ossingtou 


Ling Edward, pntr, h w s Howland av 
Limon Richard H, eng, e s Bathurst 
IJvnck Catherine (wid Henry), h e s Mark- 

Livock Joseph, lab, 1 Mrs C Livoek 
Lr.vatt John, mkt gdnr e s Christie 
Lytle Miss Alice, tchr Bracondale Pub Sch, 

res Toronto 

McCarthy Edward, lab, 1 E McCarthy 
McCarthy Eugene, lab, h s s St AJbnns av 
McCarthy George, prtr, 1 E McCarthy 

Mt-Cov Jiimt-s, lab, h e s Hilton av 

Mi.Creary Robert, btchr, h w s Shaw 

-V!i iiona.d Christopher, yardman Uoake Mfs 

Co, res Toronto 
McFarland Joseph, cond Tor Icy, has 

liridgniau av 
McKay Andrew, gdnr Mrs A Arthurs, res 

Deer Park 
McKay Thomas, .gdur A W Austin, res 

Peer Park 
McKerrigllcn John, florist s s Davenport 

rd, h same 

McLean Dante), wtr, 1 M Hendrick 
McLean George, bkpr, h s s Helena av 
Mil. ran Thomas, h e s Uniterm 
McMillan James, bus Helena av 
-McMillan James jr, elk, 1 J McMillan 
McMillan John, elk, I James McMillan 
McMillan Wm, elk, 1 James McMillan 
McMuIlen Charles, varnish mkr Itlarkwell 

& Co, res Toronto 

McNab Anna (wid John), h n s St Clalr av 
Mc.Xab, Donald G, artist, 1 Mi's A McNab 
McNab Wm D, 1 Mrs A McNub 
McQuade Edward, lab, h n s Bridgman ar 
Macdonald John A, coll Boake Mfg Co, res 

Mackewn Albert E, pulley mkr, 1 W B 


MaeKewn Charles, gdnr, 1 "W E MacKewn 
MacKewn George, 1 W 12 MacKewn 
MacKewn Wm E, mkt gdnr e s Ossington 

MacKewn Wm E jr, bicycle mkr, 1 W H 


Mt'Cuamara Frank, gdnr J Macnumara 
Macnamara Jonu, mkt gdnr s s Davenport 

rd, h same 

Macnamara John jr, gdnr J Macnamara 
Macuamara Patrick, rukt gdur e s Shaw 
Maddaford John, lab, h e s Christie 
Marks George L, gro, s s Davenport rd 
Marshall James B, silk etr, h n s Helena 


Maton Wm H, mkt gdnr n s St Clalr av 
Matthews Marmaduke, artist, h n s Daven 
port rd 

Matthews Marmaduke E, elk, 1 M Mat 

May Robert, eng, h w,s Christie 
Miles Alfred, tmstr, h e s Howland av 
Miller Bernard W, mkt gdnr w s Christie 
Miller Edwin, T (Miller & Sons), h w s 

Miller Frederick C (Miller & Sons), h w s 

Miller Frederick H (Miller & Sons), h w s 

Miller & Sons (Frederick C, Frederick H 

and Edwin T), florists, w s Murray 
Moore Auna (wid Edward), h w s Albany 


Moore Ralph R, lab R J Fleming, res To 

Mcore Wm, mill hd, 1 Mrs A Moore 
Morgan Wm, gdur, h w s Ossington av 
Morris Florence (wid George), confy e s 

^'fcvisrie, h same 
Morrison Charles, sawyer Boake Mfjr Co, 

res Toronto 

Morse Thomas, gdnr D Pickering, 1 same 
Moycihan Catherine (wid Denis), h w s 

Hilton av 

Moynihan Michael, elk, 1 Mrs C Moynihan 
Mulholhind Wm, coachman S Nordheimer 
Wv.Uvooney John, japanner J K Edwards & 

Sons, h s s Victoria av 
Miillrooney John jr, japanner J E Edwards 

& Sons, h s s Victoria av 
Mt mford Wm R, btchr, h e s Bathurst 
Mui-ro Wm, tmstr Boake Mfg Co, h s s 

Bnugman av 

Mui'i'liy Jobu, lab, h w s Ossington av 
Niccls Alexander, driver J McKerrighen, 

res Toronto 

Nordheimer Samuel, piano mfr, h n s Dav 
enport rd 

Norman Amazlah, carp, h 325 Howland ar 
Norman Isaac, studt, 1 325 Howland av 
Xcrmiin Miss Isabella, drsmkr, 1 325 Row 
land av 
Norman John, yardman Boake Mfg Co, res 

O'Brien John, tmstr GTR, h s s Davenport 


Oborn Harry, inb, h. w s Albany nv 
Orford Mary F (wid James), 1 R J Fleming 
Pcge Thomas J, phy n s St Clair av 
Palmer Percy, helper Blackwell & Co, res 

Toronto Junction 

Guarantee Company of North America. 

MEDLAND & JONES, Jen'! Agents, Mail Building, Cor. King and Bay. Tel. 1067 

Government, Municipal and other 
Debentures Bought and Sold. 

H, O'HARA & CO. 




Parmiter James S, trav, bus Alcina av 
Pepper George, bkr, h e s Bathurst 
Ferrin Win, luotorninu, bus Bridgmnn av 
Feivy Arthur \V", vet surg \v s Bnthctrst 
Perry Mrs A W, ntus tchr w s Bathnrst 
Perry Richard, niUt gdur s s St Clair av 
Petermau George, carp, b s s Helena av 
Peterinau Miss Jennie, niacli opr, 1 G Peter- 
Petry Thomas, carp Borke Mfg (-'o, res To- 


Phillips Keuben. mkt gdnr w s Murray 
1'ii Ireriug David, mkt gdnr vv s Lakeview 


Pickles Win, lab. li w s Albany :iv 
Postill Stephen J. carp, h w s Bathurst 
Pcvers Alfred, bilker w s Bathnrst, cor 

Alciua av, ti same 

Price Allan, carp Boake Mfg Co, res To 
Proctor Edward. \vks J K Edwards *. Sons, 

res Toronto 

Punnett Dore, gdnr H Puuuett, I sam e 
Punrett Richard, mkt gdnr w s Clu-'stie 
Rahum Herbert, driver Boake Mfg Co, res 


I!.,in?si'.v Robert, bklyr, h e s Christie 
Rattenburn Lillie, hsemaid Hillcrest Con 
valescent Home, 1 same 
Rayson Charles, pntr, has Bridgman a? 
Robertson Alexander, florist J McKerighen, 

res Toronto 

Robertson James, messr, h e s Bathurst 
Rodwell Win, pntr, h e s Christie 
Rogers Alfred, bkr, h e s Bathurst 
Roper James, gdnr S Nordheimer, 1 same 
Rose John H, carp, h w s Ossington av 
Rutherford Erastus C, carp Boake Mfg Co, 

res Toronto 

Scott Thomas, h s s Helena av 
Setger Ralph, lab, h w s Brunswick av 
Stanley John, elk, 1 M Shanley 
Shr.i'.ley Michael, sectionman. GTR, has 


Sharpley Charles, mkt gdnr w s Christie 
Sbarpley James, mkt gdnr «• s Christie 
Shepherd John, gdnr M Shepherd, 1 same 
Shepherd Matthew, mkt gdnr, n s St Clair 

av. h same 

Shepherd Hubert, mach opr. h e s Bathurst 
Short Frank, carp Boake Mfg Co, res To 
Shuter Albert, mkt gdnr s s Davennort rd 

1 Mrs H Shuter 
Shuter Hannah (wld Joseph), h s s Dav- 

erjort rd 
Sluter Harry R, mkt gdnr s s Davenport 

rd. s-e cor Shaw, h same 
Sibhiek Albert E (Sibbick & Woodliffe), h 

s s St Clair av 

SiMiiek & Woodliffe (Albert E Sihblck, 
Joseph Woodliffe), mkt sdnrs s s St Clair 

Si'iran Thomas, cutter, h n s Helena av 
Simmons Enoch, lab, h -w s Howiand av 
Sinclair David, lab J H Heslop, 1 same 
Smith Andrew G, stone ctr, h n s Aleina 

Smith James, mach hd Boake Mfg Co res 


Smith Win. mkt gdnr s s St Clair av 
Sm;th Wm, golderer. h s s Helena av 
Sneath George, lab, h w \s Ossinjrton av 
Bnpdden Wesley. «ro e s Bathurst. h same 
Spiller George, mkt gdnr e s Bathurst 
Bpradbrow Wm, carp Boake Mfg Co res 


Spreadbrow Charles, coachman Mrs A Ar 
thurs, 1 snme 

SrlpJey John G, h s s Davenport rd 
Steel Win. stone ctr. h n s Helena av 
Stephens Charles, gdnr J Stephens, 1 same 
Stephens John, mkt gdur w s Murray 
Stephens John jr. gdnr J Stephens. 1 same I 
Stephens \\ in, mkt sdnr s s Davenport rd 

cor Christie, h same 

Stevens Walter, carp, h e s Vanghan r<l 
St rat ton Enos, plstr, h s s St Albans av 
Br.mmerfleld Charles, foreman, 1 J Sum- 

Snmmerfleld Joseph, trunk mkr, h n s St 

Swalles Charles, mkt gdnr s s Davenport 

rd. h same 

Taylor Daniel, blksmlth, h, s s Alcina av 
Thomson John W, foreman Can Produce 

Co, res Toronto 

Tonalin Wm J, poultry dlr w s Christie 
Trlst Thomas, carp, h ? s Helena av 
Trctman Matthew H. mkt gdnr w s Shaw 

Tryford Miss Nellie, opr J E Edwards & 

Sons, b Mrs E Edwards 

Turner Albert, cigar mkr. ! 327 Howiand av 
TllOKIt (HVMv. r I-;. l-oslin.-i.stiT. li 

u-w cor Christie and Davenport rd 
Turner John, cigar mkr, h 327 [lowland av 
Tumor Percy, yardman Boake Mfg Co, 1 

327 Howlaud av 
Ti.rner's Hall, w s Christie 
Wakefield Win, h n s Davenport rd 
Wall Alma, jwlr, h n s Alciiui av 
Wanless John jr, h n s Davenport rd 
Watson Miss Margaret, matron Hillcrest 

Convalescent Home, 1 same 
Weir Allan, brlcklyr, h s s St Albans av 
Weir Allan jr, florist Miller * Sons, 1 A 


Weir Miss Jennie, m.'ich opr. 1 A Weir 
Wells Robert, elk, 1 Win WakeHeld 
Wells Win, lab, h w s Christie 
Wlu alley John, ctr J B Edwards & Sons, h 

w s Manning av 
White Henry G, h w s Bathurst, cor 

Vuiighan rd 

Whitesides Samuel, gdnr Wm Hendrick 
W itch Charles, lab, 1 B Winch 
Wii'Ch Edward, lab, h w s Albany av 
Winterlmrii George, carp Boake Mfg Co, 

res Toronto 

Wood Charles, brklyr, h e s Christie 
Woc;il Hugh, lab, h w s Brunswick av 
Wood James, carp, 1 Hugh Wood 
Wood John, carp, h 339 Howiand av 
Wood Norman, butler S Nordheimer, 1 same 
Woodliffe Joseph (Sibbick & Woodliffe), h 

s s St Clair av 
Wright George, gdnr R J Fleming, res Deer 

Wye h wood Fire Hall, n s Alcina av, 1 w 


Yci ng James, driver, 1 John Young 
Young John, dairy s s Davenport rd 
Yorng Wm, cond Tor Ry, n e s Howiand 

Young Wm, mH gdnr, h w s Vaughan rd, 

cor St Clair av 
Zion Methodist Church, s s St Clair ay 


(Four miles northeast of P O) 

Armstrong Frederick W, drover J Arm 
strong, 1 same 

Armstrong James, cattle dlr Whitney av 
Anrstrong John, drover J Armstrong 
Arnold George, eng, h John 
An old George jr, packer, 1 George Arnold 
Athersieh Samuel H, gdnr W M Athersicli 
Athersich Wm M, mkr gdnr Randolph av 
Athersich Wm M jr, gdnr W M Athersich 
Balsam Samuel, carp, h Randolph av 
Baptist Mission, Don Mills rd 
Barchard Joseph, box ninfr, h Logan nv 
Bee Richard, mkt gdnr Pape av. h same 
Btr.rett Thomas, btchr El'erbeck, h Don 

Mills rd 

Bennett Thomas jr, btchr Whitney av 
Beuns Thomas, brickmkr, h Sarah 
Benson Thomas, eng. h Danforth av 
ISlcke Harry G, lab, h Don Mills rd 
Booth Rev Wm B. pastor Don Mills Meth 

Church, h Don Mills rd 
Bray John, carp, h Don Mills rd 
Brcoks Albert E, driller, h Don Mills vd 
IIHOOKS <iEOH<;i-;. l-ostiiinstor and 

Grocer Don Mills rd, h same 
Brcoks Joseph, caretkr Chester Pub Sch, h 

Don Mills rd 
I'.rc wn Henry F, co constable, h Danforth 

a\ enue 
Blown John T, co constable, h Don Mills 

IJryi nt Thomas A, pressman, h Don Mills 


Butcher George, lab R H Wiegin 1 same George R, carp, h Fulton nv 
Car\\ardine Alfred R, mkt gdur Danforth 


Carwardine Charles, srrtnr A R Carwardlne 
Carwardine Harry, driver A R f ,irwv-<3ine 
Chester Presbyterian Church. Don .Mills rd 
CHster Public School, Josenh Latter prin 

Don Mills rd 
Cole man Catherine (wid Jihn), dairy Lo- 

gim av, h same 
Coidie John, elk, h Pape av 
Constable Alexander, mkt gdnr, Fulton ar 
Cor stable James, mkt gdur Pape av 

Constable Thomas, gdnr A Constable 
Constable Thomas jr, dairy Pane av 
Cooper George, carp, h Don Mills rd 
Cooper Thomas B, lab, h Don Mills rd 
Cooper Wm U, mkt gdur Don Mills rd 
Cutbbertson James R, let car, h Logan av 
Danforth Hall, Dauforth av, cor Eller- 


BOX v.Ar,M-:v RK.vnKUixf; WORKS, 
James W Young Proprietor, Factory Don, 
Valley (See card classified Tallow) 
Don Valley Station (GTR), Kiehard Young 

baggageman, Don Valley 
UO.»t l-OS'l Oi-'FIC'K, George 

Brooks Postmaster, Don Mills rd 
Donovan Joseph, gro Don Mills rd 
Dullmadge Mills, tmstr, h Logan av 
Fallon John, fireman, h Logan av 
Foi Thomas, lab, 1 T Bennett 
Frankland Henry R, coll In Rev, h Dan 
forth av 

Freely Henry, dairy Tape av, h sime 
Ge'cling- Annie (wid Albert E), 1 Thomas 


Gfirard Benjamin, mach, h John 
Giblard Caleb, gdnr J Gibbard, 1 same 
GIbbard James, mkt gdnr Pape av 
Gilmore David, lab, 1 Henry '.iilmore 
Giimore Henry, lab, h John 
Gilmore Robert, mldr, 1 Henry Gilmore 
Gcrgh Wm E, florist Moscow av, h same 
Gracie James jr. mkt gdnr Leslie, h same 
Grade Mrs Marion, h Leslie 
Guyatt Thomas, lab, h John 
Guyatt Thomas jr, paper mkr, 1 T Guyatt 
Hall David, dairy Logan av, h same 
Hall John, lab J W Young, 1 R Hull 
Itall Margaret J (wid John). 1 P. Hull 
Hall Robert, dairy Sarah, h same 
Hall Wm. dairy Sarah, h same 
Hallett Mrs Agnes, nurse Don Mills rd 
Hallett Arthur E, electrotyper, I Mrs A 


Hall Robert, dairy Sarah, h snraw 
Hallttt Joseph E, tmstr J W Young, res 


Hullett Joseph S, !ah J W Young, res To 

Hi.milton Malcolm, gdnr, I Mrs M A Ham 
Hamilton Mary A (wid John), mkt gdnr 

Danforth av, h same 
He'm Robert, lab, h Ellerheck 
House Henry, brickmkr. h Don Mi'Is rd 
Hughes Andrew, cutter, h Don Mills rd 
Ingham Harriet (wid Joshua), h Don Mills 


Ingbam Joshua, btchr, h Don Mills rd 
IP \\rird George, mkt gdnr Pape av, h same 
Jnekman Miss Susan, 1 J L Playter 
Johnson Henry, lab, h John 
Latter Ernest, trav, 1 J Latter 
Latter Henry H, studt, 1 J Latter 
Latter Joseph, prin Chester Public Schocl, 

h Don Mills rd 
Lee John H. tmstr. h John 
Lot.ghurst Moses, lab, h Don Mills rd 
Lyndnn Herbert W, mach, b Mrs If L Soth- 

Lyi'dun Wm F W, agt, b Mrs F L Sother- 


McDonald James, lab Mrs C Coleman 
McVeigh Johnston, agt, h Sarah 
Meddnford Samuel, btchr. h Don Mills rd 
Mnioney Thomas, foreman J AV Young, rea 


Mayne Samuel, lab, h Fulton av 
Meragh Harriet E (wid Thomas W), 1 Mrs 

F L Sothergi!! 

Meredith George, lab T Bennett jr, 1 same 
Murphy Edward, driver Mrs C Colem.-in 
Nicholson R Ernest, ins agt, h Don Mills 


Ostrom Daniel S, paper mkr, h Don Mills rd 
Ostrom Herbert, mach opr, 1 D S Ostrom 
Perdue Wm. driver J W Young, h Sarah 
Plnskitt Harrison, waggon mkr Danforth 

av, res Toronto 

Playter Albert E. srdnr. 1 Mrs M M Playter 
Piryter John L. mkt gdnr Danforth av 
Playter Mary M (wid Richard), h Danforth 


PkM-ter Wm K, mkt gdnr Danforth av 
Pledger Walter W, brickmkr, h Don Mills 


Preston Roger, mkt gdnr Danforth av 
Prince John, mkt gdnr 332 Danforth av 
Proctor Reginald W, elk, h Ellerbnck 
Purchase Edward G, lab, h Ellerbock 


'Phone 5481. METALLIC ROOFING CO., limited, COB. HUE anil DUfFERIH $18, 








Purchase Elizabeth (wid Henry), h Don 

Mills rd 

Purchase George E, locksmith, h Ellerheck 
Purchase James H, prtr Ellerbeck, h same 
Purchase Wm C, shoe ctr, 1 E G Purchase 
Rnwn Isaac, 1 332 Danforth av 
Keed Frederick. Inl). 1 \V H Reed 
Reed Win 1C, pump nilcr Sarah, h same 
Reed Wm H, h Logan av 
Reid G Henry, horseshoer Danforth av, res 


Roffey Alfred, lab. h Sarah 
Boss Eryine M, eng. h 1:* Danforth av 
Rowland Richard, 1 H Feely 
St P.arnabns Church (Anglican). Ellerbeck 
Sbenhnn Walter, h Danforth av 
Sherwood Miss Lena, 1 M Dulmage 
Sotbergill Ffinnle L (wid Thomas W), mus 

tchr Don Mills rd, h same 
Stephens Win. tmstr, 1 J H Lee 
Btokell Alfred, carp, h Don Mills rd 
Btrongltbarin John, tmstr. h Don Mills rd 
Talbot Harry, btchr, ] Henry Talhot 
Talbot Henry, btchr Don Mills rd. h same 
Taylor Miss "Sarah. 1 M Longnhurst 
Toinlin Beniamln, dairy Pape av, h same 
Turner Joseph, tmstr, h Whitney av 
Turner Joseph jr. btchr, 1 J Turner 
Vii.cent George M, lab, h Pape av 
Warwick Wm, cabt mkr, h 420 Danforth 


Watts Miss Alice, mah opr. 1 Mrs J Watts 
Walts Jane (wid Thomas A), h Pnpe av 
Webster Wm M, trav, ti Whitney av 
Wlggin Richard H, dairy Fulton av 
Ycr.n? Annie (wid James), h Don Mills rd 
Yovr.p George A. elk, \ Mrs A Young 
YOl'VG .T.-VMFS W. Proprietor Don 

Valley Rendering Works, h Don Mills rd 

(See "card classified Tallow) 
Young Richard, hgcmn GTR. h Don Valley 


(See Little York) 


(See North Toronto) 


(Three miles north of P O) 

Ainslie Eliza (wid Robert S). 1 E B Borrow 
Alexander Benson P, leather, h w s Avenue 

Anderson Alonzo W, mngr National Grau- 

ite Co, res Toronto 

Am. strong Albert E, agt, has Farnham av 
Armstrong Arthur L, elk, 1 Thomas Arro- 


Aiirsti-ong Frederick, elk I Thomas Arm 

Aur strong John E, btchr, h s s St Clair av 
Armstrong Maughau, cik, 1 Tliomas Arm 

Arn-^tronu" Thomas, elk, h n s Farnham av 
Armstrong Thomas, phy w s Yonge, h samt- 
Bal-er Jobn, coachman, h w s Avenue ra 
Baldwin Charles M. elk, 1 Mrs M Baldwin 
Baldwin John M. elk, 1 Mrs M Baldwin 
Baldwin Lawrence A, barr, 1 Mrs M Bald 

Baldwin Margaret (wid Wm A), )> w ? Ave 
nue rd 

Ball Miss Marion, hsekpr Dr Meyer's Hos 

Blackwell John, h n s Farnham av 
Bliikemnn Arthur W, tinner, 1 G H Blake- 

Illakeman Frederick, cik, 1 G H Blakeman 
Blakeman George A, polisher, h s s St Clsir 

Bland Miss Elizabeth, nurse Dr Meyer's 


Bland Francis H, masseur Dr Meyer's Hos 

Borron Edward B. h Glen rd 
Rower Joseph, carp, h e s Lawton av 
Brcnnan James, lab. h w s Spadina rd 
Brennan Patrick, lab, h w s Spadina rd 
Brignell Benjamin tmstr F Brown. 1 same 
Brit ton Arthur, florist Grainger Bros, I G 

C Britton 

Britten George C, carp, h e s Yonge 
Britton Harry, iwlr. 1 G C Britton 
Britton Herbert T, jwlr, 1 G C Britton 

Britlon \Vrrj, motorman. 1 G C Britton 
HnoUland Win, tlr, h n s Rose Hill av 
Blown Frederick, tmstr, h e j Yonge 
Brown Wm, elect Met Ry, res North To- 


Burden Benaurice 1C, broker, 1 H Burden 
I'.iinlc-ii Henry, pntr, h s s St Clair av 
Burke Jolin, assessor, h s s St Clair av 
Burnett Arthur, gdnr Dr D C Meyers, h n 

s Heath 

Cadwallader John, gdnr, h s s St Clair av 
Calvert Cl.arles E, wool, 1 Wm Culvert 
Calvert George A, trav, 1 Wm Calvert 
Cahert Wm, com agt, h n s Gleu av 
Carey Wm, carp Met Ry, res North Toronto 
Cliccsman Aliss Alice, nurse Dr Meyer's 


Christ Church (Anglican), w s Yonse 
Christopher James, lab, h w s Spndina rd 
Clfci'ke Wm H, elk, h n s Rose Hil! av 
Cocbrane Arthur L, drill sgt Upper Can 

College, res Toronto 

Crean Patrick, caretkr St Michael's Ceme 
tery, h w s Yonge 
Crocker Sidney C R, ins agt, h s s Clar- 

eix-e av 

Cullitou Miss Ellen, tlrs, 1 Mrs M Culliton 
Culliton Frederick B, marble cutter, 1 Mrs 

M Culliton 
Cu'.liton John J, steamftr, 1 Mrs A Culli 


Culliton Mary (wid Patrick), h w s Yonge 
Culliton Wm P, plmbr, 1 Mrs M CulHton 
Daniel Charles, tmstr Mt Pleasant Ceme 
tery, res York tp 
Davis Robert, carp, b e s Yonge 
Davis Robert W, carp Met Ry, res North 


Davisoii Wm, h s s Clinton av 
Deer Park Hotel, James O'Halloron prop, 

w s Yonge 

Spears Postmaster, e s Yonge 
Deer Park Presbyterian Church, Uev John 

Kay pastor, n s St Clair av 
Deer Park Public School, Wm J Thomson 

prln, n .5 St Clair av 
Dickinson Joseph, gdnr Reservoir Park, re-; 


Dohevty John, elk, 1 J A MeElroy 
I'chcrty Win. 1 J A MeElroy 
Douglas George, gdnr Mt Pleasant Ceme- 

t( ry, rt-s North Toronto 
Duke Charles, bldr i' s Clinton av Sarah A (wid Richard), h e s Yonge 
Duiuan George, lab Mt Pleasant Cemetery, 

res North Toronto 
Dr.i.das James, real est. h w s Marlborougli 


Dui:das James E, elk, 1 James Dundas 
Du; nett Samuel, tmstr Grainger Bros, li 

Pleasant av 

Dwau Patrick, lab, h n s St Clair av 
Dwnu Thomas, mkt gdnr n s St Clair av 
Edwards Charles H. lumber, h w s Avenue 

re no. 
English Albert, blksmith A H Gilmore, h 

Pleasant av 

Fnlvey John, tmstr, 1 P Falvey 
Fulvey Miehitel. steam ftr, 1 P Falvey 
Falvey Patrick J. mkt gdnr n s St Clair nv 
Falvey Patrick W. gdnr, h n s St Clair av 
Farewell Launcelot. furs, h w s Marlbor 

oi'gh ere? 

Firslbrook Wm A. box nifr. h Moore Park 
FU-ming Miss Kate, elk. 1 J Long 
Fockner Anna (wid Alfred J). h e s Yonge 
Fockner Frederick, I Mrs A Fockner 
Fothcrgill Miss Maud, nurse Dr Meyer's 


Fn. ncis Joseph, h s s St Clair av 
frost George J, janitor Tipper Can College. 

h n s Clinton av 

Gay Alfred, vinegar mkr, h e s Yonge 
Gay Frederick, elk D C Murray, I Alfred 


Ribbons Wm, gro, h. s s Olive av 
Gibson Robert J, barr, h e s Yonge 
Giln.ore Albert H, waggonmkr e s Yonge, 

res Toronto 

Goebel George, trav, h s s St Clair av 
Gnu!dtng Charles, dairy w s Forest Hill rd 
<iUM\<.i:lt IIROS (Oliver ii iid Ell. 

win). Florists, Seeds, Plants and Bulbs, 

w s Yonge. cor Olive av (See card classi 
fied Florists) 
Grairger Edwin (Grainger Bros), h w ? 

Grainger John, elk, 1 O Grainger 

Grrlnger Oliver (Grainger Bros), h w B 

Grant" Wm L, tchr Upper Can College, res 

Gray Miss Gladys, bead' nurse Dr Meyers 

Griffin James, caretkr Dr Meyer's Hospital, 

b n s Hcato. 
Guscott Frederick, asst gdnr Upper Can 

College, res same 
Hands Wm J, eug Upper Can College, h 

Mfrlborough av 

Harrison Mrs Aunle L, gro n s Clinton av 
Harrison Benjamin, messr, h n s Clinton 
Ha-'tings Arthur, bicycle mkr, 1 Mrs G 

Hastings Georgina (wid George), h w s 

Hayes Thomas, lab Mt Pleasant Cemetary, 

res North Toronto 
Henderson James B, com mer, h w s Ave- 

Hill Edwin, stained glass, h s s De Lisle 
Hohbs Maria (wid James), has Heath 
Hodgkin Rev Thomas I, phy n s Clinton av 
IIosKin Alfred, hnrr, h s s Heath 
Hoskin A Erskine, barr, I A Hoskin 
Hutty Alfred, com agt, h Poplar Plains rd 
Hutty George, engraver, 1 A Hutty 
Jackes Edwin H, barr, h e s Yonge 
Jennings Archibald, florist H Jennings 
Jennings Henrv. florist, e s Yongc, h same 
Jennings Mrs Sarah, gro e s Yonge, I same 
Johi ston Henry, gdnr Reservoir Park, res 

Jol.r.ston John, brakeman GTR, h n = St 

Clair av 
Kay Rev John, pastor Deer Park Pres 

Church, h n s De Lisle 
Kc-nny John, b Deer Park Hotel 
Korr James H. barr. h Poplar Plains rd 
Lei'sk Alexander O, 1 E B Borron 
Lecsinjr Win, whol btchr Gormaly av 
Lew i< Mrs Ann E, h Olive av 
Lewis Frank T, enameller, 1 Sirs A B 

Lirdow Lottie (wid Charles J), cooK Dr 

Me> ers' Hospital 

Lindow MNi Nellie, wars Dr Meyers' Hos 

Little John, blksmith, h e s Yonge 
I.ivix-k John, mkt gdnr n s St Clair av 
Long John, h s s Olive av 
LuMombe George, lab, h s s St Clair av 
Lynn John, gdnr Mt Pleasant Cemetery, 

res North Toronto 

Mr-Bride Wm, gdnr Reservoir Park, res To 
re n to 

McCabe Henry. lab St Basil's Novitiate 
Mcc'aim Francis, lab, h s s St. Clair av 
McCann Francis J, 1 F McCann 
McCroa Frederick, dairy w s Yonge 
McCrea Wm, foreman Mt Pleasant Ceme- 

u-ry. h w s Yonge 
McCualg Edith M (wid Harold C), h e 9 

Avenue rd 

McCully Mrs Helen. I James McLaren 
MeElroy John A, shirts, h Moore Park 
McGee Daniel J, tlr, 1 E McGee 
McGee Edward, moto Met Ry. h n s Clar 
ence av 

McGee Edward J. elect. I E McGee 
McGee Miss Mary A, drsmkr, 1 E McGee 
McGhee Patrick, coachman E Rogers, h 

Clarence av 

McKay Thomas, mkt gdnr s s St Clair av 
McKim Thomas, florist Grainger Bros, res 


McLaren James, h w s Yonge 
McMichael Miss Mary, 1 James McLaren 
Mackenzie George A. barr. h s s Glen av 
Mackenzie John. elk. 1 W C Mackenzie 
Mackenzie Wm, pres Tor Ry Co, h w s 

Avenue rd 

Mackenzie Wm A, elk, 1 W C Mackenzie 
Mackenzie Wm C, trav, h n s Clarence av 
Manly Arthur M. stenog, I Rev J G Manly 
Manly Charles M. artist, I Rev J G Manly 
Mai ly Rev John G, h w s Lawton n.v 
Mr.rks A H Selwyn, ins agt, 1 Mrs S A 

Marks Edwin W, elk, 1 Mrs E P Marks 
Marks Ernily P (wid George), h n s Clin 
ton av 

Marsh Henry, btklyr, 1 I Marsh 
Marsh Isaac, brklyr, h n s Rose Hill av 
Martin George, mkt gdnr, n s St Claii av 
Metropolitan Railway, J W Moyes ningr, 
office w s Yonge 

Union Assurance Society 

Toronto Office, 15-17 Leader Lane. 



Tel's: Office, 2288. Residence, 3516* 

Head Office, 

King; St. E. 


•••••••••••••••••••••••••• Limited. 


Securities for Money Collected. 


East Toronto. 



for Nervous Diseases, D Campbell Mey 
ers, 11D. Proprietor and Medical Supt. 
Phone 3862, "Heathcote," Heath st, Deer 
Mejers D Campbell, prop Dr Meyers' Prl- 

v. tc Hospital, h n s Heath 
Michell Allen C. dentist, 1 C V Michell 
Mieliell Charles V, health insp, h n s Plea 
sant av 

Michell Win C, tehr, 1 C V Michell 
Middlebrook Joseph H, elect Met Ry, res 

North Toronto 

Mills Charles, tchr Upper Can College 
Milson Henry, btchr H W Milson. 1 same 
Milson Henry W, whol btchr n s Gormaly 

av, h same 

Mil-on Win. btchr H W Milson, I same 
Mitchener John G. h n s Rose Hill av 
Moore Anne (wid Robert), h n s De Lisle 
Moore Frank A, elk, 1 Mrs A Moore 
Moore Herbert M, civil eng. 1 Mrs A Moore 
Mocre John T. mining, h Moore Park 
Moore J Carlyie, studt, I J T Moore 
MOKPHY AH.VOL1J. Bnrsnr I pper 
Canada College, Deer Park, h 503 Jarvis, 

Mount Pleasant Cemetery, Henry Thomp 
son supt, e s Yonge 

Mow at Isabella (wid Robert D), h n s Clin 
ton av 
Mow at Miss Isabella, sew maeh opr, 1 Mrs 

I Mowat 

M»v. .it Robert D. lab, 1 Mrs I Mowat 
Mo>es John W. mngr Met Ry, h n s Glen av 
Mulbolland Thomas D, elk, h n s Clinton av 
Mundell Win, marble ctr National Granite 

Co, res Toronto 

Mi:rray A Erskine. tikbndr. 1 W E Murray 
Murray Duncan C, gro and btchr e s Yonge 
Murray George, mkt gdnr, e s Lawton av 
Murray John McE, elk, 1 W E Murray 
Murray Wm E. h e s Oriole rd 
National Granite Co, A W Anderson mngr, 

e s Yonge 

O'Brien Alexander, elk, h s s Heath 
O'Brien Edward, lab. h w s Spadina rd 
O'Halloran Miss Bridget, hsekpr Deer Park 


O'Halloran Frank, bnrtndr Deer Park Hotel 
O'Halloran James, prop Deer Park Hotel, 

w s Yonge 

O'l.t-ary Patrick, lab. h s s St Clalr av 
Ogden Jacob, carp, h e s Yonge 
Pfiitin George R. MA, prln Upper Canada 

College, res same 
Pntcrson Rev Thomas W. rector Christ 

Church, h n s Heath 

Peacock Edward R, tchr Upper Can Col 
lege, res same 

Phillips Wm, foreman, h Poplar Plains rd 
Prilobard George F, carp Met Ry, res North 

Reeve Alfred, gdnr Reservoir Park, 1 G 


Reeve Arthur E. maeh, 1 G Reeve 
Reere George, supt Reservoir Park 
Reeve Robert studt. 1 G Reeve 
Reservoir Park, George Reeve simt, end of 

Rose Hill av 
Reynolds Mi«s Addle, nurse Dr. Meyers' 


Reynolds Stanley, trav, h s s St Clair av 
Rlodes Edward, gdnr Upper Can College, 

h Clinton av 

Rhcdes Joseph, stone ctr, li St Clair av 
Rhodes Robert, lab, i J Rhodes 
Robertson Alexander, granite ctr, h s s St 

Clalr av 

Robertson Douglas, gdnr Reservoir Park 
Rogers Ellas, co-al, u e s Yonge 
St Basil's Novitiate. Rev R J O'Neill su 
perior, n s St Clatr av, e of Bathurst 
St Basil's Scholastleate. Rev K J O'Neill 

superior, n s St Clair av, e of Bathurst 
St Michael's Cemetery, P Crean caretkr. w 

s Yonee 

St Michael's (RC) School, w s Yonge 
Snrgnnt Thomas, regalia, h n s Henth 
S:iunders Albert, lab Mt Pleasant Ceme 
tery, h n s Pleasant av 

Saunders Dyoe W. harr. h s s Balmoral av 
Severs Arthur, elk, 1 J W Severs 
Severs James E. bailiff, h e s Yonge 
Severs James W. dep sheriff, h e s Yonge 
Shepard Miles W. prtr. h n s Rose- Hill av 
Sheppard Charles E. maeh. h n s Pleasant 


Sberpard Walter, maeh. 1 C E Sheppnrd 
Shields John, porter Deer Park flotel 

Simmons George, asst janitor Upper Can, 

College, res same 
Sinclair Benjamin, 1 8 Sinclair jr 
Sinclair Benjamin jr, h e s Yonge 
Skerrett Thomas, gdnr J W Moyes, res 

North Toronto 

Smith James, polisher, h. s s St Clair av 
Smith James R, carp, h n s Baker av 
Sr-ider Fletcher C, barr. h n s De Lisle 
Son.erville James L, tchr Upper Can Col 

li-ge. res same 

Southgate Wm E. dry goods, h Moore Park 
Spears Miss A Robina, elk PO, 1 J V Spears 
Spears Miss Harriet, elk PO, 1 J V Spears 
SPEARS JAMES V. Po«tmn«ter and 
Bookkeeper Mount Pleasant Cemetery, h 
s s St Clalr av 
Spiuk Mrs Ida B, h n s Heath 
Spink Wilfrid H. elk. 1 Wm H Spink 
Spink Wm B, elk, 1 Wm H Spink 
Spink Wm H, h w s Lawton av 
Srigley Jesse E, eng. h s s St Clalr av 
Stephens Walter P. stonecutter, h w s 

Avenue rd 

Stibhard Arthur, pntr Met Ry, h w s Yonge 
Sweet Thomas, shipper, h s s St Clalr av 
Tail John. bkpr. 1 Joseph Tait 
Tail Joseph, reg Surrogate Court, h w s 

Lawton av 

Thsyer Frederick, trav. b n s Glen av 
Thayer Frederick H, trav, 1 F Thayer 
Tlompson Henry, supt Mount Pleasant 

Cemetery, h e s Yonge 
Thoirson Wm J. prin Deer Park Pub Sch. 

h s s St Clair av 

Thc/rnbury Henry, lab Mt Pleasant Ceme 
tery, res North Toronto 
Todd S James, trav, -h n s Rose Hill av 
Tomalin Joseph, h e s Yonge 
Torralln Robert, 1 J Tomalin 
Tcximbs Mary (wid Samuel), h n s Clinton 


Tn-dgett Charles, carp Mt Pleasant Ceme 
tery, h s s Gormaly av 

Turner Christopher, plshr National Gran 
ite Co, res Toronto 

kin, MA. Principal, head of Avenue rd 
Vincent Henry F. 1 J T Vincent 
Vincent James T, ins agt, h s s Clarence 

Walker Francis C. rrhr Upper Canada Col 

lege, res same 

Walmsley Thomas. Ins, h w s Lawton av 
Walton James, dairy s s St Clnlr av 
Watt George S. elk, h n s Clarence av 
Webb T Frederick, elk, h n s Balmoral av 
Welsh Ruth (wid Edward), h e s Lawton 


West Edward, florist Grainger Bros, 1 Ed 
win Grainger 

White Mrs Annie, matron Upper Can Col 
Whyte Alexander, coachman, h n s St Clair 


Wlahtmnn John, h n s St Clair av 
Wightman Robert, 1 J Wightman 
Williamson Isabella (wid Wm), 1 A Hoskin 
Willmott Mancel, architect, bus Heath 
A\ Upon Miss Margaret, nurse Dr Meyers' 


Woods James, lab, h n s Brant av 
Wright Win, carp, h s s St Clair av 


See Chester 


(Five miles east of P O) 

Acres Miss Florence. 1 B Field 
Allan Lilburn. elk, 1 Mrs M Allan 
Allan Margaret (wid Wm), h Charles 
Allan Miss Margaret J. nurse Charles 
Allan R George, coppersmith. 1 Mrs L 


Allnn Walter, coppersmith. 1 Mrs M Allan 
Allbright Wm, carp GTR. h Bridge 
Allen Anthony P. h Lee av 
Allison Claude B, brkmn GTR, h Stephf- 

son av 

Allwr.rd Edwin, eng GTR. h Edward 
Ain! rose Lawrence, grate elnr GTR. res 

Norway, Ont 
Aney Charles, brkman GTR, res L:t*le 


Anderson Angus, trackman GTR. 1 Swin- 

wick av 

Anson John E, h Main 

Appleton Charles, sectionman GTR, h Main 
Archibald Alexander, mngr Wm Davies Co, 

h Gerrard 
Armstrong John G. brkmn GTR. res Little 

Arthur Stephen, spare cond GTR, 1 J 

Atkin Nathaniel, brkmn GTR. res Little 


Balrd Alexander, eng GTR, h ICnde/rby rd 
Baker Charles, bkr W H Snell, res Toronto 
Bartholomew Charles, h GerrnrJ 
P.ty View Hotel, John N Lambert prop, 

Dimforth av 

Beaty John W, banker, h Beech av 
Becket Miss Agnes, tchr East Toronto Pub 

Sch, res Toronto 

Bell Andrew, oiler GTR, res Little York 
Bell David, eng GTR, h Norwood rd 
Bell Oliver, hardware Main, h same 
Bernhardt James, fireman GTR, res Little 


Kei iv John, blrmkr GTR, h Mary 
Bertram Robert, fireman GTR, b Mrs L 


Blnney David, baker W H Snell, res To 

Bird Smith, brkmn GTR, res Belleville 
Blr.ckstock Charles H, brkmn GTR, b D 

Blaylock Arthur, fireman CTR, h J C Blay- 


Blaylock Frank, roach, 1 J C Blaylock 
Blajlock John C, eng GTR, h Danforth av 
Bolton Henry, pumpman GTR, h GTR 


Booth Alfred J, pntr Gerrard, h same 
Booth Alfred J jr, driver, h Kingston rd 
Booth Charles, lab, 1 A J Booth 
Booth James, lather A J Booth 
Booth Robert, lab, I A J Both 
Booth Wallace, lather, 1 A J Booth 
Bovett Harry, baker, b Mrs Amelia English 
Bowler George, brkmn GTR, res Little 


Bojes Wm, fireman GTR, b Mrs I West- 

Bray James, phy Beech av. h same 
Bray Wm A, caretkr YMCA. h same 
Britton Carson H, phy Danfoth av 
Brock Wm, clnr GTR, b Wm nrother<i»n 
Brcderick Nicholas, brkmn GTR, res Little 


Broi.sdon Joseph H, elk, h Edward 
Brousrliton Frederick, ftr GTR, n Coxwell 


Brown Arthur, btchr J Brown, 1 same 
Brown Fred C, gro Main, h Gerrard ' 
Rro\vn John, brkmn GTR. 1 J Bro'vn 
Brown John, btchr Oerrard, h same 
Rrown Robert, h Benlamond av 
Brown Stephen K, mngr F C Brown, li 


Brcwn Wm driver J Brown, h Gerrnnl 
Brown Wm, eng GTR, h Majy 
Brcwn Wm W, brkmn GTR, res Little 


Bn ce Charles, yard foreman GTR. h Mary 
Brrce Wellington, yard foreman GTR. res 


Bryan James, brkmn GTR, res Little York 
Buett Mrs Alice, tlrs. 1 A E Seaton 
Burd Wm, brkmn GTR, h Gerrard 
Rutlc-rick Samuel, lab GTR, res Little York 

CREELMAN BROS. TYPEWRITER CO., 15 Adelaide E. 'Phone 2251 


Sole Dealers in "Underwood " Typewriters. 

SEITZ, Manager. 

Headquarters for Supplies. Tune writers Rented. 

Can <ron Benjamin, brkmn GTH, res Little 

Cameron Maggie (wid James), h Swanwiek 


Cnmpbell D, fireman GTR, b S Harris 
Campbell John A, brkmn GTE, res Little 

Cniiiiing Harry, brkmn GTR, res Little 


Cormtcbael Wm, lab. 1 J Woolley 
Carnohan Bros (Wm J A and Harold), drug 
gists Main, cor Kingston rd 
Cnri.nlian Harold (Carnahan Bros), h Main 
Corimbiin TVui J A (Carnahan Bros), res 


Canoll James, eng GTH, h Main 
Cm roll John, app GTK, 1 James Carroll 
Carroll Thomas, fireman GTK, 1 James Car 

Carrutliers James, brkmn GTR, 1 T Curtis 
Carruthcrs Walter S, eng GTH, h Gerrard 
Cas^els Hamilton, barr, h Benlamond av 
Cncpldy Win E, elk, h Beech av 
Cliidlcy Alfred, driver Wm Davies Co res 


Christie James, motorman, h Kingston rd 
Church of Christ (Disciples), Main, cor 

Swanwiek av 

ClMTchlll \Vm D, clnr GTR, h Main 
Clark Joseph, yardman GTR, h Main 
Clarke Albert, brkmn GTR, h Kingston rd 
Clarke Archibald, brkmn GTR, h Kingston 


Claikc Jonah, brkmn GTR, h Main 
Clay AVm II, turner GTR, h Lvall av 
Cleverdnn Ilobert G, brkmn GTR, h Swan- 

w'ck av 

Col.en J:ieob S. mnfg optician, h Tieech av 
Golden Miss Annie, tlrs. 1 W Bifd 
CoU'.cn Tliomas, fireman GTR, I VV Burd 
Col. ings Thomas, grate clnr GTR, h 

forth av 

Collins Miss Bertha, trimmer. 1 J Collins 
Co ins John, boiler washer GTR, h John 
Collins Miss Lottie, cutter, 1 J Collins 
Cook Clifford, eond GTR, res Toronto 
Cook F.arl M. see YMOA. h Stephens,, n av 
Cook Robert, fireman GTR. h J E Anson 
Coomb Francis, brkman QTR, h Edward 
Coomb Fred J. b-kmn GTR. h Gerrard 
Coomb George, fireman GTR. b D Gray 
Ccoper John, eng GTR. b Gerrard 
Cope John, coal man GTR. h Mary 
Corcoran Joseph, hvkrmi GTR, res Toronto 
Corcoran Michael, eond GTR. res Toronto 
Cornell Frederick, carp McMIIlIn & Costain 

res Norway 

Coreer James, lab, 1 3 Laylnnd 
Costain Wm (McMlllln & Cost; 

ftood rd 
Coiinlhnm Isaac, brkmn GTR, res Little 

C J*crl" S W '"' SP!>re Pnnd GTR ' reS Llttle 
Craw-ford Andrew, boiler washer GTR h 


Crew Mrs Margaret, h Kingston rd 
Crew Richard H. hrkmn GTR. h John 
Cum Lee. Indry, Main, h same 
CM mh Thomas, call boy GTR, res Little 


Cumin John J, eng GTR, res Toronto 
Curtis Arthur, 1 T Curtis 
Curtis r.ilernan, firoman GTR. h John 
Cnrfis Thomas, examiner GTR. h Mary 
Cr.rtis Win L, spare eond GTR, h Main 
DErnhoroush Chester, grate clnr GTR res 

LIUle York 

Davidson George A, trav. 1 G L Davidson 
Davidson George L, eng GTR. h Gerrard 
navies Wm Co. Ltd. The. htehrs, Alexan 
der Archibald mngr, cor Main and Ger- 
ra rd 
Dr.vls Charles H, brkmn GTR. res Little 


Davis George IT. ftr GTR, res Little York 
Dfavitt John, eond GTR, res Toronto 

Co)' n h''M-'r I ' C " A (L A De Laplante & 
DE I, M'lA\TK I, A ,fc CO (TL A lie l,n- 
plante). Lumber. Lath. Shingles and Cedar 
Posts, cor nanforth av and Main iSee 
card classified Lumber) 
Der-ne Fred, eng GTR. h Enderby rd 
Dewberry Thomas .trackman GTR, h Ger 
Dir,i<-nt Henry, fireman GTR res Little 


Dlson Wm, fireman GTR, b R Ralph 
Dohson Alice (wld John), li Gerrard 

tain), h Nor- 

Donobue- John, eng GTR. h Main 
Donohue Joseph, brkman GTR, res Little 


Down John, plmbr Kingston rd. h same 
Downes Fred J, fireman GTR, b J E Anson 
Doyle Harry, coud GTU, res Little York 
Dudley Miss Harriet, inns tchr Main 
Dmliev Thomas, shemki- Main, I 1 , same 
Dnkc Robert, eng GTR, h Gerrard 
Dunk Elizabeth (wid Samuel), h Mary 
Dunk Frederick, elk, 1 Mrs E Dunk 
Dunn Abraham, grate clnr GTR, res York 


Dunn Alfred, brkmn GTR res Little York 
Diinu Alfred, call boy GTR, 1 A Dunu 
Uiinu Wm, clnr GTR, res York tp 
Ur.rhiim Robert W. express. Gerrard 
East Toronto Fire Hall. Main 
Kast Toronto Gospel Hall, Swanwlck ay 

Mary E Treneh Postmistress, Gerhard 
East Toronto Public School, J W John 
ston prin, Mary 
EastofI Ernest E, tuck pointer, h Swan- 

v.'ick av 

Egan James, ei» repr GTR, res Toronto 
Eldridge Herbert, c)k Ciijjinhnn Bros 
KlUnor .Tohu. spare eond GTU. h Mary 
Elliott George, coal man GTR, h Hanna- 

ford av 
Elliott Solomon, yardman GTR, res Little 

Ellis George, night yard master GTR, h 

Swanwlck av 

Emerton Eliza (wid James). 1 J Emerton 
Emerton John, brknian GTR. h Gerrard 
Emmanuel Presbyterian Church, Swanwlck 


English Mrs Amelia, gro Kingston rd ' 
English George, boiler washer GTR, h Wal 

English Miss Minnie, drsmkr Kingston rd 
English Wm, orler GTR, b Kingston rd 
Ever.den Albert J, baker W H Snell, 1 Mrs 

L Stephenson 

Faircloth John M, pntr. h Kingston rd 
Fahcloth Richard T, elk. I J M Faircloth 
Farrell Thomas, brkmn GTR. h Mary 
Ferguson Andrew, fireman GTR, h Kings 
ton rd 

Field Benjamin, h Main 
Field Mrs Susanna, dry goods Main 
Finlayson Charles J, elk. 1 R W Durham 
Fitzgerald Wm J, eond GTR. b Main 
Flr.nnlgan Daniel, brkmii GTR, res Little 


Fllgg Martin, eond GTR, res Toronto 
Flood Martin, eond GTR. h Gerrard 
Flynn John, foreman GTR, h Mary 
Fohy Martin, brkmn GTR, res Toronto 
Fssey Joseph, motorman, h Walter 
Foster Robert, eng GTR, h Swanwlek *v 
Frewlng Henry C, plstr, h Lee av 
Fuller Miss Caroline, hsekpr A P Allen 
Gallagher Mrs Mary, mantle mkr, 1 K Shea 
Galloway Robert T, baker, h Edward 
Garhutt Ernest J, lab, h Edward 
Garbutt James, clnr GTR, res York tp 
Gardiner Walter, fireman GTR. b D Gray 
Gardiner Wm. switchman GTR, b D Gray 
Garland John, cik R Garland, 1 same 
Garland Richard, gro Kingston rd, h same 
Garry Murt, eond GTR, h Enderby rd 
Garry Patrick, eond GTR. res Little York 
George Edward, brkmn GTR, res Toronto 
George Riehard, mach hd McMillln & Cos- 

tr. in, h Gerrard 

Goi gh Joseph, clnr GTR, h Edward 
Gough Walter, ctnr GTR. 1 J Gough 
Graham Rev John W (Methodist), h Dan- 
fort h -TV 
GTR BoarJing House, Wm Smltb caretkr. 


Grant Wm H, barr, h Norwood rd 
Gravllle George, fireman GTR, h Charles 
Gray David, coachman, h Edward 
Griffin Stephen, hrkmn GTR, 1 T Nash 
Groff Wm H, brkmn GTR, h Edward 
G'-es* Thomas, brake insp GTR, h Dan- 

forth nv 

Hadley Charles, tmstr, 1 R S Tqmlinson 
Hadley Wm, tmstr, IRS Tomlinson 
Haines Wm. brokmn GTR, h Swauwick nv 
Ham Wm, lab, h John 
Hnre Henry J, ear repr GTR. res Little 

Harmer Miss Bertha, cashier Wm Davies 

Co, res Toronto 

Harris Alfred J, brkmn GTR, res Little 


Hanis Samuel, botel Kingston rd, cor Main 
Hisrrod George, boilerinkr GTH, h cor Main 

and Bridge 

Harvey Frank M, livery Main, h same 
Harvey James, driver, 1 F M Harvey 
Hash-It Jessie T (wid John) h Lee av 
Hastings Win E, fireman GTK. b Edward 
Hawthorn Adam H, eond GTR. h Gerrard 
Hay Joseph, eng GTR, res Little York 
Henry Peter, eng GTR, res Toronto 
Heidman Frederick A, watch insp GTK, 

res Toronto 
Hewitt James A, yard foreman GTR, 1 Mrs 

S Hewitt 

Hewitt Joseph, porter J N Lambert, 1 Mrs 

S Hewitt 

Hewitt Sarah (wld James), h Kingston rd 
Hewitt Wui, carp McMillln & Costin, h 

Swanwick nv 

Hicks John, plstr. 1 G White 
Hill Richard, boliermkr GTR. h Catherine 
Hilts Alexander, car repr GTR, res Little 

Hind Edmund, bkpr L A Dtv Laplaate & 

Co. res Little York 
Hinds Win, eng GTR, h Gerrard 
Hitch Wm btchr Main, h same 
HIteshue Wm O, carp McMlllln & Costaln, 

res Norway 

Hodgson, brkmn GTR. 1 W Hodgson 
Hodgson Wm, eond GTR, h Gerrard 
Hogan John, brkman GTR, res Little York 
Hogan Timothy P, brkmn GTR. res Little 

Hope Methodist Church, cor Danforth ay 

and Main 

Hopkins Wm, brkmn GTR. 1 D Gray 
Horgan Dennis, brkmu GTR, res Little 


Howard Walter H, lab, h Main 
Howarth Forbes, trav, h Edward 
Howell Frank, bkpr, b J E Anson 
Howell George, driver Wm Hitch, h Kings 
ton rd 

Howell Herbert W, prtr, h Main 
Howell Robert B, prtr, h Swanwlck av 
Hozaok John, eond GTR. h Swpnwlcl' av 
Hueston Thomas, eng GTR, h Main 
Humphrey Thomas G, eng GTR, h Swan- 
wick ay 

Hr.ngerford Miss: Mary, h Beech av 
Hunter Archibald, undertkr Danforth av 
Hr.tohinson Wm, eond GTR. res Little 


Hutton Annie (wid Wm D). h Danforth av 
Hntton George L, eng GTR, b S Harris 
Hynds Wm, prtr. h Beecb av 
Hvue Wm J. brkmn GTR, h Swanwick av 
Ireland Edgar, 1 Edward Ireland 
Ireland Edward, eng GTR, h Swanwick av 
Ivens Thomas, eng GTR, res Toronto 
Jackson Wm, boiler washer GTR, h Dan 
forth av 

Jennings Charles B, fireman GTR, b Ed 
Jevell George H, brkmn GTR, n Swanw'ck 


Johns Miss Eva, elk. 1 H Johns 
Johns Harry, eond GTB, h Edward 
Johns Miss Ivy. steno^, 1 H Johns 
Johns Miss Minnie, bkpr, 1 H Johns 
Johnson Harold D, fireman GTR, res Lit 
tle York 

JoliLson John, eng GTR, res Little York 
Johnston John W, prln East Toronto Pub 

Sch, h Benlamond av 

Johnston Joseph, eond GTR, res Toronto 
Johnston Wm .7, eond GTR. h Lyall av Alfred M, prtr, 1 G G Jones 
Jones Ernest, tinsmith 3 Jones, 1 same 
Jones George, tinsmith J Jones, I same 
Jones George G, Insp, h Beech av 
Jores James, tinsmith Kingston rd 
Jordan John C, bldr Lee av, h same 
Jr.dd Frank, lab, h John 
Jrald Wai, driver W H Snell, 1 P Judd 
Judge Joseph, brkmr. GTH, b D Gray 
Kane Francis, brkmn GTR, h Main 
Kane Hannah (wld Wm). 1 F Kane 
Kei nedy Alexander, elk, 1 S Kennedy 
Kernedy Fred C, cik, b Lee nv 
Kernfdy Simon, co constable, h Main 
Kerr Daniel J, eng GTR, h Gerrard 
Kerr Robert P, ftr GTR,. b Gerrard 
Kerr Wm K, eng GTR, h Swanwlck nv 
Kilgannon James, eond GTR, h Swanwick 


King Albert, cook, h Kingston rd 
Kir.gsmiU Frederick, mkt gdnr Kingston rd 



Brass Railings, Sheet Metal Goods. 


79 Adelaide St. E. (Cor. Church St.), TORONTO. 

Skilled Stenographers and Rapid Typewriters on 
Call at any hour. All kinds of Verbatim Report, 
ing;. Copying; sent -for and delivered promptly. 

Tel. 1343. THOMAS BENGOUGH, C.S.R., Manager. 


EisC Toronto. 


Kirk Frederick A, fireman GTR, h Stephen- 
son av 

Knights Elgin, sectionman GTR, b T Dow- 

Knox Wm. cond GXP, res Little York 
If mbert John N, hotel, Danfortb av 
Law George D, c-ng GTU, b Gerrard 
Layland John, blksmlth. h Ed\var>l 
Leadlay Mary (wid Joljn). li Gerrard 
Lee James, oiler GTU. res Little York 
Lee John, eng GTU, h Charles 
Len^asm-ier Albert H, flreinan GTR, res 


Liddell David H, eng G'Ift, b. Gerrard 
Liddell Robert, eng GTR, res Toronto 
Liddell Uobert F, improver GTR, res Lit 
tle York 

Liddell W Frank, app GTR, 1 D H Liddell 
Lightfot Edward, caretkr East Toronto 

Pub Sch, b Kingston rd 
Llglitfoot Edward A, pumpman GTR, 1 A 


Little Jc;hn H, lirkmn GTR, res Littfe York 
Logan Frank, eng GTR. res Toronto 
Lcouey Frederick G, stndr. 1 T J Looner 
Looney Thomas J, eng GTR, h Swanwick 

Lcnzheed Miss Isabella, maeh opr, 1 G 


Luke Wm W. carp. 1 F Mothersill 
McArtlmr Archibald, cond GTR, h Stephen- 
son av 

McAteer John, fireman GTR, b W H How 

McCabe Thomas F. eng GTR, h Mary 
McCansIai'd Cemella. (wid John G), tehr 

Fi'St Toronto Tub Sch, b H Sohnefer 
McCluer Miss Christina, drsmkr, J McCluer 
McCluer Joseph, h Lyall av 
McClner Uobert H. lab. I J McChifr 
McCluer Miss Sarah, app. 1 J McCJuer | 

McCulloeh Jolm, lab, r Norwood av 
McCulloch Jolm L. treas East Toronto Vil 
lage, h Mary 
MeDermott Miss Alice M, elk, 1 S G Mc- 

Mc-rcrmott Miss Minnie J, elk, 1 S G Me 

MeDermott Samnel G. cond GTR. h diaries 
MeDermott Samnel G jr. 1 S G MeDermott , 
McElroy James, storernan GTR, h Ender- 

by rd 
McGnire John, boiler mkr GTR. h Swan- 

wk'k av 

McHattie George, eng GTR. h I.yall av 
Mclntyre Lachlan, eng GTR. li Mary 
McKay Wm J, lab GTR. h Main 
McKee Samuel, tel opr. 1 Mrs Reid 
McKenney Thomas, brkmn GTR, res Lit 

tie York 

McKenzie George, eng GTR. res Toronto 
McKibiiin David, eng GTR, h Gerrard 
McKlnnon Daniel, fireman GTR, b W B | 

Me ore 
McKnight James, baker W H Snell, res 


McLeod Alexander, carp Swanwick av 
Mfl.eoil Thomas, fireman GTU. b Mrs I 


McLuckle Peter, eng GTR. h Swanwiek av 
VcLnckle Peter )r, roach. 1 P McLuekie 
McMillin Andrew (McMillin & Costaiu). h 

McMillin & Costatn KAndrew McMillin, Wm 

Costain). planing mill, cor Main and 


MeNeely Andrew, cind GTR, res Toronto 
McKlsh' John, cond GTR, res Toronto 
Moc-key George, tel opr. 1 H Jons 
Mackie Susan (wid Alexander), h Gerrard 
Maglnn Charles W, tray, h Gerrard 
Marchem David, brkmn Q£B. res Little 


Marron Wm H, seedsman, h Beech av 
Marks Wm, eng GTR, ros Toronto 
Marler Rolvrt, trackman GTU. h Gerrard 
Marsh Edwin, brkmn GTR, h Donald 
Marshall David, call boy GTR, 1 G Mar 

Marshall Mrs Elizabeth. I G Marshall 
Marshall George, eng GTR, h Gerrard 
May Thomas, night storeman GTR. res 

Little York 
Meizies Alexander, eng GTU. b Mrs S 

Merron Hugh, brkman GTR, res Little 

Millar Edmund R. eng GTR, h Benlnmond 

Miller Edward W, civ rer, h Beech av 

Milligan Miss Grace, telir East Toronto Pub 

Sch, res Toronto 

Mitchell James, cond GTU, res Little York 
Mitchell John, fireman GTU, res Little 


Modeland Seward, eng GTU, h Chailes 
Modelaud Tliomas, eng GTU, h Edward 
Mcftatt Alexander, carp McMillin & Cos- 

t::in, res Little York 
Moffatt James, yardman L A DeLaplante 

& Co, res Little York 
Mron Charles, steam raiser GTR 
Moon Robert, trackman GTR, b T Dew 

Moore Edward, h Beech ay. 
Moore Harvey, h Gerrard 
Moore Wm, ins agt, h Lee av 
Moore Wm B, brkmn GTU, h Swanwiek av 
Morgan Arthur, eng GTR, h Enderby rd 
Mi.i; liner Elizabeth (wid John), li Swan- 
wick avenue 

Mortimer Maria (wid Henry), h Gerrard 
Morton Edward L, elk, h Norwood rd 
Morton Wm A, fireman GTU, h Swanwick 

&\ enue 

Moihcrsill Frederick, bldr Main, h same 
Mnirhead Wm D, eng GTR. h Kingston rd 
Miirch Frederick, en£ GTR, h Swanwick av 
Murch Frederick jr. elk. 1 Frederick Murcn 
Murray Frederick W, dentist Main, b Mrs 

I Westlake 

Murray Michael, cond OTR. res Little York 
Murray Patrick J, cond GTU, h Gerrard 
Murray Thomas, elk, 1 P J Murray 
Myles Miss Alice, mantle mkr, 1 Mrs S 

Myles James, mach hd McMillin & Costaln, 

1 Mrs S Myles 

Myles Seliua (wid James), h Bridg" 
Mv.«-s Wilfred, call boy GTR, 1 Mrs S 


Myles Wm, brkmn GTR, res Little York 
Neal Thomas H, trackman GTR, res Little 

Needham Richard, section foreman GTR, 

res Scarboro 

Neilson Alexander, yardman GTR, res Lit 
tle York 

Newland Samnel, eng GTR', res Little York 
Newman James, coud GTR, res Toronto 
Nicliolls Joseph, oiler GTR. res Little York 
Nicholson George, brfcmn GTU. h Mrs Gray 
Norris Wm. car repr GTR, h Main 
Northcott Clarence W, elk, 1 T H Northcott 
Ncrthcott John C, slsmn, 1 T H Northcott 
Northcott Thomas H, lab, h Walter 
Northcott W Bertram, tinsmith, 1 T H 


Norton Uanch. cond GTR, res Toronto 
Nottingham Fred, baker W H Snell, res 

Nottingham Richard, improver W H Snell, 

res Toronto 

O'Connor Mary (wid Patrick), h Bridge 
O'Connor Thomas, genl yardmaster GTR, 

res Toronto 
O'Dell Howard G, fireman GTR, res Little 

O'Meara Rev Thomas R (Anglican), h 

Beech av 
O'Neill Wm, switchman GTR, b Airs How- 

il IT] 

Oliphant Rolph E, driver, h Kingston rd 
Orinerod George W, assessor and tax coll, 

b Doni'd 
Ovens Wm J, eng GTR, b Mrs L Stephen 


P;ul;in«on Gecrze. road commr, h Main 
IV.nduson George C, elk, 1 G Parkinson 
P.iikinson Lafayette, fireman GTR, 1 G 


Parks John C, brkmu GTR. res Little York 
Passmore Edward, ftr GTR, res Little York 
1'rarce John, barber Main, h same 
Pen it Thomas E. fireman GTR, res Lit 
tle York 

1'cck George T. lab. h Mary 
Penny Win. hound kpr Hunt Club.h Charles 
I Vrriu Win. enir, h Mary 
Perry Wm H. fireman GTR. res Toronto 
I'l'.llpot Frederick V. mngr. h Beech av 
Philpot Frederick W F, elk, 1 F V Phiipot 
PIckard Christopher, h Mary 
PI; xton Fred, clnr GTR 
Plaxton John, blksmlth, h Kingston rd 
PoM ;1 ,-d Frederick W. brkmn GTR. res Lit 
tle York 

Prescott George A, brkmn GTR, h Ger 

r "tt Thomas, hrkmn GTR, res Little 

Prest Win, spare cond GTR, h Gerrard 
Purdy Win H, fireman GTR, h Maty 
Quiim Edward, switchman GTK, res Lit 
tle Yuri; 

Ralph Uobert L, fireman GTR. h Walter 
Raybonld Ernest, fireman GTR, b J E An- 


Reid Robert W, eng GTR, h Lyall av 
Keith John, fireman GTrt, b Mrs E Slemln 
Reynolds Olander, fireman GTR, b C Alli 

Richardson Frederick W, eng GTR, h Mary 
Richardson John J P, lildr Danforth av 
KlKl'y John, brkmn GTU, 1 Mrs S Mackie 
I£im> Frank, eng GTR, h Mary 
Uitchley Henry, fireman GTU, b Mrs S 


Uo:ich James, brkmn GTU, h Norwood rd 
Uoaeh Michael. 1 J Roach 
Robertson Lewis, fireman GTR, res Little 

Robinson Thomas H, .fireman GTR, b Mrs 

Robinson Wm T, car checker GTR, b T 

Rowers Ilev Thomas H (Presbyterian), b 

Mrs I Westiake 
Rogerson Albert E (R Rogerson & Son), 1 

It Rogerson 
Rogtrson Robert (R Rogerson & Son), h 

Btepbenson av 
Rogerson It & Son (Robert and Albert E), 

ccal and wood. Stephenson a~v 
Rogerson Thomas S. driver R Rogerson * 

Son, h Enderby rd 

Rolston Win. tel opr GTR. res Little York 
Ross John F. drugs, cor Queen and Beech 

av, res Toronto 

Roth George, brkmn GTR, 1 Mrs E Slemin 
licr.ran Matthew, cond GTR, res Little 


Russell Jolm W, brkman GTR, res Toronto 
Ryan Martha (wid Bernard), h Swanwick 


St John's (RC) Church. Kingston rd 
St Saviour's Church (Anglican), Swanwick 


Salisbury Wm, yard foreman GTR, h Ger 

Salmon Henry, car checker GTR, h Mam 
Sanderson Herbert J, fireman GTU, res To 

Sanderson Richard, 1 T Sanderson 
Sanderson Thomas, eng GTR. h Lyall av 
Sands James, eng GTR. h John 
Schaefer Harry, eng GTR, h Lyall av 
Schlenker Jacob, blksmith Danforth av, h 


Seal Elizabeth (wid James), h Kingston rd 
Seal George, lab, 1 Wm Seal 
Seal Wm. lab, h Kingston rd 
Seaton Albert E. brkmn GTR, h Gerrard 
Seaton Helen (wid Wm). I A E Seaton 
Seaton Miss Mary, drsmkr, 1 A E Seaton 
Sffiman Elizabeth (wid Thomas), 1 Mrs M B 


Sediran Miss Elizabeth A, asst postmis 
tress, 1 Mrs M E Trench 
Sellers Edwin, cond GTR. res Toronto 
Sev ell Stephen, acct. h Kingston rd 
Shnnsrhnessy Lizzie (wid Michael), h Ger 

Shaw George, eng GTR. h Lyall av 
Shea Edward, brkmn GTR, h' Gerrard 
Shrnrn James, brkmn GTR. res Little York 
Shenard Arthur, driver W H Snell, I B S 

Pheppard Byron S. h Kingston rd 
Srrpard Miss Laura A, decorator, 1 B S 


Shei ry Luke, brkmn GTR, b W H Howard 
Shields Wm, fireman GTR. b Main 
Shinick John H, hrkmn GTR, h Gerrard 
S'n mons David, cond GTR. h Gerrard 
Rirclair Archibald, encr GTR. h Edward 
Sir.e'alr Wm A. eng GTR. h Edward 
Ske.'cher John G. fireman GTR, h Swan 
wiek av 

Sh.rlo James, provision dlr. h Beech av 
Sk min Alexander, switchman GTR, h 


Slemin Joseph, hrkmn GTR. h Bridge 
SUrrin Wm. hrkmn GTR, h Enderby rd 
Smith Pavid. ftr GTR. h Edward 
Smith Wm. caretkr GTR Boarding House, 

h Gerrard 

Snell Arthur E. 1 W H Snell 
Snell Ernest G. driver W H Snell, 1 same 
Snell Wm H. baker Main, h same 
Snider Frederick, fireman GTR. res Little 

Iron Stable Fittings, 

Oat Cleaners. Feed Boxes. 

Tisdale Iron Stable Fittings Co., Limited, 

Office : 6 Adelaide St. E. 'Phones 6 & 104. 


Confederation Life 

East Toronto. 

issues a Policy which has NO 

CONDITIONS, and guarantees 


after two years. 


Sulder John E, mfrs' agt, h Beech av 
Snyder Win, brkmn GTR, res Little York 
Spafford Win W, fruit dlr, h Gerrard 
Spring George, stableman W H Snell, h 

Kingston rd 

Stennett Robert, turner GTR, res Toronto 
Stephenson Lucy (wld Donald G), h Ger- 


Stlbbard Howard, npp GTR. 1 T Stlbbard 
Stihrard Percy, call boy GTR, 1 T Stibbard 
SI.Wv.ivd Thomas, cond GTR, h Main 
Stcba Albert C, tlr Stephenson av, h same 
St( ba Fred J, fireman GTR, b Mrs L 

Stci er Richard, brkmn GTR, res Little 


Stotts Dewitt, 1 C Allison 
Sunzmerskill Thomas A, foreman GTR, h 

Norwood id 

Swan Frederick A. fireman GTR, h Bridge 
Sweet Harry L, eng GTR, h Main 
Sznmmer John, eng GTR, res Little York 
Tamblyn Gordon, elk J F Ross, I same 
Ti lirer Charles, ar repr GTR, res Little 

Tanner John, examiner GTR, res Little 


Taylor Albert, brkmn GTR, res Little York 
Taylor Alfred, tlr J E Ziemanu, b same 
Taylor Allan, hrkmn GTR, h Norwood rd 
Tcylor Andrew, brieklyr, h Stephenson av 
Tuylor B Lankln, 1 A Taylor 
Tnylor Miss Flossie, tlrs J E Zlemann, 1 P 


Taylor Joseph, examiner GTR. h Gerrard 
Taylor Lorne W, elk R Garland, 1 P Taylor 
Tcylor Miss Mabel, mach opr, 1 P Taylor 
Taylor Peter, driver, h Edward 
Taylor Robert, steam raiser GTR, res Little 


Terry \Vm, cond GTR, h Danforth av 
Tf*key John, hrkmn GTR. 1 C B Allison 
Thompson Frederick, maltster, h Beech av 
Thompson James, clnr GTR, h Walter 
Thompson Matthew, helper W H Snell i J 

Tldsherry James L. co constable, h Steph- 

e^son av 
Tiffin Arthur, h Swanwick av 

Iffln Frederick, lirkmn GTR. 1 A Tiffin 
Plffln George W, brkmn GTR. 1 A Tiffin 
'illey Sarah A (wld Henry), h Kingston rd 
Tlllev \Vm H. eng GTR, h Kingston rd 
Tomllnson Robert S, nntr. h Swanwick av 
Toms Charles. Inb. 1 Wm Toms 
Terns Edward, driver. 1 Wm Toms 
Toms John, brake insn GTR. 1 Wm Toms 
Toms Ramnel, lab, 1 Wm Toms 
Toms Stewart, driver. 1 Wm Toms 
Toms Wm, dairy Danforth av, h same 
Toms Wm jr. I Wra Toms 
Toyne Joseph, trackman GTR res Scarboro' 
Trehilcock Joseph, h Walter 
Tre.bUc.wk Miss Mary, tchr East Toronto 

Pub Snh, 1 J Treblleock 

THEJiCH MARV F, (wifl Geor B e>, Gro 
cer and Postmistress Gerrard. 1 same 
Tut.hy Charles A. slsrnn. h Beech av 
Tufty Thomas, entr GTR. res Toronto 
Vlpend Prank, editor, h Swanwiok av 
Wr.dlow Arthur, btchr. h Gerrard 
Wrgner David, spare cond GTR. res Little 


Walker James, wood wkr. h Edward 
Walker Jnne (wid John), I T F MeCabe 
Walker Miss Lillian, tlrs. 1 J Walker 
Walker Robert F, eond GTR. h Stephenson 


Wallls Wm, fireman GTR. h Marv 
Walls John, examiner GTR, h Enderby rd 
Walsh Patrick, bnzgagemn GTR. res 'To 

Wn'ters Win R. pby Danforth av. h same 
Wa!ton Marv (wid Guv). 1 Mrs E Dunk 
Ward Fred R. elk. h C.errard 
Warfe Jesse, l.ih. h Main 
Wnrfe John .T. fircinnn GTR. h Kingston rd 
Warfe Miss Mary. tlrs. 1 J Warfe 
Warren Fred, eiie GTR. res Toronto 
Warren Joseph, trackman GTR. res Little 


Watson Joseph, clnr GTR. b C Appleton'i Genree. station a<rt York Station. 

res Toronto 

Webster John D. phv Main, h same 
Weir Robert, ftr GTR. h Swanwick av 
Wc-'ch George, eng GTR. ll Swanwiek av 
Westlakc Alfred, improver GTR. 1 Mrs I 

Wrsllak" rubella (wid Richard), bdg hM 

I'.r derby rd 

Westlake Sarah {wid Thomas), h Donald 
Wesilakc Wm E. eug GTR, 1 Mrs I West- 

White Albert E, brl-um GTR, h Main 
White David, cond GTR, res Toronto 
White George, plstr Kingston rd, h same 
White John, court GTR, h Edward 
Widdlfield Miss Clara, drsmkr. 1 W Shields 
Wiibee Matthew, eng GTR, h Swanwick av 
\\ilkinson Henry T, blksmith GTR, h John. 
Williams T Burton, prtr, ll Beech av 
Williamson Thomas, brkmn. GTR, res Little 

Williamson Win, trackman GTR, res Little 

Wilson Charles, carp McMillin & Costain, 

res Little York 
Wilson George T, brkmn GTR, res Little 


Wilson Mary (wid Robert), 1 J D Webster 
Woodworth Richard, tlr A C Stoba, res Lit. 

tie York 

Woolley Joseph, lab GTR, h Gerrard 
Wright" W.m. eug GTR, h Swanwick ay 
Wunderlich Albfc, flute mkr, h Gerrard 
Yeo Miss Jennie, tchr East Toronto Pub 

Sch, b Mrs M Leadlay 
York Station, GTR, George Waugh Agt, 


Yo\ ng J.imes A, eng GTR, res Toronto 
Yci-.i.g Men's Christian Association (Rail 
way Department), Earl M Cook sec, Main 
Young Wm W, spare cond GTR. h Gerrard 
Zlemaun John, tlr J E Ziemann, 1 same 
Zieirann John E, tlr Main, h cor Mary and 
I.yall av 


See North Toronto 


(Four and a half miles w of P O) 

Allen Joseph W, rnkt gdnr, Burgess av 
Armstrong George, foreman John Maloney 

& Co, h Lake Shore rd 
Armstrong George J, brkmkr John Maloney 

& Co, 1 G Armstrong 
Armstrong Wm, porter C Nurse 
A;'n>er Charles, mkt gdnr Burgess av 
Baker Henry, mkt gdnr Davidson cres 
Pall Henry, motorman, h Lake Shore rd 
BeJ-dle Andrew, lab, h Queen 
Bcllemer Frederick, tmstr, h Macdonald av 
Blea Daniel, hotel Queen 
Bolr.nd Patrick, h Amelia 
BraHhwalte Wm, prin Humber Bay Pub 

Sch, res Toronto 

Broderiek Patrick, watchman GTR. h Salis 
bury av 
Brown Elizabeth (wid Charles E), mkt gdnr 

Salisbury av, h same 
Riown George S. studt. 1 Mrs E Brown 
Brown John, gdnr Mrs E Brown, h Salis 
bury av 

Ricwn John A. mkt gdnr. h Cockburn 
Brown Walter E, gdnr Mrs E Brown 
Burgess Caroline (wld Wm). h Burgess ar 
Burgess Wm. JP. mkt gdnr Queen 
Butwoll Mark, brkmkr. li Lake Shore rd 
Butwe.1! Richard, brkmkr, h Lake Snore rd 
Cnllaghan John, brkmkr John Maloney *• 

Co. b Lake Shore rd 
Obristle Miss Jennie, tchr Humber Bay Pub 

Sch. res Etobicoke tp 
Chr.rehward Robert, carp, h Frederica 
Churchward Robert jr. 1 R Churchward 
Clarke Henrietta (wid Henry), h Salisbury 


Clarke. Henry, lab. 1 Mrs H Clarke 
Cook George, lab, h Lake Snore rd 
Cook George, lab, h Lake Shore rd 
Corbett Robert, holtmkr, b Queen 
Cox Samnel. blksmith Queen, h Frederica 
Ci'mmings Wm. mkt gdnr Burgess av 
Cr.irier Patrick, brkmkr John Maloney & 

Co. h Lake Shore rd 
Cycle Inn, Albert Foster prop. Lake Slore 


Dardridiro James, mkt gdnr Qneen. h same 
Daniels Francis, mkt gdnr Queen. U sar..e 
Dir.n Simon, brkmkr John Maloney & Co, 

1 P Donovan 
Dohertv Patrick, lab John Maloney & Co. 

res New Toronto 

Donovan Patrick, watchman, h Queen Patrick J. tmstr. I P Donovan 

Drew Richard, lab, h Davidson 

Dutnall Robert, lab, li Lake Shore rd 

DutLall Walter, lab. li Lake Shore rd 

Fordyce John, lab, h Amelia 

Foster Albert, hotel Lake Shore rd 

Fuller James, mkt gdnr Salisbury av 

Giles Richard, lab, h Frederica 

Giles Wm, lab, h Frederica 

Gillman Wm, mkt gdnr Queen, h same 

Gin:. an George, lab, h Oliver 

Gips-on Mrs Martha, gro Lake Shore rd 

Gil son Reuben, pntr nnd co constable, u 

Lake Shore rd 

Gofidard David, mkt gdnr Burgess av 
Goyne John, mkt gdnr College, h same 
Gray George, farmer, h Salisbury av 
Greenfield Samuel, mkt gdnr Queen 
Greenfield Ihomas, lab John Maloney * 

Co. h Queen 

Hansford James, lab, h Salisbury av 
I'mrls Chniles. h Queen 
Harris Wm mkt gdnr College, h same 
EeDigate Michael, fisherman. 1 O L Hicks 
Hemlock John, lab. h College 
Herdman Joseph, watchman GTR. res To 

H>ks Frederick J. boatbldr. 1 O L Hicks 
Hicks George H. plmbr, 1 O L Hicks 
Hicks Octavius L, boatbldr Lake Shore rd 
Hicks Wm, boatbldr'Q L Hicks, 1 same 
Holllngshead Wm. bartndr Royal Oak Hotel 
Hcrwood Frank, b Queen 

ar.d General Store Queen, h same 

Hughes Postmaster, Queen 
Ilumber Bay Public School, Wm Bralth- 

waite prin, Coekburn 
Hvmber Supply Co, George Simpson rangr, 

coal and stone. Lake Shore rd. cor Queen 
Jacl:son Henry E, gdnr J Rush, h Burgess 

Johr.ston, Elizabeth, (wld Wm). mkt gdnr 

Queen, h same 

Johi ston. Robert, mkt gdnr Burgess av 
Kelly Thomas, porter C Nurse 
r.i elerc Mrs Mary, h Lake Shore rd 
Leigh James, tmstr. h Lake Shore rd 
Little Arthur C. mkt ednr Qneen, h same 
Lontcs Albert, h Cockburn 
McKonzie Samuel. lab. h Queen 
M&cpherson Alexander. lab. h Queen 
Maloney John & Co. brick mfrs. Lake 

Shore rd 
Maw Capt Robert, pleasure boats river 

bank, res Toronto 
May George, lab, b Cycle Inn 
Mi'ding Aaron, carp, h Salisbury av 
Nightingale Wm H. h Salisbury av 
North G'H>rge, gdnr. 1 AVm North 
North Harry, gdnr. 1 Wm North 
North Win. mkt gdnr Burgess av, h snme 
North Wm jr. mkt gdnr Burgess av 
M IISK CIIAHI,i:S. Proprietor 

Nurse's Hotel and Boat Builder, Lake 

Sl-ore rd 

N'-ise Charles ir. 1 C Nurse 
M USE'S HOTEI>. (Tini-les Nurse Pro 
prietor. Lake Shore rd 
O'Xeil John. lab. h Queen 
Orr Beniamin. boatbldr, h Queen 
Parker Arthur, mkt gdnr Queen, h same 
Parker Wm H. mkt gdnr Queen, b same 
Parmenter Philip, lab. IT Cockburn 
Presley Alfred, constable, h Oliver 
Prrsley Ernest, lab. 1 A Presley 
Prtsley Thonaas. lab, 1 A Presley 
Presley Wm, lab. 1 A Presley 
Redmond Wm, hostler Royal Oak Hotel 
Rfi-^es Frank, mkt ednr College, h same 
Reid Ann (wid Thomas), mkt gdnr Burgess 

av. h same 

Reid Ralph L. g'dnr Mrs A Reid. I same 
Rfilly Robert, mkt gdnr Burgess av 
Riches Jesse, carp, li Lake Shore rd 
Royal Oak Hotel. Daniel Bleft prop. Queen 
I'u^b .7i seph. mkt gdnr Burgess av. h same 
St James' lAnclican) Church. Frederica 
Scully Annie iwi,l Martin), h Godson rd 
Sampson C,<-oi';;'i\ stonedlr and mneT Hum- 

1 er Supply Co. h Lake Shore rd 
Smith Henry, mkt gdnr Burgess av 
Stell Arthur |i. elk. h Salisbury ar 
Stell George C. lumber. 1 G Gray 
SI evens John, mkt gdnr College, li same 
T::veni"r Edward, lab. h Frederiea 
T.T lor Kate (wid Georuei. 1 R Dutnall 
Thomas John. lab. 1 Mrs A Scully 
Thornton Francis, h Lake Shore rd 
Trdd James, mkt gdnr College, h same 
Warner Frink S, h Davidson cres 

Sherman E. Townsend, 

Public Aeeountant, Auditor and Assignee, 


Cable Address, 



Policies are indisputable after two years. 

and carry guaranteed Cash, Loan 

and Paid-up Values. 


Little York. 


Whelpdale George, mkt gdnr Church 
White John, mkt gdnr Burgess av. U same 
WLitehead James, lab. 1 Mrs S Whitehead 
Whitehead John, brkmkr John Maloney & 

Co, 1 Mrs S Whitehead 
Whitehead Sarah (wid Thomas), h Queen 
Whitworth George, mkt gdnr Burgess nv 
Wkkson Thomas, mkt gdnr Queen 


(Five miles east of P O, Postofflce name 

Ailken Nathaniel, brkman GTU. b White 


Amey Charlts, hrkmn GTR. h Whit': House 
Appleby Edward, hostler G Empringoam 
Aimstrong Albert, lab. h Lansdowne av 
Armstrong Joseph, driver D Drummond 
Armstrong Thomas, driver W E H Massey 
Austin Henry, app J W Brandon, b J Wil 
Bat gay Herbert, miller W N Morley, 1 R 

Bangay Robert, tmstr, h Dawes rd 
Barter Archibald, tmstr. n Midland 
Bell Andrew, oiler GTR, h Lansdowne av 
Bernhardt James, fireman GTR. h Midland 


Bessoy Wesley H, 'ns agt. h Dawes rd 
Blaylock Wm H, gro Danforth av, h same 
Bowler George, brkmn GTR, b Mrs S 

Brandon Arthur S. driver J W Brandon, b 

G Kmpringham 
Brandon John W, baker Danforth av, h G 


Brant Wm. coachman W K H Massey 
Broderick Nicholas, hrkmn GTR, 1 H J 


Brotherston Hall. Danforth av 
Brotherston Wm M. blksinith Danforth av 
Brown Montague, carp, h Midland :iv 
Brown Win W, brkmn GTR, h Luttrell av 
Brownlee Thomas, prin Little York Pub 

Sen, b Mrs S Hackett 
Brjan James, brkmn GTR. h Dawes rd 
Busby Ellen (wid John), h Lansdowne av 
Bviby Gera'.d, 1 Mrs E Busby 
Eutterick Samuel, lab GTR. li Isabella 
Con eron Benjamin, brkmn GTU b Isabella 
Cimpbell John, brkmn. b W Thomson 
Carbarn Joseph, tmstr W E H Massey, b 

W Newman 

Conning W Henry, brkmn GTR, h Dan- 
. forth av 

Nimmo Postmaster, Danforth av. Little 

Collaton John, cond GTR. h Main 
Collins Miss Nettn. slsldy J W Brandon, res 

E;'st Toronto 

Cook Alexander B, bartndr White House 
Corcoran Joseph, hrkmn GTR. b G Rra- 


CorEell Charlotte (wid James), h Main 
Con ell Waller G. carp, h Main 
Ccrnihan Michael, brkmn GTR, h Luttrell 


Cowling Wm E, brkmn GTR. b Isabella 
Ccy.worth James W. harnessmkr F Mc- 

Cieight, 1 same 

Cuirah Jane (wid Johnl. h Danforth av 
Cvrrah John, lab. I Mrs J Currah 
Curtis Ernest, switchman GTR. h Luttrell 


Curl is Miss Eva. bkpr, 1 T Preseott 
Darby Wm, lab, h Lansdowne av 
Davies George D. blksmith, h Luttre'.I av 
Davles Wm J, baggageman, h Main 
Davis G?oree H. ftr GTR. h Isabella 
Dertonia Park Farm and Trout Ponds, Wal 
ter E H Massey prop. Dawes rd 
Din ent Fred. 1 H Dhnont 
DIn-ent Henry, fireman GTR. h Florence av 
Donaldson Joseph, brkmn GTR. 1 J R Wil 

Dcnne'ly Henry, shoemkr Danforth av 
Donohne Joseph, hrkr, n GTR. b Mrs S 


Dciglas George, elk W H r.laylnc!;. I same 
Doyle Henry, cond GTR. h Lansdowne av 
Drummond David, con! nnd wood. Dan 
forth av. h Lansdowne av 
Drummond Noel, elk D Drummond, 1 same 
Dunn Alfred, brkmn GTR. h Luttrell av 
Dunn Alfred M. call boy GTR, 1 A Dunn 

I'ui.n John, driver Paterson Bros. I A Dunn 
Eastbourne House, Mrs S Hackett prop, 

Dnnfortli av 
Ei.iott Clarence, driver D Drummond. h 

Lansdowne av 

Empringham George, hotel Danforth av 
Empringham George F, elk G Empringham 
Empringham Win, 1 G Empringham 
Evans John, prop White House, Danforth 


Ferguson Ellen (wid Henry). 1 J Collatou 
Fh.ragan Daniel, brkmn GTR. li Mrs FJ 


Gallagher John, cond GTR, h Danforth av 
Garry Patrick J. cond GTR, h Main 
Gilding Frank, btehr, h Danforth av 
Givens Wm H, dry goods Danforth av 
Grant Alexander Y. mus tchr Danforth av, 

b G Empringham 

Gray Franklin, produce dlr, h Luttrell ar 
Grieve George W, brkmn GTR, b Main 
Gulliver Frank, gdur W F. H Massey, h 

Dentonia Park Farm 
Hsrkert Sarah (wid John), hotel, Danforth 


Hrnna Noble. 1 R Hanna 
Harna Richard, h Dawes rd 
Hare Henry J, ear repr GTR. h Dawes rd 
Har]' George, slsmn, b White House 
Harris Alfred J. brkmn GTR, h Luttrell av 
Harvey James, driver J W Brandon, res 

Kiist" Toronto 

Hay James, tmstr W E H Massey. 1 same 
Hay Joseph, eng GTR, h Lansdowne av 
Heiron David, brleklyr, h Elliott av 
Hilts Alexander, car "repr GTR, h Luttrell 


Hind Edmund, bkpr, I J Hind 
Hind Joseph, bldr, h Main 
Keeper Thomas, sec man GTR, h Lans- { 

(icwne av 

Hoigan DenU. brkmn GTR. h Mrs I A Weir 
Howard Wm H, brkmn GTR. h Luttrell av 
Hutchinson Wm H. cond GTR h Lans- 

di \vne av 

lonsnii Albert, barber, h Danforth av 
lonson Wm, h Danforth av 
Ives Wm H. tlr Danforth av, b G Empring 

Johnson Harold, fireman GTR, I J Johnson 
Jol'fson John, eng- GTR. h Dawes rd 
.Tohrston Arthur, shoes Danforth av 
Knight Charles, lab. h Main 
KuU'hts Wm R. bartndr Mrs S Hackett 
Knox George, cond GTR. h Luttrell av 
Lee James, oiler GTR. h Luttrell av 
Lir'dell Fred, ftr GTR. h L,insdowne av 
L!ddell John H. brkmn GTR. h Luttrell av 
Little York Public School, Thomas Brown- 
lee prin. Lansdowne av 
Lloyd Charles D, barber Danforth av 
Lucas MHs Elizabeth, tchr Little York Pub 

Seh, res Toronto 
I ncas Wm H. mngr. h Main 
McCreight Frank, harnessmkr Danforth av 

*i Isabella 
McKenney Thomas, brkmn GTR. h Dawes 


Maires Mary, wtrs Mrs S Hackett 
M:\rkle Alfred, gateman GTR, h Dawes rd 
Markle Annie (wid Hiram). 1 W W Brown 
Massey Chester D. 1 Dentonia Park Fa-m 
Ma .-soy Walter E H. prop Dentonia Park 

Farm, res Toronto 
May George, lab. h Danforth av 
May Thomas, lab GTR, h Isabella 
Merehen Charles, brkmn. 1 W Thomson 
Merron Hugh, brkmn GTR, b G Empring 

Mitchell James, cond GTR. b G Empring 

Mitchell John, fireman GTR. h Luttrell av 
Moffat James R, lumberman, h Dawes rd 
Moffatt Richard, mill hd. h Luttrell av 
Mt r!oy Walter, eng, h Dawes rd 
Morley Wm N. flour mill Dawes rd, h same 
Murray John J. bkr J W Brandon, res To 

Murray Michael F. cond GTR. h Luttrell av 
Myers Joseph, lab GTR. h Dawes rd 
NeiNon Alexander, yardman GTR. b White 


Ni -w land Samuel G. eng GTR. h Dawes rd 
Newman Ann (wid WmV I W Xewman 
Newman Wm. tmstr, h Midland av 
NUholls Joseph, oiler GTR. h Luttrell av 
Nimmo Miss Marion, elk R Nimmo 
M1IMO ROBERT. J P. Grocer and 

Postmaster. Danforth av. h same 
Nlir.rro Win. asst PM. 1 R Nimmo 

O'Dell Albert, yardman GTR, b Mrs I A 

O'Dell Howard, fireman GTR, b G Empring 

Osborne Rev Alfred, DD. rector St Sav 
iour's Church, East Toronto, b A Mark!* 
Oshorne Edmund, lab, h Midland av 
Pollard Frederick W, brkmn GTR. b G Em 

Parks Charles, brkmn GTR, b Mrs E Busby 
Passmore Edward, ftr GTR, b A Armstrong 
Paterson Bros (Robert and James), grot 

Eenforth av 

Paterson James (Paterson Bros), h Dan 
forth av 

Paterson John L, elk, 1 R Paterson 
Paterson Robert (Paterson Bros), h D»n- 

forth av 

Frterson Thomas, elk. 1 R Paterson 
Paterson Wm. 1 R Paterson 
Ptart Thomas, fireman GTR, b Mrs E Bus 

Perkins Cephas W, flour, h Danforth av 
Pollard Frederick, brkmn GTR. 1 H J Hare 
Porter W Robert, brkmn GTR. h Lnttrell 

a^ enue 
Prescott Thomas, brkman GTR. h Dawes 


Qu'nn Minnie, wtrs Mrs S Hackett 
Richardson James B, cond GTR. 1 J S Rich 

Richardson John S. btehr Danforth av 
Robison Wm, sec man GTR, b T Hooper 
Rc-'ston Wm. tel opr. b Mrs S Hackett 
Rossiter Albert, pressman. 1 J NichoIIs 
Rov.han Nathaniel J. cond GTR. b Main 
Saliron Henry W. ear checker GTR. h Main 
Shea John, brkmn GTR. b Mrs E Busby 
Sherron James, brkmn GTR, b Mrs 3 

Sisson Elizabeth (wid Thomas). 1 W J 


Sutler Wm. brkmn GTR. b Mrs E Busby 
Steen Edmund P.. elk. '. John Steen 
Steen John, fish snpt W E H Massey. 1-es 

Dentonia Park Farm 
Steen Robert, eng W E H Massey. h Den- 

tcnla Park Farm 

Stoner Richard, hrkmn GTR. h Dawes rd 
Sutherland Miss Margaret, tchr Little York 

Pub Seh, res Toronto 

Scammen John C. eng GTR. h Dawes rd 
Tai ner Cha'rles, car repr GTR. h Dawes rd 
Taylor Charles, pntr, h Dawes rd 
Trylor Henry, tmstr W E H Massey, h 

r.cntonia Park Farm 
Taylor James, tmstr W E H Massey, 1 R 


Taylor Robert, ftr GTR. h Lansdowne av 
Teskey James, hrkmn GTR, 1 W Thomson 
Thomson Wm. h Danforth av 
Tnrrance Dmcilla (wid John M>. h Isabella 
Vanderlip Walter, coachman C D Massey, 

li Midland av 

Wagner David, cond GTR, h Dawes rd 
Walker Samuel, dry goods Danforth av 
Walton Thomas, carp, h Danforth av 
Warfe Andrew, lab, h Danforth av 
Warren Joseph, sectlonman GTR, h Dawes 

Wcnymouth Fontonore, eng W N Morley, b 

G Empringham 
Weir Isabella A (wid James G). h Danforth 

White House. John Evans prop, Danforth 

ai enue 
WIelison Georce. tinsmith, h Danforth av 


LAKE SIMGOE ICE Exclusively 

Delivered to all parts of the City 

and Suburbs all year round. 




Office, 43 ESPLANADE ST. E. 
JAS. FAIRHEAD, - Manager. 


North British & Mercantile Insurance Go. 

GOOCH & EVANS, Resident Agents, 

26 Wellington St. East. 

Tel. No. 423. 


Little York. 


Wil'iamson Samuel R, inb, 1 W J William- 

Williamson Thomas J, brkmn GTR, 1 W J 


Willinmson Wm J, sec man GTR, h Mid- 
Inn d av 

Wiison Ann B (wid Hugh), h Dawes rd 
Wilson Charles, carp, h Isabella 
Wilson George, brkmn GTR, b Mrs S 


Wilson Joseph R, carp, h Lansdowne av 
Wood Henry E. bnker, h I.nttrell av 
Woodworth Richard, tlr, b T Hooper 


(Seven miles west of P O) 

Adams George, lab Ont Sewer Pipe Co, 1 

Georp' Greenwny 

Adamson Wm H, inspr, h Southampton 
Bailey Thomas, carp, h Homer nv 
Barlow Robert, lab Ont Sewer Pipe Co, h 

Mimieo av 
Barr nm Lorenzo D, eng Victoria Industrial 

Barrow Edward, tmstr Ont Sewer Pipe Co, 

1 J Barrow 

Behnn Julia (wid George), h Buckingham 
Behan Richard. 1 Mrs J Behan 
Blair Miss Kate, tchr Mimlco Pub Sch 1 E 

Bolter Thomas, foreman GTR, h Station 


Brown Hiram, h Melbourne 
Brown Phillip II, gro, flour and feed 

Church, h same 

Brydson John, tmstr, h Station rfl 
Br.cfrerfleld Miss Mary, stewardess Victoria 

Industrial School 

Burgess Charles H. elk. 1 W W Burgess 
Burgess Fred A. elk. 1 W W Burgess 
Burgess James W. elk. 1 W W Burgess 
Burgess Walter W, h Southampton 
Coldwell Rev John T. pastor Mimico Meth 

Ch. h Mimico av 
Cavnn Charles, farmer, h Queen 
Chr'st Church, Rev Canon Francis Tre- 

ir-.ayne, rector, Church 
Chinuse George, lab. h Rose av 
Chrnuse George J. lab, 1 G Chrouse 
Chrouse Peter, lab, 1 G Chrouse 
Chrouse Wm J. lab, 1 G Chronse 
Clark John, mkt gdnr Church, h same 
Coxhead Caesar, bldr Superior nv. cor Stan 
ley av, h same 

Davey James, mkt gdnr Main, h same 
Davidson Miss Janet, h Homer nv 
Dcar John H, !ab Ont Sewer Pipe Co h 


Don'ey Thomas, farmer, h Evans av 
Dor-nelly Ellen (wld Charles), h Main 
Douglas John, lab, h Homer av 
Douglas Thomas, dnver. 1 J Douglas 
Dcrglas Win. lab GTR, h Elizabeth 
Drummond Hester A (wid John W) h 


Dunn Jnmes. lab Ont Sewer Pipe Co. res 
. New Toronto 
Dulnall Robert, lab Ont Sewer Pipe Co. res 

number Bay 
English John W. prin Mimico Public School 

h Southampton 
Ferrier Chester, supt Victoria Industrial 

School, h Main 
Fetherstonhaugh Edward, elk, I *F B Feth- 

Fetherstouhangh Frederick B, pat barr, h I 

Lake Shore rd 
Finch Arthur, mldr Ont Sewer Pipe Co 1 

G Greenway 

Forbes John A R, hkpr, h Albert av 
Fcrd John. elk. h Elizabeth 
Garee M, wks Ont Sewer Pipe Co. h Chuch 
GM-.ld George R, cnrp Victoria Industrial 

School, h Rowland av 
Chyles Jacob, lab Ont Sewer Pipe Co, h 


Gibson Henry, farmer, h Queen 
Bibson Wm, mkt gdnr Queen, h same 
Giles Abraham, lab Ont Sewer Pipe Co 1 C 


Gedfrey Forbes E. phy Southampton 
Godson Miss Edith, laundry instructress 

Victoria Industrial School 
Goldthorpe Benjamin, mkt gdnr Evans av 
Ce'.dthorpe George M. mkt gdnr Evans av 
Gormaly George, studt. 1 E Stock 
Gormaly James A, broker, 1 E Stock 

Gormaly Katherine (wid Alexander) 1 B 


GNW Tel Co, R H Skelton agt, GTR sta 

Grten Henry, 1 G Greenway 
Gretntree Thomas, lab Ont Sewer Pipe Co, 

1 G Greenway 

Green way George, lab, h Manchester rd 
Gieenway Wm, sboemkr Victoria Industrial 


Griggs Ellen A (wid Peter V), h Southamp 
Grobba Carl (Grobba & Wandrev), h 

Orobba & Wandjcy (Carl Grobba, Ernest 

Wandrey). florists Church 
Hall Wm H, h Lake Shore rd 
Hamilton Henry C, studt, 1 Rev J Ham 
Hamilton Rev Joseph, pastor Mimic* Pres- 

hyterlan Church, h Mimico av 
Harris Andrew D. mngr Ont Sewer Pipe Co 

res Toronto 

Harris Daniel, mkt gdnr Queen, h same 
Harris George, maipn, h Queen, cor Church 
Harris John, mkt gdnr Queen, h same 
Harrison diaries, kiln burner Ont Sewer 

Pipe Co, 1 G Greenway 
Hoarwood Frank, lam Ont Sewer Pige Co 

Harrison Joseph, well digger, h Manchester 

aA enue 

Hawkrigg Michael, mason, h Oxford 
Heather Herbert, tinsmith Station rd 
Her.dry Donald, farmer, h Church 
Hendry Margaret A (wid James), h Mimico 


Hei dry Rbert, farmer, h Robert 
Henry Robert, lab. h Audley 
Herod Robert M. brklyr, h Queen 
Hoarwood Frank. lab Ont Sewer Pipe Co, 

res Humber Bay 

Holmes Win. mkt gdnr Queen, h same 
Home Wm S. baker Station rd, h same 
Hue-hes Arthur, lab Ont Sewer Pipe Co, 1 

Mrs M A Giles 
Ji c!,-son Miss Rebecca, instructress Victoria 

Industrial School 

Johnson Alexander, lab. h Elizabeth 
Joiies Thomas E, gdnr, h Main 
Kay John, ins agt. h Lake Shore rd 
Kay John ir, ins agt, h Victor av 
Keirl Frank, tmstr, h Burlington 
Kennedy Wm, 1 Wm Kennedy jr 
Kennedy Wm jr. melter, h Rose av 
Kl:-\\Y .I\MI-:s .1. Mutineer Western 

Assurance Co, Toronto, h Lake Shore rd 
Kerr Archibald O, florist, h Central av 
Killman Miss Clara, instructress in baking 

Victoria Industrial Sehoo; 
Lawrence Wm J. florist Main, h Rose av 
Leedham John, eng Ont Sewer Pipe Co, h 

Letdham John jr, mldr Ont Sewer Pipe Co, 

1 J Leedham 

Leeson Robert, farmer, h Qneen 
Lirebnm Peter E, lab, h Albert av 
Lyi.den Miss Katura. matron Victoria In 
dustrial School 
McCormick Patrick, lab Ont Sewer Pipe 

Co. h Stanley av 

McDonald Miss Florence, h Newcastle 
McElroy Patrick, lab, h Church 
McGrath J»hn, mkt gdnr Wellesley, r, same 
McGraw Samuel, pntr Church, h same 
McC-uire Elizabeth (wid John), h Main 
McGuire Francis, lab. 1 Mrs E McGuire 
McKenzie Samuel, lab Ont Sewer Pipe Co, 

res Humber Bay 
McLeod John, lab Ont Sewer Pipe Co, h 

Rose ay 

Mrcfarlane Wm. mkt grlnr Queen, h same 
Mo honey Robert J. asst sec Western Assce 

Co. h Albert av 
Maloney Frederick, driver, 1 Mrs M A Ma- 


Maloney James, driver, 1 Mrs M A Maloney 
Maioncy Mary A (wid Timothy), caretk'r 

M mico Pub Sch, h Station rfl 
Metcalfe Archelaus, mach. h Mimico 
MI'ding Asiron, lab Ont Sewer Pipe Co. res 

Humber Bay 
Mimico Methodist ChurOh, Rev J T Cald- 

well pastor, e s Church 

den Postmaster Church 
Mimico Presbyterian Church. Rev Joseph 

Hamilton pastor, e s Church, cor Mimico 


Mimico Public School, J W English prin, 

Mitchell Thomas, watchman GTR, h 


Mutart Charles V, tel pr GTR, h Southamp 

O'Donnell Thomas, farmer, h Simpson av 
O'Donohue John, mkt gdnr Howlaud av, cor 

Fvans av 

Olver Jabez B, phy Station rfl. h same 
Olver Miss Sarah E, h Station rd 
! Oiitarlo Sewer Pipe Co, Ltd, A D Harris 

nngr, Mimico 
, Orr Joseph, h Church 
I';;lk Mary (wid Thinas). h Newcastle 
Pali; Wm H, gilder, 1 Mrs M Talk 
1 Poffley James, h Church 
i Price John, tmstr Ont Sewer Pipe Co, h 


Rogerson Elspeth (wid James M), h South 
Ross Miss Alice, tchr Mimico Pub Sch, I J 

W English 

I Royce Fred W, 1 I W Royce 
Royce Isaiah W, carp, h Church 
Shaver Peter B, carp, h Hillside ay 
Shaw John, lab, h Grand av 
Simpson Charles, foreman, h Church 
Skelton Rbert H, station agt GTR, h South 

Slater John, blksmith, h Macdonald av 
Stell George, planing mill 
St. ck Edward, JP, h Church 
Stock Edward .ir, farmer, h Queen 
Stul bs George, btclir and gro Church 
Swain Edward T, elk, h Robert 
Telfer Gilbert, 1 J A Telfer 
i Telfer Mrs Grace B. h Pigeon 
1 Telfer James H, weighmaster GTR, h Buck 

Telfer John A. ticket agt. h Pigeon av 
Temple Andrew, mkt gdnv Church, h same 
Tizziird David, mkt gdnr Queen, h same 
Toomey Thomas, lab Ont Sewer Pipe Co. 

res New Toronto 

Torhitt Francis, shoemkr, b Cburc'- 
Tremavne Rev Canon Francis, rector" Clirist 

Church, h Church 

UrtjUhart Miss Kate, bkpr Victoria Indus 
trial School 

Venables Miss Edith, Instructress In knit- 
ling Victoria Industrial School 
Victoria Industrial School, Chester Ferrier 

si:pt. Main, cor Howland av 
Vint Charles H, hotel Manchester rd 
Waites Lewis, asst agricultural instr Vic 
toria Industrial School 
Whites Robert, agriculture instr Victoria 

Industrial School 
Wandrey Ernest (Grobba & Wandrey), h 


! Warner Russell S, agt, h Superior av 
Watson James, mkt gdnr Queen, h same 
Watson Robert, lab Ont Sewer Pipe Co, . 

G Grtenway 

Watson Wm. trav, h Lake Shore rd 
Werden Albert D. stndt, 1 A Wei-den 
WKRDEiV Al'STIX. Postmaster and 

Grocer Church, h same 
Wilkinson Miss Linda, tlrs Victoria Indus- 

ttial School 

Wilson Miss E H, lustrutress Victoria In 
dustrial School 

Wilson Wm. lab Ontario Sewer Pipe Co 
Wirdsor Hotel, C H Vint prop, Manchester 

rd. cor Vincent 

Woods George, fireman CPR, 1 P J Woods 
Weeds Patrick A, btchr Church, 1 P 3 


Woods Patrick J. h Church 
Woods Wm J, dentist, 1 P J Woods 


(Seven ano a half miles west of P O) 

Aberncthy Wm, attendant Asylum 

Adams Richard H. mngr Sheridan Mfg Co, 

res Toronto 

Allies James, eng Asylum 
Abridge James, shoemkr Asylum 
ASYLUM FOR IVSA\E. l)r > II lleem- 
er Medical Superintendent. James Corcor 
an Bnraar, Lake Shore rd 
Eaiiiion John, attendant Asylum 
Barber Wm C. MD, asst supt Asylum for 

Ii sane, res same 
Bayce Wm A. attendant Asylum 




65 to 73 PEARL ST. 

-phone 2748 

Plain & Ornamental Fencing 
and Grille Work. 




BEEMEIl X H. Mil. Sinn-riiiteiuleiil 

Asylum for Insane, res "same 
Blllington Miss Francos H. man-on Asylum 
Bloke John, tmstr, b New Toronto Hotel 
Blake Michael, farmer, li Lake Shore il 
Blakeley John, picker New Toronto Wool 

Slock Co. h Sixth 

Boulton Win, mngr Asylum Farm, res same 
Brown H M, prin New Tor Public School, 

h Fifth 

Brr.ndige Ada, nurse Asylum 
Bruudige Sadie, nurse Asylum 
BuiUlcs Altred I:, postmaster Long Branch 

PO, h Lake Shore rd 
Bullock Eva. nurse Asylum 
Campbell Albert, paper wkr Ritchie & Ram 
say. 1 J Campbell 

Campbell James 11, attendant Asylnm 
Campbell John, express Fifth, b same 
Campbell John A. lab. 1 J Campbell 
Carroll Mary, laundress Asylum 
Carson James, attendant Asylum 
Cassidy Michael, soap mkr, res Toronto 
Cave Maria, dom Asylnm 
CUiouse George, lab Sheridan Mfa Co, h 

Chrot'.se Peter, mldr Sheridan Mfg Co, 1 

Georg? Chronse 

Clarke" Marshal! W. brylyr, b Fifth 
CtfChran James, lab Sheridan Mfg Co.- res" 


Colvln Peter, supervisor Asylum 
Connors John, farmer, h Lake Shore rd 
Connors Wm, farmer, h Lake Shore rd 
Ccok George, attendant Asylnm 
Ccok Robert, attendant Asylum 
Cooke Lizzie A, supervisor Asylum 
Corper George, mldr Sheridan Mfg Co. h 


Corcoran James, bursar Asylum, res To 
ronto John, attendant Asylum 
Culham Annie, dom Asylnm 
Dea George, baker, h Lake Shore rd 
Dohorty Patrick, lab, h Fifth 
Douglas Charles, stableman Asylnm 
Drummnnd Allen, calender man Ritchie & 

Ramsay, h Sixth 
Drnn James, lab, h Sixth 
Dunn James jr. lab. 1 J Jinnn 
Dunn Thomas, messenger Asylum 
Dyer Adam, carp Asylum 
Dyer Esther, nurse Asylum 
Eastwood Bros (James. John. Ramne! and 

Robert), farmers. Lake Shore rd 
Eastwood James (Eastwood Bros), h Lake 

Shore rd 
Eastwood John (Eastwood Bros), h Lake 

Shore rd 
Er.stwood Robert (Eastwood Bros), h Lake 

Shore rd 
lv.--wood Samuel (Eastwood Bros), h Lake 

Shore rd 

E'kin Mrs Annie, asst matron Asylum 
Elkin Robert, steward Asylum 
Evans Mina. nurse Asylnm 
Farquharson Colin R, carp Ritchie & Ram 
say, h Sixth ' 

Fan- Howard, attendant Asylum 
Fan- Ruthford. subwayman' Asylum 
Firlay Richard, paper wkr Ritchie & Ram 
say, h Sixth 

Gai ™han Matilda, supervisor Asylum 
Gilbert Frank, mldr Sheridan Mfg Co. res 


Gorman Joseph, supervisor Asylum 
Gourlay John, chief eng Asylum 
Gonrley Ella, nurse Asylnm 
Graham Eunice, nurse Asylum 
Green Henry, supervisor 'Asylum 
Greensides Abraham, mldr 'Sheridan Mfc 

Co. h Sixth 
Greensidcs Henry, wks New Toronto Wool 

Stock Co. ii Sixth 
Hall Otto, attendant Asylnm 
Hall Wm. farmer, h Homer av 
Han-is Lottie, nurse Asyi>im 
Henderson Lome, attendant Asylum 
Hennessey Michael, paper roller Richie & 

Ramsay. ! Wm Hennes -.ey 
Hennessey Wm, tmstr, h Sixth 
Hennessey Wm J. paper wkr Ritchie & 

Ramsay. 1 Wm Hennessey 
Herbert Richard, asst carp Asylum 
Holmes Acmes, nurse Asylum 
Holmes Mary, dom Asylum 
Hughes Isaac, attendant Asylnm 
Hunt Henry, galvanizer, h Sixth 
Hunter Thomas, foreman Ritchie & Ram 
say, h Lake Shore rd 

CO, Ltd. Charles L Uennie 

Illllgr. S.'M'Ulll 

:des George, ca,'-p Ritchie & Ramsay, 
res Toronto 

Jackson Miss jVnuie. drsiukr Seventh 
•i John, upliol, h Seventh 

Jackson Thomas, farmer, h Lake Shore rJ 

J;H'ksnn \Vin. 1 Thomas Jarksuii IIol>"i-(. porter Asylum 

Jordan Daniel J. mach Sheridan Mfg Co, >i 

Keliey .[.inu-s. farmer, h Lake Shore rd 

Kt mhcr Minnie, nurse Asylum 

KiiiL'slicri y Wm J. farmer Lake Shore rd 

Laiid Kate, supervisor Asylum 

Lamb John, lab Sheridan Mfg Co, h Fourth 

Letts Daniel, fireman Asylum 

L.ttletoQ Arthur, mldr Sheridan Mfg Co, 
h Lake Shore rd 

Lloyd Flora, nurse Asylum 

Lloyd Winnifred, uuise Asylum 

Long Branch P O, A R Buckles PM, Lake 
Shore rd 

Lolly George, farmer, h Homer av 

Lul.hock Wm, packer Ritchie & Ramsay, h 

Lr.nd Frederick, farmer, h Lake Shore rd 

I.yiin Charles, mail carrier, h Sixth 

Lynn John, lab, 1 C Lynn 

Lysajrht Francis F, elk New Toronto Hotel 

Lysapht John J, mngr New Toronto Hotel 

Lysaght Mary A (wid John J), hotel Lake 
Store rd 

Mi-Clay James C, eng, res Toronto 

McConnell Adam, well digger, li Fourth 

MeCullum Christina, Indrs Asylum 

McCuIlum Edmund, tmslr. 1 H MeCullum 

Me -Cullum Hush, coal and wood Seventh 

McCuIlum John J, gro Lake Shore rd, res 
Long Branch 

McDonald Miss Flora, stcnog Ritchie & 
Ramsay, res Mimico 

McDonald John, eug Sheridan Mfg Co; h 

McDonald Ronald, fireman Asylum 

M(EIrpy Bessie, supervisor Asylum 

McKnight Samuel, carp, h Sixth 

Mclelland Annie, dom Asylum 

McMullen John C, laundryman Asylum, h 

McNaughton Peter, asst phy Asylum for 
Insane, res same 

McNeil John, farmer, h Lake Shore rd 

McNeil! Ruth, nurse Asylum 

McWilliams 'Mary, nurse Asylum 

ilaguire David, attendant Asylum 

Mugnlre F:-ank, lab, res Mimico 

Marshall Frederick, farmer, h Lake Shore 

Martin Wm. h Sixth 

Mat lie-son Samuel H, gdnr Asylnm 

Mitchell Jonn, mldr Sheridan 'Mfg Co, res 

Mcgridge Wm, eng, h Fifth 

Mocre Sarah J, seamstress Asylum 

Moriarty John J. foreman Ritchie & Ram 
say, res Toronto 

Morris James, paper wkr Ritchie & Ram 
say, h Fifth 

Murray James, carp Ritchie & Ramsay, h 

New Toronto Hotel, Mrs M A Lysaght pro 
prietress. Lake Shore rd. cor Mimico av 

topher Reid PM. Lake Shore rd 

New Toronto Public School, S S No 12, s s 
Homer av 

New Toronto Wool Stock Co^ 'Mrs Emma 
Parker proprietress, wool stock and 
shoddy nifrs. Eighth 

Newborn Richard, h Lake Shore rd 

Newell Alice, dom Asylum 

Newell Louisa, cook Asylnm 

Newell Minnie, supervisor Asylnm 

O'Brien Ambrose, supervisor Asylnm 

O'Brien Wm. plowman Asylum' 

O'Connor John, farmer, h Home' av 

O'Neil Julia, supervisor Asylum 

PARKER Ar,FHKn S". Ilenler in 
Woollen Rags and Waste. Eighth h Sixth 
(See classified Waste Dealers) 

Parker Emma (wid Alfred), prop New To 
re n to Wool S f ock Co. res Toronto 

Parker Joseph H. carder New Toronto Wool 
Stock Co. h Fifth 

Parker Oscar G. picker New Toronto Wool 
Stock Co. 1 D J Jordan 

Parker Walter H. mngr New Toronto Wool 
Stock Co, 1 D J Jordan 

1'auent B G, fnshr Ritchie & Ramsay, h 

Si?th i 

Partridge Charles H, shipper, res Toronto 
Pattison Thomas, farmer Asylum Farm 
1 Pr.Mon Wm. fireman Asylum 
Phillips James R, foreman mldr Sheridan 

Mfg Co, res Toronto 
Pogue Wilson, eug Ritchie & Ramsay, I W 


: Prclley Kate J, nurse Asylum 
Purr John, lab, h Kourlh 
Rf-.irsay Allan, bkpr Ritchie & Ramsay, res 

Ramsay Charles N (Ritchie & Ramsay), res 

RecMick Agnes (wid John), tlrs Asylum, h 

Lake Shore rd 

Postmaster, Lake Shore rd 
Reiinie. Charles L, mngr Imperial Soap Co, 

res Toronto 
Reteley Wm H M, eng Ritchie & Ramsay, 

h Fifth 

Rice James, carp, h Lake Shore rd 
RUchie Frederick A (Ritchie & Ramsay), 

res Toronto 

Ritcl-ie John, farmer, h Mimico av 
Kilohle Wm. farmer, h Mimico av 
R1TCHIE * RAM«\V. (Frrderfrk V 

Ritchie. Charles N Ramsay). Coated Pap 
ers and Cardboard Manufacturers. Tel 

5-112 (See Toronto Alphabetical) 
Roberts BeHa. nurse Asylum 
Robinson Hugh, watchman Asyinm 
Ilcssitter Edward, supervisor Asylum 
Ror.tley Henry, attendant Asylum 
Frsk Elizabeth, supervisor Asylum 
Rrpsell Wm. fireman Asylum 
nr.ttan Jacob, attendant Asylum 
Saiidford Edward, farmer, h Lake Shore rd 
Sandford Edward jr, farmer, b Lake Shore 

r< ad 

Scott Emma, nurse Asylum 
Shaw Marian, Indrs Asylum 
Sl-cridan Mfg Co of New Toronto, Ltd, R 

H Adams mngr. iron founders. Seventh 
Sirclair Christopher, attendant Asylum 
Sirclair Wm G, fireman Asylum 
S'nter John, blksmith Seventh, res Mimico 
Smith Sidney W, pntr. h Fifth 
Stren Charles B. attendant Asylum 
Steen Knte, nn/se Asylum 
Sturt Walter P. bursar's elk Asylum, res 

Hamilton, Ont 

Swift Alice, asst cook Asylum 
Taylor Bartholomew, app Sheridan Mfg Co, 

1 J Macdonald 
Taylor George, h Sixth 
T.-ivlor James, app Sheridan Mfg Co, 1 G 


Tehb Martin, farmer, h Lake Shore rd 
Toomey Jeremiah, lab, 1 J Toomey 
To<mey John, h Sixth 
Toomey Thomas, lab, 1 J Toomey 
Tcomey Thomas, lah. 1 J Toomey 
Tovell Henry, farmer, h Lake Shore rd 
T< veil John, farmer, h Lake Sbore rd 
Tracey John, mldr Sheridan Mfg Co, res 

Trctler John, supervisor Asylum, 1 Mimieo 

a^ e-nue 

Wallis Fred N. storekpr Asylum 
W.'ilterhouse Albert, attendant Asylum 
Warner Henry G, lab Ritchie & Ramsay, 

res Mimico 
Watson Benjamin, mason Asylum, h Mimico 

West Francis, elk Ritchie & Ramsay, res 


Wl.itlam Henry, farmer, b Mimico rd 
Wtr.ttaker Wm, attendant Asylum 
Wr.ittal Jamos J, paper wkr Ritchie * 

Ifamsay. h Sixth 
WiTinson Wm. asst eng Asylnm 
Williams Elizabeth, laundress Asylum 
Wood John F. attendant Asylnm 
Wyllie Norman W, attendant Asylum 


(Four and a half miles northwest of P O) 

Adi ms Robert W, picture frames n s Main 
Allam Wra, pntr, h w s Westmoreland av 
Andrews John, btchr, h w s Osington av 
Anlivws John, pntr, h w s Westmoreland 

Ai.drews Thomas, pntr, h w s Lightbonrne 

a\ on lie 


IVI Ia " Limited. 78 CHURCH ST. 

or dfiiav>n.i\n<y these Inane. 



Toronto Offices : 


J. W. KERR, Cashier 

Purely UNCONDITIONAL Policies. 

Low Rates and Large Profits 
on Endowments. 

62 North Dovercourt. 


Avs-tin James, blksmlth, h n s Main 
Aylard Henry, dairy e s Malvern av 
Bcgsley Edmond J, elk GTR, h e s Ham 
burg av 

Baine Edward W, h w s Somerset av 
Baldie Robert, tlr, h s s Chaudos av 
Baldwin Wm, bricklyr, h w s Hamburg av 
Barber John, currier, n s s Main 
Bezley Alfred, lab, h e s Delaware av 
B'cUle George, coll GTR, h e s Hamburg av 
Booth George, elk, h w s Ossington av 
Bray Henry, gdnr. h e s Sommcrset av 
Bray Henry ji; 1 H Bray 
Brcoks Hamilton, pntr, h w s Salem av 
Brown Louisa I (wid John), nurse w s 

Westmoreland av, h same 
Browning Samuel, lab, h s s Main 
Biuce Alexander, 1 Mrs J Bruce 
Bruce Donnld, 1 Mrs J Bruce 
Bruce Jessie (wid Donald), h e s Hamburg 


Burns John, cattle dlr w s Ossington av 
Butt George, carp, h e s Dufferin 
Callahan .lamps, driver, h s s Main 
Crrollne James W. agt, h s s Chandos av 
Cavanagh James, gdnr. h s s Davenport rd 
Charlton Robert H. whol btehr e s Somer 
set av, h same 

Clifford Thomas, lab. h w s Delaware av 
Cocrran John, whol btehr e s Somerset ay 
CoLpoy James, mkt e s Ossington av 
Coi boy John, gdnr James Conhoy. 1 same 
Contoy Thomas E. trav. 1 James Conboy 
Congregational Mission, e s Westmoreland 


Cook Arthur A, metal mixer, h w s Dela 
ware av 

Cooper Michael H. cooper, h s s Brandon av 
Correll Samuel K. comp, h w s Knrtlett av 
Ocutts Thomas G, pntr, h 30 Primrose av 
Cirggs Edward I,, driver Win Craggs, li e s 

Westmoreland av 
Criipigs Wm. dairy e s Westmoreland av, 

les Toronto 

Cutler Harry, fitter. 1 H Cutler 
Cutler Henry, mach. h e s Bartlett av 
Devtett Sidney, twine mfr, h w s Ham 
burg av 

Dillon Wm. lab. h e s Somerset av 
Hopkins PM, s s Main, cor Dovercourt rfl 
Doyle Thomas. Inb, b J Lappln 
Dm r-an James, lab. h w s Primrose av 
DunVvy Joseph, pntr, h w s- Dufferin 
Dwight Albert, driver, h e s Somerset av 
Eagen Arthur, mach, h 28 Primrose ar 
Bckins John C. upholsterer, h w s West 
moreland av 

Fnshy Henry, driver, h w s Primrose av 
Frhlin Philander M. wood wkr. h s s Dun- 
bar av 

Fatt Edward F, blr mkr. h e s Dnfferin 
Flight Charles P, fish pdlr, h s s Main 
Flude Walter, barber, h e s Somerset av 
Ford George, lab, h e s Lansdowne av 
Freed John A, apt, h n s Main 
Frcst Antonia. lab. h w s Lightbourne 'av 
Frcst Louis, lab, h n s Brandon av 
Gardner Joseph, carp, h e s Salem av 
Gill Joseph, h w s Somerset av 
Gill Thomas, brass fnshr. h w s Hamburg 


Gold Adolphus. lab. h w s Salem av 
Gv.mmitt Henry, gdnr, h e s Malvern av 
Hall Charles, ctr. h s s Davenport rd 
Hai.ey Alexander, iab. h w s Lightbourne 

ai enue 

Haney Robert S. rtairy w s Lightbourne av 
Hanna David, tmstr. li >• * Dm-ereourt rd 
Hanna David jr. 1 D Hanna 
Herd George. 'oik OPR. h s s Dunbar av 
Hare Augustus IT. iitlio. h w s Delaware av 
H; rpell Nancy (wid Ben.iamin). 1 A E Jones 
Hogan John, blksmith, 'h s s Dunbar av 
Hcllis George, florist s s Davenport rd 
HOPKINS JAMES A. Grocer nncl 

Postmaster, s s Main, h same 
Hcvrsall George, lab. h n s Chandos av 
Hudson Edoward, i-oinp. h e s Dnfferin 
Hi <l»on John C, carp, h e s Dufferin 
Hr.rison Susan.-i (wid Clement). 1 E Hudson 
Hi dson Walter, putr, h e s Dufferin 
Hi:j.'I:es Mis* Cas<ip. elk. 1 Joseph Hughes 
Hughes Joseph, polisher, h w s Delaware av 
Jacob Frederick J. tinstr. h w s Salem av 
Jei nings Kmest. h e s Lansdowne av 
Jones Albert E. gilder, h e s Salem av 
JoEes David W, coal and wood w s Dufferin, 

res Toronto Junction 
Joyce Arthur E. lab. 1 Mrs M Joyce 

Joyce Frederick W. plmlir. 1 Mrs M Joyce 
Joyce Mary (wid Thomas), h n s Main 
Joyce Samuel T. btehr, 1 Mrs M Joyce 
Keeber George W, lab, h e s Somerset av 
Kei_uedy John B, bricklyr, h s s Main 
Kilvington John, mkt gdnr, h s s Main 
KirKey Peter J, foreman, h n s Main 
Knapp Henry L, driver, h s s Main 
Lciley Alfred, h e s Dufferin 
La], pin Joseph, tmstr, h n s Brandon av 
Lappln Mrs Mary A. drsmkr n s Brandon 
Lester Reuben, mach, h w s Bartlett av 
Loi:gley Ellen (wid James), h n s Main 
Lougley Herman, plstr, 1 Mrs E Ixingley 
.VcClure Robert G, carp, h w s Bartlett av 
McClutchey David, lab. h w s Dufferin 
M< Cue Edward, lab, h e s Hamburg av 
McHugh Charles H, mldr, h w s Bartlett 


Vel.nughlin Robert, lab, ins Chandos av 
MfcKewn Albert, mach, 1 W E MaoKewu 
Mil-Hewn diaries, gdnr W B MacKewn 
MacKewn George, pntr, 1 W E MacKewn 
MacKewn Wm E. mkt gdnr e s Ossingtan 

av, h same 

Ms cKe/wn Win B jr, shipper, 1 W E Mac 
Kewn . 
MUT shall Charles, carp, h w s Westmore- 

Ijind av 

Matthews John K. nwnir.g mkr, b e s West 
moreland av 

Mcades Edward, pdlr, 1 C P Flight 
Mcmbery Edward, app, 1 Henry Membery 
Membery Henry, pressman, h w s West 
moreland av 

Miller Charles, tmstr, h w s Hamburg av 
Mills James A. lab. h s s Main 
Montgomery John H, whol btehr w s Dela 
no re av, h samp 

Xet-ly Miss Lizzie, h w s Delaware av 
> T fv ille Thomas E. comp. h e s Bartlett av 
Kevins John, car repr. h 32 Primrose av 
X< wton Wm. whol btchr TV « Dovercourt rd 
Nixon James. Inb, h n s Main 
Ogle Wm, repairer CPR, h e s Bartlett av 
Pa'mer Frank. lab. h s s Chandos av 
Palmer Joseph, dairy Malvern av. h same 
Peterbaugh Alfred, mach hd, h w s Dela- 

vara av 

Phillips Alfred, gdnr. h e s Hamburg .av 
Phillips Miss Gertrude, tlrs. 1 J Phillips 
Phillips John, carp, h w s Somerset av 
Phillips Miss Mabel. 1 J Phillips • 
Pickering Wm. brleklyr, h n s Brandon av 
Pii.kbam Wm. lab. h' n s Cliaados av 
Piper Alfred, dairy s s Main, h same 
Pollnrd Miss Emily, tlr--. 1 Wm Pollard 
Pollard Miss F.innie. tlrs. 1 Wm Pollard 
Pollnrd Miss Rebecca, slsldv, I Wm Pollard 
Pollard Wm. carp, h e s Somerset av 
Pollnrd Wm J. elk. 1 Wm Pollard 
Potlcr Walter, lab, h w s Delaware av 
PowdvpH George, bricklyr, h s s Chandos av 
Pr.vpll John, bricklyr, 1 W Powell 
I'ovell Richard, plstr. li s s Main 
Poivell Walter, bricklyr, h e s Westmore 
land av 

l'n cior Win. lab, h w s Delaware av 
I'M ^cr James, pntr, b s s Main 
Qr.lgley Thomas G, dairy w s Westmore- 

lard av, h same 

Robertson David L. shipper, h e s West 
moreland av 

It. so Herbert E. plmbr. 1 R J Rose 
Rose Robert J, carp, h e s Ravtlett av 
Rossi Charles, lab, h n s Dunbar av 
Shoarsinith Henry, lab. h w s Salem av 
Simll Henry C. elk. h e s Hamburg av 
Sproule Thomas J. carp, h 3fi Primrose av 
Str;:rt Henry. 1 R Stuart 
Strart Robert, shipper, h s s Brandon av 
Stuart Robert jr. "elk, 1 R Stuart 
Swnnton George, broom mkr, h e s Hani- 

brrff av 

Taylor Edwin J, carp, h s s Main 
Teiry Joseph, barber, h e s Lansdowne av 
Thompson Albert R. dyer, h w s Rartlett av 
Tomllnson James, car cleaner GTR, h w s 

Hunburg av 

Twidnle John C. h n s Chandos av 
Tw'dale John C jr. barber, h w s Bartlett 


Van Ruskirk Isaac, agt, h e s Hamburg av 
Vecchio Antonio, lab, h s s Dnnbar av 
Waters John, mach. h e s Hamburg av 
Weller Jesse, b e s Dnfferin 
Weller Tbom.ns H. wks CPR, 1 J Weller 
Whlbley Charle_s. lab. h w s Ossiozton av 
Wl -Resides Henry, lab, h s s Main 
Wilson James, tlr w s Ossington av 

\\Ti-on Thomas, photo, h w s Delaware av 
\\ilsuii Win. prcsser James Wilson, 1 same 
Wm ils Patrick, lab, h s s Main 
Zavitz James P., laundryman, h s s Dunbar 


(Comprising the Villages of Bedford Park, 
Davlsville and Eglinton, three and a 
half milts north of P O) 

Adams Albert, lab, h 11 s Merton, Davls- 

Atcerson Albert E, prtr, h n s Merton, 

Anderson John M, farmer, h w s Yonge, Eg- 
lu ton 

Armstrong Elijah, h s s Roehampton av, 

Armstrong Samuel, York township treas 
er, h w s Yonge, Eglinton 

Asbfield Wm. tlr, h \\ s Yonge, Davisville 

Atkins Elliott, h s s Victoria av, Egiinton 

Atkins Wm, elk, b W H Minns 

-VTKISSON JOHN K, Grocer nnrt 
Postmaster, w s Yonge, Bedford Park 

Atkinson Thomas, lab, h e s Yonge, Bed 
ford Park 

Auld Mrs Sarah, stationery w s Yonge, h 
same, Eglinton 

Auld Wm, carp, b w s Yonge, Eglinton 

Aull Wm. produce dlr n s Frederick, h 
same, Davisville 

Bailey Ann (wid Edward), h n s Glebe rd. 

Bailey Richard, tmstr, h n s Glebe rd, 

Baillie Robert C. h s s Victoria av, Eglin 

Baillie Rosanna (wid Wm), nurse, n s Mer- 
teu, h same. Davisville 

Baillie Wm, bldr n s Merton, h same. Davis- 

Balfour Miss Elizabeth, tchr Eglinton Pub 
Sen. 1 Rev W R Roache 

Ball Herbert, rep, h n s Mertou, Davisville 

Banks Miss Elizabeth, h e s Yonge, Bed 
ford Park 

Beaty Arthur, caretkr Eglinton Pub Sen, 
b Mrs L Brumskill 

Bedford Park Hotel, Edward Kalbaugh 
prop, w s Yonge, Bedford Park 

Atkinson Postmaster, w s Yonge, Bed 
ford Park 

Bell Samuel, brklyr, h e s Yonge, Eglin 

Bescoby Helen G (wid Edwardl. h s s Eg 
linton av. Davisville 

Biugbam Wm. lab James Pears, h e s Gor 
don, Davisville 

Birch Ernest, lab, 1 Mrs S Birch 

Birch Miss Esther, sew mach opr, 1 Mrs S 

Birch Oliver, lab, 1 Mrs S Birch 

Birch Sarah (wid Thomas), h n s Sherwood 
av. Eglinton 

Biich Wm J, lab, h s s Woburn av, Bed 
ti rd Park 

Eire-hard Edgar, eng N Tor W W, h s s 
Kensington av, Eglinton 

Birrell Charles, lab, h w s Yonge, Davis- 

Bonnick Charles, mngr, h n s Montgomery 
av. Eglinton 

Booth Miss Evangellne, Commissioner Sal 
vation' Army, h e s, Eglinton 

Booth James, gdur, h s s Woodward av. 

Bouldon Frederick, indication taker, h n s 
Sherwood av, Eglinton 

Boyer Henry, florist n s Woburn av, h 
same. Bedford Park 

Boypr John, potter h w s Yonge. Davis 

Branton Henry, lab, h n s Sherwood av. 
Eglinton John, dairy s s Davisville av, 

Brlerloy Joseph, mkt gdnr, h s s Davisville 
av, Davisville 

Broad Wm H, mach, h w s Yonge, Bedford 

Brown Alonzo J, jwlr, h w s Yonge, Davis- 

Brown Edward D, farmer, h c d Yonge, 
Bedford Park 



Limited, of 

CEO. R. HARCRAFT, General Agent, 

'Phone 251 TORONTO 

GORDON & HELLIWELL, Ar»pVnf npf«j 



North Toronto 


Brown Edwin C. auctioneer n s Eglinton 

av. li same, Eglinton. 
Brown Ed\vy, pntr, 1 James Brown 
Brrwn James, to constable, li e s Yonge, 

Brown Jane (wid David), h w s Gordon. 

Bicwn Wm, assessor, h w s Yonge, Davis 


Brown Wm, elect, b W J Martin 
Brownlow James W, fruits n s Merton, h 

same, Davisville 
Brownlow 1'hilip. harnessmkr w s Yonge, 

h same, Davisville 

Bmnskill Alexander, foreman, b W J Mar 
Brunsklll Lucy (wid Wm), h w s Yonge, Eg- 

Brj ce Alexander, dairy w s Yonge, li same, 


Bubear Wm, hostler, b W H Minnn 
Bulmer Robert J, foreman, h n s Keuslng- 
• ton av, Eglinton 
Burhidge David (BurbiGge & Shuter), h w 

s Yonge, Davisville 

Burbidge & Shuter (David Burbidge, Ed 
ward Sluiter), mkt gdurs, w s Yonge, 

Bi.rns George, shoemkr e s Yonge, b. same, 

Butler Mary (wid Dennis), h e s Gordon, 

Cameron Kobert, florist s s Merton, h same. 

Cs rden Margaret, dom Miss Evangeline 


Carey Wm, lab, has Davisville av, Davis 
Cascaden Wm, brickmkr, h n s Eglinton 

ar. Eglinton 
Chambers Tbomas F, lab, h w s Yonge, 

r.edford Park 
Cl a[>man Samuel, latber, h w s Gordon, 

CUids James A, blksmith e s Yonge, h 

same, Eglinton 

Clarke Mattbew K. bkpr, b J A Dignum 
CLARKE WM A, Clerk York Town 
ship, b. ti4 Avenue rd, Toronto 
Colbi-an Edward, lab, h s s Ballol, Davis 
Colbran George, gdnr, h w s Yonge, Davis- 


Cole Emercy. h w s Yonge, Eglinton 
Collett Joseph, pntr, h. e s Yonge, Eglinton 
Corl.oy Thomas, dairy w s Yonge, h same, 

Cook Eliza (wid James), h s s Davisville 

av. Davisville 
Cook George, whol btehr n s Davisvllle av, 

h same. Davisville 
Cook John, whol btchr, n s Davisville av, 

Ccok Robert, cattle dlr s s Davisville av, 

h same, Davisvllle 
Cook Robert, cattle dlr w s Yonge, h same, 

Bedford Park 

Ccok Wm. lab. h w s Yonge, Bedford Park 
Ccon George E, gro. flour and feed, w s 

Yonge, h same, Eglinton 
Ccpeland Joseph, mkt gdnr s s Davisville 

av. h same. Davisville 
Cordingley Win E, ' W W Cordingley 
Corciingly Wm W, brickmkr James Pears, 

h w s Beulah av, Davisville 
Couch Josiah T, h n s Merton, Davisvllle 
Crackwell Robert, baJter, h n, s Albertus 

av. Eglinton 
Crighton Arthur J, ins agt, h s s Glen 

Grove av, Eglinton 
Crv.ickshank Colin, h n s Davisville av. 

Cvirmer Albert E, carp, n n s Sherwood 

av. Eglinton 

Dack Robert, h e s Yonge, Bedford Park 
Dance Robert, lab, h w 3 Yonge, Eglinton 
Darling Herbert, carp, h s s Sherwood av, 

DLrting Herbert jr, driver W J Farr, 1 H 

Davies John L. wks Met St Ry Co, h n s 

Briar HI!! av. Eglinton 
Davis Alexander J, potter John Davis & 

Son, h n s Frederick, Davisville 
Davis Charles R, rlk J J Davis 1 F H 

Davis Frederick H, produce dlr w s Yonge. 

h same, Davisville 
Davis Herbert B, elk, 1 F H Davis 
Davis James I. bkpr. b J L Fnbien 

Da\ is John & Son (Joseph S Davisi, pro- 

Brietors Davisville Pottery, e s Youge, 

DAVIS JOHX J. Grocer ami Post 
master, e s Yonge, h same, Davisville 

Davis Joseph S (John Davis & Son), Mayor 
and JP, h e s Yonge, Davisville 

D:.M< Joseph S jr, wks John Davis & Sons, 
h end Frederick, Davisville 

Davis Robert W, cond, h s s Davisville av, 

ln:vi>ville Hotel. JV H Minns prop, e s 
Ycnge. Davisville 

Davisville Methodist Church, Rev Albert G 
Hrdson pastor, w s Yonge, Davisville 

Davis I'M, e s Yonge, Davisville 

Davisville Pottery, John Davis & Son props, 
e s Yonge, Davisville 

Davisville Public School, J C Rutherford 
prin. n s Davisville av, Davisville 

Mfg Co (James Pears), n s Eglinton av. 
1 'avisville PO (See classified Brick Mfrsi 

Day George, shipper, h n s Roehampton av. 

Dean Richard T, florist, w s Yonge, h same, 

D(os;.n Miss Catherine, cashier, 1 Mrs M 

Deegan John J, elk, 1 Mrs M Deegan 

Dtegan Mary (wid Michael), h n s Eglin- 
t'lii av. Eglinton 

Deferreri Charles, mkt gdnr n s Broadway 
av, h same. Eglinton 

Derrett Emma (wid Benjamin). I Wm Ma- 

De Valder Peter, mkt jjdnr s s Sherwood 
av, h same, Eglinton 

Dignum John A. acct, h w s Yonge, Davls- 

Diugle Samuel K, h w s Yonge, Davisville 

Dixou Alexander H, trav, h e s Yonge, Eg 

Di>on Howard A, 1 A H Dixon 

Doherty Francis, elk, 1 W F Doherty 

Doherty Frederick J, studt, 1 W F Doherty 

Dolifrty Wm L, h w s Yonge, Eglinton 

Dcoling Miss Catherine, 1 Mrs M Deegan 

Douglas George, gdnr, h s s Merton, Davis 

Douglas Samuel J, com agt, h w s Yonge, 

Douglas Wm, waggon mkr e s Yonge, h 
s.'.me, Eglinton 

DOIGLAS WM J. Town Clerk anil 
Treasurer, li n s Roehampton av, Egiin- 

Drake Pascal W, shoemkr, h e s Beresford 
av, Davisville 

Drewry Robert, blksmitb e s Yonge, h 
same, Davisville 

Drury Richard, carp, b J J Sellers 

Duff John, tmstr James Pears, h s s Eglin- 
tr-n, Davisville 

Di-ke Henry R, bkpr, h n s Victoria av, Eg 

Dalies Robert R, moto, h s s Soudan av, 

Duncan Alexander, lab, h s s Glebe rd. 

Dui can George, lab, h s s Frederick, Davis 

Duncan Miss Jennie E, tchr Davisville 
Pub Sch. b W Au 11 

Duncan Thomas, mkt gdnr n s Glebe rd, 

Dunn Benjamin, mach, h n s Merton, Davis, 

Dmmett Allan, farmer, h e s Yonge, Bed 
ford Park 

Dunnett Wm J, farmer, h e s Yonge, Bed 
ford Park 

Drpre John, h s s Soudan a.r, Davtsville 

Durand Charles A, barr, h n 8 Victoria av, 

Durand Napier, mus tchr, n s Victoria av. 
1 same, Eglinton 

Durie Archibald F, eng, h e s Gordon, 

Durie Wm M. driver Jos Holden, I A F 

Durrett Emma T (wid Benjamin), 1 Wm 

Edwards Richard, lab A Bryce. h n s Al 
bertus av, Egliuton 

Edwards Wm W, caretkr Town Hall, 1 n s 
FL'llnton av, Eglinton 

Eglinton Baptist- Church, Rev Edward 
I'liillips pastor, w s Yonge, cor Castle- 
field av, Eglinton 

Egliuton Methodist Church, e s Yonge, 
opp Glen Grove av, Eglinton 

Hargrave Postmistress, e s Yonge, Eglin 

liftliuton Presbyterian Church, Rev J C 
Tibb pastor, w s Yonge, Eglinton 

Eglinton Public School, W E Fopkings 
prin, n s Erskine av, Eglinton 

Douglas Town Clerk, w s Yonge, cor 
Montgomery av, Eglinton 

Eibbeit Wm, pntr, h n s Merton, Davisvllle 

Ellis Wm G, jwlr, h w s Yonge, Bedford 

En.erson Frederick, lab A Bryce, h w s 
Ycnge. Eglintcn 

England Alfred, dairy n s Soudan av, 1 Wm 
Morgan, Davisville 

England George, farmer, h n s Eglinton 
av, Egilnton 

'Ktherington Maurice, lab A Bryce, b B Ed 

Fah'en John L, h w s Yonge, Eglinton 

Farewell Samuel J. elk G E Coon, 1 same 

Fcrley Robert J, vet surg c s Yonge, h 
same, Davisville 

Farr Wm J. btchr e s Yonge, h same, Eg 

Feuwick Wm, h s s Sondan av, Davisville 

Ferguson Robert, potter John Davis & Son, 
b W H Minns 

Fit! er John, carp, b e s Yonge, Eglinton 

Fitzpatrick, foreman James Pears, h w s 
Yonge, Davisville 

Fitzpatrick Mark J, brickmkr, h s 3 Eglin 
ton av. Davisville 

Fortes Helen (wid James), h s s Albertus 
av, Eglinton 

Forrest Charles F, elk, h s s Bedford av, 
Pedford Park 

Fox Rev Thomas, b s s Victoria av, Eg- 

Freble Harry, mkt gdnr w s Yonge, h same. 
Pedford Park 

Fii?by Arthur, blksmith, b W J Martin 

Frisby Wilfred, cond, h Soudan av, Davis 

Gamble Miss Susan, h s s Eglinton av, 

Garland Nicholas, merchant, h e s Yonge, 

Garland Nicholas L, clothing mfr, h e s 
Yonge, Eglii'ton 

Gartshore John J, ry supplies, h n s Eglin 
ton av. Eglinton 

Gsston Charles, mkt gdnr n s Eglinton ar, 
h same. Eglinton 

Gfston Samuel, mkt gdnr n s Eglinton av, 
h same, Eglinton 

Gaston Samuel jr. mkt gdnr n s Smith av, 
h same. Eglinton 

Gates Philip, lab, h s s Merton. Davisville 

Gibson Robert J, sec York Masonic Lodge, 
res Deer Park 

Gibfon Thomas A, barr, h e s Yonge. Davis 

Gilbert George, h w s 1'onge. Eglinton 

Gilead Jackson, lab, h w s Yonge, Davis- 

Gill Ernest, jwlr. h w s Yonge, Davisville 
Gill Richard, mkt gdnr s s Soudan av, h 

same, Davisville 


High Grade Vault, School and Office Furniture. 
TORONTO, ONT, (77 Bay St.) Factorios : NEWMARKET, OMT. 




Lake Simcoe and Grenadier Lake 

Telephone 217 or 5103. GRENADIER ICE & COAL CO. 



North Toronto. 


Clancy Dominick, b Wm Porter 
G'ancy Thomas, waggonmkr, b AA'm Porter 
Glen Grove Park, w s Youge, Eglintor 
Gordon Alfred, horse dlr n s Albertus av, h 

s.':me, Eglinton 
Gcr.gU Alfred, lab, h n s Davisi-ille av, 

Grund Maurice J, prtr, h w .s Alberta cres, 


Green Barnabas, h \v s Yongr, Kglinton 
Gregg Wm K, architect, h w s Yonge, Eg- 


Grice Elizabeth (tvid Benjamin), 1 T Grice 
Crice Frank, florist n s Balliol. h same, 


Grice Frederick, plrnbr, 1 T Grice 
Grice Thomas, h s s Davisville av. Davls- 

Griffiths Richard, stenog, 1 Miss Evangeline 

Giimdy Frederick, ins agt, h n s AVood- 

v/ard av, Eglinton 

Guest George M, bartndr W J Martin 
Gr.scott George, wks CPR, h n s Eglinton 

av, Eglinton 
Hadden Samuel J, pntr, h s s Egliuton av, 

Hagerman Peter, tmstr John Davis & Son, 

h e s Balliol, Davisvllle 
Hall George, mkt gdur n s Eglinton av, h 

same, Eglinton 
Hall George A, baker, h n s Broadway av, 

Hall James, mkt gdnr n s Davisvllle av, h 

same, Davisvllle 
Hall John, mkt gdnr n s Eglinton av, h 

same, Eglinton 
Hall Hicliard, barber t- s Y'onge h same. 


Hall Thomas. 1 John Hall 
H.'inill Martha C (wid Henry), h B a Ers- 

kine av, Eglinton 

Bargaret Albert, carp, 1 Mrs E Hargrove 
Hal-grave Elizabeth avid Joseph), grocer e s 

Yonge, h same, Eglinton 
Hargrave Miss Emliy, drsmkr e s Yonge, h 

same, Eglinton 

mistress Egliutou P O, h e s Yonge, Eg- 
Harper Richard, ins agt, h n s Glen Cairn, 

Harris George, lab James Pears, h c s 

Yonge, Egiinton 
Harrison Asenath M (wid Christopher), h 

s s Victoria av, Egliuton 
Harrison Miss Ethelyn, tchr, 1 Mrs A M 


Harrison George, lab, h e s Yonge, Eglinton 
Hayes Thomas, lab, h w s Yonge, Davt7Vl"e 
Htmbrow Stephen, florist s s Davisville av, 

h same, Davisvllle 
He-aiming Henry K S, h s s Glen Grove av, 


Henderson Mrs Annie, h e s Yonge, Eglin 

Henderson Miss Isabella, elk, 1 Mrs A Hen 

Henderson Norman, elk, 1 Mrs A Henderson 
Heslop Mary (wid Thomas), h s Albcrtns av, 

Hiids ICd ward, farmer, h s s Eglinton av 

Hli ds John, tmstr, h s s Glenwood av, 

Hirds Richard, lab, h w s Gordon. Davis- 

Hirds Robert, brickmkr James Pears, h w s 

Yonge, Davisville 

Hitivns George J, plstr, h s s Merton, Davis 

Hilton Eliza (wid Harrison). 1 A B P'igsley 
Hoflaid John J, ludry, h n s Castlefleld 

nv. Eglillton 
Ho'don Herbert, driver Joseph Holden, 1 

Jnhii Holrten 
Ho'don James, mkt gdnr s s Broadway av, 

Holden John, btcbr, h s s Eglinton av 

Holden Joseph, btchr e s Y'onge, 1 John 


Hopklngs Miss Bertha C, mlnr, 1 J B Hop- 
HopMngs Miss Emily M, mlnr, 1 J E Hop- 

Hopklngs James E, town commissioner, h 

n ? Roehnmpton av, Kglinton 
Hophings Walter E, prln Eglinton Pub Sch, 
1 J E Hopklngs 

Hopkins Tony 1',. blksmith w s Yonge, u 

sai'ii-. Bedford Park 
Horn George, bkpr, h s s Victoria av, Eg 

Howe Francis, putr, h n s Davisville av, 

Da risvllle 

How sou Bernard, elk, b F Grundy 
Howr.on Elizabeth (wid James). 1 F Grundy 
Hr.ilson Rev Albert G, pastor Davisvllle 

Moth Ch, h w s Youge, Inivisvllle 
Hughes John, packer, li w s Yonge, Davls- 


Hughes Joseph, lab, h s s Balliol, Davis 
Hrmherson John S, farmer, h e s Youge, 

Bedford Park 

Humphrey Francis, h e s Gordon, Davis 

Hunt John T, mkt gdnr e s Evelyn, Eglin 

Hurst Edward, gdnr, h s s Balliol, Davis 

Hurst Edward jr, lah i E Hurst 
Iiigliam Win, porter w J Martin 
Inues John, artist s s Elglnton av, h same, 


In wood George, h e s Yonge, Eglinton 
Jr.ckes Bertram, elk, 1 G W Jackes 
Jac kes Ernest, elk, 1 G AV Jaekes 
Jr.ckes George W, phy e s Yonge, h same, 

Jackes Henrietta (wid Wm), h e s Yonge. 


Jackes James, mfrs' agt, 1 Mrs H Jackes 
Jackson Wm, carp, h n s Frederick, Davis 

Jnrvis Albert, driver, U w s Yonge, Egliu 
Johnson Abraham, h s s Woburn av, Bed- 

fcrd Park 
Jchnson Henry, mkt gdnr e s Gordon, h 

same, Davisville 
Johnson Henry L, tmstr James Pears, h n s 

Soudan av, Davisville 
Jol.nson Leonard, tinstr James Pears, 1 H 

Johnston John, mkt gdnr, s s Glebe Td, h 

s;.me, Davisville 

Johrston Mary J (wid John), 1 R John 
Johnston Robert, mkt gdnr, u s Glebe rd, h 

same, Davisville Benjamin, h n s Victoria av, Eflin- 

ton Elizabeth (wid Jesse), dairy s s 

Broadway av, h same, Egllnton 
Jones Stephen, gdnr, h s s Balliol, Davis- 

Joues AVm, btcbr Joseph Holden. b same 
Jnry Ernest C. civ ser, h s s Eglinton av, 


Kalbaugti Kdward, hotel w s Yonge, Bed 
ford Park 
K( ; st Richard, lab, Ix n s Broudway av, 

Keui'iii Frank N, barr, h w s Benlnb av, 

Kerswell Elizabeth (wid Charles H), h w s 

Ycnge. Eglinton 

Kers\w>ll AVm L, elk, 1 Mrs E Kerswell 
Kirk Anthony C, lab, bus Eglinton av, 

Kirk Joseph, lab, h n s Woburn av, Bed 

ford Park 

IClinck Joseph A, carp, h e s Yonge, Eglin 

Laird Alfred J, elk. 1 J Laird 
Laird John, picture frames e s Gordon, h 

same. Davisvllle 
Lamb Francis T. brickmkr James Pears h 

n s Castlefleld av, Eglinton 
Li'tham Jnne (wid Henry), h n s Kensing 
ton av, Eglinton 

Latham Richard, I Mrs J Latham 
Law Edwin G, fanner, h e s Yonge, Eglin- 


Lawless John, h n s Roper av. Egllntoa 
Lawless Joseph, 1 John Lawless 
Lawrence Francis, farmer, b e s Yonge, 

Bedford Park 
Inwronce George H, chief constable, h s s 

Balliol, Davisville 
Lnurenee Henry T, mkt gdnr n s Davisville 

av, Davisville 
Li.wrence Mary E (wid Robert), h s s 

Dnvlsvllle av. Pavisvme 
Lrwrence Samuel, farmer, h w sYocge. 

Pedford Park 

Lawrence Stephen, florist n s Kensington 
nv, h n s Castlelield nv, Eglinton 

I.i aw John, Inickmkr, h n s Sherwood av, 

i." iiarr Benjamin, packer, h s s Balliol, 

Lepolsky Abram, dairy n s Eglinton av, 

L'Kstuge AA'm J, h s s Broadway av, Eglln- 

Lewis Miss Elizabeth V, tchr Davisville 

Pub Sch, b AVm Anil 
Lewis Miss Lily, steuncr, b Wm Aull 
Linke Emil, shoemkr w s Gordon, h same. 

Leach John, jwlr, bus AVoburn av, Bed- 

ftrd Park 
Lock Frederick, carriage mkr, h 8 8 Mer 

ton, Davisville 

Lock George, prtr, 1 F Lock 
Locke James V, carp, h w s Gordon, Davis 

Legit- James, tn\v, has Erskine ar, Egliu 

Loiulon John, mngr, h n s Victoria av Eg- 

Ki toil 

Lowe Hugh, driver A Bryce, b R Edwards 
Lynn David, Jab, 1 T Lynn 
Lynn John, lab, 1 T Lynn 
Lynu Thomas, utcnr, h s s Erskine av, Eg- 


Lynn Thomas, thresher, h n s Glenwood 

av, Davisvilie 
Lyons Bernard, elk, b e s Y'onge, Bedford 


McCann John, lab, h w s Yonge, Eglinton 
McCann John, fnshr, 1 L McCann 
McCann Joseph, elk. 1 L McCann 
McCaun Lawrence, lab, h w s Yonee Davls- 

McCartney Maggie (wid fieorge), nnrse e a 

A'ctige, h same, Davisville 
McClelend Thomas J, carp, li n s Sherwood 

av, Eglinton 

McColl Duncan, h s s Albertus av, Eglinton 
M< Coll Wm, dairy s s Albertus av. h same 

McCotub James, stereo, b n s Merton Davls- 

iicCormaek George, fanner, h w s Yonee, 

P,t-dford Park 
McCrae Henry, cattle dlr w s Yonge, h 

same, Davisrille 
McCrcady John, lab, h n s Merton, Davls- 

^i 1 lc 
McDonald Murdoch, lab, h s s Albertus av 

McDonald AA T m A, carp, h w s Yonge, Davls- 

McDowell George, mason, h s s Roehamp- 

ton av, Egliuton 
M'-'-:'don Arthur, gdnr, h e s Yonge, DaviR- 

McEldon Arthur J, driver J J Davis 1 A 


cKeir/.if Miss Isabella, 1 Wm Fenvrick 
McKinlay Allan H, elk. 1 A R McKinlay 
McKlnlay Archibald 11, trav. h s s Glen 

Gvove av. Ksilnton 

McKinlay Archibald T, 1 A R McKinlay 
McKinlay AVm W. elk, 1 A R McKinlay 
HcQualn Xanry (wid Ezekiel), 1 J Copelnnd 
Malibett Wm, lab, h w s Yonge, Bedford 

MocDuft John, tmstr, h s s Eglintou av 


Mnguire AA'm, h e s Yonge, Egliuton 
Manning Honora (wid Thomas). 1 J Brennan 
Mrrtln Herbert, brkmn GTU, 1 Wm J Mar 

Martin Wm J, hotel w s Yonge. h same, 

Meson Elizabeth (wid Henry), h n s Mer 

ton, Davisville 
M.-itthews Henry, btchr. h s s Glenwood av 

Mayes Ernest J, janitor, h n s Sherwood 

av. Eirliuton 
Mead Thumas, flurist R T Dean, h n s 

Davisvllle av, Davisville 
Meaker John, mkt gdur n s Davisvllle av, 

h same, Davisville 
Mfavs Richard, srdnr, h s s Merton Davis 

Met St Ry AA'aitine Room, w s Yonge, cor 

Glen Grove av, Eglinton 
Mirtdlebrook Joseph H. elect, h s s Davis 

ville av. Pavlsvllle ' 
MUldleton Robert R, lab, h s s Erskine av, 


Minns Ernest H, elk, 1 W H Minns 
Mirns Walter B. elk. 1 W H Minns 




Stein way Pianos 




PIANO & MUSIC CO., Limited, 

is s:nsr& ST. E-A.ST 

North Toronto. 65 

JIU -ns Walter H, hotel e s 1'onge, Davis 
M.u-nell Charles, coachman, bus Merton, 

. I'avisville 

Mile-hell Robert, gdur. 1 J Stradir 

Metre Jauies, h u s Soudau av, Davisville 

Morgan Mary (wiii Robert), li w s louge, 

Morgan Win, driver, h s s Soudan av, Davis- 

Voses Frank H, i-lk, 1 W J Moses 

\!i MS Wm J, hardware e s Yonge, h same, 

Mi -\ u juhu, btchr, h. s ;> Egliuton av, Davis 

V.uil John, shoemkr e s Yonge, li same, Kg 

Muluus Arthur, shipper, 1 J Mullliig 

MUlins James, dyer, h s s Balliol, Davis 

M,:nia-on Janet (\vid John), h s s Kensing 
ton av, Eglinton 

Muidoch Hugh, baker e s Yonge. h same, 

Murphy Charles, implement dlr w s Yonge, 
h same, Davlsvllle 

ili'.siuu Waller, pies North Tor Floral Co, 
h n s Balliol, Davisville 

Nt'sh Hubert F, comp. h s s Merton, Davis- 

Ni sou Russell F, mngr North Toronto 
Floral Co, h n s Balliol, Davisviile 

Nisbet Colin, florist s s Eglinlon av, h same, 
Davis villa 

XL-let i'eier, bkpr, h s s Egliuton av, 

Norman Addison, electric bejts, h n s Glen- 
wcod av, Davisville 

North Toi-outo Electric Light Power Hse, 
s s Kensington av, kgliuion 

North Toronto Floral Co, Ltd, R F Nason 
mngr, florists, n s Balliol, Davisville 

North Toronto Water Works. Edgar Birch- 
ard eug, u s Kensington av, Elginton 

Orange Hall, n s Montgomery av 

Osier Re? Canon, h n s Hawthorne av, Eg 
lint on 

Ouloott's Hotel, W J ' Martin prop, w s 
rouge, Eglinton 

Page Miss Agues, 1 Miss Evangeline Booth. 

Page Charles, lab, h s s Ball'.ol, Davisville 

Page James, carp, h w s Yonge, Davisville 

Page Stephen, lab, h s s BalUol, Davis 

Fearce Richie E, tnason, h s 3 Merton, 

Pearl John, elk. h w s Yonge, Bedford 

PEAKS JAMES (Davisville & Curl- 
tou Brick Mfg Co), h n s Eglinton av, Eg 
lintou (See card classified Brick Mfrs) 

Pears James jr, brickmkr James Pears 

I'< arson Robert, lab, has Sherwood av, 

Pen-in Stephen A, h n s Soudan av, Davis 

Phi, lips Rev Edward, pastor Eglinton Bap 
tist Church, li s s Roehamptou av, Eg- 

Phil ps Arthur, lab, 1 9 Phlpps 

Phlpps George, carp, h e s Yonge, Bedford 

PiLder Abraham, .dairy u s Glen Grove av, 
h same, Eglinton 

P:> der Robert, blksmith J A Childs, res 
York Tp 

Piuuiger Thomas, caretkr Davisville Pub 
Sc-h, h n s Frederick, Davisville 

Piper Frederick, impl agt, h n s Eglinton 
av, Eglinton 

Plant Herbert, china decorator, h e s Yonge, 

Porter Miss Mary, h w s Yonge, Eglinton 

Pcrter Wm, plstr, h w s Yonge, Davisville 

Powell Rev Thomas W, rector St Clement's 
Church, h e s Yonge, Eglinton 

Pratt Albert, farmer, li w s Yonge, Bed 
ford Park 

Pratt Miss Delima, gro s s Merton. h same 

Pratt Thomas, 1 Miss D Pratt 

Pritchard Charles, jwlr, 1 G F Pritchard 

Pritchard George F, carp, h s s Erskine av. 

Pritchard George F jr, carp, h s s Erskine 
nv, Eglintou 

Pugsley Arthur E, cattle dlr n s Roehamp- 
ton av, Eglinton 

PHI fell Patrick, h s s Eglinton av, DnvN- 

y George G. slipper mt'r w s Yonge, h, Davisville 
Rae Robert, bkpr, U s s Erskiin- av, Kg- 


R; n say Harry K, carp, 1 James Ramsay 
y James, bldr, s s Victoria, h same, 


Kun say James A. elk, I James Ramsay 
R.'irsuy Win, moto, h e s Youge, Eglinton 
Uajner Albert, putr, 1 S Kayner 
lt;.vnor Samuel, putr, h e s Alberta cres, 


Heady Joseph, pdlr, h w s Gordon, Davis 
RI.L'ilt/s Benjamin, brickmkr, h u s Smith 

av, Eglinton 
Richardson Samuel R, phy w s Yonge, h 

si'ine. Kglinton 
Roadie Rev \Vm R, h s s Roehampton av, 

Robinson Alexander, lab, h. n s Broadwaj 

av, Eglinton 
Rchinson George, lab, h n s Castlefleld av, 


Robinson Marshall T, awuing mfr s s Sou 
dan av, h same, Davisviile 
Ro-bsou George, n e s Yonge, Eglinton 
Ro<-he Daniel, mach, h s s Soudan av, 

1 '.-i visviile 
Rccliford Thomas, pdlr, h w s Gordon, 

DC visviile 

Frank, mkt gdnr, e s Yonge, h same, 

I 'nvisville 
Rowllnsqn John H, gilder, h s s Balliol, 

1 '. visvil'e 
Rutherford Miss Ella, tchr Eglinton Pub 

Sell. 1 J C Rutherford 
Rutherford J Campbell, prin Davisville Pub 

Sen, h w s Yonge, Davisville 
Kmherford Margaret (wid James), 1 J C 

Rutherford Miss Tessie, tchr, 1 J C Ruther- 

Ruthven Albert H, candy mkr, 1 H Ruth. 

Ruihveu Harry, h n s Kensington av, Eg- 


St Clement's Church, Rev T W Powell rec 
tor, n s Hawthorne av. Eglinton 
St Germain A'ndrew H, farmer, h w s, Bedford Park 
Sttderson James, whol btehr s s Erskine 

av. h same, Eglinton 
Sauderson Robert H, waggonmkr e s Yonge, 

h same, Davisville 

Saul George, bkpr, h s s Eglinton av, Davis- 
S.iuuders George, potter John Davis & Son, 

h «• s Yonge, Davisville 
Ssr.rders Levi, potter John Davis & Son, 

h w s Yonge, Davisville 
Scott Wm T, maeh, li n s Woburn av, 

Bedford Park 

Sera re George, h s s Glen wood av, Davis 
Sedwick Albert, florist w s Yonge, h same, 

Sievior.r John, gdnr, h e s Alberta cres, 


Sellers John J, lab, h. w s Yonge. Davisville 
Serour Louis R. lah A Bryce, h n s Ken 
sington av. Eglinton 
Seuour Newel L, briekmkr James Pears. 1 

L R Senour 

Sewell Matthew. 1 Mrs L Brunskill 
Sl.r.ckleton James, lab N Garland, h. n s 

St-erwood av. Eglinton 
Shr.ter Edward (Burbidge & Shuter), h w s 

Yonge, P.-tvisville 
Sin pson Alfred, bklyr, h s s Ballioi, Davis- 

Ski'rratt Thomas, carp, h s s Merton, Dayis- 

SI ich t Henry, gdnr, h n s Sherwood av, 

Smith Charles, mkt gdur n s Sherwood av, 

h --nine. Eglinton 
Smith Wm, mkt gdnr w s Yonge, h same, 

Srn erville James, lab, h s s Woodward av. 

Spinel Charles, bklyr, h s s Albertus av. 


Spittel Harry, carp, h s s Aibertus av Eg 

Stcnton Thomas, lab A Bryce, h n s Roper 

av, Eglinton 
Slephenson Win, florist, h n s Erskine av, 


Stewart Kev James W, h s s Victoria av, 


SKI, bard Albert, gdur J S Stibbard 
StilViard John S, mkt gdnr n s Crescent av, 

1-- same, Eglinton 
Stct-kdale Joseph, pntr u s Woburn av, h 

same, Bedford Park 
Sleeker George, lildr s s Kensington av, h 

same, Eglintou 

Stnider Albert, gdnr, 1 J Strader 
Btiuder John, mkt gdnr e s Yonge, h same, 

Sultoii Edward, dairy n s Roper av, h same, 

Taylor Arthur E, jwlr, h s s Woburn av, 

Htdford Park 
Taylor Edward, h s s Glen Grove av, Eg- 


Taylor Elizabeth, dom T A Gibson 
Thompson Heury, grocer e s Youge, h same, 


Thompson Wm, lab A Bryce, b F Emerson 
Thimsou John I, rnfrs' agt, h s s Glen 

Grove av, Eglintou 

Thomson Julius A, elk, 1 J I Thomson 
Tliornbury Harry, lab, h e s Yonge, Davls- 

Tibb Rev J Campbell, pastor Eglinton Pres 

Church, h s s Briar Hill av, Eglinton 
Trmbleson John, lab, h e s Yonge, Egllnton 
Tcmlinson Wilfred R, pntr e s Yonge, h 

snnc, Eglintou 

Tooley Emma (wid John), 1 J Tooley 
Tooley Ernest, eng James Pears, h n s 

Castlefleld av, Eglinton 
Tooley John, wtchman Met St RT Co, h s B 

Kensington av, Egliuton 

Produce Co, Ltd, J M Wilson Manager, 

Produce, Poultry. Butter and Eggs, s » 

Eglinton av, Davisville 
Turner Edward C, elk, 1 Mrs S Turner 
Turner Sarah (wid Thomas), h s s Merton, 


Urnuhart Peter, elk, 1 James Logle 
Varghan Edward, presser, h w s Yonge, 

Vek.-s Miles, hardware, ins Victoria av, 


Reliance Loan & Savings Co, bus Vic 
toria av, Eglintou 

Wa'iusley James, varnish mkr, h s s Davis 
ville av, Davisville 

Ward Charles H, jwlr, h e s Yonge, Eg 
W.'.rde Miss Agnes, tehr Eglinton Pub Seh, 

res Toronto 
Warden Edward B, florist n s Sherwood. 

av, h same, Eglinton 
Warren Algernon, bkpr, I R Warren 
Warren Reginald, elk, 1 R Warren 
Warren Robert, poultry dlr s s Sherwood 

av. h =nme. Eglinton 
Washington George, shoemkr, h e s Yonge, 

Hertford Park 
Washington George jr, shoemkr, h e » 

Yongr. Bedford Park 

Watts George, tlr, h s s Balliol. Davisville Miss Dorothy J E, stenog, 1 Spencer 


W;,iis;h Spencer, h n s Roehampton, Eglin 
Welsh Miss Mary, hsekpr Siiss F/vangellne 

\V( st 1'henezer, elk, h s s Broadway *v, 

West Wm, ins agt, h s s Broadway av, 

Whaley John McL, est agt s s Smith av, 

h -ame. Eglinton 
White Alexander S, ruler, b s s Merton, 


White Wm J C, I Wm T White 
White Wm T, nursery agt, h n s Erskine 

av. EirUnton 

Wbitfield John, lab, h n s Merton, Davis 
Wl-ittingham Agnes (wid Robert), b H 

WiUox Catherine E (wid Simon E), h s s 

Glen Grive av, Eglinton 
Williams Thomas, mkt gdnr w s Yonge, 

h s.-nne, Egliuton 
Wiltshire Edward, farmer, h s s Eglinton 

av, Davisville 
Winter Francis, lab, h s s Broadway av, 

Woadliffe Wm. driver A Bryce, b P Ed- 

"My Valet, 


30 Adelaide St. W. Tel. 8074 

Rents Dress Suits 

CJ A TJP PC ygSEay Toronto Fruit Vinegar Bo. 1 "" 

jU^£Ljy_V/J.^M r BRAND 81 FRONT ST. EAST. 

North Toronto. 


Wcod Mary (uid Janies). h n s Murt.on, 

Weeds Hill II, fireman, ti e s Yonge, Eglin- 

\Yc-oils Miss Maria, tchr, h w s Yonge, 

Wtrth Arthur, elk, h n s Broadway iiv, Eg- 


Wright Wm H. gdnr, li e s Yonge, Eglinton 
Yrrl; Masonic Lodge, Robert ,1 Gibson see, 

w s Yonge. Eglinton 
ZeLgmnn John, mkt gdnr e s Yonge, h 

same. Bedford Park 
?ion Baptist Church, w s Yonge, Eglinton 


(Four miles east of P O) 

Ambrose Laurence, grate clnr GTR. h 

Berkeley av 
Aiderson Sarah (wid Andrew), h WoodbiD(> 


Atiandale Arthur W, seedsman, h Kings 
ton rcl 

Arnold Samuel, brick mkr, h Coxwell av 
Ayland Amos, elk P H Sclimidt, 1) same 
Biker Elizabeth {wid Daniel), h Kingston 


Barber George, mngr. h Berkeley av 
Hints Albert, bkbndr, h Herbert av 
Ban-as Joseph W, lab, h Cassels av 
Bttcheior Richard \V. prop Norway House, 

and welghmaster, Kingston rd 
Hates Ira, road commr Co York li Kings 
ton rd Kev Wm L, act rector St 
John's (Anglican) Church, h Kingston rd 
BeUiam George H. lab, b Coxwell av 
Bell Wm, tmstr, h Elmer av 
Berry Thomas, elk, h Coxwell av 
Bczer Wm C. pritr, h Coxwell av 
Boles John, lab, h Burgess av 
Bolton Ernest, grainer, h Kingston rd 
Booth Joseph, lab, h Cassels av 
Brcnghton Frederick, maeh, h Coxwell av 
Brown James, poultry dh- Coxweil av 
Burtner Samuel, lab. h Coxwell av 
Burns Robert, co constable, h Mary's lane 
Charlton Wm, uphol, h Coxwell av 
Chester Mnthew. wagonmkr Kingston rd, 1) 

Mrs A Darnborough 
Clark John W. mldr, h Coxwell av 
Clay James, dairy Coxwell av, h same 
Clay James H. selector, 1 James Clay 
Coliins Richard, driver, h Kingston rd 
Cornell Wm. carp, h Burgess av 
Cornell Win. carp, b Woodbine av 
Ciapgs Mary (wid George), I G F Dodd 
Craven Henry L, bkr Woodbine av 
Darner Wnrnett, car bldr, h Coxwell av 
Dan borough Annie (wid Peter), h Kingston 

Dt-rnborough Joseph, wdwkr M Chester, 1 

Mrs A Darnborongh • 

Drvidson George, florist, b D Leslie 
Bavis Thomas, foreman, h Berkeley av 
Dodd George F. carver, h Cassels av 
Doyle Arthur, bartndr A J Tymon jr 
Drggan Joseph, b E Bolton 
Earsman Mrs Barbara, mus tchr Berkeley 

av, h same 

Earsmnn Wm, brass fnsbr, b Berkeley av 
Etberingfon Win, lab, h Kingston rd 
Ferguson James, lab, h Kingston rd 
Flatt Zephaniah. core mkr. h Herbert av 
Pox Alsey T, brick rakr, h Berkeley av 
Freeman Miss Annie, fey gds wkr, 1 J W 


Freeman Frank, app, 1 J W Freeman 
Freeman John W, paper cutter, h Kingston 

Freeman Miss Winnifred, fey gds wkr, 1 J 

W Freeman 

Furey Bryan O, supt, b Norway House 
Gallagher John, whol btchr, h Coxwell av 
Galley Charles, bricklyr, h Coxwell av 
Galley Miss Evelyn, elk. 1 C Galley 
Girrett Edward, lab, h Coxwell av! Louis, tlr, h Kingston rd 
Geisel Wm, brass fnshr, 1 L Geisel 
Gorman Hugh, tmstr, h Coxwell av 
Gray George R, hide rtlr Coxwell av 
Grove Julia (wid David). 1 W O Hiteshue 
Ct;thrle Robert, stonecutter, h Cassels av 
Hamilton Miss Laura, h Elmer av 
Handy Alfred, marble works Kingston rd, 

h Woodbine av 
Hei derson Wm H, messr, h Berkeley av 

Hess Harrison, lab, h Btu-.ues- n\ 
Hiss Samuel K. eng, h Burgess av 
Hewitt Isaac, bldr Coxwell av, h same 
Hewitt Win. carp. I I Hewitt 
Hii-fs Emily (wid Wm), h Kingston rd 
Hires Thomas, stmftr. 1 Mrs E Hines 
Ilines Wm, photo. 1 Mrs E Hines 
Hiteshue Jirtiauua (wid John), I S R Hess 
Hiteshue Wm O, carp, h Burgess av 
Hoi son Wm, store cutter, h Cassels av 
Holland Patrick, htchr, b J Gallagher 
Hdmfin Edgar, jockey, 1 R E Holman 
Ho man Fred, jockey, 1 R E Holman 
Holman Richard E, whol btchr, h Kingston 

r( ad 

Ho'ness Wm, carp, h Kingston rd 
Honghan John I, mach, h Elmer av 
Howard Arthur, lab, h Coxwell av 
Jiiclrgon James W, trav, h Berkeley av 
JifLins Henry A. whol btchr Coxwell av 
Jehrston Miss Elizabeth J, cook, 1 K John 
ston . 
Johrston James, bkpr, 1 R Johnston 
Johnston Robert, gro Gerrard, h same 
Johi.ston Robert* J, elk, 1 R Johnston 
Jones Sydney H, £,cct, h Woodbine av 
Jcselln Wm H, carp, h Herbert av 
Keffer Sarah (wid Benjamin), h Gerrdrd 
Kersteman Jessie (wid Wm), 1 Rev W L 


Leslie David, lab, h Herbert av 
Liscomhe Susan (wid George), mkt gdnr 

Berkeley av, h same 

Liseombe Walter, photo, 1 Mrs S Llscorabe 
I.ogan Alfred, Inb, h Woodbine ar 
Long Duke, elk, 1 John Long 
Long John, h Kingston rd 
Lye Henry S, confr, h Norway pi 
if ! ; ( , I ^ n , n . Wallace ' journalist, h Woodbine av 
MALCOLM IIOBF.HT, Po.stmn.iter 

Kingston road, h same 
Mar.der Harry, japanuer, 1 H Mander- 
Mander Henry. Japaooer, h Berkeley nv 
Jr""" w ™ E, japanner, 1 H Mander 
Mead Wm R, architect, h Kingston rd 
Meldrum Carter, tea packer, 1 R W Mel- 

Meklrum Richard W, pntr Kingston rd 
M M ! , lersh Ga ^en, florist, h Berkeley av 

i ar *r m , es W> watphmk1 '. h Kingston rd 
Muller Michael, glue mkr. h Gerrard 
Nicholson Wm, night watch, h Kingston rd 
Norway House; R W Batchelor prop, Kings- 
ion rd 


Malcolm Postmaster, Kingston rd 
Norway Public School, Josiah Palmer prin, 

Kingston rd 
Norway Weigh Scales, R W Batchelor 

weighmaster, Kingston rd 
O'Connor Denis, blksmith, h Kingston rd 
Over George E A, studt, 1 W R Over 
Over Spencer H, acct, 1 W R Over 
Over Walter P, draughtsman, I W R Over 
Over Walter R, trav, h Woodbine av 
Paddon Wm H, varnlsher, h Coxwell av 
Paget Mary (wid Wm P), 1 W H Paget 
Paget Wm H, trav, h Berkeley av 
Palmer Josiah, prin Norway Pub Seh, h 

cor Kingston rd and Woodbine av 
Palmer Walter, buyer Norway Weigh 

S<ales, b Norway House 
P.ii-tou Henry, pntr. h Coxwell av 
Pentz Philip S, I A W Annandale 
Perkins Henry, mach, 1 J W Perking 
Perkins John W, carp, h Coxwell av 
Perkins Miss Louisa, steamstress, 1 J W 


Potter Alfred, trav, h, Herbert av 
Powell Alfred, sexton St John's (Angli 
can) Ch, h Cassels av 
Pov>ell Mrs Elizabeth, caretkr Norway Pub 

Seh, h Cassels av 
Prest Thomas, cricket and football mfr. 

Mary's lane, h same 
lieeve Henry, elk, h Elmer av 
Rlgby Wm, mach, h Burgess av 
RcHson Albert, pntr, h Kingston rd 
Rose Richard, football mkr T Prest h 

Kingston rd 
K< ss Catherine (wid Alexander), h Herbert 


St John's Church (Anglican), Woodbine nv 
Sanderson Frederick M, mach, h Coxwell 

a\ enue 
Schmidt Frederick H, prop Woodruff House 

Kingston rd 

Shcard Alfred W, jockey, h Kingston rd 
Sleppard Miss Annie, tchr Norway Pub 

Seh. res Toronto 

Sju | p"''d c'harlcs, h Berkeley av 
Simpkins Miss Maud, packer, 1 J W Perkins 
hit nli John, express, h Kingston rd 
sieeih \Viii. jockey, 1 J Sleeth 
Smith Richard, l;ii>. h Coxwell av 
South Wm, h Cassels av 
Tew Richard, assignee, h Elmer av 
Tcmipklns Johanna (wid Thomas), h Kings 
ton rd 
Trcughton Wm. steward Toronto Golf Assn. 

Ltd, h same 
Ti-ruer Albert C, driver James Clay, res 

Chester, Ont 
Tyler Samuel W, provision dlr, h Woodbine 


Tyinou Andrew J jr, hotel 1680 Queen e 
Vrutnler James E, elk Norway House 
Vivian Edward T. mkt gdnr Kingston rd 
Vplk Wm, whol btehr, h Kingston rd 
Walh-ce Elizabeth (wid Charles), b Mrs A 


Weir John, mkt gdnr Woodbine av 
West Charles, bkpr, h Herbert av 
West Ernest, elk, 1 C West 
West Harry, musician, 1 C West 
Wheatley Edward, btchr, 1 T Wheatley 
VU-e.itley Thomas, lab, h Elmer av 
Williams John, harness mkr, h Coxwell av 
Wilson Charles, gdnr, h Coxwell av 
Wilson George, gdnr, 1 C Wilson 
Wilson Kate (wid Richard), h Herbert av 
Wilson Samuel, paint mkr. h Kingston rd 
Wood James, mach hd a Herbert av 
Wood John, knitter, h Woodbine av 
Woodruff House, F H Schmidt prop, Kings 
ton rd 

Woodruff Wm D, carp, h Woodbine av 
Woodward Hobert, trav, h Berkeley av 
Wyatt Samuel, jockey J Duggon, b F H 


(Four miles west of P O) 

Adams Joseph, lab Tor Bolt & Forging Co, 
h Windermere av 

Addison George E, paperhanger and care 
tkr High Park Golf Club, h Bloor 

AiKens Robert J, mngr Grenadier Ice & 
Coal Co, res Toronto 

Bcllantyne Rev Wm D, h Thompson 

Bistow Henry, mach Toronto Bolt & Forg 
ing Co. res Toronto 

Beadle Andrew, lab Toronto Bolt & Forging 
Co, res Toronto 

Bethan Frank, tmstr Grenadier Ice & Con) 
Co, res Toronto 

Blackball Peter, mach opr Toronto Bolt A 
Forging Co, res Toronto 

Blackwell Fred J, elk Toronto Bolt & Forg 
ing Co, res Toronto 

Bray Charles, blksmith Toronto Bolt & 
Forging Co, res Toronto 

Breen James, tmstr Grenadier Ice & Coal 
Co, res Toronto 

Brown George S, elk Toronto Bolt & Forg 
ing Co, res Humber Bay 

Brydson David, florist Wm Rennie 1 J 

liijdson James, blksmith, h Thompson 

Brydon James, foreman Grenadier Ice & 
Oca I Co. h Ellis av 

Brydson John, tmstr Grenadier Ice & Coal 
Co, res Mlmieo 

Bi chanan Charles, maeh Toronto Bolt * 
Forging Co, res Toronto 

Bi.rfield George, tmstr Grenadier Ice * 
Cral Co, res Toronto 

C. rless Edmund, lab, h Bertha 

Can- Matthias J. lab, h Windermere av 

Casey Wm, piano wkr, h Taompson 

Christie Margaret (wid James), 1 James 

Chyrchward Robert, mach Toronto Bolt & 
Forging Co. res Humber Bay 

Clayton Alfred C. plmbr. h Park rd 

Clayton Frances G (wid Joseph), 1 J Ellis 

Clnyton Frederick, hingemkr Toronto Bolt 
& Forging Co, h Windermere av 

Cochrane Henry, mach opr Toronto Bolt * 
Forging Co, res Toronto 

Cochrnne Joseph, mach opr, Toronto Bolt 
& Forging Co, res Toronto 

Coe Ann (wid Mark), h Lavinla 

Coe Charles, mkt gdnr Lavinla, h same 

Coe Wm A, tmstr Grenadier lee & Coal 
Co, h Ellis av 

Coe Zachariah, 1 Mrs A Coe 

Doses, Carnations, Violets 

and Decorative Plants. 

Dun lop's 

5 KING ST. W. 

'Phone 1424 
445 YONGE ST. 

•P*lone 4192 

Lanadowne Are. and 
Bloor St. West. 
/telephone 6125. 

An Unexcelled Record 

The Temperance and General 





Corbett Win, tmstr Grenadier Ice & Coal 

Ccrrigan John, ninoU opr Toronto Bolt & 

l-'c. ruing Co, ITS Toronto 

Crev.e '1 homas, niacli Toronto Dolt & Forg 
ing Co. ivs Torouto 

Ctitis Howard, mach Toronto Bolt & Forg 
ing Co. res Toronto 
Dtulcy Jeremiah, mach opr Toronto Bolt & 

Foiging <-'o, res Toronto 
Pev. slmr.v Frank, mach Torouto Bolt 4 

Forging Co, res Mluiico 
Dibit George, mach opr Torouto Bolt & 

Fori:ing Co, res Toronto 
Doyle Kilen G (\vi<l Edward), h Craig 
Doyie Homer S, elk, 1 Mrs !•; G Doyle 
Drew RU-hard. lalt Toronto Bolt & Forging 

Co, res Plumber Kay 
Dyson Arthur, inaeli opr Toronto Bolt Si 

Forging Co, res Toronto 
Ellis John, h Kills av 
Fell Henry, ciig Tor Jnir_' W W, res To- 

rcuto Junction 
Fli-au 1'atriek. lilksmitb's helper Toronto 

licit & Forging Co, res Toronto 
Firming Joseph, blksmith Toronto Bolt &. 

Forging Co, h (Vludcrmere av 
Foulyee Jolni, lal) Toronto Bolt & Forging 

Co, res Ilumher Bay 

Fiteman Alfred, dec Toronto Bolt & Forg 
iug Co, res Torouto 
Flicker Win, macli opr Toronto Bolt & 

Forging Co, res Torouto 
Fu'lan JoL;i, m a ch opr Toronto Bolt & 

1'Vrgiug Co, res Toronto 
Gi u-.niell John, areliitect, h Ellis i-v 
Germain Louis, yard foreman Toronto Bolt 

& Forging Co, res Torjuto 
Giles Isaac, tmstr Grenadier Ice & Coal 

Co, 1 \Vm Giles 
Giles Win. hili Grenadier Ice & Coal Co. 

res Ruraber Bay 
GILLIES GKOIiiiE. Postmaster niirt 

President Toronto Bolt & Forgiug Co, Ltd. 

res Toronto 

Giraul n-i-d. station ngt GTU, res Toronto 
GlMjnv Robert, tmstr Grenadier Ice & Coal 

Co. b Thompson 
Gocld James. iiiadi opr Toronto Bolt & 

Ferglug Co, res Toronto 
Graham John, driver Win Rennie, b Win- 

dei mere av 

Gr; ham Johnston, 1 J Graham 
Grenadier Ice & Coal Co, U J Aikens mngr 

La re Shore rd 
Gi (tin Richard, inach opr Toronto Bolt & 

Forging Co, res Toronto 
Hnpgas John, supt Torouto June Pumping 

fetation, res Toronto Junction 
HaiUday James, maeb Toronto Bolt & Forg 
ing Co. h Windermore av 
Eansford Win, lali Grenadier Ice & Cotl 

Co, res Humbcr Bay 

Hart Thomas, packer Toronto Bolt & Forg 
ing Co. res Torouto 
Hiiwke Frederick, foreman Toronto Bolt & 

Forging Co, res Toronto 
Henry Wm. tmstr Grenadier Ice & Coal 

Co. res Toronto 
High I'ark Golf Club. G E Addlson care- 

tkr. s s Bloor, 1 \v High I'ark 
ni'sdon James, eng Tor June W W, es To 
re nto 

Howard Alfred W, confy Lake Shore vd 
Howard Heber. heater Toronto Bolt & 

Forging Co, 1 A W Howard 
Howard Lome A. mach, 1 A W Howard 
Howard Richard T. asst supt Torouto Bolt 

& Forging Co. res Torouto 
Hi. /.rack David, blksmith's helper Toronto 

Bolt & Forgine Co. res Toronto 
Hi ITman Miss Emma, 1 R B Johnson 
Huffman Win. pickle mkr R B Johnson 
Hi mher Swinery, Isaiah Warner mngr, 


Fjslop James K. lournnlist, h Thompson 
Jenkins Isaac, hoxnikr Torouto Bolt & Forg- 

Inc Co, res Toronto 
Johnson Richard B. pickle mnfr Lake Sbore 

rd. cor Jane, b same 
Kealey Michael, maeh opr Toronto Bolt & 

Forging Co. res Toronto 
Kfaley Roderick K, h:b Toronto Bolt & 

Firging Co, res Toronto 
Keorns Charles, macb opr Toronto Bolt & 

Forging Co, res Toronto 
Fetrns Henry, maeb opr Toronto Bolt & 

Forging Co, res Toronto 
Kelr John. Journalist, h Craig 

I" i :':y Fri'd, mach opr Torouto Bolt & Forg 
ing Co, res Toronto 
Kyle Wui, trav Toronto Bolt & Forging 

C'o. res Toroi.lo 
Leigh Albert, mach Toronto Bolt & Forging 

Co. res Torouto 
Levis Joseph, macb opr Toronto Bo'.t & 

Forging Co, res Toronto 
Lindsay John, mach Toronto Bolt & Forg 
ing Co. res Toronto 

1.' i u George, mngr Wm Rennie, b Thomp 
Md'rcary Richard, heater Toronto Bolt & 

Forging Co, res Toronlo 
McCutclieon Win, tlr. h Wlnderniprp av 
McKinley James, mach opr Toronto Bolt & 

Fi..'':.'ing Co, res Toronto 
y.i I berson Alexauiler. tmstr Grenadier Ice 

A: Coal Co. res Hiimber Bay 
Mackintosh Rev Donald M, h "College st ci- 


M;:rlin Henry, mach Toronto Bolt & Forg 
ing Co, res Toronto 
Mcdland Charles P. agt. h Thompson 
Medlaud Charles R. elk Toronto Bolt & 

Forging Co, 1 C P Medland 
Medlnnd Fred, macb opr Toronto Bolt & 

Forging Co, res Toronto 

Midland Win. mach Toronto Bolt & Forg 
iug Co, res Toronto 
MIM> Sninnel, blksmith's blpr Toronto Bolt 

& Forging Co, res Toronto 
MnlTntt Robert, mach Toronto Bolt & Forg 
ing Co. res Toronto 
S'<,iningside Presbyterian Cliurcb, College 

st extension 

V< : i is Charles J, lal). b Windennere av 
t!\ Illgrnn Joseph, mach opr Torouto Bolt & 

Forging Co, res Toronto 
Mrs- Ron Henry S, pastor St Olave's Church, 

res Islington 
Neil Roy, pckr Toronto Bolt & Forging Co 

res Torouto 
Newman George, mneh opr Toronto Bolt 

<v Forging Co. res Toronto 
O'Rtlcn Bridget (wid Patrick), b Bloor 
O'Brien James, 1 M--n R O'Brien 
! Ogoley Frank, lab Toronto Bolt & Forging 
! Co. res Toronto 
O'lrer Joseph, tlmekpr Toronto Bolt & 

Forging Co, res Toronto 
Oster Henry, lab, h Winder-mere ay 
jstor Robert, lab Grenadier Ice & Coal Co 
1 II Oster 
Parmenter Philip, ranch opr Toronto Bolt & 

I'orglng Co, res Humher Bay 
Payne Charles, tmstr Grenadier Ice & Coal 

Co, res Htunbpr Bay 
Pfel Armour. lab Toronto Bolt & Forging 

Co. h College st extension John It. mn r |, Toronto Bolt & Forg 
ing Co, res Toronto 
Presley Alfred, night watchman Toronto 

Poll & Forging Co, res Hnmbpr Bay 
I resley Wm, mach opr Toronto Bolt & 

Forging Co, ves number Bay 
Price Angus. ml;t gdur Craig, h same 
Prco John, tmstr Grenadier Ice & Coal Co 

I Price 
Pftt Wm F. acet Toronto Bolt & Forging 

< o. res Toronto 

Quiu Wm H. mach. h Windermere nv 
Unlncy Edward, mneh opr Toronto Bolt & 

I'orPtne Co. res Toronto 
Ra'r.ry John, macb opr. Toronto Bolt & 

Forslne Co, res Toronto 
Hn-tiie Thomas, h Kills av 
Rpniilp Wm. seed trial grounds Ellis nv 
Rltchip II .1. nrln Swansea Pub Scb, 1 Rev 

I) Macintosh 

Rrl-erts Miss Fannie L. ] J Ellis 
Robertson Archibald, shirker Toronto Bolt 

& Forirlng Co. res Toronto 
Rol-ertsnn James, mach opr Toronto Bolt & 

Forging Co, res Toronto 
R( ss Garnet, elk Toronto Bolt & Forging 

Co. res Toronlo 
Rmlnnd Alexander, elk Toronto .Bolt & 

Forcing Cn. res Toronto 
Rowntree Charles, mneh Toronto Bolt & 

Forging Co, rps Toronto 
Rule Chnrlps. tmslr Grenadier Ice & Coal 

Co. res Toronto 
Rule Charles F. brklyr Toronto Bolt & 

Forging Co. res Toronto 
Rule John, tmstr Grenadier Ice & Coal Co, 

res Toronto 

Ri rsell Henry, mach opr Toronto Bolt & 
Forging Co, h Wlndermere av 

St Olave's Church, II S Musson pastor, 
Winderinerc av 

SI e!ly Joseph, pat mkr Torouto Bolt & 
Forging Co. res Toronto 

Sli'i.naman Thomas, lab Grenadier Ice & 
Cral Co. res Toronto 

RmilU Rohf-rt, lal). 1 T Smith 

Smith Robert C, agt. b Th'wupson 

Smith Thomas, lab. b Windennere av 

Smith Thomas J. lab. I T Smith 

Smith Win. h Park rd 

So: ervllle John, carp Toronto Bolt & Forg 
ing Co, res Toronto 

Si.roule George W, pug Toronto Bolt & 
Forging Co. h Windennere av 

Slepheus John, supt Torouto Bolt & Forg 
iug Cf.. res Torouto 

Stevenson John, mach Toronto Bolt & Forg 
ing Co. res Toronto 

Stii sou Joseph, inai-h Toronto Bolt & Forg'- 
Ing Co. res Toronto 

Gillies Postmaster. Wiudermcre nv 

Snnusca Public School. D J Ritchie prln, 
e s Windermere flv 

Trylor J Henry, florist Wm Rennie, b 

Tr.dd Cllve L, tinsmith, h Co'lege st exten 
TOHONTO noi.T A\n Fonmxo ro 

Lid, George Gl.lles President. T H Wat 
son Secretary-Treasurer. \Ylndei mere ftv 
(See card Torouto Alphabetical! 

Toronto Junction W W pumping station, 
.Tchn IlacRas sitpf. Ellis av 

Valsey Wm. mach Toronto Bolt & Forging 
_Co. rps Tornnro 

\ r :n.ghan Frederick, mneh opr Toronto Bolt 
& l-^orglng Co, b Wlndermere nv 

Var.phnn Philip, mnrh opr Toronto Bolt & 
Forcing Co. b Lnvlnla 

Warner Isaiah, mngr Humber Swinery, h 

Watson Thomas H. sec-treas Toronto Bolt 
* Forcing Co. Ltd. res Toronlo 

Wntt Arthur, lientcr Toronto Bolt & Forg 
ing Co. rps Toronto 

Wpslpy Charles, lurch Toronto Bolt & Forg 
ing Co. res Toronto 

\\llson David, mneh opr Toronto Bolt & 
Forcing Cn. res Toronto 

Wii dsor Frank, mncli opr Toronto Bolt & 
Fortrluir Co. res Toronto 

Wright Wm. carp Toronto Bolt & Forging 
Co. res Toronto 

Wyse George, mneh Toronto Bolt & Forg- 
'ug Co, res Toronto 


(Four and a half miles n e of P O) 

Altehlson David, lab Taylor Bros, h BP<! 

Aitehison D Frederick, shipper Taylor Bros, 
1 D Aitehison 

AMchlson John F. driver, I D Aitehison 

Altil \<nn Win H. mach. b Gamble nv 

Arnold George, eng Taylor Bros, res Ches 

Ash Clayton F, foreman Taylor Bros, h Don 

AsHiy Wm. gdnr, h Bee 

P.nllpy Beii.iamiu. mkt gdnr Don Mills rd 

Ra'clwin Alfred J. carp, h Bee 

Barker Charles, lab Taylor Bros, b James 
Ri rgess 





OFor Pure ICE. Perfect Delivery. 
• Head Office, Tel. 8Q 

Limited 43 ESPLANADE ST. E. 


North British & Mercantile Insurance Go, 

Telephone No. 423. 







Br-iker Wm, lab Taylor Bros, 1 E Croziei- 
U VI 1.11 GKOIKilO. tieiiernl Store mill 

1'ostinaster, Don Mills rd, h same 
Biker's Hall, Don Mills rd 
Beaver Thomas G, carp, h Bee 
Bellamy Clarke, tuisir Taylor Bros, h 

Hawthorne av 

Bellamy George H, gdnr, 1 C Bellamy 
Bellamy John E, tmstr Taylor Bros, 1 C 

Bonus Arthur, blksmith Taylor Bros, h 

Hawthorne av 
B< MIS Thomas, burner Taylor Bros, res 


Blglow Fred, lab Taylor Bros, b J Burgesu 
Bloye Robert, eng Taylor Bros, )i Don Mills 


Bolderson Wm J, lab. h Woodvllle av 
Braymau Thomas J, farm hd J H Taylor 
Brennan Robert, lab Taylor Bros, res To 

Bitwn Carrol, lab Taylor Bros, res Toronto 
Blown Win, lab Taylor Bros, res Toronto 
I'.ryce Wm, lab Taylor Bros, res Toronto 
Burgess James, carp Taylor Bros, h Wil 
l's in 

Burgess John, carp, 1 James Burgess 
Burgess Win, carp Taylor Bros, h Bee 
L'l.n.s Charles, lab Taylor Bros, 1 S Burns 
Burns Samuel_R, pottej, Don pulley 

{, po 

a, la 

eu Wm, lab Taylor Bros, res To- 

Cntterall Wm, brk mkr Taylor Bros, res 


Cbamberlane Richard, elk, h William 
Ciark James E, mkt gdnr Tape av 
Colborne Edward, lab Taylor Bros, res 

North Toronto 
Cclborne Edward Jr, lab Taylor Bros, res 

North Toronto 

Collins Joseph, mkt gdpr Don Mills rd 
Cooper George, 1 Wm Ashhy 
Coslmpn Charles, gdnr, h Gowan av 
CraMree Agnes (wld Robert). h Don Mills rd 
Cn-mp Dnvid. grocer Don Mills rd 
Cromp Miss Millie, 1 D Cramp 
Creighton Joseph G, foreman Taylor Bros, 

res Toronto 

Ci ostler Edward, tmstr Taylor Bros, h Haw 
thorne av 

Curlew Isaac, carp, h Don Mills rd 
DaMimore John, finisher Taylor Bros, h 

Woodvllle av " 

Davcy Annie (wld Henry), h Don Mills rd 
Davey George K. elk, 1 Mrs A Davey 
Pavey Miss Henrietta, drsmkr Don Mills rd 
Davies George T, brewer, 1 U Davies 
Dnvles Robert, brewer, h Don Mills rd 
Deiavlgne Erederick, lab, h Bee 
DIefenbaker Win T, tclir. h Don Mills rd 
Pixon Wm, pntr, 1 J Munro 
Don Mills Methodist Church, Don Mills rd 
Dn!mage Mills, tmstr Taylor Bros, res Ches 
Dn mmnnd Albert, farmer David Smith, h 

Ton Mills rd 
Dnndas Charles, lab Taylor Bros, res Davis- 

Duiidas Harry, lab Taylor Bros, res Davis- 

Drndas John fc lab Taylor Bros, res Davis- 


Drnn Thomn*. h Don Mills rd 
Emmory Waiter, barber, h Don Mills rd 
Fr.smtnger Juhn. lab Taylor Bros, b C Ped- 


Forrler David, btchr, h Hawthorne av 
Files Win. paper mkr Taylor Bros, h Haw 
thorne av 
Ford Erederick, burner Taylor Bros, res 


Fox Thomas, lab Tavlor Bros, res Chester 
Gan.hle John, prop Todmordeu House, Don 

Mills r>l 

G:,mble John jr, elk Todmorclen House 
Giin\ood Wm. lab. h Don Mills rd 
Gibb Joseph, brkmkr Taylor Bros, res To 

Cllirore David, lab Taylor Bros, res Toronto 
Glln ore Henry, lab Tnylor Bros, res Chester 
Gllu.ore Robert, lab Taylor Bros, res Ches 

Goldsmith James, lab Taylor Bros, res To 

Gfodson Robert, elk, 1 J A Macdoijnld 
Green Samuel, blksmith Don Mills rd, h 


Gnyatt Thomas, lab Taylor Bros, res Ches 

Harrlgan Patrick, mkt gdnr Don Mills rd 
Earrigan Thomas, mkt gdnr Don Mills rd 

Hnriey John G. raufg chemist, Don Mills rd 
Il.'.wthorne Erederick, farmer, 1 George A 

Hayes Wm, burner Taylor Bros, res To- 

l'(. P.tO 

Kax.'eton J A Macdonald, elk, 1 R Hazleton 
II; zleton Robert, druggist, h Gamble av 
ITclm Kobert, setter Taylor Bros, res Ches 
Henderson David, Inb Taylor Bros, res To- 


Mil liitt Henry, btchr Gamble av, h same 
Hedge James, burner Taylor Bros, res 


Humphries George, lab, 1 W G Humphries 
Itt.nipliries Wm G, tmstr. h Gowan av 
ITiirst Moses, lab Taylor Bros, res Chester 
Jenkins .Tames H, horse trainer, h Don 

Mills rd 

JiiUns Jndson. elk. 1 J H Jenkins 
Kfrrns Harry, lab Taylor Bros, res Chester 
Kelley Wm, lab Taylor Bros, h Woodville 


Klir.l.erley John* brass fnshr, h Gamble av 
Kirkpatrlck Thomas, fireman Taylor Bros, 

h Don Mills rd 

Lacey Wm, driver J W Martin, 1 samu 
Latham John, lab Taylor Bros, 1 Wm As,nby 
Lawrence Oliver, lab Taylor Bros, res To 
re n to 

Lee John T, tmstr Taylor Bros, res Chester 
Mcliitosh George, pntr. h Gamble av 
Mel ean Wm, tmstr Taylor Bros, h Don 

Mills rd 
Kaodonald Helen (wid Simon), h Don Mills 


Maedonald John A. merchant, h Bee 
Martin John W. dairy Gamble av 
Maynard Alfred, gdnr, I Mark Maynnrd 
Maynard Mark, brklyr, h Hawthorne nv 
kVachem Thomas, eng Taylor Bros, h Don 

Mills rd 

Meade John, dairy Don Mills rd 
Millar John B, foreman Taylor Bros, h Don 


Monk Joseph, lab Taylor Bros, b R Cham 

Voore Mary A (wid Martin), h Don Mills rd 
A'oore Wm, slsmn, h William 
Mores Arthur, plmhr. 1 O A Moses 
Votes George A, brk mkr Taylor Bros, h 

Bee George H, lab Taylor Bros, 1 G A 


iVi ses Joseph, lab Taylor Bros, ! G A 


Mdmtaln Albert, mkt gdnr Don Mills rrt 
Mi Eardley, lab Taylor Bros, b William 
Mvnro James, gdnr. h DC..I Mills rd 
Mrnro Wm R, fireman Taylor Bros, 1 J 


Neff Edward, pdlr, h Hawthorne av 
Os<rcm Daniel, maeh tndr Tayltr Bros, res 

Tage Charles, lab Taylor Bros, res North 

Po'.'.ar Albert, lab Taylor Bros, h Gamble 

.i\ ei,r<e 

Pedlar Charles, hrk mkr. 1 J Pedlar 
I'tcllar Charles, d.-ilrv Tortjnce av 
Pidlar John, dairy Torrance av 
Pedlar Philip, paper mkr, h Torrance av 
Pcflell Alfred, lab Taylor Bros, h Don Mills 


Pencil Win. iwlr. 1 A Pe-stell 
Pfstell W Alfred, .iwlr. 1 A Pestell 
Powtrpss Mrs Mary. 1 O A Tivior 
Planter Henry B. shoemkr. h Bee 
Pl;:ter Henry E, shoemkr. 1 H B Playter 
Pledger Walter, presser Taylor Bros, res 


P.cnr Thomas, lab, h Don Mills rd 
Feed Erederick, tmstr Taylor Bros, res 

C Hester 

Ueed Henry E. dniry Pape av. h same 
Heed Richard, mkt srdnr Leslie, h same 
Rh.rdon Ri,chard. lab Tnylor Bros, res To- 


Rice Clmrlotte (wid Georcre). h Don Mills rd 
ifice George, setter Taylor Bros, h Haw 
thorne av 
RoV.frts Malcolm, paper mkr Taylor Bros. 

1 T Roberts 
H<. Verts Thomas, lab Taylor Bros, h Don 

Robertson Wm, eng Taylor Bros, h Don 


Rcbii'son Charles, tmstr. b Hawthorne av 
Robinson Wilfred, sbader Taylor Bros, h 

Hawthorne av 

Self Gilbert, brklyr, h Gamble av 
Shea, Miss Bridget, 1 Thomas Dunn 
Shei-pard Samuel J, eug Taylor Bros, h Don 

Mills rd 

Sheridan George, gdnr, h Don Mills rd 
Sl-eridan Uobert, tmstr Taylor Bros, 1 G 

Ship Frank, paper mkr Taylor Bros, n 

Torrance av 

Sin [.son George S, fireman, 1 G Enter 
Sniiib David, litho. h Don Mills rd 
Smiih Harold T, litho, 1 David Smith 
Snvth James, eng, Don Mills rd 
i-'niiih Win A, groom, h Don Mills rd 
Solomon Harry, smith's helper S Green 
Somers John, mkt gdnr Leslie, h same 
T;:y:or Anne (wid George), h Don Mills rd 
Tcylor Bros (John F, George A and Wm T), 

paper, paper bag and brick mfrs, Don 


Taylor Charles McL. student. 1 J H Tnylor 
Taylor George A (Taylor Bros), h Don Mills 


Trylor John, farmer, 1 J H Taylor 
Tcylor John F (Taylor Bros), h Don Mills rd 
Taylor John H, farmer, h Don. Mills rd 
Taj lor Morton, student. 1 J H Taylor 
Taylor Wm T (Taylor Bros), h Don Mills rd 
Terry John, lab, 1 G A Moses 
Thi.rne Miss Mary G, h Don Mills rd 
Todmorden House, John Gamble prop, Don 

Mills rd 

Buter Postmaster, Don Mills rd 
Torrance A A, lab Taylor Bros, res Toronto 
Tic well George, lab Taylor Bros, res To 
Vanluvan George, lab Taylor Bros, 1 Wm 

Vanluvan Wm, eng Taylor Bros, h Don 


Vnughjin George, lab Taylor Bros, res To 
Walker John, tmstr Taylor Bros, h Don 


Westwood John, mkt gdnr, Don Mills rd 
Whyte Elizabeth (wld Alexander), 1 Mrs C 


Why to Win McK, packer, h Logan av 
Wilson Henry, lab, h Don Mills nl 
Wilson John, rtreman Taylor Bros, h DOB 

Wrods Andrew, paper mkr Taylor Bros, res 

York Co 

W(ods Isaac, lab Taylor Bros, res Tori: Co 
Wyatt David, lab, h Don Mills rd 


(Four miles northwest of P O) 

Mayor and Councillors. 

Will be found at end of book. See Indet 

Tcwn Clerk. Win J Conron 
Tiei'surer, J T Jackson 
Solicitor, Charles C Going 

Water Works. 

John Haggas engineer and superintendent 
Henry Fell. 2ml engineer 
A^st Engineer. James Hilsden 

Electric Light Plant. 

Electrician, Janus Hanly 

Kr.glnecr Walter Burgess 

Medical Health Officer- Dr. Mavety 

Chief of Police, Josiah K Royce 

S: i.irary Inspector, Josiah R Royce 

Chief of Fire Department, John Robinson 

Street Commissioner, Peter Moon 

Al I ott Byron, h 230 Loulsn 

Al.ii-i Frederick W, cond CPR, h 59 We«- 
ern av 

Ahell H Reginald, wd carver Helntzman & 
Co. b 01 May 

Abernethy John W. eng CPR, h 47 Pundas e 

Abrey George S. insp Canada Cycle & Motor 
Co. h 2 !4 Wllloughby av 

Adams Annie (wid Sidney), h S3 Hook nv 

Adams Fred, tool mkr Canada Cycle & Mot 
or Co. h Heydon House 

Adams Joseph, grinder Can Cycle & Motor 
Co, res Toronto 

Guarantee Company of North America. 

VIEDLAND & JONES, Gen'l Agents, Mail Building, Cor. King and Bay. Tel. 1067 

H. O'HARA & CO., 

Toronto St. 

Buy and Sell all kinds of 
Stocks for Clients. 


Toronto Junction. 


Adamson Matthew, tool mkr Cuiiuda Cycle 

& Motor Co, res Toronto 
Adaiusoii Robert M, mach CPU, h 131 Mu 
le ck av 

Aildis.m George, elk, h H93 Weston id 
Addisou Joliu, 1 393 Weston rd 
Agin Miss Anuie, tlrs, 1 4U Vine av 
Agin Barber, barber 18 Dundas e, h 49 Vine 

Aguew John H, tlr 20 Dundas e, h 24 An- 

nette e 
Altchisou Marshall, tlr J H Agnew. b 5 

Wilson pi 

A'der \\'in, h 223 Pacific av s 
Aldersou Win T, brkmkr est of M Wake- 

lield, h 21 Albany rd 
A dcm Marion (\vid James), h 34 Fail-view 

Allen George, gdnr Mrs Cook, 1 76 Evelyn 

Allen Lizzie (wid Charles H), 1 57 Western 

Allen Samuel, tinsmith CPR. h 58 Pacific 

av s 

AOF Hall, 114 Hondas e 

er. Solicitor, Etc, 6 Dundas e, h 188 

Arderson Arthur, ftr CPR, h Go MeMurray 

Aiderson Frank, elk Gumming & Co, res' 

Anderson Manly, elk J T McGlenning, res 

Anderson Samuel, fireman CPR, 1 65 Me- 

Murray av 

Andrews Arthur H, slsmn. rms 6 Dundas w 
Andrews Frank, fireman CPR. res Elora 
Andrews Henry, pntr. h 20 F.dmnnd 
Ardrews Jnmes, eng CPR, h 54 Union n 
Ardrews James McL, clnr CPR, 1 54 Tin- 
Ion n 
Ardrcws Miss Jennie, bkpr R G Andrews, 1 

20 Dundns w 

Ardrews John, silver plater, 1 20 Edmund 
Ardrews Robert G, grocer 20 Dundas w 
AiT.ette St Baptist Church. Rev W J Pady 

pastor. Annette w, n-e cor High Park av 
Ant ette St M»th Church. Rev W R Parker 

pastor, Annette w, bet High Park av and 

Quebec av 
AIT ins Charles, packer A Campbell, h 20 

Arthur av 
Arson Arthur T, wd carver Heintzman & 

Co. b fil May 
Anthony Robert, tinsmith E R Rogers, res 

I nmbton. Ont 

Arrhor Albert, tlr H N Morrison. 1 26 Jane 
Ait-r^r Elliott, lab CPR. b 26 Jane 
Archer Jnmes. car repr CPR, res York tp 
Aris Thomns. contr 55 Western av. h same 
Armitaee Aubrey, app Dodge Mfg Co. 1 80 

Apr.ette e 
Aim'tage Charlps S. Inb Canada Cycle & 

Motor Co. b SO Annette e 
Armitnge D-ivid. wks Pugsley, Dingman & 

C>. n 63 Vine av 
Aimitnc-e, pulley wkr Podge Mfg 

Co. h 80 Annette e 

Armitnae Herbert, chain assembler Can 
ada Cycle & Motor Co. 1 80 Annette e 
Ai-n:itnge Wm J N. fireman CPR, h 63 AI- 

huny nl 

Arn-sfrong Charles, fireman CPR, res Tees- 

Armstrong George, pro "500 Dundns w 
Aitrstrone Jane (wid John), h 157 Clen- 

dfnnn rtv 
Armstrong Jnseph. wks Pugsley, Dingman 

& Co. 1 CO Campbell av 

Armstrong Reuben, dry goon's 32 TVindas w 
Am strong Thomas, h GO Camnbell nv 
Armstrong Thomas V. elk CPR, 1 127 Clen- 

cVr.r.n nv 

Arnold FTarry. iriove mfr. h 103 Keele s 
Arno'd John, fireman CPR, h 26 Alhnnv 

Arthurs Jo-eph. brick setter Ont Pavin- 

TV-ifk Co. h Wpsfon rd 
Atchc=on Melville, elk Wood Bro=. 1 Gfi 

McMnrrnv av 

Atkin Frederick H. provs 256 Dundas w 
AlUnenn James, eng- CPR, b Occidental 

Atk:n=on Thnmns A. tmstr Heintzman & 

Co h 115 Annette e 
Atton Fmnk E. wks Pugslev, Dinsman & 

Co. 1 175 Vine av 
Atton George w, action reg Hclntzrnnn & 

Co. h Go May 
Atton Margaret (wi<i James), h 175 Vine av 

Atton Thomas J, action reg Heintzniau & 

Co, 1 175 Vine av 
Austin Mary (wid Henry), b 302 Pacific av 

Ai •'tin Win J. fireman CPR. I 302 Pacific 

av a 
Avary Thomas, macU bd Heintzman & Co, 

res Toronto 
Avi nue Hotel. Mrs A J Smith prop, 203 

In ndas w 

Ayling Frederick, I 201 St Clair av e 
A> !ii:g John, brkmkr, h 2G1 St Clair av e 
Ayling Wm, brkmkr. h 44 Edmund 
Backna John, stone cutter, h 40 McMurray 


Ragnall Robert, wiper CPR. b 29 May 
Rtigsley Herbert, 1 203 Pacific av s 
Br.gsley Wm A, eng A Campbell, h 203 Pa 

c'fie av s 

Bain Francis, ftr CPR, h 26 Pacific av s 
Bain Francis H, fireman CPR. 1 26 Pacific 

av a 
Baire Albert E, cnr repr CPR. h 51 Argyle 

Brine George T, pntr Wilkinson Plough 

Co. h 20 King's rd 

Baird John, steamboat agent 7 Keele s 
Baler Charles, sectlonman, h 127 Churchill 


Baker Edward, car repr CPR, b 31 Hook av 
Baker Harry, helper CPR, h 20 Clendenan 


Baki-r Jared. tlr J C Willard. b 20 May 
I'.,"l:er J, mach Canada Cycle * Motor Co 
Kaldock Albert, cond CPR, b Occidental Ho 
Ball Charles E, app Heintzman * Co. res 

Banks George, mach CPR, h 179 Clendenan 

Pr.i ks James E, eng Tor Sub Ry, h 44 St 

Clair av w 
EM hour Ephralm, flour and feed 137 Dun- 

dns e, h same 

Annette e, h 02 same 

Barclay Wm A, yardman CPR, h 47 West 
ern nv 

Barefoot George R, ftr CPR, h 70 McMur 
ray av 
Brrker Miss Anna E, bkpr Thomas E Hoar 

& Co, res Weston 

Ri-rker Win W. packer, h 53 Victoria Allan hrkmn CPR. 1 84 Pacific av s Charles, studt. I 148 Clendenan av 
Bnrres David G, cond CPR. h RO Annette w 
Br.rnes John J. cond CPR. h 75 Edmund Josephine (wid Sidney), h 280 Pa 
cific av s 

Rimes Miss Leila, stenog. 1 280 Pacific av s 
Byrnes Miss Rachel, tchr Model School, 

1 110 Western sv 
Br.rrett Fred, bricklyr Ont Paving Brick 

Co. res Lambton Mills 
Bi rrie John. trav. h 61 Willoughhy av 
Brrrows Walter S. foreman Canada Cycle 

& Motor Co. b 5 Wilson pi 
Barry Emma M (wid Richard). 1 42 T'nion n 
Brrry Harry F. app Heintzman & Co. 1 42 

Union n 
Brrton Fred, rrpr Canada Cycle & Motor 

Co. res Mount Dennis 

Barwise Jonathan, ftrs' hlpr CPR, h 23 Vic 
Bales Thomas, fnshr Heintzman & Co, res 


Batt Charles H. elk, 1 140 High Park av Charles W, contr 64 Union n, h 149 

High Park av 

Batt Robert J. elk. 1 149 High Park av 
Batt Thomas W. studt. 1 140 High Park av 
Bfittye John F. trav, h SI King 
Bnttye Mrs Sarah A. 1 81 King 
Rarer Charles A. mldr, h 70 Lnnghton av 
B:iwtinhelmer Wm H, driver George Rob- 


Baxter James, h 149 Elizabeth s 
Rr-.y'ey John, gdnr, h 13 Humberslde nv o 
Pean Amos, n'gbrwntehmnn Canada Cycle 

& Motor Co. h 77 Pacific av s 
P.fnr. A J Milton (Godwin & Beane), 1 77 

Pacific av 9 
r-i-fin George, cond Tor Sub St Ry Co. h 74 

Benn Walter, app Heintzman & Co. 1 46 

T'rlon n. 

Beard Thomas, lab, h 33 May 
Peattie Isaac I., prin St Clair Av Sen, h 

">S Media nd 

Pentty Matthew H. confy 1 Dundas e, b 
117 Laws 

Pi over H, eiiij Out Paving Brick Co, 

h 1US Maria 
Btjr.'cy Annie S (wH Alexander), h 34 Hos- 

km av 
Bc-gley John 1C. action fnshr Heintzman & 

Co. 1 34 Hoskiu av 

B'han David, fir CPR, li 20 Dundas 
Bdian Samuel, foreman CPR, h 21 Quebec 


Bc'deu Walter, carp CPR, h 45 Pacific av 9 
Bell Miss Annie, tchr Model School, 1 .177 

Ciendenaii av 

Bell George, foreman Canada Cycle & Mot 
or Co, res Toronto 

Bell George, tinner CPR, h 53 Edmund 
Bell James, bkpr, h 2U2 Willoughby av 
Bell Telephone Co, 9 Keele s 
Bell Will, li 177 C'eudeuan av 
I Bell Wm J. studt, 1 177 Clendenan av 
Pei.nett Charles, s-wituh tender CPR, rea 

York tp 

Bn nett George, call boy CPR, res Tork tp 
Bti nett George A, tone reg Heintzman & 

Co, res Toronto 

Bennett Harry, brkmn CPR. res York tp 
1'cnnett Henry, pat mkr Wilkinson Plough 

Co. res Toronto 
Bennett J Elsworth, elk E R Rogers, 1 59 

V (-Murray av 

Bennett Robert, carp, h 59 McMurray av 
Btnrett Thomas, screw mkr Canada Cycle 

& Motor Co. li 30 Western nv 
Berson W, mach Canada Cycle & Motor Co, 

res Toronto 
Bentley Wm C, piano stringer Heintzman & 

Co, h 4 Llnder 

BERG1X HKV WM. Pastor St Ce 
celia's (RO Church, h 111 Annette w 
Berry Wm H, switchman CPR, b 47 Vine av 
Best James, grinder Canada Cycle & Motor 

Co, res Toronto 
Best Thomas, filer Canada Cycle & Motor 

Co, res Weston 

Beswick Chester A, prtr Tribune, b 5 Wil 
son pi 
Bevington Thomas, sonp mkr Pugsley. Dlng- 

n.nn & Co, h 231 Keele s 
Bevnon John, carp Wilkinson Plough Co, 

h ."36 Davenport rd 
Bichnm Miss Ella J, elk Mrs M Cotterell, 1 

D7 May 

Pighnm George, h 38 Union n 
Kisham George J, brklyr. 1 G7 May 
Biuham James G. elk Thomas E Hoar & 

Co, 1 38 Union n 

B:gl;am John, brklyr, h 67 May 
Bigham J Clayton, slsmn, 1 38 Union n 
Billon John, pntr 58 Quebec av, h same 
Bii fh Reese, tool mkr Canada Cycle & 

Motor Co, res Toronto 

Binnington Edward W. lab CPR, 1 46 West 
ern av 
Biuiiinston Frederick, yard foreman CPR, 

h 157 Vine nv 

Bit mngton Robert, h 46 Western av 
Bh.mngton Robert J, yardman CPR, 1 45 

Western av 

B.nns Allan H, eng CPR, h 42 Union n 
J ii ns Stanley, fireman CPR 
Bint David, metal plshr, 1 54 Edmund 
Bint John, metal plshr, b 54 Edmund 
Bird Elizabeth (wid Wm), 1 36 May 
Bird Win. carp CPR. res Elizabeth 
Bird Wm E. bench bd Dodge Mfg Co, res 

Birrell Miss Christina, drsmkr, 1 78 Pa- 

c'fic av s 

Bin-ell Jnmes. h 78 Pacific av s 
Bin ell Miss Minnie, elk. 1 78 Pacific av s 
Birrell Wm, bkpr, I 78 Pacific av s 
Black Robert, lab CPR 
r-l:;c-Umore George H. onrp. b 232 Keele n 
Black«toek George, h 252 Keele n 
Blnckstock George A. tool mkr Canada 

Cycle &- Motor Co, 1 252 Keele n 
Bla< kstock Henry, bicycle hd. 1 252 Keele n 
Rl< ckstock Herbert, winder. 1 232 Keele n 
Bl:,in James, drop foreer Canada Cycle & 

Motor Co, res Toronto 
Blake John, lab, h 71 Hoskin av 
Blake Joseph, tmstr Ont Paving Brick Co. 

h Weston rd 
Rlnkey Jefferson, plshr Heintzman & Co, 

res Toronto 
Blea Wm. bartndr Subway House, h 24 

Drndas e 

Blencoe George, eug CPR. res London 
Blevins Wm. hrkmn CPR. h 28 Pacific nv n 
Bli wctt Wm H. car repr CPR. res York tp 
•t»-Id Mrs Sarah, h Idl Willnughby av 


Metallic Roofing 

, phnne5481 Cor K1NC and 



Telephone 2274 





Toronto J unction. 


Blcor Thomas, wks Palmer Shoe Co, h 33 

CavKon ]>1 
Biiii'dall Enoch, scroll sawyer Heintzman 

& Co, res Toronto 

Bluudall Frank, cabt mkr, h SI Louisa 
I3oatdmun George, mach, U 2J3 St Clulr av 

Bidteher Carl, case mkr Heintzmon & Co, 

h (i4 Albany rd 
Bogart Miss /.elina, tchr Carlton St Sch, res 

Bolai-d John I', case mkr Heintzrnan & Co, 

res Toronto 
Bolanil Thomas F, plslir Heintzman & Co, 

res Deer park 
Bolton Chu-k'-. wks Pugsley, Diugman & 

Co, 1 140 Mnlock av 

Ec'toii John F, |mrr, li 140 Mnlook nv 
lie Item L'oi-cy, wheel later Canada Cycle & 

Votor Co 
Bend Charles A, case mkr Uelntzman & Co, 

res Toronto • 
Bon. I Miss Klla, elk Wm J Duncan, 1 19 


r.cnd James, elevator opr, h 23 Western av 
Bi>ml James, grocer 2.i'J l>uml.-is \v, li same 
Bond Miss J Concilia, tlrs J U Chlsholm, 

1 2;':2 Duadas w 
Boiui Richard G. ease mkr Uelntzman & 

Co. 1 22 Dundas w 
Bond Richard J, macli Dodge Mfg Co, res 

Bond Stanley, appr Dodge Mfg Co, res To- 

re n to 
Boi d Thomas W, pat mkr Dodge Mfg Co, 

les Toronto 
Bend \Vtn. wks Ptigsley, Diugman & Co, 1 

2:; Western av 

Bcnham Owen, gro I.'IS St Clalr av w 
Boon ('h:n-!< s J. eontr 201 Quebec av 
Booth George, .presser, h 94 I'elham nv 
liooth George, rug ('I'll, ros Owen Sound 
Booth John, lab CI'R. b 12S Annette e 
Booth Walter, barber P Connell, b 121 

1'r.mlas L- 

Borland Charles B, drugs 44 Dundas w 
]'•( sum Fred, brkmii CI'll, 1 fifi Annette 
Belt James IT. rond CPU, h 73 Vine av 
IScpeher David It. carp, li 101 Quebec av 
Bourdon Miss Alice, I 18S Louisa 
Bourdon Arthur J. action fushr Heintzman 

& Co, 1 188 Louisa 

Bi -iii-don Win. ftrs' hlpr CPU. 1 1SS Louisa 
ll<,\vd<'ii James, pat mkr. h :>0 Kdmuud 
Bov.-den James jr. 1 30 Edmund 
Bowering Frederick W, rubber Heintzman 

&• Co, res Toronto 

Bcwors Miss Jennie, 1 43 Clendenan av 
Bowles George M. tobacconist, 1 22 Laws 
Howies John, h 22 Law? 
Bowies Myron L. trav, 1 22 Laws 
Bowman John, brkmn CPU. h 130 Vine av 
Bowsliold Allan N, carp CPU, h 54 Clen- 

dinan nv 
Bowsn'old Miss Annie, elk, 1 54 Clendenai 


Bov stield Win J. elk. 1 54 Clendenan av 
)'(>all Harry, plshr Heintzman & Co, res 

RoNall Win C. plshr Heintzman & Co, h 

28 Carl ton pi 

B&yce Jacob, lab CPR, h 24 Albany rd 
Boyd Isaac, boiler mkrs' blpr CPR, h 134 

C( oper av 

Bc.vd John, ftr CPU, h 02 Pacific av a 
Boy] an John, mkt gdnr Keele, s-w cor An 
nette w, h same 

roylan Win. yardman CPK. 1 J Boylan 
Bojnton David. 1\ 33 Edmund 
Boynton Win. millwright Canada Cycle & 

Motor Co. res Toronto 
Brack Wm W. gro 218 Annette w, h same 
Ernndou Lome, Mr mkr CPR, b 2G2 Dun 
das w 
Brasier Harry E. elk Canada Cycle & 

Motor Co, res Toronto 
Breakenrldpe Archie F.. carp, h 199 Maria 
Ereckenreed Alfred, brkmn CPR, b 99 Wil- 

k/i ghby av 
Ereckenreed Walter, fireman CPR, b 20 

Western av 
Breen Ferris J. case mkr Heintzman & 

Co, b :«) Van Home 
Bilar Paul W L, trav Wilkinson Plough 

Co. res Toronto 

Brlee James, eond CPR. h Occidental Hotel 
Brickells Sidney, elk Wm Davles Cu, res 


Brlcker Ervin. Indry 14 annette w, h same 
Biierlcy James, lab, b 25 Carlton pi 
Bright Albert, cond CPU. n 2Sfi Pacific nv s 

Brlnior John, tlr, h 134 Davenport rd 
lUlllaln Alt red, eng CPU, h 40 May 
Itrork Krncst, cond, h 1 Ferguson av 
BiocklohanU Carrie It (wid James), rrns G 

Dundas w 
Brucklvbaiik Townley J, tinsmith, rms C 

iM-.ndas w 

Brr-ok Henrr, storckpr CPU, h 32 Albany rd 
Erooks Kdward, uingr B & II B Kent, h 23 

Dundas w 

Brei.ks Frederick A, h 28 Medland 
Itroi.m Jaiin-s, pro mcd 2.~>2 Dundas w 
Bi others Bert, mach CI'll, b Q7 UI«h Park 


Blown Albert K, macli, h 59 Uxbridge nv 
BK.WII Miss Alice, wks Laces & Braid Co 
Eiown Arthur, wood wkr Dodge M/g Co, h 

2:i> Davenport rd 
r.riwn H, mach Canada Cycle & Motor Co, 

res Toronto 

B re \MI David A, tray, h 73 Clendenan av 
Bi-own Kliza (wid Thomas), b. 43 Van 

I Ionic 
Brtnu Frederick, wd turner, Dodge Mfg 

Co, b 10 Kingsley av 

Erowu Henry, earp, h 115 Clonflpiitin nv 
llrcwn Henry, mach hd \Vilkinson 1'lough 

Co, res York tp 

Itrcwn Irvln A. elk, 1 7"! Clendenan av 
Brown John, macli, h (i.">5 Weston id 
BICWII John, plstr, h 423 Weston rd 
Brown JosL-phine (wid B F), h 412 Pacific 

av s 
Bi-t-wn Leonard, mail carrier, 1 115 Clnn- 

denan av 

Bvc/wn Mary (wid John), u 352 Weston rd 
Brown Mills, mach Dodge Mfg Co, b ?.(> 

Pacific av 

Brown Robert, crater Canada Cycle & Mot 
or Co, h Campbell nv 
Brown Robert E, blr washer CPR, h 7'! 

Qiu-en's rd 

Brown Miss Ruby, wks Laces & Braid Co 
liienn Win. brkmkr, 1 332 Weston rd 
Brown Wm J, prop Carltou Hotel, 630 

Weston rd 

Brown Win O, 1 Carlton Hotel 
Browni-ldge John P, station agent GTU, 

Davenport station, res same 
Bryant Albert 10, case mkr Heintzman & 

Co, r'.'S Toronto 
Bryant Arthur G, car repr CPR, li 144 Vine 

n venue 
Bryce Ray, gluer Dodge Mfg Co, h 67 

Hook av 

Bryden Wm, eng CPR, res Windsor 
Bryer Charles P. 1 07 Hook av 
Bryer Leticia (wid Raymond), h 67 Hook av 
Bryer Raymond. 1 07 Hook av 
Buchanan Henry, lab CPU, b 39 Hoskin av 
L'ull Alln-rt E, app Heiutzmau & Co, res 

Bull Jliss Carrio, tchr Cr.rlton St Sch, res 

Weston, Out 


Carriages, magons am Sleigbs 

Heavy Bodies Made for the Trade 

Horseshoeing and Builders Iron Works a Specialty 



Bull Joseph R, carriage mkr, 367 Weston 
rd. res York tp 

Ei Hied Thomas, carp CPU. li 39 Hoskin av 

Brnt John, boiler mkr CPR, h 57 Vine av 

Burbidge Robert, case mkr Heiutzman & 
Co, res Toronto 

Bnieher Charles, pntr DoCge Mfg Co, res 

Burcher Wm, putr Dodge Mfg Co, res To 

Burford Ernest W, blrmkrs' hlpr CPR, 1 276 
Annette w 

Brrford Miss Gertie, mlnr Miss F A Har- 
shfiw, 1 276 Annette w 

Bnrford Harriet (wid Wm E), di-smkr 276 
Arnette w, h same 

Errgess Thomas J. sound board mkr 
Heintzman & Co. h 178 Ontario 

Burgess Walter, eng Electric Light Station. 
h ]2(i Edmund 

EnrkP John, orameler Canada Cycle & Mot 
or Co. res Toronto 

Burke Joseph, appr Dodge Mfg Co, res To 
re 1' tO 

Burke Joseph J, app Heintzman & Co, res 

Bi rke Thomas, flier Wilkinson Plough Co, 

ies Toronto 
Burke Thomas, sawyer Dodge Mfg Co, res 

Burke Win, night watchman Dodge Mfg'Co, 

ics Toronto 
Eurkholder Alfred, washing machines, U 143 

I'acitie av s 

Bi:rr George, fireman CPU, res London 
Bin-ill Miss Minnie, cik Sheppard & Son, 

1 78 I'acitie av 

Him Christian K. trav, 1 114 Western ay 
Hurt David, fireman CPU, b 97 High Park 

Biu-t Miss Fannie, tlrs J R Chisholm, b 4fi 

t'lilon n 

Biirt Moses C, trav, h 117 Quebec av 
Hurt Win, clur CPU. h 63 Hoskin av 
Biirt Win J, call boy CPR. I 03 Hoskin av 
Btrtou George, section man CI'R, h 123 

Annette e 
Eurvill James, fireman Ont Paving Brick 

Co. h 12<! Edmund 
Prslicil Albert, app Gasoline Engine Co, 1 

2 to St Cl-.iir av e 

Bnshell Alfred, brkmkr, 1 213 St Clalr nv e 
lli'shell I-Mninnil, tmstr Conger Coal Co, 

h 215 St Clair nv e 
Bushell Edmund Jr, tiorist, 1 215 St Clalr 

av o 

Pi.slu-li Win, brkmkr, 1 213 St Clalr av e 
Bun-hart Charles M, s - ipt, h n s Conduit, 

1 vi- of 104 
Butchart James W, contr w s WIlloLghby 

av, 1 s of 2J2. h same 
Bu.iiher John, tly fiushr Helntzman & Co, h 

14 1 ! Vine av 
Button Wm J W. piano back mkr Heiutz- & Co. h 47 Keele s 
By id Walter, foreman CPU, h 234 Pacific 

av a 

Cain Daniel, yardman CPR. h 112 Dunrtas e 
C;'M-eck John, blksmith's hlpr Canada Cycle 

& Motor Co, 1 Albany rd 
Culiaghau John, lab CPU. b 13 Carlton pi 
C.-n-eron Alexander, groom Wm Maher, b 

37 Van Horn 

Cameron Herbert, fireman CPR. b 20 May 
Cameron Malcolm, lab, h 43 Edmund 
Ciiinp Rev George T, pastor Disciples of 

Christ Church, h 441 Quebec av 
Cr.irpbell Alexander M. supt Confederation 

Life Ins Co. 66 Dundas w, res Toronto 

Queen City Flour Mills, ft Cawthra av, 

li 333 Annette w 
Campbell Archibald W, with a Campbell, I 

r-33 Annette w 

Cr.irpbell Charles R, brkmn CPR. b Sub 
way House 
Campbell Colin, elk Can Bank of Com. res 

Campbell Donald, fnshr Heintzman & Co, 

lea Toronto 

Campbell F.nos M. mngr. h 143 Mulock av 
Campbell Francis. J, fly fnshr Hclntzmau & 

Co. h 53 Union n 
C;.n".pbell Frank, app Heintzman & Co, 1 

13 Union n 

Ct irpbell James, elk, 1 ]3 Union n 
C.nrpbell Joseph, eng CPR, b Subway 

Campbell Laughlln, brkmn CPU, b Subway 

Carrpbell Miss Lizzie, stenog A Campbell, 1 

52 Meilland 

Campbell Neil, bridge bldr 73 Brighton pi 
Ca irpbell Peter, h 104 Annette e 
Crniphell Wm, h 174 Pacific av s 
I'Mnphcll Wm, eng CPU, h GO McMnrray av 
Ci.nipbi-ll Wm S, wks Sub St Ry, h ' 110 

Annette o 
C.-npliu Albert C, ftr CPR, 1 22 Pacific 

av n 
Caii'plin Charles, eng CPR, h 22 Pacific av 

Canada Cycle £ Motor Co, Ltd, H J Hass 

supt. F W Qulnn ncct, mfrs of bicycles 

and motor vehicles, Keele n, cor McCor- 

Caradian Bank of Commerce, Robert C 

Jernings mncr, 38 Dundas e 
Cri avan Edward. blksmHh Wilkinson 

Plough Co, h 117 Churchill av 
Cr.navan Wm B, wood wkr. 1 117 Churchill 

Canning Frank, asst plater Canada Cycle A 

Motor Co. 1 76 Edmund 




Telephones: Office, 2288; Res., 3516 


OF ENGLAND, A.D. 1714. 

Head Office, 

King St. E. 




FINANCIAL and other Corporations. 


Toronto Junction. 

Cai ning Wm S, asst elec Tor Sub Ry, h 110 

Annette e 
Cli-berry Miss Lizzie, tlrs J K Cliisholm, 1 

5i; Hook av 
Cirlierry Miss Mary, tehr St Clair Av ScU, 

1 5(5 Hook av 

Cerl-erry Sarah (wid John), h of. Hook av 
Card Walter D. geul a«t 4(58 Quebec av 
Ci:''efoot AiiStin K, mach CPR. b 2tl Laws 
Ctrlton Hotel, Wm J Brown prop, G3(i 

Woston rd 

Curl ton James, lab. b Cnrlton Hotel 
C:.rlton St Public School, S E Jewitt prin, 

8 s Carltou, 1 e King 

H Ford I'M. 28 Davenport rd 
Ormichael Edward, lireiuan CPR, b lie- 
Murray av 
Carmieliael James A O, teller Can Bank of 

Com. res Toronto 
Ornoy James, brkmkr est of M Wake-. 

fleld, res Toronto 
Curler Charles, \vd carver Helntzman & 

Co, cos 'I'oronto 
Carrnth Win J. fnslir Elelntznun. & Co, b 

30 Van Home 
Ccrmthers Walter B, fireman CPU. h 51 

Western nv 

Carscadden Robert, h 238 Annette w 
Cm son David J, brkmn CPU, h 72 Annette 


Cr.rson Henry E. wiper CPR, 1 211 May 
'Carson Margaret E (wid Harry L), bdg hse 

2i May 

Carson Robert, brkmn CPR. 1 50 Annette w 
Caison Samuel, brkmn CPR. 1 5fi Annette w 
Cars-on Wm, coud CPU. h 111 Mnlock av 
Carson Win J. lirkinn CPR. h 70 Annette e 
Carter Harold, 1 78 Queen's rd 
Carter John, h 782 Queen's rd 
Carter Thomas, clothing cutter, U 140 Clen- 

dinan av 
Csrter W Walter, c'.k C J Musson, 1 140 

( luidennii av 
Crsey Edward, braid foreman Laces & 

Braid Mfg Co, res York tp 
Ciifsan Artliur, fireman CPR. h 50 Union s 
C;-ssidy Win. trav, h 123 <,'lendonan av 
Catlicart Robert A. svo 155 Dundas n Miss Maud, bkpr Wm Davies Co, Ltd 

(br). res Toronto 

Ctnnd Martha (wid Edward), 1 104 Conduit 
Chandler Frederick, brkmn CPR, h 130 

Quebee av 

ChJ.pman Thomas, btohr 55 Davenport rd 
CBrrlton Miss Armenia, tcbr Carlton St 

Sch. 1 10:i Willonghby av 
Cliarlton Richard McL jr, civ eng, h 10:j 

WilloiiKhhy av 
Ch.-iry MKs Mary E, tcbr Carlton St Sch, 

1 70 Dunilas e 
Cu'sholm Alexander, boots and shoes 26 

F undas w, h same 
Chisholm George M. tool mkr Canada Cycle 

ifc Motor Co. h 102 Clendenan 
Chisliolm John K, tlr 1G Dundas w, h 144 

Annet f <? v 
Cl i ate Herbert C. screwmkr Canada Cycle 

,V Mi tor Co. h 51 Campboll av 
Cliiy=lor Mintin A, tchr High School, b 232 

Lakevlew av 

Clml'h John A. elk W J Sheppard, 1 40 May 
ClMibli Samuel J, case mkr Heintzman & 

Co. h 40 May 
Churchill Joseph, action reg Heintzman & 

Co. res Toronto 

C': rk Alexander H. h nC Clendenan ar 
Clark Gentle E. niiieli. h 38 May 
Clark Jane (wid Robert), I 284 Pacific av s 
Chirk Robert, lab. h ]S2 Ontario 
C'rrtt Snmnel, poi-ier. li 101 Pellinm nv 
Clr.rk Win, mldr Wilkinson Plough Co. res 

Clnrke Charles, eng CPR, h 50 Clendenan 


Clnrke Charles P. brkmn CPR, h 43 West 
ern av 

Clnrke John S, carp CPR, h 41 Dniions 
Clay Harry, fireiran CPR. b 34 Albany rd 
Clay Wm. fireman CPR. b 34 Albany rd 
Clayton .1 Stuart, assembler Can Cycle & 

Votor Co. res York tp 

Clr.yton Walter C. asst stock receiver Can 
ada Cyi-le & Motor Co. 1 Alexandci av 
Clfland Archibald, carp, h 35 Hoskin av 
Cieland Ernest, call boy CPR. 1 35 Hoskin 

Clehirid Wm. bicycle hd Canada Cycle & 

Motor Co. 1 130 Dnndas w 

dimmer Abram H, trav, h 232 Lakeview 

l I I \UK.\AX GEORGE W, I'hjxician 

1:;0 Uund-is w, h same 
Coady John, bench hd Dodge Mfg Co, res 


Ci ( hraiie John, eng CPR. h 124 Pacific av s 
Code Walter, section foreman CPR, h 123 


Coe Mrs Elizabeth, nurse 055 Annette vr 
Coe Richard, constable, h t;55 Annette w 
Coker Henrv, eoud Cl'R. h 50 Edmund 
Coll eck Franklin C C, prill High School, h 

142 Louisa 

r .'clbeek Lecinda (wid Edward). 1 142 Louisa 
Cole George, tool mkr Canada Cycle & 

Motor Co. res Toronto 
Coitman Edward, lireman CPR, res Streots- 

Coleuiau John, blksmith's helper CPR. b 144 

Vine aj~ 
Cc'boun Wm. wks Pugsley, Dingman & 

Co, h 00 Quebec av 
Col'ey John T, bartndr Peacock Hotel 
Collins Arthur, elk CPR, h G4 Pacific at s 
Ccllins Henry J, varnisher Heintzman & 

Co. res Toronto 

Ccliins John, tlr A A Ives, b Elizabeth 
Collins Robert J, miller A Campbell, b Sub- 

v. ay House 
Cclvin Miss Emmellne, bkpr Tor Sub St 

Ry Co, 1 20 Victoria 
Colvin John, carp CPR, h 20 Victoria 
Colvin Jchn H. stndt. I 20 Victoria 
Coivin Miss Llbbie, tlrs J R Chisholm, 1 20 


Colvin Miss Mary E, tlrs, 1 20 Victoria 
Cf.,vin Wm X. tchr, I 20 Victoria 
Conger Coal Co, W E Hoge miigr, 22 Dun 
das e. Michael Jackson miigr, 104 Vine av 
Conn Thomas J, flremat CPU. h 37 Keele s 
Council Alexander, brkmu CPR, 1 43 Van 

Cornell Anastasia (wid John), 1 51 Van 

Home ' 

CiLiiell Edward, eng CPR. h 51 Van Home 
Cor tell Hugh, can checker CPR, 1 43 Van 


Ccr.nell Miss Isabella. 1 43 Van Home 
Ccimell John, coud CPR, h 1G7 Vine av 
Coi.nell Miss Martha, wks Pugsley, Ding 
man & Co, 1 4.'! Van Home 
CoiT.ell Peter, barber 3 Duudas e, h same 
Ccnnell Wesley, driver, 1 43 Van Home 
Cornolly Edward, excavator, h 54 Carlton 
C( r.iiolly Edward J, elk Padget & Co, 1 54 

Conrolly Frederick C, app Heintzman & 

Co. 1 54 Carlton 

Ceimorg Charles, eng CPR. 1 1 Laws 
Cctnors John, fireman CPR, res London 
Ci r.ron Stanley, lub Dodge Mfg Co, b 5 

Wilson pi 
t'OMtOX W>I .1. Town Clerk. Town 

Hall, 16-1S Keele s, h 139 Pacific av s 
Ccnroy Timothy, lab CPR, h 96 Pelham av 
Constantino John, architect, h 1S1 Keele s 
Coistantine Joseph A, elk Molsons Bank, 

1 181 Keele s 
Cri:stantine Miss Susie, kinder tchr Carlton 

St Sch. 1 181 Keele s 
Coi sterdine Joseph E, sawyer Dodge Mfg 

Co. res Toronto 
Ccok Miss Auuie. stenog Canada Cycle & 

Motor Co, 1 40 Pacific av n 
Cook Frank, brkmn CPR. h 16 Hook av 
Cool; James, carp CPU. h 27 Hoskin av 
COOK Ll'CY (wid John L). h 7« 

Evelyn cres 

Cook Mrs Mary, h 40 Paclpc nv- n 
Cook Nicholas, plshr Canada Cycle & Motor 

Co. h 71 Kilmund 
Ccok Thomas, tool mkr Canada Cycle & 

Motor Co, 1 77 Edmund 
Crok Wm. action fnshr Heintzman & Co, 

1 -10 Pacific av n 
Cook Win 7. cabt mkr Heintzman & Co, h 

5:; Churchill av 

Cookscy Henry, elk. 1 233 Keele s 
Cicksey Thomas, lab. h 213 Keele s 
Crop A. assembler Canada Cycle & Motor 

Co. res Toronto 
(.'coper Alexander J, tlr J C Wlllard. b 183 

Pacific av 
C( oper Win, fireman CPR, h 71 McMnrray 

a vi imp 
Co; pin',' GIWCO E, maeh Gasoline Engine 

Co. res Toronto 
Coidinsrly James B, ftrs' hlpr CPR, rins G 

r-ni! ins w 

Coii.ish Frank, moto Tor Sub St Ry Co, rtt 

York tp 
Ccicock Aubrey, brkmn CPR, 1 16 Clen- 

derau av 

Ccrnock James L, car repr CPR, h 16 Clen 
denan av 
Cornwall Walter J, yardman CPR, h 125 

Drndas e 
Cdlcrell Margaret (wid Thomas), fey gd« 

GO Dundas >». h same 
Ccty Peter, lab CPR. b Gl Annette 
Coulter Alberr H. carp, h 2S!) Maria 
Coulter Alexander. ,ilstr. h 44S Weston rd 
Ccn'ter George, blrmkr's hlpr CPR, h 31 

Coulte - Miss Margaret L, tchr Model School, 

b I'.lfi Louisa 
Coulter Richard A, car checker CPR, h 35 

Vlnn av 
Coulter Wm J, foreman Heintzman & Co. 

res Toronto 
Coi sins Albert B, app Ileintzman & Co, 1 

40 Van Home 

Coi, sins Charles, tmstr, h 40 Van Home 
Crabh Charles, bolt ctr Wilkinson Plough 

Co. b 57 Edmund 
Crabtree Edward, lab Ont Paving Brick 

Co, res York tp 

Ciaig Robert W. cattle dlr 05 Hook av 
Crawford Frank W. asst foreman Canada 

Cycle & Motor Co, h 79 Elizabeth 
Crawford Frederick, car tracer CPR. b Sul>- 

vay House 
Ciawfnrd Samuel J. foreman Canada Cycle 

& Motor Co, res Toronto 
Cil'ly Robert, m-ich opr Canada Cyrle \- 

Motor Co, res Toronto 
CrCly Thomas. bk-yHo hd Canada Cycle & 

Votor Co, res Toronto 

Crilly Win. inai-h opr Canada Cycle & Mot 
or Co. res Toronto 

Cvr-ckett John, carp CPR. h 7G Dnnrtns 
Croney James, fireman GTR, 1 3(5 Fairvievr 


C'erey John, clnr CPR. 1 3G Fnlrvlew av 
Crrrey Wm. ftrs' hlpr CPR, h 3G Fail-view 

Crossan Leona (wid Robert), h 100 Dundas 

Crof-fptt John B, elk CPR, h 1G1 Clendemn 

a\ enuo 

Crrwe Wm. fireman CPR. b 20 May 
Cr.Iham John. carp, h 14 Charles 
Crl<en Th-omas, fnshr Heintzman & Co, res 

Tt ronto 
Crlierton Thomas, putr Wilkinson Plough 

Co. b 25 M»dlnrd 
Cr!ley Wm H, bellyman Heiutzmnn & Co. 

ies Toronto 

Cnlross David B, action reg Heintzman & 
__Co. h 70 Laws 
Gumming George H (Cummlng ,t Co), h 5u 

r «mlng w 


Toronto Junction 

Telephone 39, Junction 

CREELMAN BROS. TYPEWRITER CO., %&«£/£ 15 Adelaide E. 

Typewriters Rented. Ribbons, Carbons, Papers, etc, 'Phone 2251. J. J. SEITZ. Manager. 

Toronto June linn 


dimming & Co (George It Cumuiing), un- 

O-crTaUvrs, 55 Dundas. w 
Cui niugs Hubert C, carriage trimmer, h 

447 Quebec av 
Cunclngs \Vm H, carriage trimmer, 1 447 

Qi i-bcc av 

Cunnlugtou Win J. vet surg SI Quebec av 
Ci. licit Harry G. foreman Canada Cycle & 

Motor Co, h c,2 King's rd 
Cv.riett John C. plslir Canada Cycle & 

Motor Co, res Westou 
Ci.nan Thomas, section man CPK, h 147 

Vint? av 

Cm rt y Itobert, eng, b Mrs E Lake 
Curie Miss Anna, tirs J C Wlllard, 1 116 

l-mitlas L- 

Currle Barbara (wid Robert), carpet weav 
er IK! Dumlas <', h same 
CLirle .lames, wks Pugsley, Dingman & 

Co. 1 llii Dnndiu e 
Ci-stom Itousc, Wesley Pearson collector, 

10-12 Van Home 

Cv.tler Walter, elk, h 215 Pacific av s 
Cnyler Miss Louise, nurse G Dundas w 
Dale George, moto Tor Sub St Ky Co, res 


DC ey Jeremiah, plslir Canada Cycle & Mot 
or, h !I7 Hook av 
Dalton Mi.vs Alice. 1 07 Annette e 
laHon Wm J. founder 112 Edmund 
Dniibrook John H. driller Wilkinson Plough 

Co. 1 58 Campbell av 
Dlil-ldt Edward, car repr CPR, 1 188 An 

neltc w 

D.-nielx Francis, lab, h 3 Carlton pi 
Daniels George, switchman CPU, res 1'ork 

Diirlels Thomas, caretkr Annette St Meth 

Clurch, h 1SS Annette w 
Dm Ids Win, wheel lacer Canada Cycle & 

Vtitor Co, 1 1SS Annette TV 
Dai'gbton Arthur, poultry air 59 Elizabeth 
Daughton Thomas," linemnn. h 77 Edmund 
Dnennort Methodist Cluirch, Rev H S 

Matthews pastor, Davenport rd, opp 

Churchill av 
Davenport I'ostofflce, Wm Rowntree PM, 

HI!) Davenport rd 

Davenport Station. John P Brownrldge sta 
tion agt. Davenport rd. cor Campbell av 
Dnyey AUicrt, chipper, h 40 Queen's rd 
Di;vey John, carp, h 220 Quebec av 
Davcy Samuel J, harness mkr, h 38 Ui- 

brldge av 

Davldge Arthur R, 1 44 Van Home 
La video Frederick J, fireman CPR, h 47 

Van Home 

Davldgp George, tmstr, h 96 Charles 
Qnvldxe Thomas J, fushr Helntzman & Co, 

res Toronto 
Davldge Win TT. caretkr Carltou St Fub 

Sch. 1\ 2- King 

Dnvldge Win II jr. pntr's hlpr, 1 27 King 
Davidson Hugh, eng CPR, h 180 High Park 

Davidson James L. tool mkr Canada Cycle 

& Motor Co. b 51 Pacific av s 
Dnvles Carlton. assembler Canada Cycle & 

Motor Co. b Mrs E Lake 
Drvles Wm Co. Ltd (br), btchrs, F -Irwin 

itigr, 10-12 Dnndas w 
Eavis Bros (Richard J Davis), express, 101 

Drndas e 
Davis David, cond Tor Sub St Ry Co, b 

73 MeMurraj av 

Da\is Harry, fireman CPR, res London 
Davis Harry R (MacDonald & Davis), b 113 

Dundas w 
Davidson John, lab CPR, h 77 McMurray 

a^ dine 

Davis Miss Mary, drsmkr. b 45 Vnn Home 
Davis Oliver, wheel wrapper Canada Cycfi? 

& Moto- Co, 1 4 Ferguson av 
Davis Oliver N, lab Canada Cycle & Motor 

Co, h 4 Ferguson av 

Davis Richard J (Davis Bros), h 101 Dun 
das u 

Da\is Win, show case mkr, h OR Queen's rd 
Davis W:n S. oond CPR. h 58 Union s 
Da\isnn J Hareourt. urkmn CPK, h 57 

Western av 

Dean John, farmer, h 38 Van Home 
Dtan Wm J. brkmn CPR. b 06 H«ok nv 
Dempster James H, packer A Campbell, 1 

Dundas w 
Dennis Alfred wks Pugsley, Dingman & Co, 

U a I.inik"- 

Dennis Arthur, h 75 Hoskln av 
Dennis Thomas, wks Pugsley, Dingman & 

Co. h 118 Dundas e 
Dtrry Joseph H, pntr 506 Dundas w 

Despond John II, elk Avenue Hotei 
D'Estenv Annie (wid Robert), h 207 Qne 

bee av 
Dc-ttman George W, tone reg Heintzman i. 

Co, h 52 Laws 

L'tvereux John, lab, h 58 Cooper av 
IHvins Daniel H, elk, 1 45 Lakeylnw av 
I.v\ius .Tames Li, lab. li 45 Lakeview av 
Devins Miss Leta, tiemkr. 1 45 Lakeview av 
Devlin Sarah J (wid James), ti n s St Clair 

av. 1 w railway crossing 
Dew Wm. lab Canada Cycle & Motor Co. j 

h 41 Vine av 
De-war .Tamos, case mkr Heintzman & Co, h 

153 Elizabeth s 
Deye Henrietta F (wld George H), h llii 

Mulock av 

Deye Henry, elk, 1 13G Mnlock nv 
Deye Win A, umgr, 1 130 Mulock av 
Dickie John B. cond CPU. h 41 Victoria 
Dighy Ja-vis. brknikr, h 17 Hoskln. ar 
Digb.v Robert, express 18 Medland 
Dill Thomas, »ach Dodge Mfg Co, res To 

rill Wm, mach Dodge Mfg Co. res Toronto 
Dli.gman Archibald W (Pugaley, Dingraun 

& Co), res Toronto 
Disciples of Christ Church. Rev G T Camp 

pastor, s s Annette e, cor Keele s 
Dison Alfred, brknin CPR. 1 44 Union 
Di>on Edward, yard foreman CPU, h 165 

Clendenan av 
Donne Ira, night watchman Wilkinson 

Plough Co, res Toronto 
Doane Pcrcivnl E, time kpr Canada Cycle 

& Motor Co, res Toronto 
Dcl'son John, filer Wilkinson Plough Co, 

res Toronto 

Dcbson Mark, mldr, h 7 Carlton pi 
Doctor Pert, app CPR, b 97 High Park av 
Dodds John W (Hillock & Dodds), h 39 

Dnndas a 
Dodds Thomas, eng Laces & Braid Co, b 

He>ydon House 
Podge Mnfg Co, Ltd, Samuel May Pres, 

Charles F Wheaton sec-treas. H S May 

viee-pres, pulley mnfrs, s s Pelham av, 1 

e Edmund 
Dco'son Richard, carp Ont Paving Brick Co, 

res Toronto 

Dolby Robert, Inb, h 8(5 Charles 
Di Uery Earl, lab Ont Paving Brick Co, 1 

Keele n 

Doi,ald Robert, cooper A Campbell, b Un 

Df.uer John H, carp CPR, h 183 Pacific av i 
Dopfer Isndore, hlpr Canada Cycle & Motor. 

1 Elizabeth 

Deuhleday John, elnr CPR. h 190 Mnrla 
Douglas Alfred, lab Ont Paving Brick Co 

b Carlton Hotel 

Prnglas Edward. Inh, h 150 St Clalr av e 
Dorp-las Roger, 1 150 St Clalr av e George B, screw mkr Canada 

Cycle & Motor Co, 1 38 May 
Douglass John, eng CPR. h 57 May 
Dove Arthur J. supt, h 58 Hoskin nv 
Dove Matthew, foreman Wilkinson Plough 

Co, res Toronto 

Dowling George, eng CPR, res London 
Down Wm H, CPR, I Dundas 
Dow son John, brk mkr. h 178 Maria 
Doyle Homer, elk MacDonald & Davis, res 


Doyle James J, gro 286 Dundas w. h same 
Doyle Julia (wid James), h 93 King 
Eirnper Miss Annie, drsmkr. 1 117 Annette e 
Dray Richard, fireman Ont Paving Brick 

Co. h 04 Campbell av 
Drew James, fireman CPR res London 
Drrwitt Charles, bicycle hd Canada Cycle & 

Motor Co, res Toronto 

Drewltt Emily (wid Frederick), h 56 An 
nette w 

Drewltt Wm P, eng CPR. b 30 Annette e 
Drtscol! James, planer hd Dodge Mfg Co, 

res Toronto 

Drudlng Francis W, plshr, 1 123 Mnlock av 
Drrding John F. plshr Canada Cycle & Mot 
or Co, h 125 Mulock av 
Druery Walter, mach Dodge Mfg Co, res 


Drumma Andrew E. tlr 502 D\mdns w 
Dirry Charles, signal man GTU, res North 


Dufflll Alfred, stmftr CPR. 1 SS Queen's rd 
Duffill F E, assembler Canada Cycle & 

Motor Co, res Toronto 
Duft.'Il Robert J, cabt mkr CPR, h 88 

Queen's rd 
Dui'<an Adam, moto, h 93 Edmund 

Duncan James, driver, 1 •"> Edmund 
Duncan Thomas A. i-a.piM'U, h 300 nil- 
Ici'ghby av 

in Wm J. confy and cigars 7 Dundas e 
Dundas Francis, lali, h 54 Western av 
licndas James, cond. 1 54 Western av 
Drndas John, moto, 1 54 Western av 
Di-ndin Harry, yard foreman CPR, 1 72 Hos- 

Diindin Walter, call boy CPR, 1 72 Hoskin 

Dv.uclin Wm, yardmaster CPU, h 72 Hoskin 

Dunlevy John D, pntr Wilkinson Plough Co, 

res Xoith Dovercourl 

Dunlop James, mach Canada Cvcle & Mot 
or Co, ivs Toronto 

Dunlop Wm, car rcpr CPR, h 57 Charles 
D\ un Barbara (wid Alexander), 1 115 An 
nette e 
Drnn Frederick W, acct Canada Cycle & 

Motor Co, res Toronto 
Drnn F Georgetl foreman Canada Cycle & 

Motor Co, res Toronto 
Dunn Silas W. lab CPR, b Avenue Hotel 
Dv.nseath Lewis, fnshr, 1 52 Union n 
Oviriiin Miss Ellen, 1 112 e 
Durrant Henry, b 37 Queen's rd 
Durrani Win, car repr CPR, b 37 Queen's rd 
Du Veruet Rev Frederick H, rector St's (Anglican) Church, h 238 Lake- 
view nv James, mach Dodge Mfg Co, res To 
re L to 
Dyer Richard W, carp CPR, h 130 Pacific 

Eades Miss Elizabeth, tlrs, I 36 McMarraj 

E. des George, fireman CPR, h 45 Hoskin 

Eadcs Richard W, fireman CPR, h 38 Mc- 

> f urray av 
Eades Ruth E (wid Wm), h 36 McMurray 


Errtle George, lab, h 57 Cluirchill av 
Eadie John, bench hd Dodge Mfg Co, I 57 

Churchill av 

Eadie Samuel, pulley mkr. 1 57 Churchill av 
Fcdie Thomas W, bench hd Dodge Mfg Co, 

1 57 Churchill av 
Eadie Wm, lab, I 57 Churchill nv 
Etgen Thomas H, supt Heintzman & Co, 

res Toronto 

Earl J:\mes S, elk, h 116 Annette e 
Earls Frances Iwid Robert), h 15 Victoria 
Errls James G. tlr, 1 15 Victoria 
F.rrls John, mldr, 1 15 Victoria 
Earls Thomas E, fireman, 1 15 Victoria 
Eastwood Miss Gertrude L, tchr High 

School, b 200 Pacific nv s 
Eaton Albert E, fireman CPU, 1 123 An 
nette o 

Eaton Annie (wid George), h 123 Annette e 
Elton Miss Jessie, bkpr. 1 123 Annette e 
Ecclestone Robert C, elk Canada Cvcle & 

Motor Co, h 2."3 Clendennn av 
Fdgar George W. sec, h 372 Annette w 
Edgar Joseph, brkmn CPU. h 40 Annette e 
Edington James, lab, h 186 Maria 
Edmonds Lewis, fireman CPR, b 144 Vliitj av 
Ednards Jane (wid Henry), b 99 Mnlock ay 
E'der Clarence, fireman CPR, b 29 May 
Elder Georae, fireman CPR. b 2:) May 
Klectrie Light Station, James Hardy 'supt, 

w s West on rd. 1 n of CPU track 
Eliiott Rev Joshua, h 120 Quebec av 
E'llott Wm E. lirkmn CPR. b 61 May 
E'llott W George, lab, h 17 Lambert av 
K'lis Miss Annie B, tchr Model School, 1 

104 Lakeview av 
Ellis George, app Wilkinson Plough Co, 1 10 

KinffKley s>v 

Ellis Hannah (wid Robert), h 10 KlngsleT av 
Ellis Isaac, signalman GTR, res Toronto 
Ellis James A, architect, h 220 Clendenan 


Ellis Peter, Police Magistrate, res Toronto 
Ellis Phoebe (wld George), hsekpr 78 King's 

r< nd 
Ellis Wm. blksmlth Wilkinson Plough Co, 

h 92 Cooper 

Eills Wm, firs' hlpr CPR. h Weston rd 
Emitt Wm A, cooper A Campbell, b King's 


E. g'ish Samuel, barber, 1> Occidental Hotel 
F.sby Thomas, brkmkr. b Carlton lintel 
Evans Alexander, lab Ont Paving Brick Co, 

h Wcston rd 

Evans Jesse, lab. h 166 Pacific av s 
Evans Jnhn M. fruits 85 Dundas w. h same 
I'.^.-ins Thomas, fireman CPU. b 29 May 



TlieJAS. MORRISON BRASS MFG. CO,., Limited. A DE fA?D~f £. w. KJ 

We Make a FULL 

DC- vr^ni ir*u SHORTHAND and 79 ADCLAIO >i. t., 


Fel. 1343 for anything in our line. Skilled stenographers z.,d Typewriters on call. Copying Pent for and delivered promptly. 


Toronto Junction. 


Everson John, ranch CPR, h 244 Keele n 
Exard Miss Louisa, tlrs. 1 35 Queen's rd 
Ezm-il Matilda (wicl Richard), h 33 Queen s 

rr.atl ^ 

Faliey John, yard foreman Dodge Mfg To, 

res Toronto 
Fairies George H, lab Canada Cycle & Mot 

or Co 
Faii-lfs, W, pedal assembler Canada Cycle & 

Motor Co 

Fan- Miss Annie, stenog, 1 326 Davenport rd 
F.'irr Miss Jennie, music tchr K2U Daven 
port rd, I same 
Fan- Joseph, lab Canada Cycle & Motor Co, 

h 320 Davenport rd 
Fan- Leslie W, much Flelntzman & Co, b 60 

Hook av 

Farr Miss Sarah, drsmkr 320 Davenport rd 
Fa IT Win. li 2'0 Davenport rd 
Farrell Ann (wld Martin), li Keele n 
Fnirell John, shipper CPR, h 109 Western 

a> pnne 
Ffi-rell Wm, stock hlpr Canada Cycle & 

Motor Co, 1 Mrs A Farrell 
Fa\w-ett Alexander K, prop Leader and Re 
corder, h 74 Dundas w 
Ff-arnlcy James, brkmn CPR, 1 07 High 

Park av 

Foe Ann (\vid Jnmes). h 224 Clendennn av 
Fee Thomas, lab, 1 224 Clendenan av 
Fi,'kpr Herbert, tlr J C Wlllard, b 90 


Fell Henry, eng. h 41 Hoskln av 
Fell John H, app Heintzman & Co, 1 41 

Hoskin av 

Fell Win G. app Helntzman & Co. 1 41 Hos 
kln ar 

Fecnell Aliram H. bkpr. h 231 Lakeview av 
Fer.nell Wm J, elk H E Suell, 1 231 Lake- 

Vit-W :\V 

Ferguson Henry, pntr CPR, h 16 Franklsh 

Ferguson John A, ftr CPR, b 97 High Park 


Ferguson Thomas, carp CPU. h GG Argyle rd 
Ferrler John \V. baker 03 Dnndns w. h same 
Ffolkes Edward G E. mngr Wilkinson 

Plough Co, res Toronto 
Field Burton K, prtr. I 18 McMnrray av 
F'eld John W. foreman Leader and Re 
corder, h 18 McMnrray av 
Finch James, wood carver, h 124 Cooper av 
Flrerty John, lab CPR, h 49 Hoskln nv 
Flnlay" Edward, flreman CPR. b 29 May 
Fln'ay Frank, eng. h 39G Annette w 
Finlay John R. plshr Helntzman & Co, h 50 


Flulayson Miss Ida. elk, 1 163 Vine av 
Flnla'yson Miss Lulu M. bkpr Standard Fuel 

Co Vhr). 1 1G3 Vine av 

Finlayson Nell J, vessel capt, h 163 Vine av 
Fli.layson Wm, elk, 1 163 Vine av 
Fit lugan Edward, mach Canada Cycle & 

Motor Co. res Toronto 
Fire Hall No 1, John Robinson Chief, 10- 

18 Keele s 
Fire Hall No 2. George H Mason foreman. 

e s Kine. 1 n Carlton 
Fisher Albert S. fly fnshr Heintzman & Co. 

res Toronto 

Fisher .Tamos A, shoemkr. h 122 Annette e 
Fitken Henry J. harness mkr 210 Dundas e. 

h 593 Weston rd 

FItzhenry James, lab CPR. res Weston 
Fltzpatriek Edward, eng CFR. h 82 Annette 

Fiiminir Miss Augusta L. drsmkr. 1 33 

Queen's rd 

Fleming George E. carp. 1 2RO Dundas w 
Fleming R, press opr Canada Cycle & Mot 
or Co 

Fleming Thomas A. carp, I 2R6 Dundas w 
Fleming Thomas F. contr. h 200 Pnndas w 
FU-mlng Wm, tmstr. h 33 Queen's rd 
Fletcher George, mach Canada Cycle & Mot 
or Co. res Toronto 
Flint Richard, flreman CPR. res Owen 

Flintoff George C, police constable, h SI 

Pacific av s 
Flowers Wm H. stock kpr Canada Cycle & 

Motor Co. h 34 King 

Forbes Angus, brkmn CPR. h 36 Carlton pi 
Forbes James, action fnshr Heintzmnn & 

Co, res Toronto 
Ford George, bolt ctr Wilkinson Plough Co. 

res Xorth Dovercourt 
Ford George T, action reg Heintzman & 

Co., res Toronto 

Ford Wm M. P M Carlton West PO. floui 

and feed, 28 Davenport rd, h 8 King 

ter Frederick, miller A Campbell, b 

241 Keele u 
Forfar Elcettn E (wid Wm), h 70 Uxbridge 


Forfar Jane (wld John), 1 76 Uxbridge nv 
Forret Wm, stone cutter, h e s Cooper av, 

1 s of Davenport rd 
Forster Frederick C H, fireman CPR, h 1<4 


Fester Hugh C, blksmith, h 1QG Pelhnni av 
Foster James, lab. h 223 St Clair av w 
Fowler Arthur, brkmkr. 1 043 Weslon rd 
Fowler Frederick, brkmkr, 1 043 Weston rd : 
Fowler Henry W, bicycle wkr, h 411 Wes- 

Fowler Joshua, pressman, 1 643 Weston rd 
Fowler Richard, brick setter Out Paving 

Brick Co, li 043 Weston rd 
Fox Fdward H, stock kpr, h 16 Western av 
Fox Robert, lab Out Paving Brick Co, 1 


Frarcis Isaac, lab CPR. h 50 Queen's rd 
Frank Miss Flossie, h 35 Vine av 
FrMik George E, packer A Campbell, h 33 

Vine nv 

F-aser Angus, flreman CPR. b 121 Dundas e 
Fraser James W, brkmu CPR, h 59 Hoskln 

Frpser Maud (wid John W), 1 76 Evelyn 


Fraser Sarah (wid James), 1 59 Hoskln nv 
Eraser Wm J, brkmn Cl'R. h 59 Hosklu av 
Freeman James, tlr, h 39 Western av 
French George W, fireman CPR, h 28 

King's rd 
French George W Jr, tlr J R Chlsholm, b 36 

Hook nv 
Frcats Myron, pat mkr Dodge Mfg Co, h 

108 Annette a 
Frost Edwin, fireman Ont Paving Brick Co, 

h 287 Maria 
Frost George B, mgr People's Coal Co 

(or), res Bracondale 

Frost George H, brkmkr est of M Wake- 
Held, h 207 St Clair av e 
Frond F, plshr Canada Cycle & Motor Co, 

res Toronto 
Fry Frederick, app Wilkinson Plough Co, 

res Toronto 

Fry James, 1 48 Van Home 
Fry Miss Maud, I 48 Van Home 
Fry Sebastian, carp, h 48 Van Home 
Fryrnlre Henry C, gro 27 Dundas w, b 30 

Fulcher James, cooper A Campbell, b 44 


Fulford John, clnr, 1 04 St Clair av w 
Fnllerton Wm J, blksmith 30 Keele s, h 12 

Annette w 

Fulton Joseph, pntr, h 90 Queen's rd 
Fvrse Wm. supt Dodge Mfg Co, h 113 

Churchill av 

Gabel August M. tlr 53 Dundas w. h same 
Gafney John, bicycle hd Can Cycle & Motor 

Co, res Toronto 

Galbraith George, mldr, h 122 Maria 
Galbraith Harry, clothing cutter, 1 124 


Galbraith Robert, stmftr CPR. I 1ZI Maria 
Galbralth Sarah A (wld John), h 12t Maria 
Gallagher Farrell M. foreman Canada Cycle 

& Motor Co, b Hcydon House 
Gamsby Sidney, artist, h 37 Medlnnd 
Garneau Catherine, hsemaid 76 Evelvn cres 
C-arrett W, cone grinder Canada Cycle & 

M"tor Co, res Toronto 
Gasoline Endue Co. Ltd. The. Robert Hun 
ter pres, Joseph Murchey vice-pres, A H 
Perfect sec-trens. gasoliue engines, Wes 
ton rd. nr GTR station 

G: sslon Frank P, tinsmith 48 Annette w 
Gertdes Rebecca (wid Richard), h 2DO Pa 
cific av s 

Gee Albert E. blr mkr CPR. h 45 Victoria 
George- Charles F. agt Met Life Ins Co 5 

Dundas e, h 74 King's rd 
George Charles H, dairy 13 McMurray av 
German Joslnh D, cond CPR. h 36 Union n 
Gciry Thomas J. foreman Dodge Mfg Co, 

rc-s Toronto 

Gibson Charles F, contr 120 Western av 
Gibson Harry C, varnisher Heintzman & 

Co, 1 120 Western av 
Gibson James C, eng CPR. h 53 Arc-vie rd 
Gibson James P. carp CPR, h 49 Victoria 
Gibson James R, mach CPR, h 88 Pacific i 

Giggles George, lab, h 646 Weston rd 

Gilbert Allen, elk, 1 100 Dundas w 

Gilbert Miss Aimie (Misses Gilbert), I 314 

Davenport rd 

Gilbert .Miss Frances, 1 100 Dnndas w 
Gi-liert Fr-ink, grimier Canada Cycle * 

Motor Co, h 42 Langhton av 
Gilbert George, 1 100 Dundas w Miss Isabtl (Misses Gilbert), 1 314 

Davenptirt rd 
Gilbert Jaue (wid Thomas), h 100 Dnndaa 


Gl.ln-rt Joseph C, nsst Insp Canada Cycle * 

Motor Co, 1 100 Dundas w 
Glhert Misst-s (Annie and IsabU). school 

M4 Da\cnport rd 

Gilbert Thomas, elk, 1 100 Dundas w 
Gilelirist Archibald, fl'.rist w s K>i-;al« B 
Gilchrt<t Wm J. cond CPR. h 22 Albany rd 
Giles Ernest, driver, b 57 McMurray av 
;i;biin Mirhai-I, lab, h 212 Pai-lllc av • 
Jill Joseph, bi-klyr. h 184 Maria 
Jill Maud, dom 97 High Park av 
Jlllam Joseph J, h 51 May 
Gillies Alfred J, prop Laces & Braid Co, 1 

120 Queen 

illits Miss J Ida, bkpr Laces ft Braid Co, 

I 120 Queen 

Gi' Alfred W, tlr A E Drumma, b 503 
Dundas w 

Gllmartln John, mach Dodge Mfg Co, h 55 
Churchill av 

Cllmour Alexander, bolt cutter CPR, h 48 
Queen's rd 

Gllmour Jane (wld Thomas), h 130 Dundat 

Gilpin John, grocer 204 Dundas w 

Gl piu John It, lab, 1 T Hirons 

Giison Arthur, pntrs' hlpr CPR, h Eliza 
beth, n CPR track 

Glafsford Wm, switchman CPR, h 52 Un 
ion u 

Glenn James, mach hd Wilkinson Plough 
Co, h 300 Davenport rd 

Gcclhold Benjamin, mngr Mrs E Godbo'.d, h 

II Dundas e 

Godhold Miss Clara, bkpr Mrs E Godbold, 

1 11 Dundas e 

Godbold Mrs Elraira. Indry 11 Dundas e 
Godfrey Thomas, night watchman Canada 

Cycle' & Motor Co, h 40 Whitney av 
Godwin Thomas (Godwin & Beau), h 77 

Dundas w 
Godwin & Bean (Thomas Godwin, A J M 

Bean), grocers 77 Duiidas w 
Goldike Edward, wks Pugsley, Dingman A 

Co, 1 134 Franklin av 
Goldike John F, car checker CPR, h 134 

F r anklin av 

Going Charles C, town solicitor, h 293 Lake- 
view av 
Go'ding Andrew W. lab Canada Cycle & 

Motor Co. h 57 Uxbridge av 
Guiding Miss Florence, mantle mkr, 1 93 

Wllloiignby nv 
Golding Garnet, fnshr Heintzman & Co, 1 

'.PS Willoughby ar 
Geltling George W, fnshr Heintzman & Co, 

1 57 Uxbridge av 
Golding Herbert, apn Canada Cycle & Mot- 

or Co, 1 57 Uxbridge nv 
Go'.ding Norman, bicycle hd Canada Cycle 

ft Mater Co, 1 57 Uxbridge av 
Go'ding Wm H. grinder Wilkinson Plough 

Co. h 93 Wtlloughhy av 
Gooderham Frar.k. wks Pugsley, Dingman 

ft Co. res Toronto 

Gtrdon George, porter Carltou Hotel 
Gorwlll Thomas, cond Tor Sub St Ry, h 

Keele n. cor St Clair av 
Gorwili Win. sectionman GTR, 1 Keele n, 

cor St Clair av 
Gospel Hall. 127 Dundas w 
Gt nrdler Amos, confr 15 Dundas e, h sftuie 
Govidier Louis, elk A Gourdler, 1 15 Dun 
das e 
Griurlay Patrick, tchr High School, res To- 

ron to 
Grarev Alexander, bicycle hd Canada Cycle 

& Motor Co, h 2ol Plcudennn nv 
Giiifcv Alexander jr. guard lacer Canada 

Cycle & Motor Co. 1 231 Clendenan av 
Gnicey J. b'cycle hd Casndn Cycle & Mot 
or Co, 1 231 Clendenan av 
Gracey Wm. car repr CPR. h 1RO Maria 
Graham Albert, elk, h 108 Pacific av s 
Graham John J, trav, h 21 Hoskin av 
Ginhara Mrs Rachel, h 44 Uttley 
Craham Win, trav. h 2'i6 Pacific av s 
Grainger George J. filer Canada Cycle * 
Motor Co. 1 93 Edmund 

BUILDERS' HARDWAREIAikenhead Hardware Co. Rall-Ro^r-ino- 

St. E. 

'Phone 6 


or a Paid-up policy, is granted after 
two years by the Unconditional Accu 
mulative Policy of the 
Confederation Life Association. 


Toronto Junction. 

Grainger James, eng Wilkinson Plough Co, 

h 03 Edmund 
Oraingei Thomas, plshr Canada Cycle & 

Motor Co 

Gram Miss Rowena. 1 12 Annette w 
CTU Station (Cnrlum), WllLiur Gruudy ngl, 

Weston rd 
Qrunrtvul \Vm, fnshr Helntzman & Co, res 


Grrnt Peter M, dnlry 278 Elizabeth s 
Giay Amos, coachman 2-tS Annette w 
Giay Robert, express 107 Dundas e 
Giay Robert jr, wks 1{ Gray, li 7D Hos 
t-In nv 
Orny Thomas S, carter Canada Cycle & 

Motor Co, rms G Dundas 
Gray Win, lab, h 10.'! Annette e 
Gniy Win P. blksmiih Cl'K. li 87 Edmond 
Ordyelon Frederick W. assembler Canada 

Cycle & Motor Co, I 101 Mulock av 
Giaydon James E, app Heiutxman & Co, 1 

101 Mulock av 

Grnydon Wm, miller, h 101 Mulock ar 
G.NXV Tel Co (br), John Balrd agt, 7 Keele 

Gri-en Frederick C, lab CPR, b Heydon 

Giei'iilaus David L, case mkr, h 88 Quebec 


Gi-fcnly M!ss Hnrothy. h 203 Marl.i 
Greenly Miss Esther, drsmkr 203 Maria 
Gieenwood Gnge, elk, 1 115 Annette w 
Gieenwood Win, real estate 115 Annette w 
Gvfcv Win H. eng CPU. h 30 Cnrlton pi 
Grelg George A. eng CPR. h 10,9 Vine av 
Grelg James, express, h ]25 Pacific av s 
Grieves Medford, brkmn CPR, h 104 Ed 

Griffin George, brkmkr. h 310 Weston rd 
Grlffln Hpnry J. 1 06 Fnlrvlew av 
Griffin Robert J. lab. h (17 Willotigbhv av 
Griffin Wyklon S. piano tuner Helntzruan & 

"o. n :"1 Pacific av s 
Griffith Thomas N. elk Raybould Bros, res 


GrlL'jr .Annie (wid Alfred), h 2f»l Maria 
Griire Charles F. bic-yc.'e ropr Janes Hall, 

h 2.) Hoskln av 

Qr-eg Gertrude, cook 70 Evelyn cres 
Grimes George, brkmn Cl'IJ, b 27 Western 

GKmcs Matthew, cond CPR, li 27 Western 

GninrTIer George ,T. piano mkr Hclntzinnn 

& Cr>,. h 43 Clendcnan nr 
Qrr.nrty Wl'bnr, station agt GTR, h St Clalr 

nv. 1 e of ry track " 
Germ Albert. Inb. h 2 Ferguson av 
Gnni! Augustus, tmstr Conger Coal Co, \ 20 

Annette w 
Gunn Henry, tmstr Conger Coal Co, h 20 

Annette w 

Gi'.i.n Wm A. landlnor wtr. h or, Gilmonr av 
GiiT.nlng John, fireman CPR, b Occidental 


Gniiyo Miss Mahala. Ti-l;s I.nces * Braid Co 
Gnstar Gnorgp, wks Pugsley. Dingman & 

Co. h 12 I.lnder 
Haggas John, supt waterworks, h 03 Hook 

Hags-sis Roy, app Gasoline Engine Co 1 63 

ITook .".«• 

Harp-as Silas, maeli CPR. h Subway House 
Hain Alexander, rtnlrr 3 Kdmund, h same 
Hi.ln GPOI-CP, lab. h 14 Klngsley av 
Haines John, livery 34 Merlbiml. li 30 s.inip 
Hale Frederick, pulley mkr. I 40 Western 

n venue 
Hal! Charles, rnaph Canada Cvcle & Motor 

Co. b Mrs E Lake 

Hall Charles M, artist, h 43 Quebp.' av 
Hnll David, h e s Clendenan av. 1 s of No 

Hn!! D Wm, roofer, 1 D Hall 

Hall Mrs Elizabeth, 1 140 PaclBe av s 

Hall Harry C (Hall Mfg Co), res Toronto 



21 Dundas Street East 


Hall James, roofer 21 Dundas e. h 10 ?aim. 

Ilnll Jane (wid Robert S), 1 CO Lakevie-v av 
Hill 1 Lucius M (Hull Mfg Co), h Kennedy 

Hull Manufacturing Co (Robert P, Harry 

C and Lucius M Hall), picture frame uifrs, 

e s Willoughhy av. 1 s of 1'«J 
Hall Robert, h OS Humbcrside av e 
Hall Hubert K, tlmckpr Cl'K, I D Hall 
Hall Robert P (Hall Mfg Co), 1 L M Hall 
Hiilpany Joseph A, piano plshr, b 17 Law, 
Haivcrson John D. npp Hciiitzruan & Co, 

b Hook av, cor Bruce 
Hamilton Arthur, miller A Campbell, res 

Hamilton George C, mach Gasoline Engine 

Co. 1> 252 Keele n 
Hamilton Herbert H, fireman CPR, b 20 

Hi-mme! Miss Viola, furrier, 1 30 Lakevlcw 

Hammett Wm, carp Canada Cycle & Motor 

Co, res Toronto 
Hammond John, h 73 Charles 
Hammond Oliver* chain assembler Canada 

Cjc'e & Motor Co, res Toronto 
Hi-ncork John A, eug Dodge Mfg Co, h 107 

Churchill nv 

Hancock John B, elect, 1 107 Chorchltl av 
Hand Charlts, mldr Wilkinson Plough Co, h 

02 Pelham nv 
Hand Edward, iron wkr Wilkinson Plough 

Co. h 37 Charles 

Hand Mrs Ellen, 1 92 Pelham av 
Hand Henry, mach lid Wilkinson Plough Co 

h 46 Campbell ay 

Hand James, eng CPR, h G7 Annette e 
Hanley Win, sawyer Conger Coal Co, h 220 

St Cluir av w 
Hnrcourt Aubrey, call boy CPR, 1 S4 Hos- 

kin av 
Harcourt George, brkmn CPR, h 34 Hoskin 

Haiding Joseph, fnshr Helntzman & Co, res 

Hardy James, supt Electric Light Station, 

h .'15 Van Home Kllcn (wid Ellis), h 40 Western av 
Harper Edmund D, elk, 1 134 Annette e 
Harper Frederick E, foreman CPR, h 19 

Western a\- 
Harper Henry W, mach Dodge Mfg Co, 1 

121 Mulock av 
Harper Joseph H, mill hd A Campbell, h 

121 Mulock av 

Harper Robert, police constable, h 134 An 
nette v 

Harper Robert L, mldr. I 121 Mulock ST 
Harper Wm J, app, 1 121 Mulock av 
Harrington Christopher, carp CPR, h 26 Ar- 

gyle rd 

Hf iris John, lab, h 300 Davenport rd 
Hen-Is Joseph J, app Helutzman & Co, res 

Hiivrls Michael J, elect Tor Sub St Ry Co, 

res Weston, Ont 
Harris Stuart G W, btchr T Chapman, 1 86 

Harris Thomas, foreman Wilkinson Plough 

Co. h ."8 Campbell av 

Harris Tiffin, carp CPR. U 32 Fail-view av 
H: rrls Win, sec School Board, h SB Ed- 

Harris Wm J. mach Dodge Mfg Co, 1 3SO 

Davenport rd 
Harrison James, pntrs' hlpr CPR, h 52 TJn- 

ion n 

Harrison John, cond CPR. li 78 Annette e 
Harrison Richard, tmstr. h 17." St Clnlr av e 
I! arena w Miss Fannie A, millinery 75 Dnu- 

dns w. 1 3f> Annette e 

Harshaw Miss Georgie, mlnr, I 3fi Annerte e 
Hiir-^liaw Thomas, contr 30 Annette e 
Hrrt Daniel, carp Wilkinson Plough Co, h 

C2 Campbell av 
Hart Joseph E. app Canada Cycle >V Motor 

Co. h 217 Pacific av s 

H.'rtman Sebastain. agent, h 111 Edmund 
IT.'ivtmann Albert P. foreman Helntzman & 

Co. res Toronto 
Hartmann Frederick E T. mach Heintzman. 

& Co. h 107 Wlllouqhby av 
Havtney Frank B. bkpr W 1' nartncy. 1 sr. 

Hartney Wm P. coal Weston rd. opp GTR 

station, and 14 Dundas w. h 83 Kdmnnfl 
Hartrick Augustus G, en.g Heintzman & Co, 

h 50 Van Hornc 

Haivey J, tool mkr Canada Cycle & Motor 
•PS Toronto 

Hass Charles R, asst stock elk Canada cycle 
& Motor Co, 1 27-i High Park av 

Has-s Herman J, sui)t Canada Cycle & 
Motor Co, 1 274 High Pail; av 

iulin F, u-av, b 271 HiRh. Park av 

Hassard Robert A, checker GTR, h S2 \\hit- 

Hatc-b Henry, pulley turner Dodge Mfg Co, 

res Toronto 

Hay Alexauiler, lab CPR, h 40 Carlton 
Hay Emma (wid Louis), h 32 May 
Hav Henry R. brkmn CPR. h 10(1 Annette* 
Hay Jfthn, stmftr CPR, b 53 Quebec av 
Hay Robert J, brkmn CPR. h 7(1 King's rd 
HayvfarO Benjamin, lab Out Paving Brick 

Co. res Keele n 

Head Emma (wid George II). h 20 May 
IJi'iulon \V K W, tvav Wilkinson Plough Co, 

res Toronto 

Heaslip Robert, Inb CPR. h 38 Uttley 
Heath Henry J. coud CPU. h 12! Dundas e 
Hcddon Thomas B, luach CPR, h 20 ilcMur- 

vav av 
H< ighington John B, pattern mkr Canada 

Cycle & Motor Co, res Toronto 
lU-iiurod Ernest, h 134 Cawthra av 
Heliitzmnn George C (Heintzman & Co), h 

2S8 Annette w 
Hcint/.man Herman (Heintzman & Co), h 

2!i4 High Park av 
Heintzman Mary J (wid Charles T), h 9H 

Evelyn cres 
Heintzman & Co (Herman and George C), 

piano mfrs. Van Home, 1 s CPR track 
Henderson Alexander, wks Pugsley. Diiig- & Co, 1 44 Franklin av 
Henderson George, cond CPR, h 211 Pa 
cific nv a 
Henderson John, carp CPR, h 44 Franklin 


Henderson Joseph, baker, h 433 Weston rd 
Henderson Madge (wid Francis), h 238 Wil 
loughby nv 
Id i, (Tin-son Stainer, fnshr Helntzman & Co, 

res Toronto 

H(-i ry Frederick G, mach hd Gasoline En 
gine Co, res Toronto 
Henry Joseph, eng CPR, h 41 Mefimua 
Kerry J Kelson, coiid CPR, h 140 St Clalr 

av w 

Heiln-rt Charles, h 113 Edmund 
Herbert Charles J, wines and Honors 74 

Dundas e, h same 

Heron George, lab CPR, h 207 Maria 
Herrinaton Miss Annie, wks Pugslev Diue- 

man & Co. I 30 May 
Herring-ton John, carp Wilkinson Plough 

Co, h 30 May 
Hf-iron Herbert F, veneerer Heintzman i 

Co. res Toronto 

Hersey Allan, carp repr CPR. b 2'i Vip'ona 
Hertzberg Anton L, civ eng, h 231 Lake- 
view av 

Hcwgill Albert, agpnt, h 55 Vine av 
Benson John, miller, b 00 Hook av 
Heydon Alexander J. prop Subway House, 

Jv( olc n. s-w cor Vine av 
Heydon Charles M, pliy 48 Davenport rd 
Heydon Francis, h 48 Davenport r<\ 
Heydon House. Mrs Elizabeth Tyler prop. 

Weston rd, cor St Clair av 
Heydon Thomas B. app Cannda Cycle & 

Motor Co, 1 4S Davenport rd 
Hiekey Adrian, bellyman Heintzman & Co, 

1 13 Hoskln av 

Hiekey Patrick, contr 15 Hoskln av 
Hicks John, civ ser, h 47 Union s John C, cutter J R Chisholm, rms 12 

Dnndaa w 
Hickson Robert, assembler Canada Cycle A 

Motor Co, res Toronto 
Hlfrgerson Wm, porter Avenue Hotel 
Fiirlcy Hanna (wid John A), b 144 Vine av 
Rlltorn Joseph, carp CPR. res York tp 
Hill Arthur W. wd carver Hetntzman & 

Co. b P4 T'nlon s 
•Hill Frederick, tinner Wilkinson Plough Co, 

res Toronto 
Hill Fr;-dpvick T. case mkr Hpintzman & 

Co. reg Toronto 

Hill George, bkpr. b 5 Wl'son pi 
Hill George S. cooper, b 1", Unmberside av e 
Hi!! Jo>in. asst gluer Dodge Mfg Co, b 121 

Churchill av 

Fil! John S, agt CPR. h 50 T/iws 
Hill Louis A, driver Wm Mailer, rms No 

1 Firs Hall 

KHl Reuben H. ranch CPR. 1 250 Keele n 
Hill Wm, lab Ont Paving Brick Co. res 

York tp 

Town send, 

A?Mtpator and Financial Agent, 


table Address, 




Hon. JOHN DRYOEN, President. 

GEO. B. WOODS, General Manager. 


Toronto Junction. 


Hill Wm H. blksmith CPR. h 230 Keele n 
Hillock Jnmes. ear repr CPR. b 33 Hook av 
Hillnek Win (Hillock & Dodds), h 48 Union 


Fii lock & Dodds (Wm Hillock, John TV 
D<dds), btchrs and grocers 39-41 Dun 
dns " 
Hilts George T, fnshr Heintzman & Co, res 

Bilyer \V'm. m!dr Wilkinson Plough Co, h 

GO Campbell av 
Kilyer Xciuis, mldr Wilkinson Plough Co, h 

12 i Cooper av 
Himle Arthur R. boiler mkrs' hlpr CPR, 1 

209 St Clulr nv w 

Hinde James H. mldr, I 200 St Clalr nr w 
Hindo Kichard. blr uikrs' hlpr Cl'll, h 209 

St Clalr nv w 
Biiirte Win, brickmkr est of M Wakefleld, 1 

20'.) St Clair av w 
Hirjde Win A, lab. h 142 Maria Wm H. co!id Cl'K. 1 63 Pacific nv 
Hinton Miss Florence, elk, 1 04 Laugh ton nv 
Hlnton Frederick, wd wkr Dodge Mfz Co, i 

res Toronto 
Hinton Mary A (wid John), h 64 Laughton i 

avf nue 
Hiufon Walter, shipper Dodge Mfg Co, res 

HIrons Thomas, eond CPU, b Cawthra av, 

s-w cor Herbert 
Hisson Joseph, screw mkr Can Cycle & 

Motor To. 1 84 Queen's rd 
Hisson Robert, lab. h w s Keele n, 1 n St 

Cliiir nv 

Hlsson S-irnh (wid Robert), h 84 Queen's rd 
Hl!'?on Walter J. mach Canada Cycle & 

Motor Co. 1 84 Queen's rd 
Hoar Thomas E (Thomas E Hoar & Co), h 

15!> Pacific av s 
Hrnr Thomas K & Co (Thomas R Hoar), 

hardware 14 Dundas w 
Hoefner Archibald, pntr J R Bull, I 70 Ed- 


Hoefner Frederick, cooper, h 76 Edmund 
Hoefner Joshua, eooper. 1 76 Krlmund 
Hoefner Miss Lillian, confr. 1 76 Edmund 
Hogfin John, mach hd Wilkinson Plough Co. 

res Toronto 

Hoge Walter E. agt Conger Coal Co, b Oc 
cidental Hotel 
Ho'den John F. h 81 Louisa 
Hi.lden Oscar R. cik. 1 81 Louisa 
Ho'.dsworth Alfred, wks Pugsley. Dingman 

& Co, h 9 Under 
Ho'dsworth Miss Bertha, wks Pngsley, 

Dlngmnn & Co. res Toronto 
HolMugshead Herbert O. buffer Canada 

Cycle & Motor Co. h Campbell av 
Holllncrshead Wm, driver W P Hartney, h 

15 TJnlnu R 
Ilnlloway Edward H, eng turner CPR. h 19 

Holloway Francis J. roadmrister CPR, h 61 

Annette o 

Hollowny George, app CPR, 1 61 Annette e 
Holloway George, eug CPU. h 129 Pacific av 


Hol'.oway Jnmes S. npp CPR. 1 19 Victoria 
Holly Josenh J. lab Canada Cycle & Motor > 

Co, res Weston 

Hong Chong. ludry 84 Dnndns w. h same 
Hoover Mi«< Augusta. -E. tchr Model School. 

1 74 Hooko av 

ITcover Eeerton. elk. 1 407 Campbell av 
I! cover F.thelhert. elk. 1 407 Campbell nv 
Hoover Jacob H. ins agt. h 407 Campbell ar 
Hoover Jolin R. ius ui<--p. I 100 Davenport rd 
Iff over Joseph H, h 74 Hook av 
Hrover W Edgar, mpch CPR. h 21 Laws 
Hoi per Eli. wood wkr Wilkinson Plough 

Co. h 68 Campbell av 
Hopper Herbert, brkinn CPR. h 76 Iloskin 

Hoprer John, fireman Ont Paving Brick Co. 

h 23ft Maria 
Hopper Snniuol W. cnro Wilkinson Plough ; 

Co. h 40 Fxbrldge av" 
Hopper Walter T, plshr Heintzman & Co, \ 

res Toronto 

Hornby Robert H, trnv. h 3 Ferguson av 
Home George, carp CPR. h 176 Maria 
Ilerrer Aintin P. trnv. 1 171 T.onisa 
Homer Joseph A. elk, h 21 Lnnsdowne av 
Homer Joshua C. trnv. h 171 Louisa 
Homer Leslie O. elk. 1 171 Louisa 
Homer Wi'.ber H, elk, 1 171 Louisa 
Horsley Isaac, cond CPR, I 24 Hook av 
Houghton George, stonemason, b Mrs E 

Koi nscll Albert H, action fnshr Heintzrnan 

& Co. 1 70 Hook av 
Hcunsell John, fnshr, h 70 Hook av 
House Harry, brkmn CPR, h 644 Weston rd 
Housley Maggie, hseuiaid Peacock House 
Hr-i'ston Janet (wid Alexander), h 37 

Queen's rd 
Howard Charles, app Canada Cycle & Motor 

Co, res Toronto 
Howard G Herbert, foreman Canada Cycle 

& Motor Co, h 93 High Park av 
Howard Henry C. asst insp Canada Cycle & 

Motor Co. h 10 Mtdland 
Howell John J C, stmlt. 1 2 !t> Annette w 
Howcll Thomas W, studt, 1 2:iO Annette TV 
Houell Wm W (Howell & Co), h 2J6 An- 

Lette w 
MOM,- 1 1 & Co (W m W Hovrpll). 

Druggists 8 Dundas w 

Huwey KuiIIy J (wid Mark), h 30 Hoskin nv 
Howey L. mach opr Canada Cycle & Motor 

Honland Robert, trackman Tor Sub St Ry, 

h 27 Dundas w 
Hi'wson John. A, foreman Canada Cycle & 

Motor Co, h 69 Lnkeview av 
Boxaek Miss Annie, directress kindergarten 

Model School, 1 180 High Park av 
Hubbard Henry, lab Out Paving Brick Co, 

ves Toronto 
Hiibe Chester E, drill hd Canada Cycle & 

Motor Co, 1 97 Willoiighby av 
Hi'.be Roland O, mnch Canada Cycle & 

Motor Co, h 97 Willoiighby av 
Huliel Lewis W. brkiuu CPU, i 33 Hook av 
Hubert John, eng CPU, h 116 Quebec av 
Hudson Richard A, cabt mkr, h lot! Edmund 
Huglll Thomas, wks CPR. h 209 Maria 
Hrniberside Waiting Room, Wm J Duncan 

piop, 7 Dundas e • 
Hunter Miss Emma, drsmkr, b 40 McMur- 

ray av 

Hunter George, fireman CPR, h 29 May 
Hunter Rojiert, pres Gasoline Engine Co, 1 

146 Mnlock nv 

Hunter Wm. fireman CPR. h Dundas 
Huuton Benjamin, lab Canada Cycle & Mot 
or Co, res Toronto 
t'r.rd Kilborn. h 77 Willoiighby av 
Hurl Wm. blksmith. h 57 Wiiloughbv av 
Husted Lizzie (wid Silas), h 61 Vine av 
Ilr.tchinson James, ftrs' helpr CPU, h li 

Hook av 
Hy!und Benjamin, !ab CPR. b 300 Pacific 

fu enuo 
Hyland Frank, fireman CPR, 1 302 Paciflt 

av K 

Imrie Ebcnezcr. eond CPR, h 58 Hook av 
IOF Lodge Rooms, IS Dundas w 
Ir.rson Fnrrnr. ear repr CPR, h 2 Lindner 
Ineson Fred, lab Ont Paving Brick Co h IS 


Inesou Harry, car repr CPR, h 7 Lindner 
Ineson Wm. cnr repr CPR, h 15 Charles 
Injroldsby Joseph, drill hd Heintzman & 

Co, h 115 Maria 
Inkpen Stephen, coppersmith CPR, b 26 


Iredale Wm. h 23 King 
Ireland Wm, rnetnllist, h 14 Western av 
Ireland Wm J. agent, b 373 Westou rd 
Irvine Alexander, fireman CPR, 1 75 Clen- 

denan av 
Irvine Andrew, boots and shoes 63 Dundas 

w, h same 

Irvine Edward, wks A Irvine, 1 63 Dundas w 
Irvine John, ftrs' hlpr CPR, h 75 Clendenan 


Irvine John, mach Dodge Mfg Co res To 

Irvinu Miss Violet A. drsmkr 63 Dnndas w 
Irwin Chiles F. tmstr. h 5fi McMurray av 
Irwln Frank H. mngr Wm Davles Co, 'Ltd 

mis 6 Dundas w 
Irwin Robert, inoto Tor Sub St Ry Co res 

York tp 

Irwin Robert D. pressman Leader and Re 
corder. 1 OS Quebec av 
Irwin Wm, carp, 1 45 Medland 
Irwiu Wm J. eontr 68 Queliec nv. h same 
Ives Alexander A. dry gils 115 Dundas w 
Ives Miss Alice N. elk A A Ives, 1 115 Dun 
das w . 
Ives Miss Pansy, elk A A Ives, I 115 Dun- 

dai w 

Ives Miss Theodora, elk A A Ives. 1 115 

Dnndas w 

Ives Theodore, elk A A Ives. 1 115 Dundas- w 
Ivcson Edward, uphol D Sanders. 1 57 Mc- 

Mnrr.iv av 

Iveson James, tmstr Conger Coal Co, h 5T 

McMurray av 
Jackson Alfred, brkmn CPR, h 32 Pacific ir 


Jackson George, cond CPR, h 22 Carleton pi 
Jackson George R, upp Gasoline Engine Co, 

1 W Annette w 
Jackson Henry, brkmn CPR, 1 32 Pacific av 

JACKSON JAMES T, ToTvn Treasurer 

Town Hall, 10-18 Keele s, h 230 Hig'a Park 

Jackson Michael, miigr Conger Coal Co, h 

62 Annette w 
Jackson Walter E, mach Canada Cycle & 

Motor Co. res Toronto 
Jacob John J, fifthr Heintzman & Co b 

Occidental Hotel 
I James Albert, blksmith W J Fullerton, rmg 

30 Hook av 

James Charles, b Go Pacific av s 
James Wm. shoemkr. h 293 Maria 
Jane Miss Mamie, tlrs, 1 108 Annette e 
Jarvis James, brkmn CPR, 1 135 Pacific av 
Jarvis John T, carp CPR, h 55U St Clalr av 


Jarvis Wm, 1 J T Jarvis 
Jecks Herbert F. c.k. li 121 Annette e 
Jennings John, barr 22 Dundas e, 1 143 

Lakeview av 
Jennings Robert C.' mngr Can Bank of 

Com. h 143 Lakeview av 
Jerome Alfred, pntr Wilkinson Plough Co, 

res Toronto 

Jewisou Wm, putr Dodge Mfg Co, res To 
Jewitt Samuel E, prin Carlton St School, li 

77 Charles 
Jickle«s George, lab Out Paving Brick Co, U 

Weston rd 
Jeedicke Charles, fly fnshr Heintzman & 

Co, res Toronto 

i Jonnson Albert, mnch, h 321 St Clnlr av e 
Johnson Miss Bertha, wks Pugsley. Ding 
man ,v f'o. 1 26 Carlton pi 
Johnson George A. action fnshr Heintzman 

& Co, res Toronto 
i Johnson Lewis S, app Gasoline Engine Co, 1 

26 Carlton pi 

Johnson Wm, h 26 Carlton, pi 
Johnson Wm J, eng Pugsley, Dingman & 

Co. h 57 Hook av 

Johnston Edward, brkmkr, h 321 Weston rd 
Johnston James O, lab. h 58 McMurrav av 
Johnston John, contr Ont Paving Brick Co, 

h Keele n 
Johnston Nelson wood wkr Dodge Mfg Co, 

h 41 Western av 

Johnston Xoble. carp, h 28 Albany rd 
Johnston Susannah (wid Joseph), 'l 21 Lans- 

<l"WUi- nv 
Johnston Thomas, fireman CPR, res Streets- 

ville Junct 

Johnston Thomas, trav. h 23 Woodside av 
Johnston Win J. eng CPR. h 28 Laws 
Johnston Win W. eng CPR. res Teeswater 
Johnstone Charles, case mkr Heintzman & 

Co. res Toronto 
.Toll George, lineman. 1 36 May 
.loll Grace (wid John), h 30 May 

Jolly James, air brake insp CPU, res York 

Jones Alfred M. boiler mkr CPR. h 30 Pa 
cific av s 

Jones Charles, caretkr St Clair Av Sch, h 
3*1 St Clnlr nv w 





The Lake Simcoe ICE Supply Co. 

HEflD OFFICE, Limited. 





Best Quality. All Shes 



Teh No. 

70 Toronto Junction. 


Jones David W, coal mer, h 4S Campbell av 
Jones Frederick, tiler Canada Cycle & Mot 
or Co. res Toronto 
Jones Jonas, carp, h 130 Annette e 
Jones Robert, brkmu CPR, 1 13 Duudas e 
Jones liussell plslir, 1 84 L'xbridge av 
Jones Samuel, driver Kemp & Whetter, 1 

37 Pacific av s 

Jones Win W, eng CPU. b 123 Dundas e 
Jones \V Jobu, much Dodge Mfg Co, res To 
Jordan Edward, app Wilkinson Plough Co, 

res Toronto 
Joy M'ss Minnie, drsmkr 21% Duudas e, 1 

L'.S F.urview av 

Joy Robert B, 1 28 Falrvlcw nv 
Joy Wui L. bead miller A Campbell, h 50 

High Park av 

Joy Wni T, brklyr, h 28 Fairvlew av 
Judge Mi>s Bertha, buyer, 1 48 Union 3 
Judge Mi-ss Vina, bkpr Hillock & Dodds, 1 

4S Union s 

Kaiser Benjamin, U 5 Wilson pi 
Kaiser Daniel, carp, 1 5 Wilson pi 
Kaiser Mrs Elizabeth, bdg bse a Wilson pi 
Kaiser George, tchr, b Heydon House 
Kainiu Frederick W, act fiislir Heiutzuiau & 

Co, res Toronto 
Kane Mrs Mary, b 35 Argyle rd 
Kaye George 1C, fireman CPU. h 43 Union s 
Kee Jolin, niach CPU, 1) 97 High 1'ark av 
Keefler Joseph, prop Tor Junction Guide, 1C 

Van Horne, res Westou 
Keefler Miss Louise, proof rdr Tor Junction 

Guide, res Toronto 
Keole Augusta A (wld Charles C), h 146 

Keele s 
Keboe James J, mach Helutzman & Co, 

res Toronto 

Kelcher Henry, mach CPR. h 72 PaciQc av s 
Kelcher Miss Lena M. slskiy, 1 72 Pacific av 


Kelcher Wm H, bUpr, 1 72 Pacific av s 
Kells Wm. mach CPR, h 57 Hoskln av 
Kellv Andrew, asst plater Canada Cycle &. 

Mo'tor Co, 1 2U5 Maria 

Kelly Charles A, Proprietor Oc 
cidental Hotel. Dundas. cor Van Horne 
Kelly John, fireman GTR, 1 293 Maria 
Kellv Mabel (wid Charles), opr Bell Tel Co, 

h 32 Laws 
Kelly Mlchaf.l, bicycle mkr, h 115 Churchill 


Kelly Thomas, h 295 Maria 
Kelsey Richard J. brknin CPJl, h Dnndas w 
Kelso Ezra, Improver Out Paving Brick 

Co. b Mrs E Lake 
Kemp George, wks Wm Kemp, 1 226 Keele 


Kemp Robert (Kemp & Whetter), h 2 Pa 
cific av s 

Kemp Wm. dairy 226 Keele s. h same 
Kemp & Whetfer (Robert Kemp, Frank 

Wfietter) btehrs 139 Diluting W 
Kendall James, foreman Wilkinson Plough 

Co, h 107 Edmund 
Kendall John, foreman Wilkinson Plough 

Co, h 28 Edmund 
Kennedy Alexina, dom 251 Lakevlew av 


Kennedy Francis, cigar mkr. h 25 Carlton 
Kennedy Hugh, mach Wilkinson Plough Co, 

res Toronto 
Kennedy John, case mkr Helntzman & Co, 

res Toronto 
Kennelley John, action fnshr Heintzman & 

Co, res Toronto 

Kenny Hilary G, app, 1 40 Vnn Horne 
Kent'B & U B (br), Jwlrs 23 Dimdas w, 

Edward Brooks mngr 
Kerr Christina, flom Snlrway House 
Kerr James E, keyboard mkr, h 105 Que 
bec av 

Kerr James I, vet snrg, h 10G Louisa 
Kerr Lnlrd O, keyboard mkr, h 59 Quebec 


Kerr Mary J (wid Andrew), 1 105 Quebec av 
Kerr Miss Minnie, mus tchr 105 Onebec av 
Kerr Wm, cond CPR. b 38 Van Home 
Kerr Wm. eng PPR, b 29 May 
Kerslake Joseph F, wood carver, h 167 Glen- 

donan av 
Ketterer John A, elk Dodge Mfg Co, h 296 

Davenport rd 
Keyes Wm J, car repr CPR, h 75 McMurray 

a\ enne 

Kldd Wm. fireman CPR, b 67 Hook av 
Klmmis George H, car repr CPR, h 108 

King James J. wks Pxigsley, Dingman & 

Co, h 72 Quebec nv 

King Robert, caret kr Model Sch, res same 
Kip.gsU-y Thomas, li 84 Cooper av 
Kir.near Adam T, carp, h 529 Annette w 
Kit;near John, app Helntzman & Co, 1 529 

Annette w 

Kinsman Miss Alaska, 1 2"* Vine av 
Kinsman Daniel, moto Tor Sub St Ry Co, 

h 29 Vine nv 

IC'r.sman Miss Edna, tel opr. I 2n Vine av 
Kinsman Herbert, drill hd Canada Cycle & 

Motor Co. 1 29 Vine av 

Kipping Albert E, foreman CPR, h 21 Lam 
bert av 

Kirliy Itichard, pntr CPU. h 49 Western av 
Kirk Thomas, eng CPR. b 2D May 
Klrkby Miss Agnes, furrier, 1 181 Clenden- 

an av 
Klvkliy Reuben F, eng CPR, h 148 Unlock 

Kirkliy Theodore, ftr CPR, h 181 Cleudenan 

Klrkland Ellen (wid Hugh), h 90 Laughton 


Kirkland Miss Lily, fnshr, 1 90 Laughton av 
K :,|,-.. ,,.. ,| John S, Postmaster, h 

19 Dnndas w 
Kitchen Wm, car repr CPR, h 667 Weston 

road Klias. carp CPR, h 31 Hook nv 
Kllirck Miss Ethel, wks Laces & Braid Co, 

1 31 Hook av 

Klinck Oscar E, wks CPR. 1 31 Hook nv 
Kline Alexander, mldr Wilkinson Plough Co, 

res Toronto 
Kline Miss Helena, drsmkr, 1 SG Uxbridge 

K' Peter, carp Wilkinson Plough Co, h 

sn T'xh'-ldge nv 

Klose Louise, dom 96 Evelyn cres 
Ki.iipp Ehi-r C, lirkmn CPR, 1 r.9 May 
Knapp Jane (wld Charles J). h i)9 May 
Kii-nn. Lewis, cond Tor Sun St Ry Co, h 

138 Muloek av 
Knight Miss Annie, chocolate dipper, 1 52 

1 Idmnml 
Knight Ephraim, car repr CPR, h 30 Mc- 

Mcrray av 

Kniirht 'Miss Ethel, slsldy. 1 52 Edmund 
Kniffht John. lab. h 52 Edmund 
Knight Miss Louise, chocojate dipper, 1 52 

Knights Arthur, piano stringer Heintzman 

& Co, res Toronto 
Kpowh-K A'-t'mr. grinder Wilkinson Plough 

Co, 1 28 Edmund 
Kronnberger Edward J. drop forger Canada 

Cycle & Motor Co. b 33 Hook av, 
Kyle Hugh G. eng CPR. h 142 Vine av 
Lj.cclles Arthur, lab, h 124 Annette e 
Laces and Braid Mfg Co. A J Gillies mngr 

and p'-op. H40 Campbell nv 
Large George H, frame rnkr Helntzman & 

res Toronto 

Lainson Miss Annie, wks Laces £• Braid Co 
Ltlnson Arthur W, trunk repr CPR, h 98 

Lake Emma (wld Myron), bdg hse Weston 


Lake Fred, press npr Canada Cycle & Mot 
or Co. h Mrs E Lake 
Lamb Albert, plshr Canada Cycle & Motor 

Co. h 84 Uxbridge nv 

L.imb Miss Bertha, drsmkr, 1 246 Keele n 
Lamb George, elev opr Canada Cycle & 

Motor Co, I 246 Keele n 

Lamb .lame* A. nlshr Canada Cycle & Mot 
or Co. 1 246 Keele n 
Lamb John, app Canada Cycle & Motor Co, 

1 246 Keele n 

L. nib Maggie (wld James), h 24'J Keele n 
Lambert Robert, lab A Campbell, h 117 Ed 
Lrmbert Wesley, packer A Campbell, 1 117 

Lancaster John, brktnn CPR,, b 131 Dundas 

Lancaster Richard T, grinder Wilkinson 

Pli.ugh Co, b 86 Charles 
Lai. castor Robert, lab. b 8fi Charles 
Lane Wm. flremnn CPR. h (it Vine av 
Lang Ann (wid Wm), h 50 Keele s 
Lang Joslah. tnistr, h 90 Charles 
Lang Miss Olive, tlrs . T C Wiimrd, 1 50 

Keele a 
Lai>g Miss Sarah, tlrs J C Willard, 1 50 

Keele s Harry, app Canada Cycle & Motor 

Co, res Weston 
Langrill Francis, h 33 King 
Langrlll Francis 1r, elect, 1 33 King 

Li-nkin John F, mach Dodge Mfg Co, res 


Lr.pp Win II, carp, h 240 Pacific av s 
Lappage Wm, 1 96 Fail-view av 
Lai-page VVm, car repr CPR. h 23 Victoria 
Lappln Joseph N, cond CPR, h 34 May 
Lr.ige George H. frame mkr Heintzman & 

Co, b 110 Western av 
Large John J, carp, h 114 Western av 
Larock Bernard, cond CPR, h 143 Vine av 
Lascelles Frederick, drill hd Heintzman & 

Co. 1 110 Queen 
Lascelles .Tames, brkmkr est of M \Yake- 

lleld. b 30S Weston rd 
Lnscellos Miss Jane, wks Laces & Braid 

Co, 1 110 Queen 
I.Mscc'ie* Richard, lab Ont Paving Brick Co, 

b. 110 Queen 

Lasell Arthur, hostler Peacock Hotel 
Langbton Miss Annie J, asst dir kinder 

Mudel Sdi. I 212 Davenport rd 
Laughton Frank S, 1 252 Davenport rd 
J.mighton 1'eier, mkt grtnr 2'!2 Davenport rd 
La Venture Win. carp CPR, h 213 Pacific av 
Law Ren.iainln It, carriage trimmer, h 100 

Humberside av e 
Law Mrs Sarah, 1 24 Annette e 
Lawr Add-on eng CPR. h 22 Hook av 
Lawrence Wm, lab, h 37 Whitney av 
Lawson Harry, baker. 1 118 Dnndas *j 
Lawson Thomas, sulphur hd Dodge Mfg Co. 

b 113 F.dmuud 
Leaehman Robert, .drill hd CPR, h 40 

Queen's rd 
Lc.-dhcattor Nelson, tmstr Ont Paving Brick 

Co. b 34 Medland 

Lender nrnl Recorder. The. (branch) (week 
ly), A R Fa \vcctt proprietor, 74 Dnndas w 
Leahy Patrick A. mldr Canada Cycle & 

Motor Co. res Toronto 
Leainon John, cooper, li 327 Dnndas e 
Leamon Miss Lizzie, rest 45 Dnndas e 
Leainon MNs'Maud. wks Pugsley, Dingman 

& Co. 1 127 Dnndas e 
Leamon Wm, I 127 Dundns e 
Le Ber Nicholas, eng CPR, h 133 Pacific av 

Lee Esther (wld Andrew), h 102% Clenden- 

nn av 

Lee Irwin M. driver George Robinson 
Lee James W, mngr, h n s Bloor w, 1 w of 

Quebec av 

Lee Miss Maud, mantle mkr, 1 102% Clen 
den nn av 
Leeming John N, mach CPR, h 140 Cawthrn 


Leemiug Miss Jnne. tchr, 1 140 Cawthra ay 
Lecgott Charles, mldr, h 022 Weston rd 
Leigh John. 1 49 May 
Ler.ehan John, lab CPR, res Weston 
Leonard Thomas, eng CPU. li 13!) Vine av 
Leppinirton Mark, car repr CPR, res Lamb- 
ton Mills 

Le Roy Albert, boiler mkr, h 73 Pacific av s 
Leslie Arnot, baker G Robinson, h 103 Que 
bec av 
Lester Robert, fireman Ont Paving Brick 

Co, h Weston rd 

Lever Henry, carp, h 139 Vine av 
Lewis Lewis W. onretkr, h 24 Modland 
Lewis Mary (wld James), 1 53 Victoria 
Lewis Wm J. app Heiutzinan & Co, re» 

Mount Denis 

Lll-by Clarence, fireman CPR. b 29 May 
Libby Matthew, mach hd CPR, b 159 'Clen- 

dennn av 

Libby Robert, fireman CPR. b 29 May 
License Inspector's Office, J M Pearen 

ii-sp. 24 Dnndas w 
LUlew Edward, putr Wilkinson Plough Co, 

res Toronto 
Lillew Victor, wks Pugsley, Dingman & Co, 

h 13 Franklin av 

Lillie Philip, fireman CPR. h 142 Mulock av 
Lilly Alexander, moto, b 20 Pacific av n 
Lindsay Alexander, blksmiths' "hlpr CPR, h 

77 Hoskin av 
L'nton Miss Ella, elk John W Ferrier, 1 165 

Vine nv 

Lir.ton Hannah (wld John), h 165 Vine, av 
Linton John J, case mkr Helntzman K Co, 

1 165 Vine av 

Linton Lewis L, bicycle mkr, 1 165 Vine av 
Union Wilfred E, fly fnshr Helutzman & 

Co, res Toronto 
Liscum Jeremiah D, car hldr PI'R, h 08 

Queen's rd 

Liston James, mnch hd Wilkinson Plough 
Co, res Toronto 






McGregor & Mclntyre 

Circular Stairs, Window Guards, 

Truss Rods, Bolts, Castings, Etc. 
65 to 73 PEARL. 'Phone 2748 


Toronto Junction. 

i i 

Little Christopher G, shipper A Campbell. 

h 50 Hook si v 

Little John r, 1 39 Hook av 
Little Joseph V,', e.'ig CPK, h 122 Quebec 

Lloyd Arthur E. \vd carver Heintzman & 

Co, h KG King 
Lloyd George A. shipper Wilkinson Plough 

Cn. res Toronto 
Locke Frederick, elk Wm Davies Co, Ltd. 

res Toronto 
Ln-khart George A. sound board mkr 

Heintzman & Co, 1 15 Laws 
Lockhart James A, ftr'CPR, h (14 McMur- 

ray a v 
Lockhart Jamss A, pattern mkr ', PR, h 15 

Loci- hart John C, store foreman CPR, h 

567 Dundas w 
Lens Elizabeth (wid John), 1 50 Campbell 

Long Frederick R, mach CPR, b 63 Pacific 

ar B 
Long F, mach opr Canada Cycle & Motor 

Long George, lab Ont Paving Brick Co, res 

Long Joseph, mldr Wilkinson Plough Co, h 

Gl Edmund 
Lort/ MNs Edith, elk Sheppard & Son, 1 

138 Clemlennn nv 
Lortz George, caretkr High School, h 138 

Clerdenau av 

Longhriu I'.-itrink J. trav, h 00 Edmund 
Lcvp George, clothing cutter, h HI West 
ern nv 

Lovf-11 Genrge J. agent, h 240 St Clair av e 
Lowileu Stuart C, glass mkr, h 15 Laughton 


Lowe Kobert IT. ftr CPR. h 37 Edmund 
Lownilcs Win. plmhr 43 Dundas e. h some 
Lucas George E. mach Canada Cycle & Mot 

or Co. b 81 King 

Lund Frederick, elk C J Herbert, res To 
Luxton John, cabt mkr Heintzman & Co, 

res Toronto 

Lyons George, h 08 High Park av 
Lyons James T. bicycle hd. 1 11 Charles 
Lyons John, wks Pugsley, Dingman & Co, 

1 11 Charles 

Lyons Mary A (wld Thomas), li 11 Charles 
Lyons Wni C. screw mkr Canada Cycle & 

Motor Co, 1 11 Charles 
McAllister Alexander, fireman CPR, res 

McAllister Daniel, carp CPR, h 80 Hosklu 

McRride Frank, asst insp Canada Cycle & 

Motor Co. nns 140 Vine av 
McPrlde Miss Laura, steuog A J Anderson, 

1 510 Hieli Park av 
McBrlde Margaret (wld Wm J). h 510 High 

Park av 

Mr Bride Mary (wld James). 1 03 King 
McBurnle John, cabt mkr Dodge Mfg Co, h 

7 Charles 

MeCabe James, elk, 1 104 Annette e * 

MeC'nll Vincent K, raacli Dodge Mfg Co, res 

McCallum Miss Elizabeth W, librarian Pub 

Library. I 45 Union s 
MoCalluui Wm, maeli. h 01 May 
McCance John, fireman CPR,' h 47 Van 

McCann Samuel, signal man GTR, res North 

McCann Thomas, varnisher Heintzman * 

Co, res Toronto 

McCartney James. Ir.b. I 38 Western av 
McCartney John, lab Ont Paving Brick Co. 

h 58 Western av 

McCartney Robert, lab, 1 38 Western av 
McCaul John D, elk Wilkinson Plough Co. 

res Toronto 
M<Cai'l".v Alexander, roadmaster CPR, h 

131 Dundas e 
McCauley Wm, fireman CPR, b 131 Dundas 

McClellnn Norman, ftrs' t:pr CPR, h 29 


McClelland Thomas B. h 2!) Western av 
McClure Johnston, carp, h 3!> T'xbrldge av 
McClure Thomas, wheel truer Canada Cycle 

& Motor Co, res Toronto 
MrClnre Wm J, car repr CPR, h (il Hoskiu 


McConnell Arthur, app, 1 72 Queen's rd 
McConnell Ernest N. eng CPR. h 94 Hiph 
Park av 

McConvey Wm. fireman CPR, b 29 May 
M< Cormack Robert I,, h 43 Keele s 
McCort Miss Minnie, wks Pugsley, Ding- 

iran & Co. I 45 1 'Hildas e 
MeCraw Wm, brfcmii OPR. t> Occidental 

Mc< 'Hidden John, blksmith's hlpr CPR, h 

4:: Charles 

McC'ullough Harold, lab CPR. res Toronto 
McDermld Archibald, foreman Canada Cycle 

vV: Motor Co. res Toronto 
BIcDermott George, blksmith, h 180 On 

M.-lievitt John, bartndr Occidental Hotel 
Mi Donald Dennis, driver Standard Fuel Co, 

h 8:1 King 

McDonald Robert, elk CPR, rms Dundas 
McDonald Snsaii (w(id Rev Wilson), b 40 

Van Home 

McDonald Win, section man CPR, b 61 An 
nette e 
McEnanoy Miss Alice, mus tchr 102 Pacific 

av s, 1 same 
Mi-En.-mey Archibald, brkmn CPR, 1 102 

Pacific av s 

McEnnney Dugald T, cond CPR, 1 102 Pa 
cific av s 
McFuauey Joseph, brkmn CPR, 1 102 Pacific 

a v u 
McEnaney Miss Lizzie ((Misses McEnaney). 

h 102 Pacific av s 
Mi Er.aney Miss Mary (Misses McEnaney), 

1 102 Pacific av s 
McKnanej Missfs (Lizzie and Mary), drs- 

n-.krs 1U2 Pacific av s 
McEown John M, trav, h 114 Conduit 
Mi Farlane Christopher, car repr CPR, h 7 

Ferguson av 
McFarlane Wm, moto Tor Sub St Ry Co, 

h 68 Pacific av s 
McGibbon George F, case mkr Heintzman & 

Co. h 12'i Dundas e 

McGill John, cond CPR, h 82 Uxbrldge av 
Mi-Gill Win E. brkmn CPR, I 61 May 
McGlenning John T, grocer 0 Dnnd-is e 
McGovern Albert, cond CPR, h 64 Hook av 
MeGowan Edward, planer hd Dodge Mfg 

Co, res Toronto 
Mi-Gowan James, appr Dodge Mfg Co, res 


McGregor Alexander, h SO Uxbrldge av 
McGregor Mary (wld Nell), h 112 Annette e 
McGregor Robert, 1 7 Ferguson ay 
M'-Groarty Bernard lab CPR, b 20 May 
Mclnerney John, eng CPR. h 63 Annette e 
McKay John A. lab CPR, h 72 Hook nv 
McKay Robert L, mach hd Hclntzman A 

Co. res Toronto 
McKeand James, mach Dodge Mfg Co, res 

McKee James, blksmith GTR, h 66 McMur- 

ray av 

McKee Wm, blksralth, I 66 McMurray av 
McKoen Wm, sawyer Dodge Mfg Co, h SO 

Union n. 
McKenzie Donald, filer Canada Cycle A 

M"tor Co 
McKeown Albert, gluer Dodge life Co, res 

Toronta * 

McKeown Miss Evelyn, tchr Model School, 

res Toronto 
McKewn W E, shipper Canada Cycle & 

Motor Co, res Toronto 
McKillip Henry, h 104 Louisa 
McKIniey Charles, lab, h 170 Ontario 
McKlnley James C, bolt mkr, h 92 Pacific 

a v a 
M<-Kinnon Archibald, blksmith CPR, h 138 

Cawthra av 
McKinnon Archibald, frame repr Canada 

Cycle & Motor Co. h 17 Western av 
McLachlan John, blksmith, h 72 Qut-on's rd 
Mt-I.anffnlln Robert, asst shipper Dodge Mfg 

Co. 1 113 Edmund 
McLaughlin Robert J, fitter CI'R, 1 24 Clen- 

denaii av 

McLangblin Wm. h 24 Clendenan av 
McLnughlln Win, maeh Dodge Mfg Co, res 

Mclaughlin Wm J, slsmn, 1 24 Clendenan 

McLean L. mach Canada Cycle & Motor 

Co, b 2!0 Keelo 
Mi-Lean Richard F H, lab, h 205 St Clair 

av u 

McManus Herbert, brkmn CPR, h 27 West 
ern av 

MeMaster David A, spinner Heintzman & 

Co. res Toronto 
McMillan Archibald, agent, h 52 Medlaud 

McMulkin Edwin, app Canada Cycle & M"t 

or Co, res Toronto 
McMulkin John T, tool mkr Canada Cycle & 

Motor Co. h 44 Annette e 
Me Mullen Thomas, h 238 Keelo n 
Mi-Nair Hairy, trav. 1 2; WimiNide av 
MfNamara John J. lireman CPR, res Tees- 

\» ater 

Mi-Ncclv Alexander, cond CPU. h ."><"> Union 5 
Mi-Neely Minnie, dom 288 Annette w 
McNeil Win. fireman CPR, b 97 High Park 

McNichol Miss Maud, rnlur Miss F A Har- 

shaw. 1 69 Annette e 
Mcl'hail Archibald, lab Ont Paving Brick 

Co, resj Weston 

Mcliao John, fireman CPR. b 61 Vine av 
McTaggart Malcolm D, fireman CPR, h 34, 

Aili;iny nl 
Mably Frederick M. action fnshr Helntz- 

n. n n & Co. 1 1 Victoria 
Mably Joseph M, fly fushr Heintzraan & 

Co. h I Victoria 
Mm-donald F Buyer (McDonald & Davis), h 

113 Dundas w 
MacDonald James E H. artist, h 512 Que- 

bee av 
MacDonald & Davis (F B MacDonald, Harrv 

R Davis), gros 113 JJundas w 
Mncmlllan Christina (wid Charles), h 4:; 

High Park av 
Mnciiiillim Mlas Vin. DireetrexB 

Toronto Junction College of Music. 1 4:i 

High Park av 

M.icNahb Ucv Alexander W. pastor St Mar 
tin's in the Field, h 52 Campbell av 
Micnamara Albert T, phy 106 Davenport rd 
McNamara James J. tcbr. h 56 Hoskin av 
Madden Albert, eng CPR. res Windsor 
M.'iilden Rodney, carp CPR. b 139 Vine. 
Maddocks Edward, frame Insp Canada 

Cycle & Motor Co, h 250 St Clair av e 
Maddocks John, elev opr Canada Cycle * 

Motor Co. 1 259 St Clair av e 
Maddocks Patrick, mldr Wilkinson Plough 

Co, b Peacock Hotel 
M.-dpet /Win, tmstr, h 35 Whitney av 
Mntrnlre Charles A J, switchm'an GTR, h 

30 Whitney av 

Maher Win. livery 22 Keele s. b 104 Conduit 
Mahoney Edward J. plnno mkr Heintzman 

& Co. 1 Keele n, 1 n of St Clair av 
Mahoney James, hellyman Helm/man ,V 

Co. h 72 Dundas e 

Mahoney James, eng CPR. h 121 Oue-hec av 
Mahoney Miss Maggie, bdg hse li'i Dundas e 
Mahoney Margaret (wid Cornelius), h 12:i 

Dundas e 
Mahonev Michael, lumberman CPR h 161 

Weston rd 

Mahoney Myles. elk CPR. 1 161 Weston rd 
Mahoney Patrick, section foreman OTR. li 

e s Keele n, 1 n St Clair di 
Mains Di'ncan. eng CPR, res London 
Mailaby Frederick J, app Heintzman & Co, 

1 (170 Weston rd 
Mnlliiliy Peter, blksmith J R Bull, h 670 

Weston rd 
Manning Edwin F. foreman Canada Cycle ,V 

Motor Co, h e s Keele s, 1 s of No 9 
Manning James. 1 202 Hish Park av 
M:'ios Jesse, driver, li 57 Medland 
Marett Wm, shoemkr 12 May. h same 
Marks John, ftr CPR, b S3 Pacific nv 
M.-irr Alexander, furrier. 1 57 Dundas e 
Mnrr Gordon, reporter. I 57 Dundaa e 
Marr Jnmes. furrier. 1 57 Dundas e 
Mnrr John, bldr 20 Keele s. h 57 Dundas e 
Marr John jr. slsmu, rms 27 Dundas e 
Maishall Albert, biksmith's hlpr CPR, res 

York tp 

Marshall Isaac, bartndr Peacock Hotel 
M: rshall Matthew, track repr CPR, res To 
Marshall Robert. lab Ont Paving Brick Co, 

res Mount Denis 

Vavshall Thomas, lab, 1 233 Keele 9 
Marsland Clement B. act manager Mols«ns 

Bank, rms 0 Keele n 
Martin Alfred W, bkr 290 Dundas w, h 31 

Clendenan av 

Martin Chester, maeh Canada Cycle & Mot 
or Co, b Mrs E Lake 
Marl in Miss Ethel, wks Pugsley, Dingman 

•Sr Co, b 56 Hook av 
Martin Georpe S. Dentist 6 DIIII- 

das w, h 185 High Park av 
Martin James, app CPR, 1 153 Vine av 
Martin John, lab CPR, b 39 Hoskin av 
Martin Samuel G, eng CPR, h 153 Vine av 


• iiw •• VII I k Li .. - 7ft riuuuriu GTP 

MORTGAGE LOANS, small and 

large amounts, reasonable terms. 

T/\ TT i T IT A TT/MLT T7 

Standard Life 

Assurance Company. 




Chas. Hunter, 

Chief Agent, Ontario. 

Toronto Offices: 

Bank of Commerce Building. 


•Toronto Junction. 


llrsecnr John R, mngr Pugsley, Dingman & 

Co, li 5!) Annette e 
Mason Arthur, liti-hr, 1 207 Quebec av 
M; sou Elizabeth (\vid Win). I U9 Pacific av * 
Mason iii'orge H. fireman No 2 Fire Dent, 

h 44 King 
MUNOII homer, Pliysieinn nnd Snr- 

geon. Office 210 Dundas w, h same 
Mason Hubert W, shipper, h 108 St Chiir av 

Mrsspjr Herbert, stenog Wilkinson Plough 

Co, rps Toronto 
Ma'son David, coll and freight ngt CPU. h 

35 Western av 
&I:r •tiM-iiiaii George, hrkmn CPR, U 78 Hos- 

kin av 

Masters Wm. tobacco 72 Dmidas e, h same 
Matheson Angus, yardman CPU, 1 183 Pa 
cific av 
Mnl thews Harry P, tlr J R Chisholm, h 11 

lliimherslilc av e 
Malt hewn l!ev Henry S, pastor Davenport 

Meth Church, h 344 Davenport r<l 
Mavety Alexander C, phy GO Mny, h same 
Maw James, carp, h .11 Vine av 
Maw Mark, wks Win Mailer, h 299 Maria 
MaMcd Stephen, mkt eilnr 2"!"v St Clair «v e 
Maxted Thomas, Inb Out I'avlnj B-ick Co, 

res Mount Dennis 

Maxwell Miss Florence, mlnr, 1 11 Lindner 
Maxwell lilchard S. sounding board mkr 

Hetntzman & Co. h 37 St Ciair nv e 
Ms xwell Ilobert, fireman Cl'H, b 123 Dun- 
das e 
Maxwell Miss Sarah B, mach opr, 1 11 

Maxwell Wm, lab Canada Cycle & Motor Co 

h 11 Lindner 
Mr.jvweU Wm .1. ease mkr Heintzrnan & Co, 

1. 11 Lindner 
May Albert D, cue mkr S May & Co, rpg 

Mav Henry S, vice-pres Dodge Mfg Co, res 

May Richard, case mkr Heintzman & Co, h 

3 i Laws " 

May Samuel (Samuel May & Co), res To 
May Samuel >t Co (Samuel Mav). billiard 

table iimfrs, s s Pel'iiim. 1 e Edmund 
Mayliew Joseph, wks CI'K. h 41 Pacific av s 
Mecllay Unbelt J. lilksmith Canada Cycle & 

Motor Co, res Toronto 

Meltis Win, uiach Dodge Mfg Co, res To 
Mellon Isaac, smelter Wilkinson Plough Co, 

res Toronto 
Meicer Miss Amy L. elk Wm J Moore, b 

Dnndas w 

Mercer Miss Helena, 1 138 Louisa 
Mercer Miss Margaret, h 1">8 Louisa 
Mercer Miss Mary M. 1 158 Louisa 
Merriek Ueiiben O, brkmn Cl'R, h 122 

Mtrrltt George V, wdwkr Heintzman & 

Co, b 135 Vine av 

Me.tcalf Robert, mach CPR. h 238 Dunrtas \\ 
Metropolitan Life Insurance Co, C E' 

George agent. 5 Dundas e 
Mtfldletnn Elizabeth (wld Thomas J), h 300 

Pacific av s 

Middlofon John, lab, h 8vS Lnughton av 
Muldleton Wm .7. 1 :iOO. Pacific av s 
Millar A II. confy SS T)um\;\s w. h same 
Millard Ernest, mach Caiiadn Cycle & Mot 
or Co, h Mrs E Lake 
Millr.rd John. eug CPU. h 72 Laws 
Miller Conrad, gro 38 Carlton pi. h s.ime 
Miller Frederick A, car rcpr CPU, h 55 Ar- 

pyle rd 

Miller George G. acct. 1 144 Gothic av 
Miller James E, yardman CPR, h SO Queen's 


Miller Kennpth A, elk. h 144 Gothic av 
Miller Richard T, elk H E Snell, 1 13 Pa 
cific av s 
Miller Robert, driver George Robinson, b 

40 MpMnrray av 

Miller Waiter, carp, h 204 Dnnrtas w 
Miller Walter W. roofer, h 52 May 
Miller Wm. 1 2'!4 Dnndas w 
Millett Thomas, lab CPU. h fifi intloy 
Mi'lgate Henry. wood\vkr, h 45 Medland 
Ullllpan Samuel M, tel opr GTU, h 179 

Pacific nv s 

Millincton James, blrmkr, h 150 Cnwthra av 
Milloy Hugh, cond, b 88 Pacific av s 
M.lls J J, chief insp Canada Cycle & Mot 
or Co, b Heydon House 
Milne John, cond CPR, h 239 Annette w 

Milne John, cond CPR, b Avenue Hotel 
Millie John, mach opr Canada Cycle & Mot 
or Co, res Toronto 
Minaker Wm H. h 131 Dundtis e 
Mjncliin Aaron. lab CPR. h 80 Queen's rd 
Minns James S, wd carver Heintzman & 

Co, h Glil Annette w 

Minshaw John, mach CPR. b G4 Union s 
Mliitern Walton, pntr, h 214 Pacific av s 
Miiito Wm. tea mer, h 110 Conduit 
Mitchell Juhu G, car repr CPR, h 30 Argyle 

Mitchell Percy A, elk Howell & Co, b 50 

Hook av 

Mi.u-hell Wm. cond CPR, h 58 Annette TT 
Mitchell Wm. fushr Heiutzmau & Co, b 

Avenue Hotel 

Moatz John, lab CPR, h 17S Maria 
Model School, Wm Wilson priu, Annette w, 

cor Clendenan av 
Moffatt James L, carp CPR, h 103 Humber- 

siile nv 
MofTatt Robert, mSch hd Wilkinson Plough 

Co, l> 10 Kiugsley av 
Mole Charles, elk Godwin & Bean, 1 123 

Clendenan av 

Mole Frederick A, elk CPR, 1 123 Clenden 
an av 

Mole John, carp CPR, h 125 Clendenan av 
Mr-le John R, driver, 1 125 Clendenan av 
Mole Joseph S, app Heiutzman & Co, 1 123 

Clendenan nv 

Mole Robert M, elk H E Snell, 1 125 Clen 
denan av 

Mole Walter J, app, 1 125 Clendenan av 
Molsons Bank. The, C B Marslaud, act 

nintrr. 2 Duufias w 

Monck J Frank, fireman CPR, h, 173 Pa 
cific av s 
Monkhouse A, mach opr Canada Cycle & 

Motor Co, 1 82 Edmund 
Monkhouse Frank, bicycle wkr Canada 

Cycle & Motor Co 

Monkhouse Samuel, lab, h 82 Edmund 
Montgomery Wm J, wks CPR. b 2 > Laws 
Mr.on Peter, street commissioner, h 136 

Clendenan av 
Meor-eu Wm, sectionman CPR. h 31 Hook 

Mooney Charles, app Wilkinson Plough Co, 

1 17 Laughton av 

Mooney James, app Dodgs Mfg Co, res To 

Monney John, carp, h 17 Laughton av 
Mc-cney Newbery, wheel trurv Canada 

Cycle it Motor Co. 1 17 Laughton av 
Moore Delford E. typograph opr Leader & 

Recorder, res Toronto 
Moore J Gilford, eng CPR, h 18 Mny 
Moore Thomas, carp CPR, h GG Hook av 
Moore Wm J, staty 72 Dundas w. h same 
Moore Wm T F.. brkmn Cl'H. h 24 May 
Moran Wm. assembler Cauada Cycle & Mot. 

or Co, res Toronto 
Morgan Fred, eng CPR, res London 
Morgan James, lab Wilkinson Plough Co, 

res Toronto 
Morley Brock F, boot and shoe dlr, h 131 

Evelyn cres 

Mori is Kdward, moto, h 8 Ferguson av 
Morris James, 1 67 Willoughby av 
Mt rris John, yardman oodge Mfg Co, res 

Morrison Henry N, mer tlr 22 Duudas w, b 

Peacock Hotel 
Mi irison John E, tlr H N Morrison, h 2G 

W'estern av 
Morrison Scott, brkmn CPR, h GO King's 


Morrison Wm, eng CPR. h 79 Vino av 
Morrow A. mach Canada Cycle & Motor Co, 

res Toronto 

Morton Charles, mkt gdnr 2^1 St Clnir av e 
Morton James, mkt gdnr 2S9 St Clair av e 
Mcsley James, h 50 Campbell av 
Moss Henry, action reg Heintzman & Co, 

li 40i! Pacific av s 
Moss John U. watchman Hcintzman & Co, 

h 23fi Keele n 

Moss Win. niach's hlpr CPR, h 21 King's rd 
Motherwell James A, elk Can Bank of Com, 

ims 3(1 Dundas r? 
' Mould Samuel, lab Ont Paving Brick Co, 

ics Mount Dennis 
M.. 1.1,1 Miss S-irali, 1 32 May 
Mould Thomas G, btchr T Chapman, 1 7(i 


Mould Wm. bldr, h 7G Cbnrles 
Me wal George, elk, 1 31 Median* 
Mewat James, lab Out Paving Brick Co, h 


Mowat James W, chief eng Tor Sub St Ry, 

h ::i Medland 
Mowat John, cond Tor Sub St Ry Co, 1 31 

Moyer H Morgan, checker CPR, h 113 


Muir David, mach, h 89 Edmund 
M \\rrmery Arthur E, blrmkr CPR, h 6« 

Queen's rd 
Murch Cecil J, signal man GTR, h 28 

Whitney av 

Mv.rch George, fireman CPR, h SO Union n 
Murch Lewis, fireman CPR. I) Annette 
Mnrchey Joseph, vfce-nres Gasoliue Engine 

Co. h 43 May 
Murdoch Archibald, fireman CPR, h 72 

McMurray av 
Vi;rney Henry J. draughtsman Dodge Mfg 

Co, h 142 Clendenan av 
Murphy Wm. striper Canada Cycle & Mot 
or Co, res Toronto 

Murray Sandy, fireman CPR, res London 
Murray Wm, eng CPR, h 55 McMurray n» 
Murray Wm. lab. h 19 Carlton pi 
Mvsson Charles J, staty 17 Duudas w, ren 

Mrsson Edwin T, mech Canada Cycle & 

Mctor Co, res Weston 

Musson John G, elk C J Musson, res Ming- 

Mrssea Percy J, repr Canada Cycle & Mot 
or Co, res Weston, Ont 
Mutart Andrew C, elk CPR. h 43 Dundas 
Nash Annie (wid James), h 03 Pacific av > 
Neil Win. btchr, b 2S Fairview av 
Nfilands Gregory, mach CPR, h 28 Frank- 
land av 

Nellson John T, ene CPR. h 71 Pacific av s 
Ne.'les John H, lab, h 59 Medland 
Nelles Roland E. mach Cauada Cycle A 

Motor Co, 1 44 Union n 
Nelson Mrs Emma, bdg hse 44 Union n 
Neville Alexander, app Wilkinson Plough 

Co. 1 258 Keele n 
Nevin, macli CPU. h 2r>8 Ke*le n 
Ncwlove Frank, elk Watt & Watson, res 

T( ronto 

Newman Ernest, fireman CPR. b 29 Mav 
Newman George, eng CPU. res Orangeville 
Newman John, eng CPR. h 29 May 
Newman Victor, fireman A Campbell, b 190 


New son Henry H, brklyr, h 20 Hoskin av 
Newson John G. polisher, h 24 Whitney av 
Newson Reginald J. case mkr Heintzman & 

Co. b 54 Annette w 

Nichol Wm H. ttuiekpr CPR. h Gl Annette 
Nich'olls Andrew, case hardener Canada 

Cycle & Motor Co, res Toronto 
Nicholls Arthui, foreman lilksmith CFR, h 

08 Hoskin av 
Nicholls George, asst car foreman CPR, h 

ml Fairview av 

Niebolls John, stove mntr, 1 324 Queen 
Nitholts Richard, odorless excavator. 124 

Queen, h same 

Nicholls Richard, carp CPR. 1 68 Hoskin av 
Nichols Mrs Mary E. h G9 Pacific av 9 
Nif hols Paul, wood turner Dodge Mfg Co, b 

112 Dundas e 

Nichols Robert J. carp, h 408 Pacific av s 
Nigh Lewis, grinder Canada Cycle & Motor 

Co. h 35 Lakevlew av 
Noble Wm, dairy 15 Elizabeth s, h same 
Noble Win F. h 15 Elizabeth s 
Nerthcote John. mach. h 112 Queen 
Northey Wm, blksmlth's hlpr CPR, b Ave 
nue Hotel 

Norton Thomas W. brickmaker, h 116 Qnefln 
Ni nn Benjamin, wks Pugsley, Dingman & 

Co. h 114 Annette e 
Nunn John A, plshr Heintzman & Co, ro* 

Ni sbaum John, mach hd Heintzman & C<>. 

res Toronto 

O'Connor Charles, eng CPR, 1 SO Laws 
OVonnor Mary (wid James), It 50 Laws 
O'T-ell Frederick, hrkmn CPR, 1 38 Van 

O'Donnell Michael J, varnlsher Heintzmau 

& Co. res Toronto 
O'Donnell Patrick J. connector Canada 

Cycle & Motor Co. h 379 St Clair av w 
O'Farrell Robert, h ir.S Maria 
O'lleir James, assembler, b Mrs E Lake 
O'l.eary Peter, action reg Helutzinan & Co. 

res Toronto 
O'Neil James, mach hd Wilkinson Plough 

Co, res Toronto 
O'Neill Frank, wd carver Heintzman & Co. 

res Toronto 


Toronto Office, 49 Wellington St. East. 'Phone 251 

GEO. n. HARGRAFT, Cen'i Agent 

Residence Telephone 3124 

T. C. BLOGG, City Agent. 

Residence Telephone 3154 


(Cash and Mutual Plans). CAPITAL, $500,000 


Managing Director, 

A Cash Mataal Fire Ins. Co. with Stock Capital. 
Full Govei imieiit Dcuu^it. Fur rates, call upon 

J. A. r/ACFADDEN, Cen'l Agen», Toronto. 

Manning Bids-, 2* King St. IV. TEL. 165 


Toronto Junction. 


O'Neill Miss Jetty, Indrs Mrs E Godhold, I 

11 Dundus e 
O'Neill \Vui J, ear rcpr CPU, h 138 Annette 

O'Regan J, flier Canada Cycle & Motor Co, 

res Toronto 

O'Kellly Joseph, lab CPR, res York tp 
O'Toole James J, plsbr ileiutzuiau & Co, 

res Torouto 
Oatl Charles D, brknin CPU, b Subway 

Occidental Hotel, Cliarles A Kelly 

Proprietor, Duudas, cor Van Borne 
Ogle \Vui. sectinmunn CPU. res 1'ork tp 
Oldlield Mnry (wid Win), 1 t:2 Medland 
O'.ton George, brknikr, li 115 Queen 
Ontario Paving Brick Co, Lid, A E Kemp 
pres, W J Gage viec-pres, S G Beatly 
trcas, I. S Fraser sec, Weston rd 
Ovens Robert D, slsmn, U 12) Churchill av 
OM-IIS It Carman, app Hulutzmau & Co, 1 

12:! Clinrchill av 
O>Icy Win J. yardmn Dodge Mfg Co, h 121 

Cburoliill av 

Pace Win M, produce- d!r 343 Dundas w 
I'acker Charles, lab CPU, res Islington 
Padget Robert (Padget & Co), h 118 Maria 
Pi'dgec Thomas P (Padget & Co), h 82 Dav 
enport rd 
Padget & Co (Robert anil Thomas P Patl- 

get), gros Sij Davenport rd 
Pady Ui'V Walter .1, pastor Annette St Bap 
tist Church, h 43 Quebec av 
Page Ellen (wid Thomas), 1 ;!39 Quebec av 
Page Itolph 13, tchr lligh School, h 3.'W Que- 

boc av 
Palmer Charles, cooper A Campbell, b 44 

Union n 

Painier Charlotte (wld Richard), 1 37 Dun- 
das a 
Palmer Richard T, prop Palmer Shoe Co. h 

37 Dundas e 
Palmer Shoo Co, Richard T Palmer prop, 37 

Duudas e 
Pamenter John S, fushr Ileintziuffn & Co, 

res Toronto 
Punter Miss Fannie, elk Standard Fuel Co, 

1 48 Medland 

Panter Miss Jennie, weaver, 1 48 Me.lland 
Punter Joseph, brkinti CPU. I 48 MedlanU 
Panter Mary (wid George), h 48 Medlaud 
Park Thomas, lab, h 258 Maria 
Parker Miss Annette, wks I. aces & Braid Co 
Parker George, mngr Heydou House, Wes 
ton rd, cor St Clalr av 
Pr.rker George II, court CPR, h 159 Vine av 
PcrLer Wm, lab, h 3D9 Weston rd 
Parker Win, fireman CPR, 1 Union 
Parker Uev Wm R. pastor Anuettfe Metho 
dist Church, h 121 Law? 
Paikiu Robert, lab CPU. h 117 Maria 
Parka Win J, m'dr, h 37 McMurray av 
Parry J A, bicycle hd Canada Cycle & Mo 
tor Co, res Weston 
Parsons James, shipper A Campbell, h 54 

King's rd 
Partiugtou Miss Agnes, drsmkr, 1 01 Will- 

oughby av 
Partlngton Henrietta (v\ld Herbert), h 01 

Wllloughby av 

Patch Samuel, eng C P R h Subway House 
Patchett Henry, agt, h 123 Humberside av 

Paterson John (J 'Paterson & Co), h 167 


Paterson J & Co (John Paterson), plmbrs 
31 Dundas east 

Paterson Robert, plmbr J Paterson & Co, 1 

167 Louisa 

Patterson Hugh, bicycle mkr, h 101 Que 
bec av 

Patterson Jane (wid James), h 30 Medland 
Patterson John, mach C P R, h 77 Vine av 
Patterson Miss Mlunie, tchr, 1 101 Quebec 

Patterson Wm, billiards 18 Dundas w, 1 30 

Patterson Wm F, chief elk C P R, h 131 

Royce av 

I'aul John A, eng C P R, h 07 Mulock av 
Peace Harvey, foreman Canada Cycle & 

Motor Co, b 123 Mnlock av 
Pence John H. h 128 Fairvlew av 
Peace Wm, bicycle hd Canada Cycle & Mo 
tor Co, h 123 Mulock av 



. Choice Liquors and Cigars. 



Peacock Hotel, Francis Watts prop, 23 

Dundas e 

Pearr.v George W, brkrnan C P R, b Occi 
dental Hotel 
Pearen Jnlicz M, license Insp 24 Dnudas w, 

res A\ eston 
Pearson Augustus, wd carver Helntzman it 

Co, res Toronto 

Pearson Mrs ICIiza, bdg hsc 208 Dundas w 
Pearson Octavius W. case mkr Ucultziuau & 

Co, 1 423 Weston rd 

Pearson Wesley, coll C H, res Toronto 
Peavey Charles, lab C 1' U, b 70 Queen's rd 
Peck Will, yardman C P R, b U3 Pacific av 


Peniial Frederick G. asst snpt Canada Cy 
cle & Motor Co, res Torouto 
Penrice James, car rcpr C P It, h 100 Pel- 

li:im av 
People's Coal Co (br). Geo B Frost mngr, 

Uunilas e, cor Uoyce av 

Pepplatt Philip, brklyr, b UU Willoughby av 
Percy Fred \V , fushr, 1 4U May 
Percy James, agt, h 40' May 
Percy John M, mach C P R. 1 40 May 
Perfect Alfred 11. phy 6'i Annette \v 
Perkins Albert, wdu-kr Dodge Mfg Co, res 


Pen-In Harry, tool mkr C P R. b 1.19 Vine av 
Peterson James, mach 12 Dundas e, h ]U 


Phillips Abraham, carp, h 102 Annette w 
Phillips Alfred, eug C P R, h 40 Argyle rd 
Phillips Edward, core uikr Wilkinson 

Plough Co, 1 4i> Union n 
Phillips Frederick, carp, h 171 Vine av 
Phillips Harry, dr-siguer Canada Cycle & 

Motor Co, h 117 Evelvn cres 
Phillips Oscar F, foreman C P R, h 120 

Vine av 
Phillips Peter, planing mill 50 Pacific av 

s, h 103 Laws 
Phillips Richard, porter Helntzman & Co, 

h 40 Union n 
Phillips Solomon, planing mill 0 Kcele n, h 

2(13 Maria 
Phipps Arthur B, eng C P R, h 144 Clcn- 

denau av 
Phipps Arthur E, fireman C P R, 1 111 Clen- 

denan av 
Phoenix Albert, foreman Canada Cycle & 

Motor Co, h 1GS Pacific av s 
Pier Wm, uildr Wilkinson Plough Co, res 

Piggott Charles, packer A Campbell, h 101 

Annette w 
Piggott Donald McK, bicycle hd, 1 131 

Piggott Edward, bicycle hd Canada Cycle 

& Motor Co, res Mount Denis 
PlL-gott John, fireman No 1. b 30 Van Home 
Piggott John, lab C P R. h 131 Queen 
Pi^i-'ott Samuel P, screw mkr Canada Cy 
cle & Motor Co. b 40 Western av 
Pilkey Peter, tiustr, h e s Jane, cor Annette 

Piniler Bennlson, app Heintzman & Co, 1 103 

Quebec av 
Plndcr John C, mach C P R, h 10S Quebec 

Plnkney George J, car repr C P R, h 03 

Argyle rd 

Plnkney John, fireman C P R, 1 03 Argyle rd 
Plrie James, bkr 21)3 Dundas w. h same 
Pirle John, brkinan C P R, h 28 Western 

Plttam Alfred, sawyer Dodge Mfg Co, res 

Phut Win, turner C P R, h 148 Cawthra 

Playter Henry II, fireman No 1, h 20 Union 

Pletzer George, wd turner Dodge Mfg Co, h 

11 Union n 

Pletzer Lome, npp Dodge Mfg Co, 1 11 Un 
ion n 
Police Court and Station. Peter 

Ellis Maslstrate. Josinh R Royce Chief, 

rear of Town Hall, 10-1S Keele s 
Pordage John W. mkt grtnr 217 St Clalr av 

Port Win H, ftr C P R, h 120 Pacific av s 
Porter Win, fireman C P It, h 37 Vine av 
1'ost Nathaniel, carp C P It, 1 77 Louisa 
1'uft Wm H, bkpr, h 1U3 Cleudeuau av 
I'ovey Henry, blr mkr c I 1 U, h 21 Victoria 
Powell Joseph, putr, h 82 Charles 
Powell Thomas, boots and shoes 28 Dundas 

w. h same 
Towel Walter C, boot and shoe mer, h 23 

Quebec av 
Powley Alfred E, elk A E H Powley, 1 133 

Dundas e 
Powlev Alfred E H, boots and shoes 133 

Dundas e, h same 

Powley Lewis O, tel opr, b 133 Dnndas e 
Price Alexander, mkt giidr e s Jane, 1 n of 

Hloor w, h same 
Price Jackson I-:, h 16 Laws 
Price James, eng C 1' It, res London 
Price Thomas It, brk mfr, h 104 Conduit 
Prince Albert E, sound board mkr lletntz- 

maii & Co, 1 21 Western av 
Prince Thomas, carp C P 11, h 21 Western 

Prince Wm T, inach C P R, h 86 Clendenan 

n venue 
Pritchard John J, real est 123 Dundaa e, 

res Toronto 

Pritchard John J 1r, gro 105 Dunrlas e 
Proctor Charles E, car repr C P II, h 62 


Prodger George, eng C P R, res London 
I'rodger Wm, fireman C 1' H. res Loudon 
Pugh Albert, blksmlth. 1 78 Edmund 
I'ugh Andrew, helper Wilkinson Plough Co, 

1 7S Kdniund 

P".gh John, uildr. 1 78 Edmund 
Pugh -Joseph J, plshr Wilkinson Plough Co, 

h 7S Edmund 
Pugh Richard, grinder Wilkinson Plough Co. 

1 78 Edmund 
Pugsley Benjamin, wks Pugsley, DIngman 

& Co, res Toronto 
Pugsley. Dingmau & Co (John Pugsley, 

Archibald W DIuguiau), soaps and blues, 

ft Cawthra av 
Pug^ley John (Pugsley, Dingrnan & Co), res 

Purtle Miss Annie, wks Pugsley, DIngman 

& Co, 1 56 Van Home 
Pye. Arthur L. carp, h 502 Campbell av 
Quantz Alfred, millwright, h 10U Willough 
by av 
Quantz Walter, mach Dodge Mfg Co, 1 109 

Willoughby av 

Queen Citj- Plonr Mill!). Archi 
bald Campbell Proprietor, ft Cawthra av 
Queen David, coll. h 43 Van Home 
Queen James A. eng Canada Cycle & Motor 

Co. h 42 Van Home 

aneunell Austin, bicycle hd. 1 100 Charles 
nennell James, driver W P Hartney, h 100 

aucnncil Wm. carp, h 98 Charles 
uiulan Patrick, wdwkr Dodge Mfg Co, res 

Qninn James, brkmkr est of M Wakefield, 

res York Tp 
Qninn Wm, eng C P R, h 135 Pacific av 


Rae David, tinsmith C P R, h 113 Maria 
Rae Rev James W. nnstor Victoria Presby 

terian Ch. h 177 High Park av 
RafTerty Edwin, brkman C P R, 1 67 Me- 

Murray av 
Ratferty James, mason, h C7 McMurray av 






ri-w ->u/- YKOT >r » ft *± i\r A r". A 



ARCH. CAMPBELL, M.P.. President. 

THOS. CRAWFORD, M.P-P.i Vice-President. 
OReEnWOuO BHOWN. OeAjra) Manager. 

flcl«rt. rut** in tire protected plac«* 
~ m» rates accordingly- 



Toronto Junction. 


Rafferty James I', brkman C P R, n 37 Clen 

deuau av 

Rafferty Miss Maud, 1 67 McMurray av 
Rafferty Win. 1 07 McMurray av 
Itaudal U'ui, prtr, 1) 39 Vau Home 
KandH Saimn-'i, opr C 1' K 
Raney Wm K. barr, li 334 Lakevlew av 
Battledge Richard, brkiukr 5s St Clair ay 

C, h same 
Uattledge Richard jr, brk mfr 20 Whitney 

av, li same 
Uavcn Arthur, wks Pugsley, Dingraan & Co, 

1 £20 Franklin av 
Raveu John A, carp C P R, h 226 Frank 

lln av 

Rawxou Walter, lab, h 55 HosUln av 
Kay \\'m, dairy 14S Duiidas w, h same 
Raybould Bros (Harry W and Joseph N), 

btehis 25 Dundas w 
Raybould Harry W (.Raybould Bros), h 23 

Duudas w 
Baybonld Joseph, pntr's helper C P R, res 

York Tp 
Raybould Joseph N (Raybould Bros), h 25 

Duudas w 
Raybould Perry J, app Heintzman & Co, i 

res \ork Tp 
Raymer Henry B, mach hd Heintzman & 

Co. h 203 Quebec av 
Read Frank F, asst snpt Canada Cycle & 

Motor Co, res Toronto 
Rending A J, draughtsman Canada Cycle & 

Motor Co, res Toronto 
Reavie Archibald, b 123 Dnndna E 
Bedburu George T, blksmlth Wilkinson 

Plough Co. h 7S Charles 
Reesor Joseph, tmstr, h 40 Annette e 
Reeves Frank W, fireman C P R, h 142 

Cawthra av 

Reid Jackson, h Keele n, cor Herbert av 
Reid John H, bkpr Leader & Recorder, res 


Reid Mrs Sarah. 1 176 Ontario 
Reids Miss Edith, mach opr, 1 09 McMurray 

Reids F.rnest. wks Pugsley, Dingman & Co. 

I 69 MeMurray av 
Reids George W. blUsmSth Wilkinson Plough 

Co, h G!) McMnrray av 
Renahan Win, sectionman G T R. res Mount 

Reynolds Harry, tmstr Conger Coal Co, h 

104 Vine av 
Reynolds Win, prtr Tribune, b 29 Van 

Rhodes John, car repr C P R, res Lambton 

Rhodes Thomas A. blksmith 28 Dundas e, 

h 04 Pacific av s 

Rice Allan R. mngr The Tribune, 25 Dun- 
das w, h 21G Clendenan av 
Rice Wm H. h 312 Lakevlew av 
Rich Charles, carp, b 20 May 
Rich Harry, mach Wilkinson Plough Co, b 

20 May 

Richard John H. plshr. h 30 Whitney av 
Richards Edward, pair's helper C P R, h 

40 Argyle rd 

Richards John. lab. h 37 Hogkln av 
Richards Thomas, jab. h 151 Elizabeth s 
RIohr\rdson Charles A, bkpr A Campbell, h 

17 King 
RIehard*on Frederick, fireman No 1, b 39 

Van Home 

Ridrtell John M. 1 173 Pacific av s 
Ridley David, lab CFR. h 50 Edmund 
Ridley Francis, car Insp CPR, h 13 Carl- 
ton pi 

Ridley Wm. 1 13 Cnrlton pi 
Rlley George, eng CPU. h 17 Victoria 
Riloy Wm. lab, h 107 Pacific nv s 
Risi'aw Philip, cabt mkr S May & Co, h 140 

Annette o 

Rilchie George H, entr CPR. h 74 Annette e 
Rllrlile John E. en« CPR, h 14 Laws 
Robb .lamp's, h 30 Hook av 
Rdbb Wm C, miller A Campbell, h 01 Hook 

Roberts Frederick, mnch opr Canada Cycle 

.<t Motor Co. 1 113 Mnloek av 
nel.erts George, brickmkr. 1 113 Mnlock nr 
Roberts George W. asst stool; rooclver Can 
ada Cyrle it Motor Co, res Wcston 
Roberts John, briokrakr. h 113 Mnlock av 
Roberts Miss Lizzie, tlrs J H Agnew, res 


Roberts Wm, car repr CPR. h 50 Uttley 
Roberts Wm F, brickmkr, h 82 Queen's rd 
R< bortson Miss Jennie M, drsmkr, 1 181 

C'cndennn nv 

Robertson John, varnisher Heintzman & 

Co, res Toronto 

Robertson John, pork packer, li (i2 Union s 
Robertson Miss Settle, tlrs H N Morrison, 

ve» Westou 
Robertson Thomas G, brkmkr est of M 

WaUetield, U 308 Westou yd 
Holiertson Win, coachmau Mrs Conk, h 123 

Pacific av s 

Robinson Alexander W, jwlr, 1 2 May 
Robinson Miss Bella, tlrs A M Gobel. rms 

4 pundas w 
Hobinson Chester, drill hd Canada Cycle & 

Motor Co, b 532 Campbell av 

BAKER and 
21 Dundas West 


Kobinson George, bkr 21 Dundas w. h same 
Koliiuson John, chief Toronto Junction Fire 

IHpt, U 2 May 

Hobinson Joseph A, carp, b 144 Vine av 
Itcbinson L Harvey, stock receiver Canada 

Cycle & Motor Co, 1 2 May 
Kobinson Thomas A, farmer, h 532 Camp 
bell av 
liobinson Wm, lab Ont Paving Brick Co, 

res York tp 

Rohlin Leslie G, eng CPR, h 114 Quebec av 
Rolisbn Clarence M. mach, 1 138 Pacific av s 
Rf.bson I rank G, maeh, I 138 Pacific ay s 
Holison Frederick J, action fnshr Heintz- & Co, res Toronto 
Rc-bson Matthew G (Robson & Sou), h 138 

Pacific av s 
HoV'Son Win J (Robson & Son), photo 27 

Drndas e, 1 138 Pacific av s 
Itobscm & Son (Matthew G and Wra J), 

real estate and insurance, 5 Dundas e 
Rodger John, fireman CPU, res London 
Rodwell Henry, eng CPR, h 37 Victoria 
Holers Edwin R. hardware 2 Duudas e, b 

137 Lakevlew av 
Rogers James, li 32 Western nv 
Rogers Miss Minnie, bkpr, 1 32 Western av 
Rolls Arthur, foreman Canada Cycle & Mot 
or Co, h 73 Edmund 
Roirnln John W. gdnr, h 15 TJxbridge av 
Kork Miss Jennie, tchr St Clair Av ScU, I 

2:>2 Lakeview av 
Rork Miss Mary, tchr Model School, b 232 

I.akoview av 

Rose George, h 233 Pacific av s 
Rose Hugh F, steamftr CPR, h 437 An 
nette w 

Rose James, hir mkr. 1 233 Pacific av s 
Uos-ehrugh Frank N, trav. h 24 Woodslde av 
Icosevear James, moto Tor Sub St Ry Co, 

h 112 Quebec nv 
Rosevear Matthew C, supt Tor Sub St Ry 

Co, h 45 Tnton * 

Ross Alexander, brkmn CPR. h 81 Edmund 
Ross Capt John. U 1(10 Louisa 
Ross Thomas, wks CPR. b 32 Edmund 
liouden Thomas, yard foreman CPR, h 49 

Van Horne 

Rowlin Frank A. elk Canada Cycle & Mot 
or Co. res Toronto 
Uowntroo Miss Annie E, tchr Model School, 

1 104 Cooper :iv 

Rf-untroe George, b 22 Western av 
Huvoitroo Miss Hattie, mus tchr 104 Cooper 

av. 1 same 
Rowr.trcc Henry, elk Wm Rowntree. I 164 

Ci'oppr av 

Ur-wntroe Miss Ida. elk, 1 22 Western av 
Rowntree Lome, pulley mkr. 1 22 Western 

Ilowntrpc Miss Sarah, bkpr Wm Rowutree, 

1 104 Coopev av 
Rowrtree Wm. grocer and postmaster 319 

Davenport rd. h 104 Cooper nv 
Rnyce Jnslab R. chief of police and sani 

tnry Insp. h 43H Annette w 
Rpmhle Frederick J, fir CPR. b 40 King 
I!r. in bio Miss Nellio. npp, 1 40 King 
Rumble Wm. app Dodge Mfg Co, 1 40 King 
Ur.sbbrook Wm. asst shipper Wilkinson 

Plough Co, res Toronto 
Rnsscll Miss Aimee, tchr St Clair Av Seh, 
1 .V. Vioforln 

Russell Andrew, blksmith CPU, h 35 Vic 

ICussell Perclval G, Insp, h 343 Quebec av 
lauherloid Jnlin \V, eujj CPR. h 4(J Laws 
Ryan Mary ("id Arthur), U 2-> Laws 
Ryan Rose, dom Subway House 
Kyding Samuel (Rydiug & Co), h 200 Dun- 

yiling & Co (S Ryding, F Richards), 

plinlirs 200 Dnmlus w 

aliin Jobn, asst in-sp Canada Cycle & Mot 
or Co, res Toronto 
St Cecilia's (liC) Oiurch, Rev Wm liergln 

pastor, I*acilic av, s-e cor Annette w 
St Clair Av School, I L Beattie unu, St 

Clair av w 

St Clair Edmund, tool mkr, 1 112 Annette e 
St John's Church (Anglican). Rev F 11 Dn 

V'ornet rector, s s Dundas vv, w of Louisa 
St Mark's (Anglican) Cbnrch, Rev C E 

Thomson lector, Carlton, n-e cor King 
Salmon Miss AUce E, niach opr, 1 2U Carl- 
ton pi 
Salmon Richard J, car checker CPR, 1 29 

Cnrlton pi 
Salmon Miss Rose, mach opr, 1 29 Carlton 

Salmon Susan (wid Richard), U 29 Carlton 


Sai rters David, furniture 30 Dnndan e 
Sai.drrs Edward, lab Out Paving Brick Co, 

h Westou rd 
Sri. dersou Eliza (wid Wm), h 33 Whitney 

Sanderson Miss Llllie, drsmkr, 1 33 Whit 
ney avenue 

Sanderson Miss Mabel, slsldy, 1 33 Whitney 
Sansoii Wm, btchr T Chapman, 1 23 Daven 
port rd 
Saporita Giuseppe, mach Gasoline Engine 

Co, res Toronto 
Saunders Charles, brkmn CPR, 1 37 Pacific 

nv s 
S.'.ninlr>rs Wm, brkmn CPR. h 37 Pacific av 


Savage Andrew, mach CPR. h 44 Mcdland 
Savage Wilfred S, app Heintzman & Co, 1 

44 Medland 

R:\vllle Henry, lab CPR, h 111 Clrircnlli av 
Saville Henry jr. drill brt Canada Cycle & 

Motor Co. 1 ill Churchill av 
Saville John W, mldr, I 111 Cliurchlll av 
Saville Wm, pntr Dodge Mfg Co, 1 111 

Churchill av 

Scales Wm. lab, h 128 Cooper av 
Scanlon Patrick J, cond CPR, h 90 Dundas 

Scarlett Edward W, grave! dlr, h 04 St 

Clair av w 
Schmidt Fred, tlr A M Gabcl, h fil Dundas 

Schmidt Henry N, barber and tobacco 51 

Dnndas w, b U3 same 
Scliraeder Christopher, lab Canada Cycle & 

Motor Co. res Toronto 
ScUrelhei 1 Thomas O, storeman CPR, h 2-1 

Carlton pi 

Seliultz Jobn, contv 6O Mcdland. h same 
Sclmltz Robert J. cond. h !) Ferguson :iv 
Si hultz Win. stoue mason, 1 GO M'-dtand 
Schweukcr Charles H, foreman Helutzman 

& Co. h 40 r.nws 

Soott Mrs Catherine, h 103 Mnlock av 
Soott James, dairy 351 High Park av 
Scott Jobn, mach CPR. b 31 Hoskiu av 
S<ott John C. elk, i 351 High Park av 
Scott Joseph W, app Heiutzinan & Co, 1 103 

Mulock av 
Scott Miss Lillian M (Scott B- Col 1 09 

Dundas e 
Scott Louisa (wid Wm). (Scott & Co), h 99 

Dnrdns e 

Scott Wm, eng A Campbell, h 7S King's rd 
Scott Wm J, elk, 1 351 High Park av 
Scott & Co (Mrs Louisa and Miss Lillian 

M Scott), grocers !>'.> Dundas e. 
Sci lly John J, asst to master mechanic, 

CPU. h 2T7 Annette w 
Sewell Robert A, opr CPR. b 39 Medlnnd 
Seymouv Alfred W, fnshr Heintzman & Co, 

b 2S Cli-iHos 
Shaffer Wilfred, wood turner Dodge Mfg Co, 

res Toronto 
Shannon Grorge, mach Dodge Mfg Co, res 


Shannon Michael, lab. h 01 Vine av 
Shiirp Wm. oik T Powell, b 2^ Dundas w 
SHARPE I>GH \M \. Anofionee--. In 
surance and Roal Estate 133 Dundas e 
Sbiirrard Frederick, brkmn CPR. h 34 West 
ern av 



Dealers in Clarified Milk and Cream 

and Dairy Products. 




Agts. "HAGAR" SHOE, unexcelled 
for Style, Fit and Wear. 


Toronio Junction. 


Shaw John, blksuiith, h 015 Weston rd 
Shaw Juiin A, inngL- Standard Fuel Co, h 47 

Shaw John W, inldr Wilkinson Plough Co, 

h 78 Uxbridge av 
Shi-at -Miss hei'tha, wks Lares & Braid Co, 

1 37 Carltou pi 
Sheal' John, litter Wilkinson Plough Co, h 

37 Cai-ltou pi 
Sluppard Joim (Saeppard & Sou), h 110 

Duiulas w 

Shcppaid John, fireman CPR, res London 
Slicppaid \Vm H, 1 2JO High Park av 
Sieppaid Win J, jwlr 4'J Duudas w, 1 2JO 

High. 1'ark av 
Sheppard \\ m U (Sheppard & Son), 1 110 

Itinulas w 
Sluppaid & Son (John and Wm R), dry 

goods, lit Duudas w 
Sbeiwiu Lharles, action fnshr Heiutzman & 

Co, res Toronto 
Shields Alex., i.dtr, foreman inach shop C 

P U, li 122 Western av 
Shields Thomas, bib CPU, h 202 Maria 
Short Charles H, tool mkr Canada Cycle & 

Motor Co, rms 0 Dundas w 
Short James U, 'n'-cmau Canada Cycle & 

Motor Co, U 144 Maria 
Short Wm, wood wkr Dodge Mfg Co, res 

Siddall Edward, carp Wilkinson Plough Cn, 

h 10'J ChurcliPl av 
Siddall Win, bench hd Dodge Mfg Co, 1 53 

Campbell av 
Sim Samuel, mldr Wilkinson Plough Co, rfs 

Siniiison George A, rubber & 

Co, res Toronto 
Simpson Joseph C, foreman Canada Cycle 

& Motor Co, h 50 Campbell av 
Simpson Thomas, millwright A Campbell, 

res Western 

Sims Geoige W, uphol, 1 120 Annette e 
Sims Wm, cutter, h 120 Annette e 
SiLclair Arthur W, wks CPU, 1 62 McMur- 

ray av 
Sinclair Christopher, car repr CPR, res 

York tp 
Sinclair Miss Hanna, tlrs H X Morrison b 

123 Duudas e 
Sinclair P Wm, yardman CPR, h C2 Mc- 

Murray av 
Siss.on Gordon, cooper A Campbell, h 48 

Union n 
Slssou Miss Grace, tlrs A M Gobel, rms 6 

Dundas w 

Slack David, tool mkr Canada Cycle & Mo 
tor Co, h 64 King's rd 

• Slack George E, ftr C P R, h 30 Victoria 
Slack Thomas, tool mkr Canada Cycle & Mo 
tor Co, res Toronto 
Smith Alice J (wid Archibald), hotel 205 

Dundas w 

Smith Anna (wid Thomas). 1 39 May 
Smith Amiie, elk, 1 Hi!) Pacific av "s 
Smith Charles, lab, h 155 Vine av 
Smith Charles W, much, h 66 Laughton av 
Smith Miss Clara, elk, 1 1U9 Pacific av s 
Smith Frank, helper C P R. b Dundas 
Smith Frederick, mach. h 47 Victoria 
Smith Harry, fireman C P R, b 97 Mulock 


Smith Jacob, carp, 1 139 Vine av 
Smith James, tmstr h 109 Queon 
Smith Jesse C, grain buyer, 1 145 Pacific 

av s 

Smith John, blksnilth. h 130 Cooper av 
Smith Joseph, siraln uier. h 2SO Annette w 
Smith Louise (wid Frank), h 15 Union n 
Smith Lydia (wid James F). h 120 Queen 
Smith Lydia (.wid John C). h 109 Pacific av 

Smith Robert, mach opr Canada Cycle & 

Motor Co, 1 G6 Laughton av 
Smith Miss Sarah A. tchr Carlton St Sen, 

res Carlton West P O 

Smith Thomas, day watchman Canada Cy 
cle & Motor Co. h 2.16 Keele n 
Smith Tuouias H. chemist «S Dnndas w 
Smith Wiilter, app Oodtre Mfpr Co. 1 39 Mn r 
Smith Wm. assembler Canada Cycle £-. Mo 
tor Co, res Toronto 

Smith Wm, lab Ont Paving Brick Co, ) 

Smith Wm, roofer, li 39 May 
Smith Wm. wdwkr Dodge Mfg Co, res'To- 

Smith Wm J, eng C P R, h 139 Pacific av 


Smithsou. Elizabeth (.wid Johnj, h 44ti Wes- 

tou r<l 

Siniuisou John, brkrnan, h 450 Weston rd 
Smyth Harvey, ftr's helper C P R, 1 15 

1- rankliu a v • 

Smyth '-luoiuas J, frame truer Canada Cycle 

A: Motor Co, h 03 Willoughby av 
Smyth \S m S, storemau C P R, h 15 Frank 
lin av 
Sueath Robert, fireman A Campbell, h 60 

Franklin av 
Suell iiouard E. gro 131 Dundas w, b 45 

Pacific av 
Snider Edward, lab Wilkiuson Plough Co. 

res Toronto 
Southby Henry J, brass fnshr C P R, h 48 

Ar.yle rd 
Southern Alfred G, bicycle hd, I 110 St 

Clair av e 

Southoru Edward, filer Canada Cycle & Mo 
tor Co, res Toronto 

Southern Eli, brkmkr, h 110 St Clair av e 
Southoru Joseph, drill hd Canada Cycle & 

Motor Co, 
Southwell Charles J, tool elk Canada Cycle 

& Motor Co, 1 44 Western av 
Southwell John, mach Canada Cycle & Mo 
tor Co, h 44 Western av 
Spacey Edwin, mach Heintzman & Co, res 


Spaiford Edward B, slsman, h 79 Edmund 
Sparks Charles R, bolt ctr C P R, h 39 


Speuce Briden, moto, h 249 Cleudenan av 
Spieer Eliza (wid Harry), 1 b3 Elizabeth 
Spieer Henry, car repr C P R, h S3 Eliza 
Spieer Wm, car repr C P R, h 138 Franklin 

Spink Elizabeth (wid Wm), h 50 McMur- 

ray av 

Spiuk James A, jwlr, 1 50 McMurray av 
f-pink \\iii S, fnshr, 1 50 McMurray av 
Spratt Frederick, lab C P R, h 40 Laughtou 

Spratt Roland, enameller Canada Cycle & 

Motor Co, I 40 Laughton av 
Spring Charles, wks Pugsley, Dingman & 

Co, res Toronto 
Spring James, plshr Canada Cycle & Motol 

Co, res Toronto 

Spriugford Richard, filer, b 23 Hoskin av 
Springford Wm, elk J Gilmour, 1 23 Hoskin 


Sproule Frederick A, eng C P R. h 77 Louisa 
Sproule Thomas J, carp C P li, res York 

Sprowl Hannah (wid Ellett), h 130 Annette 


Spun- John B, rep, h 202 High Park av 
Sri ,'ley Joel, carp, h 39 Viue av 
Srijrley Joseph, driver Standard Fuel Co, 1 

39 Vine av 

Si-kMey Robert J, carp, h 27 Vine av 
Stalker Airs Helena R, h 179 Keele s 
Standard Fuel Co (br), J A Shaw mngr, 42 

Dnndas w 
Stanford Gilbert G, app Heintzman & Co, 

res Toronto 

Staples Jjhn, carp C P R. h 120 Maria 
Steels Peter, brkman C P R, h w s Caw- 

tlira av, 2 s of Herbert av 
Steiner Eugene, maeh C P R, b 18 Hook av 
Stephens George, car repr C P R. res Jane 
Stephens Georse, mach Dodge Mfg Co, res 

Stephens Wm H, brkman C P R, 1 cor Ann 

ette and Jane 
StopluMison Hurry, brkman C P R, h 47 

Hoskin av 
Steph.'uson Joseph, car repr C P R, h 172 

Stepnes Wm G. packer A Campbell, h 241 

Keele n 

Stevens Alice, dom 19 Dundas w 
Stevens eGorge, drill hd Canada Cycle & 

Motor Co. res Toronto 

Steven< John, dri 11 hd Canada Cycle & Mo 
tor Co, res Toronto 

Stevenson John S, brkman C P R, h 38 Ed 
Stevenson Wm. blksmlth Wilkinson Plough • 

Co, h 71! Laughton av 
Stewart Allan, carp C P R, h 53 Quebec 

Stewart Miss Emma, bkpr Kemp & Whet- 

ter. b 200 Pacific av s 
Stewart John, bicycle mkr, h 194 Lakeview 

Stewart Miss Laura, tchr Model Sch, 1 194 

Lakeview av 

Stewart Sarah A (wid Thomas), h 209 Pa 
cific uv s 
Stewart Wilfred, fnshr Heintzmau it Co, I 

53 Uueitec av 

Stokes Richard, lab, b 61 Vine av 
Stolte Frank H, foreman Canada Cycle & 

Motor Co, h 99 Hook av 
Stouemau David, handle bar ftr Canada Cj- 

cle & Motor Co, h 34 Carltou pi 
Stouemau George, lab C P R, b 128 Ann 

Stouemau Henry, lab C P R, b 34 Cariton pi 
Stouemau Isaac, coud Tor Sub St Ry Co, h 

32 Carltou pi 
Stoneuiaii Wui, signalman C P R, h 239 

Keele n 

Stoiig Joseph, h 149 Pacific av s 
Storey Hugh, fushr Heintzman & Co, re» 

Storey James, mach C P R, h 56 Pacific «T 


Storey Miss Martha, h 45 Charles 
Storey Thomas, car repr C P R, h 15 Carl- 
ton :>l 
Streight Miss Maud, tchr Model Sch, b 216 

Clendeuau av 

Stretton Arthur, 1 280 Keele s 
Strettou Robert, tuistr, h 280 Keele s 
Stuart Wrn, maeh opr Canada Cycle & Mo 
tor Co, 1 01 Argyle 
Stubbing* Wm, wheel lacer Canada Cycle 

& Motor Co. 
Stubbs Frank T, japanner Heintzman & 

Co, res Toronto 

Stump Jesse, lab C P R, 1 117 Quebec BY 
Stump Percy, driver Kemp .fc Wheuer, 1 117 

Queofcc av 
Subway Hotel, A J Heydon prop, Keele n, 

s-w cor Viue av 
Snggltt Francis, driver Standard Fuel Co, h 

311 Albany av 
Su;;gitt George S, mach hd Wilkinson 

Plough Co. res Lamhtou Mills 
Sin-ridge Fredrick, tmstr, 1 319 Weston rd 
isnrrldge James, tmstr, h 319 Westou rd 
Sutherland Miss Jennie, elk, 1 37 Keele s 
Sutherland John, slsman A Campbell, h 130 

Cawtlira av 

Sutherland Miss Kate, elk, 1 37 Keele a 
Swan John, blksuiith, h 6 Ferguson av 
Swayzie Wm, mach Dodge Mfg Co, res To 

-;er Richard S, piano mkr, h 37 St 
Clair av e 
Tamhlyu Arthur S P, fly fnshr Heintzman 

& Co, h 39 Clendenan av 
Tasker James, filer Wilkinson Plough Co, 

res Toronto 
Tassell Charles H, crater Canada Cycle & 

Motor Co, 1 30 King's rd 
Tassell Wm J, fireman Cauada Cycle & Mo 
tor Co, h 30 King's rd 

Taws Arthur, bkr G Robinson, 1 Western rd 
Taylor Charles S, rubber Heintzmau Co, h 

4S Franklin nv 

Taylor iJaniel, fireman C P R. b 29 May 
Taylor Fred, bicycle hd Canada Cycle k 

Motor Co, 

Taylor George W. eng. h 14 May 
Taylor Hcurv. farmer, h 30 Van Home 
Taylor Jeremiah T, lab Heintzmau & Co, h 

117 Annette e 
Tavlor John, app Heiutzman & Co, 1 53 

Taylor Margaret (wid Henry B), 1 98 Hum- 

berside av e 
Tavlor Richard, car insp C P R, h 69 Dt- 

Taylor Robert, carp, h 53 Medland 
Teasdale Marion (wid Anthony), h 70 Pacific 

avenue s 

Telford Norman, fireman C P R. b 61 May 
Tclford Win, eiig C P R. h 241 Annette w 
TempV Frederick, foreman Tribune, h 30 

Fairview av 

Temple Wm, shoemkr 51 Medland, h same 
Thomas Mrs Hannah, bdg hse 64 Union s 
Thomas Miss Lrey. wks Pugsley, Dlngnian 

•X: (.'o. 1 50 Hook av 

Thomas Miss Ola, bkpr H E Snell. 1 64 Un 
ion s 
Thomas Win. wd turner Heintzman & Co, 

h Kio Clendenan av 
Thompson David, signalman G T R, h 308 

I>avenport rd 

Thompson Henry, night watchman Ont Par 
ing liripk Co. h 00 Maria 
Thompson Henry jr. pntr. 1 96 Maria 
Thompson John D. billiard room 66 Dundaa 

e, h 20 Carltou pi 
Thompson John J. cond, 1 20 Western av 

JNSURE British America Assurance Co. 

IN THE C-^~ Losses Pair! <%in/*n <""!••<-»•-> »•.;-.-.•».;, <*-ir> ^n^ r\nr. •»,- 

FIRE and 



Tel. 952. 98-1OO King St. W. Toronto. 

London, Eng., 



Toronto Junction. 


Thompson Robert, 1 20 Western av 
Thompson linsscll Ci. app Dodge Mfg Co, res 


Thompson Sarah, cook Avenue Hotel 
Thompson Thomas C, coiul, 1 OG Maria 
Thompson Thomas II, moto, h 20 Western 

Thomson Rev Charles E, rector St Mark's 

Ch, h 142 Churchill av 
Thomson Charles T, prtr 01 Dundas w, 1 

142 Churchill av 
Thomson David V, fly fnshr Helntzman & 

Co, res Toronto 

Thomson Kenneth G C, studt, 1 142 Church 
ill av 
Thomson Miss Sarali B, tchr Model Sch, 1 52 


Thc-ii'son Win C. artist, I 142 Churchill av 
Thorndyke Edward. v,-ks I'ugsley, Dingman 

& Co! 1 44 Queen's rd 
Thorndyke Robert, lab, h 44 Queen's rd 
Thorpe Win. er.g CPU. re-* Owen Sound 
TSjhe Albert, ease mkr Heintzmn.n & Co, 

li 1.'!4 Clemlenan av 
Tlndle riilTord, cooper's hlpr A Campbell, h 

CO Hook av 
Tlnliin- Benjamin, foreman pntr Wilkinson 

rionsh Co. 1 30 Davenport rd 
Tlnline Jamc*. U 30 Davenport rd 
Tinline Robert, carp Wilkinson Plough Co, 

res Toronto 
Tinline Thomas C. Iikpr Wilkinson Plough 

Co, 1 3<~8 Davenport rd 
Th.sley lib-hard, in-u-h Canada Cycle & 

Motor Co, li 232 Keele n 
Titley Rupert, our repr Cl'U. h 151 Queen 
Titus Fernando E. liarr. li 222 Clendenan av 
Titus Herman, tmstr Conger Coal Co, 1 20 

Arnetfe w 

Titus Jes«e I), lull. 1 20 Victoria 
Titus John. la!i. h 23 Victoria. 
Titus Joseph A. lab. 1 2:1 Victoria 
Titus M in J. ni!(lr. 1 2:) Victoria 
Toase Arthur, b.-ikor. I r>7!l Weston rd 
Ti>ase Henry, brkmkr, h 57F Weston rd 
Toll Frederick, wine elk Subway Hse 
To'.wan John. 1 5fi Annette w 
TomUnson Miss Edna, inns tchr 449 Quebec 

av. I same. 
Toiiilinson John L, wd wkr mach CPR, h 440 

Quebec av 
Tonkin Kdu-nrrt li, action fnshr Heintzman 

& Co, 1 42"> High I 'ark av 
Tonkin J Win. moto Tor Sub St Ry Co, h 

425 High Park nv 
Topping Charles, wd wkr Dodge Mfc Co, h 

43 Vine av 
Topping Edward, glner Dodge Mfg Co, res 


Music, Miss Via Maomlllnn Directress, 43 

High Park av (See classified Colleges, 

Schools, etc) 
Toronto Junction Dairy, Win Ray prop, 148 

Dnndas w . 

Toronto Junction flnldc {weekly), Joseph K 

Keefier prop. 10 Van Ilnrne 
Toronto Junction High School, FCC Col- 

beck prin, Quebe' 1 a v. opp Humberside nv 

John S KU-kwood Postmaster, IS Dun- 
das w 
Toronto Junction Public T.ihnry. Miss E 

W McCaMum librni-J-in, 34 D-'ndas e 
Toronto Suburban Street Hallway Cn. 1 

Dundas e. power house s-w cor St Clair 

nv and Weston rd 
Torpy Mlchne!. ens CPR. res London 
Tout Sidney, ill-email CI'R. li McMtirray av 



Estates Managed, Houses Rented, Col 
lections Made, Insurance Effected 



Tovell Japlieth A. gen agt and assignee G 

Dnndas e. h same 
TOWN HAM.. Win J Conron Clerk, J. 

T Jackson Treasurer. 10-18 Koele s 
Towpscnd Miss Annie, mlnr, 1 171 Western 

Tounsend Thomas R. Dom Evn afrent and 

bnega sro ma str-r CI'R. h 171 Western av 

Townsiey George II. pottery .~il4 AVeston rd 
Townsley George 8. brk mfr .114 Weston rd 
Townsley Miss I.illie, steuog, I 514 We.-ton 

I: .,,] 

Trace F.llis, tin man" CPR, res London 
Train George E. flour and feed 2W Dundas 

w, h same 

Travis George R. lab CI'R. h 52 Argyle rd 
Travis James, mach opr C.matla. Cvcle & 

Motor Co. 1 52 Argy'e rd 
Travis Thomas, liib, li 107 Mario. 
Triliune The (weekly), A li Itice mngr, 24 

Dundas w 
Trimlile George D, barber 35 Dundas e, h 

4.") Western av 
T>Miil>le Herlierl J, ease mkr Heintzman & 

Co. li 83 Quebec nv 

Trlirhle Joseph, tireuiaa CPU, b 45 West 
ern av 

Trimble Thomas, lab. h C>?. May 
Trimlile Thomas J, barber. 1 'j:i May 
Trott Albert, car rcpr CPU, h 103 Pacific 

av s 

Trump Edwin, gnnr. b 39 McMnrray av 
Tinker David E. lali. h 40 Quebec av 
Tucker Mary (wid Mario. I 40 Quebec av 
Tuijstead George 11, lushr Helutzman & 

Co. res Toronto 
Tuinlwll Alexander, pattern mkr CPR, h 

03 Mulock nv 

Tniiibnll Win, carp CPR. b 31 Hook nv 
Tutt Henry, car lusp CI'R, h 201 Pacific av 

sou 111 
Tnity 1'hillp, eng turner CPR, h 32 Pacific 

nv « 
Tntly Thomas A, fireman CPU, h 140 Ed- 

Tyler Mrs Elizabeth, prop Heydon House, 

Weston rd. cor St Chili- nv 
Tyson Win TT. mach, 1 73 Pacific nv s 
Upperton Charles E, driver Standard Fuel 

Co. h 1 i'.l Vine »v 

Uronliart Archibald, wks Pugslcy, Ding- 
man & Co. U 400 Weston rrt 
Drqnhart John, tlreiuan CPR. b 20 ^ray 
Vance Alfreil II, hvlr, I HS I.aiiKhton nv 
Vance David N", bkpr, b TS I.auglitnn av 
Vance John H. agent, b 12'i Churchill nv 
Vance Knpert J. Jivlr. I (18 r.aui-'hton nv 
Van Horn Win H. lab. h 11. "i Edmund 
Veal Harry, brklyr. b 07 Ed. mind 
Veal Win C. bldr !)2 Charles, h same 
Vend bled Fred, fnshr Helutzman & Co, 1 

7(> Annette c 
Venaliles .lolin O. mnch hd Wilkinson 

I'lniiirh Co. I 70 Annette e 
Venaliles John It. CIIK, h 70 Annette e 
Vernon Norman, ^-hie elk Hcydon Honse 
Victoria Church (PrcsbvtcrlaiiK Rev .1 W 

Ivae pnstor. Annette w. cor Med'apd 
Vivian C. mnch Canada Cycle & Motor Co. 

res Toronto 
Vodden Norman, driver Hillock & Dodds, 

res Toronto 
Volk Frederick C. plshr Helntzmnn & Co, 

1» 1C Klngsley ny 
Volk John W,' plshr Heintzmnn & Co, h 

12 Kingsley av 
W:,rl«\vortU Win J, carp CPU, h 82 Hoskin 

Wai;clield Edward, brkintr M Wakefield, 

res Toronto 
Wakeneld Frederick, mngr M Wakeflcid est, 

li r HO St flair av c 
Wal;ofiold rjoorfro, brkmkr M Wakefleld, 1 r 

.10 St Clalr av e 
Wnkoft.Md M (est of). Frcd'k WaK-efield 

mngr. brl^k nifrs, r HO St Clalr av e 
Wakefiold I'hilfp. l.vkmkr M Wakefleld, 1 r 

nr, Pt ("lair av e 
Wiikcflelrt Walter R, brkmkr SI Wnkefield, 

li 100 St Clalr nv e 
\Vakelln Artbnr. piano stringer Heintzman 

& Co. h r,2 King 
\Valden Edward, car repr CPR, h 35 Hook 

Walker Arthur, screw mkr Canada Cycle & 

Motor Co. res Toronto 
Walker Arthur T, t'nsnittli, h 97 High Park 

n venue 

Walker neorge. cond CPR. I 38 Van Home 
Walker Howard, carp, 1 9G Humbcrslde av 


W: ll;er T«nac H. bvkmn CPR. 1 31 Hook n\ 
Walker Jobr. cond f PR. b Vine av 
Walker I.evcrtou, brkiuan CPR, I 97 High 

Park av 

Walker Mapgle, cook Peacock Hotel 
Walker Miss Nellie, box inkr, I G T Wil- 

Walker liobert. app Wilkinson Plough Co, 

res Tmxmto 
Walker I'.obert A, brkmu CPR, I 40 McMur- 

ray av 

\\'.-i:ker Robert S, stone ctr, h 103 Daven 
port id 

Walker Samuel, lab, h 00 Humbeiside av 
Wail.or Samuel N, trav. h ion Maria 
Wa'kcr Thomas II, action fiislir Helutzman 

& Co, res TII r»n to 
Wa'Ucr Wi-s\cy, brkmn CPU, b 40 McMur- 

i'ay av 

Watlaee Frank, carp CPU. li 2D1 Maria 
Wallace Frank, tire fir Canada Cycle A 

Motor Co. res Toronto 
Waliaie John AV. sailor, h 42 Edmund 
Wai. ace Thomas B, yardman CPU, 1 115 


Wall.-.ce Wm, bldr 11," Maria, h same 
Walsh Wm. plshr. b 20 Fail-view av 
Wallers Frank, yardman CPI{, h 503 Durt- 

das \v 
Wallers James W, carp, h 102 Humberside 

av u 

Wallers Joseph, flier, b 88 Pacific av s 
Walters Win. I 102 Ilmimef<t<lc av e 
Walton David C. blilr 2S Under, b same 
Wanless Dnncaii McG, carp CPU, h 74 Me- 

Murrav av 
Wiinsbi-otigli Edward, brkmn CPR, h 20 

WhUney nv 
Wansbrougb James W, opr. h 127 Mulock 

AVansbrongh Mary (will Thomas), h 22 

Whitney av 

Ward Albert E. eng CPR. b 37 Van Home 
Ward Enoch, srdnr. li St Clair nv w 
Ward Frank L, lircinaii Cl'U, b 37 Van 


Ward IJeorge, moto, h 73 MoMurray av 
Ward Henry I, pntr. h 140 Maria 
Ward Herbert, elk. 1 73 MeMnrrnr nv 
Ward Herbert 15. studt. I 21 I'acitlc av n 
W.-rd Jennie (wid Thomas), li 37 Van 


Ward Margaret (wid James). 1 43 Hoskln nv 
Ward Mary A (wid Thomas), h 21 Pacific 

av n 

Ward Michael, ear repr CPR. h 270 Maria 
W.-ud ttnliert F. coud Tor Sub St lly Co, 

h 100 Annette w 

Ward Thomas E, flrcman CPR, h 43 Vic 

Waidell Mrs Ellen. 1 74 Uingbton av 
Ware John J. pntr Canada Cycle & Motor 

Co. res Toronto 
Wark Samuel J, flrcman CPR, h 49 Argyle 


Warren Frederick, h 330 Annette w 
Wasdell Thomas H, mach, h 150 Cleudenan 


Warerworth Wm J. buffer Canada Cycle & 

Motor Co, res Toronto 
Watham John, driller Wilkinson Plough Co, 

res Toronto 
Watklnson Mrs Agnes W. sec hd gds 32 

Dnndas e, I same 
Watson Christian \V, trnv, h 231 High Park 


Watson James S. h 13 Lanirhton av 
Watson Joseph, flrcman CI'R. res London 
Wntson Joseph, ftrs' hlpr CPR, b Heydon 


Watson J A, tool mkr Canada cvcle & Mot 
or Co, res Toronto 

Wai son r.yman, brkmn CPR, 1 *>7 Hook av 
Watson M 1!, assembler Canada Cycle & 

Motor Co. res Toronto 
Watson Wesley D (Watt & Watson), b 33 

Hook ar 

Watt Frank M. b 3-T8 Elizabeth n 
Watt Frederick .7. asst shipper Dodge Mfg 

Co. 1 2S1 St Clalr av 

Watt John (Watt It Watson), res Toronto 
Watt Miss Mai-Ilia. I 45 Quebec nv 
Watt Miss Maud. 1 30 Lakevlew av 
Watt Samuel, jnpanner Heintzman & Co, 

res York tp 
Watt & Watson (John Watt. Wesley D 

Watson), whol feed Weston rd. nr Dnndas 
Wsilts Abraham, brkmkr G S Townsley, h 

(!71 Weston rd 

Watts David, lilrmkr CPR. b 142 Maria 
•WATTS FRAATIS. Proprietor Pen- 

cock Hotel. 23 Dnndns e 
Weaver Lorenzo M, foreman, h 43 May 
Webb Edward F, cooper A Campbell, b 40 

Wel>b George H. pntr. h 35 Medland 


Cotton Waste, 

Solder, Babbitt. 
116-13O GEORGE ST. 


. . ,— -m* 

is Distinctly Lower among Total Abstainers than amongst Non-Abstainers. 




Toronto Junction. 


Weber Joseph, mach CPR, b 36 McMurray 
Wets"?? Albert R, app Gasoline Engiue Co. 
s, mach CPR. h 70 Queen's 
Wm W, mach CPR, h 55 Pacific 

Weeks Charles, elk E Barbour, b 137 Dun- 

W Q e a eks e Norman, carp h 66 Hoskiu av 
Weeks Thomas, tmstr G S Townsley, b 

Weese Oscar B, mach, h 44 May 

Weir Miss Christina, drsmkr, 1 o3 Pacific 

w'eT/Miss Emma, drsmkr, 1 53 Pacific av s 

•e r James, ftr CPR, h 53 Pacific av s 
Welland Fred, elk Howell & Co, 1 55 Hos- 

WeUs David, pntr, h 75 Vine av 
Wellwood Wm, fly fushr Heintzman & Co, 
h 68 Dundas 

Welsman Charles, confy 25 Dundas e 

,n Charles; mldr, 1 213 Annette w 
Welsman Frederick, app, 1 213 Annette w 
Welsman George, elk Charles \\elsman, 1 

_ e p c, mldr, 1 213 Annette 

Wentzel O Karl, foreman Toronto Junction 

Guide, 1 127 Dundas e 
West George, hostler Peacock Hotel 
West Henry W, fruits 116 Dundas w 
Westover Edwin, boilermakers hlpr CPK. 

h 34 Whitney av 
Wheaton Charles F, sec-treas Dodge Mfg 

Co. res Toronto 
Wheeler Guy L. asst insp Canada Cycle & 

Motor Co, res Toronto 
Whetham Thomas, cone grinder Canada 

Whetter Frank (Kemp & Whetter), res 

White Fred J, opr CPR. h 53 Western av 

White James, carp, h 158 Edmund 

Write James, carp Wilkinson Plough Co, 

h 189 Elizabeth 
White John L, yardman CPR. h 74 Hoskln 

Wlite Robert T, car repr CPR, h 194 

White Wm G, section man CPR, h 272 


Whitelaw John, maeh, h 33 Hoskln av 
Whitlock Robert, pntr, h 32 Hook av 
Whyard Herbert, elk C B Borland, b 63 Pa- 
Wicks Arthur, blovjlp hd Canada Cycle & 

Motor Co, 1 31 Carlton pi 
Wii i.s Charles. nui--h, b Hevdon House 
Wicks I'nivid. bicycle hd Canada Cycle & 

Motor Co, h 31 Carlton p! 
Wickson Isaac, foreman Canada Cycle & 

Motor Co, h 53 Hoskln av 
Wickson John D, rubber Cauada Cycle & 

Motor Co. h 73 Hoskin av 
Wideman Jacob, pntr, h 101 Wllloughby av 
Wiir.'i's Albert, la'i ''''" 
Wiggins John A, pntr, h 26 Hook av 
Wiggins Joseph, wks Pugsley, Dingman & 

Co. h 107 Quebec av 
Wiggins Robert C. cond Tor Sub St Ry. 

h 54 May 

Wiggins Wm. slsmn, 1 26 Hook av 
Wllay Frederick, tmstr, 1 46 Annette e 
Wilber Charles, foreman blr mkr CPR. n 

54 Medland 

Wilber Frank, brkmn CPR. I 54 Medland 
Wllby Percy H, agt. h 148 Clendenan av 
Wilds Ellas, lab CPR. h 200 Maria 
Wiles Joseph, lab CPR. b Jane 
Wiley Andrew, app CPR. 1 34 Albany rd 
Wiley John W. lab, b 132 Clendenan av 
Wiley Robert, sawyer Dodge Mfg co. res 

Wilkinson Frederick, brkmn CPR, h 84 

Pacific ov s 

Wilkinson George T, mach, h 24 King's rd 
Wilkinson John H, marriage licenses 66% 

Dundas w, h same 

Clarkson Jones President, EOF. Ffolkes 

Manager, Mfrs of Ploughs, Scrapers. Bar 
rows, Etc, Brandon av, cor Campbell av 
Willnrd Miss Ahbie J, tchr Model School, 

b 51 Pacific av s 

Willard James C, tlr 15 Dundas w, h same 
\\ i.lard Walter T, dentist 5 Dundas e 
\Villcox Walter J... v treui ynrdmaster CPU. n 

ri'.i'.i Annette w 

Williams Mrs Adelina, h 13 Union s 
Williams Charles, tinner, h 2i Medland 
Williams Edward, car iusp CPR, ti 47 Pa 
cific a v s 
Williams Ernest, brkmu CPR, 1 40 Mc-Mur- 

niy av 
\\ iiiiams Ernest, shipper Dodge Mfg 

30 Edmund 

Wi.llams 1-Ni en, likpr, h 25 Lansdowne av 
Williams George B. chief elk CPR, 1 47 

Pacific av s 
Williams Miss Gertie, elk J M Evans, 1 13 

Williams Hector, app CPR, 1 47 Pacific av s 
Williamson Herbert D, piano tuner, h 20o 

Quebec av 
Williams Hector, app CPR, 1 47 Pacific av 

Williams Jemima (wid George), h 113 Que 
bec nv 

Williams Miss Louisa, stenog Heintzman & 

Co, 1 47 Pacific av s 
Wi'.'iiams Thomas, action fnshr Heiutzman 

A: Co, res Toronto 
Williamson Herbert D, piano tuner, h 20o 

Quebec av 
Willis Harry, mach, 1 142 Annette w 

Wiais John', car foreman CPR, h 142 Au- 

nette w 

Wiliiton Charles W, tlr H N Morrison, b 
. 73 Hoskin av 
Wlilmann Edward, piano tuner Hethtzinau 

Co, res Toronto 
Wiilmot Benjamin, h 74 Laughton av 
Willmot John W. ins agt, h 125 Churchill 


Willmot Miss Mercy C. mlnr, 1 74 Laugh- 
ton av 
Wilson Andrew M. ins agt, h 127 Clendenan 

avt nue 

Wilson Charles E. bicycle hlpr, 1 136 Caw 
thra av 

Wilson Edward, lab, 1 136 Cawthra av 
Wilson Emberson, elnr CPR, 1 20 Pacific av 
Wilson Ernest, screw mkr Canada Cycle & 

Motor Co 

Wilson Frederick J. wks CPR, h 67 Vine av 
Wiison Isaac, h 143 Pacific av s 
Wilson James, mldr, h 229 Keele s 
Wilson James H, brkmn CPR, h 41 May 
Wilson John W, ledger kpr Molsons Bank 

(br), b 26 Laws 
Wilson Miss Maggie E, Indrs, h 172 Pacific 

av 9 
Wilson Robert B. supt Ont Paving Brick Co, 

h Weston rd 
Wilson Sarah A (wid David), 1 172 Pacific 

av s 
Wilson Thomas, lab Ont Paving Brick Co, 

h 136 Cawthra av 

Wilson Walter, brkmn CPR, 1 33 Hook av 
Wilson Wellington, cond, h 25 Western av 
Wilson Wm, prin Model School, h 338 An- 

retre w 
\\ilson Wm B, car insp CPR, h 110 Pacific 

av s 
Wilson Wm E, eng CPR, h 69 Annette e 

\V.,i.d Harr>- ir. case mkr Heintzman & 

Co, 1 24 Hook av 
Wood Irvine (Wood Bros), 1 cor St Clair av 

and Northern tracks 
Wcodburn Christopher, sound board mkr 

Heintzman & Co, h 46 King 
Wocdcroft Charles, prtr Toronto Junction 

Guide, res Toronto 

Workman James, car repr CPR, h 23 Med 

Worth Wm, eng CPR, res Owen Sound 
Wiay Joseph, lab CPR, res York tp 
Wrny Wm, hlrmkr CPR, b 208 Dundas 
Wright Adam A, pntr, 1 36 Albany rd 
Wrisht Addison A. grinder Wilkinson 

Plough Co, h 70 Campbell av 
Wright Cecil C, fly fnshr Heintzman & Co, 

b 56 Pacific av s 
Wright Charles, 1 33 Dundas. e 
Wright Charles F, news agent, h 40 Union 


Wright Edwin B, prtr, I 33 Dundas e 
Wright Miss Eugene, drsmkr, 1 25 Laws 
Wright Frank, mach Canada Cycle & Mot 
or Co, b Heydon House 
Wright George E, barber 62 Dundas w 
Wright James, tool mkr Canada Cycle A 

Motor Co, b Hoydon House 
Wright James M. fly fnshr Heintzman * 

Co, res Toronto 
Wright John, pntr, h 25 Laws 
i Wright John J, lab, h 264 Maria 
| Wright Joseph J. blksmith Wilkinson 

Plough Co, res Toronto 
WRIGHT .1 G, Phm B. Drnsiiist and 

Chemist 33 Dundas e, h same 
Wright Robert, brkmn CPR. h 36 Albany rd 
Wright Thomas P, contr 106 Evelyn cres 
Wright Thorpe, h 65 Pacific av s 
Wrisht Wm T, plmbr. 1 36 Albany rd 
Wyatt Wm E, cond CPR, h 55 May 
Wlyey Andrew, app CPR, 1 34 Albany rd 
Wyley Ann (wid Samuel), 1 34 Albany rd 
Wyllie George, lab W P Hartney. res To 

WylHe James A, fireman CPR, 1 149 Louis* 
Wyllie Wm, h 149 Louisa 
Wyllie Wm A, tuner Heintzman & Co, re« 

Wynn Isaac, lab, h 147 Elizabeth s 

Wilson Wilmot H, cond CPR, h 57 Annette j Wynn Isaac ir. elk R G Andrews, 1 147 

Elizabeth s 

Wyun Lex, brkmn CPR, h 5 Charles 
Wynn Samuel, app Tribune, 1 147 Elizabeth 
Yallo), Wm G. yardmaster CPR, h 42 

Queen's rd 
Yates Henry, filer Canada Cycle & Motor 

Co, b Carlton Hotel 

Yearington Seymour S, lab, h 23 Carlton pi 
Ye;' Is Henry, lab CPR. res Lambton Mills 
Yecraan Thomas, mach hd Wilkinson 

Piough Co. res Toronto 
Yokom Cecil, app Dodge Mfg Cc, res To- 


Young Jacob, h 51 Pacific av s 
Youns Miss Minnie. 1 63 Pacific av s 
Young Thomas S, mldr Wilkinson Plough 

Co, h 34 Union n 
Young Wrn, app Canada Cycle & Motor Co, 

res Toronto 
I avenue Xavitz Edward M. trav. h 39 Lakeview av 

Wiudover Elizabeth (wid John), hsekpr 77 


Wing Rosnnna (wid Philip), bdg hse 61 May 
Wlukler Ernil J, plshr Heintzman & Co, res 

Winkworth Walter G, stove mntr, h 43 St 

Clair av e 
Wise David A, bench hd Dodge Mfg Co, 1 

132 Cooper av 
Wise Henry, pntr Dodge Mfg Co, h 132 

Cooper av 
TV itheridge Christopher W, brkmn CPR, h 

02 Hook av 
W.theridge John, fireman CPR, h 16] Yin 


Wong Yuen, Indry 17 Dundas e, h same 
Wood Arthur (Wood Bros), cor St Clair 

Co, res Toronto 
Wc-od Arthur (Wood Bros). 1 cor St Clair 

av and Northern tracks 
Wcod Bros (Arthur and Irvine), oils, etc 

123 Dundas w 
Wood Harry, switchman GTR, h 24 Hook 



North British & Mercantile Insurance Company, 

LARGEST FIRE RESERVES. Investments in Canada, $61567,079.94 




WARD No. 1. — All that portion of the city of Toronto lying to the eastr 
ward of the centre line of Cherry street produced southerly to the waters of the 
Bay ; thence northerly along said production and along the centre line of 
Cherry street to the centre line of Eastern avenue ; thence south-easterly along 
the centre line of Eastern avenue to the centre line of Sumach street ; thence 
northerly along the centre line of Sumach street to the centre line of Wellesley 
street ; thence easterly along the centre line of Wellesley street, to the centre 
line of Park View avenue ; thence northerly along the centre line of Park View 
avenue and production thereof to the north city limit, and including all the 
marsh lands and islands south of the above-described point. 

WARD No. 2. — All that portion of the city lying to the westward of the 
west limit of Ward No. 1, and to the eastward of the centre line of Jarvis 
street produced southerly to the Bay ; thence northerly along said production 
and along the centre line of Jarvis street to the centre line of Bloor street ; 
thence westerly along the centre line of Bloor street to the centre line of 
Yonge street ; thence, northerly along the centre line of Yonge street to the 
north city limit. 

WARD No. 3. — All that part of the city lying to the westward of the 
west limit of Ward No. 2, and to the eastward of the centre line of Simcoe 
street, produced southerly to the waters of the Bay ; thence northerly along 
said production and along the centre line of Simcoe street to the centre line 
of Queen street ; thence easterly along the centre line of Queen street to the 
centre line of Queen street avenue ; thence northerly along the centre line of 
Queen street avenue and production thereof to the centre line of Avenue road ; 
thence northerly along the centre line of Avenue road to the north city limit. 

WARD No. 4. — All that part of the city lying to the westward of the west 
limit of Ward No. 3, and to the eastward of the centre line of Bathurst street 
produced southerly to the waters of the Bay ; thence northerly along said 
production and along the centre line of Buthurst street to the north city ; 
together with the island lying in front of said city. The Parliament buildings, 
Queen's Park, are also included in this ward. 

No. 5.— All that part of the city lying to the westward of the west 
limit ot Ward No. 4, and to the eastward of the centre line of Atlantic avenue 
produced southerly to the waters of Lake Ontario ; thence northerly along said 
production and along the centre line of Atlantic avenue to the centre line of 
Dovercourt road, thence northerly along the centre line of Dovercourt road to 
the north city limit. 

WARD No. 6. — Being all that part of the city of Toronto lying to the west 
ward of the west limit of Ward No. 5. 

Guarantee Company of North America. 

MEDLAND & JONES, C.n'l Affwrte, Mail Building, Cor. King and Bay. Tel. INT 

Total Abstainers 

Stand in their own light When they INSURE without 
consulting a. representative of 

The Temperance and General Life, 

•cct. accountant. 

«dT. advertisemeut. 

•ft, agent, 

agrl. iuipls. agricultural imple 

«pp. apprentice. 

•ppr. appraiser. 

arch, architect. 

I8sn. association, 

ajat. assistant. 

attdt. attendant 

»tty. attorney. 

•r. avenue. 

bfemn. baggageman, 

bkr. baker. 

barr. barrister. 

b, boards. 

big. boarding. 

bet. between. 

blksmth. blacksmith. 

blrmkr. boiler maker. 

bkbndr, bonk binder. 

bkpr. bookkeeper. 

btlr. bottler. 

"br. branch. 

brklyr. bricklayer. 

'brkr. broker. 

brkmn. brakeman. 

bldr. huilaer. 

bldg. building. 

btchr. butcher. 

enbt. mkr. cabinet maker. 

C.A.R. Cnnnda Atlantic Ry. 

Can. Ex. Canndian Express. 

C.P.R. Canadian Pacific Ry. 

carp, carpenter. 

C. P. Central Prison. 

cbkr. checker. 

civ. ser. rlvil service. 

elk. clerk. 

coll. collector. 

eom. mer. commission mer 

comp. compositor. 

comr. commissioner. 

eond. condnctor. 

eonfr. confectioner. 

confy. confectionery. 

contr. contractor. 

cor. comer. 

Corp. corporation. 

CO. county. 

ores, crescent. 

ctr. cutter. 

C. H. Custom House. 

dlr. dealer. 

dept. department. 

depy. deputy. 

dom. domestic. 

Dom. Dominion, 

Dom. Ex. Co. Dominion Ex- 

presa Co. 

drsmkr. dressmaker. 
e. eaat. 

e. a. east aide, 
elect, electrician, 
electro, electrotyper. 
elev. opr. elevator operator, 
eng. engineer, 
engr. engraver, 
exam, examiner, 
fnshr. finisher, 
ft. foot of. 
furn. furniture. 
gdnr. gardener. 
genl. general. 
G.T.R. Grand Tnmk Ry. 
gro. grocer, 
liilware. hardware, 
hlpr. helper. 
b. house. 

hsekpr. housekeeper. 
H. of C. House of Commons. 
In. Rev. Inland Revenne. 
Insp. inspector. 
jwlr. Jeweller or watchmaker, 
lab. laborer. 

Idg. wtr. landing waiter. 
In. lane. 
Indrs. laundress. 
Indry. laundry. 
Ltd. limited. 
lith. lithographer. 
I. lives. 

mach. machinist. 
mach. hd. machine hand, 
mkr. maker. 

mlstr, maltster, 
mngr. manager, 
ning. dir. managing director, 
mfr. manufacturer, 
mfg. manufacturing, 
mkt. gdnr. market gardener, 
mech. mechanic. 
messr. messenger. 
mlnr. milliner, 
moto. motorman 
mldr. moulder, 
mntr. mounter, 
mua. tchr. music teacher, 
n. north. 
n, e. northeast. 
n. B. north side. 
n. w. northweat • 
nr. near, 
opp. opposite, 
opr. operator, 
pntr. painter. 
Parlt. Parliament 
pdlr. peddler, 
photo, photographer. 
phy. physician, 
pl. place, 
plstr. plasterer. 
plmbr. plumber, 
p. c. police constable. 
plshr. polisher. 
P. O. Post Office, 
pres. president, 
prin. principal, 
prop, proprietor, 
prtr. printer. 

pro. med. proprietary medicine 
provs. provisions. 
pnblr. publisher, 
r. rear. 
res. resides. 
ry. railway. 

Ry.M.S. Railway Mall Ser 

rep. reporter. 
repr. repairer, 
ret. retail. 
Rev. Reverend. 
R. C. Roman Catholic, 

R. C. D. lioyai Canadian 

K. C. It. I. Royal CanadUa 

Regiment Infantry. 
rms. rooms. 
S. A. Salvation Army, 
sdlr. saddl r or harness ma 
iiildy. saleslady, 
slsmn. salesman, 
amstrs. seamstress, 
s. e. side entrance, 
i.-e. southeast, 
i. s. south side. 
S.-W. southwest 
•ec. hd. gds. second 

•ec. secretary. 

sew. macb. sewing machines 
sq. square. 
stn. station. 
S. S. steamship, 
etenog. stenographer, 
stereo, stereotyper. 
studt. student. 
•upt. superintendent, 
switch, switchman, 
tlr. tailor. 
tlrs. tailoresa. 
tchr. teacher, 
tmstr. teamster. 
tel. telegraph or telephone, 
ter. terrace, 
tinner, tinsmith. 
T.W.W. Toronto Water Woite 
tp. township, 
trans, transportation. 
trav. traveller 
treas. treasurer, 
uphol. upholsterer, 
vet. surg. veterinary sur 
wtr. waiter. 
w. west. 
w. s. west side, 
whol. wholesale. 
wld. widow. 
Wm. William, 
wd wkr. wood worker.. 
wks. works. 

The word "street" Is always understood. 




-The profession, business, etc., of individuals and firms is only given at their respective places 
find the occupation of householders, refer to the Alphabetical List of Names 

Abbey l^aae. 


ABBEY LANE, e from 37 
Sherbourne to Princess 
ward '2. 

Rear entrances 

ABBS, w from 16 Brock av 
to r of O'Hara av, ward 6, 

North Side 

Harris Miss W F, drsmkr 
8 Bowley George I 

Vacant lot 

12 O'Brien Mrs Nettie 
14 Meldrum Wm 
16 McBride George S 
20 Johnston Walker 
22 Bailey Wm H 
24 Laughran Frank 

South Side .... 

1 Coulter Andrew 

Vacant lots 
9 Stewardson Samuel 
11 Mitchell Henry 
13 Ginn Ernest 

Vacant lot 
23 McDowell James C 
27 Heaslip Thomas G 

ABELL. n from Armour to 
opp 1140 Queen w, ward 6. 

East Side 

Not built on 

West Side 

48 Abell John Engine Ma 
chine Works Co, Ltd 

Skating ring, s e 

ABERDEEN AV, e from 483 
Ontario to Parliament, ward 

..." North Side 

2 Clarke Mrs Agnes 

0 Learn John W 

8 Stone Matthew I 

8% Fulton Mrs Hannah 
10 Vacant 
12 Hocking Wm 
14 McDonald Mrs Elizabeth 
16 Phleeger Henry L 


OFor Pure ICE. Perfect Delivery. 
• Head Office, Tel. S& 

Limited. 43 ESPLANADE ST. E. 

North British & Mercantile Insurance Go. 

Telephone No. 423. 




Aberdeen Av. 


g Walden Charles H 

20 Storry Hartley F 
22 White Ksli T 

Ireland Mrs M I 
House, s e 

South Side 

House, s e 
1 Campbell Edwin T 

8 Gray Mrs Sarah 

6 Smith Miss M S, drsinkr 

7 Deveaa Nathan M 

9 Hanford J E 
11 Clay George 

13 Stanbury R B J 

21 Starr Mrs Jessie 
& Bogart Alonzo A 
25 Allen John T 

House, s e 

ADDISON AV, w Irom 440 
Perth av, ward G. 

North Side 

Not built on 

South Side 

House, s e 
1 Tasker James 

8 Higgins Michael 

C Mack Mrs Frances A 

111 Tonge to Jarvls, ward 

„..' North Side 

Andrews Capt W D, news 


2 Yokes Hardware Co, s e 
6 Aikenhead Hardware Co 
Tlsdale Iron Stable Fit 
tings Co 
8 Strand Hotel 
10 Lee Wm A & Son, rl est 
10% Code James K, barr 
Stonehouse Ed, barr 
Blashford W A, papr ruler 
Dudgeon & Thornton, prtrs 
Once a Week 
Travel aud Recreation 


Virtue & Co. pblrs 
Economist The 
Birney J & J L, real est 
Parsons Win, broker 
Maple Leaf Council, Royal 

12 Boustead J B, real est 

Mitchell Thos, stamps 
14 Copeland & Fairbairn, rl 

People's Bldg & Loan 


Freehold Loan Bldg 
10-18 Smith F J & Co, real 

estate, loans and Ins 
SO Small Sydney, real est 
+ Victoria st Intersetc 
22 Equitable Savings, Loan & 

Bldg Assn 

22-24 Equity Chambers 

3-4 Newsome W B, real 

5 Denovan Joshua, barr 

6 Grote G W, barr 
Proctor J A, barr 

7 Murphy Nicholas, barr 

8 Macklln H G, drftsmn 

9 Vacant 

10-11-12 Henderson.Small 
& Griffin, barrs 
Postlethwaite C R W, 

13-15 Henderson & David 

sons, barrs 

Brotherhood of St An 

Its Can Correspandence 

IT Vacant 

18 Teuton Ed, barr 

19 Vacant 

20 Canadian Legal Pub 

Co, F I Fox sec 
Canadian Law List 
Ontario Legal Chart 
Quebec Legal Chart 

21 Vacant 

22 Wardrobe J jr, caretkr 

23 Vacant 

24 Pendleton S R, artist 

23 Vacant 

20 Saviguy K A. mer tlr 
28-30 Carswell Co, law books 
Canadian Law Times 
Nova Scotia Reports 
Revised Reports 
New Brunswick Reports 
Lawyers' Annual 
Ruling Cases (English) 
London Law (monthly) 
Law Journal Reports 
Encyclopedia of the Laws 

of England 
Law Reports 
32-34 Imperial Chambers 
Phoenix Assurance Co of 

London. England 
Patersou T C, ins 
McCleary Thompson, acct 
1 Rolph & Browu, barrs 

3 Imperial Loan & In 

vestment Co 

4 Bncklaud H G, real est 
Greenwood Russell rl 


a Vacant 
G Vacant 

7 Rolph £ Brown, barrs 

8 Toronto Whist Club 

10 Choate A P, journalist'- 

11 Century Supply Co 
12-13 Vacant 

14 Banks J L, artist 

15 Vacant 

16 Vacant 

•17 Haines Fred, artist 
18-19 Sissons C T, care- 


Huff Walter, elev opr 
36-42 Postoffice Building 
Customs Postal Package 


Postofflce Inspector's Of 
fice, James Henderson 

Postofflce. T C Patteson 
P M, George Ross asst 
P M 

Ross George 
44-44M> Beaumont & Sheppard 


43 Brilliant Sign Letters 
4S Vacant 

50 Troy John L. flu agt 
M Irish Canadian 
54 Dudgeon T W, pblr 
58 Duke's Hotel 

McGarry Mrs Maria F 
58 Doust Jos, law staty 
66 Don Valley Pressed Brick 

60 1 /j Adelaide Chambers 

Underwood & Underwood, 

stereo views 
Armstrong Press, prtrs 
Armstrong A E, mfrs agt 
1-2 Aid Savings & Loan 


Lloyd B, rl est 
3 Rutley Warming & 

Ventilating Co 
4-5-G Ont Sewer Pipe Co 
7 Vacant 
8-9-10 Vacant 
11 Vacant 

14 Pepler E E. artist 

15 MeMaster Wm, stamps 
Johnston John, caretkr 

16-17-18 Vacant 
02 Anderson J W, cigars 
G4-66 Ritchie John Plumbing 

& Heating Co 
GS Kennedy B L Co. shoes 
Mnllin T H, clothing mfr 
Sexsmith L A, clothing 


Winton & Leyden. facty 
Williams Mrs Nora V, 


70 RIckard & Woods, carps 
72 Vacant 

74 Enterprise Prtg Co 
7(i Vacant 
+ Chnrch st Intersects 

Public Library Building 
78 Nelson George, caretkr 
80 Public Library Reference 

Oldfleld A G, engraver 
82 Odium Albert E 
84 Standard Embossing Co 
86 Shea Andrew, junk 
88-90 Scott Wm, barber 
92-94 Shuttleworth E B 

Chemical Co 
96-98 Vacant 
100 Fleming & McTamney, 

102 Fleming & McTamney, 


Fleming John 

104 Ward David, pawnbrkr 
108 Vacant 
110 Earsmau Alex & Son, 

brass founders 
112 Solway & Cohen, junk 
120-22 Schiller House 
124 Tomllnson Mrs M, restr 

TomUusoQ Wesley 
126 Campbell A, harness 
128 Toronto Salt Works 
130-2 Todhunter, Mitchell & 

Co, spice mill 
134-6 Ronnie Wm, seeds 

South Side 

Star P & P Co, s r 
1 Knight C F, dentist 
Cook Wm, barr 
Wright Jos A, barr 
Young C G, rubber stamps 
Corin Wm J, piitr 
3 Louey J E, real cat 
5 Brown W J, real estate 
Beauharnais G H, stenog 
7 Nesbitt J A, real estate 
9 Higgins J D, real estate 

Higgins David, ins agt 
. Edinburgh Life Assce Co 

Washington T E, real est 
9% Snowdon Chambers 

1 Hislop Thomas, barr 

2 Sinclair E G C, real est 
Badger Wm, real est 

3 Vacant 

4 Graham J A, broker 
Petley & Co, real est 

r> Vacant 

G McGhie & Keeler, barrs 

7 Tytler John, barr 
McCabe Charles J, barr 

8 New John, broker 

9 Ellis J A, architect 

10 Richards Frank & Co, 

11-14 Capp T W Co, mfg 


15 Jackson J H & Co, en 


16 Simpson H, architect 

17 Laugher Nora, adv 


18 Macgregor Angus & Co, 


19 Dowdell J O, agt 
2021 Tlsdall Supply Co, 

22-23-24 Burgess A E & 

Co, rafg jwlrs 
25 Macphail Hector, care 

20 Knaggs Wm, violin mkr 

27 Nichols J Lister & Co, 

mfi-s agts 

28 Vacant 

11 Martin F J, mer tailor 

13 Tarbox Bros, wire gds 
Nicol & Nicoi, barrs 

15 Creelman Eros Tjpewr'ter 

17 Pearson Chambers 
Pearson Bros, real est 
Northern Assce Co 
Pearson E P, ins agt 
Connecticut Fire Ins Co 
Pearson & McNaught, Ins 


Rooms — 

1 Sloan J W, real estate 
McEachren Donald, real 


2 Vacant 

3 Wright J A, barr 

4 Canniff H T, barr 
Canniff Fred M, barr 

6 Vacant 

7 Morrey Wm H, pblshrs' 

Peake T J L, real est 

8 Swayzie B E, barr 

9 Sheppard L C & Co, 


Gray Edwin, janitor 
19-21 Fox & Ross, brokers 
Mines Selection Co 
Sailor Consolidated Mining 

& Milling Co 
Toronto Lillooet Gold 


23 Laud Security Chambers 
Kerr, Davidson, Paterson 

& Grant, barrs 
British Can L & I Co, a e 
+ Victoria st intersects 
33 Sun Lite Assce Co 
35 Aberdeen Chambers 

1 Vacant 

2 Symous J T. est broker 
klmsley Memy, office 

3 Vacant 

4 Hannah W G, barr 

5 Mutual Mercantile Ag- 

encv of Canada 

6 Osier A E & Co, rl est 
8 Leak & Co, Inmber 

Leak Wm, real est 
9-10 Heighiugton J, tan- 
Close Wm B, broker 

12 Vacant 

13 Vacant 

14 Strickland H F, contr 

15 Strickland W R, arch 

16 Symous Harry, barr 

17 Gouinlock John, ins 
Gouinlock W F, Ins agt 

18 Vacant 

19 Carscallen, Hall & 

Payne, barrs 

20 Cane J G & Co, whol 


21 Vacant 

22 Cull Cabeb H, prtr 
25 Clougher J P. publr 

Church of Kng Year 

Security Gold Mining & 

Development Co 
Hennessey J, caretkr 
37 Newsome & Co Ltd, sta 

39 Canadian Order of For 

McArthur Donald, sol 
Gilday Richard, rooter 
Gavin R C, real estate 
Graham H & Son, rl est 
Ont Permanent Bldg & 

Loan Assn 
41 People's Loan & Deposit 


43 Cavell & Gibson, barrs 
Taylor W B, barr 
Taylor & McConnell, bars 
Evans-Lewis C, barr 
Challener F S, artist 
Martin H J, barr 
McEachreu & Ritchie, ills 
Chavignaud George, artist 
45 Canadian Typewriter Ex 
47 Beetou Ed, watchmkr 

Wood F A, real est 
49 Tache J P & Co, brokers 
^ Toronto st ends 
Public Lavatory 
Smith R I, caretkr 
Trust & Loan Bldg, s e 
57 Court House 

County Council Office, 

John A Ramsden clerk 
Ramsdeu John A, mar 
riage licenses 
High Constables's office 
McDougall Jas, civ eng 
County Engineer's Office, 

James MeDougall eng 
McFarlen G W, surveyor 
County Treasurer's Office, 
J K Macdonald treasurer 
First Division Court. F M 
Morsou aud Edward 
Morgan judges, A McL 
Howard clerk 
Wingfield Charles E S, 


Lackie N H, bailiff 
Lawrie Wm D, earctkr 
07 Bowden John W & Co, 
belt dressing 

Guarantee Company of North America. 

MEDLAND & JONES. Cen'l Agents. Mail Builriincr 



Hn'HARA Ri ftfl Brokers and Financial Agents, 
• U littiin «x uuij so TORONTO STREET 

Adelaide East. 



60 Clnuss Shear Co. cutlery 
United States Specialty Co 
Parkhurst Edwin R 
71 Purdy W A & Co, adv 

Canadian Advertising & 

Distributing Co 
73 Day G H & Son. brokers 
Canada Crown Cork and 

Seal Co 

75 Cornell Building 
Fessenden A R 
O'Neill Harvey 
77 Peerless Press, prtrs 
70 Imperial Art Co 
+ Church at intersects 
St James School, s e 
135 Shelter of the Children's 

Aid Society 
Bustard John U 
Gannon Joseph, caretkr 
141 Forsyth Geo 

Allward John, bldr, r 
143 Moses Andrew 
145-47 Lumbers John, flour 

+ Francis st ends 
159 Archer Win E 

118 Yonge to Bathurst, 
wards 3 and 4. 

North Side 

Store, s e 

6 Ballard Electric and Ma 
chine Co Ltd 
McDonough A J. mfrs' agt 
8 Temple H P. dental sup 

10 Jones J L Engraving Co 
12-14 National Electrotype 

c.V Stereo Co 

14H' Tompkins Horace E, 

11 Moore & Alexander, engrs 
Canadian Photo Engraving 

Bartlett Win & Sou, shade 


18 I'aton J W. paints 
20 Saunders H A: A, jwlrs 
Davis Dental Mfg Co 
McBurney Beattie Co (br) 
Victor Fire Extinguishing 

Co (factory) 
22 Jones & Moore Electric 

Co, motors, dynamos 
24 Cohen Bros The. opticians 
215-28 Saturday Night Bldg 
Sheppard Pub Co Ltd 
Toronto Saturday Night 
The Weekly Sun 
Elliott Win J, barr 
United States Consulate 
Sewell Wm L. consul 
Christian Messenger 
Montreal Gazette 
Martin Wm T. agt 
Liquor Journal & Hotel 

Gold Coin Mining Co of 

Ont Ltd 
Sentinel Prtg Co 
The Sentinel 
I'.ii-yele Mfrs Assn 
Grip Printing & Pub Co 
Sun Printing Co 
Canadian Cigar and To 
bacco Journal 
Gagnier Harold T, pblr 
Money & Risks Ptg & Pub 


Money & Risks 
30 Fountain Wm. tailor 

Clothes Pressing Co Ltd 
32 Tunstead John, hatter 
34 Johnston W S & Co, prtrs 
Independent Oddfellow 
McCmre James, clo contr 
Collins Mnfg Co, hdware 
Bryan & Bedingfield, pub 

Lennon H T. publrs' agt 
Zock J J & Co. mnfg jwlrs 
Dominion Distributing Co 
36 Gibson S R. confr 
38-42 Pnm Paper R< x Co 
40 42 Toronto Electrical Wks 

Co Ltd 

42 Mltchener J G & Co, man 

Cohen Samuel, clo contr 
44 Toronto Dental Depot 
46 Purdy, Mansell & Co, 


48 Douglas Bros, prtrs 
50 Jones Bros & Co, labora 
52 Lyons & Marks, hdware 


54 Brush & Co, corsets 
56 Hambiy & Crammond, 


58 Kennedy A E. tlr 
60 Stewart W T & Co, roof 
Grant A & Co, contrs 

• Bay st intersects 
02 Side entrance 

64 Kitto J It, shoemkr 

Curtis Thomas 

Jordan Mrs Frances 
72 Yokes John, cut stone 
74-70 Pendrith G T & Co, 

Tor Elevator Supply & Re 
pair Co 

Eaton Wm H, pntr 
78 Matthews Asa, gal Iron 

80 Morrison & McDermott, 

82 Carroll Thomas, bldr 

Clsterna Paul, show cases 

Fearoii F. II, carp 
84 Carroll Robert, contr 

Credit Forks Mining it 

Mfg Co 
86 Vacant 
88 Vacant 
00 Vacant 
i'2 Vacant 
94 Ames Walter, toolmkr 

Bull Wm J. patternmkr 

• Sheppard st commences 
Vacant lot 

102-8 Caslor & Howard, elec 
tro platers 

Joselln J S, patternmkr 
Crossiu E & Co, piano 


Jones Bros & Co, factory 
102-4 Spence Wm A, mach 

Nixon Kmery. mach 
104 Smith W P & Co, wood 

106 Woolnough J W, show 

108 Banfieirt W H »: Sons, 

110 Heys Thomas & Son, 

National Shirt & Collar 


Norway Cabinet Co 
112 Vacant 

114 Courtney Miss M 
116 O'Leary Patrick 
118 Wood Mrs Annette 
120 Abdo Peter 
122 Vacant 
124 Douglas Bros, roofers 

Thomson C W Paper Box 


Seymour Meter Co 
120 Hing Quong. laundry 
128 Jones Richard, tailor 
Store, s e 

• York st intersects 
Store, s e, 

132V4 Meredith Mrs Margt 
134 Jacobs Albert 
136 Lee Mrs Josephine 
138 French Mrs Mary 

Vacant lots 
142 Hallam Thomas O 
146 Kerr John 
148 Rabbee Thomas. tl[ 
150 Peaker Mrs Susannah 
152 McGaffln James W 
156 Antlpltzky Mrs Clara, Junk 
102 166 Toronto Hat Mfg Co 
164 Boeckh Bros & Co, brush 

and broom factory 
168 Johnson C K & Co, boiler 


170 Marks Mrs Ann 
172 Vi.-kers Mrs C M 

Private grounds 
180 McGregor Archibald, bdg 
182 Joseph Charles 

184 Fawcett Miss M A, bdg 
186 Flelschmann & Co, yeast 

Eleetrine Med Co 
188 Nuttall Edward, gro 
190 Sherrln James, tlr 

Hotel, s e 

^ Slmcoe st intersects 
194 McCulley James 
196 Kent Joseph 
198 Jackson Sirs Minnie 

Beatty John, cabs 
200 Brlggs Mrs Annie 
202 O'Leary Michael 
204 Dawson Mrs Alice 
206 Osborne Melvln 
208 Vacant 
210 Arthur James 
212 Brent George 
214 Duff Miss A M, bdg 
210 Sumner Mrs Mary, bdg 
218 Norton Ransom S 
21SM. Cross Wm G 
220 Gordon Mrs Elizabeth 
222 Godfrey John 
224 Camplin Richard 
226 Camplin Isaac 
228 JacKson Peter 
230 Mallet Mrs Maria 
232 Cooper Louis, optician 
234 Robinson Mrs Esther 
236 Kirby James 
238 Armstrong Geo. bailiff 
240 Johnston Mrs Jane 
242 I'uddy Mrs Thirza, gro 

• Duncan st commences 
214 Jackson John 

240 Grandon Miss Harriet 
248 Cameron Charles W 
2T>0 Robertson Alexander 
252 Millward Wm. bdg 
2.14 Charbott Mrs Minnie 
250-8 Brown T W, carriage- 

260 McCarty James 
202 Howard Mrs Flora 
264 Maxwell Wm 
200 Matthews Mrs Isabella 
208 Spring Mrs Mary 
270 Dill Robert A. pntr 
272 Pepler Wm H. phy 
+ John st intersects 

Store, s c 

2so McDonald L, shoemkr 
2-<2 Chung Lee. laundry 
•>4 (iilehriese Albert E 
286-88 Kerr James, blkgm : th 
290 O'Dea Mrs Mary A 
290V; Roberts Mrs Annie 
292 Scott Abraham 

Campton George T, r 

Slllence Frank 
294 Yates Miss Amy M 

Private grounds 
300 Vacant 
302 O'Grady John A 
304 McGuire Mrs Mary 
306 Robson Mrs Margaret 
308 Lev! Paul 
310 Cass Mrs Hannah 

fWidmer st Intersects 
Downs Martin J 
314 Cunningham Wm H 
316 Munn Robert 
318 Henderson Thomas 
320 Brunei Peter 
322 Wright George 
324 Montone Louis 
326 Berti Louis A 

• Drummond pi commences 
328 Mollen John 

330 Murphy Wm 
332 Godd.ird Thomas 
334 Mitchell E W 
336 Hawkins George 
338 Coffey Mrs Mary 
340 Moran Mrs A, drsmkr 
Moran Wm 

• Peter st intersects 

342 Meade Mrs Emma, bdg 

Private grounds 
350 Wilby Wni G, bldr 
352 Campbell John E 

Cooper Harry, r 

Reynolds Fred, r 

Muirhead Frank, r 

354 Troyer Jacob 
350 Parrett James D 

355 Moore John K 
360 Foster Wm G 
362 Rule Wm 

364 Clegg Thomas 

*M g"ker Mrs Sarah J 

3tj8 Scott Peter 

370 Sheffer Noah 

372 Watson Wm 

374 Murphy Wm 

376 Playter Thomas H 

J'o Warner Christopher 

380 Partridge John V 

,^f2 Wright Wm J 

Dlnwoodie Mrs Ellen 
386 Lsher Mrs Elizabeth 

taa »f\? r l llss M ' drsmkr 
ooo Richardson James 

Store, s e 
* Spadlna ay Intersects 

Store, s e 
392 Vacant 
392% Wong T L 
3!»4 Mitchell ^enrv 
396 Bakewell Wm H 
398 Herrmaa Charles 
4OO Phillips Wm 
402 Jewell Frank 
404 Holden Harry 
406 Moise S S, tel opr 
408 Latimer James 
410 IJrquhart Alexander R 
412 White Mrs Emliy 
414 Saunders Charles A 
418 Common James 
420 Haskings George 
422-24 Giob&- Paint Co 
420 Cowan James 
42X Meadows Isaac 
43i.i Williams Hiram 
431' Manning John M 

Vacant lot 
4Ki Whyter Mrs Rosa 

Duranrl Mrs Mary 
442 Ferguson Mrs Bridget 

Store, s e 
^ Brant st Intersects 

St Andrew's sq 
+ Maud st commences 

Vacant lot 

490 VVeaie Mrs Maria, confr 
492 Woods Michael D 
494 Raiusbottom Richard 
490 Crawford Mrs Susan 
498 Grlfnths Mrs Alice 
5no Uiddell Mrs Ettie M 
502 Wade Martin, liquors 
<> Portland st intersects 

504 Firman Mrs S A, gro 
f>00 Adams Mrs Eliz 

505 Woodward Richard 
510 Flnlay Armand L 
512 Urquhart John 

514 Coughlin James J F 
510 McClymont Wm 

Yule Miss Janet, nurse 
518 McDonald Edward 
520 Taylor John 
522 Ingram John A 
524 Gibson Mrs Mary 

Gibson Miss A, drsmkr 
524V£ Flaven James 
520 Ilendry Edwin A 
"261., Hanson Thomas 
5'.S Mains Archibald 
530 Stoneham Joseph D 
532 Gibson James B 
534 Outhwalte Mrs Eli« 
536 Burton Wm R 
538 Moore Mrs Anastasla 
540 Wade Martin 

Clarke Bros, bldrs, r 
542 Howard Wm 

Howard Wm W S 

544 Roe Charles 
546 Dale Wm R 

545 Fraser Robert 
550 Evans George 
552 Lavelle John 
554 Dorricott Joseph 
556 Perry Mrs Annie 

House, s e 

South Side 

1 Edwards A J. dentist 
Noble C H. photo 
Henderson T. dentist 
^ Grand Opera la commences 
9 Hill E C Mfg Co, bicycle 

II very 

Lyon Mfg Co. typewrllere 
9% Curran Albert, hatter 
Thompson George, barber 
Brown Mrs Isabella 
11 Grand Opera HO.IJI 
13 15 Grand Opera Holtl 

Metallic Ceilings. 

Metallic Roofing Co., 

'Phone 5481. Cor. KING and DUFFERIN STS. 





86 Adelaide West, 


+ Johnston st ends 
17-1'J Worden House 
21 Booth Geo & Son, pntrs 
23 Vacant 

23M» Ward Jaines, confy 
25-27 Toronto Opera House 
Baking Joseph 
Trebilcock John, cigars 
29 Rogers Alex, ciga'.s 
Fell I C & Co, stencils 
Dominion Watch Case Re 
pairing Co 

31 Jones Bros & Co, cutlrs 
33 Parker George, prtr 
35 McLaren H & Son, dental 

Toronto Piano String Mfg 


37 Anglo-American News Ag 

39 Thompson, Worth & Mar 
tin, contrs 
43 Derrick M K, blacksmith 

Hotel, s e 
^ Bay st intersects 

Hotel, s e 

53-59 Smith W stables 
Graham J D, horse dlr 
Grand's Repository, sale 

61-65 Sanderson Pearcy & Co, 

paints, oils and glass 
07 Parisian Steam Laundry 
Shepard Bros & Co, prtrs 
Saunders, Lorie & Co, 


73 Wilson Pub Co 
Truth The (weekly) 
Ladles' Journal (monthly) 
Canada Jewelery Case Co 
Canada Crown Cork & 

Seal Co 

Habernian Philip, tlr 
Williams J S, printer 
National Lithograph Co 
Imperial Paper Box Co 
•Best D M & Co, piano 

hammer mfrs 
Love R B, clothing coutr 
Sintzel Thomas, clothing 


Yesbera Mfg Co, combina 
tion tables 
Robson W H, clothing 


77 Toronto Mach Tool Works 
81 Membery K, electro plater 
87 Munro Wni & Son, bldrs 
Sft-97 American Copper Co 
Morrison James. Brass 

Mfg Co 

Mashinter W & Co. plinbrs 
07% Coyne Isaac P, tlr 
09 Dorrlen Pin ting & Mfg 

101 Wyness Plating Co 

Martin G W. wire gds 
101% Hughes & Jones, hats 
Globe Mfg Co, gro sun 
103 Gorrie George T, show 


105 Owen Frank, bamboo gds 
]09'/i Toronto Machine Screw 


Firth Josepn, cutler 
Wentgman Paul, electricn 
111 Contes A E, piano string 


Anderson R & Co, machs 
Palmer Piano Co 
Merchants' Counter Check 

Book Co Ltd 
115-117 Magulre T M & Son, 

Vacant lot 
125 Colleran J J, horseshr 

Jennings Jas, brass fndr 
127 Marks Harris 
129 Wilks Harris 
131 Rotkln Benjamin 
133-135 Hotel, a e 
• York st Intersects 

Store, a e 
139 Vacant 
141 Rnsmlnsky Philip 

Pallett Samuel 
143 Costenl John, artificial 


145 Loekhnrt Mrs Maria 
147 Diamond Henry 

149 Mclnnes Neal 


155 Palmer Mrs Mary 
157 Kooney Michael 
Thompson John, r 
Finch Henry ,r 
Heeuey Mrs Ellen, r 
.109 Leith Jolin 
1C1 Davis Mrs Matilda 
163 Hanford John 
165-09 Brown S, carriages 
171 Robertson David D 
173 Samuels Solomon 
!"."> dayman Moses 
177 Greene Jacob 
170 Bernstein Harris 
181 Remington John 
1S3 Walker Thomas 
1S5 Mathers William 
187 Wilson James 
189 Price Albert 
191 Bond Mrs Gretta 
l'J3 PollakofT Bernard 
195 Mac-Donald George 
199 Strathv Building 

Page Dr Medicine Co 
Merril' Wm 
Heck George L 
Price Wm C 
Fraser Alexander 
Francis Charles H. 
Carpenter Mrs M'uule 
Humphrey James 
Barr Patrick F 
Pennylegion Charles 
Lister S A 
Langlols Alexander 
Webber John E 
Greismane Louis 
Winship A S 
Ravenshaw Miss 
Denisou Mrs Grace B 
Monek Edward A P 
Winkleman George 
Townley Mrs E. caretkr 
^ Slmcoe st intersects 
House, s e 
Rear entrances 
Reilly Mrs Emma 
223 liogerson Charles, c'gars 

Old U C College, r e 
231-237 Lawson Milling Co, 

flour mill 
239 Ormerod Fletcher 

Old U C College grounds 
^ John st Intersects 

House, s e 
29."> Bates James C 
297 Front Mrs Lillian 
299 Temple Miss Sid 
301 House, s e 
303 Rendman M F, gro 
• Wldmer st Intersects 

Office, s e 
313 Tooker Wm H 
315 Vacant 

327 Long Wm 
4> Peter st Intersects 

House, s e 

331 Ward Mrs Susan, gro 
333 Snoflclon Weslev, flour 
335 McXabh Mrs Melllssa 
Munro Mrs Janet, r 
McGraw Joseph, r 
Anderson Frank, r 
Seatter James, r 
337 Feldsteln Samuel 
339 Roberts Thomas 
341 Walsh Robert H 

Vacant lots 
•* Charlotte st ends 

House, s e 
351 Harding Robert B 

Private grounds 
355 Morrison Robert C! 
357 Deeks Charles H 
359 Qu'nton Robert 
3fi3 Coo Wm H 
3C5 Contle Andrew 


307 Little .Thomas H, phy 
+ Spadlna av intersects 

Hotel, s e 
371 Taylor Bert 
373 Mclntosh Robert 
375 Keech Fred W 
377 Thompson James H 
379 Smith Oliver 
381 Cronln Bartholomew J 

383 Lindsay James C 
3$5 Long Frederick 
•SS7 Phelps Frank A 
XS'J Parent Amable 
,')91 Slattery John 
393 397 Vacant UO 
399 Crottie Mrs Ann 

Croltie Miss Louisa, 


401 Bums Arthur 
403 Wylie Wm 


421 Maloncy Michael 
423 Cain Thomas J 
425 Lyng James 
427 Adams Mrs Bridget 
429 Hay John, grocer 
^ Brant st Intersects 

Public School 
439 Edwards Richard 
«1 McDonald Mrs Eliza 
44,5 McVicar Dugald 

* Morrison st ends 
445 Guy Wm J 

Vacant lots 

r MI 
461 Milne Wm 

Watts John, r 

Taylor Peter J. r 
463 Poulton Mrs Margaret 

McGirr Edward, r 

Northey Mrs Louisa, r 
465 Dougherty Mrs Mary 
467 Binnie Wm, grocer 

Hickey Mrs Ann, r 
469 Binnie Wm jr, dairy 

Private grounds 
473 Miller Sidney H 

Foley John J, r 
475 Long Howard 
477 Bouregard Joseph 

Qulnliven Daniel, r 
479-81 Landon Wm J 

4 Portland st intersects 
483 House, s e 

487 Amsbery James F 

Vacant lots 
497 Gregg Henry 
499 Marvyn Felix 
501 Bather James 

Bryers John, r 

Loach Francis A, r 
503 Bell John C 
505 Slee Richard 
507 Donovan Patrick 
509 Donaldson Mrs Ellz 
511 Conway John P 
^ Adelaide pi commences 


521 Jamieson John 
525 McClean Wm J 
527 Lynch Dennis 
529 Lee Mrs Norah 
531 Connor Michael 
533 McMahon T F. phy 

ADELAIDE PL, s from 511 
Adelaide w, ward 4. 

East Side 

1 Murphv Patrick 
3 Champion Charles T B 
5 Battey James B 
7 Brasson Charles 
9 Walkinshaw Wm 
11 Williamson Edwin H G 
House, s e 

West Side 

Lumber yard 

ADMIRAL ROAD, n from opp 
71 Lowther av to Bernard 
av, ward 4. 

East Si. Ic . . 

Vacant lots 
9 Jackes Mrs Marr S 
11 Ghent David A 
13 Bastedo Samuel T 
15 Ince Wm Jr 
17 Clarke C H Stanley 
19 Lloyd Benjamin 
21 Ashworth Janii'S J 
23 Fenwiek Murray M 
25 Brereton Richard L 
27 Warden Thomas J 
29 Knott John A 
31 Nlcholls Bruce F 
33 Holland Frederick M 
35 Moncrleff Wm G 
37 Vacant 

Vacant lots 

61 Swabey Charles 

63 Rolph Frank A 

81 Brough Theodore G 
West Side 

House, s e 

Private grounds 
12 Simpson Ernest A 
14 Collins Josbua W, lumber 
16 Torranee Mrs Baty M 
28 Hall Thomas H 

Vacant lots 

46 Jones C'ol Charles S 
48 Barnett Mrs Mary E 
50 O'Hara Wm J ' 
52 Vacant 

Vacant lots 
58 Apted Win H 
CO Morrison Currau 

62 Robertson Rev James 

64 Bay ley Wm B 
66 Baily William 

Vacant lot 
72 Johnston Dr Amelia 

Johnston Miss Annie K. 


74 Page Charles J 
76 Duggan Edmund H 

AFTON AV, w from 216 Lis- 

gar to Northcote av, ward 6. 

North Side 

2 Scully Thomas S 

4 Jones J Wesley 
Vacant lots 

12 Dollery Mrs E, fey gds 

14 Johnson Mrs S A 

^ Lisgar st recommences 

16 Richards James 

18 Beaton Alexander 

20 Reid David V 

22 Ballanlyne Robert 

24 Male Thomas J 

26 Couzens Charles W 

28 Moffatt Charles E 

30 Bridul Francis B 
32 Fisher John L 
34 Milne Wm G 

36 Saunders George A 

38 Martin Thomas 

40 Savage Wm 

42 Turves Ernest L 

44 Fc'iTicr Robert C 

46 Nolan Harry J 

48 Bondsdale Charles 
50 Jessop Walter G 

52 Fraser Philip 

^ Beaoonsfield av intersects 

50 Mauley Michael, bldr 
58 Nye Wm 

Private grounds 
68 Taylor Neil 
70 Westwood S S 
72 Stephens Robert, marriage 

74 Taylor Miss K 

•j South Side 

1 Witmer A M, yro 

3 Walker Win T 

5 Bryant John W 

7 Bryant Frederick M 
9 Glover Adam M 
11 Pollard Richard F 

13 Hamilton George 

15 McCnrdy James 

17 Robertson Lewis 

19 Gillesple Wm 

21 Watson James A 

23 Nlcliol James 

25 Gllliam John H 

27 Swanton Wm J 

29 Harris John W 

31 Hreen Robert 
Vacant lot 

• BeaconsfU-ld nv intersects 
Store, s o 

39 Atkinson Harry 

41 Fnwcett John 

43 Rutherford Thomas 

45 Rutledge Robert 

47 Worth Thomas P 

49 Kent Wm 

51 Willson Reuben 

53 Henrick Thomas 

55 Scalier Mrs Catherine 
61 Kingdom James 
Store, s e 

• Northcote av ends 
House, s e 



Offices, Nos. 15-17 LEADER LANE. 

Telephone 3288. 
Residence, No. 66 ST. MARV ST. Telephone 35i«. 

Head Office, 

King St. E. 








AGNES, w from 302 Youge to 
University av, ward ;;. 

North Side 

"2 Vacant 

6 Williamson Uebert E 

8 Blake Wm 
10 Dear George C 
10y> Taylor John L 

12 Wadswortti Mrs S E 
Albert Hiram F 
Love David, r 

14 TUompson Frank 

10 Doyle Mrs Ellen 
Ward Miss Susan, r 
Keen Frederick H 
Keen James I 

15 Van Xandt Mrs Louise 
20 Adanison John G 

22 Higgs A liana tl 
24 NIcuolls Herbert L 

20 Muirbead James A 
28 Hairt Mrs Aniile 
30 Atkinson linger H 
32 I'almer Uichard 

34 I'ritcbett G, paper hanger 

36 Jacobs George A 

38-40 Harris \Vm H, express 

42 4 Brown Mrs Eliza J 

46 Alley Win 

4S Alley Mrs Mary A 

50 founders Albert E 

Martin Mrs Eliza 
52 U'alkins Wui V 

Doughty Mrs Susan, r 
54 Cnlhert Mrs C 

Satterley John, r 

Phillips obadiah. r 
50 Parker George T 

Methodlsr Church 

• Teranlay st intersects 
64 Levaok S A, htchr 
66 Owen George P 

Owen Mrs Jane, gro 
OS Limey Mrs Margaret 
70 Scarlett George 
72 Nosbitt James, dairy 
74 S A Home for Working 


76 Mosre Alexander, exp 
78 Patterson John 
80 Pope George 

Stewart Thomas, r 
82 Earle George 
84 Turvey Joseph 
86 Gallaher Richard 

024 Harrington E, stoves 
^ Elizabeth st intersects 

90-8 Star Hotel 
100 Giuffre S. fruit 
102 Vacant 

104 MeConuell Mrs E, gro 
106 Drake Win 
108 Harrison Robert 
110 English Mrs Rachel 
112 McAulifte E, gro 
Mason John R 

• Chestnut st intersects 
114 O'Reilly Mrs Bridget 
116 Cndesky Charles 

118 Dillon Frank 

120 Whitley Miss Mary 

122 Harrington Mrs- EUy. 

124 Sullivan James 

128 Granatstein Mendel, junk 

130 Granatstein John S 

132 Jeffers Wm J 

134 Martin Miss E J 

136 Weltz Mrs L, gro 

Weitz Herman 
^ Centre av intersects 
138-40 Walker Mrs M C, gro 
142 Mumford Bros, btehrs 
144 Gallagher Mrs Ellen 
146 Breckell Wm 

Vacant lot 

156 McKague James W, coal 
South Side 

Store, 8 e 

11 McDonald Thomas 

13 D'Alesandro James 
Cherry Y, blacksmith 

15 Graham Kobert 
15Vj Devlin Patrick 
17 Moran Thomas 

Thompson Robert 
17% Whittaker John 
19 Vacant 

21 Fanelll Joseph 

23 Davis Miss Frances 

25 Halfhead E B L 

27 Oldham Samuel, exp 

29 Vacant 

31 Vacant 

33 Napolitano Frank 

35 D'Alesandro D 

37 Bertram Wm 

3!) Glockliag Kobert 

41 McCiuskey Alexander 

43 Henderson James 

45 Mnckle Charles P 

47 Rawlin Frank 

49 O'Byrne George P 

Ashton James 
51 Hales Henry G 
."3 Jackson Mrs Martha 
55 Thomas Gilbert S 
57-9 Police Station No '2 
til Hallizan Win 
60 Corny Wm J 

• Teraulay st Intersects 
t> r i Coates Mrs A. see hd z 
07 Morrow James 

09 Hider Win G Jr 
71 Cranlield Charles J 
73 Waldmiui Louis 
75 White John 
77 Hill Mrs Maude 
79 Haskiu Louis B 
>>! Manaceveth Joseph 
83 Tugendhaft B, gro 

Vacant, r 

85 Aitchison Win H 
87 Livingstone Mrs Annie 
89 Stewart John 
91 King Hiram D 
93 Richards Maurice 
95 Corkwell Mrs A, fruit 
97 Keyfetz N. school 

• Elizabeth st intersects 
House, 3 c 

• Chestnut st intersects 
107 Somers Charles 

109 Ridley Walter M 
111 Perkins Michael H 
11", Willis Robert 
115 Dilts Sylvester 
117 Friedman Reuben, tlr 
IW Abbott James 
llil Frflech Samuel 
1'23 Bercowich Louis 
125 Scharr Zesman 

• Centre av intersects 
127 Tlnsley Alfred 

129 Downey Alonzo J 
133 Farrell Thomas 
135 Campbell James 
137 Parker Miss Sarah 
139 Pothier Mrs Sophia 

ALBANY AV. n from Bloor 
w, first e of Bathurst, ward 

East Side 

Vacant lots 
55 Lowe Arthur T 
57 White Alfred 
59 Porter Frederick D 
til Jones Mrs Georglna S 
63 Milue John 
Vacant lots 

• Barton av Intersects 
Vncaiit lots 

• Wells st intersects 
Le Grow Joshua 
Vacant lots to end 

West Side 

Vacant lots 
40 Mollard John T 
48 Hanson George F 
50 Pope Mrs Delia 
5U Brown Mrs Annie 

Vacant lots 
+ Barton av intersects 

Vacant lots 
134 Codd Henry F 
13(1 Harris Christopher U 
+ Wells st Intersects 

Hoiise, s e 
160 Sues Adolphe 
102 Edgar Miss Margaret, 


104 Kvls Alfred 
160 Grierson James F 
1(18 Duncan Ernest 
170 Prior Richard 
172 Kennedy W 
174 Ledger Walter 

Vacant lots 
194 Ward George 
190 Waters Alfred W 

198 Baird Henry 
200 Clements Edwin 
20J Parry John J 
•2(>i Carmoody Mrs Matilda 
Hkiiisou Mrs Alice \ 


Vacant lots 
'2'J'J Stothers George 
224 Kennedy Joseph H 
22(i Nickleson E John 
228 Travers Joseph 

Vacant lots to end 

ALBERT, w from 21S Youge 
to Chestnut, ward 3. 

North Side 

Store, s e 
4 Elliott W Foster, dentist 

Banes John H 
0 Workshop 

8 Emery \Vni H, bicycles 

• Albert lane commences 
10-14 Eaton T & Co, warehse 
16-24 S A Temple 

S A Printing HOUJC 
Young Soldier (weekly) 
War Cry Official Gazette 
All the World (monthly) 
18 Liddle James, earctkr 

20 Men's Social Dept S A 
•2-2 Women's Social Work 


24 Central Ontario Provin 
cial Headquarters 
+ James st intersects 

2(> Pearee Charles A 

28 Parkinson George 

30 Bradley George 

32 Quigley Mrs Sarah 

34 Croley Mrs M, ludry 

3(1 Gamble Joshua 

38 Wilson Mrs Margaret 

40 Ritchie W J, exp 

Ritchie Mrs Jane, drsmkr 

42 Wright Frederick E 

44 Brace John 

46 Baker John 

48 Hunter Wm H 

50 Cisterua Paul 

54 Croncher Thomas 
Vacant lot 

^ Teraulay st Intersects 

Store, s e 
00 Hill Wm. tailor 
66 Goddard Samuel 

Vacant house 

Kennedy Martin, r 
68 Pritchard John J 
70 Parkes Wm 
72 Pollard Henry 

Pollard Mrs M, bdg 
70 Brltt Wm 
78 Marshall George 
80 Goddard Samuel, exp 
82 O'Reilly Wm, blksmltb 
84 Stepheuson Mrs Mary E 
90 Gross! Oliver 

• Elizabeth st Intersects 
92-94 Store, s e 

96 Spath Frederick J 
98 Lang Wm 
1UO-102 Storehouse 
'10J O'Reilly Wm 
106 Vacant store 

South Side 

Store, s e 
7 Gadsby Frederick W 

9 Lambert J W 
11-13 Vacant 
15-19 Store, r e 

21 Collins George, rest 
23 Store, r e 

• James st intersects 
Court House, r e 

• Teraulay st Intersects 
Store, s e 

53 Torrauce James 

55 Gallagher Robert J 
59 Crowe Martin 

Vacant lots 
Factory, s e 
House, s e 

• Elizabeth' st intersects 
103 Hillock Frank. lumber 

ALBERT AV, n from s of 
Paton to city limits, first w 
of Lansdowne av. ward 6. 

East Side . . 

31 Thompson Thomas 

West Side . . 

Not built on 

ALBERT LANE, runs- n from 
8 Albert to Alice, first w of 
Yonge, ward 3. 

ALEXANDER, e from 498 
Yonge to McMillan, ward 3 

North Side . . . 

2 Store, s e 

4 Christian Science Assn 

Reading Room 
Toronto Shorthand In 

Second Church of Christ 
6-8 Stables 

10 Drury Robert, wd carver 
Davidson James A 

14 Lane Mrs Emilj 

16 Boak Mrs Annie 

15 Mortley Randolph S 

20 Jackson Joseph 

22 Clifton Mrs Sarah, nurs* 

Henderson Charles H 
24 Weston Mrs Jane 
26 Hartwell Mrs Isabella 
28 Brown John W 
30 Skinner Alfred B 
32 Hall Mrs Elizabeth 
34 Bell David 
36 Glover Lewis 
38 Magson Christopher H 

Private grounds 
44 Midglev Mrs Mary A 
4(f Hayward E R B 
48 Lowry Robert A 

Armstrong Miss D. 


50 Bell Dougald 
52 Micheil Mrs Kate J 
54 Priest Francis H 
50 Wllleox Miss C S 
58 Jury Alfred B. rnua tchr 

Jury Mrs A E. inus tchr 
60 Graham Mrs Helen 
62 Mitchell Mrs Emma 
64 Mason Perclval L 
60 Fairly Joseph J 
68 Conger Rodger D 
72 House, s e 
+ Church st intersects 

House, s e 
88 Rymal Marshall B 

Gould Miss Kate, ilrsmkr 
90 Garrison Charles J. bdg 

Boyd Miss F M L, mas 


• A lane 
92 Costello Mrs L E 

Burlingam Hiram 
94 Everist Alfred H 
96 Edmonds Albert J 
98 Stewaitl Mrs Joanna C 

Private trounds 
108 Little Harrison H 

Playter E. phy 
South Side 

Hotel, s e 
7 Cronln John 
9 McBrien John 

11 Duke Henry, blksmlth 
13 Thomas Greenwood 

15 Tbomas Francis M 

17 Jackson Frank W, bldr 
19 Crysler J H, pntr 

21 Swltzer Nelson 

23 Stoddart Mrs Mary 3 

Private grounds 
27 Forde Edward L 


15 Adelaide E. 'Pi\one 2251 J. J. SECTZ, tyanager. 







20 Turk Rev Geo R 

31-39 Toronto Church Sell Ltd 

41 Hastings Markland 

43 Wood John. window 

45 Conlati Bros, pntrs 
Conlau Hobert J 

47 Passmore Miss Marlu L 

49 Colemau Arthur, bldr 

51 Sannders Airs Esther 

53 Johnson James P 

55 Thornton E, carp 

57 Pirn George, acct 

59 Vacant 

61 Maunder Wm A 

63 Jones Mrs Clara 

65 Held Wm H 
House, s e 

• Church st Intersects 
School, s e 

93 Lyle Wm H 

95 Alien Miss Eilen, drsmkr 
Allen Miss S. drsmkr 

97 Jeffery Frank P 

99 Nord" Mrs Surah 
101 MacKinnon Mrs Isabella 
103 Landon Mrs E A 

Fisher Miss J E, mus tchr 
105 Hadely E J 
107 Marston Wm P 
109 Huggett Mrs M A 

ALHAMBRA, n from Bou- 
stead av to Bloor w, first w 
of Dundas, ward 6. 
Not built on 

ALIC13, w from 280 Yonge to 
Teraulay, ward 3. 

North Side 

2 Vacant 

6 Avery Thomas, blksrnlth 
Napley Felix, r 

S Stables 

10-12 Itndd G^o A & Co, bar- 
ness mlrs 

Ackermau G L 
14 Graham George 
16 Leavens Hiram H 
18 Avery Thomas 

Davis Mrs Sarah D, r 
20 Bute John 

Bule Mrs M A, bdg 
22 Weir Mrs Frances 
22% Shaw Wm J 
24 Wfttson Mrs Alice 
26 Jackson Edward H 
28 Scon Mrs Jane G 
30 Blng Edward 
32 Quinlan Matthew 
34 Burton Neil McD 
36 Farley Win J 
38 Millard G M 
40 Hart Mrs Margaret 

Sheridan Wm, r 
42 Taylor Walter 

Ryan Mrs Sarah, r 
44 Lanigan Miss Annie 

Cullum Walter, r 
46 Cowan Hichard H 

Crawford Henry 
48 Strong Jobn M 

Erickson Mrs K 
50 Gamble David 

Walsh Thomas J 
52 Vacant 
56 Walsh Albert 

Martin Mrs E A 
58 Jean Edward 

Dennan John 
60 Deger Joseph 

Mathews A F, exp 

Store, s e 

South Side 

1 McGahey Robt J, dentist 

Norton Miss Ellen 

Mitchell Wm 11 

Stanley John 

Adams Alex W 

Homer Miss M, drsmkr 

Trlnear Miss Kate 

Kilby Mrs Sarah 

3 St John's Hall 

t Albert lane ends 
Forsyth Alouzo, dairy 

7 Livingstone David G 

9 Anderson J D. mus tclir 
11 Millar Wm 
13 Cuthbert John 

15 Clark Dental Mfg Co 
19 Crowley & Lockwmd, 

19-23 Cameron Mfg Co, key 

board ninfrs 
Queen City Chewing dura 

& Otto Vendi'ig Co 
Smith J Hun^rforj. Co. 

mfg chemists 
25 Holloway Benjamin 
27 Smith Samuel E 
29 Hnghill J. mus lusts 
31 Simouds Mrs Jane 
33 Blackwell Mrs M J 
35 Sanderson Charles H 
38 MeKillop Duncan 
41 Cusack Daniel 
43 Reynolds Henry 
45 Malonev Martin J 

Maloney Miss E, drsmkr 
47 Gillies Mrs Mary 
49 Honeywell John 
51 Christie Charles 
53 Leslie Mrs Susan 
55 Crew Mrs Ann 
57 Wilson Mrs Sar ill 
59 Me.verhorter Julius A 
+ Downey lane ends 
07 Bradley John J 

ALLEN AV, e from 263 
Broadview av to Holloa av, 
ward 1. 

North Side 

Si ore, s e 

8 Dunn John, exp 

10 Seott Joseph 

12 Matthews A, potatoes 
Vacant lots 

16 Scott George 

18 Brines Robert 

20 Cairns Thomas W 

22 Phillips Win H 

24 Foden David 

26 Cassidy Frank J 
Cassidy Mrs N, drsuikv 
Private grounds 

32 Kobinson George, contr 
34 Philcox James 

30 Mardonald John A 

38 Leslie James 

40 Cowie James 

42 Constable Charles It 

44 Good Joseph 

46 Ferry John 

48 Foster Arlington 

50 Pretty James 

52 Lewars Wm G 
5-t Chaplain Kobert 
54M» Thompson David 
56 Simons Andrew F 
58 Smith Edward J 
60 Talbot Edward C 
l>2 Townsend Charles V 

64 Morrison Seth 

66 Powell George 

68 Chestnut Frederick 0 
TO Tice J Henry 

72 Constable Mr,: Sarah 
Constable James 
Fire Hall, s e 

South Side 

Store, s e 
7 Beadle Thomas W 

9 Baker Samuel 

11 Tumalty John 

13 Bedley Emanuel 
15 Scott Robert A 

17 Dancy Henry A 

19 Fugler George 

21 Brodie John H 

23 Counter Frederick 

25 Miller John S 

27 Hefferlng John 

31 Brooks James A 

33 Kelly "Thomas J 

37 Glover R. express 

39 Cliown Thomas E 

41 Norris Daniel 

43 Collett diaries R 

45 Holden Mrs Eliza 

47 Douglas John 

49 Greie Wm 

51 Greig Charles E 

53 Howell Bryce 
Vacant lot 

63 Wales Mrs Agnes 

65 Hawker Thomas W 

67 Smith John F 

69 Gorton Mrs Charlotte 

73 Anderson Mrs Sara'i 
77 Dolson George 
79 West Joseph 

Elswortn Miss A. drsmkr 
.81 Barriball Alfred 
83 Devonshire Alfred J 

ALMA AV, w from 78 Glnd- 
stoue av, to Duffer to, ward 

North Side 

2 Store, s e 

8 Johnston Thomas 

10 Itussell John 

12 Hurst Walter J 

14 Winters Emery O 

16 Stevenson Robert 

18 Uadey Michael J 
20 Gray Win 

22 Hicks Mrs Annie 

24 Lillie James 

20 Muldoon James 

28 Eagleson Thomas S 
•JO Algate Mrs Eliza 
32 Lea Thomas 

South Side 

Store, s e 

7 Froser George 

0 Hawkins Henry 

11 Henry George 

13 Griffeth Eli 

Wlllcin Miss L, drsmkr 

15 Sueppard F W 

17 White Robert S 

19 White Daniel 

21 Crosson Jacob 

23 Mclvor Win 

25 Doran Uobert 

27 Le Her Thomas 
Giffard Miss M, drsmkr 

29 Gray Wm 

31 Seddon Mrs F M. gro 

ALPHA AV, w from head of 

Sackville, ward 2. 
North Side 

2 Chinu Meshack 

4 Simpson John W 
(1 Elliot Win 

8 Mead Edward 

10 Goss Mrs Jessie E 

12 Couch Wro 

14 Multman C W 

16 Chandler F C 

18 Gray George 

South Side 

1 Dipping John 

3 Daniel Mrs Christina 
r> Fitzpatrick Wm 

7 Bnxton George H 

9 Carley Mrs Elizabeth 

11 Daniel Edwin 

13 Wilson James W 

15 Potter Mrs Harr'et 

17 Pellow Clarence 

AMELIA, e from opp 562 
Parliament to Don River, 
ward 2. 

North Side 

Store, s e 

12 Flint Ralph 

14 Muirliead James 

16 Mulklns Win H 

18 Monaghan John 

20 Gaden George W 

22 Long Albert E 

28 Yeaxlee Sutton 

30 Smart Eli 
Private grounds 

36 Tutt Frederick 
38 O'Brien John J 
40 Mclntiish Mrs Ann 

Vicars E J S 
42 Williams Frank 
48 Gardiner Richard B 
50 Collard Walter O 
52 Muirhead Daniel 
54 Brett Forster C 
56 Allen Wm H 

Allen Mrs M R, drsmkr 
58 De Hart Thomas E 
62 Hedges Benjamin 
64 Hawtln George W 
G6 Beaver Bros, plstrs 

Beaver Henry R 
68 Coker John T 
70 Culleu Henry 
72 Lepper Frederick H 
74 Rouse Israel G 

70 Dean Edward T 
^Sackville st intersects 
7S Crantield E S, drugs 
SO Kin;; Rev Charles W 
82 Shier Samuel W 
S4 Murray Mrs Margaret 
NO Smith Henry W 
ss liird Edmund J 

90 Harrison Kobert, contr 
92 Lewis Walter F, bldr 

94 Somers Frank 
Private grounds 

100 Foget Herman H W 

102 Mitchell Mrs Maria 
Mitchell Miss L, mus tchr 

1(»4 Dowdell George C 

100 Cooper Char'es R 
liw McPherson Allan 

110 Ashenhurst Alexander 

112 Former C H C 

114 (Joss Henry A 
Hi; Ullby Wm 

120 Caldwell John R 
124 Maeklln John, coll 

120 Elford Wm H 

128 Hannah James E 
j:;(» Knowlton Joseph 

132 Gorrie James 

134 Heck Thomas W 
.136 Green Joseph 

138 Mertens Frank W 
142 Scott Francis G 
344 Baker Albert 

140 Erz John 

148 Brown Mrs Catherine 
152 Dudley W Howard 
• Sumach st Intersects 

Vacant lots 
154 Mutton John W 
i:,i; Hough Miss E, drsmkr 
luS Wright Thomas 
160 Lewis Samuel M 
162 Fleming Mrs Isabel 

South Side 

Wood vard, s e 
9 Uussell Mrs Esther B 

McGraih Mrs Ann 
11 Corrlgan Hichard 
lo Aymouy Rock A 
!."> Scars Jeremiah . 
17 Post Norman T 
1'J Chandler Albert E 

Private grounds 
<> Mctcalfe st ends 

House, s ,. 

35 Stephenson John E 
37 Lee Alfred H 
39 Thomas Philip J 
41 Ward Win E 
4:i Martin Frederick 
J.-, Stiles Edwin F 
47 Deacon D Charles 
49 I'ost Charles W 
Dl Hltchiiison Joseph S 

House, s e 
+ Suckviile st Intersects 

Store, s e 
85 Speers Kobert M 
87 Kahu Ferdinand L 
89 Tyler Morgan C 

91 Ibbitson Jarvls 

',>:>, Hayball Kobert F 

95 Love Walter 

97 Dack Frederick 
99 Rapkin Harry 

101 Lee Richard 

103 Gibson John 

105 Rowlatt Mrs Ada 

Judge George H 
107 Campbell George F 
10!) Price John F 

111 Armstrong Thomas 

113 Lucas John 3 

115 Cheyne Wm 
119 Harry Joseph 

121 Sutherland Christopher 
123 McDonald John 

127 Jones Mrs Elizabeth 

129 Wolfe Mrs M, gro 
Wolfe Alfred E. baker 

133 Dewe George 

135 Anderson Mrs Jennie 
137 Gearou Edward 

139 Pearce Wm, com iner 

141 Allen Mrs Margaret 
143 Mulligan James 

+ Sumach st Intersects 

Necropolis grounds 
164 Graham Samuel W 




We Make a FULL 


A Business Office for Actual Training; in SHORTHAND and TYPEWRITING. 

THOS. BENGOUGH, C.S.R., President. 
A. C. BROCK, Manager. 

Ancroft Place. 



Suerbourne n. tirst s of 
Maple av, ward 2. 

North Side 

Not built on 
South Side 

3 Davles Mrs Emilie T P 
Dnvles Miss E L, mus tehr 

5 Henderson James 

ANDERSON, w from opp 113 
University av to MoCanl, 
ward 4. 

North Side 

2 Ilargroaves Juliu 

4 Green Wm S 

6 Stokes Mrs Sarah 

8 Cummlugs Mrs Catherine 
10 Fouruier Cagetan 
Office, s e 

• Sinicoe st intersects 
Toronto B & M Co, s e 
Lumber yard 

28 Hygienic Carpet Cleaning 

• William st intersects 
House, s e 

40 Sunderson Wm W 
Lin ton Mrs Mary 

42 Quluian James 

44 Roade Thomas 

46 Stage Wm 

48 Smith Frederick E 
00 Lewis Isaac H 

52 Switzer Mrs Nettle 

• Store, s e 

Soutli Side 

3 Black Mrs Margaret B 
House, a e 

• Simcoe st intersects 
House, s e 

21 Johnston Mrs Harriet 

23 Grogau Mrs Nellie 
25 Murphy Patrick 

27 Devine Frank, bkr 
29.Fogler Morris, jwlr 

Devine Frank 

Store, s u 
+ William st intersects 

Store, s o 

39 Snowdon Rev Wm H 

41 Kenny Win 

43 Shouldice Samuel 

45 Brooksteln Sinai 

47 Douglas Walter S 

49 Shearns Thomas 
51 Mullaly Michael 

53 Gilford Mrs Elizabeth 
55 Tobin C James 

57 Collerau Thomas W 

59 Dauson Isaac 

ANNE, e from 431 Youge to 
Mutual, ward 3. 

North Side 

2 Rlggs James 
Methodist Church, r e 

24 Anderson Mrs R W, bdg 
Border Miss A. elocuulst 
Private grounds 

40 Gorrcll Lewis 

42 Hell Mrs Emma, bdg 
Mclnues Miss K. drsmkr 

42% Fitzpatriek John P 

Fltzpa trick Miss M.drs-mkr 

44 Emery Mrs Barbara 

48 Thompson James 
48 Dunning Charles A 

50 Robinson John 
52 Suell Oliver J 

54 HeKeown Mrs Emma 
56 Vodden Robert 

58 Krieger Herman 

60 Climpson Mrs S J 
64 Chartler Theophlle 
66 McGlil Mrs Margaret 


72 Shnpter Frank 
74 Roden George B 
78 Sullivan Patrick, cabs 

House, s e 

• Church st intersects 
House, s e 
Vacant lot 

98 Sherman Wilson 

100 Bruen Mrs Margaret 

102 Cruickshank Alex R 

106 Detcher Wm J 

108 Kenney J E. drsmkr 

Kenney M A, drsrakr 

110 Stewart Wm 

112 Grant John B 

114 Middletou John 
llii Rayson James A 
118 Stewart Mrs Helen 

120 Martin Alexander 
South Side 

Store, s e 
1 House, s e 
3 Buckingham & Boyle, reg 
istry office 
Buckingham Miss F 
Boyle Miss C 
5 Wilson Wallace 
7 Graves R C 
9 Doble George W 
11 Good Harry J 
13 Marks Ira 
15 Willson Ferdinand C 
17-19 Vacant 
21 Cave Mrs Edys 
23 Warden Mrs Elizabeth 
29 Partridge Wm G, pntr 
33 Bonner Joseph 
37 Brown H P 
39 Hodge Wm 
41 Mcl'herson Joseph 
43 Norton Lester N 
47 Crotty Henry A 
49 Nealy Edward 
51 Hawkins Miss Susie 
53 Gillespie James 
55 Pierce Miss Fanny 
57 Tait Wm C 
59 English G Nelson 
61 Miln Robert 
63 Sherlock Rojbcrt 
65 O'Connor John 
67 Maun Sylvester 
71 Yakes Abraham 
73 Barry Jane 
75 Gill Joseph II 
77 Doyle Bernard J 
79 Stark John 
81 Ross Alex « 

Store, a » 
+ Church st intersects 

Store, a o 
95 Padson Mark 
97 Cox John H 
99 Rene Alfred 
101 Trempe Mrs Jane 
103 Trott Albert J 
105 Rice Mayland A 
107 Wade Ralph C 
109 Gilpin Richard 
109% Wensley Jnmes I 

111 Manning John 

113 Swaffield Mrs A, ludiy 

115 Beech Mrs Hannah 
Beech Miss A, drsmkr 

117 Wensley James (,' 
11(1 Madill Aaron 

121 Coates Lome 

ARGYLE. w from 194 Shaw 

to Gladstone av. wards 5 

and fj. 
North Side . . 

2 Mclutosh Win D 

4 Wiggins Nicholas 

6 Hewat Mrs Mary 

8 Austin George 
10 Gibson Frank L 
12 Curtis Edward J 
14 McKlwain Samuel C 
16 Pickett Thomas 
18 Mai-Callum Archibald 
20 Morrison John 
22 Trowern Peter T 
2ii Pctenuan Alfred E 
28 Clark John 
30 Hahndorf John 
32 Hiigill Charles 

• (iivens st intersects 
34 Snelgrove George F 
30 Baldwin Alex H 
38 Bell Andrew R 
40 Steen Samuel 
42 Small Thomas 
44 Locke John H 
40 Wray Thomas J 
48 Carroll John 
50 Hurst Joseph E 
f>2 Taylor Charles B 
54 Kelly George 
50 Hum Mrs M I,, fey gds 

Duncan Mrs M, nurse 
56% Smith Wm H 

58 Blcknell George A 
^ Dundas st intersects 
Store, a e 

(JO McLean Geo A 

62 Wad dell George D 

64 Smith Henry 

66 Hurroughes James H 

C8 rttiug John 

70 McCoskrie John A 

72 Prince Herbert 

74 Harold John 

TO Watts Charles B 

78 Dobbin Frederick C 

80 Mauderson Alexander A 

82 Ryves Thomas G 

86 Griffin John 

88 Memory Miss A M 

Memory T A, inus tchr 

90 Verral John H 

92 Smith James A 

94 Kelly James 

!)6 Ford Henry 

98 Courtenay 10 II 
100 Whillaus James 

Wliillans & Co, contrs 
106 Ingleson George 
110 Harris George 
112 Bell Joseph R 
114 Hay ward Mrs Eliza 
116 Martin Herbert S 
118 Tew Henry 
120 Barrett Arthur H 
122 Murray Charles W 
124 Hibbei-t John C 
126 Dempster John jr 
328 Campbell Richard 
130 Stevens George 
132 Pendrlek Mrs Harriet 
134 Baird Mrs J N 
13G Turner James 
138 Dempster John 

• Dovercourt rd intersects 

Baptist Church 
142 Crookshank Mrs Eliza A 
144 Robinson George 
146 Crossland Joseph A 
148 Beban Jeremiah 
150 Legg Mrs Christina 
152 Atkinson Jamos S 
154 Qtiinn Mrs Ann 
156 Lee John W. dairy 

+ Lisgar st intersects 
158 Bell Henry C 
160 Pheuix Ebeuezer N A 
164 Cullum Mrs Eliz 

Culluni Miss M C. drsmkr 
166 McRae D R 
170 Murphy Nicholas C 
172 Corbet i Wm 
176 Wilson Patrick T 
178 Kurtz John N 

+ Beaconsfleld av intersects 
ISO McQuillen Edward J 
182 Workman Wm J, bldr 
184 Mitchell Mrs Margaret 
186 Norman Thomas N 
188 Terrell Wm T 
190 I'ettet Joseph C 
192 Campbell George 
104 Edgar John G 
106 I'erry Heury F 

ins Smyth Albert I 
200 Rodgera Mis Jennie 
202 Keffer Miss Sarah A 
204 Bircb A G T 
206-8 Ilurle David, btenr 
+ Xm-tbcote av intersects 

Store, s e 

212 Vacant shop 

Store, s e 

South Side 

1 Nelson Samuel 
1% Wesley John E 
3 Ahlett Josiah H 
5 Porter Charles 
7 Butt Klam 
9 Emerson .Thomas 
11 Pollard Mrs Frances 
13 Thompson Win J 

Public school, s e 
+ Givens st Intersects 

Store, a e 
35 Vacant 
• Argyle pi ends 
39 McMurray S S. hosiery 
41 Seventh Day Advtutists' 


43 Jordan John 
51 Store, s e 

+ Dundas st Intersects 
Store, a .e 

55 Taylor Henry, express 

57 Scriver Robert J 

59 Taylor Hubert B 

61 Stuart James 

63 Matson John B, bldr 

65 Muckleston Mrs Annie 

67 Wright Thomas D 

69 Cook Hugh M 

71 Warner George E 

73 Taylor John S 

75 Soules Walter 

77 Aylett Thomas 

77' -, Gibson Robert 

79 Walker Edward H 

79% Learmonth Jobn F 

81 Johnston George 

83 McManus John 

85 Whitely Richard 

87 Hopkins Wm H 

89 Booty Robert H 

91 Hazlett Robert 

93 Nicholas Mrs Harriet 

95 Emmett Charles L 

97 Dunnan John 

99 Gray Mrs Maria 
103 Brown Richard 
105 Reid George A 
107 Scott Adam W 
109 Griffin Jobn 

Hughes Mrs C, nurse 
113 Le Duke Joseph 
117 Levl Mrs Sophia, <-al 

Levi Judah 
121 Clifford Jesse 
325 Eastley Mrs M A 
127 Faragher James 
12!) I.oney Mrs Elizabeth 
131 Heffer James E 
133 Louie Charles, Indry 
135 Heffer James E. fey gd* 
Giauelli L F 
Ferry Wm, r 
Flynn Joseph, r 
Britton Robert, r 
Store, s e 

• Dovercourt rd intersects 
House, s e 

147 Peters Christopher S 

149 Hill Frank I 

151 Scollen Frederick W 

153 Robb George 

155 Brum John H 

157 Chapman T B 

159 Hughston James 

161 Stickelis G T, express 

+ Lisgar st intersects 
163 Orr Robert, gro 
163% Fewtrell H J. shoes 
165 Richardson Thomas 
167 Trimble Mrs Wllhelmin* 
169 Schneider Alex R 
171 Paterson D J M 
173 Alexander S R, Wdr 

Alexander Miss B M, 


175 Graham Mrs Margaret !• 
177 Little James 

House, s e 

• Beaconsfield av intersect*"- 
House, s e 

179 Gilcluist John C 
181 Halloran Patrick J 
183 Smith Wm 
185 Armstrong Win J 
187 Webb Henry, coal oil 
189 Nelson Robert 
191 Burnett George F 
193 Wheeler Robert 
195 Wadds George, gro 
197 McGarvln J K, drugs 

• Northoote nv intersect* 
199 Titterington Jas, gro 
205 Hlgham Thomas 

Store, s e 

ARGYLE PL. n from 24 
to Argyle. ward 5. 

East Side 

Slaughter house 
31 Gourley Isaac B 
33 Mcllroy Samuel 
35 Tutty Albert 
37 Donaldson Wm 

West Sid.- 

House, s e • 
Not built on 


6 Adelaide St. E. 'Phones d and 104 

Gear & Milling Cutters, 



Scales and Valves. 



Head Office, - Toronto. 

J. K. MACDONALD, Managing Director. 

W. C. MACDONALD, Actuary. 



A.KMORY, w from 69 Chestnut 
to University av, ward 3. 

North Side 

Store, s e 
2 Kosen Samuel 
4 Colbert Edgar E, dentist 
6 Luhci&ky Morris 
8 Teich David 
11) Bochuek Joseph 
^ Centre av commences 
House, s o 

82 Crouden Win 
34 Oelber Leo 
36 House, a e 

South Side 

Armory, s e 

ARMOUR, n w from King w 
to Abcll, first e of the sub 
way, wards 5 and 0. 

North Side 

Asylum grounds 

•^ Lisgar st commences 
Lumber yard 

South Side 

Diamond Glass Co Ltd 

DufTerin to Emmersoo i>v, 2 
n of Bloor w, ward 6. 

North Side 

Store, s e 

46 Guest Francis 

<64 Leeder U & Son, contra 
Leeder Robert 

€2 Leeder Thos E, produce 
10S Vale George W 
116 Moult- R F. dairy 

..: South Side 

47 Robinson Henry U 
151 Butt George 

83 Sbechan Daniel 
103 Maloney John 
105 Day Wm 

Iff? "Perry man Wni J 

ARMY TERRACE, & from a 

lane, between 37 and 1(9 

McMurrich, ward 3 Side 

Not built on 
West Side ^. 

1 Hurst Samuel 

2 Armstrong Robert H 

3 Sauoders George 

4 Glroux Louis 

5 Shimmers Henry 

ARNOLD AV, n frj-n 54 
Sydenham to WiHou av. 
"ward 2. 

East Side 

House, a o 

•^ Regent av commences 
House, s e 
Vacant lots 

+ St David si intersects 
House, s e 
Vacant lots 
40 Priestly Wm 
«1 Webber Mrs Mary 
House, s c 

West Side 

House, s « 
2 Williams Philip 
f West Wm 
C Highfield Mr.s Man- A 

Vacant lots 
28 Boddy James W 
SO Ford George 
32 Beamish Mrs M'to 

House, s e 
•w St David st intersects 

House, s e 
40 Muir Frederick Is 
42 Arnold George 
44 Muir Mrs Elizabeth 
46 Armstrong Mrs Eliza 
48 Sproule George F 
t>0 Johnston Wm N 
82 Smith Wui 
64 Stubbs Samuel 
<J6 Stevenson David 

§ Fellow John 
Swain AVm E 
Ooselln Thomas 
House, s o 

ARTHUR, w from opj 341 

Bathurst to Dund.i*, ward 


North Side 

Store, s e 

0 Lappage George 

8 Lyull Heury S 
10 Kennedy James 
12 I'arrhigtou Wm jr 
14 Kidd Henry 
10 McGinn Francis 
18 Maiiscll J G. btchr 

+ Markham st Intersects 
20 Walker John, gro 
22 Mitchell Michael, fruit 
24 Licence Mrs E M 
28 McKennd Wm G 
30 Jackson Win 
32 Dalton Win. hlrtr 

34 McHenry Heavy J 
38 Baillie Campbell 

35 Anderson Wm 
Anderson V J E, mus 


40 Lee John V 
42 Boddy Wm A 
44 Dolen Edward, bull- 
4(1 Ferguson James 
48 Hymns Stephen 

+ I'almerstou av intersects 
r>0 Luttrell Mrs Esther, gro 
, r >2 Adamsou Alex 
54 Whittem Wm 
58 Clark David, pltnbr 

Private grounds 
02 Heunett Mrs A. dry gds 
<!4 Mansell Richard 

Mansell Mrs C A. fey gds 
06-08 Selby Mrs N. confy 

Selby Benjamin L 
72 Adamson Mrs Elizabeth 

+ Euclid av intersects 
74 Barren Henry, wines 
71! Bertram Win G 
78 Brown Milton W 
SO Elliott Robert D 
82 Walker Mrs S 
84 Johnston Wm 
86 Gray Geo 
88 Stanley James 
!)0 McCauley A E 
02 Riley Wm B 
1H Johnston Wm F 
!)S Johnston F & Co, coal 

• Manning av intersects 
Store, s e 

100 Stewart Arthur, flour 
102 Topping Mrs E, gro 

Topping Nicholas 

Store, s e 

+ Claremont st intersects 
104 McDonald Mrs M J 
110 Sharpe Wm J 
112 Durie Wm 
118 Boddy Mrs M, gro 

Store, s e 

+ Bellwoods av intersects 
120 Henderson J T, gro 
122 Rawltusou G J, V>tchr 

Newsom Louis 
124 Oliver Henr* 
120 Vacant • 
128 Mudford Henry 
130 Payne Wm 
132 Morris T R 

Vacant lots 

• Grace st commences 
154 McClelland W J, cattle 
13(1 McCouib Samuel II 

l.-iN White John 
Vacant lots 

• Beatrice av commence!? 
174 Vacant 

170 McDonald John A 
1.SO Wallace Dayld 

Vacant lots 
18B Riddle Wm 
188 Kennedy Charles G 
190 Rlx Frank, gro 

Rix Miss Eliz, drsmkr 
w Sully st commences 

Vacant lots 
+ Crawford st Intersect < 

Vacant lots 
wShaw st Intersects 

Vacant lots 
2iiO Mooney Richard 
262 Mackllu Mrs Sarah A 
204 Dlckson Wm W 
2(J(i Ludlow Edward J 

268 Woolsey Charles A 
270 Riches " Wm II 
272 Tripp Mrs M A 
w Glvens et Intersects 

Private grounds 
296 Hudgins J R, horsesnr 

Vacant lots 
300 Vacant 

South Side ;. . 

House, s e 

1 Noxon A, phy and drugs 
5 Bentley Albert E 
7 Goodwin Mrs Jane 
9 Johnson Chas, shoemkr 
15 McConnell John 

MeConnell A E, drsmkr 
Store, s e 

• Markharn st Intersects 
21 Kettle Samnel, confy 

23 Davenport David, barber 

20 Westou Walter, bkr 

2(1 Enright Thomas I> 

33 Hall Thomas 

35 Larose Arthur, tlr 

37 Ryan John J, tinsmith 

39 Anderson Mrs Annie 

41 Ross Miss M R, confy 

43 Summers David H 

45 Mitchell E M, fancy gds 

Mitchell Charles 
47 Gallaher Charles P 
49 Reid Mrs Elizabeth 
5J Robb Wm, bldr 
^ Palmerston av intersects 

Store, a e 
53 Deverell C M 
57 Drohan Mrs Mary C 
59 Spencer James B 
59V4 Cohen A, sec hd gds 
61 Wright Harry, shoeuiKr 
63 Elliott 'Wm A, pntr 
65 Hurling C E, pictures 
fi9 Gardiner David 
71 Chapman R, horse dlr 

Store, s e 

• Euclid av intersects 
73 Apted Edwin 

79 Song Kee, Indry 
81 Hagan Patrick 
83 Cockburu Alex 
83% Brennan Mrs M. coufy 
85 Stewart Mrs L 
87 Algar Wm, barber 
89 O'Brien John D 
91 Abbey James H 
93 Rowland Mrs E 
Rowland Win 

• Manning av intersects 
95 Stoba Mrs Ellen 

95V, Walsh Wm, shocmkr 
97 Clarke John W, barber 

• Claremont st intersects 
Vacant lots 

113 Collier Thomas H 
115 Turner Win J 
Vacant lots 

• Keliwoods n v liftenwcU 
Vacant lots 

+ Gorevale ends 

Vacant lots 
1J3 Walton J. dairy 
145 Brown Nicholas 
147 Seattle Wm 
151-157 Vacant (4) 

• Crawford st intersects 
Bellwoods Park 

• Shaw st intersects 
255 Manes John 

2r>9 Henderson James 
201 Hncklc Tbos S 
Private grounds 
279 Tarling Archibald 
281 Hurd Albert J 
283 Wells Albert 
285 Thonrton Robert 
287 Butler John S 
289 Goddard John A, cartage 

ASHBY PL, n from 498 King 
e, ward 1. 

East Side 

Store, s e 

1 Flint Wm C 

2 Barnes Win 

R Adams Albert 

4 Adams George 

5 Hoskln Cephas W 
0 Poole Mrs Mary A 
7 Adams James 

8 Hughes Wm 

9 Beaton Mrs Christina 

10 Cavanagh Peter M 

11 Stokes Edward P 

12 Clark Charles W 
West Side 

Private grounds 

ASHPORT AV. n from near 

1400 Queen e, ward 1. 
......... East Side ......... 

Not built on 
......... West Side ......... 

Meth Church, s e 

Capps F D, tallow factory 

ATKIN AV, w from rear of 
l. r >4 Sheridan av to Brock 
av, ward G. 

......... North Side ......... 

10 McLaren Arnold E 

12 Smith Charles 

14 Couttler Charles W 
l(i Jamicson Mrs Letltla 

18 Scarlett Edward E 

20 Buyers John A 

22 Remnant George 
24 Cnllen Junv-s I, 

......... South Side ......... 

House, s e 
1 Hanna Wm 
3 Hums John T 
5 Todd Francis W 
7 Gallagher Wm J 
9 McNeice Robert 

11 Corrigan Wm 

13 Heffron Wm 

15 Bailey Alfred A 
17 Whale Thomas 

19 Cook Wm C 

21 Cook John 

23 Carter Daniel 
House, 8 e 

ATLANTIC AV, n from O T 

R tracks to King w, first w 

of Subway, wards 5 and e. 

......... East Side ......... 

Not built on 
......... West Side ......... 

34 36 Finch Wood Pres and 

Paint Co 
Vacant lots 
Factory, s e 
• Liberty st Intersects 
<» St David's Wine Growers' 

Co, wines 
Vacant, lots 
112 Clarke John Jr 
Vacant lots 
Factory, s e 

Pape av, ward I. 
......... North Side 

House, s e 
24 Rouse Samuel J 
20 Aiming Ernest 
......... South Side 

House, s e 


AUGUSTA AV, n from 180 
St Patrick to College, ward 

East Side 

1 Dow A M. drngs 

3 McS weeny James D 

5 Hawtln Wm J 

7 Chatem James 

9 Gardner Wm 
11 Craig Wm 
13 Boomer Joseph B 
15 Chapman Joseph W 

Oke James H. r 
17 Williamson Mrs Mary 

Rodger John, r 
19 Poldevin Miss L, aismkr 
21 Smith Liavid G 
23 Richardson Wm J 
25 Greeuway Frederick W 
27 Cowley John 
29 Black Alexander 
33 Havlland Samuel 
35 Grant Thomas S 
37 Smyth James F 
39 Ellott Wm M 
41 Simpson Henry 
43 Davis Charles 
45 Holden Mrs Harriet 

Sherman E. Townsend, 

Public Accountant, Auditor and Assignee, 


Cable Address, 




Augusta Av. 


47 Andrews Frank B 
49 Bunker George 

Bunker Miss S, drsmkr 
61 Chenowetli Richard 

53 Jackson Wm S 

55 MoArtbur James 

57 Dodge Oscar F 
59 Lynch Wm 

61 Davidson Mrs Margaret 

65 Mundy Henry 

67 Brockbank Wm 

69 Collier Wm 

1 McPherson 'Jame« 
73 Plumb James 

75 Bottomley S J, bldr 

77 Gilchrist Win J T 

79 Lukeman Jaincs M 
81 Gadsby Wm B 

SJH McKague A i', coal 

• Baldwin st ends 

83 Brennand George 
85 Robinson Robert T 

87 Hollinger John W 

89 Gadsby Froderk'K \V 

91 Sherman Thomas 

93 Clarke Mrs Annie M 

95 Miller George 

97 Malloy James J 

99 Deverloaux John J 
101 dimming John 
10.1 Robinson John, gro 

• Nassau st intersects 
105 Sneath Fred S, gro 
107 Robertson David E 
109 Blair Frank J 

111 Kekewich George B 

113 Morris Mrs Ch irlotte 

11.1 Kilner Edward 

117 McKay David 

119 Hicks" Wm 

121 Shaw Jabez 

123 Wllloujthby Charles 

125-7 Dent Mrs Bessie I, gro 

• Oxford st intersects 
1251-31 Factory, s e 

133 McKnlght George 

135 Walls Thomas H 

137 Henderson John 

139 Holman Charles L 

141 Auchincluss Wm A 

143 Acheson James 

145 Murley John W 

147 Brown Robert 

149 Prescott Mrs Elizabeth 

151 Trench Hugh 

153 Anderson J A C 

155 Sheppard John 

157 Dalby George C 

159 Conley James W 

1*31 Barnu'm James K 

Coal office, s e 
West Side 

House, s e 

14 Sykes James 

li; Eastman Charles A 

15 Kelly Henry J 
20 H«dson Charles 
22 Stalker Colin J 

24 Roster Matthew J 
House, s e 

• Bellevue pi commences 
Denison sq 

House, s p 
50 Flegehen Charles H 

Parsons Jahcz. dairy r 

Braeewell A A, r 
52 Porter George A 

54 Calder Miss A 

56 Maeann Mrs A C 

58 Ablitt George W 

GO McDougall Miss Janel 
<52 McCnlloch Henry W 
l!4 Smith James A 

66 Gale Wm J 

68 Chnlkloy Richard 1r 

70 Nash Albert E 

72 Corner Edward, conlr 

76 Webb Frederick 

78 Moore Eugene 

80 Clark Wm 

84 McKee Alexander 

88 Vacant store 

Fleet Frederick, express 

• Nassau st Intersects 

90 Vacant 

92 Dunn Miss Mary 

$4 Bablngton E R. 'architect 

96 CortI Cesare 

98 Sloper Thomas M 
Berthoud Mme B. drsmkr 

100 Lockhart Mis? Annie 

102 Chandler Frederick S 
104 Peter August J, baker 
108 Ramsden J A 
110 Forsyth John K 

House, s e 
• Oxford st intersects 

House, s e 
112 Le Bar Wm F 

Harvey Miss S A. drsmkr 
114 Moir James 
116 Dancy Arthur H 

Forbes James, r 
118 Lnuv Edgar L 

Laur Wm B, com mei 
120 MacMillan John H 
124 Menzies Mrs Janet 
126 Stafford Mrs Ann 
128 Fletcher Rev W Percy 
130 Rupert Charles E 
132 Marshall John H. bldr 
134 Ashlee Wm 
136 Dallas Mrs Hannah 
138 Watt Thos, blksmitb, 

Store, s e 

AUSTIN AV. e from 305 Pape 
av to Jones av. ward 1. 

North Side 

2 Gray Walter, gro 

4 Pettit John E 

6 Overlade Christian S 

5 Booth Albert 

10 Mulherou Mrs Sarah 
12 Crawford Walter L 

14 Taggart Thomas R 

16 Slmmonds Alfred 
18 Boyd Wm 

24 Strugnell James H 
20 Davidson Walter 

32 Green Alfred 

40 Dell John A 

42 Durston Robert 
44 Ho well Wm 
48 St Dennis Wm 

50 James J Howell 

54 Smith Edward 

56 Peake Oliver 

South Side 

Store, s e 

15 Clifford Mrs Caroline 

17 Welling:) George 

25 White Wm 

27 Bryant Herbert W 
29 Cowling Peter W 
31 Gibbous George 

33 Elliott Itobert H 
35 Hill Robert 

37 Smith Edward J 

41 Lynch Jeremiah 

51 Lynch Miss Nora 
53 Sauiiders Wm H 

55 Donovan Patrick 

57 Smart Thomas 
59 Irving Win 



AVENUE PL. w from 
Hazel ton av to Avenue 
ward 3. 

North Side 

House, s c 

10 Noble Thomas H 
12 McMichnel A F 
14 Giliblus Luke H 
1« Kerr J H S 

18 Honeysett James S 
20 Shaw James 
22 Watson James A 
24 Clarke Robert 
House, s e 

Smith Side 

1 Harwood Harry S 

11 Brown Rev Alfred 

St Paul's Meth Ch, s 

AVENUE KD. n from 170 
Bioor w to city limits, 
wards 3 and 4. 

East Side 

Church, s t- 
ir> Robertson Win J 
17 Bell Andrew J 
19 Gillesple Alexander 

• Cumberland st ends 
25 Clark Peter M 

31 Finch Franklin 

33 Bailey Charles H 

33 Durie Mrs Anna 

37 Powers Edward W, bldr 

• Yorkvflle av ends 

3'J Kemp Herbert G. pby 

41 Vacant 

43 McDerrniil Donald, contr 

43 Bauld Ebenezer H 

47 Dowdeu J J 

53 Adams Mercer J 

57 Duffett Frederick B 

5'J Vacant 

63 Cartwrigut John K 

07 Vacant 

71 Clarkson Edward R C 
77 Badgley Rev E Irvine 
79 Cook Harry G 

81 Doel Rev John 
87 Keys David R 
89 Burwash Rev John 
l>7 Wood Hon Samuel C 

103 Armour E Douglas 

107 Rogers Samuel 

111 Spiuk John L 

115 McLennan Roderick 
St Paul's Meth Ch 

• Avenue 1>I ends 
131 Brodie J Kerr 
133 Cnbitt Woolmer C 
133 Smith Win B 

137 Thompson J Henry 
14 1 Hitchie Charles H 

Canada Lawn Teunls and 

Bowling Club 
173 Leggott S R. btchr 

• Davenport rd intersects 
Store, s e 

175 Pears Leonard 
177 Webster James S 
179 Noble C John 
181 Stead John G 
183 Woodley E G. bldr 
185 Sheppard John 
187 Slee Mrs Elizabeth 
189 McKee Joseph W 
191 Meehan Francis 
193 Bell John 

• Pears av intersects 

105 Harbottle Mrs Euphemla 
197 Thomson George 
199 Towler Charles 
Vacant lots 

• Roxborough st w end'. 
Vacant lots 

247 Rae John, carp 
249 Diusmore Robert 3 
Vacant lots 

• Macpherson av w ends 
Store, s e 

:Marlborough av ends 
C F R crossing 
Smith S H. cattle dlr 

• Cottlngham st ends 
Macdonald Mrs Annie E 
Macdonald A A 

West Side 

Private grounds 
2S McGaw Thomas 

• Prince Arthur av ?om 
30 Vacant 

32 Soniers Francis 
• 34 Smellie Robert S 
36 Matile Mrs Hannah E 
38 Somers James W 
40 Trick John 

Currelley John 
41) Bull Win Perkins 
50 Rose Daniel 

Rose D Albert, phys 
,12 Needier Georire H 
.-i 4 Wllkln George F 
5(1 Rice Thomas G 
58 Macdongall Mrs E A 

• Lowtber av commences 
GO Torrance Wm P 

fi2 Mowal Joseph F 
tl« Clarke Win A 
08 Symons John 

72 Georse Thomas H 
7(1 Perkins Thomas E 

' 78 Aikens John R 
SO Campbell Charles J 

• Elgin av commences 
House, s e 

84 Strange Mrs Elizabeth 

86 Dyas Mrs Emma W 

88 Ballard Owen G 

90 Conley Edward 

94 Petrie Gordon M. drugs 

• Bos well av commences 
96 Broughall George 

98 Dunbar Furguson J 
100 Darling Frank 
102 Lawrence J Wlllson 

Lawrence Mrs Wlll9o»,ro- 


104 Clark Lev! J 

100 Burwash Rev Nathaniel 

105 Allan A Graham 

• Tranby av commences 
110 Alexander Win J 

112 Williams Richard S Jr 

114 Robinson Henry 

111! Smith John M 

118 Gallow Edward 

120 Hitchcock Mrs Huldak L 

122 Buckley Maurice J 

l-.'4 Smith Henry 

• Bernard av commences 
12i! Jones Mrs Helen A 
128 Henderson Dugald A 
130 Tonkin Charles H 

138 Home for Incurable Child 

140 Lyuian Mrs Helen 
H2 Macintosh John A 
144 Armstrong Robert 
14(5 Robinson Charles, gro 

• Davenport rd Intersects 
148 Ellis Wm A. drugs 
150 Rockwell John 

152 Bayly Mrs C B 
154 Ellis Norman G 
ir*; Scueak Frederick J 
158 Dickson Wm H 

DIckson Miss E M, YO- 

Vacant lots 

• Pears av Intersects 
Vacant lots 

^ Chlcora av commences 
Glllespie Rev John 
Church of the Messiah 
^ Dupont st commence 
244 Peake Louis C 
246 Abbs George H 
Vacant lots 

:C P R crossing 
Macpherson av w Interct* 
2fiO Wilson John A 
262 Kormann Francis X 
264 Mallon John F 
260 Boys Thomas R 
268 Hunter Henry 
270 Chamberlain Saltern G 
272 Neill James H 
274 Isaac James 
276 Simpson C S 
278 McCanl.Rev James 
2SO Boone Edward 
282 Darrach John 
284 Leslie Mrs Marlon 
286 Bastedo David H 
+ McMaster av commeftcM 

Vacant lots 
300 Glllespie Albert C 
302 Pangman Charles B 
308 Farmer Edward 

• Cottlngham st intersects 
310 Gibson Thomas W 

312 Capewell Herbert 
314 Shields Robert 
316 Gordon Henry B 
Vacant lots 

• Ratbnally crt>* commences 
3.10 Mackenzie Win 

• Edmund av commences 
Edwards Charles H 
Stephens Walter G 

• Clarendon av commences 
Ellis Richard Y 
Sounders Dyee W 

• Balmoral av commences 
Webb T Frederick 
Henderson James B 




Telephone 8© 

The Lake Simcoe ICE Supply Co. 

HEAD OFFICE, Limited. 






Best Quality. All Sizes. 


Tel. No. 423. 

92 Avondale Av. 


AVONDALE AV. n from Park 
rd to Rosedale rd, ward 2 
Not built on 

AVONDALE PL. s from 63 
Yorkville av, ward 3. 

East Side 

House, s e 

West Side 

House, s e 
2 Grant David 
4 McWilliams John 
6 Grant James 
8 I'ratt I'uter 
10 Pike Johu 
12 King Mrs M E, mus tchr 

Page Mrs Sarah, nurse 
14 Stark Rufns 
16 Lappin Mrs Rebecca 

BADGEKOW AV. e from 263 
Pape ar. Ward 1. 

North Side 

Store, s e 
4 Heakes Samuel K 

Vacant lots 
30 Davisou Joseph H 
32 MeDouagh Robert 
34 Buck John 
40 Riley Joseph 
42 Vacant 
44 Vacant 

46 Swauston Robert 
48 Walkey Win E 
50 Best Win 

South Side 

Not built on 

BAIN AV, runs e from Broad 
view av to Pape av. first n 
of Withrow av. ward 1. 

North Side 

Vacant lots 
^ Winchester drive coin 

Vacant lots 
^ Logan av intersects 

Vacant lots 
190 Kerr Wm 
192 Maher Patrick J 
210 Bullock Albert E 
21J Wilson Charles W 
214 Thompson Charles H 
216 Swanson Charles 

Vacant lots 

+ Carlaw av intersects 
244 Jefferies Edward 

230 Wilson Win 

260 Caskie John 

South Side 

Vacant lots 

4 Logan av intersects 
203 Windt Henry T 

+ Carlaw av intersects 

231 Harris Win T 

233 Robertson Duncan C 
235 Summers Georee 
237 Marshall Frederick 
230 Stewart Miss Annie 
241 Dundas George 

Vacant lots 
259 Sturdy George 

261 Harding Harold A 
263 Rowles Ernest. H 

House, s e 

BAIRD AV (formerly Fen- 
nlngs), p from Jones av to 
Leslie, first s of Danfortb 
av, ward i. 

Not built on 


BALDWIN, w from 382 Mc- 
Caul to Augusta av, vard 4. 

North Side 

2 Lorimer Herbert R, gro 
4 Mitchell Mrs ifanny M 
6 Stark Wm 
8 Downing Mrs M J 

10 Ferriman Mrs Elizabeth 

12 Bntchart W A 

14 McGovern John 

16 Reed Wm 

18 Tompkins Horace E 

20 Riddel! Robert W 

22 Mather Mrs Margaret 

24 Ross David 

26 Copp Mrs Annie 
+ Henry st commences 

28 Sullivan Miss A 

30 Firth W Francis, vocalist 

34 Geddfs Mrs Martha 
Geddea Miss J, nurse 
Young George A 
Milligan Miss Bessie 
Huus", s e 

Bevel-ley st intersects 
House, s e 
Schadel Charles 
Cadow Algernon S 
Johnson Thomas B 
Carson Henry P 
Patterson Geo H 
Carey Patrick F 
Lovers George C 
l)u thie George 
Doinclle James H 
Templeman John 
Bassett Mrs Amy 
Swallow John T 
Swalwell Thomas 
Campbell Win B 
Baker Richard A 
Taylor Arthur 
Huron st intersects « 
Graham >Wm J 
Spence Mrs Eliz 
Morell Mrs Georglna 
Fltton H W 
Wheaton Charles F 
Doward Edgar R 
Minims Joseph 
Parsons Eugene 
Booth Mrs Jane, r 
Purser Fred, r 
Trinder Charles 
Corbett John 
McDonnell Thomas C 
Clarke Mrs Jane 
O'Connor John 
Sims Miss J, mus tchr 
Kea Mrs Mary 
Campbell Robert W 
MjL-Cnll Harry 
House, s e 

Spadina av Intersects 
Store, s e 
Sanford Thomas 
Addie James 
Duke J Wilson 
Taylor Henry W 
Wilson Mrs Charlotte 
New Stephen 
Henry Mrs Margaret 
Allen Robert 
Hodgius Alfred 
Low Charles 
Jewell John V 
Cox Arthur E 
Hughes Arthur 
Gill Miss M, nurse 
Magill George 
Smellie Mrs C L 
Tushinghnm J, bldr 
Private grounds 
Shoebridge Mrs Augusta 
Hilton George 
Nolan James 
McGarry Frank 
Magill Robert 
McKlllop John 
Hamilton Alex 
Legassicke Benjamin J 
Clark John 
Johnson Albert 
Hughes Henry E 
Carmody Michael 
House, s e 

.... y South Side 

Mumford J & Son, btchrs 
Mumford James 
Cosgrave Michael 
Goodson David 
Heath Robert 
Parr Miss Jane 
Brown Frank J 
Glover Wm 
Milligan Robert J 
Force Edwin 
Brimer F J 
Moore Wm J 
Geary Wm H 
Little Wm H 
Irvine Albert H 
Piddington Samuel 
Pollick John A, gro 
Miller Mrs Mary 
Stephcnson George 
Weldon Wm 
Klnsey Charles f 
McGookin James 





















45 Harris Alexander 
47 Hopkins Harry 
49 Quigley Joseph 
51 Dixon Frederick 

May R K. carp, r 

Walker Win H, pntr, r 

Lindsay Thomas, r 

Buckle Joseph, r 

House, s r 

• Beverley st intersects 

69 Sohool of the Sisters of 
the Church 

77 Bennett Archibald M 

79 Bruce J Stuart 

81 Gilchrlst Charles 

83 Winsor Henry 

>C> Woodley Wm 

87 Reynolds Mrs Elina 

89 Jackson Mrs Alice 

91 Ferguson Hugh 

93 Kndcllffe James H 

95 Simpson Mrs Mary A 

97 Culvert Charles 

99 Splnk Mrs A, drsmkr 
101 McGregor John H 
103 Kirby John B 
105 Learn Enoch S 
107 Leith Mrs Catherine 

^ Huron st intersects 
10!) Brierly Henry, gro 
111 Dickson Netherwood 
115 Walsh Michael, plstr 
119 Brown George 
121 Gibson Wm 
123 Ireland Mrs Lydla 
125 Emery Mrs Sarah 
127 Minims George 
529 McCleary Wm J 
131 Summers Uobert 
133 Scruple Robert W 
135 Foster Mrs Ellen 
137 Usher Charles 
139 Allen Thomas, uphol 
143 Brewer John 

• Spadina av intersects 
147 Rook Samuel 

149 Llstou Harry 
151 Fyfe James 
153 Keeken Samuel 
155 Griggs Alfred 
157 Taylor Colin 
159 Gregory Win 
161 Corker G H 

Corker Miss M E, drsmkr 
103 Smith James 

Vacant, r 
165 Easton A A 

Robinson Mrs Susan, r 
167 .Tex Harry P 
!(!!> Parker Henry 
171 Mowry Richard B 
173 Tobias Irwin A 
17,1 Wilklns Miss J. drsmkr 
177 Johnston Mrs Marion 
179 Smith Win P 
181 Rail Albert E 
+ Kensington av ends 

House, s e 
18f> Fenander Carl 
187 Ferris James 
189 Gaskin Albert 
189V> Malone John 
191 King Jos H. bldr 
19H4 Carr Gordon 
193 Magill Johu A 
19E> Magill John 

House, s e 

BALMUTO. n from opp 19 
Czar to Bloor w, ward 3. 

East Side 

5 Donges Charles 
7 Flinn Wm A 

Stone yard 
13 Vacant 

15 Mortimer John S 
17 MoKenna Felix 
19 Ptircell Mrs Christina 
21 Pickett Mrs Annie 
23 Bailey Matthew 
25 Munro Major G G G 
27 Kingswood George S 
29 Stauyon Tom 
31 Flnegan John 
33 McAuley Mrs Margaret 
35 Geddes Walter A 
37 Mathieson Mrs I 
39 Hainer L- H 
41 Northcote Henry 
House, s e 

West Side 

2 Leitch Wm 

4 Muckiiy Wm E 

6 Balllie Charles H 

8 Stacey Mrs Kate 
10 Mannering Mrs Colomba 
12-18 Crean Robert & Co Ltd, 


20 Lackey Robert A 
22 Cox Wm H 

24 McLennan Miss S F 
26 Blsckman A J 

28 Sheard Henry 

30 Coles Mrs Mary 
32 Bilkey Rev R A 

34 Will Rev P D 
House, s e 

BALSAM, w from 24 Char 
lotte t" Spadiua av, ward 4. 

North Side ... 

House, s e 

2 Dawson Thomas 

4 Stewart John 

6 Martin Thomas 

8 Anderson James 
.South Side 

7 Duff David 
House, s e 

BALSAM AV, n from th* 
lake to Queen, first e of Le« 
av, ward 1. 
East Side 

Vacant lot 

Vacant house 

Vacant houses (3) 

Robarts F W 

Vacant houses (2) 

West Side 

2-12 Vacant 

Vacant houses (3) 

Oakley Albert 

Oakley George 

Smith George H 

Withrow Wm J 

Lyonde Frederick V 

BANK, w lron\ 554 Dufferin 
to Sheridan av, ward 0. 

t\'orth Side 

House, s e 

10 Donovan Harry B 
20 Bovell Howard 
22 Wood David O 

26 Johnson Daniel 

28 Price Samuel A 

32 Huehn Henry E 
South Side 

1 Schofleld Henry 

9 McDonnell Mrs H 

11 Birch F.dward 
Vacant lots 

25 Head Mrs li J 

27 Andrews Edwin 

29 Montgomery Wm S 

31 Hariii-y James P 

33 Hamocd-Grame Grosvenor 

35 Hogg John 

37 Jordan John P 
39 Douglas James 
41 Craig Peter 
Store, s e 

BAUNABY PL, u from opp 

85 Edward, ward 3. 
East Side 

1 Newman Charles 

3 Blakier Isaac 

5 Staugh Abraham 
7 Helmau Louis 

9 Kerr Alexander 

11 Jewish Church 
l.-> Elliott John 
17 Nelson John 

House, s e 

+ Elm st intersects 
House, s t 

West Side 

Mission Hall, s e 
Vacant lots 
10 Feight Max 

12 Rottenberg Abraham 
14 Sheds 

16 Corn Samuel 

Grace Church, s e 
• Elm st intersects 
House, s e 
Bell Tel Co's stores 




McGregor & Mclntyre 


IN STOCK: Beams, Channels, 1 65 to 73 Pearl. 
Angles, Bar Iron and Steel. | 'Phone 2748 




BARRETT, n from Soho av 
to Conduit, nrst w of Sin 
clair uv, ward 6. 
Not built on 

BARTLETT AV, n from Bloor 
w to city limits, second e 
of Dud'erin, ward 6. 

East Side 

7 Irwin Hamilton 
11 lluuter George W 
1C. Mould Charles 

Vacant lots 
21 Hump Benjamin 
23 Mole Margaretta 
Vacant lots 

47 Beettain Harry G 
411 Bishop Walter S 

51 Cottrell James J 
51! .Ski in in George E 
55 Sauuders Albert A 
67 Gourley Mrs C 

Vacant lots 
G!) Kcuuard Alfred E 
71 Lowry James 

Vacant lots 

• Shanlr st intersects 
105 .Stanley \Vm 

107 But chart Mrs Rhola 
109 Hedderson Aquila J 
111 Greeuhcad Win 
113 WilUird Frank W 
11") McFarlane John 

117 Oaf James Jr 

118 Lauiout Allan N 
Vacant lots 

• Hallaut st intersects 
Store, s e 

227 Price John J 
231 Sanmlers Win E 
Private grounds 
205 Burj.'i'ss A'exander S 

267 Adamson Alexander 
Vacant lots to end 

West Side 

Twine mill, 3 e 
38 Mason Jabez 
40 Vacant 
42 Malton James 
44 Balrd Alexander 
4(1 Kcrr Mrs Jeanette 

48 Malone Luke J 
Twine mill, r e 

52 Vacant 
Vacant lots 

^Shaniy st intersects 

Vacant lots 
128 Brownell Thomas 

Vacant lots 
+ Hallam st intersects 
Vacant lots 
School, s e 
Vacant lots 

268 Marcum John D 
Vacant lots to end 

BARTON AV. w from 378 
Brunswick av to Christie, 
wanl 5. 

North Side 

House, s e 
Vacant lots 

+ Howland av intersects 
St Alhan's Cathedral, s e 
Vacant lots 
+ Albany av intersects 

Vacant lots 

^ Bathurst st Intersects 
St Paul's Pres Ch 
Vacant lots 
+ Markliam st intersects 

Store, s e 
28 Bnudy Alfred C 
30 Murlvss J 

33 Bryan Charles V 

34 Macdonald Mrs Maggie 
36 Powell Charles A 

Private grounds 
• Palmerston av Intersects 
54 Harton Joshua J 
56 Valiant G J, gro 
58 Valiant Mrs A E, baker 
GO Gedge Frederick 

Gedge Mrs E, dry gds 
62 Baker Frederick 
64 Fletcher Mrs Rose 
CO Marshall Albert T 
08 I.evry Mrs Jane 
70 I.arkin Wm J 
72 Broderick Wni J 

74-76 Croft & Co, gros 
78 Croft David H 
^ Euclid av intersects 
84 Herdsman Joseph W 
86 Gordon T R 
88 King John 
00 Christie Miss Eliz 

Christie Mrs E, drsuikr 
92 Wyse James 

Private grounds 
100 Cameron Malcolm 
102 Davis John 
104 Nicholls Owen 

• Manning av intersects 
Vacant lots to end 

Suutn Side 

Vacant lots 

+ Howland av inters. vs 
Vacant lots 

• Albany av intersects 
Vacant lots 

^ Bathurst st intersects 
1 Wenmau Charles 

+ Markh:im st luterseEts 
Jil Trenton Wm R 
33 Buck George 

• Palmerston av intersects 
Vacant lots . 

75 Dilou Joseph 

• Euclid av intersects 
Vacant lots 

91 Mitchell Thomas 
Freelin Peter 
Brown George, r 

• Manning av intersects 
Vacant lots to end 

BASEBALL PL. s from 665 
Queen .e, ward 1. 

East Side 

Store, s L- 

1 Bourne John 

2 Crackuell Mrs Annie 

3 Johnson Thomas 

4 Johnston Robert 

5 Millmine Mrs Ellen E 

6 Watts Win G 
West Side 

Not built on 

BATHURST, n from the 

Queen's Wharf to city lim 
its, intersecting King w at 

w;7, wards 4 and 5. 

East Side ...... 

Laking W J. whol lum 
Peters & Cain, whol lum 
People's Coal Co (br) 
Martin Albert, boats 
Queen's Wharf and 

Hall Capt Wm 
National Yacht and Sail 
ing Skiff Club 
Bauckham Alexander 
Parton Thomas 
Elliott J W. whol lum 

^ Front st w ends 

1 Bertram Eng Works, s e 

+ Niagara st intersects 

29-31 Briftain H, gro 

33 Matthews E. coal oil 

35 Nolaud Patrick 

37 Lee Wm 

39 Hemstead Fred, exp 

41 Donnelly John 

43 Lavin Michael 

McLean Mrs M, drsmkr 

45 Richardson Norman T 

49 Tunnlcllffe Sampson 

^ Wellington av Intersects 

51 Hubbard Wm P 

53 Glady John 

57 Brlttain Herbert 

59 Van Dyke Delos 

til Shuttle Joseph T 

63 Coles Thomas 

+ Stewart st ends 
Unfinished building 

^ King st w intersects 
85 Muuro B D 
87 Boyle Frank 

50 Maclntyre John 
91 Albert Edward T 
93 O'Connor John 

95 Newman Joseph 
97 Dalton John 
99 Sullivan Mrs Ellen 
^ Brown la commences 
101 Scriver Jacob 

103 Adair Mrs Annie 

105 Hand Percy 

"1U7 Walton James 

10!) Milano Joseph R 

111 Carter Richard 

113 Byrne Sylvester 

115 McCue Mrs Bridget 

117 Fitzgerald John N 

119 Barthelmes Mrs Sarah 

121 McMahon Thos F, phy 

^ Adelaide st w ends 
125 Mulvey Thomas 
12! i Millar David 
131 Chayter Michael W 
133 Brereton Mrs Eliz A 
135 Taylor Albert W 

Taylor Miss A, drsmkr 
137 Caldwell Andrew 
139 Chrisi if James 
141 Denning Wm 
143 Gates Henry W 
145 Parker George 
147 Bryant Mrs Ann 
1411 Moore Charles R 
151 \Vhite Stuart 
153 Young James 
155 Buckel Henry J 
ir>7 Atkinson Robert 
159 Embury Samuel E 
161 Fletcher Wm 

^ Farley av intersects 
163 Caddick Mrs E, gro 
165 Burton Richard J H 

Campbell E S, mus tchr 
167 Mitchell John 
169 Allison John 
171 Christian Temperance Hail 

Ruff Mrs 51, caretkr 

I O G T. Prince of Wales 
No 130 

A O F. Abstinence No 

R T T. No 480 Euclid 

Brotherhood of Trainmen 
(ladies). Maple Leaf No 9 

S of T. Excelsior Divi 
sion No 8 

Ladles' Auxiliary to Or 
der of Railway Conduc 
tors, 1st Canadian No 

Canadian Assn of Sta 
tionary Engineers, To 
ronto, No 2 

Daughters of Kng- Bene 
volent Society, Grace 
Darling. No 19 

A O F. Juvenile br, Ab 
stinence No 33 
173 Bmoks Dodwoll T 
175 Oroident Hall 

Stor». e f 
+ Queen st w intersects 

Store. B *> 
181 Holme" Wm fl 
183 Hull John 
185 Collins Frank S pntr 
187 Cook Wm J. shoemkr 

Workshop, r 
189 Duugan Mrs Margaret 

Houje. s e 

^ Woolslev st intersects 
197 McKagne Albert P. coal 
199 Gonrley James 
201 Herron Ephram 
203 Dillon Wm J 
205 Kemp Mrs Elizabeth 
207 Gordon Mrs Harriet J 
209 Bradshaw Mrs Elizabeth 
211 Lines Thomas 

Fraser Miss C. drsmkr 
213 McQuillan Mrs Mary 
215 Melnerney Misses, dress 

Mclnerney Miss Marcella 
217 Burns Charles J 

• Eden pi commences 
219 Callis Edward 
221 Long Samuel J St J, pntr 
223 McWfitters Matthew J 
225 Thompson Thomas 
227 Rudd Mrs Julia 
229 Jones John 
231 McCarty Thomas, b.dr 

McCarty Miss E A, dress 

233 Turton Robert W 
235 How Richard J 
237 Murchison Richard 

— I — 

239 Elmdale Skating Rink 
241 Murchison Mrs C J 
243 Fitzgerald James 
245 Duckworth Lawrence 
247 Payne Albert E 
24!) McEachi'eii NVil 
251 Hamilton Noah E 

Private grounds 
279 Gzowski Lady Maria 
297 Gardiner George 

McPherson Alexander 

Private grounds 

• St Patrick st ends 
311 Gum Poy. Indry 

313 Montgomery J S.putr 
31£ Howard Henry H 
317 Moss Wm, bldr 
319 Richmond James H 
:>.21 Wood Peter M. dairy 

Chalkley It & Sons, contra 
323 Chalkley Richard 
325 Thompson Wm 
:;27 Martin Patrick B 
329 Small Mrs Emma 
331 Brown John W 
333 Tuppin Henry 
335 Lawson Miss Marv 
337 Gee Lee, laundry 

Thompson Jaux-s R 
33!t Scott J Nelson, drugs 
339V, Collator. Joseph P 
341 Stauton Thomas 
343 Ellis J Spemvr 
.-'.45 Ruickbie Robert 
347 Peaker John W, phy 
349 Cninmlngs John A 
351 Ball John 

Ball Wm A, phy 

Vacant lots 

• Roseberry av commences 
Vacant lots 

3S1-419 Tor Western Hospital 

+ Nassau st ends 
421 Procter Henry, shoemkr 
423 Gibson John F 
425 Leake Benjamin 

Leake Wm W 
427 Sanderson Maxwell R 
429 Lilider John 
431 Menzies David 
433 King Alexander 
437 Hambly Charles 
439 Ross Robert D 
441 Wiley Mrs S A 
443 Mole Win. vet snrg 
445 Milling James, shoemkr 
447 Ferguson Joseph H 
449 Scheilrer Augustine 
451 Witchall George, bldr 
453 ClarKe Joseph 
455 Latimer Mrs Sarah 
457 W:i'l--er Edward 
459 Lee Julias T B 
461 Jex Wm C 
463 Robinson Wm P 
465 Hally John 
467 Johnson Mrs Nellie 
469 McGillicuddy Thomas 
471 Hai-grave Edward 
473 Ambler John 
475 Schroiner Joseph 
477 Crowley Thomas 
479 McCormick F I. 
481 Moore Wm D 

Ghent Mrs E. nnrse 
483 Bajvden Wm J 

Vacant lots 

• College st Intersects 
Store, s e 

495 French Isaac 

Pease Edward, whips 

Vacant lots 

Antelope Skating Rink 
r><>9 Tilibits Wm K 
601 Taylor Wm 

Vacant lots 

• Ulster st Intersects 
Vacant lots 

679 Hntchins John B 
081 Yale Mrs Barbara 
+ Harbord st intersect* 

Store, s e 
089 Strain Mrs Alice, coal 

Private grounds 
G95 Wright Wm 
099 Gale George, hardware 
701 Barnett Shaw, tlr 

Cradlck Robert H 
703 Turner Wm G 

Vacant lots 


10 I VI Ik Limitedj 78 CHURCH ST. 

MORTGAGE LOANS, small and 

large amounts, reasonable terms. 


Standard Life 

Assurance Company. 






Chac. Hunter, 

Chief Agent, Oattrio. 

Toronto Offices: 

Bank of Commerce Building. 


715 Topping Chas, fruit 
717 Gibson Frank W 
719 Coffin John 
721 Strain Isaac, exp 

• Herrick st intersects 
Vacant Iota 

743 Webster Win, eontr 

745 Wilson Thomas 

747 Love Andrew 

749 Muir John A 

751 Noble Will 

753 Hamilton Win S 

Vacant lots 

+ Lenuox st intersects 
767 Smith Edwni-d 
769 Smith Mrs J. confy 

Private grounds 
775 Harvey John 

St Peter's (HC) School 

St Peter's (RC) Church 
+ Bloor st w Intersects 

Douglas Block, s e 
791) Harmony Union Mission 
801 Chong Sing, indry 
803 Urqnharf Miss J, dramkr 
805 Stroud R H, harness 


807 Llewellyn Mrs M, prtr 
800 McKay' Miss M, confy 
811 Cunningham A, sew machs 

Vacant lots 
837 Griffith Wm 
839 Godfrey Henry H 
841 Stone John F 
843 Bryce Keuben J 
845 Harrington A J, phy 
847 WIlcox Milford A 

Vacant lot 
+ Barton av Intersects 

Vacant lots 
905 Dunn James R 

Vacant lots 
«15 Dunn Wallls 
917 Esten John r 

Vacant lot 
«25 White Walter 
927 Perry Selby D 

Vacant lots 

• Wells st ends 
Private grounds 

3001 McCollum Rev J H 

Private grounds 
1011 Bntler John J 
1013 Dougherty James 
1015 Forbes Wm 
1017 Waltes Wm 

Vacant lots 
1053 Collins Andrew E 
1055 Schack Charles C 
1057 Allen Thomas 
1059 Saunders Arthur J 
1061 Lindsay Mrs Margaret 
1067 Fell W T, hardware 

• Dnpont st Intersects 
Vacant lots 

• C P R crossing 
West Side 

Waddell George D & Co, 

Vacant sheds 

OPR storehouses 

Park. Blackwell Co, pork 
packers and provisions 

Gas tank 
28 Rogers Ellas Co, coal 

Kaiser Lome 

House, s e 

« Niagara st intersects 
40 42 May Flower Hotel 
44 Williams Mrs Sarah 
46 Wynne F L, barber 
48 Williams James 
52 54 Vacant lots 
60 Trenor Miss Rose 
62 Vacant 

+ Wellington st intersects 
64 Kennelly Andrew 
68 Nelld Mrs Harriet 

Private grounds 
70 Flnlay Wm M 
72 Cnsaek Michael 
74 Fletcher George, gro 
76 Fletcher Mrs J S, btchr 

Bowler" Joseph 

Loney Robert, r 
78 Tate Edward 8 

Tnrrlff John 

Bnchanan Henry 

Smart George E, r 
SO McKeon John 

82 Bradshaw Jamus S 
84 Flaherty Mrs Julia 
8(i Outhwalt Joseph 
88 Kelly Win J 
90 Letray George 
112 Luuey Joseph 
100 Hotel, s e 

• King st w Intersects 
Tor Lith Co, s e 
Private grounds 
Entrance to McDonnell sq 
St Mary's (RC) Church 
St Mary's (ItC) School 
Entrance to McDonnell su 

140-148 St Mary's Convent 
152 Baruardo's Girls Home 
154 Mercler Octave 

Wood yard 
160 MeGill Wm It 
1U2 O'Leary Miss K, drsmkr 

Sullivan Miss Mary J 
164-00 Union Hotel 

^ Farley av intersects 
168 McGill Wni & Cft coal 
178 Adams Mrs Jessie, cigars 
180 Summers Martin, barber 
Hotel, s e 

+ Queen st w Intersects 

Store, s e 

186 Loftus James J, dentist 
188 Richardson H, watchmkr 
190 -1)2 McDonald & Clarke, 

+ Sheppard lane commences 
194 Logay Francis 
196 Marshall Charles W 
198 Miller Napoleon M 
200 Brown Wm A 
202 Devius Benjamin 
204 Armstrong 0, exp 

+ Woolsley st Intersects 
200 Rosevcar Charles L 
208 Neale John H, putr 
210 Graham R H 
212 Davies Mrs Rosena, tlr 
214 Libby Martin 
210 Donovan Mrs Hannah 
218 Jewell John T 

229 Greenwood James 

222 Irish Catholic Benevolent 

Klnch John 
224 Vacant 
226 Boothe Harry M 
228 Wiiiterbottom H, fruit 

• Robinson st commences 

230 Burgess Wm. gro 
2;>2 Moore John 

234 Ernst Ivter 

23(J Ewlng Robert 

238 Schoales Matthew 

238'Xj Alderman James 

240 Topnlu Alexander 

242 Brent Win J 

244 McPherson I) A, phy 

24<i Klder James 

24X Way James 

250 Cain Robert 

252 Haskayne Richard 

254 Henry Robert 
256 Smith Frank 

255 Ward Fred C 

260 Watkins Mrs Fannie 
202 Rowe Mrs Amelia 
264 Pole James G 
26(i Holden Thomas 
268 Gow James 
270 Stuart Isaac C 
272 Gillesple John 

Murphy John, r 
274 McCormack Wm H 

Private grounds 
280 Nlmmo John 
282 Morton Mrs F, mus tchr 

Morton G E, mus tchr 

Morton Miss Ida. artist 
284 Henley Wm 
280 Sfcuuders Mark 
2SS Seymour Samuel J 
200 Benson John R. dairy 
2VVJ Thorpe Henry W 
2!M Adams Wm M 
29(1 Waite George F 
298 Robertson James M 
300 Montgomery Mrs Sarah 
302 Bourne John 
304 Seeker Win 
300 Hubbard Judson R 
SOS Hamilton Walter, phy 
310 Rogers Wm D 

ol2 Gauge Johu H (;2s 

oli Money George J ; o'3U 

31U Turubull iiev Johu A • 632 
316 Burton Mrs Euiuia 634 

320 Smith Robert 636 

;;~'J liaiiis Isaac '^ 

324 Mill ward C \V, corse Is 640 

326 Fieldhouse Mrs Mary 642 

Fieldhouse Miss M A, 644 

drtjinkr 646 

328 Carolau Mrs Jane 648 

330 Traders' and Medical Col- 650 

lection Agency • 

Thicke Stanley E 054 

332 Thomson Wm 656 

334 Ilewetson Johu W 658 

33tt Kidd Samuel 660 

33.S Meek Will E 

340 \ixou F J, plmbr 690 

342 Durham W H, btchr 692 

344 Noxon Allan, phy 

• Arthur st commences 696 
34(i HacDonald D J, gio 60S 
348 Carter Henry, piur 700 
350 Johnston Alfred W 

Johnston Mrs Mary, dross- 714 
maker • 

352 Wilson Rowland G 
354 Hayden James M, plmbr 722 

356 Hazelton Joseph K 724 

358 Duncan Lytle 72« 

360 Kirkendale Wm 72s 

362 Hazlitt Samuel 730 

364 Leckey Robert 732 

366 Cruiekshank Jean, phy 

Burns Mrs Sarah 
368 Burns Michael 
370 Higgins -Michael J 
372 West George E • 4 

374 Findlay John G 758 

376 See Win H 760 

378 Beam Andrew 762 

:-',^> CnthbertBon George J 
382 Kennedy Albert E 
384 Grelg Wm 

Private grounds 766 

396 Browne Philip 

Private grounds 770 

40S Tomllu Henry C 772 

410 Asllng Wm J 774 

412 Burton Wm 776 

414 Rea Mrs Mary J 778 

418 Tor Western Hospital (br) 1 
420 Tomlln H C. baker 

Vacant lots 780 

448 Jackson Robert 
450 Collins Abraham 
452 Robertsou David W, tlr 
454 Lynch Patrick J • 

456 Sklppou Thomas G 802 

458 Solomon Samuel 804 

462 Tresidder Mrs Sarah 
464 Morrow Arch, livery 806 

466 Brown Wm J SOS 

468 Mackimion A L. tlr 
470 Collie Mrs Annie, gro 

Public school, s e 816 

• College st Intersects 
Presbyterian Ch, B e 

506 Detwiler Rev Noah 

508 Bradley Wm H 82fi 

510 Woodyaril Charles 

512 Price 'Wm W 

Vacant lota S32 

520 Sharp Sylvester J 
522 Grigg Alfred R 852 

524 Turnbull James • 
526 Sampson Mrs Julia E 

525 Altken John 
530 Larkln Peter C 

Vacant lots 
546 Klpp Herbert M 
548 Leadlay Allanson 
550 Bennett Joslah 

Vacant lots 

5(16 Yokes James L 8T8 

568 Johnston Wm 
570 Davy John 
572 Thompson Fred W 

T'nflnished houses (2) 
578 Shaw George B 
580 Armstrong C H B 

Vacant lots * 

• T'lster *t intersects 

Vacant lots » 

618 Roaoh Mrs Susan 968 

620 Scott James T 970 

622 Smith John M 

024 Purely Alexander S 972 

626 May Samuel A 974 

Huuter John D 

Hooper E R. phy 

Galloway Wm O 

Parkhill J H 

Chamberlain W P, phy 

Bell Walter 

Gray VVm M 

King James II 

Ford Frank 

Thompson George S 

Hamilton Thomas H 

Wedd Wm 

Harlmrd st Intersects 

Kennedy Rev F W 

Barrett F A 

Wiiigfield W A 

Coyne Mrs Sarah 

Vacant lots 

I'L-terman John M 

Davidge & Lunn, bldrs 

Davulge Win J 

Ayling Charles, sec hd gds 

Jordan Robert, cabs 

McKown Wm J 

Private grounds 


Herrick st intersects 

Vacant lots 

Mowat James 

Brook Joseph W 

May John 

Mitchell Mrs Jane E 

Smith C, tinware 

Linfield James 

Linfleld Mrs R. drsmkr 

Linfield Miss L, drsmkr 

Vacant lots 

Methodist Church 

Lennox st intersects 

Hall Johu J. carpet clnr 

Jones Win. flour 

Fiuch George, real est 

York Co L & S Co (br) 

Finch's Fuel Co 

Tooze Mark, nphol 

Goulcling k Co. gros 

Green Lewis H 

Mflner Rev Jonathan 

West Mrs Marlon 

Ball Mrs Mary J 


("•lark Henry B 

Clark Misses E & L, em 

Atlas Bicycle Works 

Holmes George A 

Vacant lots 

Store, s e 

Bloor st w intersects 

St Alban's Hotel, s e 

Tedford & Todgham, gnts 1 

Cole David A. barber 

Urquhart Miss May, mus 

Hotel stables 

McKelvle George, blksmth 

Vacant lots 

Kidd George, shoemkr 

Walker Harry F 

Dempster Mrs M, dry gd» 

Adare Wm J, stove* 

Jones Arthur 

McDonough Joseph 

Private grounds 

Wrlcht Charles 

London st commences 

Private grounds 

Turk James E 

Yates lame* A 

Faweott R R 

Magee Wm, dairy 

Jordan Joseph, shoemkr 

Lowey James 

Robinson R. paint* 

Kntsrht Oearge D 

Private grounds 

Halsou Christian 

Barker Wm T 

Private grounds 

Knefor Frederick J 

Wenman Charles, btchr 

Barton av Intersects 
Vacant lots 

Follis av commences 

Marks Frederick, btchr 

Partridge W H. dry gds 

Partridge Miss A, dremkr 

Tomllnson A M, gro 

Forsey Charles P 


Toronto Office, 49 Wellington St. East. 'Phone 251 

GEO. R. HARGRAFT, Cen'l Agent. 
Residence Telephone 3124 

T. C. BLOGG, City Agent. 

Residence Telephone 3154 

The BERLIN FIRE INS. CO. Head Office . 

(Cash and Mutual Plans). CAPITAL, $500,000 


1'. lIIIiNKl!. Pp.KMi.KVr. \v. ][. sHAl'I .• 

F. CLEMENT BROWN, Managing Director. 

J. A. MACFADDFN, General Jgent, TORONTO, 
24 King St. West, Tel. 165 



976 Woodhouse W F S, bkr 
978 Ryan Arthur, tinware 
980 Ryan Thomas 

Ryan Mrs Surah, dairy 
Vacant lots 
+ Olive av commences 
994 Holmes Thomas, gro 
996 Webb Christopher 
993 Henry David T 
1000 Calder Wm jr 

Vacant lots 

1014 Boweu G H, confy 
1016 Delworth C D 
1026 Cameron Robert H 

Private grounds 
1044 Langdon A L 

Vacant 'ots 

+ Vermont av commences 
1070 Blackwell Alfred T 

Vacant lots 

1096 Pinkerton Albert J 
1098 Carbery James, gro 
+ Dupont st intersects 
1104 McCarten Mrs Jane, gro 

Coal yard 

1116 Curzon Robert T 
• Railway crossing 

..BAXTER, e from 927 Yonge, 
ward 2. 

North Side 

Store, s e 

South Side 

Blacksmith shop, s e 
7 Emery George W 
9 Madill Samuel 

BAY, n from the bay to 55 

Queen w, ward 3. 
' East Side 

JLake st intersects 
Railway crossing 
Esplanade st w intersects 
Koyal Dom Mills 
Mclaughlin M & Co, flour 


Warehouse, s e 
+ Front st w intersects 

Warehouse, s e 
43-47 Barber & Kills Co, whol 

45 Maple Leaf Woolen Mills 

47 4!» Tooke Bros, shirts 

Sanford W E Mfg Co, 

whol clothing 

51 Allan A A & Co, whole 
sale hats and caps 
Toronto Cap Mfg Co 
53 Croft Wm & Sons, fish 
ing tackle 
53 Gouldlng G & Sons, whol 

fancy gds 
57 K T Corset Co 
59 Lincoln Paper Mills Co 
61 Flett. Lowndes & Co, tail 
ors' trimmings 
Lowudes Co, clothing 
WyUl Darling Co, whol 

dry gds 

Wellington st w Intersects 
67 Gwatkin R L, printers' 


fl!> Dick. Ridont & Co, bags 
Helpert Morris, clothing 


Canada Screw Co 
71 Hees George H, Son & 

Co, window shades 
73 Sharpe H F & Co. photo 


75 Crown Hotel 
"7 Office Specialty Mfg Co. 

office furniture 
SI Telegram Bldg 
Evening Telegram 
Mellnda st ends 
S3 Enterprise Renovator Mfg 

Co. carpet clnrs 
Hubley Thomas A 
Fitzgerald John W 
S5 Hi.eeins & Saunders, tlrs 
87 Bunker G & Son. seals 
89 Ramsey J G & Co, photo 

fl Watson John, mer tlr 

Rushell Walter 
P3 Tailoring & Repairing Co 
Robson Wm. mathemati 
cal Instruments 

Acme- Printing Co 
Anderson Alex, elec sup 

Ephraim Samuel, cloth 
ing coutr 
Store, s e 

<> King st w intersects 
9o-9i Molsons Bank 

Campbell F A, vet sure 
97-103 London & Canadian 

Weir Specialty Co, pre- 

pared foods 

99 Tutti Frnttl Selling Ma 

101 Hlme H L & Co, real est 
London & Canadian Loan 

& Agency Co 

103 Ridout & Maybee, solici 
tors of parents 
Ridout J G, barrister 
Chlpman Willis, civ eng 
Snelllng & Segsworth, bar 
Improved Realty Co of 

Toronto Ltd, real est 
Meaney & Co, whol lum- 

Cawrhra Victor, ins 
Bristol. Cawthra & Bay- 
ley, barrs 

Arnold! & Johnston, bar 

Bayly Edward, barr 
Brond Cove Coal Co Ltd 
Wilson Thomas, real est 
Corley & Loftus, barrs 
Mi-Arthur Bros Co Ltd, 

whol lumber 

Toronto Humane Society 
C.ranfield Win 
Thomas John, caretkr 
J05 Toronto Genl Hospital, 

Emergency Branch 
109 Titus James, bdir 
111 Anderson J P, cigars 
113-117 Wilson D H, vinegar 
115 McLachlan Electric & 

Gasoline Motor LO 
119 Corby W J. resti- 
; 121 Bay Tree Hotel 

• Adelaide st w In'ersects 
Brush & Co, s e 

125 Spence J D. cigars 
127 American News Agency 
129 Parker J G & Co. plmbrs 
131 Collins J R. stei.cils 
Ideal Coin Packet Co 
Canadian Writers' Bureau 
133 American Pressing Co 
Fire Hall No 1 

• Temperance st intersects 
145 Dixon John, carriage mfr 
153 Forbes Roofing C«> 
155-61 Med Council Chambers 

Retail Merchants Assn of 


The Retailer (monthly) 
Trowern E M. marriage 

Canicula Embalming Fluid 


Century Christian (week 

Bradley-Garretson Com 
pany (Ltd), publishers 

Linscott Publishing Co 

Urquhart & Urquhart, 

Winston John C Publish 
ing Company 

Toronto Anti-Consumption 

Ontario Anti-Consumption 

Canada Anti-Consumption 


York Mutual Fire Ins Co 
Medical Agency of Can 
Canadian Creditors' Agcy 
Toronto General Burying 

Grounds Trustees 
Ocean Accident and Guar 
antee Corp 

Downey Alex, stenog 
Agnew John, notary 
Medical Registration Of 
fice, Dr R A Pyne reg 

Christian Co, 

College of Physicians & 

Ontario Medical Library 

Gordon & Sampson, barrs 

Mackenzie H G, burr 

Jones J G, barr 

Unwin, Murphy & Esteu, 

Pinkerton & Cooke, barrs 

Davis, Cook & Smith, 
ha rrs 

Thomson T C, harr 

Rose Charles, caretaker 
159 Hogg'D H Co, photo sup 

• Richmond st w Intersects 
House, s e 

165 Rear entrances 
167 Brian liobt, shoemkr 
169 Alver Ole P, herbalist 
171 Robinson W J, snoemkr 
173 Wilson Alfred, cigars 

Mi-Ewan Mrs K 
175 Currle A A, barber 
177 Rear entrance 

Store, s,e 
West Side 

• Lake st intersects 

? Railway crossing 
Esplanade st intersects 
Tor Coffee & Spice Co 
4 Can Printing Ink Co 
6-8 Schepp I;, prepared co- 


Harris Lithographing Co 
10-12 Vcrrai Storage Co 
Bibby J & Sous, cattle 

food mfrs 

Sauudors Eudo, barr 
14-18 McCIary Mfg Co, stvs 
20 Lailey. Watson & Bond, 


22 Vivian J H, prtg machin 

Toronto Pharniacal Co 
24 20 Eckardt Casket Co. un 
dertakers' supplies 
Eckardt Silver Plate Co 
Warehouse, s o 

• Front st w intersects 
40 Warehouse, s <* 

44 Vacant 

46 Cockburn & Rci, whol 

48 Morrice D, Sons & Co, 

mfrs' agts 

50-54 Merchants' Bldg 
Canada Veiling Co 
I, ever Bros Ltd, mfrs 

Sunlight Soap 
Alexander A A, trav 
Knott John A, trav 
Thomas L J, agt 
Kerr M. mfrs' agt 
Coles E W, mfrs' agt 
Kilburn's Stereoscopic 

Views & Saturu Scopes 
Hurdle George C, rafrs' 

Lester M T & Co, mfrs' 


Drake. Hambly & Cock- 
burn, fancy gds 
Nelles H W, mfrs' agt 
Clemmer A H, mfrs' agt 
Cooch H C. mfrs' agt 
Greenshleids S. Son & Co, 

whol dry gds 
Lillle John, mfrs' agt 
International Silver Co 
Livingston George, mfrs' 


Lee J T B Co, commn 
Ryrle Paper Co 
Davis J M, stereoscopic 


Jackes J A & Co, mfrs' agt 
Carmw J A, ry supplies 
Adams J & Co, linens 
Lewis Isaac, caretkr 
56 Vacant 
58 Anderson & Macbeth Co 

Ltd, whol hats 
Parke Wm, mfrs' agt 
GO Fisher Mark, Sons & Co, 

whol woollens 
Turner F A, mfrs' agt 
fi2 Wllkes-Westwood Co Ltd, 

fishing tackle 

64-68 Brock W R Co Ltd 


21 QUEEN EAST. 'Phone 1694. 


_T Wellington st w intersects 
.0 Standard Mica Mfg Co 
McCullough J S & Co, 


Pense F W & Co, brokers 
fr uel & Lumber Co 
Gadsdon H B & Co, mfrs' 


72 Bay Street Chambers 
1 rame Andrew, broker 
Clark & Ross, rufia' agts 
Rubery T W, mfrs' agt 
Jagger & Boulter, wins 
Tor Mailing Agency 
Child H J, wal paper 
Crochet & Knitting Spe- 

Dandy Henry, caretfcr 
i4 vacant 
76 Garland Mfg Co, cloth- 


78 Allcock, Lalght & West- 
wood Co Ltd, filshing 

Cragg F H, mrrs' agt 
Rothschild Bros & Co 

button mfrs 
80 Menzie-Turuer Ltd. win 

dow shades 
Jessop Wm & Sons, steel 

82 Muirnead Andrew, whol 

84 Davis & Henderson, whol 

86 Holmau, Drayton & 

Slaght. barrs 
Payne W H & Co. com 

88 Slater R M & Co. dry 


Dominion Leather Co 
McLaren D K. belting 
Price Mfg Co. pro med 
90 Canada Paint Co Ltd 
Lewis Wm. plmbr 
Frontenac Ink Works 
Toronto Lead & Color Co 
Machlin H G, draurht*- 

02 Toronto Engraving Co 

Aylward H J, tlr 
94 Vacant 

98 Ames J H. tlr 
Morritt Wm. tlr 

99 National Club 
100-102 Vacant 

Office, s e 

* King st w Intersects 
106-110 Mail Building 

Molloy Francis J. barber 
Alexander & Cable Uth. 

Hilton Francis A, barr 
McWilllams W G. barr 
Clarke. Bowes * Swabey. 


Meek Edward, barr 
Lain? John M, barr 
Robertson J S Co, pub 


Business (monthly) 
Canadian Home Journal 


Toronto Paper Mfg Co 
Rlordan Paper Mills Ltd 
Barber Wm & Bros, paper 

Robertson J S Advertising 






Tel. 2413. 

Authorized Capital, - $1,OOO,OOO 
Assets, - $520,000 

WM. GREENWOOD BROWN, Cen'l Manager. 




North Western Miller 
Gold Hills Exploration & 

Development Co 
Challes U E, infrs 1 agt 
Mansell C F, mfrs' agt 
Nixon Scott, earetkr 

110 Vacant 

+ Pearl at commences 
112 Taylor, Scott & Co, wood- 

111 Hogers Electric Co 

116 Bteele & Honeysett, whol 

118 Reynolds G N & Co, mfrs' 

GolUle & McCuiljuch Co, 

Canadian Office & Sch 

Furniture Co 
Hamiltou Bridge Works 

Art Metal Construction 

120 Whitworth & Kestall, 

mattress mfrs 
122 Vacant 

124 Canada Radiator Co Ltd 
Arcade Printing Co 
American Chandelier Co 
126 Hose Daniel & Sou, prtrs 
Craftsman Pub Co 
Canadian Craftsman & 

Masonic Record 
12* Speers A & Co. prtrs 

Sewing Machine Supply 

130 Lyon \V A Co Ltd, photo 

Slocan Cariboo Miuing & 

Development Co Ltd 
132 Crosby Co The, sheet me 
tal wrkrs 

Milieu John & Sons, bi 
cycle parts 
Fisher A D Co Ltd. skate 

134 liurney. Tilden Co, stove 

Koss U C & Co, rafra' 

136 Eureka Mineral Wool & 

Asbestos Co 

Johnston Temperature Re 
gulating Co 
Germania Oil Co 
138 Sparling A W. restr 
140 Golden City Hotel 

• Adelaide st \v Intersects 
142 Tor Employment Agency 

Tor Business Exchange 

Curtis Thomas 
146 Turn" Thomas, carp 
146-154 Peterkin C It, inldgs 

• Temperance st Intersects 
158 Kwong Toot Loy Co. gros 
158-16O Hnllamore J C, rl est 
10814 Vacant 

160 Peacock Miss M. nurse 

Gaughan Miss M. uurse 

Garratt A n. phy 
162 Parker Joseph G 
164 Vacant 
166 Cro\vther James, hnrr 

Shaver H H. barr 

Reeve John T. broker 
168 Toronto Reealla Co 

International Mercantile 
& Professional Bureau 

Canadian Waterproof Sign 

170 Macrtonald Wm C, tlr 

Helm Mrs Annie 
172 Carrlek A W. baker 
^Richmond st w intersects 

Temple Building 

Temple Clsrar Store 

Temple Cafe 
186 Irertale James, tinsmith 

Hotel, s e 

BAT FRONT (Toronto Is 
land), runs w from Lake 
Shore av. w of Ward's Point 
to Chippewa av, ward 4. 

175 Goodwin Joseph 

177 Miles Wm 

1S5 Edgar Mrs Mary 

BEACHKLL. n from 2t2 Mill 
to Eastern av. ward 1. 

East Side j 

Warehouse, s e 
Davles Wm Co Ltd, pork 

: Front st Intersects 
C P R crossing 
Factory, s e 

West Side 

House, s e 

• Tate st ends 

20 O'Brien James H 
24 Stable 

Vacant lots 

• Front st e intersects 

• C P U crossing 
Vacant lot 

1154 Queen w to Dundas, 
ward C. 
East Side 

Hotel, s e 

9 Hollymau Mrs A _ 
11 Doty Mrs Amanda 1 
13 Maruiiou Win H 
15 Orr Wm A 
17 Dearborn Mrs B M 
19 Clare Robert J 

Private grounds 
23 Scott Win O. phy 
'->"> MeUeii Alexander 
27 Church John 
29 Knox Tliomas H 
31 Quinu Mrs Cecelia 
33 Smith Mrs Lillian 
35 Vacant 

37 Odell Mehvnctbon 
39 Vacant 
41 O'Leary James W 

McDermott W H 
43 Short Alexander 
4.~, Marsh Charles E 
47 Coulson Mrs Ellen 
49 Hathbone C S. bldr 
51 Walker Robert I 
53 Hunt Mrs Elizabeth 
55 IJurrou- James 
57 Kane T H. mus tchr 
59 Black George 
61 Williamson Albert G 
63 Vollett Thomas V 
65 Reid Wm 

67 Hewitt James W. bldr 
69 French Ernest R 
71 Hewitt Robert 

Hewitt R & Sons, contrs 
77 Griffin Mrs Isadore 

• Argyle st Intersects 
House, s e 

85 Lightfoot Robert J 

87 Scott George 

89 Macdonnld Alexander 

89% Vacant 

91 (JSalvln James 

93 Johnson Alexander L 

95 Cunnington Matthew 

97 Kpooner Charles H 

99 Barbour J W. bldr 
101 Martin Forgie 

Vacant lot 

^ Afton av Intersects 
107 Store, s e 
113 Galbralth George H Jr 
115 Lindner Mrs Mary 
117 Little Mrs E. drsmkr 
.119 Wrlsrht Matthew 
121 Hardy Wm R 
123 Johnson Herbert E 
125 M>Evoy Dermot 
127 Flight 'Arthur 
129 Smith Richard, bldr 
131 Till Thomas E 
133 Pnnolini-fl Charles 

Vacant lot 

139 Forrester George 
T41 Snvell Robert 
143 Forrester Andrew C 
145 Davidson Wm D 
147 SMtt Wm 

House, s e 
+ McKenzle ores ends 

House, s e 
159 Secor Franklin 
T61 Jones Mrs Mary 
163 Clnrry Mrs June 
165 Chestnut Wm G 
167 Doyle James L 
169 Codlinz Wm M 
171 Fletcher Alfred C 
173 Harvey John H 

175 Jlacdonald Mrs M, gro 

Vacant lots 
West Side 

Store, s e 
10 Vacant 
14 Martin Wm F 
16 Griffith George 

Griffith G E, pntr 
18 Boye Edward H 
20 Anderson John 
22 Smith James T 
24 Anthony James 
26 O'Grady Standlsh G 
28 Collins W G 

Templeton Miss H, nurse 
30 Clurkson Mrs M A 
32 Collins Mrs Orphena 
34 Martin Wm 
38 Meyers !.<•« imrd 
40 Lennox Charles W 

Vacant lota 

52 Dalrymple James S 
54 Rowlin Frank 

Vacant lots 
68 Harris John 
70 Harper Joseph W 
72 Stewart Edmund 
74 Raymore Henry S 

• Argyle st intersects 
House, s e 

76 Berner Ulrich R 
78 Denison James 
80 Walker Mrs S E 
82 Long Gilbert K 
84 Meyers Mrs Amelia 
86 Idcnden Frederick J 
88 Banks Thomas 
90 Uiley Thomas 
96-98 McMahon Mrs Annie, 

• Afton av Intersects 
House, s e 

106 McMurcliy John 
108 Howmau John M 
110 Howell .Tames 
112 Fraser John 

+ Cross st commences 
114 Elliott Joseph 
116 Nauffts Wm H 

Nauffts Miss F M, inus 


118 Hankin James 
120 Mumford James H 
122 Sharland Gilbert 
124 Jamil-son Mrs Jane 
120 Gray James 
128 Trimble Charles 
180 Fowler Charles H 
132 Jackson Wm A 
184 Moss J Albert 

Vacant lot 
138 Rea Mrs Mary I 
140 Martin Percy 
142 Nelson John A 
144 Wooluough Win VV 
146 Wells Gerald A 
148 Bennett Granvilte L 
150 Wilson Peter R 
152 Bullen George 
154 Radcliffe Fred A 
156 Rogers Mrs Mary 
158 Wilson James 
160 Crawford Robert G 
1(12 Fitzsimons Thomas II 
164 Rogers Robert 
166 Barrett George T 

• Collahle st commences 
168 Miller James 

Vacant lots 

BEATRICE AV. n from Ar 
thur to College, second w of 
Bellwoods ar, ward 5. 

East Side 

Not built on 

West Side 

2 Bourne Wm E 
4 McLean Wm J 
Vacant lots 

BEATY AV, n from 1500 King 
w to Queen w, ward 6. 

East Side 

33 Embree Luther F 
37 Clarke John 
39 Clarke Wm 

Private grounds 
55 Duthie George jr 
Private grounds 
(in McNeil John J 

71 Vacant 

Private grounds 
81 Boyce James G 
83 Rutherford J W 
85 Thompson Mrs 15 G 
87 Bell David R 
West Side 

House, s e 
28 Vacant 
30 Vacant 
32 Godson Arthur W 

Private grounds 
50 Gall George 
52 Barrington J W 

Vacant lots 
64 Clokey Wm J 

Vacant lots 

74 MacGregor Marshall 
76 Vacant 

Church of Epiphany 

BEAU, u from Elm av to n 
of South Drive, first e of 
Glen rd, ward 2. 

East Side 

House, s e 
13 Osier Edmund B 
Holder John, r 

\\Vst Side 

12 Jamiesou Philip 

BEAUMONT RD. e from Glen 
rd. first over the bridge, 
u of South Drive, ward 2. 

North Side 

1 Rosedale Golf Club 

2 Dixon S:iiuuel E 

3 Parsons Wm G 

4 Andrews W S 

5 Wi ""H .Midrew 
Unfinished house 

South Side 

Not Jiullt on 

BEDFORD RD. n from 244 
Bloor w to Davenport rd, 
ward 4. 

East Side 

House, s e 

1 Robertson A J 

3 Morton Henry R 
5 Lea Mrs M Forbes 
7 Madden George F 
0 Clark Frederick 
13 Perry James B 
Vacant iota 

• Prince Arthur av inter 


Vacant lots 
27 Vacant 

29 Masten Cornelius A 
+ Lowther av Intersects 

House, s e 

87 Campbell Archibald H Jr 
+ Elgin av ends 

Vacant lots 
93 Cassels Richard S 
95 Wallace Rev Prof F H 
97 Reid Thomas A 
!)9 Wylle James 
101 La'idlaw C Shedden 
103 Moffat Mrs Margaret 
105 Lning John B 

+ Boswell av ends 
109 Applegath Llewellyn J 

Vacant lots 

115 Cassets Walter G 

117 Smyth Henry R 

119 Poole John A C 

+ Trnnby av ends 

House, s e 
121 Chirk Tliomas J 
12P, Kivkpatrlck Arthur E 
125 Howlaud Sir Wm P 
127 McConnell Neaven 
12fl Middleton Win 

* Bernard av intersects 
l"l Stewart John K 

133 Oonlthard Wm G 
1.".5 Haiti Abrirhaui R 
137 Bnin James W 
1P.9 MiirrMy Arthur H 
141 Vacant 

House, s e 
West Side 

House, s e 

2 Vacant 

^Prince Arthur in Inter 






"flagar" Shoes 

Easiest and Best 
Fitting Shoe made 

H. & G. Blachf ord's 

114 YONGE ST. 

Bedford Rd. 



House, ^s e 
+ Lowther av intersects 

House, s e 
80 Courtice Uev A C 
82 Prentince David 
Murray John S 
84 Moyle Henry 
86 Wood Edward R 
88 Fowls Edmund 

Vacant lot 
92 Doherty Wm K 

Vacant lots 
100 Phillips Wilson 
102 Vacant 
104 Vacant 
106 Vacant 

110 De Lury Alfred T 
112 Moore Frank A 
114 MeWhinney Wm J 
116 Kirkpatrick Mrs L Jane 
118 Greenwood Russell 
120 Burrows Acton 
122 Booth Wm 
124 Robinson Titus \V 
136 Burton Pliiueas H 
1:58 Land Robert E A 
140 Gillies Alexander 
142 Cayley K Osmund 

• Bernard av intersects 
House, s e 

RELFORD, n from G T R 

track to Smith, second e of 

Pnpe av, ward 1. 
East Side 

1 Eagan James 

3 Sievert Mrs Mary A 

West Side 

Not built on 

BELL, e from 195 River to 
Don Terrace, ward 1. 

North Side 

Kemp Mfg Co. s e 

.South Side 

1 Moylan Patrick 
9 Terry Edwin J 

11 Mrs Ann 

13 Anderson Thomas 

15 Hutchinson Win 

17 McEwen Wm J 

17H. Nicol John 

19 Tomlin John W 

21 MoCIeary George 

23 Coombs 'Samuel 

25 Gillespie Mrs Elizabeth 

29 Woods John 

31 Geddes Robert M 

33 Lucy Thomns 

35 Gray George 

37 Pollard Mrs Charlotte 

39 Barstpw Edmund L 

P.ELI.AIR. n from 82 Bloor 
w to Yorkville av. ward 3. 

East Side 

House, s e 
9 Goodwin T J 

• Cumberland st intersects 
11 Collett Martin A 

13 Turner Wm J 
15 Smith Herbert 

17 French Joseph T 

19 Hale Benjamin R 

21 Bobby Mrs M, dairy 

23 Cummings Mrs Mary 

25 Charltou Wm 

27 Parker Cbailes S 
29 Gillespie Wm E 
House, s e 

West Side 

House, s e 
8 Euright Lawrence 

• Cumberland st intersects 
House, s e 

18 Woods John C 

20 Waldon John C 

22 Smith Andrew 

24 Coulter Mrs Letetia 

26 Daniels Mrs Susan 
House, s e 

Queen e. second w of Lee 
av, ward 1. 

East Side 

Not built on 

West Side 

Douglas George B 
Hewlett Mrs Ellen 
M'-lK.nald Wm H 

BELLEVUK AV, u from 42 
Bellevue pi to College, 
ward 4. 

East Side 

Deulson SQ 
'£> C'astou Harry E 
27 Rauney Mrs Louise 

29 Burroughes Fred C 

31 Gray Alfred W 

33 Ross Hugh 

iiu Browu E Irving 

a" Cunningham Walter C 

39 Clements John M 

41 Gemmell Alexander jr 
43 Sharpe John E 

43 Charitou Mrs J, dry gds 
Charltou Abraham 

47 Phillips Thomas, bldr 
4'j Baker -Samuel 

51 li-ivln George W 
03 Hill Wm B 

Frank Morrison 

55 Martin Mrs Helen 
07 Galloway Wm 

09 Galloway John L 
Ul Clark L> W, gro 

+ Nassau st intersects 
03 Abernefhy James A 
<>:> Walker Mrs M S 
07 Gibbons Wm, shoemkr 
Gibbous James, putr 
Graham Mrs Margaret, r 
Storey Thomas H, r 
Graham J M, ex p. r 
(iU Panuabecker O R 

71 Hunt Joseph M 

73 Van Loon Mrs Evelyn 
73'a Critteuden Mrs L H 
7,i Lowe George W 

77 Egau Michael 
Cotton Win T, r 

79 Smith John 

83 Pirn Edward J 

• Oxford st intersects 
Private grounds 

87 Bellevue Hospital 

91 Moore Charles F, phy 
05 Mac-hell Usury T. phy 
99 Broughall Rev A J 
St Stephen's Church 

West Side 

-' Watt James 
4 Cooke Clarence W 
. 0 Farrauce Walter C 
8 Holllnger James R 

10 Young James D. bldr 
12 Hardy Digby 

14 Payne J Webber 

It! McMullen Thomas, pntr 

Hi'u Md'ortland Thomas 

18 Wyatt Alfred 

20 Eccles Daniel 

20'/4 Cnnimlngs Harry 

22 Davey James N 

24 Hay Wm D 

2(» Kwing Alexander 

30 Knox John A 

32 Hodgson Frederick T W 

34 Peters Jesse 
Harris Edward, r 

36 White Mrs Mary A 
38 Johnstone Win C 

42 O'Brien John 

44 O'Brien David 
46 Garde John 

48 Wright James C 
50 Wliison John R 

52 French Albert R 
54 Phillips James 

56 Flint Richard H 
58 Dlxon George B 
(10 Wilson Thomas G 
(>8 Hurst Frederick 

+ Nassau st intersects 

Vacant store 
70 Mitchell James 

72 Mitchell A S 

76 Hidden Mrs Jnne 

78 Contie David 

8(1 Clark Thomas J 
82 Hcrdmnn Joseph P 

84 Mnrtell Thomns. bldr 
Sfi McRnin John 

88 Cornm-ll ,T Frederick 

94 Carpenter Dexter 

^ Oxford st Intersects 
96 Sheppnrd Maxfleld 

95 Mason Mrs Thomaslne 
100 Lovelock Henry 

102 Tipton Richard 

104 Hughes Stewart 
10(5 Vacant 
108 Warner James 
110 Grant Archibald 
112 Gibson Barnabas 
114 Flyun Joseph 
llli Wilson George H 
118 Brines Henry 
120 Teeter P T 
122 Black Miss Jane 
Fire Hall No i 

BELLEVUE PL, w from 24 
Augusta av to Carlyie, ward 

North. Side 

Denison sq 
^ Bellevue av commences 

House, s e 
4G Lauipman Joseph A 

48 Brayley John B 

50 Pye Henry A 

52 Byers Mrs Annie S 
Featherstoue George 

54 Burkholder Harry R 

56 Young Win 

58 Jauiieson Wm 

CO Bowman John w 

62 Schadel Emil 

64 Davis Thomas W 

66 Johnstone Thomas n 
68 White Mrs A. gro 

White Win. putr 
+ Leonard av commences 
House, s e 

74 Cunningham Mrs Helen 

78 Cooper Char'es 
South Side 

1 Miller Wm McC 

3 Somers Harry B 

5 Wiilcocks Mrs Annie 

7 Foster Mrs Mary 

9 Mains John M 
11 Taylor Wm J 
13 Vacant 
15 Butler Robert J 
17 Delbare Louis 
19 H.irdlp Mrs Mary 
21 Peavoy George W 
23 Dowling Bryan 
25 Guthrie James 
27 Kelly Matthew E 

^ Denison av ends 
29 Peterkin Diaries R 

Private grounds 
39 Laverv Robert M 
41 Peterkin Charles R Jr 
43 Schunek Charles R Jr 
4.1 Waterhouse BenJ A 
4 1 Gourlie Wm H 

49 King Joseph 

51 Davey Wm 

53 Barker Jesse W 

5.-> Blackwell Francis E 

57 Miller Mrs Susannah 

59 Collyer Roht. mus tchr 
61 Hall diaries E 

63 Walsh John 

67 Auger Michael M 
'3 Farrance Arthur R 

75 Elliott Mrs Jessie 
77 Hart Wm R 

79 Pell Mrs Marsaret 
81 Hills Hejiry. dairy 

87 Connors Mrs Catherine 

BELLWOODS AV. n from 768 
Queen w to Mansfield ay, 
ward 5. 

East Side 

Store, s e 
1 Mix Daniel J 

Lynch Mrs E. drsmkr 
5 Cllnkunbroomer James H, 

Vacant lots 
^ Crocker nv ends 
11 Stewart Jobn 
13 McBretny Win 
15 Johnson 'Thomas E 
17 Morlley Andrew 

Vacant lots 
31 Loach 5Vm 
33 Vacant 
35 Reid Win A 
^ Robinson st ends 
Vacant lots 
St Matthias' Church 
61 Jolley Mrs Mary G 

Jolley Miss F H, drsmkr 

Vacant Iota 
Lindsey Joseph 
Fell Charles E 
Kotterell Wm 
Stanley Mrs Marion It 
Graham Mrs Ada 
James Arthur 
Phillips Edward A 
Shelton Mrs Emma 
Thornton Joseph 
Webiter James H B 
Jfoynllian Michael 
Vahey Michael 
\\ebster George H 
Johnston Wm F 




111 Parker Edward 

113 Westwood George C 

Vacant Jots 

TpfBellwoods pi ends 
121-131 Newconibe O & Co 

piano factorv 
13o Copley Win s 
137 MeCalluu. Wm 
If 9 Trotter James A 
141 Baker Benj C 
14.J n.miskcy Thomas P 
14.) Murphy Wm P 

ilo l,'" wso " Arthur 

149 Pearson Win T W 

lol Dcnman Arthur 

153 Whlttiugham J w. pntr 

Io5 Saiiuders George j 

•/-'I ^ Lon 'ton Peter S 

1;>9 Mahaffy Wm J 

Jiil Lee Mrs Eva D 

163 Haskett John H 

165 Griffiths Mrs E 

W> Cormack James B 

169 Prlngle J Howard 
* S 1 '' 1 ' 1 "' *t intersects 

170 Boddy Mrs M, gro 
IM Roddy Charles F 
Ii9 Tomlin George 

181 Zock I.eopole 
183 Lackey Thomas 
}85 Giryin Mrs Elizabeth 
?ao S prl "S Mrs Charlotte 
189 Goodway Charles 
191 McPberson David 
193 Pickering Mrs Jaue A 
l!>o Powrie David 
197 Ching Henry H 
^ Plymouth av intersect* 

Mara " r " Cl ""-d 


201 Bradley John 
203 Boland Frank 
207 Harris Edward H 
209 Deacon Wm J 
211 Parry Mrs Jane 
Private grounds 


219 Goodrige Wm G 

221 Richter Wm H 

223 Daren James A 

225 McFeul John 

227 Robinson Edgar 

229 Hobson Arthur A, dairy 

Hobson Mrs E C, ere • 
^ Treford pi ends 

Vacant lots 

235 McPherson Angus A 
237 Boehmer F C 
239 Moore Wm 
241 Laiia-hliii John, dairy 
243 Dibb Walter 
245 Mumhy James A 
247 Steward Wm T 
249 Bowman James W 
251 McLean Richard C 
253 Hurst John 

House, s e 
......... West Side ......... 

Private grounds 
38-40 Rear entrances 

Private grounds 
• Arthur st intersects 

Store, s e 


184 Scully Mrs Mary A 
188 Beasant George " 
190 Crawford John 
192 Allan John 
194 Hendrlkz Mrs Sarah 
196 Goldrlng Thomas, pntr 
^ Plymouth av intersects 
198 Kennedy James 
200 Mose Martin 

INSURE British 

IN TUP mZF I neea 

Assurance Co. 

I neeae Dairi 

FIRE and 



Tel. 952. 98-1OO King: St. ft- Toronto. 

London, Eng., 



Bail woods Av. 


202 Goodman Win J 

204 Townley Win H 

206 Galloway Win, pio med 

208 Gilmore Joseph 

210 Pepall George 

212 Wellmann Edward 

214 McCnllough Itobert W 

216 Bryaii Mrs Jane 

Heeds- Joseph 
218 Uillingsley Mrs Sarah 
220 Curnivh Thomas 
222 Luvlii Wm D 
224 Sullivan John 
226 1'latt Jolm 
228 Stewart Samuel 
230 Baker Mrs Ellen S 
234 McMillan John 

Vacant lot 

240 Thompson Robert 
244 Loblmu Charles 
246 Rhodes Fred 
248 Lawson Christian 
250 1'inkerton James 
252 Wilson Charles J 
254 Willmott Mrs Agues 
250 Caslor George A 
258 Wiggins Wni 
260 Braithwaite Wm 
2C2 Mole Juhu W 
260 Meeu Wm 
268 Golm John If 

from 240 Crawford to Sbnw, 
ward 5. 

North Side 

Not built on 

South Side 

1 Huntingford Hev E W 

2 Murdoch M D 

3 Colemau Richard H 
House, s e 

128 riarcmont to Bellwoods 
av, ward D. 

North Side 

Store, s e 
8 Kiley Hubert G 
12-14 Newcouibe O & Co, 

Factory, s e 

South Side 

House, s e 

3 Jeffs Thomas 

5 Wilson Thomas 

7 Harbour Wm G 
Store, s e 

BBLMONT, w from 982 

Yonge, ward 3. 
North Side 

2 Gardiner Wm A 

4 Kane John 

6 Sheppard Peter 

8 Sheppard Wm 

10 Holway Aubrey H 

12 Cholwfll Mrs E A 

14 Stuart David G 

16 Henderson Mrs Emily 

18 Clark George 

22 Sheppard John 

2426 Vacant houses (2) 

28 Kerr Henry 

30 Bailey Alexander 

32 Young Donald 

34 Hammond John 

36 Hunt Thomas 

38 GofT John C 

40 Grant Francis W 

42 Meuear Joseph 

44 Glllesple George 

46 McManus George 

48 Stewart Henry 

50 Wilson Mrs Eliza J 

52 Priestley Orley S 

54 -Flay Walter 

56 McConnell Wm 

58 Harvey Amos 

60 Bonner Samuel 

62 Johnston James 

64 McLaren John 

66 Sheppard Frederick 

68 Sheppard Mrs Jane 

70 Jacobs Mrs S, drsmkr 

72 Holmes Mrs Fanule 

74 Derry Anson 

76 Brown Robert 

78 Bowling Wm H 

80 Moat Albert 

82 Eversfleld HeU» 

84 Ford George 

88 Madill Robert H 

90 Robinson Wm 

94 Gay Wm J 

96 Bullen Miles 

98 Carter John 
100 Malcolm Win 
102 Bniy Samuel 

South Side 

Store, s e 
I -:! Vacant (2) 

t Sarah st commences 
I'earce John 
',> Moat Oliver J 
11 Lines Mrs Lucv 
13 Thody Mrs Sarah 
15 Magee Benjamin 
17 Hoban Thomas 
19 Lovett James 
21 lirown John 
23 Ledingham James 
25 Laverty Wm 
27 Telman Frank 0 
29 Bryce Win E 
31 Watson James 
33 Brown James 
4k McMurrich st ends 
43 Aged Men's Home 
51 Aged Women's Home 

Lumber yard 
73 Wallace Wm W 
75 Vansiekle Wm 

Store, s e 

BELSHAW AV, s from 325 
Wilton av, ward 2. 

East Side 

House, a e 

1 Gorham Edward A 

3 Llscoumb J 

5 Chamberlain Arthur 

7 Vose U H 

9 Ashby Henry 

11 Lowvy David 

13 Williams James 

15 Slcol Wm 

17 Johnston Wm W 

19 Cleghoru Wm J 
West Side 

House, s e 

2 Webber Mrs E 

4 Vacant 

(i Ashny James 

8 Etheer John 
10 Klneade Ernest 

12 Cosburn Thomas 

14 Angus Francis J 

16 Oulton George 

18 Andrews George 

20 McWIlliam Alexander 
22 Kerr James 

24 Robertson Alex S 

BERKELEY, n from the 
Bay to 215 Carlton, ward 2. 

East Side 

Vacant lots 
Factory, s e 
^ R R crossing 
Railway yard 
Gas Co's works, s e 
+ Front st e Intersects 
35 Canada Foundry Co 
+ King st e intersects 

Store, s e 

55 Sangster George A 
57 Johnston James 
59 Crawford Wm 
61 Vonzuben Frank 
63 Howarth John 
65 Pethick Wm Q 
67 Mounce John 
69 Brindle Johu 
71 Simpson Robert 
73 McEaclu-en Nell D 
75 Wardell Wm H 
77 Wright John 
79 Brinsmead Thomas H 
• Duke st Intersects 

House, s e 

89 Beatty Adam, builder 
Beatty Adam A, phy 
Private grounds 
97 Radclifte Henry 
99 Rogers Wm 
103 Dale John H, dairy 
105 Bowden Francis A 
107 Thompson Joseph E 
109 Bastien Mrs Maud 
111 Smith Mrs Sophia 

113 Cunningham H 
115 Wilson Kr.'deriek 
117 Hinde Wm E 

• Duchess st Intersects 
119 House, s e 

123 Urquhart George 

12r> Duncan John 

327 Lappin Mrs M 

129 Durnan Miss M. drsmkr 

12;>!i Gow Win 

l:il Thomson V J 

133 Quigley Samuel 

135 Travel's Thomas 

137 Barrett Johu 

139 Hunsley W 

141 Enright Thomas J 

Bums John, r 

Metealfe Win. r 
141! St George's Hall 

Wolfe Mrs Irene 

Store, s e 

• Queen st e intersects 
149 Store, s e 

151 Cooper George H, plmbr 
151i£ Rothwell B, shoemkr 
IX! MeQnillen O, blksmith 

• Ramsey lane intersects 
157 Jewell Frederick 

159 Me Carter Jam»s 

Kil Collins n 10 

163 Farley Wm 

165 Wilson Mrs Margaret 

167 Gardiner James 

1G9 Hoylaud G Henry 

171 Martin M J 

173 Salmons James 

177 Burt Mrs Elizabeth 

179 Rose Harry 

181 Nicholson John, contr 

185 Green Mrs Elizabeth A 

187 Wakefleld Mrs Jane 

189 Fouarty Wm 

191 Rntterfield Wm 

^ Sydeiinam st intersects 
193 Charlie Sing, Indry 
199 Kelly David J 
201 O'Sullivan Michael J 
203 O'SuIlivan Wm 
207 Mason Eli 
209 Starling Wm S 
211 Kay Mrs Agnes 
213 Fleming Wm. G 
215 Gledhill E, mus tchr 
217 Armstrong Mrs Catherine 

219 Spottiswood Mrs M A 
Hoskln Mrs B 

221 Cosburn Richard J, dairy 
223 McCabe Michael T 

220 Turner Thomas Mol 
227 Langton Thomas 
231 Corfleld Wm 

Elliott John 
235 Carter Wm A 
239 Blair Francis, express 
241 Delaney John 
243 Thompson Miss Jane 
247 Thompson John W 
249 McBride John R 
251 Jackman John 
255 Roddy Mrs Isabella 
257 O'Connor Mrs Margaret 
259 Poole Thomas H 
261 Smith Frank 
263 Carr Wm 
265 Smith Mrs Barbara 
2ii7 Swain Jnhn 

Patterson John 
269 Blacklock Archibald 

• Coatsworth lane intersects 

277 Store, a e 

• Wilton av Intersects 
House. 9 e 

281 McLean George 
283 Hanilll Wm C 
285 Harris Mrs Grace 

Harris W J, mns tchr 
287 Paine John 
289 McGann Mrs Anne 
291 Perry Alexander 
293 Furze Harry 
295 Clarke Jabez W. jwlr 
207 Vickery Orlando 
299 Walker Walter J 
301 Wiggins Thomas 

Smith Alfred 
303-25 Dufferln School 
327 Williams Mrs C. er.nfy 

Williams Francis 
329 Wlnnett John E 

331 Hagerman Nicholas 
335 Ockley Rev Johu F 
337 Felkiu Wm D 
339 Wickett Samuel R 
341 Mortimer James 
34.; Williams Geurge (_' 
345 Moss Sydney 
347 McLean Hector, uphol 
349 McClt-aiy Wm J 
351 MacMillan Mrs Jlinne 
353 Mi-Craw David 
355 M lines James H 
357 Weston Win H 
359 Mausell Charles F 
House, s e 

• Qerrard st e intersects 
House, s e 

365 Dower George W 
367 Gearing Thomas V 

Gearing Edward, bldr 
371 Bain Thomas R 
373 Squarey Wm R 
375 Hyues Mrs Margaret 

Hynes James P 
377 Scott James C 
381 Johnston Albert 
383 Christie Wm 
385 Ridley James MeG 
387 Daniel Mrs K F 
389 Campbell Mrs Ann 
391 Robertson Miss Jessie 
393 Masten Reuben B 

House, s e 
• • •• West Side 

Lumber yard, s e 

• R R crossing 

4 Hecson Rocking Grate 

Bar Co 
6-8 Treloar. Blasntord & Co, 

10-12 Tor Knitting Factory 

Gas Works, s e 
4 Front st e intersects 

Vacant lot 

44-46 Vacant offices (2) 
Vacant lot 
Office, s e 

• King st e Intersects 

•W Greenshlelda James H 

fi6 Cronin Walter H 

Cronin Dennis P, r 

Fire Hall No 4 

• Duke st intersects 
72 MrAdam Win 

74 McCrimmon Daniel 

76 Mathieson Alexander 

78 Heslop Thomas M 

80 Duncan Robert 

82 Murphy John 

84 Hunt Thomas H 

8(i Hunter George K 

88 Wood James W 

90 Virgin Robert S 

92 McGuire John 

94 Bradley Norman S 

96 MoMann Thomas 

98 Johnston Harry 

Thompson J E. r 
102-4 Bacon Wm H 
106 Jones Robert C 
108 Vacant 
110 TJrquhart Donald 
112 McKay John R 

+ Duchess st Intersects 

House, s e 
118 Graham Robert 
120 Forsyth Walter 
122 Gardiner Thomas 
124 Richards Frank 
126 Murphy Mrs Mary 

Halllnan Miss J, drsmkr 
128 Perry Mrs Sarah 
130 McGoIpin Wm J 
132 Earle Franklin P 

Walsh J«mes. bottler, r 
Church, s e 

• Queen st e intersects 
142 Hiland Wm P 

144 Kaiser John 

146 Hopkins Albert L 

146V.> Caswell Wm A 

• Ramsey lane Intersects 
148 Cooper Mrs Margaret 
150 Fallen John 

152 Graham Wm 
154 McNalr James 
156 Curran Joseph 
158 Snook John 
160 Vaughan George 


Solder, Babbitt, 
Cotton Waste. 
118-130 CEQIiCE ST. 



THE TEMPERANCE AND GENERAL LIFE t* unquestionably the best Company for the best 
lives, as it gives them advantages no ether Comoanv can srive. 



1U2 Clement John H 

164 Farrall Francis 

166 Greene James 

168 Clarkson John A 

170 Wood Robert W 

172 Martin John 

174 Martin Wm J 

176 Mclaughlin Micucel 

178 Cnrrnn Mrs Sarah 

180 Muir Robert S 

1S2 Scott Mis Susan, gvo 

• Sydeuham st intersects 
1M Sheridan John 
IM; Mason Mrs Mary 
188 Cm-ran James U 
190 Bain Richard W 

Bain Mrs Alice, confy 
192 Magone Mrs E 
194 Carroll Alfred E 
196 Carroll Mrs E 
198 Davies Edgar J 
200 Carroll John 
202 Morouey Joseph 
2IJ4 McQuillen Owen 
ao<l Woodstock Win H 

Hougbtou Mrs L, iinrse 
208 Hall Duncan 
210 Kosar Win J 
212 Knight John 

214 Murphy Dennis 
216 Lumsden James 

215 Walker Win 

220 t'pton Frederick M 

222 Davey Richard 

224 Vacant 

226 Jackinan Frank 

228 I.eraou Wm 

230 Stewart James B 

2.'!2 Gonya Joseph 

234 Cates Stephen M 

2;!t; I'elifound Isaac 

238 Hfidniiiim Henry 

242 Apted Edward 

244 Martin Frederick W 

240 Rogers George 

248 Morrison Frederick 

250 Storm Miss Annie E 

252 May Kit-hard 

254 Vanzaut Nelson 

^Coatsworth lane iutersects 
House, s e 

+ Wilton av intersects 

Stove, s e 

272 Miilquccn Mrs E 
274 Mc-Gee Mrs Bridget E 
27ii McClay James 
278 Mitchell Samuel 
280 Wickens Albert M 
282 Owens Albert 
2H4 Myers Win 
280 Buik Win 
288 Pogue John 
2UO Wallace \Vm 
2ti2 Watson John 
294 Lynar I'eter J 
296 Armstrong Frank jv, bldr 
298 Burns Mrs Sarah 
300 Totnlinsou Thomas 
302 Hughes James 
304 Short Mrs M 
306 Rogers John F 
308 Wright Wm 
310 Dandy Mrs Sarab 
312 Grierson Charles 
314 Park Andrew 
316 Boyle David 
318 Patterson Samuel 
320 Street Robert 
322 McTamney James 
324 Hagerman Albert E 
326 Boyd Alexander 
328 McCaffry James U 
330 Fleming Wm F 
332 Galloway George A 
334 Trebilccck Albert E 
336 Gobeil George D 
338 Hambly Frederick P 
340 Covingtou Wm J 
342 O'Connor Wm 
344 Scholey Joseph 
346 Stewart Mrs Lily 
House, s e 

+ Gerrard st e intersects 

House, s e 
356 Cook Wm J 
358 Rolls Henry J 
360 Westman Miss Mary 4 
362 Doran James 
364 Davis Maguui 
366 Vacant 

368 Cauldwell Mrs Mai g:\ret 

Cauldwell Thomas 
370 Smiili Mrs Isam-l 
372 Anderson James 1 
374 Leesoii Harry 
37H Jackes Price' 
378 Rennie Robot B 

Relink" K A: Son, roofers 
380 Lumbers James H 
::s-J Ruste.-d John J 
:>! Harry Mrs Clara 
::s<; Lapraik David 
388 Blackburn Arthur R 
'.','.'(! Amos John 

House, s e 

HKIIXAUD AV. w from 126 
Avenue rd to W» liner rd, 
wai-d 4. 

North Side 

House, s e 
K Nicol Mrs Jane 

10 Chambers Wm r 

14 Dowler Rev John A 
Private grounds 

18 Piper Edward s 

22 Piper Hiram L 

24 Hall Rev Robert 

2ii Gibb Lawrence 

28 Mason Frederick 

•M Larkiu Miss Margaret M 

32 Burrows Stuart 

34 Lncey Judson C T 
3ii Koniiey John J 

38 Reburn Edward T 
Reynold-Reburn Mrs X. 

inns tchr 

40 Vacant 

•12 Wigmon- Alfred S 
4ti Rolpli Alfred J 
48 Brown Mrs Ellen 
50 Philip Edward J 
House, s e 

• Bedford rd intersects 
CO Lefroy A Henry F 
f,2 Campbi-11 Miss E S 

Vai-aiit lots to end 

South Side 

House, s e' 
7 Hook Thomas 
9 Sniily Thomas 

Sillily o A, eloouiiouist 
Private grounds 
Hi Murphy E F 
21 Hall Mrs Martha C 
2:1 Forster Harvey A 
2.'. Stewart Joseph () 
27 Murray John 1 

Vacant lot 
31 Coulthard J Rayne 

33 Anderson Edwin E 

35 Lawson Joseph 
37 Kirvan Wm 

39 Badgerow Abram H 

41 Taylor Mrs Tilla 11 
43 Jones James E 

45 Young Ralph E 
47 Green Charles 

Vacant lot 

House, s e 

• Bedford rd intersects 
House, s e 

53 O'Hara Henry R 

Vacant lots 

Unfinished house, s e 
+ Admiral rd ends 
69 Horsey John H 

Vacant lots to end 

BERRYMAN. w from 95 Dav 
enport rd to Hazel ton ay, 
ward 3. 

North Side 

2 Nelles Mrs Elizabeth 
12 Cheyne Henry G 
14 Sellers A J 
14 Haddell F J 
18 Winfleid C S 
20 Somers Arthur T 
22 Catterall Wm 
24 Caldwell Hugh 
26 Newby Joseph 
28 Roberts W H 
30 Woods Mrs Annie 
32 Cantwell Wm J 
34 Meades Mrs Annie 
36 Gutheil L W 

Private grounds 
40 Green Samuel 
42 Eraser Duncan 


44 Cuntlall Ben) P 

40 Comber Ernest 
4^ Murray David-ion 

House, s c 

South Siil- 

Store, s e 

1 Fontain- 

7 Beiiville Mrs Catherine 

9 Worthy Joseph 
11 Davis Wm 
13 Johnston Josepn 
15 Decbert John 
17 Tucker George 
1!> Carter Mrs Marv A 
21 Richards Albert' 
2:i Hutchison James 
25 Brace Joseph 
27 Qiiiulan Patrick 
31 Lusty Charles 
33 George Wn: 
.':."> lloud Joseph 
'.'•7 Plowman C W 
:«> Gelinas Alfred 

41 Hickingbottom J F 
Clodding Charles 

43 Cambridge John J 
45 Fisher Wm K 
47 Moffat Robert S 
49 Hooper Frederick C 
House, s e 

BERTI. n from 52 Richmond 
e to Queeu e, ward 8. 

E.-l.-t Side 

1 Registry Ofriee 
House, s e 

W(-s: Side 

Can Institute, s e 
ft Scott J & Son, coutr* 
S Ent to Lodge Rooms 

10 Storage 

VI Grand tirang.- Mall 

14 Lee Wm 
Victoria Hall, s e 
Store, s e 

BEST'S PL. e from a lane off 
Bruce, first w of Shnw. 
ward 5. 

North Side 

56 Ferrier Joseph 1 

58 Turner Samuel P 

South Side 

52 Sweet Joseph 

54 Brown Henry S 

HEVERI.KY. n from 2T2 

Queen w to College, ward 4. 
East Side 

1 Hamgaii Mrs S L 
Hill Albert 

3 Wright Miss \Iaud 
Hern Jnmes 

5 Vacant 

7 Dyson Mrs Margaret 

9 Kerr Daniel 

11 Leachman Wm 
13 Ansley J N 

Ross G W & Co, livery, r | 

15 Phelan Miss Sarah 
17 Fisher Mrs A 

19 Power John 
21 CosgrlfTe Mrs Ellen 
23 Warringtou T 
25 Kelly James, dairy 
2:> Walker Wm R 
31 Morrison John 
33 Kingsberry Mrs Jane 
35 Walkey John 
37 Geariu Mrs Ellen 
39 Alexander John 
^ Stephanie st ends 

House, s e 
41 Spigley Daniel 
43 Hughes James G 
45 Barker Harry 
47 Spigley W l"t 
49 Martin Wm 

Martin Mrs M. registry 

51 Kent Joseph 

53 Quirk John 

Quirk Miss A, inus tchr 

55 Phllllos Edmund W 
• Grange rd ends 

Private grounds 

109 Bullock James X 
Wintersgill Matthew 
Stilloway James W W 

123 Copeland Robert J 

125 Tliornliill Miss s 
129 Townsend Mrs Alice M 
l:tl Jarvis Stephen M 
^ St Patrick st intersects 

House, s e 
133 Ritchie George 
135 Horwood Mrs !•' 
137 McLean Neil 
139 McLean Alexander F 
141 Sampson Alexand T 
14.", Hiiigh.Min G A 
147 King John 

+ D'Arcy st intersects 
151 Pierce G Felix 
159 Hutchinson F T 

Brown Alexander 
Hil Rainbow John 
l(>3 Hawthorne Mrs Susan 

Hawthorne E, arsmkr 

Private grounds 
17U Matthias Charles Z 

^ Baldwin st intersects" 
185 Vacant 
!s7 S.-hoff Mrs A 
189 Hanlan Edward 
lli.'i MoraiiLT George N 
195 MacKellar Mrs Adellna 

MacKcllar Mis<«s, *chOol 
I'.iT Mulling Catherine 
199 Brandon James 
201 Sherris Harry 
203 Baines Christopher t 

* Cecil st iutersects 
205 Fripp Charles 
207 Applegath Jesse 
20S) Weller Henry L M 
211 Baiues Mrs Amelia 
213 Roberts Mrs A 

215 Henry Mrs Letitia 
217 Quigley Robert J 
219 Ruthveu Mrs Anna li 
221 Thomson Mrs E 
22:1 Wethey Charles H 
225 Singer Jacob 
227 Ream- Miss E, drsmkr 
229 Wood' Samuel T 
211 McMaster Robert S F 
233 Stewart Mrs Florence K 
2 '."> Muntz Eugeue G 
2:;7 Shields Charles 
239 Murray Charley B 
241 Cable Wm 
243 Phillips James 
245 Kew Win 
247 Whelan Mrs Mary 
House, s e 

West Si. le 

24 Store, s e 

12 Crash ley Cartage Co 

14 Jackson C J 

1C Amory Wm J, contr 

18 Lester Win 

20-34 Elliot & Co, drug ml» 
^ Phoebe st commences 

40 Beauchamp G N 

42 Gathers Charles 

44 Gemmell Robert 

40 Synge Mrs A, drsmkr 
Black Mrs T, mn^ tchi 

48 Norrls Af«>jMin<l?r 

50 Flint Kici'tti-d H 

52 Crispii. \Vm H 

54 Hefteinan Edward F 

56 Harris James 

58 Hill Frederick W 

60 Jo^rstone J K 

62 WiTiiamson Thomas 

64 Smith Mrs Flora 

66 P-irland Alfred R 

68 MiiUir James W 

70 Bain John 

• Sullivan st cornn)enc»« 
Baptist Churcn 






North British & Mercantile Insurance Company, 

LARGEST FIRE RESERVES. Investments in Canada, $6,667,079.94 

100 Beverley. 


76 Simon Charles 
78 Bates Miss Mary 
80 Langton Thomas 
84 Dever Win 
90 Cayley Frank 
88 Caldwell David 
^ Grange av commences 

House, s e 

100 Walker Herbert B 
106 Keating Edward H 
Private grounds 

• St Patrick st intersects 
Private grounds 

136 Beardmore George W 

150 Cawthra W Herbert 

^ D'Arcy st intersects 

Private grounds 
174 Beardmore Walter D 
Vacant lots 

• Baldwin st intersects 
186 Coulson Duncan 

Private grounds 
194 Bethune Henry J 
196 Curry James 
198 Winnett Henry 
200 Innes Mrs Annie, bdg 
202 McMahon John S 
204 Hammond Mrs Maria 

^ Cecil st Intersects 
206 Spragge Edward W, phy 
210 Flint Mrs E A 
214 Matheson James D 
216 Brock Henry 
218 Richardson H A 
220 Bertram Mrs Christina 
222 Meehan Mrs Ann 
224 Currey Matthew C 
226 Carey Johnston 
228 Thompson Chris W 

House, s e 

BINSCARTH RD, e from end 

of Roxborough e, *ard 2. 
North Side 

*City limits 

Dnndos Alex, dairy 
^ Ritchie cres commences 

Vacant lots 
+ Glen rd intersects 

Despard Francis A 

Alexander David W 

Sale Julian 

Thomson Alexander 
South Side 


tCity limits 
IVlham pi commences 
Grant Win Foray Ib 

• Glen rd intersects 
IVnnyculck Jali D 

BIRCH AV, w from 1196 
Yonge to rear of Avenue rd, 
ward 3. 

••• North, Side 

! Duncan Mrs Phoebe 
4 Rear entrance 
10 White James 
14 Fan- Joseph H 
16 Murray Charles 
18 Stewart Mrs Rachel 
20 Martin Edward 
22 Cox George 
24 Holmes David G 
26-28 Baptist Mission 
i Tomlinson Manuel 
32 Tomlinson Geo W 
34 Cook T Arthur 
36 Hodson Harry F 
38 Onley Thomas G 

Vacant lot 
48 Moore Arthur H 
48 Mngujre Alfred C 
50 GUfk-a R»b«^t 

52 Haig -D'ona-ld J 
Va ?ant, r 

60 ilcBride Peter, dairy 
02 Macey Charles 
04 Ross "Mrs Ellen 
66 Dodds John J 
C8 Dwan Miss Julia 
7u Fan-Is Mrs Ann 
74 Carpenter Wm H 
76 Wedekamm Alberc 
78 Slilll Robert 
80 Crdwell Theophllus 
82 Taylor Chailen T F 

53 McBride Archibald 
88 McBrlde Edward 

90 Mi-Bride John 

92 Hamilton James H 

94 Card Mrs Mary J 

96 Coburu Rev James 

98 Coss Robert BJ 
100 Bauer Charles J 
102 Smith Robert 
112 Harding Eneas 
114 Welch Wm J 
11« Griffin John 
South Side 

17 Vacant 

19 Breeu H L, flour 

21 Russell Wm 

23 Hogg Thomas 

25 Gibbons Joseph 

27 Saul Wm J 

29 Abbs Miss L A, drsmkr 

• Gauge av ends 

31 Gibson William 

33 Spencer Win 

35 Johnson Andrew 

37 Garviu John 

39 Ford John 

41 Briggs John 

43 Green Wm 

45 Hcushall Arthur J 
School grounds 

65 McBrlde Win 

69 Brady Terrenee H 

75 Davis Edwin 

BIRTLE, w from Dundas, 
first n of Conduit, ward 8. 
Not built on 

BISHOP, w from 113 Daven 
port rd, ward 3. 

North Side 

Simpson K E 
Garrett Robert J 
2 Jollow Henry 

4 Hilhorn Albert 

6 Hawes Frederick J 

8 McMahon Patrick 

10 Fowler Thomas A 

12 Warner Thomas J 

14 Morris Jacob S 
16 Blake Peter M 

18 Prior Richard 

20 Blackraore George J 

22 Green Oliver J 

24 Snell Daniel 

26 Madgett Robert J 
South Side 

5 Read George 

7 Smalley Robert 

9 Chapman H H C 

11 See James 

13 Bolger John J 

15 Ellis John, contr 

19 Hirons John H 

21 Elliott Byron A 

23 Einboden Mrs Hannah 

25 Gilbert Mrs Mary 

27 Bargee Joseph 

29 Grahnin Thomas 

31 Madill Thomas J 

33 Aylcsworth Ancil E 

35 Lawless James J 

37 Adams Wm 

39 London Eleanor 

41 Copping John H 

BISMARCK AV. e from 775 
Yonge, ward 2. 

North Side 

Store, s e 
10 Lewis Mont Gomerle 

12 Vardon J T 

14 Flynn John H 

18 Burcber Mrs Ann 

20 Crown Robert, pntr 

22 White Mrs L E, drsmkr 

24 Crown Mrs Mary, drsmkr 

26 Ausman James W 

28 Hubertus Mrs Marie A 

30 Shepherd George H 

32 Wilkes Wm H 

34 Davidson Mrs Margaret 

36 Beard Miss S Louise 

38 Coombs John 

40 Wilson Abraham H 

42 Benstone John 
44 Wright Bryan 

Wright Miss S, drsmkr 
46 Allen Mrs C, bdg hse 

House, s e 
• Park rd intersects 

House, s e 

50 Langford Arthur L 

52 Trent Ernest W 

54 Ashdown Vincent E 

56 Foster Fred C 

58 Cohen E D Y 

60 Jackson John 

62 Galbralth Richard G 

64 Lowes John M 

66 Keith George A 

68 Rice Mrs Fanny L 

70 Kearns Richard J 

72 Bonser Wm 

74 Porter Rev Wm H 
76 Wood Thomas 
78 Gaushy George 

Gausby Miss A. .nurse 
80 Robinson Martin 
82 Thomas Rev Herbert F 
South Side 

Hotel, s e 
9 Downs Jeremlan 
11 Willis Wm 
15 Harris Jesse K 
19 Key Wm H 
23 Edwards Mrs S, nurse 
27 Dodsworth Thomas 
29 Stinson Mrs Mary 
33 Jouffret Mrs E A, umse 
35 White Thomas 

Burns Miss Ann, r 

Moulton College, r e 

• Park rd intersects 
House, s e 

BLACKBURN, n from Mount- 
Stephen to Gerrard e. first 
e of Don River, ward 1. 

East Side 

1 Pearce Richard 

3 Bacon Reuben S 

5 Moffatt Thomas 

7 Haines Henry 
9 Norton John 

11 Morse James 

13 Allendorf Mrs Emma 

15 Curry Hugh 

17 Petry Thomas 

19 Death George 

21 Brown Donald 

23 Compron George 

West Side 

Not built on 


70 Davenport rd, ward 3. 
North Side 

2 Morgan Walter 

4 Richardson Frederick 

6 Mead Miss Sarah 

8 Raymer Henry W 
10 Haymer Mrs M H 

12 Richardson A J 
Store, s e 

South Side 

Not built on 

BLAIR AV. n from 92 Syd- 
enuam to Wilton av, ward 2. 

East Side 

House, s e 

• Currie pi commences 
House, s e 

• Regent av Intersects 
House, s e 

Vacant lots 

• St David st intersects 
41 Clayton Robert 

43 Gray Charles 
Vacant lots 

53 Evans Mrs Catherine 

55 McCurry James J 

57 Thompson James C 

59 Hynes Richard 

61 Millson David 

63 Lacey Thomas 

65 O'Donnell Mrs Alice 

67 Matthews John 

69 Bincette Frank 

71 Hunter Wm L 

73 Wright Robert 
House, s e 

West Side 

House, s e 
2 Burley Richard 
4 Roberts James 
6 Mission Hall 
8 Murphy Frank 
+ Regent av Intersects 
House, s e 

• St David st intersects 

House, s e 

46 James Walter 

48 Gordon Wm 

50 Faulkner Ford 
52 Banks John 

54 Marks Thomas 
56 Deering Henry F 

58 Stanbury Thomas 

60 Macdonald Wm J 

62 Driseoll Dennis 

70 Openshaw Alexander 

72 Sheehan Mrs Mary 

74 Le Bar Joseph A 

BLAKE, n from GTR track, 
first w of Jones iv, ward 1. 

East Side 

Not built on 

West Side 

2 Bryan James 'J' 
Vacant lots 

20 Plumb George L 

22 Taylor .Samuel 

• Boultbee av Intersects 

40 Simpson Brick Co 

BLAKE AV, w from Christie, 
first n of Bloor w, ward fi. 
Not built on 

BLEECKER, n from 186 
Carltoo to Howard, ward 2. 

. East Side 

Bt Peter's Church, s e 
9 Alexander Mrs Edith, drs 

11 Thomson Wm J 
L3 Cross Mrs Elizabeth 
15 Brooke Charles E 
17 Beatty Alexander 
19 Asheroft Rev Richard 

21 Douglas John K 

23 Noble Win 

25 Cowie Bed ley V 

Burrows Miss Emma, drs 

27 Bonter (..' It 
31 Nesbitl. John A 
37 Bruce John 
39 Dowsley Mrs Jane 0 

41 Davidson Charles 11 
Davidson Miss H, mus 

45 Cutts Win, artist 

47 Greenwood Win H 

49 Vnnoerar James 
Pollard L, florist, r 

51 Chapman Alfrel 

55 Winters John R E 

59 Faircloth Mrs Sarah 

61 Chattou Joseph 
Men-ton E F, inns tchr 

63 Webb Jnhn W 
05 NorrJK Henry 
67 Lumbers Win 

69 F i parson John, coal oil 

71 Meyer Henry L 
Lamb Charles, r 

71'/, Caldwell Hug-n 

73 Elilssun Harry W r 
Bell Edward, r 

75 Barclay Henry M 
77 Scully Robert 

79 Jefferies Wm .1 

81 Hawkey Herbert L 

83 Brown Win 

85 Cayley Rev Edward C 

8514 Macdonald Mrs Jane 

87 Flowers Albert 

91 Loan Edward, 'ndry 

93 Wlgham Cuthbert 

97 Kane Thomas 

99 Tompkins Albert, gdnr 
101 Seels Mrs Esther 
101% Forester Edwin 
103 Crelghton Mrs Adelaide 
105 Kirk Benjamin 
107 Roy Reuben, pntr 
Store, s e 

• Weliesley st Intersects 
Store, s e 

109 Hyde Benjamin T 
111 Scott John 
113 Vacant 

Fagan Hugh, r 
115 Laurence Edward 
117 Burfoot Mrs Jane 
11!) Adams Wm. bldi- 
121 Moore Henry H 
125 Fowler Edwin 

Guarantee Company of North America. 

MEDLAND & JONES, Cen'l Agents, Mail Building, Cor. King and Bay. Tel. 1067 

Government, Municipal and other 
Debentures Bought and Sold. 

H. O'HARA & CO, 





127 Flynu Daniel 

129 Dolan Joseph F 
129% Moore John 
335 Perrin A Poyulz 

137 Jamieson C K, coal oil 
139 Gardner Charles K 
139H Weeks Thomas W 

Briggs Mrs Margaret 
141 Jackson Mrs Charlotte 

Buck John F, r 
143 Stathani Win 
145 Andrews Capt Wuj D 

+ Bleecker pi commences 
149 Boyes Ni'lson 
151 Hainlll John A 
153 Taton Hugh 
155 Blunt Henry 

Vacant Lot 
159 Siddall John W 
161 O'Brien Alfred C B 
163 Porter Orlando 
165 Anderson John 
167 Hallani John 

steele Arthur U 
169 Lalor Thomas 
171 Moore James K, carp 

Donovan Mrs Joanna, r 
17:i Broom Frank L) 
175 Broom Mrs Mary 
177 Bates Thos, shoeinkr 

Swatheridge Mrs Annie 
181 Hunter Wtn 

188 Dover Wm A 

Parker Wm H 
!•>:, Perry Frederick Ii 
lS5Mr Gray Richard B 
187 Law-son Mrs Elizabeth 

189 Sanders A L 
191 Reynolds Henry 

1'.<1>.,. Coleman Rev Robert J 
193 Anderson Wm 
195 Bell Mrs Margaret 

Vacant lots 
201 Robertson Wm J 
2>t; Moffat Thomas 1! 
205 Gould Leumas 
207 Muir John 
209 Stewart Bernard 
211 Bingham Mrs Carrie 
213 Ketchen Wm F 
215 Tozer Matthew 
2i:.'.'. Banks Deforest M 
217 Hessin Arthur E 
2L'.i Robertson Neil M 
221 Granger Miss Carrie 
Store, s e 

West Side 

Store, s e 

G Rossie Mrs Lucy J 
S Dason Joseph M 
10 Gibson Miss Jessie C 
Gibson Miss M W, mus 


12 Anderson Wm 
14 Blakely John H 
Private grounds 
44 Jackson Dominiek O 
411 McCaffrey Wm 
48 Broadwood Miss Julia 
50 Charlton John A 
52 Pritchard Mrs Mary J 
54 Bedford Wm H 
50 Mac Bain Henry 
:,>- Weir Robert A 
60 Moore R«'V Wm I 
i;i! Robson John 
r.4 Low Wm 
6ii Kerr Mrs Julia 
• Wellesley st intersect! 
House, s e 

110 Hodkinson Mrs Martha 
112 Foote Oliver E 
114 Jeffery Mrs Ellen 
Hi) Cashman Richard 
118 Carney Edward 
120 Fox Wm D 
122 Davidson Robert L 
124 Scott Wm R 
126 Mills Francis 
12 1 - \aylor Rev George W 

130 Patterson Wilson S 
132 McMnster Wm 

134 Clark Mrs Amhy 
136 Wilson Charles, r e 


l.-ii; McDonald Mrs Eliza A 
1.18 Davidson John L 
1GO Oaldccott Frederick C 

Fler, ing Miss C. inns tchr 

162 Brodie Francis A 
164 Rolph Nathaniel 
166 Mitchell Wm A 
168 Deacon Edward J 
170 Hornell Robert 
172 McGovern John J 
174 Jillard Frank, p!mbr 
176 Crowe Thompson S 
178 Walsh John, dairy 
180 Patterson Thomas 
182 Hirons Arthur 1 
184 Sauuders John W, pntr 

Vacant lots 
190 Duffleld Robert 
192 Winlow Charles W 
194 Kellond Orlando 
196 Lusk Charles P 
198 Balfour A E, bldr 
200 Fuge Mrs Mary O 
202 O'Neill Dennis 
204 Monkman Alfred H 
200 Boyd Mrs Jane 
212 Noble James, eabtmkr 
214 Sherk A E 
216 Sanderson Mrs Sarah 
218 Cooper \Vm 
220 Macdonald Archibald 
222 Howard Richard- H 
224 McRae Walter R 
220 Horsman Andrew J 
2-iO Greer James 

Store, s e 

BLEECKER PL, e from 149 

Bleecker, ward 2. 
North Side 

1 Steet David B 

2 Cressell Joseph 

3 Hefferman Wm, mus tchr 

4 Home Wm 

Smith Side 

Not built on 

BLBVINS I'L, e from 143 
Sumach, ward 1. 

North Side 

Store, s e 

2 Dillon John 

4 Unjuuart John 

6 Gleason Thomas 

8 Banks Alexander 

10 Hanna John 

12 Mackay Angus 

14 Fleming Robert 

16 Minus Frank 

18 Thompson James H 

20 Irving Joseph F 

22 MeAUaiu Wm A 

24 Micks Heber A 

26 Moody Mrs Elizabeth 

25 Pilgrim James 

30 Mcliitosh Mrs Jane 

32 Chapman Henry 

34 Bndd Stanislaus 

30 Dillon James 
38 Sewell George 

South Side 

Store, s e 
1 Pickering John 

3 Cosgrove Thomas 

5 McCoy Thomas 

7 Murtiil Wm H 

9 Reynolds Ri,-hara 

11 Robinson Mrs Ellen 

13 Ryan Edward J 

15 Vanhorne Richard 

17 Daugheu James 

19 Griffiths Ishuiael 

21 Molntosh Wm J 

23 Foster John 
25 Lawsou John 

27 Saunders Thomas 
29 Dillon Mrs Ellen 

31 Keogh Michael J 

33 Davis Charles 3 

35 Mills Nathaniel 
37 Capell John J 

BLONG AV, e from Pape av 
to w of Brooklyn av, second 
n of Queen e, ward 1. 

North, Side 

2 Bee Wm 

4 Carrette George F 

6 Kirkiip Robert 

Vacant lots 
14 Mcllmurray Henry 
16 HeJd James 
18 Alkenhcad Wm 
20 Pickard James S 

22 Dudley Mrs Mary 

24 Thirsk Charles E 

26 Smith Stephen 
28 Craig Joseph S 

South Side 

Ensminger G W, butter 
7 Foley Thomas 
9 Trotter Thomas 
11 Chandler Georgs, baker 
13 Lee Harry 

25 Foley John 

27 Bamford James 

BLOOR EAST, e irom 737 
Yonge to Sherbourne, wards 
2 and 3. 

North Side 

2 Rose D Albert, phy 

8 Spencer Bertram, phy 

10 Kormann Mrs Mary E 

12 Toronto Orthopedic Hosp 

14 Galloway Herbert P H 
1C) McKenzie Bart E 

18 Carr Mrs Sarah 
20 Gooch Robert X 

24 Warwick Guy F 

34 Moulton Ladies' College 
Central Meth Church 

^ Park rd commences 

48 Bawn F J H 

64-66 Thorne Wm H 

90 Simpson Mrs Mary A 
102 Smith Hoii Sir Frank 
lit* Wilkes -Mrs Martha 
134 Graham Mrs Mary J 

144 Kilgour Robert 
152 Thomson Mrs Eliz 

164 Walker John H 
172 Cromarty Robert B 
176 Orr William H 

180 Jacobi Philip 

182 Norman Teller J, phy 

^ Huntley st intersects 
184 Follett Joseph J 
188 Catto John 
194 Ansley Alfred 
236 Reade R J. dentist 
South Side 

1 GOW GrirrCe. :1C11US| 

Bell Telephone Co (br) 
Ogg Miss J, underwear 
7 Pofney James A, Indry 

9 Smithers George 

11 Chessum Arthur, paprr 


13 Pentecost Ashtoa 

15 Wilsnu Mrs Martha 
17 Robertson Alexander 
1925 Maher P. livery 

25 Garland Edwaul, flsh 
29 Pringle John 

31 Vacant 

33 Parlow G H 

37 Murdock Win 

39 Duncan Mrs A J, b<lg 

Duncan J T, phy 
43 Maher Patrick 
45 Harvey Walter V 

Westminster Pres Ch 
57 Boone Charles S, contr 
65 Annett Philip J 

Lndford Edward 

Lndford Bros Mfg Co, 

flavoring extracts 
67 Potts Edwin 

Crystal Case Co 

Potts Mrs E. fancy gds 
69 Cassidy John J, phy 
71 Ireland Alexander H 

• Church st euas 
81 Wood Thomas R 
85 English E Taylor 
87-115 St Paul's Ch (Ang) 

117 Sheppard Mrs Eliza 
119 Boyd Hon John A 
129 McMullen Mrs L J 
131 Jenkins Benjamin B 
133 Ball Mrs J M 
House, s e 

• Jarvis st ends 
139 May Charles F 

145 Stevenson R A, phy 
155 Caldecott Stapleton 

149 Ferguson Mrs S B. bdg 

165 Buchan Miss Jane 
Buchan Miss Maria 
Freeland Mrs Margaret 

• Huntley st intersects 
167 Bnrnham G Herbert, phy 
171 Suckling Wm J 

175 Jopling Joseph 

Jopling Miss M J, lang 

Jopling Miss E A, mus tchr 
177 Read Mrs Mary A H 
181 Boyd Wm T 
187 Barrett Robert G 
189 Church Miss S K. bag 
193 Westwood Benjamin 
195 Robertson Thomas 
199 Haworth George F 
201 Crawford Mrs Catherine 
205 McLean R Gordon 
207 Nasmlth John D 

BLOOR WEST, w from 7M 
Yonge to city limits, wards 
3, 4, 5 and 6. 

North Side 

Bank, s e 

14 Richardson G A, dentist 
16 Dain James B 
18 Ellis Matthew C 
20 Wilson Robert J. phy 
24 Brown Frederick D 
26 Christie Robert 
30 Eaton H E, dentist 
32 Webster A F, dentist 
40 Foy John 
46 Watson James 
52 Johnson A J. pin 
1 12 Miller Daniel 
64 Donald Mrs Elizabeth 
66 Hewitt John LJ 
68 Bickford Edward H 
72 Parsons Harold C. phf 

Parsons Mrs Marv C 
80 Scanlon Mark 
82 Hodgson John E 

Hodgson Miss G, nurse 
^ Bellair st commences 
86 Bull Thomas H 
92 Pearcy Sanderson 
104 Vacant 

108 Robertson Lieweilyn H 
110 Jones Mrs Charlotte 8 

Armstrong & Co, drsmkrt 
112 Easton Robert 

Easton Miss F, mus tchr 
114 Bell Alexander 
116 Spanner Charles 
118 ilattice Wm 
120 Faulkner Misses, drsinkri 

Faulkner Miss C'ara 
122 Eastbury W 7 m 

Sharpe Miss S. mus tchr 
124 Hodges Win 
126 Hayter Ross W 
128 Tattersall Richard B 
134 Eby Joseph F 
142 Bradley Richard S 
144 Hewat Alexander 
146 Foster Tom G 
152 Presby Ladies' College 
Maclntyre Mrs Sophia 
Jones Rev Septimus 
Church of Redeemer 

• Avenue rd commences 
170 Neville Mrs E. school 
182 Scadding Crawford, phy 
192 Clute Roger C 

194 Johnston Mrs Agnes, bag 
206 Rowan Thomas A 
208 Wilson Robert S 
210 Porter George D, phy 
222 Shaw John 
232 Pngh Mrs Rachel 
234 Perry George D 
~236 Vacant 
238 Brown T Albert 
240 Clark Arthur D 
242 Crean Robert C 
244 Small Arthur A, pby 

• Bedford rd commences 
246 Dunn Orlando 

266 Mead Mrs Mary A, bag 

House, s e 
+ St George st intersects 

House, a e 
340 Lister lames 

Birch Martin, r 
3oO Langmuir Matthew 

• Huron st intersects 
Bloor St Pres Ch 

400 McArthnr Mrs Margaret 

• Madison av commences 
402 Massey Arthur L 

Vacant houses (2) 
412 Trotter W C. dentist 
414 Mllner Beverley Z. phy 


'Phone 5481, 




Telephone 2274 





Bloor West. 


418 Thorburii James, phy 

+ Spadlna rd commences 
428 Vacant 
434 Gage Wm J 

• VValmcr rd commences 
Vacunt lots 

402 Heydeu Miss Barbara 
^ Brunswick av intersects 

Vacant lota 
^ llowlaud av commences 

Vacant lots 
+ Albany av commences 

Vacant lots 

530 McDonnell Alex, restr 
538 Brock Alfred, flour 
540 Hague C H, btchr 
542 Rushbrook GeOj tlr 
544 Slean Thomas W. plmbr 
546 Mayo Jobn W, baker 
048 Burfoot Geo, gro 
550 Green Mrs A, dry gds 

Green James 

5fj2 Rogers David J. sboes 
554 Bartlara H S, dentist 

Ingle Walter 

Douglass Hall 
556 Moyer Allan B, drugs 

GNW Telegraph Co (br) 

I'ostofBce <t>rj 
+ Bathurst st intersects 
558 St Alban's Hotel 
500 Cleland Daniel 
572 Minehan Rev Lancelot 
+ Markham st intersects 

Vacant lots 
600-610 Scott. Cross & Co, 


+ Palmerston av intersects 
612 Stanworth Levi, bicycles 
620 Davies Charles J 
622 Courtenay Stephen H 
630 Butler Win. express 
634-3fi Vaddun Mrs F A, gro 

Paddon Frederick E 

• Kiiclid av intersects 
638 Hagan John B, gro 
640 Scott Mrs Mary 

642 Hart Watson S 

646 Clements Stanley H 

C4"8 Cornell Nelson 

f,r,J Wild James M 

<>:,<; Hill J Albert 

662 Powell R P. cavpet clnr 

A Manning av intersects 
C64 HcCarron Jos, whol btcbr 
Vacant lofs 

• Clinton st intersects 
694 Drover Mrs M A. gro 

Drover .1 E. htchr 

Vacant lots 
720 But-well Henry 
722 Tinsley James 
724 Ford John A 

Chidley Miss J. drsmkr 
72(5 Pentland Wm. flour 
+ Christie s t commences 

Vacant lots 
+ Crawford st intersects 

Vacant lots 

• Shaw st Intersects 
Vacant lots 

^ Carllng st commences 
876 Wellinger F W. real est 

Vacant lots 
+ Ossington av intersects 

Vacant lots 
896 Farhall Mrs F, A, dry gds 

Farhall George 
+ Preston av commences 
916 Hodgson Robt. blksrnlth 

Deegnn M J. carriage mkr 
920 Reid Thomas, coal 
92fl Hop Sing. Indry 
928 Qlooney Mrs K, wines 

Clooney John 

Ryan Michael 

Ryan Daniel, contr 
930-32 Berrirtge Richard 
9S4 Caffyn Wm 
938 Payne Arthur 
944 Rieharo'son Wm H 

Butwell Henry 
+ Delaware av intersects 

St Mary's Church, s e 
956 Emery Win. hardware 

Vacant lots 
968 Vacant 

972 Gregson Samuel, gro 
974 Wise Fred, btcbr 
$76 Wray & Morgan, plmbrs 

1)7)5 Foster Kichard, shoemkr 
U8U Andrews (J, tobacconist 

i'ates F \V. barber 
DS2 Stevenson S B. drugs 

Postofnce (brj 
• Dovercourt rd intersects 
US4 Davies Win Co Ltd 
DM! Wallace George, flour 
US8 Drury John, gro 
990 Allan \Vm, barber 
9U2 Campbell D O, confy 
UU4 Ilorwood Mrs 11, dry gds 

Horwood Miss J, drsmkr 

Horwooil Miss M A, mini' 

Horwood Richard 
ii'.H! Binningtou K L 
UUS Mosuer James 

Rose Miss Clara, drsmkr 
1000 Boweu Gilbert H, baker 
1002 Cardwell J A, shoes 
1004 Dumble W C, phy 

+ \Vestmoreland av coin 
1000 Whlttakvr H K, exp 

Wnlttakei Robert 
1012 Horwood Wm 

+ Salem av commences 
1D38 Gosuell George, gro 
1040 Boddingtou C, shoemkr 
1042 Twidale J C, barber 
1050 Munns Samuel 

+ Hartlett av commences 
1078 Dovercourt Twine Mills 

• Hamburg av commences 
1128 McKiuuey John, gro 

• Dufferin st intersects 
1130 Dufferin Hotel 

Vacant lots 

+ Russett av commences 
1K.O Squire John, whol btchr 

Vacant lots 

1166 Marshall G H, produce 
1168 Cummlng James, shoemkr 
'1170 Lawrence E. tinware 
1172 Dtxon Win H, btchr 
1174 Hager Mrs Barbara, gvo 

Vacant lots 

• Brock av intersects 
1190 Williamson George S 

Vacant lots 

AMargueretta st intersects 
1218 Stevens Jamea 

Kmmerson av commences 
St Clarens av intersects 
Lansdowue av intersects 
1304 MacKay Hugh, gro 
1306 Shipman John T. btchr 
1308-12 Vacant stores (3) 
1326 Schultz George 

• Railway crossing 
1372 Dougan David, florist 

Private grounds 
1412 Beckett Mrs Mary J 
^ Symington av intersects 

\acant lots 
^ I'erth av intersects 

Vacant lots 

• Railway crossine 

1490 Huntley G J. mkt gdnr 

+ Dundas st intersects 
1556 Cole Wm 
1502 Freeman Mrs Elizabeth 
1568 Cochrane Mrs M A 
1578 Tracey Thomas 
1584 McNamara John 
1590 Roberts John, inkt gdnr 
1598 Duggau J F 
1606 Kennedy Richard 

• Indian road intersects 
1672 Vacant 

Vacant lots to end 
South Side 

Store, s e 

11 Henwood J M, phy 
13 MfieCallum Jas M. phy 
15 Roddy Miss Elizabeth 
17 Nudel Mrs Isabel 
19 Lander John C 
21 Frawley Dr S L, dentist 
+ Balmufo st ends 
23 Hodgins Thomas. QC 

Baptist Church 
4 North st ends 

Vacant lots 
71 Dutton Benjamin 
73 Curts Frank E 
75 TiHey Mrs Mary S 
77 Cartwright George A 
79 Brown Edward 
81 Tarberton Christopher 
83 Macdonell Mrs Isabel 

Anderson Norman, phy 
85 Davisuu John M 
89 Foster Miss Mary L 
Ul Smith Mrs Henrietta C 
U3 Pluukett Mrs Rose 
!)5 Starr C L,. pliy 
^ St Thomas st ends 
'Ji I'ringlc Mrs K W 
99 WooflBworth Rev R W 
101 Ashworth Win H 
105 Kennedy Mrs Margaret 

Kennedy Miss L, mus tchr 
107 Adair Thomas 
10'J Ross Mrs Sarah N 
111 Church John T 
113 Edgar Lady Matilda 

Private grounds 
127 Blaikie John L 
131 Bull Mrs Mary I 
137 Pugsley John 
143 Alcorn Mrs Mary G 
1-17 Kennedy George 
I'll MePhedran Alex, phy 
^ Entrance to Queen's Park 
Private grounds 
MeMdster University 
Pritchard John, steward 
University of Toronto Ath 
letic Field 
^ Devonshire pi ends 

Vacant lots 
819 Boomer Robert C 

House, s e 
^ St George st intersects 

House, s e 

329 Thorburn J D, i.hj 
331 Vogt A S, mus tchr 

Unfinished house 
345 Gordon A R. pliy 
^ Huron st intersects 

Vacant lots 

403 St Margaret's College 
Dickson George 

• Spadina av ends 
House, B c 
Vacant lots 

• Robert st ends 

Trinity Methodist Church 

• Major st ends 
459 Leaver Geo, gro 

Vacant lots 
469 Slean J D, confr 
471-3 Langskill James, gro 

Bain Robert R 
475 Freelin Peter 
481 Brunswick Hotel 

• Brunswick av intersects 
483 McAllister Wm, slnty 
485 Grindle George, barber 

Hornell James 
Private grounds 
501 Binnie Mrs A. dr.v gds 
503 Lougshaw Arthur It 
505 Hamilton Thomas 
507-9 Marks Daniel, gro 

+ Borden st ends 
511 Mnsgrave James, phy 
513 Chowne Mrs Aagot 
515 O'Brien Mrs Marv J 
517 Woon Miss Elizabeth 
519 Woltz Arthur E 
521 Leavitt T W H 
525 Scrivener Mrs 1, A 

+ Ulster av ends 
527 Gillies John 
529 Stnrgess James A 
531 Smith Edward J. jwlr 
533 Cameron F J, coal 
537 Henry D T, blksmith 

+ Lippincott st ends 
539 Urbach C A, florist 

• Bathurst st Intersects 
567 Davies Wm Co Ltd 

Vacant lots to 721 
721 McClelland James 
723 Sheds 

Butwell H. brick mfr 

A'acant lots to .s'.l 
S51 Giles Win G 
855 Qninn Miss M. arc 
+ Given!: st ends 

Vacant lots 
871 Hewitt John 
873 Major Wm 

Major Mrs Jessie, gro 

Vacant lots 
881 Cork J H, btcbr 
+ Ossington av intersects 

Vacant lots 
+ Concord av ends 

Vacant lots 
927 Turner Alfred 

Vacant lots 
935 Stevenson T C, fro 

Vacant lots 
+ Delaware av intersects 

Vacant lots 
971 Stiuson J W, coal 
975 Raynor Mrs K, fey gds 
Raynor Matthew, bldr 
Uaynor H*'iivv. hldr 
977 Clapp M H. bicycles 
981 Davis F H, gro 
+ Dovercourt rd intersects 

Vacant lots to 1.1111 
• St Helen av cuds 
1319 Griffin Mrs Bridget 
+ Railway crossing 

Vacant lots 
1371 Vacant 
1391 Boland Michai-1 
1393 Boland Edward T 

Boland Mrs A, grocer 
1403-1411 Locnrie James, rope 

and bicycle Mifi" 
+ Symington av intersects 

Vacant lots 
4 Perth av intersects 

Vacant lots 
1457 Baird John 

Vacant lots to cud 

BOLTON AV, u from 800 
Queen e to Gerrard e, ward 


East Side 

1 Store, s e 

7-1) Weston F J & Sons, 
boot and shoe nifrs 

15 Weston Frederick W 

23 Hall Mrs Elizabeth, bdg 

25 McDermott George 

29 Tolhurst Thomas G 

35 Glover Jobn J 

39 Wadham Joseph A 

45 Johnston John 

49 Jones James H 

51 Vacant 

53 Pritcbaid Wm J 

55 Glover Wm J 

57 Corin Daniel 

59 Farrell Frederick !• 

63 Shee George H v 

67 Powell Walter 

71 Spreeman John 

81 Lowes Edward 

83 Ware Samuel '! 

s."> Floury .lames R 

87 Vacant 

91 Lamb George A 

93 Rousseau Aimee 

nr. Ainey Jotin D 

!)7 Wagner Frank A 

99 Littlewooa John W 
101 Hooey Frederick A 
103 Slater Wm G 
105 Whitesidc 
Ki7 Copelaud Hugh 
109 Harrison George, shocnikr 
111 Harrison J R. gro 
^ dimming st intersects 

Private grounds 
141 Atkin Thomas D 
145 Evoy James 
149 Tugwell Philip 
153 Andrews Win R 
159 McKlnley James 
163 Moffatt Alexander 
165 Taylor John 
167 Dawsou James, gro 
169 Sherwin John 
171 Zimmerman Gucrgc 
173 Horton Wm 
175 Brown James 
177 Jones Wm 

179 Seeker Wm 

181 Murphy Mrs Ellen J 
183 O'Reilly Francis 
185 Farley F C. bkr 
187 Lnke Jacob, dairy 

180 McCartney Tbomas 
191 Helliker Mrs Eliza 
193 Thompson Thomas 
!!>!» Gill Mrs Mary 
203 Friend Kdwin J 
205 Craig Andrew P 
207 Duggan Thomas 
209 Leslie Mrs Mary 
211 McDonald Alexander 
217 Richmond Wm 

Union Assurance Society 

Toronto Office, 15-17 Leader Lane. 



Tel's: Office, 2288. Residence, 3516. 

Head Office, 

King St. E, 


• ••••••••••••••••••••••••• Limited. 


Securities for Money Collected. 

Bolton Av. 



219 Hornell David 
221 Barker John 
22:i Caskie Allen Jr 
223 MeNair Wm C 
227 Hogg Edward A 
229 Post Mrs Mary 
231 Sinclair Daniel 

233 Kenuic John 

235 Lomas George 

• First av intersects 
Bolton Av Sch 

St John's Pres Ch, s e 

West Side 

Store, s e 
4 Masonic Hall 

Booth lioliert J 
6 Public Library (br) 

Thompson Mrs Mary 
8 Benson John M 
10 Kirli.Tsou Thomas 
12 Biirney Robert 
14 Clover Thomas 
Ifi Ward John, carp 
18 Campbell Alexander 
20 Parker John 
22 Ryan John 
24 Newberry Mrs E A 

• ("lark st ends 
30 Hill Arthnr W 
32 Hughes Wm J 
34 McCaffrey James 
36 Hn Howes George 
38 Swanston Irwin 
40 Ayers Win 

42 Dolson Frederick L 

44 Wlnn 1" W. livery 

40 Grady Harry F 

48 Sommers John 

50 Shineott Robert J 

52 Moore Arthnr 

Moore Mrs S. drsmkr 

54 Crockatt David 
Private grounds 

62 Paddon Thomas 0 
St Anne's (RO Sch 

78 Maher Mrs Maria 

SO Haynes Edward C 

82 Graham Henderson 

84 Bowerlng Mrs Carlotte 

86 Fleury Alexander 

88 Leason George T 

90 Spragg Arthnr n 

96 Taylor Alfred 

98 Yonens James 

Private grounds 
106 Worters George W 
108 Garnett Anthony 
110 Taylor Frederick W 
112 Valiant Alfred 
114 Clegg James 
118 Webster Mrs Mary J 

• Camming st intersects 
120 Brend Mrs Annie E, gro 

Brend George W 
Private grounds 
132 Vacant 
Vacant lot 

• Elliott st ends 
140 Roberts Charles J 

Roberts Mrs Annie, confy 

Private grounds 
146 Miller George S 

Vacant lot 
^Allen av euds 

Flr« HnU Xc, 12 
162 Lower Frederick W 

Donoluie John, r 
164 Whittaker Robert 
166 Gould Thomas D 
168 Coltart Robert J S 
170 Baxter Wm J 
172 Hinder Samuel 

Vacant lots 

182 Cashmore Edwin J 
184 Jones John 
186 Field Edward 

Private grounds 
192 Seeds George B 
194 Langstone J J 

Baptist Church, s e 
+ First av Inters, ds 

234 Kernaghan J. gro 

236 Cormnck FranK H 
238 Bntler Thomas 
246 Gould Charles. ej.p 

BOND, n from 44 Queen e to 
Gould, ward 3. 

East Side .„ 

Metropolitan Church, s e 

+ Shuter st Intersects 
St Micnael's Cathedral 

70 Loretto Kindergarten 

8J Loretto Convent 

83 Loretto Academy 
St Aloysius School 

• Wilton av intersects 
Congregational Church 

97 Soul Wiu 

99 McCutchon Miss Nettle 

101 Brown Alexander 

103 Kerr Georg." L! 

105 McBride Robert H 

109 Mullen Miss Annie 

111 Thomas Isaac 

113 Tranter Thomas T 
115-121 Holy Blossom Syna 

Geldzaler Marks, caretkr 

123 Beresford Mrs M E. bdg 
Bolton Mrs M J, bdg 

125 Wilson Mrs Annie 
Private grounds 

137 O'Keefe Eugene 

West Side 

2 Clarke Mrs Elleu, bdg 
Clarke Thomas, contr 
4 Martin Mrs Kate 
6 Allison Mrs Lizzie 
8 Merriam Mrs Maude 
10 Howie Mrs Sop'nla 
12 Lewis Mrs Jau^ 
14 Pope John H. bdg 
16 Hulsfl Matthew M 
18-36 St Michael's Hospital 
38 Coady Miss Maria 
40 Cad well Miss A J. registry 


42 Kimball Mrs Rose M 
44 Smedley Mrs Einma 
46 Moore Robert 

Maloney James, contr 
48 Foster "Misses, drsmkrs 
50 Burt-Sherratt Dr Ellen 
Sherratt Wm 

• Shnter st Intersects 
52 Baldwin Walter 

54 Arnold Mrs Mary, bdg 
60 Barrick Eli J. phy 
66 Murray Wm T 
70-74 Mullan F T, contr 
76 Garbutt Mrs Mary 
80 Ryan Michael 
82 M'cCarthy Ellas A 
84-86 Sanderson S M, Indry 
90 Trnmpour Mrs Lnjma A 
92 Robertson John D 
9-1 Laughlin Samuel H 
+ Wilton av Intersects 
House, s e 

98 Young John H 
100 George Robert 

102 Wall James H 

104 Hawthorne Miss M J 

106 Maltby Mrs Mary, bdg 
108 McOrath Mrs M. bdg 

110 Thompson Mrs Mary 

112 Farquharson Mrs Jane 

114 Crosby Mrs Hannah 
116 German Lutheran Cn 
118 McMillan Robert 

120 Pangilly Mrs Harriet 
122 Brown Mrs Euphemln L 

124 Eckert George 
Eckert Mrs Elkx. b<lg 

126 Sleigh Mrs Fannie, ftdg 
128 Meehan. John, exp 

130 Colwel! Charles, carp 

132 Ross Thomas W 

134 Buckley Mrs Annie 

140 Truscott George 

Truscott Mrs S, bdg 
Sparrow Cecil, phy 

BOOTH AV, n from Ash- 
emima, In 
ueen e at 841, 


bridge's Bay to Jemima, In 
tersecting Q 

ward 1. 
......... East SUJe ......... 

43 Corson Joseph W 
45 Hogg "James M 
47 Watts Francis 
49 Ayre Thomas W 
51 Wright Mrs Plivllis 
53 Duncan Wm 
55 Mallindine Frederick C 
57 Pullman John 
59 Pamenter Win 
61 Cowan Thomas 
Vacant lots 


71 Beamish George 
73 Beamish Thomas 
75 McCarthy Charles 
77 Routley Janies 
79 Courtney Win J 
81 Farm Mrs Elizabeth 

Vacant lots 

Grand's Repository (br) 
89 Inch Frederick 
91 Dobsor James D 
93 Bailey John A 
95 Dilks John W 
97 Sullivan Michael 

Vacant lots 

• Eastern av intersects 
105 Brown Lewis, baker 
107 Lyford Win 

109 Shields John 
111 Cattell Wm W 
113 Call Robert G 1J 
115 Hilton Thomas 
117 Gerrard John 
119 Murdock Robert 
121 Squires Jacob 
125 McDonell Andrew 

Vacant lots 
133 Widdifleld James 
135 Mcllmnrray John 

Vacant lots 
145 Watts Wm A 
147 Watson Charles V 
149 McCartney Andrew C 
151 Pearson Robert S 

Vacant lots 
163 Orr Henry 
165 Terry Charles B 
167 Vale Bruce 
169 Varey Mrs E J 
171 Small Frank 
173 Small Wm R 
175 Dixon Wm 

Private grounds 

• Queen st e intersects 
Slaughter houses 

+ Natalie st intersects 
22U Gillespie Wm 
231 Strickland Win 
233 Rae David 
235 Tambllng Alfred 
237 Turner James 
239 Johnson Thomas 
241 Kyle George T 
243 Cnrle George 
245 Davison Samuel 
247 McCartney Matthew 
249 Beall Wm T 
251 Robinson Charlos W 
Z r )3 Addy Henry 
255 Freeland Josias W 
257 Lancaster Joseph J 
25!> Hardy David 
261 Hayden George A 
2(!3 Craig George 
2(!5 Buckner John 
207 Brock Silas H 
......... West Side ........ 

Boat houses 
Athletic grounds 

+ Eastern av intersects 
Cricket grounds 

+ Queen st e intersects 

Vacant lots 
188 Dorgan Daniel W 
1UO Brick Wm R 
192 Gouldiug Joseph 
194 Buckner Alfred, f'*tr 
190 MacKenzie Charles 
1!)8 Bnckner Charles, vJstr 
200 Bcickner Henry 
202 Smith Sidney 
204 White Willis F 

+ Natalie st intersects 
2S4 Vacant 
21(4 Clcland Wm 
2!K> Wilton James J 

BORDEN. n from 380 Col 
lege to Bloor w, ward 4. 

East Side 

Store, s e 
I McGregor N E 
7 Lowery Mrs Mary 
9 Jewell John H 
11 Shaw John R 
13 Headman Wm A 
15 Smiley Francis L 
17 Job Henry H 
19 Fleming A Grant 
•Jl Dcnton Win A 
23 Gundy X F 

23 Powell Win E M 
27 Sutherland J B 
29 Rutherford Richard G 
31 Fraser John W 
33 Wolfe George T 
35 McDougall Dnnca.i 
37 MacLeod Norman '.! 
39 Hop wood Wm J 
41 Hind James T 
43 Collins Walter 
45 Donaldson F W 
47 Peters Arthur E 
49 Moodie Mrs Caroline 
51 Denton Frank B 
53 Finney Win T 
55 Spence Robert ¥ 
57 Smith Mrs Ann 
59 Colqnhonn Mrs J 
01 Hambly Wm J 
63 Luke L Herbert 
65 Kennedy Byron )j D 
07 Lesslle Joseph 
f>9 Mearns Frank S 
71 James Wm H 
73 Bates Wm Henry 
75 Pearce John S 
77 Dinnick Mrs C M 
79 Worth Wm 
81 Jephcott Wm C 
83 Leverty Martin 
85 Greig Warren H 
87 Thompson S 
89 Ionian Mrs Jan? 
91 Sheppard A G 
93 Paisley Charles 
95 Prenter Hector 
97 Madill Walter R 
99 Laurie James A 
101 Wood James H 
103 Waltnam Edward 

House, s e 
• Ulster st intersects 

House, s e 

103% Sloane Mrs Sarah 
105 .Anderson Mrs E A 
107 Tort\l Sfiss Mary 

Todd Miss Isabella 
109 Sandilands James 
111 Caldwell S W 
113 Pillar Wm 
115 Hess Lawrence 
11? Firth John O 
119 Ham George P 
119% Lambert Leonard 
'121 Atkinson James L 
123 Wells Joseph A 
125 Vacant 
127 Rogers Samuel W 
129 McFarland Thomas 
131 Maxwell Mrs Sarah E 
133 Latlmer David 
135 Jordan H 
137 Stevenson F Y 
139 Armour Samuel J 
141 Courtney Samuel, exp 
143 Collins Fred 
143% Hayward W W 
145 Quinn Wm 
147 Bogart Fred C 
151 Terry Franklfind 

A Harliord st intersects 
1?$ Plnmmer Wm. confy 
157 Skippon Mrs Kate 
159 Hill Rowland 
161 Stemmann Albert J 
163 Biakley Robert W 
165 Weaver James W 
ir,7 MacNeillie Thomas R 
169 Hydor Thomas, carp 
171 Eddlngton Wm 
173 Dodds Wm C 


Junewriters Rented. Ribbons. Carbons. Paoers. Etc. 'Phor.e 2251. 

15 Ade/ai& E. 

J. J. 8EITZ, Manger. 




173Va Moore Mrs L 

175 Cordiugley K <-i 

177 Kiley Kobert F 

17U Brim- 1'uul W L 

181 Eastou -Mrs Emily 

183 Major Kobert L 

185 Major Kobert, shoemkr 

187 Osborue Joseph 

189 Atkinson John 

191 Jessop Walter 

193 Emery Mrs M 

195 Ball Wrn J 

Bali Mrs A, gro 
197 Phillips Thomas 
la'J Storey HuyU 
201 Sherman W E 
203 Mead Will H 
207 Hinehelille Benjamin 

+ Sussex av ends 
20U Miller Mrs Emily E T 

Miller Samuel A 
211 Diamond J H 
213 Steele Wm 
215 O'Byrne Charles 
217 Beckett Mrs Esther 
2ia Gardner J P 
221 Green Mrs M A 
223 Ballard C J 
223 1 /) Wright Mrs P M 
225 Thomas Charles A 
22o'/j Beuey Win H 
227 Wilson Mrs E 
229 Gilmour J 
231 Armstrong J 
233 Poole Harry 
235 Hart Charles 
237 Chick Henry 
239 Rockhill Mrs Charlotte 
241-5 Vacant 
247 Stiuson Edward 
251 Law Win 
253 Irvine Henry, cattle dlr 

Vacant lot 

257 O'Reilly Mrs Elizabeth 
250 Bawden Wm 
201 Bawdeu Samuel 
2ti3 Smith George 
265 Roulston Andrew 
269 McConnel John E 
277 Marks DanU'1 

West Side 

Stsre, s e 

2 Colling James H 

10 Rothweil T H 

12 Milne John H 

14 Stephenson Wm 

16 Yates Wm T 

18 Myers John 

20 Culp Mrs Mary H 

22 Gray Mrs Jane H 

26 Jenkins Charles 

28-34 Unfinished Houses 

36 Gettnm John F 

40 Mauley George W 

44 De Geer Mrs Sarah 

4(5 Reid Aimon P 

48 Taylor James R, pntr 

50 Fewson Albert E 

52 Morris Owen J 

54 Armstrong Win G 

56 Jeffery Thomas 

00 House, s e 
• Vankonghnet st com 

62 Hare Joshua D 

04 Vacant 

60 Williams R O 

68 Mlmms John H 

70 Thorley Mrs M 

72 Dalton Miss Harriet 

74 Howard Wm E 

76 Morrlcc Adnm B 

78 Wood Thomas 

80 Jones John B 

82 Pyne Miss Elizabeth 

84 Webster John 

SO Campbell Miss Mary 

88 Forsyth James 

92 FIgg Wm 

94 Vacant 

90 Kvnns C J 

98 Lackle Hamilton T 
100 Graham Samuel J 
102 Shortt J E 
104 McGee George 
106 Forsyth Mrs Mary A H 
108 Johnston Wilson, exp 
110 Lugsdiu W E 
112 Wblfelaw Mrs M T 
114 Morden N S 

11« Woodcock C A 

113 Cowan David K 

122 Duubar Miss W, drsmkr 

1- 1 .\ii-iviuuon Alex 

126 Chapman Charles 

128 Stuart E R 

130 Stuart Wm 

^ Ulster st intersects 
130 Sheehau Patrick, coal 

Vacant lot 

142 Davies Mrs Margaret 
144 Irwiu Mrs Mary, uphol 
148 Rowland Win E. dairy 
150 McKilloo Robert 

153 I'arker Mrs R 

154 Hicks Wrn S 

150 Smith Erskine, bldr 
158 Reford Lewis 
ICO McMichael James W 
162 Winchester Thomas 
104 Hill George E, dentist 
100 Minor Morgan J 

Minor Miss B, mus tear 
108 Watson Edward U 

Wutson Mrs A 
170 Crewdson John K 
372 Collins Mrs Mary A 
174 Sexton Wm R 
170 Whitton Isaiah 
178 Vacant 

ISO Madden Daniel, bldr 
182 Forrester Augustus 
184 Gleasou Owen 
186 Oliver Wm H 
188 Whittleton John 
100 Young John H 
192 Brophy Hugh 
194 Darling diaries H 
196 Robinson Alex, gro 

• Harbord st intersects 
198 Rogers John G 

Rogers Miss L M, mus 


202 King George F F 
200 Dimnett James 
208 I'orter Wm A 
210 Roulstou Thomas, coal 
212 Reynolds H R. dairy 
214 Bromley Booth 
218 Riinmington Mrs Annie 
220 Thomson John S 

Public School 
^ Herrick st commences 
230 Hallett Samuel 
238 Mougeuel Arthur 
240 Hamilton James 
242 Blackmore Wm 
244 Mougeuel Jos. shoemkr 
246 Bruce Edward W 
248 Lang Archibald 
2*0 Crowe Flemington 
252 Patterson Richard 
254 Rombough Wm R 
256 Rozenblott Jacob B 

Turner Mrs Mary, r 
258 Torraville George 
260 Carmoodv Wm J. exp 
204 McCollum T E 
266 Thompson George 
2fi8 Knight George 
270 Thompson Mrs Margaret 
272 Young John T 
274 Shlngler Miss B. confr 

* Lennox st commences 
276 Tozer Ephraim 

278 Martin John 

2SO Pirn John 

282 Rritton Frank 

2S4 Goodman Frank B 

286 McRoberta Robert C 

288 Kitchener Win J 

2DO Weicliel Frank M 

2!)2 Baldwin Henry Y 

294 Mill rtendel! 

296 Nicholson J T 

Nicholson Mrs 51, Indry 
300 Shearer John 
304 Murray Mrs Martha 
308 Halley Maurice 
210 Stephens Mrs Margaret J 
312 Carey F Bruce 
314 Sleigh Horace H 

House, s e 

BOSTON AV, s from Gerrard 
e, bet Carlaw and Pape avs, 
ward 1. 

Not built on 

BOSWELL AV, w from 90 
Avenue rd to Bedford rd. 
ward 4. 

North .Side 

House, s e 
8 Ewart John H 
10 Hlginbothani Mrs Eliza 
12. Armstrong Thomas 

14 Beaty John G 

16 Webb Arthur A 

18 Rowhind Frank M 
20 Matthews Charles R 

22 Catto James A 

24 Koss A G 

2i I Watson T G 

28 Forson James 

30 Fisher T S 

34 Forgham Samuel B 

36 Plaskett John S 

38 Pearea John E 

40 Groves Robert 
Russell Charles, r 
Thomas Mrs Sarah, r 

42 Wilson Harry J M 

44 Harper George R 

46 Vernou Charles W 

48 Cunningham John AV 

50 Watson Adam D 
52 Welch Thomas 

54 Muldrew Wm J 

56 McBrlde Charles G 
58 Rose Mrs Florence M 
60 Sniythe Mrs Jennie 

Rowland Miss Hannah 
62 Hogg Robert F 
South Side 

Store, s e 

1 Petrie Gordon M 

15 Ross Mrs Julia, drsmkr 

17 I'arker Charles, bldr 

19 Duff Mrs Barbara 

23 Caldbeck George 

25 Elliott Frank S 
27 Harvey Henry 

29 Gulvln James 

31 Wilcox John 
33 Soper John, tlr 

35 Brown Thomas, carp 

37 Norwich Mrs Mary 

39 Cramp Thomas H 

41 Grandjean Philippe 

45 Stemmin Miss E 

47 Martin Albert J 

49 Armstrong Wm 
Armstrong I J 

51 Waiuwright G 

55 Teagle & Son, bldrs 
Teagle Edward 
House, s e 

BOULTBEE AV. e from Mac- 
dona Id to Jones av, first n 
of GTR tracks, ward 1. 

North Side 

2 Hayes \Vm 

4 Crocker Wm 

South Side 

Not built on 

BOUSTEAb AV. w from 
Roncesvalles av. opp Dun- 
das to Indian rd. ward 6. 

North Side 

Vacant lots 

18 Byrnell George C 

20 Hall W Joseph 

+ Alhambra st commences 

Vacant lots 
64 Watson Thomas J 

Howard School 
76 Ewlug Robert, dairy 

South Side 

Vacant lots 
Pierce Mrs Mary 
Vacant lots to end 

BOWDEN, u from Hogarth 
av to Dantorth av, ward 1. 
Not built on 

BOWMAN, n from 339 Carl- 
ton to Sackville pi, ward 2. 

East Side 

House, s e 
3 Passmore Simeon 
7 Godfrey Mrs Grace 
9 Chisholm James 

11 McLeod John N 

13 Ross Wm 

15 Muir Wm 

17 Whyiiiau Miss Aunle 
West Side 

2 Culross Wm B 

4 Lepper Arthur 

6 Lewis L A 

8 Woodley Mrs Ann E 

10 Thaln Joseph 

12 Thaiu James 
Stansfield Mrs Jane, r 

14 Metge Alexander 
Metge Mrs E. drsmkr 

BBAMPTON 1'L, w from rear 
of Dufferiu Driving Park to 
475 Brock av. ward 6. 

North Side 

Not built on 

South Side 

1 O'Keilly Kobert 

11 Callaii Norman 

13 Vacant 

^ Brighton pi ends 
House, s e 

BRANT, n from 534 King w 
to Farley av, ward 4. 

East Side 

Factory, s e 

17 McCarthy Mrs Mary A. 

19 Cratupton G E 

21 BucEler E B 

23 Alcock Massey 
2D Walsh Edward J 

Vacant, r 

Store, s e 

^ Adelaide st w Intersects 
35 Moise Wni E, gro 
37 Rimmer John 
39 Slattery John M 
41 Smith Henry 
43 Tobiu Timothy 
45 Armstrong J J 
47 Dawson Thomaa 
49 Arnott Henry G 
^ Camden st ends 
51 Hope George B 

Flood John K 
53 Dupgan Michael 

White Joseph J 
55 Depew Jerome, vet surg 
57 Leveriugton John 
61 House, s e 
West Side 

Hotel, s e 

8 Corrigan Mrs Mary 

10 Bouregard John Jr 

12 Kinsella Richard J 

14 Allen James 

16 Walsh John J 
Brady James, r 

18 Pearsali James A 

20 Dnnnett Peter 

22 Scholes Samuel 

24 Attridge H J 
26 Bird Wm 

28 Greig John 

30 Whyte Andrew G 

School, s e 
+ Adelaide st w Intersects 

St Andrew's sq 

BRANT PL. s from 529 King 

w, ward 4. 

East Side 

Store, a e 

\ Kidd Charles H 

3 Hill Edgar 

5 Forester Wm H 

7 Green Frederick H 

9 Busby John 

11 Vandewater Wm 

13 Gray John 

15 Jennings Thomas U 
West Side 

Store, s e 

2 Morrison Mrs Eliza C 

4 Adams Francis W 

6 Shoemaker Mrs Margaret 

8 Livingston Wm 

10 Cameron Frederick 

12 McDavitt Edward W 

14 Flnegan James 

10 Warren Frederick W 

BREADALBANE. w from 530 
Yonge to Surrey pi, ward S. 

North Side 

Store, a e 
2 Bursess Robert 




Brass Railings, Sheet Metal Goods. 

btNUUUUH SnUKirtAHU BUlftAlf, 

79 Adelaide St. E. (Cor. Church St.), TORONTO. 

Call at any hour. All kinds of Verbatim Report 
ing 1 . Copying* sent for and delivered promptly. 

Tel. 1343. THOMAS BENGOUGH, C.S.R., Manager. 



14 Edgecombe Win T 
10 Smith Hurry 

15 Ward John A 

20 Huuter Hugh 

22 Ureeu George, dairy 

24 Boyd Robert 

itj Mulhollaud Mrs M A 

28 Samo Charles W 

30 Kiucade Hubert 

32 McLaughliu Richard G 

34 Uyau James. 

36 Regan James, bldr 
38 Edwards J D 

40 Read David B, QC 

42 Davis Henry N 

40 Catto Charles J 
•^ St Vincent st intersects 
St Basil's School, s e 
St Joseph's Convent, s e 

South Side 

1 Hutty James H 
9 Fenwick U \V 

U Dnggan Mrs A 

13 Parker A E 

Mills Miss A, nurse 

13% Muuro Mrs Kllzabeth 

15 Downey Mrs E L 

17 Martin Miss E L, drsmkr 

19 Allan \\ ni 

21 Wilson Miss Elizabeth A 

23 I'ltmaD John 

25 Device Mrs Anne 
27 Thomson James 

29 Cooper Mrs Mary 

31 Lash John F 

33 Barber Hirnm R, arch 
Lash Mrs M. nurse 

35 MacEweu John 

37 Langtry Rev Dr John 
House, s e 

^ St Vincent at Intersects 

House, s e 
89 Douglas John 
91 Woods James W 
03 Monahau Mrs E 
95 Henderson Wilbur 

BRIGGS AV. s from Taylor. 

first w of Sumach, watd 2 
......... F.ast Side 

1 Mann Wra C 

3 KHpatrick Robert O 
Paterson Thomas J 

7 Brady Joseph 

8 Dobson Robert 

•j • West Side . . 

2 Webster James 

4 Scott Mrs M 

6 Mills Mrs Julia 
8 Rorke Mrs Marv 

10 Walker Frederick 
12 Fraser Win 

14 Mullen Wm 

16 Palmer James 

BRIGHT, n from 460 King e 
to Queen e, ward 2 

East Side 

House, s e 

11 Crute Samuel 
Carmlchael Mrs I 

15 McLennan John 

17 Sproule Wm 

21 Curran John, exp 

23 Collls Thomas 

25 Lornson John 
House, « P 

West Side 

Methodist Cli, s e 
10 Charlton Robert 

12 Simpson A L 
14 Angus Wm 

16 Berrell Charles H 

18 Perkins John, jr 
20 Young James 

22 Marks John 

24 Miller John 

26 McDonald Mrs Mary 
Buchan Charles 

28 Tutlfr Neil 

30 Herbert George 

32 Costigan Matthew 

34 Johnston John 

38 Robinson Charles 

38 Mahon Wm J 

40 Armstrong Jehu A 

42 Long Frank 

44 McDonald Ronald 

46 Steanland Wm C 

48 Pnrdee Mrs Mary A 

50 Rose Henry 
House, s e 

BRIGHTON AV, e from 181 
Pape av, ward 1. 

Xorth Side 

House, s e 

2 Ireland Charles 

4 Gray Charles 

8 Sbaughnessy Wm 
South Side 

Vacant lots 

1 Hackett Joseph 

3 Robinson Albert G 

5 Hertfclder Henry 
Vacant lots 

19 Warren Arthur R 
21 Yates Wm H 
23 Bell Frederick A 
25 Ross Mrs Alta M 

BRIGHTON PL, n 'rom Co- 
bourg av to 13 Brarapton 
pi, ward 6. 
Not built on 

BRITAIN, e from 149 George 
to Sherbourne, ward 2 

North Side 

Coulter & Campbell, s c 

2 Beck Adam, cigar boxes 
Pease Furnace Co 

^ Stone Cutter la Intersects 
Store, a e 

South Side 

House, s e 

9 Rosa Robert S 
11 Jones Robert 
13 Johnson Arthur 

17 Harnett Timothy J 
19 McConnell Archibald 

Vacant lot 
29 O'Leary Daniel 
31 Kelly James 
33 Healey Jobn 
35 Pollock Robert 
37 Thompson Edward 
45 Kelly John 
47 Rushton Jobn 
51 Merson Wm 
* Stone Cutter la Intersects 
53 Whalen John 
55 Burger Anthony 


Eastern av to Danforth av, 
crossing Queen at 712, ward 

East Side 

1 Claybourn Gregory 

5 Guest George, wh'ol btehr 

Private grounds 
11 Bnyes Richard 
13 Taylor Samuel R 
15 Sloman Henry 
17 O'Connor Thomas 
19 Parm Peter H A 

Private grounds 
27 Bailey Wm 
29 Ryan Mrs Eliza 
31 Parm Mrs Charlotte 
33 Trempe Arthur 

Vacant lots 

51 Lackey Mrs Margaret 
53 MrAvoy Owen J 
55 Mitchell Thomas 
57 Dickey Alfred H 
59 Minus Mrs Jane 
61 Caru.igban Jos T 

Vacant lots 
73 Fahey Michael 
77 Talbot Xavier 
79 Rennardson George W 
81 Barnes Joseph A 
83 Steele Judson 
85 Minns Wm 
87 Murray Win J 

Private grounds 
91 Harris Henry 

Store, s e 
^ Queen st e intersects 

Store, s e 
109 Jay Thomas L 

Jay Mrs Jennie, couty 
111 Hlne Samuel 

Hlne V E, ruus tehr 
119 Hill Thomas, dairy 

Private grounds 
137 Kelley Robert 

Kelley Miss E C, drsmkr 

Kelley Miss L K, inns 


139 Jupp James W 
141 Care Thomas 

Care Miss E, drsmkr 
143 Watson T J 
145 Milne Alexander 
147 Irwin Mrs Martha 

Vacant lots 

• Kiutyre av commtaces 
161 MacFadden Wm A 

163 Bastian Thomas 
165 Scott Mrs Susannah 
107 Sheebev Thomas J 
169 Pattou Louis H 
171 Mason George J jr 
179 Macdonnld Peter 
199 Brlckcll George 
221 Troman George 
220 Hanna James 

Hnniiii Mrs M J. dairy 
231 Penwardeu Win J 
233 Harbutt Thomas H F 
235 Grinnell Thomas 

Grlnnell T & Son, coal 

• Elliott st intersects 
239 Shields Joseph, gro 

241 Armstrong George, tinner 
243 Hind Wm K, prov dlr 
243>-i Counter Fred, shoemkr 
245 Bible Frank H. pro 
:M7 Selway David 

Selwav Miss I-], tiius tchr 
251 Leamen H G 
257 White Win T 
259 Harris Albert, wines 

• Allen av commences 
263 Coombe R H, gro 
265 Madder Fred, balder 
267 Barrett Wm 

Vacant lots 

+ Second av commences 
Vacant lots 

• First av commences 
Vacant lots 

X55 Hyde George 
357 Green Henry 
359 Brown Henry L 
Vacant lots 

• Gerrard st e intersects 
363 McLean & Van Lr;>m, gros 
:!65 McLean Donald 

Van Loon Richard 
367 Sneath C U, MD, drugs 

Postofflcc (br) 

MeCamlless Mr- C: 
3G9 Boyd W J 

Boyd Mrs E J. dry gds 
371 Gibson Jolm W 
373 Gibson John 

Vacant lots 

385 Sneath Charles R, phy 
^ Simpson av commences 

Vacant lots 
425 Evans Noah 
427 Armstrong Joseph 10 
429 Parker Rev Peter C 

^ Victor av commences 
433 Green Mrs M. Indry 

Private grounds 
441 Laiiffley Benjamin 

^ I.anglcv av commences 
443 Yule Robert 

Private grounds 
469 Davidson James 
+ Smith st commences 

Private grounds 
483 Zarfass G F, baktr 

Vacant lots 

^ Witbrow av commences 
505 Ramsav Win L 
+ Bain av commences 

Vacant lots 
^ Sparkhall av commences 

Vacant lots 
583 Vine Mrs Frances 
585 Whitehouse Henry 

633 Hogarth Thomas 

Vacant lots to end 
West Side 

Baseball grounds, <> e 
104 Store, s e 
+ Queen st e Intersects 

Bank of Commorre, s e 
108 Store, s e 

Dlnghman's Hall, s e 
110 Russell Miss A. drsmkr 
110'v MaddocK Charles 
112 Royal Can Bicycle Club 

114 Craven George J 

Craven Mrs I, dr«rokr 
116 Brodle Alexander 
118 Hnghson Wm. 
120 Gucken Stephen M 
122 Thompson John jr 
124 Farr Terrence 
126 Haynes John W 
328 Haliburton James 
134 Buckler Frederick 
• 136 MacMillan Win J S 
1 140 Maxwell Francis 
1 142 Wilson Thomas 
144 Sparks Robert 
150 Sparks Mrs Anne 
180 Culllton Thomas J 
182 Dennen Jay H 
184 Boothe James 
186 Hutcninson I E 
188 CameroTT Robert 
190 Cathro Wm H 

^ Paul st ends 
.92 . 

192 Allen Robert 
198 Vacant 
200 Unfinished house 
202 Solomon Joshua 

Vacan' lots 

224 Free Methodist Church. 
22G McGovern E A 
228 Redford John W 
230 Bnckland C J, piur 
232 Rame Walter 
234 Berrie Thomas, ! 
^ Elliott st interse 

Vacant lots 
246 Laurie Donald 

Private grounds 
272 Ormerod J W, flour 
276 Kennedy Mfg Co, ' j 

Kennedy Robert 
2SO Burridge Edward, dairy 

Burrldge Wm T. i.\pr-'s* 
282 Scale Francis H 
284 Euio Wm 
286 Wilcock Stephen J 
288 Barrett Christoph 
290 Buckley George P 

Vacant lot 
294 Munn John 

Congregational Church ' 

• Moiintstephen st end ' 
302-4 Smith G D, novelties 
306 McKenzle John R 

308 Belyea John W 
310 McCimig Donald \ 
312 S A Barracks 

Vacant lot 

354 Cordwell James, bUi 
356 Coulam Frederick C 
358 Ryan James 
SCO Scott A. blksmith 

• Gerrard st e inter- 
Toronto Jail, s e 

380 McMillan John 

Wilson Thomas H. r 

Allen Denis, r 

Lowry John, r 

Norris John, r 

Riverside Park 

Isolation Hospital, i e 
712 Whito George K. dairy 

Vacant lot 

742 Hannah Robert W 
744 Hooper Henry F 
746 Wheeler Robert 
748 Evans Walter 
750 Richards George A 
752 Oaten Robert, gro 

Browne J A, artist 

BROADWAY PL, w from 268 

Spadina av, ward 4. 
North Side 

2-8 Store, s e 
12-14 Warehouse 
20 Hunt James 
22 Kyle James 
26 Collier John A 
2S Marker John 
:JO Hattey Thomas 
32 Allen Wm 
34 Lee Daniel F 
36 Griffith Mrs Ma'ilda 
38 Fetter John 
40 McElrcy Hugh 
42 Long Charles B 
44 Scott Wm 

44^ Barkworth Charles A 
46 I.ocklngton Mark 
48 Walsh David 

Iron Stable Fittings, 

Oat Cleaners, Feed Boxes, 

Tisdale Iron Stable Fittings Co., Limited, 

Office : 6 Adelaide St. E. 'Phones 6 & 104. 

The Confederation Life 

issues a. Policy which has NO 

CONDITIONS, and guarantees 


after two years. 

106 Broadway PI. 


50 Jones Thomas 

52 Hill David A 

54 1'earce Dauic! 

South Sul.- .. . 

Store, s e 
7 Hitter Pliillp E 
9 Keahn Mrs Hnuim 

BROCK AV. u from 1352 
Queen w to 11 of Blooi- w, 
ward 6. 

East Side 

Office, s e 

5-7 McQuillen J, iVksmlth 
911 Brown W J, carriage- 

Vacant lots 
17 McMulian J, shoemkr 

• Noble st ends 

19 Rolston John 

21 Taylor A E. vet fare 
2:: Atkinson Mrs S J ' 

Atkinson Miss E A, Ulus 

20 Smith Mrs Martha 
Vacant lots 

35 Kinuear Philip 

Private grounds 
43 Cauipbtll Alexander 

• Barubrldge st ends 
47 Warnock Charles E 
49 Clarke Lewis 

51 Stonebam Mrs Elizabeth 

5.'! Moode? Albert J 

5"' Vacant 

.~>7 'J Harrison J A, 

(»:: Menzles George 

<;.-. Evelelgh Wm 

Vacant lot 
71 Bowley Win 
83 Vacant 
85 Mortson Heurv 
87 Hamilton Win 

• Railway crossing 
117 Beattle Johu J 

• Florence st ends 
123 Stewart Jolin J \V 
125 Thoruley George 
127 Giinu John 

129 Duck Frank 
131 Barber Edward 
133 Homer Win 
135 Bond Samuel 
137 Harris Edward 

139 Langley Patrick 
141 Fleming Alexander 
143 Clark Harva 

145 Slack Thomas 
147 Adair Ernest T 

140 Malone George 
151 Wilson John, gro 

• Middlcton st end 
353 Grand National Rink 

e- Prankish av ends 
203 Vacant 

205 Roberts HiiBli. gro 
207 Lelghton T. gro 

209 Pollard A T. tlr 
Vacant lot 

215 Snider Charles 
217 McPhersnii Joiin 

210 Summers Alexander C 
221 Mottrniu Pryce 

Mottrain M, mils tchr 
223 Doherty George (' 
•-!'-'.. Neil Duncan 

Cameron Miss K. nuis 

227 Murray Hugh 

Muir Miss E. drsinUr 
227V6 Liddlard Georjre, ero 

+ Marshall st ends 
229 Marshall Mrs Mary 
233 Marshall Wm 
235 White Herbert 
237 Montgomery J. A 
239 Chambers Edward 
•• Brockton av ends 
241 Marshall John, .btrhr 
243 Brodie James, shoemkr 
245 Beat ran i Wm 
247 Warworn! James. uius 


249 Scott James, bldr 
251 Miller Adam 
253 Edwards Rev Thomas 
255 Stretton George A 
257 Wharton Thomas A 
259 Adams Walter 
261 Hutchlns Win 

Plymouth Brethren Ch 
Store, s e 

• Dundas st intersects 
Store, s c 
Vacant lots 

293 Sanderson R G 

295 Moftatt George 

^ Atkin av ends 

Vacant lots 
+ Moutray st ends 
335 Murton J J. whol btchr 

Murton Miss J. nius tchr 
339 Seager Juhn 
^ College st intersects 

House, s e 

355 Levack A, whol btchr 
357 Urury Lawrence F 
359 Doyle John 
301 Hammond Mrs E 

McFarlaue Miss J, drsmkr 
303 Ewiug Mrs Margaret 
305 Blainey James A P 
3G7 Perkins Sidney i 

Vacant lots 
+ Lindsay av ends 
309 Varey Joseph J, gro 

Vacant lots 
379 Milne Theodore 
:;sl Shepherd Louis 
383 Varey John B 
38". llishon Daniel 
387 Wilt-ox Daniel J 
389 Williams David, gro 
391 Storeroom 

^ Muir av ends 
3'.t3 Whetstone 1). gro 
3»7 Booth John J 
399 Petrie Andrew 
401 Mottram George H 
403 Hyues Michael E 
403 Bishop Edward A 
407 Pen-In Richard 
409 Clarry Harvey E 
411 Dieksou John W 
413 Wheeler Louis 
415 O'Neill Michael J • 
417 Stanley Edmund 
419 Tanner Alexander 
421 Camming Charles F 
^ Cheslcy av ends 

Vacant lots 
-445 Bush Win H 
447 Pretty John, shoeuikr 
449 Stokor Thomas D 

Vacant lots 
^ C'obourg av ends 
437 Jameson James 1' 

Vacant lots 
403 Burns Thomas J 
4(1'. Robertson J A 
407 Tullock Peter 

Vacant lots 
47"' Bernard James 
+ Brampton pi ends 

Market garden 
573 Lightfoot C. mkt gdnr 

Vacant lots 

• Bloor st w intersects 
Vacant lots 

i!21 Deacon Johu T 

1)2.' McCann John X 

(127 Moore John 

02!J McDonald Donald 

list MeDnnald Duncan D 

(133 Wire John 

<i3."i .Sanli-er George 

t!37 Young John 

Vacant lots 

005 Boddington Charles T 
(i(!7 Gibson Mrs C, gro 

Gibson Miss G. mils tchr 
•171 Groat Albert S 
07:! Corhett Robert 
(;7,"\ .Thompson John S 
077 Moxon Thomas W 
079 Seeley Thomas H 
(IS! Wallace Frank 
OSS Vacant 
OS5 Bailey Thomas 
(".SO Catterall Juhn 
fini McCann Felix 
West Side 

Store, s e 
8 Gracey John 
10 McQiiiilen James 
12 Marshall John 
14 Cottier Mrs Isabella 
+ Abbs st commences 

House, s e 
10 Weller Augustus 

IS Weeks Edwin O 
2u Deall John 
22 '1'ravers James 

Crews Mrs Eva, drsmkr 
'J4 Walker James 
'M Leek Watson 
'2$ Eyiunnn Henry 
ol» Wui'suop Miss Mary 
32 Stone Edward C 

Stone Mrs Jane, drsmkr 
il Dukelaw Peter 
3t) Tregaskis George 
^ Maple Grove commences 

Congregational Church 
56 Todd Thomas W 
58 McKlnlay Duncan 
<\0 Spence David 
ASeafortn av commences 
(12 Woollier Isaac N 

04 Medd Sidney T 
«« Shaw Hugh N J 

05 Furber John 

70 Mihell George A 

7J Mussclman Jacob 

74 Qarbutt Richard, exp 

7.S Hodge Eiiianuel B 

SO Littler Frank 

84 Brown Mrs Susan 

SO Rose Wm B 

: Cunningham av com 
Railway crossing 

Vacant lot 
122 Mclimis John 
13S-40 Vacant houses (2) 
146 Westover C J. cut lyr 
150 Hughes Wm W 
132 Walker James B 

Vacant lots 

+ Delauey cres commences 
104 Raukin Robert 

Private grounds 
174 Price Thomas 
170 Dalton Richard 
178 Blatherwick Henry 

Vacant lots 
190 Green Andrew W 
192 1'eay Walter W 
194 Kna'pp M W. putr 
196 Ostrom George F 
198 Burns Win J J 

Vacant Kits 

• Wyndham st commences 
208 MeXamara Mrs Mary 
214 Koyd David 
216 Baird Joseph H 
218 Holden Mrs Annie 

Holden Robert, pntr 
220 Dault Antoine 
222 Cusack Thomas 
224 Kilpatrlck A C 

Private grounds 
228 Corp Walter 
230 Haslett Thomas J Jr 
232 Kent George 

^ Shirley st commencea 
234 Hamm W V t>, contr 

Hainm XIrs A P, gro 
236 Stryker Reuben 
238 Lee Frederick 
2tO Gallachev Wra F 
242 Cawthorn Albert R 
244 Hughes James A 
24U Sterling Wm H 
248 Payne George 
250 Brock James 
252 Seobpll Alfred G 

254 Robinson James 
25(! Parke Johu 

255 Craig Mrs Ann J 
2(iO Atkinson Samuel G 

Vacant lots 
274 Warehouse 
270 St Mark's Hall 
278 Store, s e 
+ Dnndas- st intersects 

Old building 

House, s e 
2S2 Moroney John, livery 

Vacant 'lots 
202 Thomson J C 
298 Abbs Robert, florist 

Vacant lots 
318 Gannon C, whol btchr 

Private grounds 
333 Nightingale Stephen 

Vacant lots 
^ College st Intersects 
344 Macdonald Wm H 
310 Marriatt Alfred 
350 Brennan James J 

Vacant lots 
370 Campbell Neil M 
372 Mclunis Mrs E 
374 Williams Wm H 
376 Stubbs Frank 
378 Martin George 

Vacant lots 
380-400 Brock Av Sett 
404 Maloney John 

Vacant lots 
410 Newton Edmund D 

Vacant lots 
44t» Maloney Michael 

Private grounds 
406 Rae Albert 
408 DHchUmn T C 
470 Crosbie James 
472 llarford Wm E 
474 Cameron Hugh 
476 Mltligan H I 
478 Mitchell S. pntr 

Vacant lots 

568 Boland T J, mkt gdnr 
^ Bloor st w intersects 

Vacant lots 
028 Marshal George J 
(i30 McPhersnii Mrs M J 
OS2 Reed James 
034 l-'ewson John 
036 Pratt N A 
638 Reeves Anson 
010 Kelsey John 
042 Boddington Frank J 

Vacant lots 

Unfinished house 

BROCKTON AV, w from 112 
Sheridan av to Brock ar, 
ward 6. 

North Side 

Vacant lot 

8 Grossman Abraham 
10 Plunkett Samuel, contr 
12 Verral Robert J 
Store, s e 

South Side 

House, s e 

BROOKE AV, e from How- 
land rd to Logan av, first n 
of Gerrard e, ward 1. 

North Side 

4 Dorman Wm J 
0 Bruckahaw George 

8 Monk Wm A 

10 Drury George K 
12 Small Mrs Emily M 
14 Lowrey James 

Dorainick A J. mus tchr 
16 Galrns Edward W 
18 Williams Thomas 

Kater" Mrs Sarah 
20 Lucas Charles K 

24 Leslie Alexander C 
20 Fitzslmons Henry 

28 rrnwfc.rd Frederick 

30 Risk Mrs Mary E 
South Side 

House, s e 
7 Salisbury Henry J 

9 Care Wm 
Vacant lots 

25 Radenhnrst John C 
27 fare Henry 

29 Grady John 

31 Lee John C 
35 Jones Franklin 
37 Coulson Angus 
39 Clarke Wm J 

41 Spence Samuel J 
43 Duff T~homas A 

BROOKFIELD, n from 103> 

Queen w to Humbert »r, 

ward 5. 
East Side 

1 Tuck Wm H 
Plaskltt Barr 

7 Rolston James 

9 Williamson John 
11 Jackson John 
13 Stover Abraham H 
15 Bard George A 
17 Brown Mrs Rachel 
19 Maguire Edward A 
21 Bayliss H W. mus tchr 
23 Jones Herman A 
25 Black Harry 
27 Smith Mrs Ellen M 
31 Mick Herbert G 

Sherman E. Townsend, 

Pole Accountant, Auditor and Assignee, 


Cable Address, 



Policies are indisputable after two years, 

and carry guaranteed Cash, Loan 

and Paid-up Values. 

Brook field. 



33 Griffin John C 

35 Copeland Archibald 

37 O'Leary George 

39 Clarke Charles H 

41 Shepherd Alfred 

43 Damp Win J 

45 Carson John 
47 Held Wm T 

49 Hansch Charles J 

51 Kelly James 

53 Ucid James B 

55 Martin Louis 

57 Barber Thomas 

59 Slaght Wm H 

61 Hobinsou Thomas D 

C3 Smith John & Son, bldrs 

Smith John 
05 McCreary Wm 

McArthur Mrs M, nurse 

67 McBean Mrs Sarah 
West Side 

Store, 8 e 

8 Stevenson Septimus 
10 Jarvis Bold 
12 1'ark Andrew 

14 Carter Mrs Sophia 
16 Brown John 

15 Edward Charles 
22 I.augstaff It McK 
24 Dance Mrs Sarah 

26 Stephens J A, dairy 
28 Madden Martin 
Greensldes John 
30 Oliver John H 
32 Dance John 

34 Banger Henry 

36 Johnson Oliver B 

38 Britton Mrs Margaret 

40 Hark Henry, bldr 

42 GHVireath John 

44 Woodall Albert G 

46 Warren Frederick W 

50 Preston Albert R 

52 Froud Francis T 

54 Sweet George H 

56 Cahill Edward 

58 Michie George T 

60 Abbott Wm J 

62 Graham John 

(H Eaton Benjamin K 
66 Anderson Thomas 

68 Lillle Frank G 

70 Rattray Mrs Johanna 

BROOKLYN AV. n from 1098 
Queen e to Dagrnar BT, 
ward 1. 

..'. East Side 

Vacant lots 
St Clements tAng) Cb. 
43 Young James 

Vacant lots 
.V> Hinkley John 
57 Linton Wm 
.V.i Philpot Wm 
Vacant lots 
"3 Ibbetsou Win 
73 McLaehlan H\igh J 

Vacant lots 
So Drummond John 
s'» Glllespie John 
Vacant lots 
Unfinished house 
107 Carter Joseph 

Vacant lots 
11. "> K'iw;ii"ls diaries W 

Unfinished house 
121 Oxiey Win B 
123 Holland John 

West Side 

Store, s e 
2 Tyndall G R 

Tyndall M. dairy 
4 Murphy Daniel 

Private grounds 
10 Moffatt Mrs Mary C 

Vacant tots 
18 Edwards Wm 

Vacant lots 
26 Morgan Win H 
30 Howarth John J 

Vacant lots 
50 Murray John J 
52 Montgomery George W 
54 Utley Edwin, acct 

Private grounds 
60 Hogarth Thomas J, exp 
70 Lewis Wm 
Vacant lots 
Nixon John 

+ Brighton av ends 
HI dillard Charles 
Unfinished housi- 
124 Kimberley Wm H 

12K I'aget Robert H 
f:> Ma.-kintosh Mrs A 
130 Mllloy Israel W 
132 Holland Patrick, cattle 

Queen e. third e of Kingston 
rd, ward 1 
Not built on 

BROWN LAM:, e from 99 
Bathurst. ward 4 

North Side 

House, s e 

14 Heinrich George 
South Side 

House, s e 

3 Burns Mrs Mary 
13 Byrne Thomas 

15 Donohue Patrick 

BRUCE, w from 150 Shaw to 
Dundas, ward 5. 

North Side 

Store, s e 

2 Bmlthennan Arthur E 

4 Price James 

. Heasley Mrs Elizabeth 

8 Hosier Mrs Annie 
House, s e 

^ Giveiis st intersects 

Slaughter house 
^ Argyle pi commences 
24 Hudson Mrs Ann 
20 Weir Wm 
House, s e 

*Mith Side 

House, s e 
1 Wright Richard J 

3 Free James 

5 Douglas John 

7 Hudson Charles 

9 Addison Frank 
House, s e 

^ Givens st intersects 

House, g e 

47 Lambert Mrs Mary 
Store, s e 

354 College to Wells, ward 

. . .' East Side 

1 McBean's Hall 
Baker George, caretkr 
Felton Clement, gunsmith 
Manniug Mrs E. tobacco 
Central Gospel Hall 
3 Hooper Ebenezer, phy 
5 Lockhart Reginald R 
7 Winter Francis W 
9 Jubb Mrs Margaret 

11 Hamilton Rev Christopher 

IS Wilson Jacob 

in Wedd John C 

17 Gilpin Wm H 

19 Niles Charles B 

21 Penfold A D 

23 McTavlsh Thomas H 

25 Jewett Mrs Catherine 

27 Walsh James W B 

31 Greenwood A S 

33 Wilson Wm A 

35 Cochrane Mrs Mary A 

37 Walter Mrs Annie C E 

30 Wltzel Theodore A 

41 Stewart Alexander 

43 Dntble John B 

43 Alexander Wm W 

Alexander Miss J, elocu 

47 Scott J Fairbalrn 

49 Macrae George H 

51 Boyd John 

53 Saunders S P 

55 Llttlejohn J B B 

57 Mnlholland Robert 

59 White W Thomas 

61 Reid Alex T 

03 McMnrrieb. John D 

65 Batty Wm 

Batty Miss Alice, nurse 

07 Taylor Miss S L 

69 Vacant 

71 Gamble Charles B 

73 McConnell Wm G 

75 McMaster Wm F 

77 Phillips George 

7U Joyce Wallace J 

Unfinished houses (4) 
^ Ulster st intersects 

-3 Mastc.iw F W, gro 

87 Vaughau Mrs Eliza 

VaiiL'tiaii Miss B, drmkr 

89 Ball Wm H 

91 McCullougu Wm J 

93 Downard Mrs Mary 

95 Baggs Wm 

97 Archer Wm J 

99 Hill John A 
101 Williams W J. plmbr 
103 Smith James 
inr. Berry Wm 
Vacant lots 
121 Dale Ernest 
123 Vacant 
125-29 Jones Bros, bldrs 

Jones Wm C 
131 Johnston Robert 
133 Fuuston John J, ]r 
135 Hall Alfred E 
137 I'ower Frederick H 
139 Downey M J, dairy 
141 Hathway E O, btchr 

^ Harbord st intersects 
143 Cobb G W. barber 
14.", Krumrayh Henry, baker 
147 Mah Jim, Indry ' 
149 Caddell Walter 
131 Farthing Robert 
133-55 Lewis John 
157 Robinson Thomas B 
159 Ballantyne John 
161 Foresters' Hall 

Church of Christ 
165 Alexander Mrs J, fey gds 
Davey Mrs Georglna I, r 
167 Reggin John 
lil Vacant 
173 Box George W 
ITS Bain Donald 
177 Stevens Geo, jr, florist 
179 Alexander James, bldr 
181 Bromley John 
183 Martin Hugh W 
185 Collins John N 
187 Corln John L 
191 Williamson Thomas 
193 Raison Charles W 
197 Bradwick Frederick 
199 Cheat ley Mrs M, gro 
Cheatley Patterson 

• Sussex av Intersects 
201 Jackson Charles E 
203 Appleton Harry C Y 
205 Scott Charles W 
207 Brownlow Win 

L't'Ki Bowles Win. exp 
211 Mclntosh James, pntr 
213 Pearce Thomas H 
213 Kennedy James x florist 

Kennedy Mrs J, drsmkr 
219 Sherwood John M 
223 Cr.lliss Frank 
225 Cummlngs James 

Vacant lot 
231 Morrison Niel 
2K3 LangstafT Louisa F 
235 Milne A S. r-arp 
2«» Milup George 
241 Cox James 
243 Bond George 
243V4 Potter Joseph W 
245 Williams Alfred 
247 Davidson Rev John 
•_"7'.i Hancock Cyrus 
?"9 Adams Alfred 
251 Fox Mrs Ella 
233 Cooke George 
233 Davis Thomas E 
237 Ash ford Thomas 
259 Rodgers James, dairy 

Hotel, s e 

• Bloor st w intersects 
Private grounds 

271 Sinclair A J 
273 Vacant 

317 Dalton Mrs Ophelia H 
Vacant lots 

• Lowther av Intersects 
Vacant lots 

333 Magee Mrs Emma H 
335 Williams David 
.'137 Simpson Wm J 
359 Thompson Wm I 

West Side 

Store, s e 
2 Gillies Edward 
Tresham Mrs Eliza 
Beaton D H. dentist 
Nicholson Wm B, barber 
2% Boyd Charles E 
4 Storerooms 
6 Short Erilest 
4a Wood Alexander 
4% Levee Louis S 
6a Colling Rev Joseph 8 
8 Ruddock John 
10 Millburn Thomas 
12 Walker John 
14 Paterson J Harry 
16 Howson Mrs Rebecca A 

Howson Miss A J, artUt 
18 Wilson George L 
20 Murton Arthur W 
22 Lightiiound George 
24 Hannah Wm G 
26 McArthur Mrs Margaret 
28 Craufurd Miss Mary 
30 Chapman Mrs B L 
32 Nixon Mrs Mary J 
34 Conlin Mrs Julia A 
36 Hay Mrs Mary E 
38 Kennedy Lyman 1 A 
40 Williams Richard T 
Davison Horace W 
42 Rogers Asa C 
44 Duncan Lyhe J 
46 Bart lam James L 

Bartlam Mrs E O, school 
Bartlam J Llewellyn 
48 Littlejohn John 
50 Dale Mrs Hannah 

Yates Mrs Lilly, muilc 


52 Browne Wm A 
54 Helliwell Frank 
5fi Cook Win 
58 Chown Rer Samuel D 
60 Fox Win C 
62 Tlsdall Henry W 
64 Grand Mrs Susan J 
06 Breckenridee Mrs Agne« 
68 Giles David A 
70 Brlgham John E 

Nurses' Home 
72 Bower Joseph W 
74 Hilborn Eli H 
76 Dunnlne Charles W 
78 Oregg Maxwell R 
80 Ready John A 
82 Patteson Godfrey B 
84 Paterson Mrs F I 
86 Millar Lindsay F. phy 
^ Ulster st Intersects 
88 Batt Thomas W 
02 Hunter Lawrence 
94 Flynn Miss Bertha H 
90 McGregor Rev Malcolm 
98 Hoidge Henry J 
100 Woltz George 

".'. Sievert John A 
102 Benlamin Meritt A 
104 Keener Mrs A M V 
100 Trout Wm E 
108 Splnk John 
110 Ruse Charles 
112 Jackson Frederick D 
11 ' T> n«todo Harry 
110 Rowers Abiel' S 
118 Morris Wm J 
120 Hull Cyrus A. bldr 
122 Smith Henry T 
124 Campbell Thomas 
120 Bromley James 
128 Bromley Albert E 
130 Hedge George 


LAKE SIMCOE ICE Exclusively 

Delivered to all parts of the City 

and Suburbs all year round. 




Office, 43 ESPLANADE ST. E. 
JAS. FAIRHEAD. - Manaeer. 


North British & Mercantile Insurance Go. 

GOOCH & EVANS, Resident Agents. 

26 Wellington St. East. 

Tel. No. 423. 

108 Brunswick Av. 


132 Slutttry Harry J 
134 Paflenden Mrs Harriet 
130 Farwell Frederick 
138 Fewings Ernest B 
140 Hannaford Mrs Ellen 
142 Gates Archibald A 

144 Pinkney Joseph, dairy 
140 Atkinson Win J, coal oil 

145 Vacant store 

• Harbord st Intersects 
150 Glllespie George 

152 Maltby Wm C, gro 

154 Scuubart Win. btchr 
Schubart Miss A McD, 

inus tchr 
150 Warren Mrs Annie 

155 Hambridge George F 
100 Saulter Wm J 

162 Pincombe John L, plmbr 

164 (,'ounery Joseph, bldr 

168 Trice Leonard G 

166% Itoblnson John T 

168 McArthur Wm L 

172 Muir Wm. exp 

174 Baldwin Mrs Eden 

176 Van Slckler J A 

178 Lumbers Thomas 

180 Bradshaw John H 

182 Crookenden R P 

'•• i dark John J 

186 I'urves Thomas R 

188 McCrea Mrs A E 

190 Forbes Wm R. massage 

Forbes Mrs Wm, massage 
192 O'Connor George W 
104 Pettlt Ebenezer T 
1!Hi Penklvil Wm N 
198 Parry Mrs Susan 
200 Morrison James N 
2'K.' Ward Wm H 

+ Sussex av Interscts 
204 Wray Alex, grocer 
206 Brfnsmead Hugh 
208 Hillock James 
210 Hanna Thomas 
212 Sexton Wm 
214 Parks Robert 
216 Daren ^Irs Margaret 
218 Harding Win 
220 Olson Magnus 
222 Durno Robert A C 
224 Ferrey Win H. plstr 
226 Robinson Geo H, uphol 
228 ("onwa.v Win J 
232 Bakewell Ebenezer 
234 Leeour Mrs Eliza 
236 Conner Carlton W 
238 Sheppard Miss Mary J 
240 Credicott Richard 
242 Bland Lancelot J 
244 Honey Arthur J 
246 Bolton Martin 

Bolton Mrs Elizabeth H, 

Dawson Mrs J, nurse 

Munns Miss J H, nurse 
248 Richards Frederick W 
250 Yorston James A 
252 Bond Mrs Mary 
254 Gourlay Mrs Sarah 
256 Puritan Laundry 
200 Vaughan Alfred A 
262 Strachan J A. blksmlth 

Store, a e 
+ Bloor st intersects 

Vacant lots 
306 Brumell Walter B 
30* Cull Arthur G 
3TO T'ssher John F C 
312 Watson Joseph 
314 Lowndes Charles B 
316 Taylor J Ferguson 

Vacant lots 

330 Goodspeed Rev Calvin 
332 Borrett James W 

." "inner Mrs Loretta 

83« McKee Mrs Eliza 

338 Simpson Mrs Sarah J 

340 Newton George J 

342 Thompson Wm S 

344 Russell Edward 

346 Allen Edwnrd 

348 Rogerson Wm 

3T.O Spence John 

352 Marks John W 

Unfinished house 
372 Booth Charles E 

Vacant lots 

• Barton av commences 
:;7s Niddrie Wm H 

380 Brumi'll Mrs Emily 

Carter Mis* M. urns tchr 
Vacant lots 
Ins McGee Harry 
410 Lloyd Henry H 

BUCHANAN, w from 424 
Yonge to Teraulay, ward 3. 

North Side 

Store, s e 
2 Hanua Samuel R 
4 McLean Miss Elizabeth 
ii M'illner George F 
6% Blackgrove Mrs Marg 
8 Porritt Mrs Fatlrua J 

Porritt Miss E, mus tchr 
10 Stoodley Mrs Mary 

Stoodley Miss M M. artist 

12 Townley Wm A 

14 Buchanan F H 

16 Robertson Mrs F 

18 Taber F Wm 

20 Hutchison George 0 
22 Baker Wm 

South Side ..._ 

1-7 Store, s e 
9-11 Store room 

13 Henry Win 

15 Tomllnson Mrs Annie E 

17 Bonner James 
Bonner Miss Iva 

19 Adams Benjamin, pntr 
Allan Mrs Barbara, r 

21 Hopkins John L 
23-29 Webb's bakery 
31 Sluman Wm 

33 Ardley Albert P 

Ritchie F J, r 
35 Smith George 

Gibbons Patrick, r 
37 Holllday Edward D 
39 Leavens Bruce 
39y a Ireland Frank N 
41 Williams Wm 
43 Kmerv James 

47 Beulah Hall 
Rushbrook Henry J 

r,1-r,li Tliumpson D W Co 
The, upholsterers' sup 

BTJLWKH, w from 12 Soho 
to Spadina av. ward 4. 

North Side 

House, s e 
Lumber yard, s e 
4 Peer Wllmot 
6 Hopkins Edward 
8 Adams George 
10 Vaiiiili'i-stHne Jos 
12 Rivreton Joseph 

14 T,.irs.-h Mr- Mary 

16 Murphy John 

18 Roi.l Mrs Agnes 

20 McCarthy Mrs Honora 

22 Coulter Andrew 
Kendrick John, r 

24 Lapat Wulfert 

Snyder Wm 
2<i Judge Wm 
28 Stewart Mrs Margaret 

30 Frankish Edward B 
School grounds 
Rear entrance 

48 Vacant 

50 McBrlde Robert 
52 Weeks John M 
54 Micks George G 

South Side 

House, s e 
1-3 Storehouse 

Planing mill, r e 

15 Pennington Richard 
15i/, Service Philip 

17 Dearie T R. pntr 

19 Mowat James 

21 Abbot George 
Private grounds 

2"> Bailey Mrs Janet 
27 Kennett Joseph 

Kennett Miss L. drsmkr 

Rear entrance 

31 Perrin Wm 

3.' fJulllver Michael 

37-39-Vaeant (2) 

41 Drake Lewis 

43 Meier James, shoemkr 

45 Davies Samuel 

49 Davies David J 

51-53 Vacant (2) 
55 Malone Mrs Rose 
57 Banuau John 
59 Barker John J 
House, s e 

100U Shaw to Ossingtqn av, 
ward 5. 

North Side 

IS i 'arter Daniel 
House, s e 

South Side 

33 Keith John C 

BYRON AV, n from Chatham 
to Danforth av, 1 e of Les 
lie, ward 1. 

East Side . . .„. 

3 Bibby James W 

5 Vacant 

9 Jordan Wm J 

West Side 

Not built on 

CAF.K HOWELL. west from 
head of Simcoe to 161 Mc- 
Caul, ward 4. 

North Side 

McCaul School 
Erskine Pres Church 

20 Griffin Wm 
l>i Yates Wm R 

24 Schcll Wm F, gro 

+ Murray st commences 

26 Bnguy Mrs Annie 
2s McCa'w Wm 

30 Carpet Cleaning Co 
Corney Henry W 

32 Williams George 
Private grounds 

."4 Manning James A 
Woollngs Bros, s e 

South Side 

Church, s e 

• Simcoe st ends 
Store, s e 

1 Underbill Wm 
3 Eraser Alexander 
5 Jones G H. mus tchr 
7 Burling Henry 
9 Bland Frank 
fji;. Rlley Mrs Elizabeth 
11 Victoria Hotel 

• William st ends 

13 McColl Mrs Sefrona 
1"> McLean Miss Annie 
17 irons Wm 

Irons Miss E T. elocut 
19 Coughlln Mrs Helen 

21 School, r e 
23 Maxwell John 

25 Bothwell Mrs Hattle 

27 Thomas Ernest G 
29 Dean Thomas 

31 Rannwman Mrs Clara 

33 CoonVbs Thomas 
3." Rest Thomas M 

Best Mrs Maria, staty 
37 Coombs Thos. eonfy 

s University av. n of Caer 
Howell. ward 4. 

CALLAN PL, s from 307 Wil 
ton av, ward 2. 

East Side 

House, s e 

1 Steele Robert T 

2 Polnton H G E, pntr 

3 Nightingale John A 

4 Ktherlngton Mrs Mary 
West Side 

House, s e 

CALLENDAR. n from Queen 
w, first w of Sorauren av, 
ward 6. 

East Side 

7 Salthouse Wm 
H Brown George 

Vacant lots 
21 Winter Cecil L 
23 Wallis Ernest 
25 McGIll Donald 
27 Grant Walker J 
3t Sahiston Robert 
Vacant lots 

45 Barry Maurice 

47 Logan J"lm F 

49 Fricker Wm F 

53 Hughes John, contr 

55 Sauuders James A 
57 ciarc Mrs Maria 
D9 Bellamy John 11 
6i Campbell John C 

03 Ridotit Miss Augusta H 
65 Wood Louis H 
67 Ormlstou Mrs Susan 
Harrison Mrs Margaret 

West Side 

26 Graham Mrs M J 
• Harvard av commences 
House, s e 

CAMDEN, w from 124 Sba- 
dlna av to Brant, ward 4. 

North Side 

Store, s e 

4 Hartford Jonathan 
0 Williams Albert D 

8 Tracy Heber 
10 Ayres James 
12 Reddick David 

14 Bell Mrs Maggie 

10 Jones Lewis M 

18 Hynds Samuel 
20 Cottrell Wm J 

22 Morrison Norman 

24 Cole Wm F 

26 Follett Robert 

28 Allan Benjamin 

30 Rockall Frederick 

32 Cooper Robert A 

34 McCormack John 

36 Caldwell Philip 

38 Ford Hugh G 

40 Barker Richard R 
i'J MacLeay Roderick D 

44 Bell Wm A 

46 Wiseman James R 

48 Hozack Robert 

50 Wardman John H, exp 

54 Murphy Albert 

56 Howe Dennis 
House, s e 

South Side 

House, s e 
Vacant lot 

5 McCreary Edward 

7 Mill Mrs Frances A 

9 Beaumont Mrs Sarah A 

11 Welch John W, vet surf 

15 May Neely E 
17 Ellis George 

19 Moore Robert 
Reorganized Church of 

Jesus Christ 

25 Maxted George 

27 Arnott David J 

29 Caste Harry 

Prest Mrs Elizabeth, r 

31 Hngglns Mrs M, dairy 
Johnston Wm. r 

33 May Frederick 

35 Smith Richard A 

37 Hagerty Mrs Bridget 

39 Mugford John W 
43 Maedonald Hugh 

45 Hassard Mrs Mary J 

47 Bate Wm S 
House, s e 

CAMERON, n from 406 Queen 
w, to Cameron pi, ward 4 

East Side 

Store, s e 
1 Draper Wm 
3 Bray Mrs Nellie 
5 Cleland Daniel 
7 Jentsch Charles O F 
9 Thompson James C 
11 Brown Mrs Jane 
13 Gould Richard H 
15 Miller George 
17 Hardy Mrs Isabella 
19 Freeborn Bruce 
21 Vaughan Mrs Ellen 
23 Wilson John B 
25 O'Reilly James B 

Private grounds 
37 Crossman Edwin A, Jr 
39 Levack Mrs Charlotte 
41 Homer Benjamin 
43 Cheffey Robert, phy 
45 Yard Edwin 
47 Sennett Mrs Mary 
49 Turner Henry R 





65 to 73 PEARL ST. 'Phone 2748 

Plain & Ornamental Fencing 
and Grille Work. 




51 \Vark George K 

53 McMartln Augus 

55 Nugent Mark 

57 Wilson Alexander 
50 Foley Frederick 

61 Chapman Wm 

63 Crammond Mrs Eliza D 
65 Heaves James 
67 Mausou James 

69 McTague Edward J 
71 O'Brien Mrs Annie E 

West Side 

Hotel, s e 
Cameron Hall 
2 Baker Mrs Emilie 

4 Macomb Thomas 
6 Leach Wm 

8 Ashfield Mrs Margaret 

10 Carnahan Archibald J 

12 Partlow Howard 
14 Oster Peter L 

16 Creelmau Wm 

18 Surphlis lUchard H 

Holmes S & Son, stair 

bldrs. i- ' 

Turner Harry \V, wood 
turner, r 

20 Klein \Vm M 

20% Russell Kobert C 

22 Palmer Thomas R 

24 Best Kobert T 

26 Reid Mrs M A 

28 McArthur John 

30 Dudgeou Mrs Elizabeth 
Dudgeon Miss M J, drs- 

82 Scott Wm 

34 Stephens Mrs Margaret 

86 Cameron George 
88 Brown Walter 
40 King Solomon 

42 Maylirr Ms Rachel 

44 Rich Harry W 
46 Thompson Win 
48 O'Toole James 
50 Marks Simon 

62 Mitchell Mrs Mary 

54 McGaw Joseph 

56 Magowiin Hugh 

58 Webb Joseph 

60 Armstrong Samuel 

62 Bissett Wm F 

Blssct Mrs L K, drsmkr 
Levasseur Mrs Clara, mem- 
oial wreaths 

70 Banks John 

+ Cameron pi commences 

CAMERON" PL, w from 70 I 
Cameron to Vanauley, ward 

North Side 

2 London James N 
South Side 

1 Dalby \Vm S 

3 Hoyer Marcus 

5 Silverthorn Newman 
7 Sturgeon Mrs Mary 

9 Devereux John 

11 Newman George 

13 Badger Mrs Jane 
15 Dickson Wm H 

CAMPBELL AV, n from Wal 
lace av to city limits, first 
w of Northern Railway, 
ward 6 

East Side 

Vacant lots to 253 
253 Wakefleld Edward 
255 Lascelles George 
Vacant lots to end 

West Side 

Vacant lots 
+ Irving av intersects 

Vacant lots 
810 Grogan John 

Vacant lots to end 

CARLAW AV, n from Ash- 
bridge's Bay to city limits, 
crossing Queen e at 943, 
ward 1. T 

East Side 

Boat houses 

17 Smith David, poultry 
Vacant lots 

33 Stewart Wm N 

35 Anderson Harry 

87 Dyer Robert, jr 

45 Chanter Wm 

47 Strader John G 
51 Uyer Robert 
Vacant lots 
+ Eastern av intersects 

Vacant lots 
105 Appletou Walter S 

107 Mason John 

109 Tymou M Patrick 
111 Crighton George W 
113 Harmer John 

115 Howell Mrs Caroline 
117 Combes Edward 

iul Washington Thomas E 

123 O'Hara P J, dairy 
133 Johnston Thomas H 

133 White Allan, C 
Vacant lots 

167 Kilby Daniel, mkt gdnr 
Church, s e 

• Queen st e intersects 
Store, s e 

• G T R bridge 

• Gerrard st e intersects 
Vacant lots to 587 

587 Boyd Wm, coutr 
Vacant lots to end 

West Side 

2 Hendry John, boat bldr 

5 Curtis Christopher, pntr 
Vacant lots 

36 Fuller George 
38 Thompson John 

Vacant lot 
72 Connell George 
74 Irons Frank J 
TO Stephens Ernest 
78 Roger Win 
SO Semple Wm 
82 Lefeuvre Charles 
84 Ellis Thomas 
86 Vacant 

House, s e 

• Eastern av intersects 
Vacant lots 

100 Mitchell Wm E 
102 Rave Alfred 

Private grounds 

108 Fleming Robert 

114 Wilkins Matthew 

116 Ford Frederick 
Vacant lots 

124 Brown James 

126 Blake Mrs Ada L 
Vacant lots 

134 Cooper Gavin 
136 Mace George W 
138 Smith David L 
140 Newberry Charles 
142 Burke Peter 

144 Oke I Francis 
146 Jamieson Wm 
148 Blackstone Edwin 
150 Ryott Edward C 
152 Green Arthur H 
156 Rickard N J B 
158 Stevens Arthur 
ICO Harris Jesse M 

Vacant lots 
166 Le Roy David J 

168 Norrls Charles C 
172 Flint George C 
174 Leslie John K 
176 Jones John D 

House, s e 

• Queen st e Intersects 
Vacant lots to end 

CARLING. n from Bloor w 
opp Givens to city limits, 
ward 5. 

East Side 

2 Gascoyne Thomas 

West Side 

Not built on 

CARLISLE, see Carlyle 

r Alii. TON. e from 443 Yonge 
to the Don. wards 1, 2 and 

North Side 

Store, s e 
2 Forstcr James 

Forster Edwin, dentist 
4 Brooks H H, cabt mkr 

6 Thompson W P, phy 
Chapman Ms Ann, r 
Bell Mrs Ada, r 
Spence Richard, r 

Kennedy Miss Annie, r 
8 Howard G, dentist 
10 Richardson T B, phy 
12 Jones Mrs Minnie 
14 Emory Wm J H, phy 
18 Ogden Uzziel, phy 
22 Baldwin Mrs E M 
28 Molfatt Mrs S J 

Gibsoii Mrs Martha, nurse 
30 Romerll Mrs Lucy 

Reformed Pres Church, r 
32 McFarlane M, oculist 
34 Bruce Herbert A, phy 
30 Fotheringnain J T, phy 
38 Morison Miss Catherine 
40 Webb Albert E 
42 Nattress Wm, phy 
44 McGinn John 
48 Snider John E 
50 Watson Archer G 
52 Moffatt Mrs Alice 
56 Colleran John 
60 Greene E Herbert, phy 
62 Lounquist Axel 

Store, s e 

* Church st intersects 
72 Janes Simeon H 

Private grounds 
84 Brown Alexander 
90 Scott Mrs Jessie 

• McMillan st commences 
98 McNaught Wm K 

100 Howitt Wm H, phy 
102 Rains Ms Maria 
108 Allen Norman, phy 
110 Martin Caleb E, phy 

House, s e 
^ Jarvis st intersects 

Store, s e 
314 Hahlenby Wm 
118 Smith James, farmer 
120 Taylor W M, agent 

Taylor Miss M. mus tchr 

Huston Miss N. mus tchr 
124 Wilmot Mrs Anna 
126 Jones D Ogden, phy 
130 Thomas M Augustus 
132 Dwyer Mrs Florence 
134 Geddes Win A 
140 McDonagh George, phy 
142 Seccombe W, dentist 
144 Vacant 

146 Amies Miss Emily, bdg 
148 Williams Mrs Eliza 
150 Fletcher Benjamin 
152 Ivey John D 

+ Homewood av commences 
154 Oldrlght Wm. phy 
166 Biachford Horace P 
1«K Biachford Charles E 
172 Keith George 

House, s e 
+ Sherbourne st Intersects 

Private grounds 
17f. Walsh J J. vocalist 
178 Brennan J, horse trainer 
180 Stewart Mrs Kate 
182 Dimock Mrs Isabella 
184-186 Annis Mervln B, drugs 

• Bleecker st commences 
St Peter's Church 

Ifl2 Howard A McLean 

198 Richardson Mrs Harriet 

* Ontario st Intersects 

200 Dewey Mrs L E, grocer 

200% Johnson Jos. shoemk 

202 Jeandrou John E, bkr 

204 Miller Thomas 

206 Sterling Walter 

208 Copeland Edward 

210 Wilson Mrs Louise 

212 Forfar James E. phy 

214 Snider R O, phy 

216 Doan Robert W 

218 Coatsworth Emerson, Jr 

220 Henderson Mrs M J 

222 Holmes John 

224 Gausby R. acet 

226 Schofleld Richard 

228 Hume Mrs Ann 

Hume G G. dentist 
230 Champion Mrs Elizabeth F 

Berthon Miss S 
232 Brown Frank N W 
234 Parker Samuel 
236 Colby Alfred 

Anderson Wm 

238 Armstrong Mrs Isabella 
240 Turner Ernest W 

Alexander Wm H, phy 

242 Stephany H, barber 
244 Robinson R H, dry gds 

Bevier Mrs I, nurse 
246 Byron Edgar, staty 
248 Balch Wm H, baker 
250 White Bros, grocers 

White Richard H 
252 Clayton T A, btchr 
+ Parliament st intersect* 

Store, s e 

234 McLean Alex, contr 
258 Manes Thomas W 
260 Brown John 
202 Begg James G 
264 Begg Chas G 
266 Moodey Wm J 
268 Mutton Frank 
270 Parsons Arthur R 
+ Metcalfe st commences 

House, s e 

274 Armstrong George F 
276 Silver Charles J 
278 Beale Benjamin 
280 Miller Allan P 
282 Van Norman Charles C 
2sii Kennedy Daniel 
288 Walker Raymond 
294 Woods Wm S 
296 Millar John 
298 Gendron Adolph J 
300 Shuttleworth C B, phy 

• Sackville st intersects 
308 Brick Benjamin, bldr 
314 Tyrrell Edward N 

^ Woodley pi commences 
318 Pampnilon Walter 
320 McNab Alexander 
324 Fair Charles H 
326 Benson W E 

• Bowman st commences 
330 Vacant 

336 Mulrhead Robertson 
338 Willmot H Lanson 
340 Ingram Alfred E, pntr 
342 Armstrong Robert 
344 Breckinreid Thomas 
346. Ross John 

House, s e 
+ Sumach st intersects 

Riverdale Park 
South Side 

Store, s e 
1 Barker Samuel, barber 

Armand J Trancle 
7 McLellan Miss Isabella 

Methodist Church 
21 Stark Thomas H, phy 
23 Higgins David 
25 Kent Mrs Ann 
27 Swann G A, dentist 
29 Caven James G, phy 
31 Vallean C G 
37 Brown Price, phy 
39 Mcllwraith K I', phy 
41 Warner Albert F. phy 
43 Mann Mrs Margaret 
45 Fisher Mrs A E E 
47 Adam John W 
49 Fox Wm H, phy 

McChesney Isaac 

McCbesney Mrs M, bdg 
51 Passmore Mrs Isabel 
53 McNaughton Miss K, bdg 
55 McCurdy Mrs Kate 
57 Williamson Mrs E 

Trow Charles, phy 
59 Crosby Albert B 
61 Henderson Miss L G, 

Hall Enos 

Hotel, s e 
^ Church st intersects 

Store, s e 
67-69 Vacant 

73 Pettigrew Robert, bicycle 

Beaton Nell, r 

Lyons Mrs E, nnrse, r 
75 Beales Wm, genl repairer 
77 Powell Bradford N 
79 Barker Wm 
81 Ross Mrs Jane 
83 Cowell Mrs Alice H 
85 Arnott David 
87 Bothwell Clemens 3 
89 Stanley Robert J 

Crompton George. masceor 
91 Wright R, plmbr 

• Mutual st ends 
93 Shaw Wm H 


it/ i vi 1 1. Limited 78 CHURCH ST> 


pense or delay attending these loans. 



Toronto Offices : 


J. W. KERR, Cashier. 

Purely UNCONDITIONAL Policies. 

Low Rates and Large Profit* 
On Endowments. 




1'rivate grounds 
105 Snelgrove C V, dentist 
107 Jeffrey Andrew 

House, s e 
^ Jarvis st intersects 

Old St Andrew's Ch, s e 
117 Marshall Wm, btchr 
119 Pettigrew T. bicycle repr 

Graham Wm S 
121 MelJongall Joseph E 

Horticultural Gardens 
4 Sherboume st intersects 

Church, a e 
105 Willfong Emanuel 
167 Gee John J, phy 
169 Stubbs Frank 
171 Mallison Frederick 
173 Shiell R Telfer, phy 
175 Glbbs Malcolm 
177 Klnnear James 
179 Angus \Vm M 
+ Seaton st ends 
181 Wills Miss Joanna K 
1S3 McLachlan Arch W 
185 Hearn Wm 
187 Helllwell Mrs Sophia A 
INi Darby George 
191 Westman Samuel J 
193 Hancock Thomas, confy 

Barras Charles 
195 Smart Ell, btchr 

• Ontario st intersects 
197 McFaul John H, phy 
199 Johnstoue Hobert C 
201 McPherson James 

MfPherson D W, phy 
203 Richardson Wm 
205 Mclntosh Mrs Jennie 
207 Corson Hobert 
209 Barker Edward 

Oronhyatekha Dr 
211 Bailey John C 
213 Heintzmnn Gerhard 
216 Fallis John D 

• Berkeley st ends 

219 Hurlbnrt Frederick F 
221 Robertson Alexander 
223 Miller 1 
225 Scaife Theodore J 
227 Phln John A 

229 Crawford Wm A 
231 Hawthorn Wm T 
233 Turner David W 
235 Parker George X 
237 Walker John 

230 Becker Mrs S 

241 Thomas Julia, phy 
243 Bryans Win F. phy 
245 Henderson K II. dentist 

4 Parliament st Intersects 

Store, 8 e 
251 Cowen Charles 

Cowen Miss M L, artist 
25,1 White Robert 
237 Houston Thomas 
250 Cohen Jacob S 
261 Hogtr George 
263 Walrtron John, mns tchr 
265 Cooch Herbert C 
267 D*rmitt Georee G 
269 Stoddard W S 
271 Jeune Mrs M J 
273 Anderson Mrs Jane 
275 Murray Alfred K 
277 Hardine Mrs Annie 
279 Heyland ERR 
281 Lepper James 

+ Dermott pi ends 
283 Cornell David C 
285 Millar Melville 
287 Wilson Robert A 
289 McColl Ansns B 
291 Bradford Wm 
295 Nellson Hu«h 
297 Brown A J. contr 

Vacant lot 

805 Cooper Robt J. bldr 
307 Fensom John jr 
309 Dixon Robert 
311 Butler Kdwnrd P 
313 Froysene Edward J 
31, r > Freyscne Peter 

• Rackvllle st Intersects 
S17 Miller \<*m M. ero 

Miller M"l«s C E. mus tchr 
319 WUker Thomas 
321 Miller James 
323 Caston Frederick A 
325 Curry Reuben C, phy 
327 McEaehern Peter B A 

329 Duuuigau Francis J 
331 Moore Mrs Ellen M 
333 Ritchie Wm W 
33.j Watt Rev Joseph 

4 Gifford st ends 
;i;>7 Mulouey Thomas 
339 Little Frederick W 
341 Van Valkenburg M H 
343 Rose George A 
345 Dale Matthew 
347 Lyons Mrs Elizabeth 
349 Bruce Walter 
351 Boddy Wm \V 
353 Tremble Robert 
355 Martin Frank H 
357 Snell Wm 

Ede John 

359 Galloway Robert T 
361 Wade Wm P 
363 Howden John 
365 \Vi-ekea H C 
367 Steen Wm 
369 Wright Wm 
371 Priddey Thomas G 
373 Buchanan James 
375 Eesley Albert R 
377 Pronting Wm 
379 Reid Charles J 
381 Watson Wm J 

Watson Mrs M 
383 Hushes Miss E. gro 

4 Sumach st intersects 
::*5 Mark Mrs Charlotte 
387 Goodrlck Wilbur C 
389 Towne W Fremont 
391 Scott James P 

393 Harris Frank s 

395 Oswald Charles A 

397 Reeve James M 

399 Lydiatt James 

401 Quiirley James 

403 Gibson Wellington W 

405 Brown James J 

Brown & Cooper, contrs 
407 Rus?ell Frank J 
409 Lawson Wm 
411 Huckins John M 
413 Bueklee Thomas L 
415 Jewell Charles H 
417 Gorman James 
419 Cope Benjamin 
421 Crawford Abner W 
423 Ryan John J 
425 Hodgson Wm D 

CARLVLE. n from 256 St 
Patrick to Bellevue pi, ward 

4 j 

East Side 

Store, s e 

5 Jones Thomas 

7 Hall John P 

11 Drew John C 
House, s e 

West Side 

House, s e 
2 Botsford Mrs E II 

6 Given Wm J 

8 Nelson John 

10 Hill Thomas H 

12 Thomas Mrs S A 

14 Reynolds Mrs Matilda 

16 Smith Wm A 

18 McKean Frank E 

20 Johnstoue Mrs A, nurse 
Robertson John 

22 Duperow Wm E 

24 Davlson Andrew J 

26 Powers Mrs Esther 

Smith Emilie S. mus tchr 
Smith Miss W S, mus tchr 

30 Lillle Frederick W 

32 Penny Wm 

34 White David L 

CAROLINE AV. n from East 
ern av to Queen e, first e ot 
Pape av, ward 1. 

East Side 

Not built on 

West Side 

Vacant lots 
46 McKenna John J 
48 Carey Wm 
50 Williamson Alexander 
52 Hoose Truman M. 
54 Goddurd Wm R 
56 Keiller Wm A 
58 Jones Wm D 
60 Smith Edward T 

62 Hollingworth James W 
64 Atkins George S 

Vacant lots 
84 Creighton Wm H 
86 Foster Wm H 
88 Edkins Albert E 
'M West Joseph 
92 Montgomery Charles A 
94 Morris George- H 

CAHR, w from 58 Esther to w 

of Hackney, ward 4. 
......... North Side ......... 

Store, s e 

• A lane 
Store, s e 

• Deuison av intersects 
14 House, s i> 

22 Wooton Charles 

24 Gee Charles 
Vacant lots 

38 Boyles John 

40 Casey Thomas 
House, s e 

4 Hackney st intersects 

44 Jones Win H 
46 Irwln John 

48 Shea Joseph 

50 Mitchell Joshua J 
52 Smith Edward 

54 Casey John 
56 Martin John 
58 Tooze F W 

60 Mi-Neill Michael 
......... South Side ......... 

House, s e 

• Denlson av intersects 

17 Bennett Wm K 

19 Cowan Robert 
21 Taylor David 

25 Knibbs Frederick 

27 Straehle Frederick J 
31 Robinson Alexander 
33 McAfee John 
35 Antrim Joseph 
3T Bailey Wm R 

39 McDonald George 

41 Armstrong Win 
Store, s e 

• Hackney st intersects 
43 Nicholas Wm F 

45 Kennedy Mrs Annie 

49 Davenport Walter S 

51 Jackson David 

55 Cunerty James 
Cunerty Miss M, drsmkr 
Cunerty Miss K, drsmkr 

CARROLL, n from 644 Queen 
e, to Thompson, ward 1. 

......... East Side ......... 

1 Gordon R J. blksmlth 

11 Burney Thomas, coal 
......... West Side ......... 

Hotel, s e 
10 Beeten Wm B 

12 Kyle George 

14 Ross Mrs Margaret 
10 Quarrington John 

18 German Charles S 

20 Duncan Wm R 

CASIMIR AV, n from 240 St 

Patrick, ward 4. 
......... East Side ......... 

House, s e 

3 Clark A M 

5 Hardman Edward 

7 Lucas Alexander 

9 Gilbert Mrs Margaret 

13 Gibson Robert 
......... West Side ......... 

House, * e 

4 Wright Mrs Mary L 

6 Brewer Albert E 

8 Pettie Mrs Mary J 
12 Bartlett George W 

CASTLE AV. w from Spadlna 
rd to Howland av. first n 
of Lowther av, ward 4. 

Not built on 

s across the end of 
nv, ward 2. 
......... East Side 

Jackson Maunsell B 
......... West Side 

Vacant lot 


• Dale av ends 
Carletou Mrs Maria 

forms a circle from com 
mencement of Castle Frank 
av, wards 1 and 2. 

South Side 

Simeon John H 

Kast Side 

Not built on 
South Side 

5 Vacant 

West Side 

4 Carroll Robert 

CATHERINE, w from 130 
Peter, ward 4. 

North Side 

House, s e 

8 Mclntyre Win R 

10 Woodcock Allen E 

12 Jordan Henry 
14 Oberuier W J 

Ohcrnier Mrs M, mus tchr 
16 Leppard Saudford 

18 Jackson Mrs Minnie 
20 Roseiithal Harris 

22 Vacant 

South Side 

House, s e 

Macdonald Mfg Co Ltd, 

7 Osborno Wm 

9 Jones Ernest E 

11 Thornton David 
McCandlish Mrs M. r 
Craig Wm, r 

13 Wells James 

19 Murchisou George W 

CAWTHRA SQ, w frurn 490 

Jarvis, ward 3. 
North Side 

House, s e 


6 West Joseph M 

8 Bryce Thomas 
South Side 

House, s e 
1 Francis Wm G 

3 Crooks Alexander D 

5 MacGillvary Mrs Marlon 

7 Furbv Mrs Emily 

9 Roche Win R 
11 Trowell John V 

CECIL, w from 34 Henry to 
Spadlna av, ward 4. 

North Side 

House, s e 

• Reverie; st intersects 
16 Spragge E W, phy 

20 Baldwin Mrs Susanna 

22 Franks Mrs Louisa J 

24 Delamere Joseph M 

26 Watson Mrs Isabella 

4 Ross st commences 

28 Winnns Mrs Margaret E 

30 Harris Wm R, acct 

32 Townsend Sherman E 
34 Wilkie Mrs Jessie 

36 Wily Arthur 

38 Barker Robert W 

40 Frazee Mrs Jennie 

42 Hellewell Mrs Mary W 

• Huron ,st intersect* 
House, s e 

44 Brlmson Wm 

46 Windeat Miss E S, artilt 

48 Carrick Wm H 

50 Wright Thomas 

Bennett H M, humorist 
52 Burt Mrs Elizabeth M 
54 McBoth George 
56 Collinet Mrs Frances 

• Spadina p! commences 
Church of Christ 

60 Cecil Hall 

Store, s e 
South Side 

House, s e 
+ Beverley st Intersects 

House, s e 

23 Duck Henry F 

25 Harman S Bruce 

27 Ryerson C Egerton 

29 Lung Wm E 

31 Cassels Hamilton 

33 Cattermole J F. phy 



CEO. R. HARCRAFT, General Agent, 

'Phone 251 TORONTO 






35 Davics Svdney J 

37 Baruhart Mrs Catherine 

39 Mr-Michael Alex A 

41 Pipon Charles A 

43 Bolte Auguste 

45 Blackley Win 

• Huron st intersects 
53 Clark (' May, phy 
55 Bryce Win 

57 Tlsdell Francis C 

Baker Wm H 
59 Baines W Bancks 
81 Canniff James 1' 
63 Dulmage Alplieus 
65 Hand Alfred J 
r.7 Cameron James C 

Greenwood Mrs Eliza 
69 Morton Miss Rebecca 
71 De Mar Mrs Eliz 
73 Hodge James 

House, s e 

CENTRE AV. u from Armory, 
opp Drill Hall, to Chestnut 
ol, ward 3. 

.." East Side 

1 Challis James 

5 Hutchinson Mrs Mary 

Sharaman Jacob, r 
7 Simpson Mrs Elizabeth 

Martin Alexander J 
9 Levine Moses J 
11 Breslin Solomon 
13 Moroney Jolm J 

Ward Mrs E J, r 
15 Whalen Mrs Annie. 

Wilferd Kate, r 
17 Greenbaum Samuel 

Thompson Mrs Annie, r 
19 Mac-donald Archibald 
21 Hoffman Samuel 

Lyons Jolm J. r 

Brown Maxwell, r 
23 Weingarten Anczel 

Cadesky Jacob, r 

Rosenthal Charles N, r 
23 Warren Alexander 
29 Peudrith & Co, founders 
33 Centre Av Mission 
35 Downs Thomas 
37 Salamansky Philip, gro 
39 Haberman Philip 
41 Greisman Joseph H gro 
43 McGill Benjamin 
45 Rice Miss Mary 
47 O'FIynn Mrs Anne 
4!) Connell James 
51 Vacant 
53 Rothenburg Samuel 

Safer Alexander, r 
55 Schwartz David 

Rny Mrs Era. r 
57 Smith John 
59 Schwartz Samuel 

House, s e 

• Agnes st intersects 
Store. - e 

01 Flavell Mrs Rnchnel 
63 Brod.v Sicmond ~ 
65 Roddiugton Walter E 
67 Brown Ellie 
69 Dykes James 
71 Dungy Mrs Mary 
73 Dalton Mrs Bridget 
75 Ruben Louis J 
77 Sanzonc Salvatore 

House, s e 

^ Edward st intersects 
79 Robinson Wm 
85 Williamson Francis 
87 Skene George 
89 Georgen Nicholas 

Honse, s e 
+ Elm st intersects 

House. - e 

111 Casciato Pasqualf 
113 Rartele Frank 
lir. Taylur Alfred 
117 McGroggau John A 
Vacant! r 

119 Gotlin Michael 
121 Cohen Benjamin 

Greisman Solomon, r 
123 McGanu Win 

Casst-lli-, Mirette 
125 Harris c isceola 

Callibracio Frank, r 
127 Ranks Mrs Harriet 

120 Jacobs John 

131 Polligreau James 

Goldstein John, r 
1::;; Mdchior Anthony 
135 Levety Moses 
137 Knpman George 
139 Soskien Maxwell 
141 Boceuiek Abraham 

Hamilton Mrs Annlt, nurse 
143 Sebastian John 
145 Henley Wm 
147 Brown Henry 
149 McCallum George 
151 MeCord Alexander 
153 Houzer I.ipa 
155 Freedmau Israel 
157 Madran Phillip 
159 Scull Frank C 

Atkinson Charles R, r 
101 Stone John 

Fletcher Alfred J r 
1G3 Collel Joseph 
165 Jifkins F A, btehr 
167 Lambert Miss H, gro 

^ Christopher st intersects 
169 Olchiuctsky J, junk 
171-?:! Daren Alfred 
175 Hollingsworth George H 
177 Defoe Anthony 
179 Archer Kdward" 

Thompson Mrs Catherine, 


181 McDonald John 
183 Roitodatto George 

May Vincent, r 
185 Mnrko Joseph 
187 Deas Louis 
189 James Frank 
191 Sharp Frank 
193 Bennett Wm 

Henry Samuel J, r 
195 Branciere Robert 
107 Spearman Mrs Cath 
VJ9 Caiman David 
201 Lippelti Giouanni 
203 Elrick Louis 
205 Walker Michael 
207 Pastornak Isaac 
209 Thompson James 
211 Page Ellen 
21.'! Madran Eugene 

West Side 

2 Ryan Anthony 

McDonald Mrs Mary, r 
4 Lev! David 

Vacant, r 
8 Marks James 
10 Kelly Mrs Mary 
Moran 'Patrick, "r 
Palmer John, r 
Williams George, r 
Ginocchi Liugl, r 
12 Brickwood John 
14 Roe James 
10 Newrlck Lev! 
18 Wolfe Benjamin 
20 Ginsberg Joseph 
22 Breslin Charles 
24 Yogman Harry 
20 Steinberg Morris 
28 Krngei Max S 
30 Sauls Charles 
32 Brodie Joseph 
34-36- Neusbaum Henry, gro 
38 Fitzgerald Wm 
Sauble Samuel, r 
Rosenbaeh Abraham, r 
Cass Mrs Ray, r 
40 Berenbamn Louis 
42 Goodman Samuel 
44 Spence Walter 
46 Catalano Bartolo 
48 Turner John 
50 Harris Leroy 

Private grounds 
54 Boon John 
50 Carnsl Frank 
58 Mathern George 

House, s e 
• Agnes st Intersects 

Store, s e 

64 Gzwadron Oslas 
66 Dickson John 
68 Jackson John 
70 Korcnfeld Henry 
72 Vacant 
74 Bertram David 
76 Bevington Wm 

House, s e 
.+ Edward st intersects. 

Private grounds 
80 Ewirsky S. junk 

88 I'etterson Harris 
90 Farrell Edwin 
92 Burns Mrs Sarah 
!I4 H-irnshaw Mrs Sarah J 
'.«> Hi Cristofro Carmine 
iis l.asiia Iguazlu 
100 Cardorono Francisco 
102 Badoli Salvatore 
102% Store room 
104 Davis Frank, s e 
^ F.lm st intersects 
I0t> Store, s e 
1'is Bazeley Alfred E 
110 Hobson Alfred 
H'J Vaughn John 
114 Stainhardt Simon 
116 Bennett Gustave 
118 Cuttler Isaac 
120 VInick Ellis 
122 Levinsky Bernard 

Libewoltz I 
124 McCall Mrs Mary 
liiii 1'erlmeu Joseph 
12s I'.rudy Samuel 
130 Winer Israel 
132 Luker George 
134 Carey Patrick 

Mouticauo Leuardo, r 

Cosiuteno Catlno. r 
136 Poniss- Thomas 
Kis, Vacant 

Schwartz Morris, r 

Makie James, r 
140 Schessal Isaac 
142 Shupara Mrs Mollie 
144-4«> Dineen Mrs Annie 
14s Oliver Anthony 
150 Smith Alexander 
152 Mcl.aufdilin James S 

McLauj-'hlin Miss Rebecca, 

McKuight Martin, r 
154 Phillips Benjamin B 

Forbes Thomas, r 
1">6 Miller James 

Gibson Mrs B, drsmkr 

Xickson Henry, r 
15s Henderson Wm 
100 Robinson Wm 
102 Periila Mark 
164 Izzo Pasquale 
100 Callgosky Henry 

Lennox Mrs Annie 
1GS Kalisher Samuel 
17i> Vacant 

^ Christopher st intersects 
172 Hunt George, gro 
174 Taggcrt W J 
176 Pellgrino Bruno 

Cannoe Michael, r 
ITs i 'atone Louis 
180 Stone Reuben 
182 Ryan Thomas 

Foggett Mrs J, nurse 
184 McNulty John 
ISO Rum Joseph 
188 Russell Peter 

Foley Mrs Margaret, r 
190 Mead Arthur 

McNally Mrs Ann, r 
192 Mlville Hospice 
194 Motto Guiseppe 
190 Erskine Thomas 
198 Gloucester Alfred A 
200 Mlville George A 
202 Mlville Hospice A 
204 Walsh Mrs Bridget 
200 Kelly John 
208 Townley Robert 
210 Black Morris 
212-14 Cohen Louis 

CHAPEL, u from 40 St Jo 
seph to St Mary, ward 3. 
East Side 

Private grounds 
+ Irwin av ends 
House, s e 

tlnkerman st ends 
Moore Rollln C 
11 Campbell Wm 
13 Stephens Joseph 
15 O'Connor Jerome F 
17 ITickey James 
House, s e 

West Side 

House, s e 

St Michael's Coll grounds 

CHARLES, e from 675 Yonee 
to Jarvis, ward 3. 

North Side 

Store, s e 
Vacant lot 

12 Drake Alexander K 

14 McBride W George 

16 Child Harold J 

18 Nell Rev John 

20 Davison John L phy 
30 Roaf James R 
Private grounds 

40 Vacant 

42 Vacant 

44 Macdoogall Alfred 

4U Henderson Charles W 
48 Risebrough John H 
50 Lucas George W 

52 Baker Charles E 

54 Wilkie Thomas J 
5ii Evans Mrs Annie 

55 McIIroy John 
Private grounds 

02 Ames James H 
04 Livingston L M 

Helmer Miss A, mur tchr 
00 Dymond Allan M 

Mellish Miss M L. mu« 

Private grounds 
^ Church st Intersects 

House, s e 
70 Sharp Mrs Charlotte 

Campbell Mrs Mary, r 

Graham Adam, r 

Graham Edward, r 
80 Platt Wm M 
82 Howe Etna D 

86 Gooeh Frederick H 
88 Klllaly Mrs Martha 

90 Bain James jr 

94 Baird Robert S 

'M Walker Miss M L, sehl 
House, s e 

South Side 

Store, s e 
1 Van Camp J C 
3-5 Storeroom 
9 Startup David J 
11 Leworthy Wm T, florist 

13 Lodge James E 

15 Hazza Mark 

17 McNeil Wm. horse dlr 

19 Gamble George 
23 Eddis Wilson C 
25 Davidson Mrs S F 
33 Macdonald John K 

41 Eves Mrs Nettle S 

43 Brookman Rev Wm 

45 Joselin Edwin J 

47 Armstrong Henrv W U 
49-51 Simpson's stables 
Cameron Charles J 

53 Millar John 

55 Stibbs Wm J, architect 
59 Fraser Robert L 
61 Fenton Frederick, phy 
65 Bell Mrs Mary 

House, s e 
+ Church st intersect? 

House, s e 

77 Vigeon Harry W I* 
79 Dockray Thomas D 
.93 Mclntosh David T 
S.' Blackburn Frank J 

87 Kelly Hush T 
SO Smellle Thomas 

91 Mutch Mrs Annie E 
93 Pringle Alex R 

95 Hunter Albert E 
97 Pate Wm J 

99 Roberts George H 


High Grade Vault, School and Office Furniture. 

ONT /TTRa«C*\ 




Lake Simcce ana Grenadier Lake 

Telephone 217 or 5103. GRENADIER ICE & COAL CO. 




101 Campbell Sheridan 
103 Provan Alex 
House, s e 

CHARLOTTE, n from 426 
King w to Adelaide w, ward 

. . .'. East Side shop, s e 
11 O Loughlin Andrew 
13 Kennedy John 
15 Mooring George C 
17 Ward Albert E 
19 Ross James F 
21 Latva John 

23 Steane Frederick 
,. West Side 

Lumber yard 
^ Balsam st commences 

24 Brewer Francis J 
•M Gibson \Vm R 

28 Shaiid James 
30 Thompson A J 

CHATHA.M, e from w of 
liyrou av to Greenwood av, 
flrst s of Danforth av, ward 

North. Side 

Vacant lots 
+ Byron av commences 

Vacant lots 
4<i O'Doaohop Patrick 
50 Jobin Arthur 

Vacant lot 
58 Preston Garnet 

South Side 

1 Jobin Alphonse 

Vacant lota 
40 Rentou Tiiomas 
Vacant lot 
Miller James 

CHEROKEE AV" (Toronto Is 
land), n from St Andrew's 
Church, Lake Shore av, 
ward 4. 

East Side 

11 Reilly Robert 

.13 Cameron John 

West Side 

4 Edwards Thos C 
0 Ayre Mrs M A 
8 Luke \Vm A 
10 Darlington Wm H 

CHERRY, n from the bay tc 
73 Eastern av, ward 2. 

East Side ._._ 

Vacant lots 

^ GTR crossing 
GTR yards 
Standard Fuel Co, s e 
+ Mill st intersects 

House, s e 
41 Jessop Charles E 
43 Patterson. George 
* CPK crossing 
^ Tate st commences 
53 Kerfoot Thomas 
55 Sharp Mrs Caroline 
57 Corbett Thomas 
59 Dunsmore Simeon 
61 Edgsoi) Alfred J 
63 Bennett Thomas E 

Hotel, s e 
^ Front st intersects 

Store, s e 

81 Pember Edward J 
83 Beetham James 
85 Smith John B 
87 Nugent Wm 
89 Moore Richard 

Shanacy Michael, r 
91 Ashwel! Zacharlah 
93 Wilson Wm J 
97 Woods Mrs Sarah 
99 Smith Sidney 
101 Stanley Edward 
103 Kingsley Thomas 
^ Worts av commence? 
St Lawrence Square 

West Side 

Don Rowing Club House 
The bay 
+ GTR crossing 

Gooderham & Worts' tank 

^ Mill st Intersects 
House, s e 

• CPR track 

50 Saviu Thomas 

52 Stoner Wm 
54 Byron Win J 

56 Fugler Richard 

• Front st e intersects 
Vacant lots 

88 Stein Philip 

90 Enrlght Thomas 
Vacant lot 

96 Suttou Thomas 

98 Cherry st Mission 
House, s e 

CHERRY AV, w from Indian 
rd to High Park, first n of 
GTR crossing, ward 6. 

North Side 

House, s e 
Jones Wm 

South Side 

Not built on 

CHESLEY AV, w from rear 
of Dufferin Driving Park to 
Brock av, third n of Col 
lege, ward 6. 

North Side 

Not built on 

South Side 

1 Billing Samuel 
19 Fuller Henry W 
House, s e 

CHESTNUT, n from 114 
Queen w to Chestnut pi, 
ward 3. 

East Side 

Hotel, s e 
9 Beatty Francis 
11 Leonard \Vui 
13 Lyons John 
15 Johnson Dalton 
17 Kreen Win V 
19 Vacant 
21 Vacant 
23 Lang Peter 
25 Bleveus Wm 

Lumber yard, s e 
^ Albert st ends 

Store, s e 
37 WolUsh Samuel 
41 Mack Mrs Ida 
43 Roncone Sebastlauo 
45 Rosminsky David 
47 Schlesinger Henry 
49 Lloyd Thomas 

51 Meisel Abraham 

53 Solowey Samuel 

57 Rosen Harry 
Rabinowitz Simon 

+ Louisa st ends 

59 Vacant 

61 Halpern tier Isaac 

63 Cohen Benjamin 

05 Zipper David 

67 Bresllu Rev Julius 

69 Greisman Israel 

71 Eugel Hymnn 

73 Besvinick Jacob, gro 

75 Rasminsky Solomon 

77 Simon Charles 

79 Rubin Louis 

81 Cohen Jacob 

83 Grosser Charles 

R5 Rreslin Hymon 

S7 Culbert Wm 

89 Jacobson, Isaac 

91 Solway Joseph 
93 Wilder James 

Wilder Charles 
95 Jackson Albert C 

97 Starkmau Jacob 

99 Kelly John 

101 Rablnowlteh Isaac 
103 Padness Abraham 
105 Nalborough Charles 
107 Barton Levl 
109-11 Synagogue 
113 Curry John G 
115 Rider Mrs Clara 

Vacant lot 
119 Zipper Louis 

• Agnes st Intersects 
Store, s e 

121 Vacant 

123 Dean Mrs Mary 

125 Snider Isaac 

1-7 Currigau Mrs Julia J 
I'M Leposky Bernard 
131 Goodman Philip 
133 Edmunds Elvyu A 
135 Eelseu Otto 
137 Houzer Jacob 
139 Belyea Wellington 
141 Merker Lewis, confy 

^ Edward st Intersects 
143 Daucy Wm, btchr 

House of Industry, s e 

+ Elm st intersects 

101 Store, s e 

163 Armstrong Win 

165 Flyuu Mrs Catherine 

107 Skene Alexander, exp 

109 Zeihr George 
171 Vacant 

173 Muto James 
175 1'asquali liarnard 
177 Cairo Salvatore 
School grounds 
IV> Levinsky Lewis 
187 Gurofsky David 
1SU Cairo Peter 

Lewis Wm, r 
191 Turley Win J, exp 

Shepherd Joseph 
193 Clarke George H 
195 Stable 

Hit Wright George H 
199 Garrick Thomas 
201 De "Joursey Richard 
203 Hockrldge Richard 
205 Keelor James 
207 Gibson Thomas A 
209 James Herber 

Cook Sirs L, drsmkr 
211 Hoffman Mrs Frances 
213 Snowden Mrs Sarah 
215 Calbome Arthur 
Stroug J B, publr 
Canada Customs Hand 


219 Piper James W 
+ Hayter st ends 

Wood yard 
225 Colby Mrs Ellen 

Hunter James, exp 
227 Baker J A, grocer 
229 Brown Matthew 
231 McMahou Bernard 

Murray Mrs Mary, r 
233 Mnlcahy Michael 
23.1 Smith Robert J 
1137 Jose George E 
239 Paul Mrs "Margaret E 
241 Armstrong James 
243 I'arr Win J 
245 Gilbert Wm C 
247 Dear James H 
249 Glionua Donate, gro 
251 Judge Mrs Julia 

Hull George, r 
2."i3 Turner Charles 

West Side 

Osgoode Hall, s e 
Drill Hall and Armory, r e 
^ Armory st commences 
72-72 l /4 Greisman Henry 
74 O'Kane Thomas 
76 Romain John B 
78 Clute Mrs Elizabeth 
80 Shopiro Louis 
82 Vacant 
82V4 Campbell John 
84 Silver Jacob 
86 Grlmbnrg Jacob 
88 Flnkelstein Charles 
90 I.unenfeld Wm 
94 British M E Church 
90 Bambrlck Wm 
98 Brown Archibald 
100 Hlgglng Wm 

102 Harris Barnett 
104 Barnes John, cabs 
106 Francis Simon 

Jewish Mission, r 

108 Rlsimneky Morris 
Conder'ThomaSj r 

110 Gurflnklel Samson 
112 Rottenburg Lazar 

111 Gorrasi Angelo 

Hii Greisman Jacob, gro 
Giacomo LorenzettI, r 
Pasquale Petrucclo, r 
Pertosa Pasquale, r 
Fanelll Donato. r 
Consilio Raffaele, r 
Gaudenzio Felix, r 

118 Spence Thomas 

120 Patterson Mrs F 
122 4 Somers Charles, gro 

^ Agues st intersects 
126 O'Reilly Bridget 
128 Gold Isaac 
130 Jackson Samuel T 
132 Solte Jacob 
134 Narduci Giovanni 
130 Rocco D'Angelo 
138 Freeman Isaac 
140 Lousherg David 
140!4 Friedman Harris 
142 Glionna Vlneeuzo, gro 

+ Edward st intersects 
144 Gllonua Francisco, hotel 
146 Cooper Bernard 
Cooper Isaac J 
148 Larala Rocco 
150 Deas Gilbert H 
152 Uuccluo George 
154 Lobralco -\unzio, mus 
156 GurofsEy l.ouis 
158 Roabck Isaac 
160 Wollinnu Henry 
162 Goodman Benjamin 
Eoinanello Lnigi, r 
I(i4 Mumfrado Dominlck 
Store, s e 

^ Elm st inter- 
160 Schofield H. drugs 
168 Darwin "Win 
170 Mossman Robert D 
172 Tnrnbiill Miss Sarah 
174 Scott Charles 
176 Bonaccorse, Stellario 
1(8 Kuowlton F J 
ISO Moxley A G 
182 Terr.v Mrs Mary A 
184 Virgo Geonre ' 
1S6 Parker Charles E 
188 Stanley Robert H 

Lawrence Mrs Ann, r 
Lawrence Wm. r 
,™ H nzlet "» Mrs Delia, r 
Robinson George G 

i> ><a 

192 Pierce Rov Lafuvette 
1!M Tiller Ananias ' 
196 Zimmerman Mnrris 
198 Brain George E T 
200 Mathewa Joseph P 
202 Pattersnn Hrs M 

Patterson Alex T r 
g» "'.''kliek Mrs , : ,,M ie , gto 
2Oi> Mills John 
208 Ailnins Mrs Jane 
210 Hpiiault Louis 

Wardrobe Samuel, r 
212 Weir Wm 
212Vi Wat wui Wm 
214 Rpll John H 
21fi Coll John 

MoBrlon Robert r 
218 Thomson Wm 

Axtcn Wm. r 
22O Ma pop Charles 

I.awson Jeremiah 
224 Carson James A 
2215 Walker Mrs Mary 

<t> Christophpr st commences 
228 McCarthy Mrs Catherine, 

Tipph Joseph, eonl 
232 Mey Chnrlps, fnilt 
234-30 Damplp .7. spc lid gds 
238 Bonhamra Charles G 
240 Barrack Aflf 
242 Cimeo Mrs Annie, fruits 

Cuneo Joseph, r 

Bell Louis, r 
244 r.-istrneri Andrew 
240 Bates Hpnry 
248 SheflVl Louis 

Barry Patrick, r 

Thackray John r 
250 Coplen Harris 
2r>2 Wrlsht Amos F. g.'o 
254 Allies Robert W 
256 Bell Mrs Harriet 
25R Abate John 
2HO .Tosp Joseph H 

Afoss Wm H 
202 Powell Amos 
2R4 Peregino Michael 
206 Bennett Robert A 
2R8 Harrison John 

(•HKSTNTT PL. w from 242 
Elizabeth to University av. 
ward 3. 




Stein way Pianos 



PIANO & MUSIC CO., Limited, 
IS IgllTG- ST. 

Chestnut PI. 



North Side 

Rear entrance 
House, s e 

40 Bell Michael 

44 Lauder John 

48 MeWilllams Mrs Lillle 

South Side 

House, s e 

1 Bremner Daniel 

3 Vacant 
House, s e 

+ Chestnut st ends 

House, s e 
23 Harris Mrs Ann 

Mabin Anderson, r 
29 Gaineor Mrs Ellen 
31 Smith Mrs Elizabeth 

House, s e 
+ Centre av ends 
House, s e 

41 Storey John 
43 Kersnhr Sol 

45 Denlord Richard 

47 Meehan Mrs Mary 
House, s e 

CHICORA AV, w from Ave 
nue rd, second n of Daven 
port rd, ward 4. 

North Side 

Vacant lot 

2 Suckling lanac E 

4 Hunter Rev Wm J 

6 Morrison Mrs Annie 
8 Sinclair Frmlj L 

10 Gain Thomas 

12 Smith Wm E 

Vacant lots 

South Side 

1 Scott George 

3 Pooler Herbert G 

5 Thompson Miss Jessie M 

7 Clarry Henry J, piano 

Vacant lots to end 

CHIPPEWA AV (Toronto Is 
land), n from 238 Lake 
Shore av. ward 4. 
Hargraft Geo R 
Sproule ('has H 
Rolph Alfred J 
O'Hara Henry R 
Smith James F 
r.iulejohn J E B 
Hargraft John 
Royal Can Yacht Clnb 

CHRISTIE, n from 726 Bloor 

w to city limits, ward 5. 
Kast Side 

Store, s e 

Vacant lots 
33 Keyes Thompson 
35 Vacant 

Vacant lots 
^ Barton av ends 

Vacant lots 
141 Wood Frederick E G 

Vacant lot 
147 Pippy Levl 
149 Javan Rudolph 
151 Legrow Win P, pntr 
153 Harris John S 

Private grounds 
161 Beck George 
163 Lever Richard 
169 Bruce Miss Martha 
in Cundall Robert J 
173 Hotchkln Ezeklel 
175 Dockeray R W, dairy 
^ Follis av ends 

Vacant lota 
211 Caldecott John 

Vacant lots 

239 Prince Edward 
241 Sinclair Wm 
243 Holyoak Wm J 
245 Balmpv Charles F 
247 Bai-nt'tt Mrs Lucy 

240 Hamilton R W, btchr 

+ Yarmouth rd intersects 

Epivorth Meth Ch 
259 Sanford Lewis 
261 Butt Wm C 

Vacant lots to end 

Wpst Side 

Vacant lots 
16 Mullin John 
18 Kennedy .lam •- 

20 Kelcher Wm H 
22 Virtue Charles 
24 Payton Mrs M 
26 Parkin Albert 
Vacant lots 

• Blake ay commences 
Vacant lots 

138 Winslow Wm 
140 Rowntree David 
142 Bennett John 
146 Sliarp Frank 

Vacant lot 
+ Pendrith ay commences 

Vacant lota 

154 Balmt-r Philip jr. btchr 
loti Nuttall Mrs Ellen 
158 Wr.ugh J, whol btclir 
164 Siiluy Peter 
170 Gibson W H, gro 

House, s e 

+ Essex st commences 
170 Haudcock H W, gro 
178 Colbouru Andrew 
ISO Ellis Mrs M A, fc.v gds 

Ellis Charles 
182 Austin Peter 

Austin Mrs H E, gro 
184 Porter Wm J 

Vacant lots 
194 Montgomery J H 
200 Fisher A E 

Vacant lots 

• Garnet uv commences 
208-210 Bapt Mission Room 
212 England Wm 

214 Manuel Peter 

Vacant lot 

218 Ash Henry J, gro 
220 Mackenzie A 5 

Vacant lots 

• Yarmouth rd intersects 
Vacant lots 

+ Melville av commences 
Vacant lots 
St Cyprian's Church 
280 Seager Rev Charles A 

• Dupout st Intersects 
Vacant lots 

286 Wllsou David 

CHRISTOPHER, w from 228 
Chestnut to University sr, 
ward 3. 

North Side 

2 Store, s e 
Vacant lot 

10 Axler Benjamin 
A yard 

18 Store, s e 
• Centre av intersects 
Store, s e 

26 Broomhead F 

28 Smith Alexander 
30 Murray Robert 

Church, s e 

South Side 

House, s e 
9 Dempsey Wm C 

11 Harper Jos, piano tuner 
13 Smith Mrs Catherine 

15 Carter Mrs Hattle 

Store, s e 
^ Centre av intersects 

Store, s e 

27 Dunlop Wm 

29 Miles Samuel 
House, s e 

CHURCH, n from Bay to 
Bloor e, crossing King at 
101, ward 3. 

East Side 

1 Tymon Andrew J 
City Weigh Scales, John 

Glanville supt 
3 Vacant 

Vacant lots 
9-13 Tor Cold Storage Co 

Warehouse, s e 
• Front st e intersects 

Store, s e 
23 Sleeman Brew & Maltg Co 

Vance & Co, whol fruit 
23% Ontario Chambers 

Queen's Own Buele Room 
Hamilton Thos, cai-etkr 
2.J-27 MoWllliam & Everlst, 

whol fruit 

Peterson M H & Co, apple 

29 Northcote Reginald, brew 
ers' supplies 

^ Colborne st intersects 
31 Bllllnghurst A J, teas 
31a Imrle, Graham & Co, 


33 Vacant store 
35 Thompson R & Co, pork 
Wells' Business College 
Store, s e 

^ King st e intersects 
Cathedral grounds 
St James' Sunday School 
St James" Church vestry 
Mlllen Charles E, caretkr 
^ Adelaide st e intersects 
75 Public Library Bldg 

Public Library, Jas Bain 

jr, librarian 
81-83 Benson, Ward & Co, 

show rooms 

83% Holiday Mrs H 

85 Sun Long, Indry 

85% Spence Walter 

Martin J A 

Yielding Wm 

87 Meyer Bros, wash machs 
^ Lombard st intersects 
89-91 Ryott & Smith, auction 

93 Oliver Mrs M E, gro 
95 O'Connor Matthew, pntr 
97 Stone John R, dyer 
99 Wiokett A U, barber 
101 Galloway David, baker 
103 Vacant 
10:; 1 .. Vacant 
103 Johnston Joseph, prtr 

• Richmond st e intersects 
107-9 Newcombe Octavius & 

Co, pianos and organs 

Newcombe Piano Co 
111 Wilson John, shirt mfr 
113 Arnold Henry, shoes 

Lantr Mrs Susan 
115 Phllllns F E, pntr 
119 Gloynes Mrs Margaret 
121 Griffiths & Macpherson 

Co, pro med 
121% Ossard George 
123 Sadlier I> A: J & Co, bks 
123' 2 -125 Nettleton Mrs A, gro 

^ Queen st e intersects 
129 Store, s e 
129% Wood Win, gro 
131 Lee Kam You, Indry 
131% Vauzaut Bros, barbers 
133 Coots Mrs Mary. bUg 
133U Wells Henry M 
135 Authors & Cox. art limbs 
137 Ureu John F. phy 
137% Gautrey W H. ccufy 
139 Hicks T L, elec supplies 
141-3 Lyon N T, stained glass 
145 Sim & Co. plmbrs 
145% Sim Mvs Mary 
147 Webb Mrs Mina, bdg 
149 Thompson Mrs EHz. bdg 
151 Poultou J S, shoemkr 
153 Shea & Co. tlrs 

Taylor Thomas 
155-157" Gander J M, plstr 
159 Allen Win. tailor 

Wills Edward 
161 McCutehlon Thomas 

Tarling Charles 
163 Mulett J R, bdg 
165 Beefsteak Club, The 

Klntr George A 
167-9 Athenaeum Club The, 
of Toronto, Ltd 

McGraw Fred, caretkr 

Elliott House, s e 

• Shuter st intersects 
179 Sweetnam L M, phy 
183 Stuttaford Andrew O 

Stuttaford Mrs C, music 


IS." Maxden Frank 
187 Plewes Mrs E. bdg 
189 Kinsey Mrs Eliz. bdg 
191 Armstrong Mrs Eliz. bdg 
193 Longbeed David, bdg 
195 Ross Mrs Kate, bdg 
197 Hatch James C 

Hatch Mrs Mary, bdg 
199 Wellington Richard G 

Wellington Mrs S C, bdg 
2»l Ivied Alfred 

Lord Mrs M. bdg 

i'avis John C 

205 Hawkins James, vontr 

207 Hong Kee, Indry 

209 Virdin F M 

211 Smith Donald L, elect 


213 Breadon John, dairy 
215 Benson W N, clgara 

Collier Mrs Emma 
217-219 Hawley John, proyg 

Irwin Mrs M, drsmkr 
219 Elliott Mrs Alice 
221 Crawford James Jr 
223 Gilbert Mrs Eliz. bdg 
225 Kee Wing, Indry 
•227 McNelllle M, staty 
229 Squire T W, gro 
+ Wilton av intersects 

Private grounds 
241 Jones Mrs Margaret G 
243 Enright W J, hoseshoer 
245 Cranston John, dairy 
247 Dion Thomas, shoemkr 
L'4'.» LCI- Charlie, Indry 
251-3 Good John & Co, grocers 

Good John 
255 Hawley John 
257 Dancy Bros, btchrs 

Dancy Henry N 
2t'.l Rycroft Thomas W 
263 Sharp Will 
265 Neales Mrs Sarah 
267 Peuuell Edward T, pair 
2ii9 Rose Mrs Mary 
273 Spooner Frank 
273% Spooner Frank, gro 
275 Rankin Wm. baker 
277 Wilson T, tlr 
279 Tai Chon, Indry 
281 Hernon A T, btchr 
2S7 Bm-k David C 

• Gould st intersects 
2S'.i Albright A F, gro 
289% Johnson James S 

291 Forbes Alex, shoemkr 
291% Johnson J S, tlr 
293 Saulter Miss Marv J 
295 Roy Warren 

Roy Eunice, bdg 
297 French Mrs Hughena, bdz 
299 Cook Mrs Eliza 
301 Bryant Wm H 
303-5 Watkins Mrs H 

Watkins L X, mus tchr 

Watkins Miss H. mus tchr 
307 Metcalfe James 
309 Kerr John F 
311 Waterson Wm 
313 Manning Mrs Eliza, gro 

Turnbull James 
315 Dennis Wm 
317 Bond Mrs M A 
321 Scaddiug Edward A 
323 Williams Herbert H 
325 Parkes G Harry 
327 Vacant 

329 Hamilton H J, phy 
331 Rae George 
333 Goodall Miss B, bdg 
335 Keegan Mrs Mary, bdg 
337 Fulton Miss Agnes 
341 Anderson Mrs Jane 

• Gerrard st e intersects 
House, s e 

349 Hughes Mrs J, bdg 
351 Boake Mrs M A, bdg 
353 Stewart Mrs E. bdg 
355 Burnham Albert L 

Burnham Mrs S, bdg 
357 Finnigan Mrs M E, tlrg 
359 Ross John, plmbr 
361 McLeod John, shoemkr 
363 Bee David, baker 
^McGill st intersects 

House, s e 
365 Croot John T 
369 Pickard Wm J, exp 
371 Pickard Wm 
373 Lung Chong. Indry 
375 Lobaico Nicholas, fruits 
377 Cairncross J H. carp 

• Anne st intersects 
379 Goodchild James 
381 Sheppard Charles K 
383 Allan George 

385 Push T E. dairy 
:;s7 Gnesl W N. btchr 

Mills Robert 
389 Pearson B D. gro 
391 Samson John 

Livinski Mme. M. palmist 

"My Valet 


1 30 Adelaide St. W. Tel. 8074. 

Rents Dress Suits 


Toronto Fruit Vinegar Go. 

81 FRONT ST. E. 




393 Taber A F, btcur 
^ Carlelou si intersects 

House, s e 
411 Hugo Alts Louisa. 

Hugo Miss S. mus tchr 
413 Bisuop George W 
410 \\aUe Mrs Adelaide 
417 Brown Alexander 

419 Bothaui James l f 
421 Muusou Clarence 
423 Reedy Mrs Uatherin« 

^ Wood at intersects 

420 McUouagh. Miss XI J, bdg 
427 Walker J U. contr 

Weir Mrs B. mus tchr 
429 Clap Ldward XI 
431 Uauks Mrs Eleanor 
433443 ruhlic School 

^ Alexander st iutersects 
440 Henderson Miss Georgina 
447 liuchuer John L 
449 Farley Mrs Emma 
401 Peacock James 
453 XlcKagne James, contr 
455 Rice \\ m M 
457 Peardou Mrs Rebecca 
4uU \Voolsey Kolaud 
401 Zingg Mrs Mary M 
463 Kedtern Kobert G 
405 Church John 

Church Thomas L 
467 halls (Seymour E 
409 Heiiuiug Mrs Janet 
471 Edgar Mrs Xlary 
473 I'erry Jlrs Mary 
473% Fluuilug Arthur 
475 Booth Alex G, gro 

^ Maitlaud st iutersects 
477 .Sterling Frederick K 
481 Whatmough Mrs C E 

Nurses' Home 
483 Kuowles James jr 
485 Doluiiige Mrs Sophia 
487 Farquliarson Win J 
489 Scott \Vm U, broker 
493 Giles Mrs Klizu 
497 Shepherd Mrs Mary 
499 Speight Win B 

Private grounds 
507 China Inland Mission 

Helmer Joshua S 

Private grounds 
6 Wellesle.v st intersects 
509 Vacant 
511-513 Granite Club 

Granite Bowling Club 

Granite Curling Club 

Queen City Curling Club 

Wanderers' Bicycle Club 

Bayly Edward 

Burley John, caretkr 

Luck Kiehard, steward 
519 Granite Curling and Skat 
ing Co Ltd 

Private grounds 
539 Crawford George S 

Private grounds 
^ Xlulock av commences 
551 Sautter Wm G 
5T.3 Sullivan XIrs Nora 
5,">.j ISailcy Mrs Sarah 

Bailey Xllss F XI, artist 
559 Ramsey John 
561 Purvis XIrs A L 
5G3 Boultbee Alfred 

+ Gloucester st Intersects 
503'Xi Podmore XIrs XIartha 
505 Kewin Edwin 
565% Bryant H N W 
567 Watts Edward 
567% Allen XIrs F A 
569 Thompson Xliss Mary 
571 Xlorden Samuel B 
573 Parker T Y, contr 
575 Williams Charles B 
.'.77 Smith Walter H 
579 XIaedonald James 
583 Symonds Harry 
585 Sylvester G P. pliy 
• Isabella st intersects 

House, s e 

589 Sewell Robert S M 
591 Clarke XIrs Caroline C 
593 Dick Win C 
59.". Cole Xtrs Agnes 
597 Dnnn (Jeorge 
599 Steen Ephraim 
G01 Fisher Arthur 
603 Hyland Herbert J 
605 XIacnamara Xfichael J 

007 Montgomery It 0 

Stitzel XIrs E XI, nurse 

Oil Bayles Thomas .S 
• Charles st iutersects 

613 Thompsou lion J Enoch 

010 Hubbard A 1 

017 Saunders Misses, school 
Sauuders Xliss H 
Saunders Xliss Julia 

019 Wrinch Warwick 

W rinch Miss M E. artist 

021 Mitchell James A 

023 Mclnlosli Angus 

025 Cathrun XIrs Caroline A 
1'rivate grounds 

031 Farini G A 

Farini Mine A, mus tchr 

033 Cringau Alex T 

+ Hayden st intersects 
G3'J luilum Win. contr 
»J41 Smith James 
043 Blackball Joseph 
045 Jeuuer Edward 
047 Roberts J Edward 
049 1'riugle XIrs Lucy V ' 
651 O'HlKjtiux Xl'rs Isabella 

West Side 

2-8 Greey Wm & J G, mill 

12 Vacant 
14-10 Vacant 
18-22 Galbraith Win, storage 

Hughes D \V, wool 
24 Eaton Bros Brewing Co 

Warehouse, s e 
+ Front st e intersects 

Gooderham building 
^ Wellington st e ends 
28 Bank ot Toronto, s e 

Hyslop J C, caretkr 
30 Arbiithnot Press 
32 Queen City Chambers 
Scott & Walmsley, un 

Queen City Fire Ins Co 
Hand-ln-Hand Ins Co 
Fire Ins Exchange Cor 
British & Foreign XIarine 

Insurance Co 
Reliance Xlarine Ins Co 
Hand-in Hand Plate Glass 

Xlillers & Xlanufactnrers' 

Inn Co 

McXIulkln F C, ins 
Scott W I, underwriter 
National Xlinlng & De 
velopment Co 
Imperial Trusts Co of 


Baccjue L H. broker 
Kunciinan H. ins appi- 
Xlalcolm J, caretkr 
Dawson Thomas, elev opr 

34 Douglas & Ratcliff, pa 


36 Turtle Hall Hotel 
Booth George S 

* Colborne st intersects 
38 Smith W H. produce 
40 Vacant 

42 Bon Accord Building 
Byford G R, bookbinder 
Can Confidential Agency 


Lowdeu John & Son, mfrs' 

Young & Co. brokers 
Lambe A B. broker 
McGinn Thomas, caretkr 

44 Detchon S G, pro med 
48 East India T & C Co 

45 Xlonfgomery R O. leather 
50 Hotel, s e 

• King st e intersects 

54 Tor Railway Office, s e 
56 Vacant 

58 Cashmore E J, guns 
60 Phillips Smith, prtrs 
^ Court st ends 
62 Monetary Times, Trade 
Review and Insurance 
Chronicle (weekly) 
Xlonetary Times Printing 

Co of Canada 
Canadian Journal of Fab 

Canadian Engineer 

Candian Textile Direc 

Higgar, Samuel & Co, pub 

Toronto Paper Xlfg Co 
Trout J K. phy 
04 Rowllnson J H, picture 

66 Curry George, rubber 


08 Swift C & Co, shoes 
70 King Dangerfleld 
Campbell R J, putr 
Campbell & Son, artists 
1- McDougal Horace, teas 
74 Gibson & Defries, barrs 

Redford G H, caretkr 
76 Can Permanent & West 
ern Can Xlortg Corp 
« Home Savings & Loan Co 


80 Foy * Kelly, barrs 
Mlddleton K L, barr 
Whelan James 
Smith R H. barr 
C° rl r I " luadry Machinery 
84 Hygiene Kola Co 
86 Guest & Co, plmbrs 

Egyptian Damiana Co 
18 Bowey John H. caretkr 
90-92 Lindsay & Co, mfrs agts 

Adelaide st e Interstcts 
94 Store, s e 
96 Charlton A A, signs 
Bukcr XIrs E 
Ellicott John XI 
Brown John 

98 Hamilton Xlfg Co, engrav 
ers' supplies 
100 Dnfferln Chambers 

O'Donohoe & Co, bnrrs 
Norris Win, barr 
102 Vacant 

104 Bret'. Jacob, cigars 
106 Ashdown Geo, eating lise 
108 Wood Xtrs E J, eat'ng hse 
110 Hoiighton John, mach 
^ Lombard st intersects 
114 Bishopric & Co, contrs 
Dillon W E, iron wkr 
114V, Downer Pattern Works 
116 Schell Erasmus, gro 
118 XIcAvoy James, btchr 
Barthau Peter, r 
Grundler XIrs H, r 
120 XIaedonald Peter, gro 
1201/2 Suamhrook John 
122 Pen-in Wm R * Co, rnachs 
124 Windsor Hotel 

* Richmond st e intersects 
120 Xlowbray T. sculptor 
128 Palmer John, barber 
130 132 Godwin R C. rest 
134 Southam T L, bicycles 
136 Ferguson Matthew 

Store, s e 
+ Queen st e Intersects 

Metropolitan Church, s.e 
+ Shuter st Intersects 

St Xlichaels Cathedral, r e 
St John's Chapel 
200 St Michael's Palace 
Rohleder Rev F F 
Ryan Rev Francis 
Treacy Rev J P, D D 
Bench Rev P Joseph 
202 St Vincent's Chapel 
240 Thompson Henry 
242 Woodhouse J Joseph 
244 O'Connor Miss C, dress 

240 McLean Albert 
248 Goodman A D 

250 Archer Genlo C 

252 XIcGibhon Xliss Margaret 

251 Williams Isaac V 
250 Rose Charles H, gro 
258 Shaw H J. liquors 
200 Stewart John, pntr 
202 Curry Isaac, drugs 

+ Wilton av Intersects 
204 Aikins H W. phy 
200 Stewart Wm 

Weyekl E, mus tchr 

268 Clarke George 

270 Hudgin XIrs Lydin, drsinkr 

272 Dunn David A 

274 Hepburn XIrs Mary A 

276 Hall John 

278 Flanulev Miss J, dairy 
280 Wallace" John 
2S2 Smith John, gralnet 
284 Archer Edward 
2^0 Evans Alfred, costiimer 
2S8 Murphy James 
2UO Howells Miss A H, dress 

Howells Xliss C. drsmfcr 

Howells Xliss N. nurse 
292 Plewes Frederick 
2!I4 Hamill Juhu K 
290 Smith XIrs E. drsmkr 

Smith Win J 

298 Cleghorn Alexander T 
300 Shumer Louis 
302-6 Standard Star Laundry 
Co Ltd 

Hoflnnd Walter E 
308 Splndler Mrs A E, drsmkr 

Stevenson Arthur 
310 Burhart Wm C 
312 Dear Mrs Jane 
522 Working Boys' Home 

• Gould st intersects 
St James sq 
Normal School, s e 
Model School (boy.,) 

• Gerrard st e Intersects 
Store, s e 

390 Bell Robert J 

.'i',12 Leonard George N 

3!«i Sul Wah. laundry 

398 Ledley Xllss Mary 

400 Inch Alfred 

402 Hnrvi-y Walter B. pntr 

•1(14 Collett »3 T, staty 

• XIcGill st Intersects 
406 Craig Robert, shoeinkr 
408 McCartney James, coal 

Vacant lots 

414 Marshall XIrs C. lidg 
41(i I'extoii Albert G 

Pexton XIrs Ruth, bdjj 
418 Blood Jabez. grocer 

^ Anne st intersects 
420 Lean Edward C 

422 Gordon Miss Agnes, l>dg 
424 Leslie George 

426 Phair Mrs Eliza 

423 Hopkins XIrs Jessie 
434-6 Somerset House 

A Carlton st Intersects 
4::8 Armitage W H, gro 
444 Kirkpatricl Wm J 
44ii Smart Wm 
448 Evans Mrs Eliza 
450 Robins Herbert 
452 Carter XIrs Elizabeth 
454 Stephens Win 
456 Candler Win H 
•158 Rothwell Win E 
460 Walker Joseph H 
404 Ferguson Archibald 
466 Thompson Robert 

Private grounds 
<k Wood st intersects 
468 House, s e 
470 Naftel XIrs Caroline 

Northern Cong Church 
488 Hownrth Samuel 
490 Richardson Louis J R 
494 Tolffee XIrs C H 

+ Alexander st intersects 
496 Elliott J Ephraim, phy 
498 Nicholson Andrew 
500 Leighton John S 
502 Graham DermatologlcBV 

Scott Francis J 
504 Coates Mrs Mary 
r,0« How Mrs Catherine 3 
508 MacDowell Henry 
510 Carmlchael Wm R 
S12 Damp XIrs Sarah 
514 Simpson Wm 

Simpson XIrs XI, bdg 
516 W r ong Cbong. laundry 
518 Brown Wm L, gro 

Jennlson Reuben R 
^ XIaitland st intersects 

House, s e 

Private grounds 
522 Lawrence Wm 
524 Sipprell Archibald 
520 Ham Dr Albert 
528 Huttou XIrs Mary 
530 Lynch XIrs Alice 
532 Williams XIrs Xlary 
534 Belding Mrs Jessie 

Doses, Carnations, Violets 

and Decorative Plants. 


5 KINO ST. W. 

'Phone 1424 
445 VONGF, ST. 

'Phone 4,92 

Lansdowne Are. and 
Bloor St. West 
Telephone 5125. 

An Unexcelled Record 

The Temperance and General Life 




Yule Miss L I', nurse 
536 Bindou Mrs Ann 
538 Culham diaries E 
540 Ewart Woman's Mission 
ary Trainiug Home 

Livingston Mrs Elizabeth 
542 Lund James 

Seobie Miss B, mus tchr 
544 Lawrence Oliver 
546 Ford Mrs Annie 
548 Lee Wm H 

* Wellesley st intersects 
552 Kelso Mrs Janet 

554 Walker Mrs Elizabeth F 

556 Milter James L 

558 Berkinsliaw Edwin T 

500 Sutherland Mrs Helena A 

562 Goodman Rev S C 

564 Hartinan Cary W 

Great Eastern Lyceum 


Mil Mosgrove Richard 
508 Whealey Wm H 
570 Sambrool; Mrs Maria 
572 Adamson Mrs B I), mus 

Adamsou Miss E, music 

Adamson Miss '. I), vio 

574 Graham James 
576 Scott Win 
578 Conrad Louis A 
580 Williamson Thomap G 
582 Crysler Mrs Sarah 

Hemming Miss K, artist 
584 Chillis Ke>>. laundry 
590 Bnrley John 
592 MlHichamip Wallace 

Millichaiup G K. phy 
594 Robinson Mrs Mary 

+ Glom -ester st intersects 
598 Knowles Mrs Mary 

Private grounds 
608 Colt-man Mrs Amanda 
+ Isabella st Intersects 

House, s e 
612 Bleasdell Wm H 
614 Gait Thomas P 
618 Gamble Mrs Matilda 
C20 Malcolm Win B 
622 Armour Miss Annie 
624 Stock H Edward K 
620 Wilson Alfred 

* Charles st intersects 
<«2 Needle Mrs Kate 
634 Frost Henry W 

636 Whatmough Miss F A, 

med elect 

638 Carrier Wm F 
640 Hachburu Edwarrt G 
642 Paton Robert G A 
644 Griffith Robert J 

* Haydeu st intersects 
648 Hil'l Henry J 

650 Hume James G 
House, s e 

CHURCHILL AV, w from opp 
83 Ossington av to Dover- 
court rd, ward 5 

North Side 

2 Coulter Joseph 
4 Scott James E 
6 McQuay George W 
8 Collins Frank S 
10 Smith Hugh J 

Vacant lot 
14 Murchlsfm Wm 
16 Burns Robert 
18 Seager Percy 
20 Stone James J 

Stone Miss A M, mus 

22 Colville Robert J 

Vacant lots 
36 Arnold Samuel S 

Vacant lot 
48 Reid John W 
50 Freeman Robert K 
52 Walker Albert G 

Yeo John 
54 Hustwitt Ernest E 

Private grounds 
58 Lasher Amos W 
60 Silvester Mrs Emma 
62 Lasher George 
64 Morris Mrs Maria L 
66 Cuthbertson Allen S 



Nixon James li 
House, s L> 

South Side 
Colville John E 
Dale Thomas 
Cralgmyle James M 
Henderson Thomas J 
Taylor Frederick W 
Cameron Wm M 
Smith Alexander H 
Stephens John P, dairy 
French Daniel E. bldr 
Rae James D 
Wright Andrew E 
Ambury George 
House, s e 
Lakeview av ends 
House, s e 
Vacant lots 
Smith Wm L 
Mason Tobias II 
Vacant lots 
Surnner George W 
Kason <' W. pntr 
House, s e 

C1KOLA AV (Toronto Island), 
w from centre of Chippewa 
av to Clandeboye av, ward 

Not built on 

CINDER AV. w fr.'Ui 140 Sul 
ly to Crawford, ward 5. 
Not built on 

CITY HALL, u side Queen w, 
bet James and Teraulay. 
ward 3. 

Engine, motor and ventil 

ating system, John M 

Dixou, chief eng 
Ground Floor- 

City Engineer's Depart 

ment, C H Rust, CE, 

chief: C L Fellowes, CE, 

Street Commissioner's De 

partment, John Jones, 

Medical Health Dept, 

Charles Sheard, MD, 

City Parks Dept, John 

Chambers, coinur 
City Relief Office, Ed 

ward Taylor, relief offi 


Ambulance Dept 
Mounted Police Dept 
Police Patrol Dept 
Police Staff Dept, David 

Archibald insp 
Clerk of the Peace, H E 

Irwin, barr. chief elk; 

Edgar Parsons deputy 
Irwiu & Jones, barrs 
First Floor- 

City Treasurer's Office, R 

T Coady treas, John 

Patterson deputy 
City Auditors' Dept, Wm 

Anderson and Wm W 

Jones auditors 
City Tax Collecting Dept, 

Samuel Baird, S H Mc- 

Comb, J H Pritchard, E 

F Rush, Samuel Vance, 

T R Whiteside and J D 

Woods, collectors 
City Waterworks Dept, 

H Gilby and G J Adam- 

son receivers, Joseph 

Rattan acct, James A 

Boyd chief insp 
City Commissioners' Dept, 

Emerson Coatsworth 

chief, Edward Copping 

bldg Insp 

Division Court Chambers 
Western Division, Court 

E H Duggan elk 
Police Court Dept and 

Headquarters, Lt-Col 

Henry J Grasett chief 
Bengough Thomas, stenog 


Nield Ernest, stenog rep 
Jenkins A R, stenog rep 

Court Iluux- uu«l Law "it- 

Sheriff's UfiU-e (York Co). 
J H Wldditteld sheriff, 
Alex Sutherland deputy. 
J E Severs bailiff 

Sheriff's Office (Toronto 
City). Frederick Mowat 
sheriff, James W Severs 
deputy. A W Harris of 

County Crown Attorney, 
H H Dewart atty 

County of York Law 
Assu, J S Denlson sec 

County Court Chambers. 
.1 E Macdongall and Ed 
ward Morgan judges 

Surrogate Court Office, J 
E Macdougall judge, 
Joseph Tait registrar, E 
N May deputy 

Exchequer Court (Admir 
alty division), J E Mac 
dougall judge. John 
Bruce registrar, Wm 
Boyd marshal!, Alex 
Downey official reporter 

Police Court and offices 

Police Court, Lt-Col Gfo 
T Denison police magis 
trate. K K Kingsford 

Detective Dept. Win Stark 

Xicol Geo IS, elk of ag- 

Severs James E. bailiff 
Second Floor- 

City Council and offices 

City Clerk's Dept, Wm A 
Littlejohn elk 

City Solicitor's Office. .7 S 
Fullerton counsel. Thos 
Caswell city solicitor, A 
F Lobb and Wm C 

Chisholm deputies 
Mayor's Office. George 


Wilson priv see 

City Assessment Dept. R 
J Fleming comnr, James 
C Forman chief elk. 
James R Hay, Daniel 
Kennedy, J P Mallon. F 
B Morrow. Robert Sabis- 
ton and Charles Unwin 

Division Court (First). F 
M Morson and Edward 
Morgan judges 

County Court. J E Mac 
dougall senior judge, Ed 
ward Morgan junior 
judge. F M Morson se 
cond junior judge 
Third Floor- 

City Surveyor's Office. 
Villiers Sankev chief, B 
G Leigh draughtsman 

Toronto Public School 
Board. W B McMurrich. 
QC, solicitor: Win C 
Wilkinson sec-treas. Jas 
L Hughes senior inspr. 
F W Chapman junior 
inspr. Charles H Bishop 
supt of buildings. John 
Thompson drill instruc 

Separate School Board 

Toronto Collegiate Insti 
tute Board 

Harris Mrs Catherine. 

Harris R C. asst caretkr 

Bennett George. asst 

CF.iANDF.BOYE AV (Toronto 
Island), n from 298 Lake 
Shore av, ward 4. 
1 Oldfield Joseph 
3 Monro Mrs Mary 
5 Cowan Mrs Letsy E 
7 Huckvale J Evans 
9 Jones Alphonsus F 

11 Nasmith David R 
Whltaere John G 

13 Samuel J Hughes 

17 Petrlp Henry W 

CLARA, n from 31 Orford av 

to Oak, ward '2. 
East Side 

1 Wallace Wellington 

3 Kdwards Wm J 

5 Morphy Wm T 

7 Quinton John 
9 Martin George 

11 Fowler Walter G 
House, s e 

West Side . . 

2 Bolan Wm P 

4 Allingham Michael 

6 Kelly Thomas H 

8 Cooper Robert J 
10 Oake Henry W 

12 Robinson Wm C 
House, s e 

CI.AKKMONT, 11 from T80 
Queen w, to Mansfield ar, 
ward 5. 

East Side 

Store, s e 
7 Carey John 
'J Kiug Michael 

13 Burns Miss Elizabeth 

15 Geare Franklin N 
• Crocker av intersects 

17 Cahill Thomas 

21 Hill Thomas C 

23 Barrett Michael 

-'.., Puttock Mrs Emily 

27 Brown Mrs Annie" 

29 Howe John 

:>3 Smith Wm J 

85 Crawford James P 

37 Roach Michael 

37'j Marshall Mrs E 

39 Lambrick Thomas 

+ Robinson st intersects 

41 Grauery Philip, gro 

43 Leask Wm L 

47 Belmore John 

49 Johnston Wm L 

51 Field George, exp 

55 Key George J 

57 Angell H A 

511 Long James 

01 Birchall Henry 

or! Brirton Mrs Theresa 
Britton Miss C, dremkr 

05 Patton Peter 
Vacant lots 

77 Nixon Scott 

7:i Ashby Wm 

81 Jennings James 

S3 Sullivan Thomas 

85 Rogers Wm 

87 Lawson David 

89 McKeown John 

91 Kenney Thomas 

93 Gray Mrs Georglna 

95 Gregory Mrs Sophia, fro 

97 Lee Edward 

99 Kelleher Cornelius 
101 Scott Nelson 
103 "Bowler J W 
105 Seaton Thomas R 
107 McAfee John C 
109 Gartlan Peter 
111 O'Neill Wm E 
113 Laughton Mrs Ann 
1 15 Mundy Kenneth 
119 Mitchell E J 
121 Glllespie Wm 
123 Chillman M 
125 Hickey Thomas J 
127 Fell Charles E, gro 
129 Reeve Alfred 
131 Gertin Charles A 


For Pure ICE. Perfect Delivery. 

Head Office, Tel. 33 

Limited 43 ESPLANADE ST. E. 

North British & Mercantile Insurance Co. TORONTO BRANCHl 

Telephone No. 423. 


116 Claremont. 


133 Bousfleld John. W 

Boustleld Mrs A, nurse 
135 MeCay Wm A 
137 O'Klley Edward P 
139 Wood Albert E 
141 Westlake Win T 
143 Sparks Francis 
145 Broouier John 
147 Graham Johu G 
149 Kobinsou Thomas 
151 Sumner S S 
153 Mclntyre George M 
155 Smith Joseph 
157 Christie James H 
159 Cronln Dennis 
163 McManus Patrick 
165 Gregory W C 
167 Little Robert D 
1G9 Little Wm J 
171 Thornton Peter 
173 Laughton John B 
175 Foster Thomas 
177 Jamiesou Samuel 3 
179 Black Win 
181 Stephens J E 
Store, s e 

+ Arthur st intersects 
185 Whytock P B, btcbr 
187 Whytock Peter B 
191 Coulter Win J 
193 Rodden John 
195 Pullan Mrs Alice 

Vacant lot 
203 Morley G W 

+ Plymouth av Intersects 

School grounds 
247 Barr George W 
249 Lamb Robert 
251 Hands Albert G 
253 Young David 
255 Weston J H 
257 Brown Mrs M 
259 Barrett P F 
261 Canessa John, fruits 
263 Wortley Frederick 
265 Scott Wm — 

269 Carr Wm 
271 Cito Natale 
273 Irwln Win J 
275 Miller J, contr 
277 Lawrence Alfred C 
279 Mathleson Dougal 
281 Irwin Jane A 
283 Wilson George G 
285 Clayburn Samuel 
287 Maifey James L, gro 

West Side 

Hotel, s e 
6 McConvey F 
8 Bradshaw Thomas 

12 Cook Mrs S 

14 Smith Anthony 

16 Ring Jacob J 

18 Donnelly Patrick 

* Crocker av Intersects 
20 Dobbs Henry 

20% Schofleld John 
22 Sehofield John 
24 Gimson Mrs Clara 

Giiii'son Miss C. drsmkr 
26 HlDson Joseph H 
30 Middleton Enoch 
32 Ryan David 
34 Snedden Mrs M 
38 Mallaney M J. 

• Robinson st Intersect* 
Vacant lots 

46 Martin Isaiah 

48 Fernley Edward 

60 Atkinson Henry W 

52 Stockfish George 

54 Goodes Horatio 

56 Wood Frederick 

58 Llndsey Robert, bldr 

60 Hughes John 

62 MoAvay James T 

60 Hurd Mrs Ellen 

68 Dorward Walter 

74 Ewing Richard 

76 Noland James 

78 Step'.ienson John H 

80 Shaw Wm 

82 Crowley Timothy J 

Vacant lot 
88 McCarthy Patrick 
90 Massey Joseph 
92 Mitchell David 
94 Keene Charles E 
96 Norris Wm 
98 McDonough Philip 

Moody George, r 
100 Martin Patrick, exp 
102 Berry George T 
104 Holdsworth Mrs C 

Holdsworth J M, pntr 
106 Fitzroy Joseph 
108 Lennox Hugh 
110 Mundy Henry H 
112 Cobeau James 
114 Weston H T 
116 Walker O H 
118 Pickup Thomas 
120 Condle Thomas 
124 Russell Hichard 
126 Johnston S 

• Bellwoods pi commences 
128 Graham Miss A C, gro 

Powell Miss M, dismkr 
130 Weston John 
132 Aykroyd Maitland 
134 Lewis James 
136 Moat George 
138 Lumber yard 
148 Cox John J 
150 Dempsey Thomas, gro 
152 Spellman Patrick 
154 O'Brien James 
160 Pres Mission Ch 
162 Mission Savings Bank 

Boyles James, r 
164 McCarron Owen 
166 Blair James 
170 Vacant shop 
+ Claremont pi commences 

• Arthur st intersects 

182 Fraleigh Win S, MD, 


J84 Jenkins Isaac 
186 Oswin Richard J 
388 Lowndes Henry 
190 Thornton Aison 
392 McMillan Thomas 
194 McMillan Wm 
196 McMillan John 
198 Brownscombe A P 
200 MoPherson Frank 
202 Seaton T L 
204 Webster Thomas 

• Plymouth nv Intersects 
206 Wright John G 

208 Jenkins Thos 
210 Mellish R C 
212 MeBeth Andrew 
214 McLachlan John 
216 Browning Walter H 
218 Williams H R 
220 Crowle Win 
222 Foster Mrs Jane 
224 Swift W John 
228 O'Connor Timothy 
2,'!0 Joblin John 
2:!2 Simpson E G 

Vacant lot 
242 Lennox Wm J 
244 Brown J, gro 

• Treford pi commences 
House, s e 

246 Clark John 
248 Herbert Dennis 
250 Donnelly John 
252 Toutant E J 
254 Hnmner Joshua 
256 Pretty Thomas 
258 Gonrley James 
262 Newcombe Richard 
264 Crang George 


170 Claremont. ward 5. 

2 Wilcox Hebron, plstr 

4 Wright George 

6 Hames John H 

8 Enright James 
10 Plett Thomas 
12 Curran Frank J 
14 Roney Edward 
16 Brambles Thomas 
18 Chapell Isaac 
20 Jones Fred C 

CLARENCE, n from 122 Wel 
lington w, ward 3. 

East Side 

Rear entrances 

West Side 

Factory, s e 

Gold Medal Fum Mfg Co, 

CLARENCE SQ, e side of 
Spadina av, at the head of 
Wellington w, ward 4. 

North, Side 

1 Graham Wm H, M D 

2 Young W A, artist 

3 Braund Wra 

4 Jackson Miss Maggie 

5 Kirk John McM 
Nurse's Home 

5 Dover Miss Josephine, 

Phair Miss Lottie, nurse 

6 Rliey John B 

7 Nlblock John T 

8 Taylor Mrs Minnie 

9 Foster John T 

10 Milne David F 
Brlttaln Mrs Annie 

11 Robertson Donald M 

12 Anderson Rev Wm 

13 Little James 

14 Vacant 

15 Fisher Wjn 

16 Chalmers Mrs Agnes 
South. Side 

17 Moore Robert 

18 Nellove Miss Muriel 
Gray Mrs Florence 

19 Wilkinson Daniel 

20 Defoe Daniel M 

21 Martin John M, acct 

22 McCartney James 

23 Newman Fredk, contr 

24 Reddick Andrew, bldr 

25 Grainger Mrs Violet 

26 Dowdell James R 

27 Lay Henry A 

28 Silverthorn Mrs L 

29 Jones Willis 

CLARK, e from 25 Grant to 
Bolton av, ward 1, 

North Side 

House, s e 
Vacant lots 

^ Howie av commences 
House, s e 

32 McCounell Win 

34 Masters Alexander 
House, s e 

South Side 

Private grounds 
11 Carter Henry W 
13 Stpvens Wm 
15 Walpole James 

17 Bloomer Mrs Lillie 
21 Perry VVm 

2:i Sidey Mrs Rhoda 

27 F.Mis Afrs Mary A, bdg hse 

33 Boyd Mrs Elizabeth A 
Boyd John 

35 (Srjiham Robert 
37 WIIN John 

In rear of 68 Edwin av, 
ward 6. 

East Side 

1 McKay John E 

3 Elliott George 

5 Thompson Samuel 

CLASSIC AV, w from 308 
Huron to Spadina ay, 
ward 4. 

North Side 

House, s e 

2 Strafton Wm C 

4 Roger Mrs Elizabeth 

6 Gibson Robert L 

8 Camp Lewis C 

10 Paton Peter F 

12 Din-los Mrs Jane 

14 Clark John 

16 Noble Mrs Emma 

18 Hall John 

20 Alexander Joseph 

House, s o 
South Side 

House, s e 
1 Travers Fergus J 

3 McCnuI Charles C 

5 Balllie Wm 

7 Buller John 

9 Gale J Wm 

11 Boyd George 

13 Vanghnn Robert C 

15 Phair Thomas H 

17 Kelly John D 

19 Christie Wm 
21 Adalr John G 
23 Dodds John E 
House, s e 

CLASSIC PL. runs e from 301 

Huron, ward 4. 
North Side 

House, s e 

Vacant lot 

4 Halcro Mrs Ella 

6 Thompson John 

8 Nutt George 

South. Side 

House, s e 
1 Gregory Joseph 
3 Laidlaw Wm 

5 Crysler Norman D 

7 Tapsfleld Wm G 

9 Webb Mrs Sarah 

CLIFFORD, w from 277 Nl- 
agar to Strachan :>v, 
ward 5. 

... North Side 

Private grounds 
Brewery, r e 
+ Stanley ter intersects 

Vacant lots 
10 Daniels John 
12 Cook Robert 
U naiiiels David 
16 Donnell John 
18 Wilson Thomas G 
20 Allan Wm 
22 Simpson Wm G 
24 Kennedy Alexander 
26 Oram Edward 
28 Smith Thomas 
30 Mills Wm H C 
32 Harman Frank J 
34 Glacken Wm J, exp 
36 Sherer Robert I 
38 Marshall Mrs Martha 
40 Thompson James 
42 Cowan Robert 
44 Widgery James 
House, s e 

South Side 

House, s e 
• Stanley ter intersects 

Vacant lots 
+ Stafford st ends 

House, s e 
3 Christie Wm C 
5 Mackln John E 
7 Williams Edward J 
<k Wellington la ends 
9 Marshall Thomas L 
13 Marshall Robert 

CLINTON, n from 40 Mans 
field av to city limits, 
ward 5. 

East Side 

1 Brown Oscar J 

Vacant lots 
11 Ford Mrs Mary, gro 

• Henderson av Intersects 
15 Jones Michael 

21 Fraser Wm, quantity sur 

23 Iinrie John 
25 Patterson Wm 
27 Moore Alexander 
29 Kinsalla James 
31 McKay Thomas 
33 Bingham A W 
35 Linn James 

45 Topp Frederick G 

• College st intersects 
Store, s e 

49 Carpenter Christopher 
33 Mann Frederick 
Ti5 Vacant 

+ Courtney pi commences 
59 Oakley Frederick 
61 Nicholson & Pettlgrew, 


Nicholson George 
63 Tomlin Wm K 
65 Tooley Warren 
67 Hopkins R E 
69 Worsdall Mrs C, gro 
71 Lougheed George 
73 Stinson Wm 
75 Blackball Mrs Jane 
77 Dewey James T 

Guarantee Company of North America. 

MEDLAND & JONES, Gen 1 1 Agents, Mail Building, Cor. King and Bay. Tel, 1067 

H. O'HARA & CO., 


Toronto St. 

Buy and Sell all kinds of 
Stocks for Clients. 




79 Summers Edwin 

81 Oliver Rev J H 

83 DUon George E 

85 McFaul Henderson, phy 
Vacant lot 

89 Lobban John 

91 Smallwood George 

93 Smallwood Miss E 

95 Smallwood Charles 

97 Smallwood Win 

Smallwood Bros, contrs 
Private grounds 
115 NUon Mrs Mary 
117 Campbell Angus 
119 McDonald George S 

McDonald Mrs M S, drs 


121 Saunders Henry J, tlr 
123 Hadley Thomas 
125 Walker Wm J 
127 Ogden Mrs Adeline 
12H McWulre John 

McGuire A, inua tchr 
131 Atklusou Arthur E 
133 Cassldy Wm J 
135 Wray Walter 
137 Barou George 
139 Belbln George E 
141 Saunders Joseph H 

Public school 
159 Brown Merrltt A 
161 Morrow Wm 
163 Carter riiarles, barber 
165 Fewson D M 
167 Spade Frederick 
169 Anderson George A. 
171 Bruce Wm 
173 Neal Thomas 
175 Bucher Herman 
177 Trowell Edw.-ird 
179 Paddou Charles 
3S1 Turner John 
183 Turner George 
Is'i Campbell Alexander 
IS" Smith Henry J 
189 Crawford Kedford 
191 Brash James 
193 MacMillan John C 
195 Bailey Wm 
197 Gribble George 
199 McCann Walter J 
2i >l Kent Edmund S 
203 Hutchesou T H, plmbr 
2"." Kickard Joseph 
2ii7 Unfinished house 
21"'-. i Adams thomas, bkr 

Dooie E C T, bldr 
211 Saunders John, exp 
21:: Nixon Thomas C 
21T. Powley George 
217 Jeffs Isaac 
219 Hussey B W 
221 Robinson Kdwin 
223 Joedicke Charles 
22.-, Weir Robert S 
227 Hamly Mrs Ann 
229 Lightfoot Win 
231 Hamly James E 
233 McMahou Thomas 

_-.;.-> Whytock P B. btchr 

^ Harbord st ends 
237 Splan Thomas, gro 
239 Mayes Charles 
241 Ford John J 
243 Hurst Walter, exp 
245 Garrett George A 
247 Lalster James 
249 Broderick A A 

251 Mumby Henry 

253 Moore Mrs Rosa 

255 Spain F W 

257 Mlehaud Wm H 

259 McCanl Thomas W 

261 Forward Wm 

263 Hulme Wm T 

265 Bolltho Charles H 

267 HIrlehey Charles 

269 Ellis Wm 

271 Coulman E P 

273 Rndman Wm H 

275 Metcalfe Archelaus 

271 Vanzandt Jonas, indry 

279 Bavlngton George W 
Bavlnston O G, exp 

2*1 Slade Wm 

2^5 Cuthbertson Hugh 

2<5 -Williams Norman M 

2s7 Ford .Wm J 

289 Wood Thomas W 

291 Walmisley H W F 

293 McKay Hugh 

295 Whitney W B 

297 Montgomery John W 

299 Vacant 

301 Ruck Wm 

303 Irvine George E, coal oil • 

Vacant lots 
321 Hendry R F 
323 Campbell Malcolm 
325 Long Frank 

Long W H. contr 
327 Barton Samuel G T 
329 Jones J W L, uphol 

V:icaut lots 
343 Eldon Robert H 
345 Adams David S 
347 Burton George • 
349 Maw Frank C 

Vacant lots 
+ Bloor st w intersects 

Vacant lots 
373 Long F W, btchr 
377 Hammond H G 
381 Falvey Daniel 
3s:; Ash Thomas, btchr 

VnrjLUt lots 

• Bazloji av intersects 
Vacant lots 

481 Rawlinson H, dairy 
483 Yates George W, exp 

Vacant lot 
487 Yates John 
489 Millgate Robert 
493 Loveday James 
495 Hjiwkfii rharles 

Private grounds 
503 Studholmo Wm J 
505 Long Robert 
507 Norris Wm 
509 McLeod Frederick 
511 Sharp Thomas 
513 Wake- Herbert R 
515 JcillirtV Mrs Eliza 
[ 517 Oldflelds J E 

• Follis av intersects 
Vacant lots 

531 Larter Wm 
533 Frond Mrs M ,\, gro 
535 Nichols Robert 
Elliott Edmund 
537 Russell Wm 
539 Lfith John 

West Side 

2 Store, s e 
4 Salmon Edward 
6 Johnstone Robert 
8 Atkinson John H 
10 Cook Ernest 
12 Delany John 
14 Hollinger Robert 

Hollinger Mrs E J, gro 

• Henderson av Intersects 
16 McKeown George A 

18 Browning Charles 
20 Gardiner Mrs Maria 
22 Saunders Alfred G 
24 Worfolk Wm R 
26 Walker Wm S 
28 Nijrntlngale John 
30 Williams Frank G 
32 Hedges J G, tinsmith 
Vacant Iot3 

• College st intersects 
50 Fraleigh Wm S, phy 
52 Blakeley Harry 

Bethol Church 
66 (rumme'son A W 

Vacant lots 
76 Beal Wm F 
78 Richards Sims, vocalist 
82 Samuelson John 
86 Vacant 

88 Woolley Edward H 
90-100 Methodist Church 
102 Sunnders Henry J 
104 Drnmmond Wm 

Drnromond Miss H D, 


lOfi (Jraydon John 
108 Hall Nelson 
110 Hall Herbert F 

Vacant lots 
116 Spencer Walter I 

Maunder John 
118 Hay Alexander 
120 Hatton John 
122 Alllngliam Win 
124 Smith Andrew 
126 Lake John M 
128 Mawhlnney Wm 

130 Macpberson Oscar M 
132 Patterson Frank 
334 Kilter Wm C 
138 Grandin John, plstr 
140 Hooth Harvey H 
142 Mnson Thomas W 
144 M. -Ronald T A, coal 
146 Wardell Wm, house morel 
148 Smith Mrs C E 
Private grounds 
152 Evans David 
154 Egles Wm 
156 De Mara A H, bkr 
158 Thompson John H, confj 
1(10 Spriugett James 
162 Steer Stephen, gro 
164 Mowat Isaac 
166 Cuff Robert C 
168 Wilson Win 

170 Parkinson Wm H 
172 Nicholson A D 

171 Hughes Joseph 
171! Westou Wm 
178 Ogden John 

+ Evans av commences 
1SU Harper John E 

Harper Mrs M, gro 
182 Mason John 
186 Low Joseph H 
188 Moulton Daniel 
19(i Bell Joseph R 
192 Watson Joseph H 
1114 Bevls Alfred 
19G Craggs Wm. dairy 
198 Tagg.-irt Robert 
200 Bertie J, bicycle livery 
20! Bertie Archibald 
206 Hopper John, gro 
208 Hewitt George 
2IO Hedges Joseph G 
212 Gore Robert 

214 Brock Charles 
210 Medland Wm G 

51 S Bate Walter 
222 Silvester E C 
224 Laird Joseph C 

22>'. McFarland James C 

228 Mitchell Charles W 

230 Ilussey James 

232 Low Arthur 

234 Collls Miss Mary 

236 Clark Alfred W 

238 Elliott Andrew J, dairy 

240 Mitchell John H 

242 Rouse John L 

244 Inglis Walter F 

216 Butler Alfred 

245 Butler George 
250 Carnplin Mrs E J 

252 Rlshworth Mrs H, drsmkr 

254 McCallum J A 
256 Iredale Thomas B 
260 Wrtgnt Wm J 

255 Main Richard 
260 Wright Wm J 
2«2 Butler John 

264 Garrett George S C 

266 Braithwalte Joseph 

2<18 Heffron James J 

270 West wood L J 

272 Rogers Geo M, pntr 

270 Dean Joseph 

278 Cull Henry J 

2SO Wood Mrs Ellen 

2^2 Sibley &- Son, uphols 

Sibley Edward 
284 Hiekerson R, bicycles 
280 Benson Klngsborough 
2S8 Phillips Charles, gro 
290 Treloar Wm 

Vacant lots 
330 Bowden J W 
332 Vacant 

Vacant lots 
+ Clinton pi commences 

Vacant lots 
+ Bloor st w Intersects 

Store, s e 

372 Newborn S. whol btchr 
37(i Sinjrleton Mrs M 

Private grounds 
382 Cheadle Benj 

Private grounds 
388 Catkins Wm L, btchr 

Vacant lots 
• Barton nv Intersects 

Vacant lots 
490 Crowhnrst G D, dairy 

Crowhurst W H. dairy 
492 Boston Thomas 

494 Deunison John 

496 Enrlght Cornelius 

498 Westerby F, excavator 

500 Steed Wm 

502 Broomhead John 

Vacant lots 
508 Watson George 
512 Barnes W K, btchr 
• Follis av intersects 

Private grounds 
516 Moore George 
518 Neate Charles 
524 Henrr Charles 
526 Larter Alfred W 
528 Miller Thomas 
530 Cook John 
532 Vacant 
534 Hardman J T 

Vacant lots 
580 Cole Alfred T 

Vacant lots to end 

CLINTON PL, w from 350 
Clinton, ward 5. 

North Side 

Vacant lots 

South Side 

Vacant lot 

1 Crewson Joseph W 
3 Spencer Wm J 
5 Finnigan Owen 
7 Skinner Mrs Jane 
9 Hathway Francis G 
11 Marks Reuben 
13 Vacant 
15 Bryan Joseph 

(LOSE AV, n from GTR to 
Queen w, first w of Dunn 
av, ward 6. 

East Side 

1 Robinson Mrs Jane 
3 Cadenhead Alexander 
5 Duperow Norman 
7 Moe James W 
11 Stotesbury Chas A 
13 Presant Charles F 

Vacant lots 
21 Smallpeice H E 

Home for Incurables, r e 
95 Godfrey Rev Robert 
97 Asher Alexander 
99 Smith Alfred T 
101 Crews Rev Albert C 
105 Harris G E, grocer 
109 Inglis Wm S B 

Club house, s e 
+ King st w Intersects 
Irving Wm J 
Parkdale Rink, s e 
143 Williams Samuel 
145 Smith James 
151 Vacant 
153 Shaw Herbert A 
155 Parish Robert 8 
157 Corey F Truman 
159 Brady Francis A 
161 Eaton Robert W 
163 Stovel Ebenezer 
165 Chisholm Wm C 
167 Hatch Arthur F 
169 Somerville Miss llary 

Vacant lots 
181 Lester Mrs M C 
183 Hamilton Wm 
185 Mayfleld Alfred 
187 Hannah Robert J 
189 Irving James R 
191 Smith Cecil B 
193 Earl Wm 
195 McConnell A C 
199 Matthews Harry B 
201 Mearns Robert, florist 

207 Bailey George 
209 McDonald Caleb S 
209% Beattle Wm A 
211 Godson Arthur F 
211% Chamberlain S H 
213 Parsons Wm G 

West Side 

House, 3 e 
6 Nash Patrick M 
8 Downey Thomas, bldr 
10 Preston Robert O 
12 Pearce Arthur V 
14 Black David 
16 Micks Wm J 
18 Hurst Aubrey O 
20 Mingay Frank G 

Metallic Ceilinsrs. M . eta i! ic 



Telephone 2274 

118 Close Av. 





22 Moe Charles H 

Vacant lota 
30 Heeler Percy A 
32 MeKague H H 
34 Sibbold Miss Janet 
36 Rosser Harry P 
40 Dean Robert W 
42 Reid Armour D 
44 Scheibe George T 

Vacant lota 

58 Ritchie Frederick A 
GO Huuter Wm H 
62 Day Egerton W 
64 Foote M'ss Jean 
60 Watson Geo C, bldr 
68 Emery J Gordon 
70 Scripture Thomas N 
72 Harris Louis M 
74 Reburn Wm G 
70 Neff Arthur C 

Vacant lots 
82 French Sheldon Y 
84 Cook James A 
86 Westren John, jr 

Queen Victoria School 
House, a e 
+ King st w intersects 

Vacant lots 
136 Smith Robert 
138 Vacant 
142 Hunter Thomas 
144 Harris Andrew D 
148 Threlkeld Wm 
160 Southcott G W 
162 Arland Wra H 
164 Bailey Charles L 
106 Goodfellow James 
168 Evans Robert 
170 Miller Thomas W 

Collegiate Institute, r e 
20il Laws Win 

Queen City Rink, s e 

COATSWORTH, s from 457 

King e, ward '2. 
East Side 

1 Store, • e 

3 Churchill F G 

5 Marlatt Wm H 

7 Sheehan' Philip 

9 Bnvus Charles 

11 Carr Alfred H 

13 Hyland Mrs Catherine 

15 Manning Francis E 

17 Benson John 

19 Bowen Albert 

, West Side 

2 House, s e 

4 Milliulue Mrs Ellen E 

6 Foster Francis 

8 Gibbons Wm 

10 Qulnn Charles 

12 Hyland Thomas 

14 Harvey John A 

16 Vantleet Wm 

18 Finch Mrs Catherine 

20 Clark Mrs Mary 

from 277 Ontario to Parlia 
ment, ward 2. 

North Side 

Not built on 

South, Side 

House, s e 

11 Russell Charles 
House, s c 

COBODRG AV, w from rear 
of Dufferin Driving Park to 
Brock av, fourth n of Col 
lege, ward 6. 

North Side 

2 Griffin Thomas, mus tchr 
4 Daltry Osborne K 

10 Steels P, i\rt limbs 

+ Brighton nl commences 

House, » » 
South Side 

11 Terry Thomas 

13 Haines John H 

COLBORNE, e from 61 Yonge 
to West Market, ward 3. 

North Side 

4 Traders Bank Bldg, s e 
6-8 Nordhelmer Piano ft 

Music Co Ltd, r e 
10-16 Murray W A & Co, r e 
18-22 Vacant 

20 Webber J H, mnfrs' aat 
British Chemical Co 
Radnor Water Co 
28 Vacant store 
28% Nasmith Co, r e 
30 New J H & Co.mfrs' agts 

Toronto Sewer Pipe Co 
32 Alison M B, woollens 
32V6 Edmanson. Bates & Co, 

pro med 
Merchants' Mantle Mfg 

Co Ltd 
34 Merchants' C o unter 

Check Book Co 
36 Hayhoe H B & Co, teas 
38 Torrance & Bain, signs 
• Leader lane intersects 
40 Fulton Jewel Mfg Co 
Fielder Mfg Co, jewel 

42 Hub Hotel 

44 Dewdney A H & Bros, 

mfg jwlrs 

46 Eichorn A. cigar mfr 
Dods P D & Co, paints 
Island City Varnish, Palflt 

& Color Works 
Bon Ton Manufacturing 

Co, ladies' wear 
48 Ozone Co of Tor, pro med 
50 McLaren J C Belting Co 
MacArthur A D, mfrs' 

Ideal Mfg o 
Star Iron Co 

52 Wells S C & Co, pro med 
Emerson G E, mfrs' agt 
Bennett Chemical Co 
54 Imperial Extract Co 

Bright T G & Co, wines 
Niagara Fails Wine Co 
56 Vacant 
58-60 Green W W & Co, whol 


Store, a e 

• Church st Intersects 
62 Ferrler & Co, produce 
64 McVean F & Co, vinegar 
Baltimore Oyster Co 
Imperial Miifg Co, shirt 


64M> Ryan J J v com. mer 
66 Ash H J, produce 
68 Vacant. 

70 Smith T H & Co, produce 
72 Imperial Produce Co 
74 King Darrell Produce Co 

King A J, produce exporter 
78 Andrew! George, provs 
Peters Herbert, whol fruit 
Moyer S K, whol fruit 
James F G, flsh 
78 Williams & Sou, pickles 

Barrett T F 
80 Collyer John, bdg hse 

Kimpton Chas, whol fruit 
82 Husband Bros & Co, fruit 
84 Coutts J & Co, fruit 
86 Store, s e 
88 Brownlow J W & Co, 

Store, s e 

South. Side 

Trust Building, s e 
11 Bremer A R & Co, pro 


Alison Thomas, woollens 
Woodward Chemical Co 
Dudley & Burns, prts 
McMaster Univ Monthly 
Guild Gazette 
Missionary Link 
Rankin Court 
19 McCormick Harvesting 

Machine Co 
Warehouse, s e 
* Scott st ends 
21 Store, a e 
21% Belcher F A, rest 
23 Cochran Robert, broker 
25 Mclntyre, Son & Co, 

whol drv goods 
27 Tuckahoe Llthia Water 

Co, storehouse 
29 Frame G, elec supplies 
31 Mossops' Hotel 
33 Vacant 

35 Lochore Alex, tlr 
37 McConnell George & Co, 
whol liquors 

+ Leader lane intersects 

3'J Vacant 

41 Canadian Kodak Co 

43 Lyman, Kuox & Co, whol 

45 Long Albert E, paper box 

Imperial Book Co 

47 Bolte A, brewers' sup 

49 Woodbridge T & Co, sad 
dlery hardware 

51 MacLaren A F Imperial 

Cheese Co 

52 Atteaux F E & Co, dye 

55 Milburn T & Co, pro 


57-61 Hotel, s e 
+ Church st Intersects 

Stbre. a e 

03 Standard Oyster Co 
65 Bacon Wm H, cartage 
67-71 Copp, Clark Co, mfg 


73 Mlnto Bros, whol teas 
75 Vacant 

77 McLean J A, produce 
79 Fox Bros, provs 
81 Barrett Wra, produce 
83 GIbb A & Co, provisions 

Store, s e 

COLINA, n from 950 Enstera 
av, ward 1. 
Not built on 

COLLAHIE, w from 166 Bea- 
consfield av to Gladstone av, 
wa ril **. 

North Side 

House, a e 

6 Shortt Joseph F 
8 Shortt Wm J 

10 Shepard Mrs Henrietta 
12 Haslem Fred T 

14 Ardill Johu 

16 Fields George 

18 Prescott Charles F 

20 Singer \Vm F 

22 Cochraue James M 

24 Macphaic Mrs M A 

20 Doyle Wm F 

28 Schlemmer Charles 
30 Fogal Archibald 

32 Haslam George R 

34 Simpson Miss P, drsmkr 
30 Robson Wm E 

38 Grogan Win 

South Side 

House, s e 

3 Kennedy Charles G 

5 Gregory Charles 

7 Michael John 

0 Taylor John F 
11 Woodland Mrs Mary 
13 Rogers John 

15 Osterhout Herbert G 

17 Vacant 

19 Hart Charles 

21 Thorneloe W C, mus tchr 
'2H Welbuni Wm J 

4> A lane 

25 Howcll Francis J 
27 Attridge Edward 
29 Mulr George 

:il Armstrong Thomas 

33 Wood Joseph 

35 Coulter Miss Jane 
37 Butler Aaron N 

COLLEGE, w from 448 Yonge 
to w of Indian rd, wards '.i, 
4, 5 and 6. 

North Side 

2 Oddfellows' Hall Bldg 
Bayne Vincent, janitor 
I O O F Hall and lodge 
Kooms — 
1-2 Roper Fred 

3 Vacant 

4 Gallagher T E, dent 

5 Ross John F, dentist 
5%-9 Nimmo & Harrison, 

business college 

10 Caldwell Hugh 

11 Bayne Vincent 
12-13-14 Plummer Miss L, 


15 Nimmo & Harrison 
iti Storeroom 
17 Morrison Lewis N 
18-19 Gonzales R.mus tchr 

20 Macmlllau Miss Via, 

mus tchr 

21 Abliott E C, dentist 
22-23 Foster G B, phy 
24 Morrison Lewis N 
2.J-28 Currie T A, dentist 
27. Shanklin Miss E B F, 

Christian scientist 

28 Vacant 

29 Harper Wm E 

30 McKay Mrs Georglna, 

Christian scientist 

31 Eakins W O 

52 Stoner Miss Lillle G 

33 Heudeo-shott Miss L R, 

china putr 

34 Oldfleld A G. mus tchr 
Cutter G W, caretkr 

Ground floor- 
Stamper Fred 
Robertson Mrs J, work 

4-ti Robertson Mrs J, ladles' 

furnishing s 

8 Marreu James, barber 
10 Clarke Miss F A. confy 
12 Thomson R L^ tailor 

Vacant, r 
10 Ardagh Arthur 
18 Capou F J, dentist 
20 Ball George L. dentist 

Gibson Robert E 
40 Palmer T., Loran, phy 
50 Alklns \V II li, phy 
52 Bclangcr Joseph 

Belanger Mrtc J A, drsmkr 
54 Wiley Miss Charlotte E 
56 Pearson Nathaniel, dentist 

Pearson C E, dentist 
58 McLaren James C 
60 Ryerson G Sterling, phy 
72 Wilson John 
74 Peterson Mrs Matilda 
76 Sullivan Miss M. rtrsmkr 
78 Wilson Samuel 
80 Grantham Mrs Linda 
82 Dallas Harry 
84 Gohlio Win, phy 
• Elizabeth st intersects 

'/Aon Cong Ch 
90 Cook Edgar M, phy 
'.12 Smith G B. phy 
!«i Wilhnott J n & W E, 


\Villmott J Branston 
100 Primrose Alex, phy 
102 Peters G A, surg 
110 Tor Bible Train School 

MacWilliam Rev Wm 
112 McGee Mrs Mary A 

• MeGee James C 
116 Henry Mrs Louisa 

• Ent to Queen's Park 
142 Worts Mrs Mary 

• University cres commence 
184 Drew James 

198 Leach Hugh 
200 Cosby Mrs Clara 

+ St George st commences 
216 Perkins Edward J 
230 Vacant 

238 Robb Mrs Isabella 
240 Kilner Charles 
242 Suckling Isaac 

+ Huron st intersects 
244-252 Grace Hospital 
262 Krauss Mrs Charlotte 
264 Ferguson John, phy 
266 Sweeny Rev Canon J F 
Broadway Meth Ch 

• Spadina av intersects 
268 Can Bank of Commerce 
270 Tangent Cycle Co 

272 Hickman Johu, gro 
274 Avenue Chambers 

Morson Alfred Est rl est 

1 Brethonr F G, dentist 
2-3 Peacock R M, dentist 

4 Western Business Col 


5 Brown Miss B 

6 Goodiug Thomas J 

7 Innes Miss Isabel, drs- 

making school 





OF ENGLAND. A.D. 1714. 

Head Office, 

King St. E. 




FINANCIAL and other Corporations. 

Cc. liege. 



8 Junor Miss C. artist 
'.< Bi'tzner Jacob 

10 Smyth Mrs A 1 

11 Xeild Miss M, drsmkr 

12 Mathlesou S C 

13 Cruikshank Mrs Eu 

genia J, artist 

14 Toronto Tlieosophical 


Fletcher Music Method 
Butchart Miss May, 

music teacher 
15-16 Helnrich Miss F.mus 

17 Crewe Harry S 

Allev Mrs Amelia 
18-20 Lodge room 
19 International Business 

21 Robinson Mrs Jean, 

wood carver 
22-24 Metropolitan Sen of 

Avenue Hall 

276 Joss & Co, hardware 
278 Bryce Alex, dairy 
1480 Dann Thomas, shoes 
282 McDougall Duncan, gro 
284 McKerrighan J, florist 
286 Xewlove F H. staty 
Parkin J W, photo 
288 Stotesbury R C. cigars 
290 Orr J F & \V E, bicycles 

Mapes James A 
292 Newton Charles, shoes 
294 Hislop R W, baker 

Mclaughlin Wm H 
296 Swiss Steam Laundry (br) 
Brit A in Dyeing Co (br) 
Haynor Allan 
298 Mickletbwaite F W, 


300 McGill J D, undertkr 
302 Nichols A J, btchr 

• Robert st commences 
304 Purvis A M, millinery 
306 Thompson Mrs Marian 
308 Yake Jacob, jwlr 
310 Macdonald W, sew mach 
312 Gee Walter B & Co, 


Gee Walter B 
314 Redieau Frank 

Kedican Mrs S, fey gds 
316 Tyrrell Melviu, barber 
318 Wicks T H. jwlr 
320 Gray Wm, baker 
322 rainier Charles, staty 
324 Chard E W, hardware 
326 Gilpin Wm H, drugs 
A Major st commences 
330 Shields Miss Agnes 
340 Vacant 
342 Alpha Bicycle Livery 

Luiinn David J 
344 Brayley & Co, btchrs 

Woods John 
346 Sykes Wm J, gro 
348 Kiluer T B, flour 
350 Brayley & Co, mlurs 

Bravley James 1C 
352-54 Public Library 

* Brunswick av commences 
356 Dominion Produce Co 
358 Cum Chong, laundry 
360 Clark Alex, stoves 
362 Lapatnikoff Aarou, tlr 
Lapatnikoff Miss C. Ger 
man teacher 

364 McLacblan J F, shoes 
366 Tucker Mrs E. provs 

Tucker Walter 

368 Birmingham Henry, baker 
370 Townsend Win 

Odd Mrs Elizabeth, fey 

Toronto Woodworking 


Williams Robert, rnach 
370M: Central Machine Works, 

bicycle mnfrs 
372 Doel Wm H, Jr 
374 Jones Mrs Louisa 
376 Brldgland C B. gro 
378 Currie Wm, tailor 
380 Taylor Bros Co, provs 
+ Borden st commences 
382 Colling James H, drugs 
384 Habart Fred, btchr 
386 Blumbergh N, plmbr 

388 Riley Misses J & M, fey 

Riley Miss Jane 
390 Tasker Jonathan 
3!)2 Clarke Mrs Isabella 
396 Pepler W H. phy 
^ Ulster st commences 

Vacant lots 

Christ Church, r e 

Lippincott st intersects 
414 Mason Arthur 
418 Cowles Mrs Emma 

Vacant lots 

422 McLeod O B, printer 
424 Reynolds H R, barber 
426 Houston J W, drugs 

G N W Tel Co (br) 
428-30 French Edwin baker 
432 Irving Wm, shoes 
434 Hooper Jonathan, dry gds 
43ti Vacant store 
438 White Abraham, gro 
440 French Isaac, flour 

Pease Edward, whips 
• Bathurst st intersects 

Presbyterian Church 

Vacant lots 
4G8 Clonse Ellas, phy 
470 Bentley Lafayette, phy 
472 Gilpin Wm H, drugs Herbert S 

4 Markham s t intersects 

474 Mott J J. hardware 

476 Peterson Mrs S C, cigars 

478 Sommcrville S, sboemkr 

Vacant lots 
^ Palmerston av intersects 

Baptist Church 

Vacant lots 
••Euclid av intersects 

Vacant lots 

t Manning av intersects 
Grigor John, gro 
580 Johnston F & Co, coal 

Curry George, shoemkr 
586 Hoffman James, barber 

Parkhill Alexander 
588 Hudson Wm 

Hudson Mrs Minnie, confy 
590 Gibbard G E, drugs 

Clinton st P O 
590*4 Armstrong Simon 

Jubilee Hall 

502 liawn Albert V, btchr 
594 Hall Nelson, gro 

^ Clinton st intersects 
K)ti Fraleigh Dr Wm S 
598 McUae Charles A, phy 

Vacant lots 
010 Nasmyth Alexander 

Vacant lots to 810 
810 Gricr Samuel, gro 
812 Fehlhnber Richard 
814 Powell Harrison 

Vacant lots 
822 Everett Bros, gros 
524 Carlaw Mrs Mary. gr» 

Carlaw Alexander 
S2« Chlsholm W G, btchr 

Vacant lot 

832 navies Wm Co, provs 
^Ossington av Intersects 
834 Brown Ephraim, gro 

Vacant lots 
SCO Lucas Henry, bldr 

• Concord av commences 
Vacant lots 

^ Delaware av commences 
934 Barrington T G, plmbr 
936 Radcllffe Darld, gro 
Unfinished building 
+ Dovercourt rd intersects 

Vacant lots 
956 Scarlett Robert A 

Private grounds 
+ Riisholme rd intersects 
House, s c 
Vacant lots 

+ Havelock st commences 
Vacant lots 
McRonald John F, coal 

• Gladstone av intersects 
Vacant lots 

House, s e 
^Dufferin st intersects 

Vacant lots 

+ Sheridan av intersects 
1158 Woods Wm J 
1100 Woods Mrs Susan 
1102 Pym Albert V 

11H4 Cox John 
IKiO Martin Arthur A 
1168 Burns Eugene R 
1172 Krown Robert B 
1180 McLean John B 
11S2 Harrison Miss Bertha 
1186 Crealock Stephen J 
+ Brock av intersects 
Vacant lots 

• Margueretta st intersects 
1232 Newall Robert 

Xewall Mrs M. confy 
3234 O'Connor John, gro 
liSO Raines Samuel 
1238 Arnold Uenry C 
1240 McGuire Richard 
1242 Grc;itrex Christopher 
1244 Johnson Edward E 
1246 Penney George E 
1248 Moroney John 

Vacant lots 

• St Clarens st intersects 
Vacant lots 

1278 Sanderson Robert H 
Vacant lots 

• Lansdowu av intersects 
Not open for two blocks 

+ Sorauren av intersects 

Vacant lots 
+ Lynd av commences 

Vacant lots 

+ Roncesvalles av intersects 
Vacant lots 
Pierce Mrs Mary M 

South Side 

Store, s e 
1 McLaughliu R G, dentist 

Proudfoot Thomas 
3 Wood Henry T, dentist 
5 Anderson J N, phy 
7 Harrington E A. dentist 
9 Sanderson Thomas 

II Sanderson John 
Private grounds 

31 Bishop Strachn School 
Hodgson Horace W, care 

+ Teraulay st ends 
Garratt A H, phy 
Vacant lots 
+ Mission av ends 

Hosp for Sick Children 
+ Elizabeth st intersects 

Vacant lots 

83 Forster Mrs Martha 
85 Morrison Miss Ellen M 
87 Stone Daniel 

Ball Miss M, nurse 
Campbell Miss M. nurse 
93 Royal College of Dental 


Jones Tuomaf B 
99 Swaukey Bicycle Club 
103 Somerville Herbert B 
105 Gray Miss Jane 
107 Bloomer James C 
109 Arnold! Mrs Agnes 

Arnoldi Miss E M, ourse 

III Morse W Pitman 
115 Fletcher Robert A 
117 Sevmour Mrs Mary 

Seymour Miss T, mus tchr 
119 Fuce Oliver 
121 Hillam George 
123 Orre Mrs Elvira 
125 Osier Hou Featherston 
133 Waiiis Charles H 

• University uv ends 
135-7 Tor Conservatory of 

Music, Edwr.rd Fisher 
musical director 
Tor Conservatory Sch of 
Elocution, Miss Maude 
Masson prin 
141 Wilson Wm 
143 Simpson H E, photo 
145 Young W A. phy 
Jennings James 
Canadian Journal of Medi 
cine and Surgery 
14'J Toronto Technical School 
Moses Frank 
Private grounds 
159 Wilson Wm J. phy 
101 Stacey C F.. phy 
163 McDonald Thomas 
165 Todd James A. phy 

• McCaul st ends 
167 Powell X Albert, phy 
169 Trelnlcock F C, phy 

Patterson Mrs Martha 
171 Thistle W B, phy 
173 Thompson Mrs H R 
175 Dickson Matthew C 
177 Bayly Miss E, nurse 
Baylv Miss Jennie 
Barwick Miss M C, mirse 
Playter Miss M. nurse 
Douglas Miss G, nurse 
179 Coombc Mrs Emma 
181 Coans Wm B 
183 Davis Leila A, phy 
383 Thorn Charles A ' 
187 Mclutyre A D, dentist 

^ Henry st ends 
189 Vacant 

191 Clarke John T, phv 
i:.« Srigley Mrs M j' 
11)3 Bennett Mrs Mercy 
197 Hanna. David 
199 Dymond Bertha, phy 
201 Pratt Frank M 
203 Wunder Wm M, demist 
207 Davidson Alex, pby 

^ Beverley st ends 
211 Cawthra Henry 

• Ross st euds 
223 Alison Thomas 
229 Vacant 

Vacant lot 
233 Mcacham .t Co, drugs 

Hull Mrs Susan 
235-237 Davison J B, gro 

Bowman Arthur M 

• Huron st Intersects 
239 Carveth G H, phy 
243 Edwards Joseph 
249 Vacant 

255 Jermyn Mrs Anna 

Dawson F J, phy 
257 Johnston Misses M 

Johnston Miss M M 

Howell David J 
259 Hamilton Miss N, di-mkr 
261 Hoare H G. dentist 
263 Alison Matthew B 

Bank, s e 

• Spadina av intersects 
Store. « f 

267-9 Steward Block 

Conger Coal Co 0>rl 
Rooms — 

A Richardson S A 
1-4 Mills J A, dentist 
5 Johnstone, J F, music 

G-7 Perry Miss M J, dress 

8 Xordheimer Albert 
9-10 Thomson George, 


11 Hallett J H 

12 Thompson George 
13-14 Smart Wm 

15 Morrison Wm 

16 Thompson Miss Flor 

ence, artist 

17 Murray Daniel 

18 Wright W. caretkr 
Christian Brethren 
Steward's Hall 

271 Wright Wm. tlr 
273 Asqnlth John, shoemkr 
275 Readman H E, bicycles 
277 Davies C & Co, pntra 
279 Marks Misses M & L, 


281 Acheson Wm H, tlr 
283 Ellis Harry, undertaker 
285 Bush M E, gro 



finfa Heritors in " llnrlornmnH " Timauirifam. HonHnunrtnrs for Sunnlien. 

Tuoewriters Rented. 

120 College. 


28T Frogley C J, baker 

Reid Charles 
289 Smith J B, jwlr 
291 Vacant 

293 O'Leary J J, livery 
295 Fali-grleve Mfg Co, tin 


Fairgrleve Archibald 
303 Salmon Lumber Co 
811 Charlie Lung landry 
Watkius C, locksmith 
313-15 Saratoga Laundry Co 
McMuIlen C W 
Private grounds 
321 Keefer Edwin, dentist 
323-25 Adams J Frank dentist 
327 Malloch W J O, phy 
329 Macdonald O F, phy 
331 Bryan Matthe^ 
333 O'Leary John J 
335 Morrow Hugh 
335'4 Delany Thos, teau 
337 Moss Slgismund S 
343 Dalby George E, coal 

Dalhy Miss M, elocution 

+ Augusta av ends 
345 Wnllls George, plmbr 
347 Singer Mfg Co (br) 

McNeice John 
349 Good James, Indry 
351 Perks H J. decorator 
353 Emery Thomas 

Emery Miss E. drsmkr 
355-55% Vacant (2) 
357 Riddell Thomas 

St Stephen's Ch rending 

room, r 

St Stephen's Church, s e 
+ Bellevne av ends 

Fire Hall No 8. s e 
381 Christian Workers' Ch 

Shaw Richard 
391 Fuller T Richard 
393 Hunter Mrs A I 

Vacant lots 
399 Wright Mrs E J 
403 Sanderson John 
407 Roberton \Vm, carpt clnr 

• Llpptncott st intersects 
409 Cleary John F. gro 
411-13 Baxter George, china 
415 Allen 3 R. upholsterer 
417 Sproule Robt T, btchr 
419 Low J T W. harness 

Tlerney Mrs E. drsmkr 
421 Harraden Alfred, crockery 

Vacant lots 
^ Batburst st intersects 

Public School, s e 
^ College pi commences 
457 Price Arthur, btchr 
459-61 Loblaw T P, gro 

Adam David 
463 Roney Edwnrd S. tir 

Jackson Wm R. mus tehr 
465 Wong Fno, Indry 
467 Ritchie H A Cycle Co 
Patton Edward J 
Ritchie Mrs Maria 
469 D.ile Mrs C. confy 
Greenlans Gordon 
471 Starr Fred N G. phy 

Vacant lots to Manning av 
593 Greaves Wm, gro 
595 Topp F G. btchr 

Vacant lots to Dufferln 
1113 McGlnnls Robert C 
1115 Whaley John A 
1117 Rogers George 
1119 Breakey Charles F 
1121 Farrauts Edwin 
1123 McMahon Walter 

Vacant lots to Marguer- 
1253 Bond Charles 

Hose. E e 
^ St Clarens av Intersects 

Vacant lots 
1259 Elrlck Charles G 
1261 Kllard Hugh E 
1263 Levack Wm B 
1265 Griffin Peter 

Vacant lots to end 

COLLEGE PL, s from 457 
College, ward 5. 

East Side ._.. 

School yard 

West Side 

Store, a o 
2 Cleary Frauds P 

COLLIER, c from 807 Yonge 
to east of Park rd, ward 2. 

North Side 

House. ^ * 
6 Taylor Robert 
8 Taylor Edgar 
4> Severn lane commences 
10 Hlnton Alven 
14 Dwan Michael J 
16 Llndow .Mrs Charlotte 
18 Smallman George 
20 Abbtt Edward 

Emerson Mrs L B, nurse 
22 McDongall Hector 
24 Bourke Andrew 
26 Barrett James 
28 Sanderson Wm 
30 Hewlett James 
A Reynolds st commences 
32 Laidlaw Andrew 
34 Robins Samuel 
36 Jones Mrs Jane 
38 Gossage Charles A 
40 Bethune Miss Jane 
42 Williams Walter il 
44 Newton Francis U 
46 Dobson Mrs Sarah A 
* Park rd intersects 
52 Elliott James W 
54 Stewart Mrs Emily 

50 Ken- John M 

58 Petry Walter F 

60 Lewis Albert T 

62 Hntchiuson Frederick W 

Galbraith Richard G 
64 Richards James 
66 Boulter Henry C 
68 Armstrong Frederick W 
70 Brown Alexander 
72 Brown George 
74 Sydney Ernest C 
76 Turner Wm A 
South Side- 

1-3 Store, s e 

7 Finlaysou W J, dairy 

9 Mills Mrs Helen 
13 Rush Mrs Helen 
15 Fiegehen J, blksmlth 

Lepage Augustus 
17 Fiegehen James 

Powell Mrs S, nurse 
21 Brown Charles W 
23 Curtis Mrs Mary 
25 Jones George H 
29 Rodgers John 
33 White Harry R 
37 Banks Greenhow 
41 Murphy Alex R 
43 Murphy Archibald J R 

+ Park rd intersects 

51 Woods James II 
55 Mortimer Thomas 
57 Bishop Cbar'es H 

59 lioothe Albert E 
61 Booth Wm B 

63 Dulmnge Sidney D 
ii", Mclirlde Harry R 
67 Rustou Frederick 

60 Robertson Mrs I 
71 Heyes Sydney A 
73 Cneekley Edwin J 
75 Smith Archibald W 
77 Fraser Wm J 

79 Bartlett Wm 
81 Johnston* Win 
83 Pettlt Mrs Helen C 
85 Caiger Charles 

COLUMBUS, w from opp 389 
Sorauren av, ward 6. 

North Side 

0 Dixon John 
12 Cooper Joseph P 
14 Thomson Thomas 
16 O'Connor Jeremiah 
18 Hilton George N 
32 Duff Andrew, plstr 
34 King George 
36 Stewart Reuben 

South Side 

Not built on 

COMMERCIAL, w from 54 
Jarvls to w of Francis, ward 

North Side 

llntfi, s C 1 
• Francis st inter- 

Store, s c 

12K; Pink M & C Co, junk 
Pink Michael <- 

South Side 

Hotel, s e 
+ Francis st intersects 

Barber shop, s e 
21 Rear entrance 
23 Geo Sparrow & Co, s e 

CONCORD AV, n from 860 
College to Uloor w, ward 5. 

East Side 

House, s e 
1 Singer Alfred 
3 Bray Oscar E 
5 Singer Albert 
School grounds 

• Dewson st intersects 
Vacant lots 

107 Barker Alfred F 
191 Bennett Win 
193 Mct'iilly John W 
105 Ward Michael 
107 Hunter Alfred T 
109 Nicholson F L 
201 Wilson James J T 
20,'i Fiudlay John 

• Hepbourne st intersects 
Vacant lot 

213 Auson Harvey 

Bowen Mrs M, nurse 
215 Shiacb John 
217 Crouch Thomas 
219 McColl Dueald 
221 Kennedy Mrs Bridget 
22! Warner George 
225 Lewis Wm H 
227 Burgess Win C 
229 Wolfram George 
231 Fetterley Nathaniel P 
233 Benness Albert 
235 Parker Miss Mary 
237 Hotchkin Ezeklal 
239 Cottam James 
243 Stewart Robert 

247 Jennings, Jos, florist 

Vacant lots 
257 Smith Thomas 

Private grounds 
263 Abereromble G E 
267 Hunt Wm 
269 Dunning Richard 
271 Clongh 'Richard, contr 
27,"i Brown John W 
277 Stothers R H 
279 Brown John W, shoemkr 

West Side 

Vacant lots 
22 Spencer Rupert 
24 Robinson Wm 

, Vacant lots 
72 Ball Harry W 
74 Wat tarn Wm J 
76 Bonnell W Herbert M 
78 Eager John B 
80 Lindsay George L 
82 Vacant 

House, s e 
+ Dewson st intersects 

House, s e 
84 Watson Henry 
86 Cockhurn James A 
88 Spence Wm 
90 Snurly Raymond 
92 Brown Newton H 
94 Sinclair Donald L 
98 Robinson Wm J 

Vacant lost 
184 Iredaie John C 
186 Clark John E 
188 Skelcher Wm G 
190 Btfnker Amos 
192 Laurence Henry A 
194 Adam James 
196 Colloton Wm 
ins Rundle Wm G 
200 Auchlneloss Alexander 
202 Riches Charles H 
+ Hepbourne st Intersects 

Unoccupied church 
222 Burns Joseph R 
224 Moulthrop Allison B 
226 Hammett Wm G 
Vacant lots 

24U riialli/ncr Alfred 
248 McTaggart Wellington O 
'Si<> Hepburn Robert 
256 Catbcart Mrs S, gro 
258 Martin Wm G 
260 Stinson John W 
262 Bell Richard H 
264 Esten Henry L 
Vacant lots 

CONDUIT, w from Dundas to 
city limits, third n of Bloor 
w, ward «. 
Not built on 

CONSTANCE, w from Ronces- 
valles av to Snnnyside av, 
second s of Howard Park av, 
ward U. 

Not built on 

COOLMINE AV, n from 324 
Dundas to St Anne's rd, 
ward 6. 

East Side 

House, s o 
5 Millward John 

7 Logan John 

9 McLachlan George 
11 Lawrie James 

13 Stephens Harry It 
15 Robinson Hiram E 
<> A lane 

17 Ford Henry J 

19 Eames Charles H 
21 Boyle David 
23 Sparrow Thomas 
25 Harris Win J 

Coates Mrs E L, nurse 
27 Smith Win 

29 Forbes John 
31 Bryan John A 

Orphans' Home, r e 
West Side 

8 Klrkpatrlck George B 
Private grounds 

34 Tilston Geo W S 

30 McCraney Frank G 

35 Mackenzie Alexander 
40 McDougall Wm J 

42 Blckell George 

Vacant lots 

."Jl! I.ydon James, musician 
54 Hall Theron A 

Vacant lot 
62 Baillie John 
64 Holland John H 
68 Vanderhoef John B 
68 Morrish John 
70 Green Charles H 
72 Johnson Richard I 

CORNWALL, e from 157 
River to the Don, ward 1. 

North Side 

House, s e 
S Strattou Alfred 

10 Stratton John 
1'J Vacant 

14 Peuder Win 

16 Snell Robert 

18 King Charles H 
20 Weir John 

22 Taylor Thomas 
24 Evans Mrs Eleta 
26 Bun-ell Charles E 
28 Harding Richard 
30 Fox H E, artist 
32 Labelle Anthony 

Vacant lot 
38 Labelle Joseph 
40 Davies Henry 
42 Curtis John 
44 Smith Win 
46 Forrest Louis 
48 Llscumb Jonathan 
50 Stevenson Wm J 
South Side 

1 Clarke J G S 

5 Walls Thomas C 

7 Walden Alfred 

9 Parkes John C 

9V6 Flnlay Thomas 
11 Roberts Edward W 
11V4 Beck John 
13 Rennle Mrs Mary E 

15 White George W 

17 Lafontaine Alphonse 
19 Clark Duncan 

21 Reid Robert 



The J AS. MORRISON BRASS MFG. CO., Limited. AO^MD^T. w. kJ 

We Make a FULL 

Tel. 1343 for anything in our line. 


-I- V P P: W C? I T I I\J f 


Skilled stenographers and Typewriters on call. 



| Official Court Stenographer, MANAOXB. 

Copying sent for and delivered promptly. 




23 Petermau Samuel H 

25 Lafontaine Mrs Delvina 

27 Bitschy Wm J 

29 Lock Wm C 

31 Joslin Samuel 

33 Fenuey Heury G 

35 Mayuard John C 

37 Nuthall Samuel 

39 Warlug David 

41 Nugent Jasper 

COTTINGHAM, w from 1178 
Yonge to city limits, wards 

3 aud 4. 

North Side 

4 Niblock James 
Private grounds 

18 Denham James 
20 Stephensoii Frederick 
22 Crawford Alex 11 
+ Gauge av commences 
2s Gauge Mrs E, bdg hse 
30 Marshall Frederick W 
32 Wooluough John J 
34 Davis Win 

House unfinished 

Public school 
50 Gillespie Jonathan 

52 Grant Johu 
54 Brooks John 

56 Karris Joseph A 
58 Truax Henry 
60 Daniels Walter 
62 Williams Joseph 

Vacant lots 
+ Avenue rd intersects 

House, s e 

176 Smith Mrs M T 

178 Lea Joseph 

180 Hudson Oscar M 
182 Holt Henry K 

184 Kby Rev Charles S 

186 Shepard J H, elocutionist 
188 Smith Prof K Wilson 

Vacant lots 
194 Jeffrey Charles V 
196 Milne Wm A 
198 Hitchie Hugh 
200 Bell Duncan 
204 Evans Wm J 
206 C'rossin Albert L 
208 Taylor George C 
210 Lovell Robert J 
212 West Valentine T 
214 Dunning John P 
216 Peace John 
• Rathnelly av Intersects 

Private grounds 
228 Duff Mrs Isabella H 

Vacant lots 

234 Brodigan Mrs Emma 
236 Sneddou Win 
South Side 

Store, s e 


^ Crown st commences 
3 Cuttell James, prtr 

Private grounds 
11 Argue Uriah 

CPR depot 

CPR freight sheds 
7.V81 Toronto Pottery Co 

53 Lewis Walter 

85 Coles Frederick W H 

McClelland Mrs Eva, r 
87 Dawson Edward 

Goode Kdward G, r 
89 Jennings Henry 
91 Clarke Charles 
95 Edworthy Henry 

Cunnington Mrs M, dress 

99 Lynn Robert 
101 McNamara Patrick 
103 Edington James A 
105 Hackett Mrs Eliza J 
107 Green Frederick W 
109 Ireland Nat Food Co 

Vacant lota 

+ Avenue rd intersects 
House, s e 

177 Poison Hugh 

179 Queneau Maurice 

181 Dunbar George E 
183 Sewell Charles I 

185 Neville Richard W 
187 Mackenzie James H 

Vacant lots to end 

COURT, e from 13 Toronto to 
Church, ward 3. 

North Side 

Bldg & Loan Assn, s e 
2-4 Toronto Mortgage Co 

Vacant office, r 
6 Ambulance, Mounted Po 
lice and Patrol Wagou 

8-10 Police Court, Lt-Col 
George T Denlson, police 

Police Headquarters, Lt- 
Col Henry J Grasett 
Police Station No 1, John 

Hall inspector 
Detectives' Headquarters, 
Wm Stark, inspector 

14 SchofleliJ Richard, ptg 


18 Jackes & Jackes, hnrrs 
Beaton A H, barr 

South Side 

1 York Chambers, s e 
3 Weise H & Co. teas 

Grant Arthur L, assayer.r 
5-9 Xasmith Co, r e 
11 Vacant store 
13 Warehouse, r e 

15 Coffee Rouse, r e 
Store, s e 

COURTNEY PL, e from 55 
Clinton, ward 5. 

North Side 

House, s e 
2 McFarlane James H 

South S.ide 

House, s e 
1 Halligau Wm 

COWAN AV, n from G T R to 
1311 Queen w, ward 6 

East Side 

Vacant lots 
* Huxley st Intersects 

Vacant lot 
7 Macey Wrn J 
9 Morrison Charles R 
11 McAllster Joseph P 
13 Taylor Adam 
Vacant lots 
Vacant lots 
37 Ross Georte 

Vacant lots 
43 Bryce Mrs Ainu 

Anderson J. piano lunei 
45 Howe Robert 
47 Clockenburg Wm K 
49 Bird Wrn R 
51 Drysdale Win P 
Private grounds 
83 Smith Samuel .1 
85 Vacant 

87 McKechnie Frank R 
89 Folwell Philip C 
91 Collier Alfred P. 
93 Brecton George P 
05 Warren Frank It H 
97 Greatrex Win R 
99 Aldersou Win 
101 Bvoddy James C 
103 Kent Thomas r 
105 Smith Wm H 
107 Gerrell John W 
109 McCabo James W 

Vacant lots 

117 Kilgore Thomas H 
119 Gree-nshleids Mrs Jessie 
121 Munro J Alexander 
123 Wardlaw Thomas D 

House, s e 
^ King st w intersects 

Vncant lots 

147 Orr Rowland B. »hy 
149 Kirby Christopher 
151 Scott Mrs C 
153 Brown Charles 
155 Corcoran James 
157 Hall Mrs Joan 
159 Bohne Wm 
163 Hendry Andrew 
165 Blake John 
167 Barker W R J 
169 Tulioch Jesse, bull- 
House, s e 
+ Melbourne nv ends 

House, s e 
183 Abel Herman H 
187 Hopkirk Mrs Margaret 

189 Neilsou John T " 

191 Hamilton John H 

193 Dixon A, horse dlr 
195 Jull Orange, inventor 

St Mark's Church 

207 Hewlett Henry 3 

Bell Telephone Co Ltd 
Wood yard, s e 

West Side 

Vacant lots 

^ Huxley st intersects 
House, s t 
Vacant lota 

• Trenton ter commences 
4 McFadyen Hugh 
18 Ewart James 
18 Scott Wm H 
20 Slemin Charles 
22 Spelrs Daniel M 
24 Unfinished house 
28 Fisher Frank I'j 
30 Douglas Charles O 
32 Sinclair John 

Vacant lots 
50 Ball Ernest S 
52 Knox Wm H 
54 Scott Wm, bldr 
~M Wolf Henry 
58 Woodward L J, pro racd 
HO M.ickid Alex A 
62 Helliwell Alfred A 

Vacant lots 
86 Cooke George, phy 

Vacant lots 
88 Rothermel J E, bldr 

Vacant lots 
U8 Caselle Henry 
100 MeKav Peter T 
102 Belden Reuben B 
104 Douglas Job.'i 
106 Baker Ichabod 
108 Clarke Thomas B 
110 Jewell Frank G 

Vacant lots 

+ King st w intersf crs 
House, s e 
Private grounds 
14« Do ran Wm W 
148 Jackson Joseph A 
150 Schoiielrl Win G 

• Schofield F C, watch repr 
152 Barton Alex I 
154 E ran so n Win H 
156 Talder John 
158 Mnhoncy Stephen P 
160 Morton Mrs Charlotte R 
162 Raymond Frank S 
164 Martin Andrew 
166 Bniley Frederick TV 
170 Bloxham Mrs Annie 
172 Grant Kenneth 
174 Henderson Charles 
17*) Hogg Gc<lrge 
178 Parker George 
180 Pringle George A 
182-88 Presbyterian Church 

190 Redmond James M 

192 Hoinufh John 

194 Day Richard J 
190 Kyle John 

198 Cameron Miss 4nnie I 
200 Stevens Edward A 
202 Mackinnon George S 
204 Vacant 

208 Jackson Samuel 
210 Everett John 

Curling Rink 
Fire Hall No 15 
Police station, s e 

COXWELL AV, n from opp 
1609 Queen e to city limits, 
ward 1. 

East Side 

Not built on 

West Side 

14 Williams John 

CRAWFORD. n from near 
1000 King w to Bloor, ward 

.r. East Side 

Massey-Harris Co, yard 
• Defoe st intersects 

Vacant lots 
69 Madlll Benjamin 
71 Scully Mrs Annie 

73 Preston Robert . 

Vacant lot 
01 Jones Andrew 
93 Roberts Edward 
95 Meehan John D 
97 Gallaher Robert C 
99 Hutchison Robert 

Vacant lots 
4> Queen st w intersects 

Store, s e 

College grounds 
179 Metcalfe George 

Private grounds 
183 Findley Thomas 
185 Hay Robert 
187 Smyth Mrs S H 
189 Henry Mrs Ellen 
193 Clark Rev Win 
195 Morgan Charles F 
197 Taylor Charles 
203 Atkinson Wm T 
205 Crellcr Hiram 
213 Scott Wm L 

Scott Miss E S, vocalist 
215 Wesley John 

Vacant lot 
219 Wright Edgar U 
221 Steele John W 
223 Bocquet Louis 
225 Webster George J 
227 DeGruchy Charles H 

Vacant lot 
241 Wheler George 

Bellwoods Park 
+ Arthur st intersects 

Vacant lots 
269 Aldridge John 
271 Mackenzie Michael A 

Vacant lots 
279 Selwood Charles 
281 Johnston George 
287 Till Edwin 
289 Sehofleld Alfred J 
291 Dunlop Wm 
293 Bonisteel Philip J 

Vacant lots 
299 Lackie Wm H 
301 Baker Herbert 
:;03 Andrews Herbert H 
303% Gilpln James 
305 Sardine J G 
307 Tighe Wm E U 
309 DeGruchy John 
311 Evans George A 
313 Hardy Win H 
315 Wlllmot John H 
317 Drummond Alex A 
319 Vacant 

321 Fleming Thomas A 
323 Gorman David 

Vacant lots 
333 Caivert Joseph H 
335 Needham Harry 
339 Malcolm Andrew 

Vacant lots 
345 Hewitt Arthur 
347 Fidler Walter M 

Vacant lots 
361 Harkins John A 

Vacant tots 
387 Bailey Ell 
389 Sinclair John 
391 Atkln Frank F 
393 Moody Isaac 
395 Bel! Harry F 
397 McEnroe Owen 
; J >99 Webber Duncan 
401 Bennett Edward 
403 Magner Milfred F 
405 Holmes Thomas 
• • Sully cres intersects 

Vacant lots 
• College st intersects 
515 McKenzle James 
517 Boothroyd Friend 
521 Sawdon Miss Sarah 
523 Kclso Alex R 
525 Courtney Thomas F 
527 Cox Charles 
659 Busscy George H 
531 Clark Mrs Cath, nurse 

Vacant lots 
5:(7 Dillon John H 
539 Underdo wn .Tamos 
541 La Roy Eugene 
543 Skirvlng John 

Clatworthy Alfivil 
Vacant lots 
553 Townsend John 
555 Jones James 

BUILDERS' HARDWARE I Aikenhead Hardware Co. 

McCabe Ball-Bearing Door Hanerers. 6 Adelaide St. E. 'Phone 6 


or a Paid-up policy, is granted after 
two years by the Unconditional Accu 
mulative Policy of the 
Confederation Life Association. 

122 Crawford. 


Vacant lots 
657 Churly Obediah 
659 Bussey George H 
661 Travers W F 
665 Stewart Mrs M, nurse 
667 White Win 

Vacant lot 

671 Spragge Mrs Elizabeth 
673 Edwards H K 
675 Edgar David 
677 Asqnith John 
679 Dunbar John J 
681 Ball Samuel U 
683 Wood John C 

Vacant lot 
691 Havllarid Samuel 
093 Haviiand Wm 
West Side 

Massey-I-Iarris Co's wood 

^ Defoe st intersects 

Public School 

Crawford St. Metli Cli 
100 Wright Peter A 

• Queen st w intersects 
House, s e 

Leadlay E & Co, tanneiy 
^ Logie pi ends 
108 Mankey Win .T, ;r 
110 McGowan Samuel 
112 Tolley Wui J 
114 Stagg Wm 
11G Pike Eliel E 
118 Schulte Mrs Ek-aii'ir 
122 Morris Charles 
124 Wilson Charles 
126 Vacant 

128 Stewart A K, wood dlr 
ISO Hassard Uev W E 
132 DenniEou Mrs Fanny 
134 Scott Walter 
136 Hurd Henry E 
138 Love Charles J 
140 Xeill Jolin 
142 Macdonald Charles L 
144 Williams Henry N 
146 Barker Ilobert 
148 Hodges George L 
150 Macoomh Albert 
152 Thompson C X 
154 Lowe J H, phy 
15<> Orr Robert J 
158 Sanderson George 
160 Tathiil Christopher J 
162 Parkhill Wm 
lf.4 Williams Mrs Klia-.i J 
Kill Huston William 
168 Lubelsky Biegmond 
170 Gallagher Mrs Mary A 
172 Haynes Edwin 
174 Lowry Wm H 
176 Cole Mrs Elizabeth 

• Lobb av commences 
178 Hnnnisett Frank 

Vacant lot 

1!)2 Kinnear Win. cattle dlr 
1U4 Fisher Alexander D 
198 Kinuear Mrs Ellen 

Private grounds 
202 Cowan John J 

Vacant lot 
208 Lemon Wm E 
210 Gordon John 
212 Cunningham Wm C 
214 Hallignn Sylvester 
216 Finlay Joseph 
220 Duncan Wm 
222 Rodger Wm 
224 Davis Joseph K 
22fl McNair Alexander K 

Private grounds 
2(2 Lake Win II 
234 Price Frederick 
231 Simpson Robert 

Simpson Miss M I. drsmko 
238 Webster John P 
240 Churchill Edward J 

House, 6 " 
+ Arthur st inteiv.'ers 

Vacant lots 
262 Moffatt Robert 
2fi4 Hinton Gcorce H. dairy 
26fi Henderson" Win P 
268 Stuhbs Harry <; 

Vacant lots 
276 Russell John W 
278 Russell John 
280 Meredith Charles H 
282 Petry Frederick A 
284 Braime Thomas E 

Vacant lots 
294 Tate Robert F 

Vacant lot 

302 Hossack Mrs Marv 
304 Smillle Wm H 
30« Tuthlll John V 
+ Harrison st commences 

Vacant lots 
:«2 Hardy Wm H 
334 Claysou Alfred 
33fi Woods Frank H 
338 Goodo Wm 
340 Cooper James W 

Vacant lots 
358 House Edward G 

Vacant lots 
3S2 Baxter Wm 
384 Burkell K B, dairy 
386 Brandon Alexander 
388 Crawford Samuel 1 
300 Henderson Stainpr 
392 Baker Uobert J 
304 Quarington G H 
39ti Smith Silvester 
398 Jory Franklin P 
400 Bell Frederick 
402 Herdmau Samuel 
404 SuUusby John W 

• Sully cres intersects 
Vacant lots 

+ College st intersects 

Vacant lots 
540 Duff Frederick S 

Vacant lota 
+ Bloor st w intersects 

Vacant lots 
720 Suddaby Mrs Sarah 

CRESCENT RD. i" from Yongo 
to South Drive. first 8 
of Roxborough av. iv.ird ?. 

North Side 

Vacant lots 
32 McGaw Thomas D 

34 Vacant 
36 Vacant 

38 Adamson James M 
48 Worts Thomas F 
50 MacPherson David H 

• Rosedale rd intersects 
Vacant lots 

78 Rolph Frank 
SO Harvey Arthur 
84 Davis Robert H 
88 Gerald Charles 
92 Garrett James 

Vacant lots 

HO Martin T Mower, artist 
Martin Miss E M. artist 
+ Srarth rd Intersects 

Vacant lots 
142 Morris Massey 

Vacant lots 
162 Jnnkin James F 
166 Fisher Edward 
Unfinished house 
Vacant lots to end 

South Side 

Vacant lots 
21 Hull Richard W 
27 Bonltbee W Mulock 
29 Townscnd Charles 

35 Boultbee Alfred 
BmiHbee Alfred jr, artist 
Vacant tots 

+ Rosedale rrt intersects 

Vacant lots 
87 Flaws Wm A 
S'.i Unfinished house 
99 Haverson James 

• Park rd ends 
165 Jnnkin Robert 

185 Graves Col Paul H 

CROCKER AV. w from e of 

15 Claremont to Bellwoods 

av, ward 5. 
Xr>rth Side 

2 Jenkiuson Wm 

4 Dawson M J 

li Crowe Patrick 
House, s e 

tClaremout >t intersects 
Store, s e 

in MrCiarrigle Mrs M 
12 Nash. Albert E 
14 O'Connor Maurice 
4> A lane 
HI Kelly Wm E 
18 Mackeand David 

22 Mitchell Ira A 
24 Ford Edward 

House, s e 

South, Side 

Vacant lots 

3 Turner Wm J 
Vacant lots 
House, s e 

^ Claremont st intersects 
House, s e 

11 Yerex Wm J 

13 Thompson Philip 
15 Thomas Edward 
17 Hind James W 

19 McMurray Fred G 

23 Gibson James R 
->.-> Fisher Michael 

Lester Henry, carp 

27 Shaw James 

29 Hupple Henry 

31 Pretty Alfred 
Vacant lots 

CROSS, w from 114 Beacons- 
field av to Gladstone av, 
word ti. 

North Side 

House, a a 

6 Rice Frederick 

8 Taylor Wm A 

10 Dillon Arthur 

12 Johnston Arthur 

14 Jacques 

South Side 

House, s e 
5 Mc^dani Mrs Sarah 

7 Medforth Charles J 

9 Packer Alfred 

11 Muldoftu James 

13 McGee Thomas, gro 

15 Duffin Sidney 

17 Craig David J. dairy 

CROWN, s from 5 Cotting- 

ham. ward 3. 
East Side 

Rear entrances 
West Side 

House, » P 

4 Hardwick Matthew 
West Miss L A, mus tchr 

8 Taylor James 

CUMBERLAND^ w from 826 
Yonge to Avenue rd, ward 3. 

North Side 

2 Ward Jesse 

12 Rowell Wm F 

18 Glanville John 

20 Kivcll Frederick N 
22 MacDonnell Miss L 

24 Shafer Miss Lilly 

26 Pearson Mrs Margaret 

28 Carter George H 

30 Songer Henry I 

32 Freer James, contr 
34 Bond John J 

36 McCann Peter 

40 Merritt A W 

42 Rrisbin Henry 

44 McGregor Henry 

46 Cross Lev! A 

48 Newman James 

50 Cross John 

52 Cleland Thomas 

54 White George 

50 Hurst James 

56% Hudson George A 

58 Fewster Mrs Elizabeth 

60 Moody Mrs Tillie 

fi2 Tew Mrs Sarah 

64 Buttery Thomas N 

66 Craig Frederick J 

68 Conley John H 

70 Carter Alfred 

72 Yates Mrs Jane 

74 Harron Hugh J 

76 Maycook John H 

78 Upton Henry 

80 Addison James H 
Addlson John H 

82 Quigley Francis P 

84 Stacev Wm u 

86 Turner Edward 

88 Pampllii Gilbert, 

96 Collett M A, gro 
• Bellair »sc intersects 

98 Castle Richardson. 
100 Quirk Frederick 1 
102 Sinclair James 

104 Shier Ernest B 
106 Dowling George 
108 Crone Edgar H 
110 Spring Thomas H 
112 Crozier Mrs Annie 
114 Godding Wm 
116 Wood Robert Jr 
118 Wood Robert 
120 Wayte Robert, contr 

Wayte Miss M, drsmkr 
122 Bewley Isaac S 
124 Randall Wm H 
126 Richards Philip 
132 Sellar Robert L 
134 Rldsdale Robert 
138 Hutchinson Mrs M 
140 Crook George 
142 Seagram Mrs Martha 
140 Joliffu George H 
148 Smellle David jr 
150 Treeby John 
152 McGlllivray Mrs Mary 

154 Baker John 

158 Thomson John H 

155 Hamilton Mrs Isabella M 
160 Chapman Wm 

164 Thompson Mrs Ann J 
166 Toms Wm 

Private grounds 
House, s e 

South Side 

Store, a e 

3-5 Sumberland Hall 
Klondike Club 
Cumfberlasid Hall Ch 
White Oak Social Club 
1 Hazelton Joseph 
9 Creese Thomas P 
11 White Francis T 
13 Allen Mrs Elizabeth 
17 Vacant 
23 Raine Jacob 
23 Scott Miss Jane, drsmkr 

Scott Henry W 
27 Arno Harry F 
29 Davis James 
31 Irvine Mrs Catherine M 
33 Thomas Henry V 
35 Bredin Wm J 
37 Boggis James R 
39 Fuller Samuel 
41 Grace Patrick 
43 Marshall Horace L 
47 Bauekham Frederick 
49 Graham George Iy 
51 Carr Benj J 
53 Tolliver Mrs Josephine 

McKown Wm J, r 
55 McMaster Thomas 
57 Roden George E 
59 Parnal Louis G 
61 Porter Alexander 
it! Sinclair Magnus 
65 Tyler Charles E 
67 Francis Frank 
71 Tortington Joseph 
73 Toulmin F, mus tchr 
75 Cooper Mrs Grace 
77 Mills Price 
79 Dutton Thomas H 
81 Booth John 
83 Macdonald Mrs Mary 
85 Colls John 

Colls Miss M. drsmkr 
87 Worthy Robert P 
89 Grimshaw Joseph B 
91 Worthy John 
93 Clark Charles 
• Bellair st intersects 
97 Enright Laurence, gro 
99 Evans George B 
101 Pitfield George G 
103 Milligan Frederick 
105 Lytle James 
107 Townsend Wm B 
109 Pilfold Win H 
111 Elnor Herbert 
113 Devine Mrs Mary A 
115 Worthlngton Edmund 
117 Keating Peter 
119 Bland George 
121 Richards James 
123 Gilchrist Mrs Sarar 
125 Potter Richard 
127 Adkvi.s Miss Mattie 
129 Reid Mrs Jane 
131 Smith Mrs M A 
133 Briggs Henry A 
135 Newton Thomas 
137 Hardinge G M 

Sherman E. Townsend, 

Arbitrator and Financial Agent, 


Cable Address, 




Hon. JOHN DRYDEN, President. 

GEO. B. WOODS, General Manager. 




139 Waters James 
141 Robinson John J 
143 Cantwell Wm C 
145 Steele John C 
147 Edmand Win R 
149 Elliott Joseph 
151 Hutchison Robert 
163 Webster Mrs Nellie 
155 Sendell Cuthbert 
157 Glenlster George T 

Private grounds 
165 Wiliuot Mrs Eliza 

Private grounds 
183 Wallace John 
185 Fenton Mrs Anna 

House, s e 

CUMMINGS, e from w of Bol- 
ton av, bet 118 and 120. to 
Wardell, ward A. 

North Side 

Store, s o 
^ Boiton av intersects 

10 Anderson T F 
Private grounds 

13 Clark Robert 

20 O'Reilly Thomas E 

22 McDonald John, gro 

24 Buxton Thomas 

• De Grass! st intersects 
Sunday School 

South Side 

Vacant lots 
+ Boiton av intersects 

Store, a e 
13-17 Tidby Wm B. baker 

Store, s e 

• He Grassi st Intersect* 
House, s e 

35 Towell Charles W 

Private groofcds 
39 Hudson Thomas 

Private grounds 
45 Filton George 
47 Thompson John H 
49 Kingsniill Jesse J 
51 Kingsmill Mrs E V 

CUNNINGHAM AS'. >\- from 
86 Brock av, ward 6. 

North Side 

12 McLachlan John P. 

Private grounds 
20 McLachlan John H 

South Side 

House, s e 
7 Knowlton John 

Knowlton Miss A, drsmkr 
9 Mihell Wm P 

11 Pook Henry 

15 Cornock Henry 
17 Abercrombie Win 
19 Manning Albert F. 

25 Le Page Henry T 

CURRIB PL, e from Klair ar, 

first n of Sydenham, ward 2. 

North Side 

1 Evans Mrs Abbey S, l>dg 

2 Booth David 

3 Jordan Moses 

4 Henderson Charles B 

5 Mynes Mix Jennie 
South Side 

Rear entrances 

CURZON. n from 1192 Queen 
e to Myrtle av, ward 1. 

East Side 

Private grounds 

23 Maunder Luther M 
Private grounds 

43 McGlue John, contr 
47 Stone Tapley 
51 Best Henry 
55 Simpson Win 

Catholic Church, r e 
^ Doel nv intersects 

Private grounds 
139 Norton Peter 
141 Kirbv Thomas J 

St Joseph (RO Schoil 
155 Slaughter house 
Private grounds 
163 Wilds Mrs Johanna 

Public School, s e 
+ Sproatt av intersects 
Vacant ld"ts to end 

West Side 

Store, £ e 
2 Daldry (Diaries 
20 Costello Thomas 
22 Milloy John 
24 McKendry Alexander 

Vacant lot 
30 Preston Jutm 
32 Burns David M 
44 Hurley George W 
66 Holland P jr. whol btchr 
84 Smith James 
104 Cahlli Patrick 
120 Nolan J. whol btcbr 
132 Cook Robert 

^ Doel av intersects 
146 West Wm D. mkt gdni- 
^ Sproatt av intersects 
Vacant lots to end 


109 Elizabeth, ward 3. 

North Side 

Store, o e 
South Side 

3 Rolling Frederick 

5 Powell Thomas A 

7 Bowman Aaron. 

9 Soskins Morris 
House, fi « 

Ci'PRESS, n from Front e to 
Eastern av, first w of the 
Don, ward 1. 

East Side 

1-13 Bickell & Wickett, tan- 

West Sid« .... 

12 Bickell & Wickett, store 

CZAR, w from 728 Yonge to 

Queen's Park, ward 3. 
North Side 

2 Store, s e 

^ Balmuto st commences 

18 Barton Wm J 
Simpson James 

20 Redick George A 

22 Hepton Robert 

24 Lackey Wm 

26 Arbuthnot Mrs L, Jrsmkr 

28 Hayes Mrs Elizabeth 

30 Thompson Alex M 

32 Cassidy Mrs Mary 

34 Fraser Mrs C A 

38 Netherton Wm J 

38 Rutherford John 

Rutherford Miss H, music 


40 Steel Henry 
42 Bonter Miss Minnie 
44 Brown Harry H 
46 McCurry James 
48 CanBeld Edgar 
<k North si intersects 
50 Roouey Nicholas 
56 Stone Wm H 
58 Vacant 
60 Toews Peter 
62 Jackson Edwin J 
64 Pearl John 
68 Dunn George 
68 McBrady L 
72 Rowllson Wm T 
74 Moylan Wm 
76 Vacant 
78 Smith Charles 
+ St Thomas st commences 
80 Mackie Alexander 
82 Parkinson Joseph H 
84 Pope Mrs Euiini, bdjf 
86 Payne John 
88 Brown Vere C 
90 MeEachern Donall 
92 Mueller Rev P W 
94 Carmichael Frederick 
South Side 

Store. « c 

3 Barren Robert 

5 Hackett Miss J, drsinkr 

7 Moseley Chimes 

9 Hack Wm R 
11 Evans Geo W 

Evans Mrs J, ili-.-'u.Kr 
13 Farrow Wm 

^ St Nicholas st ends 
17 Lee Hiram 

19 Whalen Mrs (.'.ithorine 

21 McKay John 

23 Flynn Mrs E'i/a 

25 Wray Thomes, cnrp 

Wray Miss I'. Jrsmkr 
27 Mclntosh John 
29 Palmer Geovj;e 
31 Carr Georze 
33 Dunn Mrs S K 
35 Mitchel' Alevui.lor 
37 Carr Benjamin V 
39 Ferguson Mrs Marv 

Ferguson Miss M G, tuns 


41 Knott J W, putr 
43 Carr Abel 
45 Watts Charles B 

House, * e 
• North st Intersects 

House, s e 
55 Forbes Mrs Janet 

Forbes J M. vocalist 
57 Paterson Johu H 
59 Clements Mrs Kat'j 
61 Hornibrook John T 
63 Clowes Charles W 
65 Arbuthnot Jam^s 
67 Murray Alex G 
69 Ezard John 
71 Ely Mrs Henrietta 
73 Phillips Wm G 
75 Burns James W 
77 Lloyd Mrs Charlotte 
79 Hillyard Mrs M 
81 Stephenson Frederick C 
83 Robinson James R 
85 Smith Wm 

DAGMAR AV, e from :iear 
235 Pape av to Jones ov, 
ward 1. 

North Side 

32 James Clarkson W 
34 Humphreys John R 
30 Bulley Samuel 

Vacant lots 
66 Jones Edward 

Jones Mrs M. gro 
68 Shipcott John T 
70 Bell George 
72 Templeton Charles 

74 Jennings Charles 
84 Lyons Wm 

South Side 

Vacant lots 
+ Brooklyn av ends 
57 Smith, "James 
61 McKee John 
65 Clemett James 

75 Shields Thomas jr 
77 Nicholson Wm 

79 Kirhy T Joseph 
83 Duffy Mrs Mary A 
93 Moni Giaccomo, gro 

DALE AV. e from Glen rd 
to Castle Frank av, first n 
of Howard, ward 2. 

North Side 

2 Darling Robert 

4 Jenkins Thomas 
Vao;mt lot 

8 Gray Robert M 
10 Kent John G 

Vacant lots 
+ Powell st commences 

Vacant lots 
36 Fleming Charles E 
+ Maple av ends 
Vacant lots 

• Nanton cres commences 
Vacant lots 

• Hawthorne av commences 
House, s e 

South Side 

1 Croft John 

5 Burgess Ralph K 

9 Hodglns Frank E 
15 Glithero Charles 
21 Hoskln John, Q C 

• McKenzle av commences 

DALHOUSIE. n from 72 
Queen e to Gerrard e, 
ward 3. 

East Side 

Factory, s e 
13 Dickson George 
15 Baker Thomas, fish dlr 
17 Rennle Robert 

Haines Thomas 
19 Clarke Wm 

McDonald Mrs Catherine 
21 Cornfield Samuel 
23 Reid Robert 

White Mrs Margaret 

25 Rowe Mrs Catherine 
27 Cory George W 

29 White Joseph H 

31 Small Mrs Catherine 

33 Weir Mrs Eleanor 

Gavigan John, r 
37 McCarthy Patrick 
39 Towers John, tlr 

Sweezey Robert 
41 Dohoney Stephen 

House, R <» 
^ Shutcr st intersects 

House, s e 
SI Kennedv Robert 

Skating" Rink, r e 
97 Clark Thomas 

House, s e 
^ Wilton av intersects 

House, s e 
125 Darby John J 
127 Adams Isaac 
129 McCaffery Wm J 
131 Haisley Hiram 
133 Morrison Mrs Ruth 
135 McLim "Wm A 
137 Weala George H 
141 Marks Edward R 
145 Smith James, exp 

Smith Mrs H. Indry 
147-151 O'Keefe Ice House 
Vacant lot 

• Gould st intersects 
House, s a 

187 O'Keefe's stables 
189 McNamara John J 
191 Murray John 
193 Brown Stanley 
195 Ryan Percy P 
197 O'Leary Charles L 
199 Downey Patrick M 
201 Byrne Michael 
203 Clarke Mrs Mary 
205 Gower Wm B 
207 Quealey Thomas 
207V 2 Castel! Mrs Eliz.i 
209 Richardson George 
211 Weatherley Wm L 
213 Sherlock Robert 
215 Crawford Robert J 
217 Bearden James 

House, s o 
West Side 

Store. ' f 
12 Ouderkirk T A. carp 

Rear entrances 
18 Payne Wm 

26 Rear entrance 

28-30 Down Thomas & Co, 

Hotel. f> «• 

+ Shuter st intersects 
84 Henderson Rk-lianl 

House, s c 
^Wilton av intersects 

Private grounds 
140 Duggan James C 

Rear entrances 

• Gould st intersects 
House, s o 

168 Brooke D Osborne 
170 Huff Wm J 
172 Hanley Jo> 
174 Brown Christopher 
176 Shier Richard 





The Lake Simcoe ICE Supply Co. 

HEAD OFFICE, Limited. 




A Best Quality. All Size* 


Tel. No. 423. 

124 Danforth Av. 


DANFORTH AV (north limit), 
e from Broadview av to 
east limit, ward l. 

North Bide 

2 Reid G Harry, blksmltll 

Plaskitt H, carriage tldr 
4 Brown Henry F 
6 Benson Thomas \V 

Danforth Hall 
4k Ellerbeck st commences 
40 Playter Bros, mkt gdnrs 
Playter Albert 
Playter Wm 

130 Ross E M. heating eng 
132 Playter J L, mkt gdnr 

Vacant lots 
4> Whitney st commences 

Vacant lota 
4> Logan av intersects 
Carwardine A H, rakt 


4k Moscow av commences 
832 Prince John, mkt gdnr 
• Pape av intersects 
Frankland Henry R 
Hamilton Mrs M A, mkt 


420 Warwick Wm 
4> Landlord av commences 


4k Leslie st commences 
Arnold Jacob 
Preston Bros, mkt ?dnrs 

South Side 

27 McEvoy Bernard 
87 Shales John H 
61 Hallat Joseph S 
4k Bowden st ends 

131 Cobb George, mkt >rlnr 
Vacant lots 

803 Beesley Henry 

Beesley Mrs '{, chlnp 
4> Logan av intersects 

Vacant lota 
4> Fenwick av ends 

Vacant lots 
4> Carlaw av ends 
343 Mills John 
4> Pape av intersects 


893 Mills John H, mkt gdnr 
405 Sparkhall G. whol btciir 

Sparkhall Murk, mkt gdiir 
407 Hayes Thomas, e\p 
415 Vacant 
417 O'Donnhoe Wm 
+ Jones av ends 
461 Aggett John. uiUt gd"r 
B21 Kgerton James 
623 Galbralth F H 
4^ Byron av ends 
615 Ryan James 
4> Greenwood uv ends 

D'ARCY, w from ODD 153 

McCaul to Spadluri av, 

ward 4. 
North Side 

2 Kenney John H 

4 Waid Mrs Mary 

6 Graham Robert 

8 Kelly Thomas, grocer 
10 King Mrs Bridget 
14 Strohmayr Jotiu Cl 
16 Menton Wm, bldr 
Menton John, artist 
18 Menton Patrick 

Menton Miss K, drs'ukr 
20 Campbell R M 
22 Neville Michael J 
24 McGlenn Hugh 
26 Fraser Mrs M. drsmkr 
28 Coyell Alfred 
80 Bradley Mrs Mai-garet 
32 Wanty Wm, nldr 
84 Drake Herbert 

McConvey Miss D, nurse 
86 Stephen James M 
38 Douglas Robert 
42 Nyne Frederick W 
44 Dane Frederick 
46 Bain John 
48 Snuer George 
House, s e 

4k Beverley st Intersects 
68 Brough Mrs Hannah 
80 Thompson Samuel H 
84 Peters Mrs Amelia 

86 Cowan .Mrs 1. j: 

88 Robinson s M 

90 Morris Kev John T 

92 Lalshley Louson O 

94 Haskins Frederick H 

90 Graham J D 

98 McLean Mrs Mildred 

100 Sparling J H 

102 O'Neill Mrs A, bdg 

106 McCall Dugald 

108 Simpson Mrs Annie 

110 Root Wallace 

112 Moore Mrs Annie 

4> Huron st Intersects 

114 Lennox Robert J 

116 Hogle John A 

118 Keyes Miss J, drsmkr 
Keyes Jliss F. drsmkr 

120 Heck Albert 

122 Montgomery Daniel 

124 Harper George A 

126 Allward Fred J 

128 Weston George W 

130 MoCall Andrew 

132 Young James 

Young Miss L, mus tchr 

134 McGill Wm H 
Hazell Charles, r 

536 McBrearty John 

138 Snider John 
140 Cameron John 

Vacant, r 

House, s c 

South Side 

1 Parkes Charles i>! 
3 O'Hearn James J 
5 Manning Norval 
7 O'Toolo Michael J 
9 Harris Mrs A, Mg hse 
11 Waddell John 
13 Garrett John 
15 Findlay Wm H, dairy 
19 Street Richard B 
21 Johnson Alfred 
23 Owen R S, piano mfr 

Skillen Mrs A. mus tchr 
25 Harrison Charts 
27 Owens John 
29 Williams Henry N 
31 Holford John, lonti- 

Chard Thomas, ciut.r 
33 Crotty Patrick J 
35 Craig John S 
37 Holmes Mrs Isabella 
39 Mclntyre Mrs I.anra 

House, n a 
4> Beverk-y st intersects 

House, s e 
67 Johnson Samuel 
69 Miller JTirs Eliza J 
71 Wright Alexander A 
73 Purse Wm J 
75 Burns Mrs Sarah J 
77 Whale Mrs \rta 
79 Bywater Josepii 
81 Walters J H. r-xp 
83 Fleury Ketb 
85 McBrlde Mrs Hannah 

87 Smith John S 

89 Gorrie John A. piitr 

91 Eagen Mrs Jennie 

93 Barton Wm H 

95 O'Donoghue Daniel J 
97 Martin Ferdinand 

99 Vacant 

101 Giblin John 

103 Davidson J W, carpet lyr 
105 Walls Mrs Jessie 

107 Seale James 

Todd Davidson. bMr 
4> Huron st intersects 

109 Peter John W. liro 

111 Campbell Joseph 
111% Oakley George W 

113 Burns Thomas 

115 Lyons Charles 

117 Rellly John 

119 Fairbrother Edward 

121 Fry Solomon 

123 Arnold George W 

125 Bell Edward G 

127 Leader Johnson F 

129 McMahon Patrick • 

131 Lowe John J 

133 Good Samuel 

135 Wilson Thomas 
137 Kelly Mrs Mary 

139 Carter Alfred 
Carter F M, drsmkr 
House, s c 

DARLING AV, n from r of 
060 Ontario to r of Howard, 
ward 2. 

East Side 

Rear entrances 

17 Vacant 

19-21 Vacant houses (2) 

23 Bucke Mrs Margaret 

25 Dumbleton Wm H 

27 Blenkhorn Wm 

29 Farquhar R B 
31 Taplin George 

33 Thompson J J 

39 Robins Richard 

41 Richards Albert 

43 Morris John 

45 Williams Frederick 

47 Brooks John 

49 Purcell Frank 

51 Conroy John 

53 Hopper J W 

55 Cranston Wm 

57 Mason Frank 

59 Walsh Samuel 

61 Edwards Tennyson W 
03 Laird Thomas 

65 Doyle John 
67 White Charles 
69 Hopper John W 

West • 

2 Shepherd George 
4 Ward Frederick E 
6 Graham Wm 
10 Ward Richard 
House, r e 

18 Burns Patrick 

20 Rounds Mrs C 

22 Tennyson Mrs Hanna 

24 Meyrick Wm 

26 Lee Richard 

28 Gibbons George D 

30 Oakley Richard 

40 Cliff Robert 
Vacant lots 

48 Douglass James 

50 Howe Amos 

4> Darling pi commences 

54 Price Wm 

56 Oldfleld Bert 

58 Moorhouse Thomas 

60 Edwards Thomns 

62 Reagan Dennis 

DARLING PL, w from 54 
Darling av, near Ontario and 
Howard, ward 2. 

North Side 

Vacant lot 

South Side 

House, £ e 

DAVENPORT PL, e from 138 
Davenport rd, ward 3. 

North Side 

30 Davis Mrs Anna M 

34 Burgess George V 

36 Willis Charles 
38 Carman Alfred S 
40 Blake Mrs Elsie 

42 Lewis George H 

44 Cooper Ebenezer Q, 

46 Leonard Edward 
48 Sutherland Edward 
50 Anderson John 

52 OfTord Charles S 
54 Lilly James 

56 Onyon John T 

58 Cummings Thomas 

South Side 

17 Boynes Charles 

19 Cummer Samuel S 

21 Spence Wm 

23 Robinson George H 

25 Ahern Mrs Elizabeth, 


27 Cummer Herbert A 

37 Sheppard Jas 

Hotel, s e 

DAVENPORT RD, w and n-w 
from 884 Yonge to city lim 
its, wards 3 and 4. 

North Side 

Church. B e 
14 Trimble James 
16 Johnson Robert B 

Vacant lot 
20 Curran Patrick 
22 Clancy Mrs Catherine 

24 Davis Frederick W 
2« Rocks Terence 
Vacant lot 
House, s f 

4k McMarrich st commences 
32 Tremaine J B, turn 

Mauhire Miss A, drsmkr 
34 Reuel Carl 
3(i French James 
38 Patrick Robert 
42 Harrington W.'lmott 
44 Chatterly Wm, tip 
Chatterly Mrs Jane 
Vacant lot 

48 Conacher Hpujnujln 
50 Ryan James J 

Vacant lots 

4> Blackmore In commences 
70 Hall Wm, fruit 
72 Brokenshire Rev W H 


76 Brooks Robert J 
78 King Charles, gro 
80 Banuerman D J, dairv 
82 Johnson F W, gro 
84 Gaston Wm 

Gastou Mrs E, Indry 
4k MoAlpine st ends 
88 Vacant 

90 Dowson Walter J, bkr 
1)2 Dowson Frederick C 
96 Dunn Wm A 
100-100 Burgess, Dunn & Ib- 

botson. planing mill 
108 Gagan John P 
110 Sweeney Mrs C 
Private grounds 
110 Ewii'g Mrs Selah 
122 Wliisker George H 
124 Vacant store 

4k Belmont st ends 
12(1 Prince Wm 
130 Harris Wm 
138 Gibson Harry, hotef 
4k Davenport pi romm*?no6S 
4k North View ter commences 
142 Varnell J E, btchr 
144 Spring James A 
148 Kirkpatrick Andrew S 

Vacaut lot 
154 Praft David 
156 Garnett Win 

Private grounds 
172 Thompson T C 
174 Windeyer R C 

Private grounds 
180 Kirk Mrs B 
182 Douglas J R 
184 Stevenson J 
186 Lawson Mrs C 
188 Carman Wm A 
190 Sumner J M 
192 Dunnijyr H H 
194 Tow Samuel 
196 Page Walter, contr 
204 Forster C H 

Private grounds 
208-212 Pears John T. gro 
4k Avenue rd intersects 

Store, a e 

224 Alexander James 
226 Begg Robert 
Vacant shop 
240 Chndwlck Alfred T 
242 Wiley Wm B 
244 Breen Wm 
246 Conley Frederick J 

Vacant lots 
258 Coulter John 
260 Spencer Alfred 
2C>2 McMInn Alfred 
264 Henley Wm 
26<i Swanson Olof 
268 Worbolse Mrs Jane 
270 Davies Enoch W 
276 Heps George H. Son & Co, 

window shade mfrs 
Vacant lot 
282 Dryden Andrew 
284 McDowell Robert 
286 Fleming J J 
288 Wiles Arthur 

Vacant lots 
308 McDowell R. blksmith 

Private grounds 
328 Lenhardt Christian, pil 
low worker 
330 Lugger John G 
332 Stephenson A 
334 Haynes George 






McGregor & Mclntyre 

Circular Stairs, Window Guards, 

Truss Rods, Bolts, Castings, Etc. 
65 to 73 PEARL. 'Phone 2748 

Davenport Rd. 



tDupont at intersects 
C P R crossing 

South Side 

Store, a B 

17 Mkldleton Harry 
19 Marshall Mrs M 
21 Smith Thomr.s 
23 Thomas Thom".s J 
25 Love Mrs "Mary A 
27 Goudy James 
29 Owen Charles 
31 Ainsworth Mrs Kate 
33 Wilson Wm P. 

Johnston Miss Sidney M 
35 Stanton K, dairy 
37 Thomson Mrs Margaret 
39-43 North Kill Oh )lall 
45 Bailey F I! 
49 Lawlor Andrew. J.TO 
+ Ketch-im :;v ends 

Jesse Ket.'bum School 
77 Allen A 
79 Macey .Jeoi'^i H 
81 Whiiuse t < haKe-i T 
83 Chapman S:i.un"l 
85 Marchroen* S 0 
87 Kettelwell Wm 
89 Rolls Alfred 
91 Mnrc\ \\ in 
93 Shnnk l'i-->rt >ri';k M 
95 Fontaine-George 

Fontaine Mrs L. fey gds 
+ Berryman st commences 
97 Nelles Mrs ':. genl store 
99 Montgoinej-j^r, Ijtxhr 
101 Armstrong R. shoemkr 
103 Bessey Wm B 

Vacant lot 

<t Bishop st commences 
113 Simpson Kot>ert B 
119 West Mrs Jane A 
121 Palmer \Vm 
123 Buck James 
125 Sheppard Frederick 
127 Easby George 
129 Cartwright George 
131 Hewitson Harry M 
133 Williamson Wm. gro 

• New st commences 
135-7 West t'has A. gro 

Private grounds 
147 Clegg Charles, barber 

Vacant lots 
179 Yates Joseph 
181 Atchison Worthy 
183 Bradshaw C A 
187 Gibbs Joel 

189 Y'ewman Fredk, shoemkr 
191 Shaw Thomas 

Shaw T & Co, gros 
+ Hazelton ay ends 
195 Palin John H, florist 

Private grounds 
209 Agnes John 
211 Page John J, excavator 
213 Ross Frederick H 

Canada Bowling & Lawn 

Tennis Club, s e 
Store, s c 
+ Avenue rd intersects 

Store, s e 

223 Fielding Joseph E 
225 Booth J G. bldr 
227 Hewlett James 
229 Carroll Wm 
231 Kevan Walter H 
233 Poole Fred H G 
235 Forbes Mrs Elizabeth 

Forbes Miss Minnie, nurse 
237 Peters Mrs EllzaKth J 
239 Hot's W F 
241 Walker James 
243 Coles Walter 
245 Johnstone Mrs Jane 
247 Gibb Edward J 

Vacant iota 
281 Vacant 

<k Bedford rd ends 
289 Pope James 

Private grounds 
305 Anderson Jacob, nikt gdnr 
307 Wallis Miss A L, gro 
321 Wilton Saml, ilal-y 
343 Kinchen George A 
385 Lewis Eros, iiiKt gdnrs 

Lewis Mrs Mary G 
361-63 McKay \, Oairy 

Vacant N>rs 
377 Scott James I 
881 Scott Jirues 1. RI-O 

+ Dupont st intersects 
Vaeant lots 

• C P R ereMlnjC 

DAVIES AV. n from <518 

Queen e to MaMld.i, ward 1. 

......... East Side ......... 

Store. « <» 

• Thompson st Commences 
27-31 Moore G. blksmlth 
33 McDonald Mi- Susan 

35 Devane Mnui-Le 

37 Fleming Joseph 
39 Irving WM It 
......... West Side ......... 

Not built on 

DAWSON AV, o from 23 

Dunedin to Leslie, ward 1. 
........ North Side ........ 

House, s c 

12 Greene James, bMr 
Greene M A. cms tchr 

14 Ryan Mrs Mary 
......... South Side ......... 

Not built on 

DEAN, n from 294 Wilton av. 

ward 8. 
......... East Side ......... 

Store, s e 

1 Patterson R A 

3 Lawson Itobert T 
5 Cotterill Inn? 
7 Wilkinscn Frederick 
9 WalmsN-y \Vm j 
11 Songhurst Wm 

13 Vacant 

15 Pine! C:>or,-e F 

17 Denipsey Patrick; J 
......... West Side ......... 

House, s e 

2 Gray Robert 

2<4 Rayner 
4 Ire 

reland Joseph F 
6 Snell Robert E 
8 Kenway Donald J 

10 Webber Charles 

12 Enouy Georg-e \ 

14 Donald«on Wtr V 

16 Ebach Frank 

DEARBOURNF, AV, e frr.m. 

Broadyiew av 10 Howden, 

first s of nanf'irth av.' 

ward 1. 

........ North Side ........ 

Woods fleo .1, Irdr 
......... South Side ......... 

Not built in 

DEFOE, w from McDonnell 

sq to Shaw, ward '•> 
North Side 

Rogers C V- Sons Co, s e I 
8 Ingoldsby Thaddeus 
^ Tecumseih s-t Intersects 

Store, s e 
12 O'Brien John 

Vacant lots 
18 Cooper Peter 
20 Brent James 
22 Emmett Mrs Kate 
24 Moore Edward J 
26 Stain Wm A 
28 Fitzgerald Mrs B B 
30 Burnett John G 
32 Valentine Mrs M 
34 Collier Henry 
36 Caddell Samuel, eip 
38 Hickey Daniel J 
40 Burns Albert J 
42 Devaney .lames 
44 McGratti \Vm 
46 Edw;>.'Js Walter W A 
48 O'RtMly John J 
50 Brodie ''ornV'is J 
52 O'Hanlev Neii 
54 Armstrong John 
56 Irving John F 
58 Marshman Thomas 
58H Badger Isaac • 

60 McCord Mrs Margaret 
60%Quealey John 
62 Hunter Richard J 
64 Hobbs Thomas 
66 Mitchell Wm B 
68 Tice Wm A 
70 Millward 
72 Walker Wm 

74 Sutherland Alet J 

76 Montgomery George H 

78 Pearse Wm 

80 Bourland Mrs 1) 

82 Robbie Francis M 

84 Walsh John 

Webster Samuel, gro 
+ Niagara st Intergeeri 

House, s e 

86 Ker Henry 
Stanley Park 

^ Stanley ter intersects 
152 Newman Wm G 
154 Nugent John 
House, i o 

A Stafford st intersects 
168 Brawn Hugh P 

• Wellington lane intersects 
170 Adams David A 

172 Cassldy Mrs Esther, dairy 

• Strachan av intersects 
174 Offen George H 

+ Vacant lots to end 

South Side 

1 White W G. tlr 

3 Burgess John S 

5 Jeffries Henry E 
7 McGuinn Edw J 
House, s e 

tTecumseth st Intersects 
House, s e 
11 Bailie Adam, exp 

13 McLeod Nell A 
15 Christie Michael 

17 Kelly Mrs Ellen 
19 Grant Donald 

21 Whittaker Henrv 
23 Hinton Albert R 
25 Mullard Samuel H 
27 Marshman Joseph 
29 Rntledge Edw J 
31 Buchanan Charles 
33 Boyd Archibald 
35 Trenwith George A 
37 Kelly Edward 

Kelly Miss S. drsmkr 
39 MeCuaig John M 
41 Coysh Frederick 
43 Minion John N 
45 Leahy ,Mrs Annie 
47 Ellis >frs Mary 

Lumber yard 
65 Taylor Walter 

School grounds 
^ Niagara st Intersects 

87 Store, s e 

89 Morrison John, exp 
91 Walsh Michael 
93 Spencer Charles 
97 Aylett John R 
99 McKinney George 
101 Sullivan Michael 
^ Walnut av ends 
Stanley Park 

• Stanley ter intersects 
151 Morrison Henry 

153 Hammer Louis 
House, s e 

• Stafford st intersects 
15.T Reid Edward 

IjW Gilllck John P 
161 Crozier Christopher 
163 Taylor Christopher 
165 Thompson Wm J 
Vacant lots to end 

DEFRIES. n from 18 Raden- 

hurst to Mark, ward 1. 
East Side 

1 Durston Wm 

5-9 American Chicle Co 

West Si'le 

House, s e 

2 Partington John H 

4 Hind Joseph 

14 Cassldy Patrick 

18 MeMartln Albert 

DeGRASSI. n from S22 Queen 
e to Gerrard e, ward 1. 

East Side 

Railway grounds 
3-7 Grlnnel T & Son, coal 
13 Parker Walter S 
17 Oakley James H 
21 Hall Mrs Victoria 
23 Crldland Mrs Annie 
25 Wilson Charles 
27 Vacant 
31 Bamford Joseph 

33 Smith Wm S 
37 Hunter David 
39 Evans George 
41 Orrett Joshua 
45 Richardson Win J 
47 Brown Wm 
49 Mallmdine Miss Minnie 
* Wardell st commences 
5* Crane Barnett J 
59 Leaman Daniel 
61 Wibliy Mrs Jenlpher 
03 Fitton Lionel 
tir, Earl Charles A 
67 Schiedel Jacob M 
69 Roberts Thomas 
71 McCall David H 
73 Kingston Paul 
75 Allison Wm 
77 Stevens Wm 
85 Taylor J H, whol btchr 
93 Holland T, whol btchr 
95 Btchrs' yds and sheds 
101 Whichello George H 
103 Fenwick Wm H, exp 
105 Johnston Wm 

Johnston Mrs E, dairy 
107 Thomson Charles 
119 Hyland George 
+ Cummins st intersects 

Vacant lots 

137 Brown Mrs Margaret 
139 Brown Thomas F 
145 Smith Arthur 
147 Catton Mrs Sarah 
149 Crump John R 
151 Goldrlng Richard H 
157 Beadle Wm 

Crump Ben] J, r 
Medcalf Mrs Sarah, r 
159 Fleming John 
165 Cox Charles 
167 Dowswell Wm 
IC'.i \\mford Frederick 
171 Zarfass Herbert A 
173 Guard John 
177 Hirons Edward 

Vacant lot 
188 Horton Frank 
185 Gould Samuel 
1S9 Langstone John 
191 Banks Thomas W 
193 Haney James 

Vacant lot 
205 Rolph Nathaniel 
209 Pollock Mr« Margaret 
213 Eberle Gotffrled 

Tennis grounds 
^ First av intersects 

Vacant lots 
247 Vacant 
Store, s e 

West Side 

Store, s e 
8 Jones James 
10 Matthews Joseph 
12 Wlswell Walter M 
14 Herrmann Charles 
10 Saml«r Wm 
18 Chestnut James 
20 Clarke Walter H 
22 Clarke Joseph L 
24 Peck John J 
26 Walker James 
28 Cooper John P R 
30 Cridland Frank F J 
32 Swift Samuel 
36 Bewley David 
38 Waiters Thomas M 
40 MeCoppln Mrs Mary 
42 Potter Benjamin 
46 Burgess Mrs Hannah 

Private grounds 
52 Buckley Thomas M 
54 Spencer Edward J 
56 Hamilton Malcolm 
58 Robinson Wm H 
58% Rossney James 
00 Maclver Thomas C 
62 Watson George A C 

Vacant lots 
72 Crocker Wm D 
76 Dlckson Mrs Margaret 

Vacant lots 
82 Setchfleld Wm J 

Vacant lots 
90 Gerred Edward 

Gerred Miss Ada, drsmkr 
Vacant lots 
98 Taylor Richard P 
98 Trndelle Hercules 


• ••" •• ViHt I'.^u.j TO SNL-iiinssii 

Limited. 78 CHURCH ST. 

MORTGAGE LOANS, small and 
large amounts, reasonable terms. 


Standard Life 

Assurance Company. 


Chas. Hunter, 

Chief Agent, Ontario. 

Toronto Offices: 

Bank of Commerce Building. 




100 Dobson Francis .7 
102 Bennett James 
104 McGrath James 
106 FIttou Hugh J 

Vacant lot 

110 Cummlng Thomas 
112 Calvert James W 
114 Casey Wm, gro 
• Camming st Intersects 

Private grounds 
124 Stevens Henry 
128 Corbett David 

Vacant lot 
138 Ellis Rudolph P 
140 Hodge Wm 
142 Apted Stephen J 
144 Tarry Albert E 
148 Cordingley Wm 

Vacant lot 
152 Chapman Henry 
156 Wheat Leonard 

Vacant lot 
162 Losee Angus, scrap iron 

Private grounds 
170 Ashenden Thomas W 
172 Lemon Alfred J 
174 Pearce John H 

Vacant lot 
180 Smith Alfred J 
182 Makings George 
184 Gilbert Rev Joun D 
190 Clark Mrs E E 
198 Leef Wm H D 
200 Mitchell Robert 
202 Priestley Samuel R 
204 McKenzle Alexander 
20fl Davis Thomas 
208 McCabc John 
210 Thome George A 
212 Whltehead Thomas 
214 Tolhurst Mrs Elizabeth, 

Vacant lots 

222 Robertson Charles A 
224 Smith Edward 
22G Harris Wm 
228 Ramage Frederick J 
230 Cooper Win G, gro 
+ First av intersects 

Public school, r e 

Store, s e 

DELANEY CUES, w and n 
from 1G4 Brock av to 
Wyodbam. ward 6. 

North Side 

6 Williamson Joseph 

8 Stone Wm T 

10 Hefner Charles F 

12 Lynn Wm G 

14 Longeway John 

10 Bush David 

^ Mechanics ay commences 

15 Smith George 
Vacant lots 

32 West John 

30 Hartnett John, eontr 
East Side 

Vacant lots 

52 Fraser Mrs Elizabeth 
House, s e 

South Side 

3 Humphreys James 
5 Whelpdale Mrs Flora 

7 Ansell Mrs Fanny 

9 Morrlssey David 

11 Norrls Hugh S 

13 McKlnnon Mrs Catherine 
19 Thorpe John 

Private grounds 
27 Jones John 
29 Hntchlns James W 

31 Germalne Lewis E 

33 La Forse Hercule A 
West Side 

35 Mcllroy James 
37 Martin John 
39 Davenport Wm A 
41 Williams George W 
43 Birch Fred 
45 Bennett John R 
47 Gartner Henry 
49 Packer Alfred J 
51 Leetch Matthew 
55 Carey Francis 
Store, s e 

DELAWARE AV, n from Col 
lege to CPR. first e of Dov- 
erconrt rd, ward 5. 

East Side 

Vacant lots 
7 Mori-is Arthur C 
0 Frizxell A K 

Tnlinished bouses (2) 
Vacant lots 
85 Hutson H 
87 Vacant 
89 McDougall II 
01 James Thomas It 

1'rlvnte grounds 
97 Mackenzie W 1 

• Dewson st intersects 
House, s e 

Vacant Ipts 
181 Lawrence Wm C 
Vacant lots 
House, s e 

• Hepbourue st intersects 
Vacant lots 

22!! Jones David J 

Jones Miss R, drsmkr 
225 Wray S W 

Vacant lots 

235 Itundlc Win J, dairy 
2:J7 Rrlcknell Charles ' 

Unfinished houses (2) 
249 Goodman F J, coutr 
253 Hope James A 
257 Barrett John, baker 

Vacant lots 
271 Allen Henry 
273 Dodson Lendrick T 
275 Buckley Thomas 

Vacant lots 

• Bloor st w Intersects 
House, s e 

283 Sliarpe John 
285 Urqnlmrt Roderick 
287 Wilson Charles E 
289 Xiher Andrew jr 

• Vacant lots 
295 Wright Mrs C 
297 Devine Walter II 
299 Vacaui 

• Northumberland st inter 

305 Oirlyle Wm 

Vacant lots 
305 Pooler Mrs Sarah 
367 Fletcher Albert 
385 Vacant 

Private grounds 
437 Dixon Robert 
439 Burt Wm 

Vacant lots 
477 Washbrook Mrs K, Indy 

Washbroak Win 
479 Hale John A 

Vacant lot 

483 Forward John I! 
485 Vacant 
487 Petrie James 
489 Holmes Charles I'! 
491 Price Louis 
493 Fryers Mrs Hannah 
495 Bell Wm H 

Vacant lota 

• Hallam st Intersects 
Vacant lots 

r>29 Robinson Forest 
533 Peterman Edmund J 

Vacant lots 
539 Fllgg George W 

Vacant lots 

557 Kesteven Thomas, putr 
559 Hird JP HT AR I 16!!!;; 

Vacant lots 
569 Scott Richard H 
573 Stewart George 
575-7 Smart Mrs S A. nurse 
579 Palmer George 

West Side 

Vacant lots 
14 Turner Wm 

Unfinished house 
20 Cllnkunbroomer C K 

Vacant lots 
36 Parkinson M 
38 French Joseph 

Vacant lots 
84 Hughes David A 
86 Parks Wm J 

Vacant lots 
98 Van Nostrand G J 

• Dewson st intersects 
Vacant lot 

104 Day Wm It 

Vacant lot 
168 Haywood George 

170 Sylvester W J . 
V:ir-ant lots 

• Hcpbourne st intersects 
House, s e 

212 McLeod Norman, dairy 

Vacant lots 
236 Brown Edward J 

Vacant lols 

244 Forester Joseph H 
246 Johnson Jenjamln L 
248 Pendleton Sylvanus R 
250 Cullington Walter 
252 White Oetavlus 

Vacant lots 
276 Coates Marshall, pntr 

Vacant lots 

• Bloor st w Intersects 
Chnrch grounds 

St Mary's (Ang) Church 
282 Hart Rev Anthony 

Vacant lot 
294 Dawes Edward 

• Northumberland st Inter 


House, s e 

Vacant lots 
314 Wilson Samuol E 

Vacant lots 
320 Mawson Charles 
324-328 Carlyle Win, baker 

Vacant lots 
332 Leech II S 
334 Dalton Win 11 
336 Barker Frederick 
338 Gawley James M 
340 Yates George 
342 Cable Frank H 

Vacant lot 
346 Adams James 
348 Doucette David 
350 Gate Arthur, skewer mfr 
352 Wright Herbert W 
352Mi Brendon John W 

Vacant lots 
360 Munu John 

Private grounds 
300 Goodman Charles 
368 Wilson Edward 
370 Murphy James J 
372 Davis Mrs" Harriet 
374 Jory Wm 

Vacant lots 
394 Todd Cllde L 

• Shauly st commences 
Vacant lots 

408 Doole John 
410 Dewhnrj* John J 
412 Clatworthy George 
414 Barrett Win 
416 Barter John 

Vacant lots 
446 Phyllis James 
448 Butler Homer 
452 Brand Henry, putr 
458 Mitchell Thomas 
462 Hastings James 
464 Price Edward 
466 Lewis Frederick 
468 Wagner Mrs Rebecca 
470 Long Wm J 

Vacant tots 
480 Plunkett Thos 

Plunkett Mrs _M, gro 

Vacant lots 
490 Fryers A E 

Vacant lots 

• Hallam st intersects 
Vacant lots 

536 Russell Edwin 

Vacant lots 
540 White Henry 

Vacant lots 
548 Jones John C 
552 Utting George 
554 Coope John 

Vacant lots 
562 Robinson Thomas, bldr 

Vacant lots 
574 Turner David 

Vacant lots 
586 Gooderham Charles 

DBNISON AV, n from 484 

Queen w to Bellevne pi, 

ward 4. 

East Side 

Store, s e 

1 Lodge rooms 

3 Carrol Wm, shoemkr 

7 Usher W. invalid car 

9 Wilkinson J E, tlr 
13 Tasker Jonathan 
15 Clarke George 

17 Hale Miss Carol 
Hale Miss Hattie 

• Woolsley st intersects 
19 Fulton Robert 

21 Wagner Joseph 

23 Murphy Mrs Julia 

25 Carmlchael Donald 

27 Curley Mrs Eliza 

29 McLeod Dougal 

31 Forbes Wm 

33 Harrison Robert 

35 Mack John 

37 Fitzgerald George S 

39 Deverall Charles 

41 Brown J H C, paper hngr 

43 Castle Mrs Maria 

45 Ferguson J Stuart 

• Carr st Intersects 
47 Torpy Mrs M, gro 

Vacant lot 
53 McKibbiu John 
55 Moore Robert E 
57 O'Rourke Francis 
59 McLeod Robert G 
61 Waldon J Herbert 
63 Messenger George C 
65 Carroll Mrs Catherine 
f>7 Young Stuart 
71 McBridc John H 
73 Cadieux Joseph F 

Cadieux Miss F J A, mus 


75 Keeler John G 
77 Lobb Richard 
79 Mulhall John 
81 Beatty James 
85 McCarter Wm 

McCarter Mrs C, Indry 
87 Rossiter Mrs Anna 
91 Latimer Mrs Emily 
93 Leadlay Edward 

• Grange av intersects 
95 Ross John F 

97 Boyle James 
101 Power Mrs Norah 
103 Tilling Robert W 
105 Brown Harry J 
107 Howard T C 
109 Kennedy Frederick W 
111 Stephens Robert A 
113 Thornton Mrs Elizabeth 
115 Hoare Mrs Elizabeth 
117 Jamieson Herbert J 
119 Smith Ernest E 
121 Taylor Leonard H 
123 Wilson Robert 
125 Sellers Charles 

Sellers Miss G. mus tchr 

• St Patrick st intersects 
129 Manly Mrs Margaret J 
131 McKinnon Neil 

1S1 Howell John, confy 

137 Dermody John 

139 Wood James 

141 Ashtield Wm F 

147 Jones Mrs Rebecca K 

149 Graham George 

151 Polllck George 

153 Starrette Mrs Harriet 

155 Mlghton Samuel J 

157 Mitchell George H 

West Side 

Store, s e 
2 Miller Charles 

Squirrel Wm 
8 Christian Workers' Cli 

10 Matthews George 
12 Hatty Charles 

West Pres Chunh 

• Woolsiev st intersects 
20 Porter Joseph 

22 Black James 

Vacant lot 
28 Howey Samuel C 
28 Wright Mrs Mary 

Elliott Samuel T, r 

Slgley David, r 
30 Thompson Leigh H 
32 McMartin Elijah, Ndr 
34 Vacant 
36 Vacant 

38-44 Lawrence Bros, bkrs 
46 Huddleston J H 
48 Copp Henry J 

• Carr st intersects 


Toronto Office, 49 Wellington St. East. 

Limited, of 

'Phone 251 

GEO. R. HARGRAFT, Cen'i Agent. 

Residence Telephone 3124- 

T. C. BLOGG, City Agent. 

Residence Telephone 3154 


(Caih and Mutual Plans), CAPITAL, S6OO.OOO 


Managing Director, 

A Cash M-Jlaal Fire /us, Co. with Stock Capital. 
Full Government Deposit, For rates, call upon 

J. A. MACFADDEN, Cen'l Agent, Toronto, 

Manning Bldg.. 24 King St. W. TESL. 105 

Deiiison Av. 



50 Carroll Joseph 

52 Taylor Walter 

54 Sheppard Robert N 

56 Williamson Henry 

58 Hauilyn John H, bldr 

CO Smith Wm H 

02 Hamlyn John H 

OS Herbert Peter J 

Walton Charles, r 
70 Long Win 

Pont Wm J, r 
7<H4 Alexander Will J 
72 Clark Win 

Clark Mrs H, drsmkr 
74 Cummins Miss Johanna 

McClusky John 
76 Williamson C W 
80 Farrance James 
86 Sheehy Mrs Catherine 
88 Holla John G 
90 Summers George 
92 Johnston Mrs Jane 
94 Seon Henry S 

* Grange av intersects 
96 Crowley Michael, gro 
96Mi Wassani Mrs Mary 
98 Nash Mrs Alice A G 
9814 McGrath Handrehen 

100 Stanford Wm 

102 Fineham Alfred 

104 Morrison Mrs M J 

106 Fowler John A 

108 Cole ,Wm S 

110 O'Brien Charles F 

112 MeGnane Frank 

114 Meaney Thomas 

116 Long Charles 

118 Kischel Frederick W 

120 Weiss Louis 

122 Baker Thomas J 

124 Kettle Samuel, bkr 

• St Patrick st intersects 
126 Lindsay John, barber 
128 Mason James M 

130 Lindsay John 
132 Fraser Wm A 
134 Powell John G 
136 Kelly Wm 
138 Roweu Charles W 
140 Sharpe Win T 
House, s e 

DENISOX SQ, w from 46 
Augusta av to Bellevue av, 
ward 4. 

North Side 

2 Bland 3ohn D 
4 MeConnell John P 
6 Vacant 

8 Hudson Robert H 
10 Whatley Fred L 
12 Burroughes Herbert R 
14 Cochenour Mrs M A 
16 Williama Mrs M A 
18 Beavls John C 

Bedell George C 
20 Casey Daniel 
26 Durham Charles B 

Durham Miss M, dress 

South Side 

Denison Park 

DERBY, e from 69 Parliament 
to Erin, ward 2. 

North Side 

House, s e 
4 Stable 

6 Elsworth Robert 
8 Johnston Robert 

South Side 

Brewery, s e 

DERMOTT PL. n froin 28 
Spruce to Carlton, ward 2 

East Side 

House, a e 

West Side 

House, s e 
2 Flynu John 
4 Hall Josjah, exp 
6 Knapp Win A 
10 Saulter Win 

Balfour John, r 
12 Ferran Wm 
14 Earless John G 
16 Lawrence Joshua 
House, s e 


Hoskiu av tu Kluor w, first 
e of St George, ward 3. 
Not built on 

DEWSON. w from 244 Os- 
ington av tu Havelock, 
wards $ and 0 

North Side 

Vacant lota 

32 Eddrup Herbert O H 
34 Ray Hugh 
36 Adam David 
Vacant lota 

• Concord av intersects 
44 Cunmiings Mrs Emily 
4tj Holt George E 

50 Mackenzie George G 
^Delaware av intersects 

Vacant lots to end 
.South .side 

Store, s e 

Dewson St School 

• Concord av intersects 
43 Hutchins Win K 

• Delaware av intersects 
House, s e 

Vacant lots to end 

DICKENS AV, e from Logan 
av to Carlaw av, first s of 
G T R. ward 1. 
Not built on 

DIVISION, w from opp 221 
Huron to Spadina av, ward 


North Side .... 

2 Robertson Mrs Mary 
4 Vac-ant 
6 Gourlav David 
8 Stewart Andrew J 
10 CharleUojs Joseph C 

12 Daniel Wm F 

14 MeredHh Wm H 

18 Waddell John 

20 Tucker James 

22 Burns James K 

24 MacGregor Alexander 

26 Bond J P, vet sure 

28 Wright Robert J 

30 Tilly Wm V 

32 Grant Edmund A, bldr 

34 Warne Mrs E A 

36 Ward Win A 

38 Perry Richard S 

40 Miln' John 

House, s e 
South Side 

House, s e 

13 Walton Miss Bessie M 

15 Rees Mrs Anna M 
17 Baunerman Robert 

19 Campion Mrs Margaret 

21 Little Robert 

23 Yellowlees Thomas 
House, s e 

DOEL AV, e from Jones av 
to Leslie, first n of Queen 
e, ward 1. 

North Side 

Private grounds 
• Curzon st Intersects 

30 Wngstaff Wm 

46 Hopkins John A 

South Side 

7 Loek Wm A 

9 Newberry Thomas H 

House, s e 
+ Curzon st intersects 

31 MeLaughlin Joseph M 

DOMINION, w from Dufferin 
to Dunn av, first n of the 
lake, ward 6. 

North Side 

Vacant lots 
+ Fort Rouille st intersects 

Vacant lots 

^Tyndall av intersects 
76 Kennedy David 
^ Spencer av Intersects 
8ti Vacant 
88 Watt J Nelson 

South Side 

Not built on 

DON TERRACE, n along the 
w s of the Don River, from 
Eastern av to Winchester 
st, ward 1. 

Railway tracks and rear 

DORA AV, w from 226 St 
Helen av to G T 11, ward 6. 

North Side 

Not built on 

.South Side 

House, s e 
9 Itiordau Jeremiah 
11 Bryant John A 
13 Clark Henderson 
15 Tracy Mrs Catherine 

DORSET, n from 248 Wei 
llngton w to King w. first 
w of Siiucoe, ward 4. 

East Side 

House, s e 
11 Hastings Wm K 
13 Smith Peter 
15 Hozack James 
17 Sommerville Mrs M 
19 Whitehead John 
21 Hennessey Jeremiah 
21 ' 3 Thompson Wm 
2-1 Parish James 

25 Jones Mrs Jennie 
27 Arnot John T 

29 Vacant 

31 Harris Miss M.iry J 

Store, s e 
West Side 

House, s c 
18-22 Factory, s e 
24 Ruse John 

26 Chamberlain Clark 
23 Myers Robert 

30 Mackinson Wm 

^ Robertson la commences 
Saw works, s e 

bet Rartlett av and West 
moreland av, n of Shanly, s 
of Hallam, ward 6. 
Not built on 

Armour to city limits, cross 
ing Queen at 1000, wards r> 
and ti. 

East Side 

Factory grounds 
^ Armour st intersects 
47 Wilkes George H 
49 Mitchell Win A 
51 Meakin Wm A 
53 Lowens James 
55 Furlong Moses 
57 Spedding John 

Vacant lot 
1)7 Griner Wm B 
99 Schwab Peter 
101 Ward Wm 

VMCA Building, s e 
Mission Hall, s e 
^ Queen st w intersects 

Store, s e 
111 Vacant 
113 Penny George 
115 Hassall Richard 
117 Brewes Samuel J 
119 Talbot Wm 
121 Hunter Mrs Rebecca 
123 Child Aaron 
125 Vacant 

127 McLean Thomas J 
129 Drew John 
131 Bailey Joseph 
133 Chapman John 
135 Armstrong Robert J 
137 Fawcett Mrs Martha 
139 Camerog Charles 
141 Vacant 
143 Nicholas Wm T 

Nicholas Mrs E, inns tchr 
145 Goodall James M 
147 Gallagher Edward O 
149 Hart Lawrence J 
151 Widdicombe Win, baker 
153 Skelley J J, litchr 

• Humbert av ends 
155 Crawford Jam-Mi, dairj 
157 Wesbroom Wm 
159 Murray Miss J. nurse 

161 Blair Hugh R 

163 Beatty James, shoemkr 

Beatty Mrs E A, drsmkr 
Kio Milltean Arthur 
167 Tucker Ambrose M 
Hii» Vcrral Wm 
171 Aldred Charles W 
173 Manser Ed win J 
175 Anthony John 

Lemon Thomas 

Vacant lot 
179 Allison Albert E 
181 Jack John J, gro 

• Argyle st 

Dempster John, baker 
187 Larieks Andrew 
IS! i Westfeldt Carl G 
1!>1 Smith George J 
193 Hennessey James H 


203 McCammon Robert 
205 Seymour John 
207 Hulse Win J 
209 Vacant store 

• Foxley st euds 
211 Hollingshead W H 
213 Da vies John B 

215 McGowan James A. 
217 Hurd Mrs Mary K 
21!) McMullen James 
221 Blair Wm 
22J Lennox E G, phv 
225 Penrice Walter F- 
227 Grundy Mrs Emma 
229 Flower Geo L 
231 Hutchlngs Charles H 
2:« MeCraney Mrs Sarah 
235 Brooks Henry H, dairy 
243 Henderson Elmes 
247-9 Hearn Richard, phy 
251 Malrolmson John C 
253 Tovell Rev Isaac 
2iW WitchaU & Co. bldrs 

Witchall Christopher C 
209 Harrison Mrs Ellen 
275 Vacant 

279 Oakley Francis, phy 
281 Armstrong J W, dentist 

Sherwood C W 

House, s e 
^ Dundas st Intersects 

Store, s e 
297 Gay Robert L 
2fl9 McCullongh Wm A 
:',01 Sharp John 
303 Power Wm 
305 Spence -Hugh 

Goodworth Mrs M. nurse 
307 Scott R M, bldr 
+ Harrison st ends 

Old Orchard Rink, s e 
335 Prosser Mrs L 
337 Lawr George 
339 Gerraus George T 
341 Bryant Mrs Annie M 
343 Purvis Arthur 
345 Pentecost Albert E 
347 Loft Frederick O 
349 Walkinshaw John C 
351 Winfleld Thomas 
353 Ivory John J 

• Churchill av "ends 
355 Cozzens Christina 
357 Sanderson George 
359 Byam Fremont R 
361 Bell Wm D 

363 Porteous Wm 
365 Pyke Edward W 
367 Ingleby Wm T 
369 Purdon David H 
371 Gardiner James 
373 Reid Mrs Emily S 


21 QUEEN EAST. 'Phone 1694. 





Telephone 2413. 

ARCH. CAMPBELL, M.P., President. 

THOS. CRAWFORD, M.P.P., Vice-President. 
WM. GREENWOOD BROWN, General Manager. 

Pfl Selects risks In fire protected places, 
vU> and gives rates accordingly, 

128 Dovercourt Rd. 


Vacant lots 
^ Shannon st ends 
411 Langton Wm A 
415 Wright Alfred 

Vacant lots 
^ College st intersects 

Unfinished house, 8 e 

Vacant lots 
457 Minto John 

White Frederick J 
461 Peake Thomas J L 
463 Weldon Robert V 
465 Craig Wm J 
467 Payne Wm H 
469 Thorold Mrs Annie 
471 Rogers Joseph W 
473 Davidson Douglas 

Vacant lots 
515 Matthews Charles 

Vacant lots 
^ Dewson st Intersects 

Vacant lots 
557 Scott Dan 
659 Thompson H P 
661 Bedford Rev Alfred 
663 McAllister Samuel 
665 Carruthers Rev Samuel 
667 Kerr Win 

Ken 1 Thomas, phy 

• Hepbourne st intersects 
Vacant lots 

687 Carlisle Robert J 

Vacant lots 

695 Humphreys Francis 
697 McAllister George D 

Vacant lots 

Centennial Mcth Ch 

Vacant lots 
739 Morrow Hugh, dry goois 

Morrow Miss J. drsmkr 

Mnrrow Miss T. drsmkr 
741 Sharp George W 

Store, s e 

^ Bloor st w intersects 
767-9 Chamberlain T F, provs 

Vacant lots 

• Northumberland st Inter- 


Vacant lots 

803 Fletcher David 
809 Ryan James 
811 yates' Walter E 
813 Curtis Colin McK 
815 Adamson Methven 
817 Baynes Edmund 
819 Kelly Louis 

Vacant lots 
825 Richardson Alfred 
827 Kidney Robert W 
829 Taylor Ambrose F 
831 Marshall John B 

Vacant lots 

839 Marshall Israel B, gro 
841 Price Mrs Eva 

Vacant lots 
847 McCullough Wm 

Vacant lots 

• Shanly st intersects 
Vacant lots 

931 Mosher Wrn 

937 Williams James M 

Vacant lots 
947 Fnhey John 

Vacant lots 
955 Houle Henry 
957 Fullerton Robert F 

Vacant lots 
+ Hallam st intersects 

Vacant lots 

1037 Crlchton Mrs Ellen 
West Side 

Glass Works, s e 

• Armour st intersects 
Vacant lots 

60 Nolan Michael J 
62 Clarke George R 
64 Moses Mrs Adeline 
66 Williams Joseph 
68 McNicliol Charles 
70 McNichol John 
72 Hardy Wm L 

Vacant lots 

98 Herod Wm C. bldr 
100 Dodds John 
102 Day Albert 
Store, s e 
4 Queen st w Intersects 

Store, s e 

106 Graham T H, dentist 
Nash John M 


110 Gill John, dairy 
112 Holmes Jonathan J 
114 MacArthur Charles 
MacArthur Donald 
116 Heggie Win ('. phy 
120 Power Willoughby 
122 Thompson John J 
124 Jones John L 
126 Fairbaim John K 
128 Alexander Rev John 
130 Johnston Jnrnes S 
132 Coruock Wm 
134 Hewitt George 
136 Alexander Jobn, jr 
138 Shlpman George 
140 Campbell Mrs C E 
142 Vacant 
144 Shaw James P 

Barber Mrs A, drsmkr 
146 MeCurdy Alex, bldr 
148 MeCausland John A 

McCauslaud M J, drsmkr 
150 McCallum Mrs Nancy 
152 Meredith Wm E 
154 Billinghurst Alfred J 
156 Van Winckel Billings 
158 McNichol Thomas 
160 Plaxton John A 
162 Patersou Mark J 
364 Greenly Miss C, drsmkr 
166 Kmmett Henry 
168 Karam Julius 

Kiimm Frederick 
170 Blakeman Thomas 
172 Boyle A R. phy 

Boyle Mrs Fanny L 
174 Matsou Hurry W 
176 Stephenson Mrs Annie 
178 Baldwin Thomas 
180 Chapman Joshua 
182 Smuck James W, phy 
4 Argyle st intersects 
Baptist Church, s e 
194 Awde Robert 
196 Cairns John H, nluibr 
198 Sintzel Thomas 
200 White Thomas 
202 Cork Kmanuel. gro 
204 Hernsted E, phy 
206 Newton Thomas B 
208 Vacant 

210 Hartmaun Albert 1' 
212 Barrie James 
214 Netherton Samuel 

Private grounds 
218 Groom Mrs Emma 

Miller F S, mining eng 
220 Tenuant Francis N 

Private grounds 
+ McKenzie cres commences 
224 Lynd Wm 

Lynd Mrs Ida, phy 
226 Davey Rev Georg'e 
228 Head George 
230 Dale Christopher 
232 Phillips John 
234 Le Hoy Kdmuud B 
236 Burger John S 

Vacant lots 

262 Auger Mrs Catherine A 
264 Richardson A H 

Vacant lots 
270 Mills Miss Fanny 
274 Morgan Mrs E M A 

Private grounds 
284 Woods Frederick, gro 

Store, s e 
^ Dundas st intersects 

Church, s e 

300 Gordon Alexander C 
302 Ross Percy F 
304 Cavenagh Malcolm 
306 Graham John J 
308 McGuire Albert T 
310 Slater David J 
312 Pearce Robert A 
314 Harrington Amos 
316 Davis George F B 
318 Bulman Robert 
320 Portch Albert F, 
322 Van Wlnckle Jacob 
324 McClelland Matilda M 

Private grounds 
344 Protestant Orphan's Home 
Miss K E Deacon "ma 

• St Anne's rd commences 
Heyden Villa 
Denison Lt-Col Geo T 

410 Milligau Lt-Col W J L 

• College st intersects 
Vacant lots 
Unfinished houses 
Vacant lots 
Unfinished house 

iJOti Katou Austin 

Allen James S 
508 Vacant 

Vacant lots 
518 Hutchison George 
520 1'etersen Adolph 

Vacant lot 
528 Grant Robert 
530 Holme Eric W 

Vacant lots 

4 Dewson st intersects 
MS Vacant 
540 MePherson Wm D 

Vacant lots 
624 Thompsou W P, florist 

Vacant lots 

• Hepbourhe st intersects 
Vacant lots 

• Bloor st w intersects 
752 Lyons Mrs Kate 
700 Stinaon James, coal 
7«»2 Cummins Albert 
764 Elliott James 

7lW Robh Samuel 
768 Vacant 

Presbyterian Church 

• Northumberland st inter- 


Vacant lot 
782 Campbell James A 

Vacant lots 
792 Mackle Patrick A 
794 Weir Robert 
796 Knight Caleb 
798 Matthews Thomas 
800 Lille Benjamin 
802 Beck Samuel 
804 Henderson Mrs M A 
806 Atchison John W 

Vacant lots 
824 Poole Eli, gro 
830 Clegg Benjamin 

Vacant lots 

840 Griffiths Edward, piitr 
842 Pyatt Wm G 
844 May Wm 
8«> H:\wkhisstone R 
S48 MeCurdy David S 
850 North Charles W 
852 McGhie Wm C 
854 Heard Thomas B, gro 

• Shanly st intersects 
Vacant lots 

954 Gillies Angus 

956 Harcourt Mrs Jane 

Vacant lots 
!>70 Clarke Robert J 
072 Thompson Wm J 

Vacant lots 
978 Armour Paul 
980 Guest Miss Marion 
982 Simpson John 
984 Carter Henry J 
986 McKay Robert 
988 Caran John 
990 Price Adolphus B 
S>92 Cotterill James 
094 Fraser James 
996 MeKeudriok John 
998 Brackley Jas, grocer 
+ Hallam st intersects 
House, 3 e 

Vacant lota 
1026 Snyder Cyrus 

Vacant lots 
1054 Busby Joshua 

Vacant lots 
1064 Finan Wm 

• Van Home st intersects 

House, s e 

DOWLING AV, n from the 
lake to 1487 Queen w, ward 

East Sid* 

Private grounds 
+ Laburnain av ends 

Vacant lots 
+ Kmpress cres ends 
• G T R crossing 
67 Waller George H 
69 Ashdown Wm A 
71 Zoek John J 
73 Cohen Morris 

79 Clark Rev John A 
Vacant lots 

97 Cromar Mrs Barbara 

99 Dockrill Wm T 

Vacant lots 
103 Everlst Frank 
109 Vacant 
111 Clark Edgar M 
115 Forbes Robert 
117 Coryell Charles S 
119 Roberts Edmond L 

+ King st w intersects 
House, s e 
Vacant lots 
143 Brown John F 
145 Whitaker Charles H 
147 Holtby Ambrose W 
149 Spcirs James J 
151 Verner Thomas II 
153 Robinson Benjamin K 
155 Parker R Y, stamp dlr 
157 Merrifleld L L 

159 Sherman Wilson H 
161 Dykes Philip 

163 McBean John, contr 

• Leopold st cml- 
House, s e 

165 Vacant 

167 Tawse Wm D 

169 Wallace Edwin B 

171 Kirby John C 
Vacant lots 

+ Fife st commences 

173 Robinson Alfred 

175 Walker Win 

177 Clarke C H, contr 
Vacant lots 
Masonic Hall 
Scott Walter T, caretkr 
Alpha Lodge No 384 
Zeta Lodge No 410 
Antiquity R A C No 91 

West Sule 

20 Cook Herman H 
2Q1/2 Williams Robert O 

• G T K crossing 

96 Baldwin Mrs Frances E 
98 Peck Wellington J 
100 Morrell Maximilian 
114 Patteson Thos C 
Private grounds 
+ King st w intersects 

Vacant lots 
138 Reynolds George N 
140 Edmanson Wm J 
142 Brophy James 

Vacant lots 

150 Bryan Rev Bernard 
152 Young Rev Egerton R 

Private grounds 
158 Aspden Thomas 

Aspden James I, phy's 

160 Harris George F R 
Private grounds 

170 Sutton Thomas E P 

172 Davidson John J 

174 Thompson Joseph P 

176 Leekie John 

DOWNEY LANE, n from 46 
Louisa to Alice, vravd 3. 

East Side 

House, s e 

West Side 

House, s e 
2 Smlt Henry W 
4 Ranceer Henry 
6 Cnven James' 
10 Tilley Charles 
Rear entrances 
30 Haddleton Fred 
36 Lee Mrs Elizabeth 

DRAPER, n from 492 Front 

w to Wellington pi, ward 4. 

East Side . . . . . 

House, s o 

1 Kurness Win 

IV.. Bailey Samuel 

3 Howard Fernando 

5 Kramer August 

7 Cross John W 

9 McKee James 
11 Vacant 
13 McCnii; Samuel 
15 Walker Thomas 
17 Angus James 
19 Burns James 
21 McDonald Matthew 



Dealers in Clarified Milk and Cream 

and Dairy Products. 




Agts. "HAGAR" SHOE, unexcelled 
for Style, Fit and Wear. 




23 Henderson Mrs Catherine 
25 Watt Mrs Augusta M 

27 Armstrong Joseph 

29 Roller! Dominic 

Roller! Miss C, vocalist 
Cavanagh Mrs R, drsmkr 
House, s e 
West Side 

2 Turrall Thomas 

2% Carruthers Mrs Amy 

4 McCarty John 
4% Pollard John 

6 Eastwood Kobort 

8 Bennett Mrs Eliza 

10 Smith John C 

12 McFarland Sidney 

14 Cunningham Wm 

16 Kennedy Mrs Margaret 
Gouldint' Mrs Margaret - 
18 Alexander 
20 Bromell Wm 
22 Morrison Rnhort 

24 Arnold James 

20 Graham Robert K 

28 McClintoek Joseph 

30 Knrn Frederick E 
32 Walsh Richard B 

House, s e 

DRESDEN AV. e from Car- 
law av to Pape av. second 
« of Danforth av f ward 1. 
Not built on 

DRCMMOND PL, n from 328 

Adelaide \v. ward 4. 

East Side 

House, s e 

1 Wesley Mrs Elmlna 

3 Nunn Walter 

5 Williams. George 

7 Cnrrie James 

9 Anderson Miss Celia 

11 Harrington Mrs Margnret 

13 Watson Wm 

15 Holden Jacob 
West Side 

House, s e 

2 Ritchie James 

4 Pin-vcs Fred'k W 
0 Dean Samuel 

8 Hatwood Colnmbns 
10 Robertson Wm 

12 Thompson Henry C 

14 Konmnro Robert J 

16 Annis Wm G 
18 Reid Wm 

DUCHESS, e from 115 Jar- 
vis to Parliament, ward 2. 

North Side 

2 Store, s e 

6 McTiernan Mrs E, confy 
8 Duggan John 

Dusrpran John P, exp 
10-12 DfTSgan Brcs, carriage 


14 McDonald Mrs Ellen 
18 Corbridffe J. horseshoer 
26 Hodgson T, vet surg 

Johnston Albert 

• Geonre st intersects 
30 Store, 8 e 

36 Vacant 

38 Oliver Frederick 

Vacant lot 
42 Hartman Henry 
44 Ryan Michael 
4C, Jackson .I" 1 ' 
48 Duffy Thomas 
50 Nixon David 
52 Mahoney Mrs Bridget 
54 Pearce James 
56 Ryan Michael 
58 Harrington Mrs Jane 
60 Piper Mrs F 
62 Hickey Mrs Julia 
64 Suliva'n Michael 

Elliott Mrs Jane 

Hayes Thomas 
• Martin Mrs S 

Knox Church Mission 

• Stone Cutter la commences 
82 Dillon John 

Store, s e 

• Sherbourne st intersects 
90 Shone Wm 

92 Gunn Thomas 

94 Bldwell James 

Vacant InM 

* McFarren's la commences 
100 Hickey Michael 

102 Harrison Mrs Margaret 
10* McMinn James 
106 McDonald James 

Vacant lots 
118 Phillips Wm R 
120 Dolcy Wm 
122 Day John 
124 Harvey Wm H 
126 Heintzman Anthony F 
130 Gibson Wm 
132 Martin Mrs M A 
134 Armstrong John H 

Moore Frederick 
138 Henderson J George 
140 Seaman Thomas 
142 Crowley Thomas 
144 Newell Mrs Jane 
146 Smith Samuel H 
148 Gunn Alexander 
150 Veale Samuel P 
152 Cupples Benjamin T 
154 Vacant 
+ Ontario st Intersects 

Store, s e 
100 Farley Patrick 
162 Henderson Alex 
164 Gordon Hugh 
166 Burkholder C H. dairy 

Vacant lots 
174 Sinclair Wm 
176 Reeks John H 
176V 2 Snead Wm 
178 Ryau John J 
180 Colbnrn Edward O 
182 Noble John 

• Berkeley st intersects 
184 Pudsey Mrs Mary 
186 Robson Mrs Janet 

Robson Miss P, drsmkr 
188 Sawdon George 
190 Dolese Nicholas 
I'.Mi'-, Tarter Albert 
102 McDonald John 
194 Malcolm Robert 
JOii Kardley Wm 
198 Goodwin Joseph 
200 Daley John 
202 Fortier C Lewis 
204 Vacant store 
206 Armstrong Mrs Ann 

Fan-ant Mrs Margaret, r 
Leslie John, r 
Store, s e 

South Side 

3 Store, s e 
5 Straehle John C 
7 Mitchener John H 
9 Cronin Miss Margaret 
11 Kelly Philip 
13 Van Tassel Reuben 
15 Loyer Felix 
+ George st intersects 

Factory, s e 
23 Muldooo James 
31 Middleton John, fruit 
O'Connor John 
Richford Patrick, r 
33 Vacant 

35-7 McGurn John, exp 
39 Vacant 
41 Bell Thomas 
43-5 Vacant (2) 
47 Earless David 
49 Beckett Alfred 
51 Blacklock Edward C 
53 Reeves Wm 
55 Lewis Henry 
57 Corley Mrs Ann 
59 Sul Ivan James 
61 Harrington Daniel 
63 Malone Mrs A 
65-7 Gallagher Thomas J 
69 Labltzky Wm 
71 McMullen Patrick 
73 Lynch Jeremiah 
75 St'eele Peter 
77 Foley Miss Cather'ne 
79 D'Arcy John 
81 Carroll John, cab owner 

Hotel, s e 
+ Sherbourne st intersects 

Blacksmith shop, s e 
95 Harman John 
97-103 Kormann Brewery 
101 Kormann Brewery Of 

103 Carpenter D & Co, cigar 

Schaefer Mrs E 
107 Casey John 
109 Woodley John 
111 Robinson Thomas J 
113 Wheeler Thomas 
115 Colville Wm K 
117 Opelt John 
119 Gunther Henry 
321 Humphrey Ernest 
125 Kremer Theodore 
127 Rumbell Wm T 
129 Grlmbleby Alfred 
131 Lubar Albert 
133-41 Gendron Mfg Co, baby 

The Dominion Hallway 

Shop Co 
137 Cork Co of Canada Ltd 

• Ontario st intersects 
143 Durham John 

Durham Mrs I, gro 
145 Wimbles Adam J 


153 Orr Mrs Margaret 
155 Pennyleglon Albert 
157 Ives Henry 
159 Nealon Mrs Maria 
161 Smith Herbert 
163 Martin James 
165 Thirsk Mrs Elizabeth 
167 Mashlnter Thomas 

House, s - 
^Berkeley st Intersects 

House, r- «* 

187 Plews & Scott, scrap Iron 
103 West Daniel 
195 Hayes M, cab owner 
197 Armstrong Henry 
199 O'Brien John 
201 Fleming Wm 
203 Pearsall Samuel 

House, s e 

DUFFERIN, n from the lake 
to city limits, intersecting 
Queen w at subway, ward G. 

East Side 

Exhibition Park 
Chambers John 
Lightfoot Wm J 
^ G T R crossing 

Vacant lots 
159 Downing John H 
1 01 Vacant 

Vacant lots 
233 Warrington Henry 

Vacant lots 
237 Thetford Win H 

City nnrsiiries 
^ King st w intersects 

Metallic Roofing Co, s e 
293 Graham Nail Works 
Old C P R shops 
319 Hnll J H, coal 

Malouey John & Ci, build 
ers' supplies 
C P R yards 

• Queen st w subway 
415 McLean Mrs Ellen 

417 Foatherston Mrs Hannah 

House, s e 
+ Peel av ends 
419 Wood Mrs Fannie It 
421 Mnthiosoii Thom.nn () 
423 dearborn Wm 
425 Le Per Richard, jr 
427 McKay James 
429 Cbater Thomas H 
431 Longheed John S 
433 Joy Wm 

Store, s c 

• Alma av ends 
House, s e 
House, a e 

+ Waterloo av ends 

House, s e 

House, s e 
+ Trafalgar av ends 
507-0 Doan Jacob & Son, ar 
tificial limbs 

Doan John J 

Doan Miss R M, mils tchr 

Vacant lots 
521 Hall George W 
523 Campbell A C 
525 Cassidy Frank 
527 Emery John T 
r>29 Gallagher Wm J 
531 Sharman Henry 
533 Saunders David 

535 Bradley D J , 
537 Crossland John 
Vacant lots 

",:i Hat-ford Win F 

561 Ball James W 

563 Byan George F 

565 Parks Matthew 

567 Blacklock Robert H 

569 Cummins Wm 

571 Vacant lot 

573 Barrett Joseph 

575 Gracey Mrs Catherine 

577 Powers David E 

579 Blyth Alex C, bldr 

581 Kirby M J, exp 

583 Roberts Win M 

585 McGvath Peter 

587 Mitchell John 

589 Barlow James 

591 Murphy Richard, plstr 

Vacant lots 
599 Bird John 
601 Sliackel Wm G 
603 Wilson John 
605 Peach George 
fi07 WitherUio Win C 
609 Hunter Mrs Margaret, gro 
611 Stock Roe W 
613 Watts Thomas A 

Vacant 'ots 

• Dundas st Intersects 
Vacant lots 

St Anne's (Ang) Church 
661 Ballard Rev J MacLean 

rnfinished houses (2) 

Vacant lots 
711. Cruise John J 

Cuff John J, r 
713 Andrews Mrs M 

Vacant lots 

• College st intersects 
731 Jones Wm J 

73.", Miller John A 
737 Kirby Wm J 

I'rivate grounds 
755 Goulden James 
757 Nottingham John J 

• Lindsay av Intersects 
Private grounds 

+ Sylvan av enHs 

Vacant lots 
+ Lawlor av ends 

Vacant lots 

• Fairmont av ends 
Vacant lots 

9S1 Boulter Frederick 

Vacant lots 
+ Hcpbourttc st ends 
A O F Hall 
Vacant lots 

• Hloor si \v intersects 
SI ore. s e 

3013 McKinney John 

Vacant lots 
1043 Glenfleld Harry 

Vacant Iot3 
1053 Varan; 
1061 Cameron J K 

Vacant lots 
1073 Bnllivant Henry, oil 

Privare grounds 
1077 Kon-e George 
1083 Anderson H, pntr 
1113 Page Thomas 

Vacant lots 
1127 Christian Mrs E, gro 

• Shan'.y st ends 
1129 Williamson James 
1133 Chillman Wm 
1141 Eastman Joseph 

Vacant lots 
1171 Vacant 
1173 Foster Richard 

Vacant lots 
1187 O'Brien Patrick 

Vacant lots 

• Hallam st ends 
Vacant lots 

3267 Huntley Charles J 

Vacant lots 

1291 Hayes W A, Tlo'.Jn rnSr 
1297 Richardson Thomas 
1299-1301 Winter Edward, blk- 

Vacant lot 
1305 Charters David 
1307 Wheldon Frank 
1309 Holdsworth John 
1311 Praln Charles 

|NSURE British America Assurance Co. 

IN THE ^ Losses Paid Since Organization, $18 707,996 75 

FIRE and 


Tel. 952. 98-1OO King St. W. Toronto. 

London, Eng. t 


130 Dufferin. 


1313 Free John F 
1315 Vacant 
1317 Vacant 

Vacant lot 

:Van Home st ends 
C 1' H crossing 
West Side 

Vacant lots to 196 
ItHi Gwynne Miss Annie 

Vacant lots 
248 Jones John 
200 West Richard, bldr 

Kennedy Thomas 
252 Wanless John 

Vacant lots 
262 Vacant 
204 McGowau S C 

Klder Kay S 
^ King st w intersects 

Store, s e 
288 Hill Hurry F 
290 McDonald Mrs F, bdg 
292 Dodds Alexander 
•291 Caiiu-s Mrs Mary J 
290 Vacant 

Vacant lot 

300 Donahue Mrs Sarah 
302 Fgau Frank 
30« Blair Edward 
308 Black Samuel 
310 Clark Win 
312 .Sweetmau Charles 
316 Barry T J, exp 
318 Dermody John 
322 Kelly John 
324 Whlmbey Fred W 
326 Hiuan Michael 
328 Laut John E 
330 Holland James 
332 Knlf Charles 
334 Bridgewater H H 
33ti O'Uonuell Patrick J 
338 Prince Wm 

• Melbourne av commences 
340-76 Dom Radiator Co 

Storage warehouse s e 
^ Queen st w subway 
390 Vacant 
392 Bennett John 
394 Burton Joseph M 
390 Young Saiiford 
398 Friend John W 
400 O'Kricu Michael 
402 Sim Samuel 

Vacant lots 
418 Macdouald Duncan 

Vacant lots 
478 Lauglev STinou 
480 Tlckcll Mrs Ann 
482 Peacock Arthur H 
484 Billing Charles H 
486 Adamson Samuel H 
488 Savill George 
490 Brennan Albert J 
492 Ward Wm W, gro 

+ Florence st commences 
494 Hurst Mrs F, gro 

Hurst Thomas 
496 Hurst Lev! B 
498 Hurst Wm A 
500 Anilrew Wm 
502-4 Seath Mrs M, coiify 

Seath James, shoemkr 
508 Harrington Mrs M, Indty 

Switzer Mrs L. eonfy 
512 Grainger John 
514 Richardson Peter 
516 Gosling Thomas 

Private grounds 
526 White Thomas 

• Gordon st commences 
528 Hunt Bros, gros 

Hunt Mrs Susie 
530 Wensley George A 
532 Pnlfer Joseph 
534 McLellan Daniel S 
536 Frlzzell Walter W 
538 Argue James H 
540 Clay Frederick D 
542 Tvler Richard H 
544 Musson Samuel 
546 Wilson Mrs Tamzeu 
548 Arnott Win. bldr 
554 Schofleld Harry 

+ Bank st commences 
558 Doherty Michael P 

Private grounds 
568 Hill R H. bldr 
572 Poucher Morris 

Vacant lots 

1)36 Glasby W R. blksmith 
Beasley & Co, broommkri 

Shop, s e 
+ Dminas st intersects 

House, s e 

640 Denisvm Charles L 
U4(i Speuee James, phy 

Vacant lots 
^ Fisher st commences 

Vacant lots 
G7.S Smith Wm H 
080 Newton Win 
082 Smith Patrick 
US4 Blain James W 
6SG Robertson John F 
68S Craigle Alfred 
690 McK.ce Hugh 
<i!>2 Henderson Mrs Sophia 
694 Worman Henry 

Dunlop John F 
696 Patchet John W 

Patchet Mrs Lucy, gro 

• Moutray st commences! 
Vacant lots 

718 Kwlng John, dairy 
720 Hltchman Jobn 
722 Wood Win. bldr 

Lewiu James 
724 Gilles Chas J. gro 
^Colleg st intersects 

Vacant lots 
746 Bwannell Mrs Mary 

Montgomery George 
748 James Frederick T 
750 Thompson Samuel M 
752 Duvldge Mrs Annie 
754 Ward Jerrold I 
756 Harris Wm F 
^ Lindsay av intersects 

Private grounds 
+ Mnlr av commences 

Vacant lots 

S04 Toronto Driving Club 
804-80 Dufferiu Riding and 

Driving Park Assn 
880 Dwan Dennis 

Jackson F. horsetrainer 
882 Russell Thomas 

Vacant lots 
918 Redmou Ralph W 
920 Kills Wm J 
922 Killacney Mrs Eliza 
924 Baker George M 
926 Blnnington Charles L 
928 Harvey Charles J 
930 Griffin Mrs Sarah 
932 Shields Thomas 
934 Watkins John 
936-38 Legg Philip R 

Vacant lots 

• Bloor st \v intersects 
Hotel, 9 e 

1014-1016 Vacant offices (2) 
1020 Ashbury Edward, black 

1024 Stiuson John 
1026 Deegan Denis 
1040 Mnrchant Mrs Catherine 
J044 Godkin Robt L 
1046 Thompson George 

Vacant lots 
1058 Deegan Michael J 
1064 Brown Sylvester, flour 

Brown Mrs Ida, dress 
1068 Thompson Robert 

Vacant lota 
1114 Albert Mrs Emily 

Market gardens 
1138 Taylor Clifford 

Vacant lots 
1152 Hill Henry, gro 

Hill Francis, dairy 

Vacant lots 
• Wallace av commences 

Vacant lots 
+ Armstrong av com 
11x2 Mager Samuel 

Vacant lots 
1108 I>nppin Patrick 

Vacant lots 
+ Milllcent st commences 

Vacant lots 
+ Lappln av commences 

Market gardens 
1292 Corcoran M & J, mkt 

1322 Phillimore Arthur 

Market gardens 

1336 Klrkey John J 
^ (.'I'll crossing 

DUKE, e from 77 Jar vis to 

Parliament, ward 2 
North Side 

Store, s !• 

8-10 Mason liroSj livery 
16 Browe Joseph 
18 Shambrook Henry 
2022 Mitchell J (eat), lively 
24 Mitchell Mrs Elizabeth 
^ George st intersects 
28-38 De la Salle Institute 

Separate School Board 
40-42 St Michael's School 
44 Harris Septimus 

Key Wm H, biscuit dlr 

Fitzpatrick John, r 
48 Cahill Michael 
50-56 Fensoui Elevator Wks 
58 Woodhouse John 
CO Murphy Wm 
62 Woolid'ge Walter .1 
(14 Bird Bernard 
66-70 Duke St Pub Sch 
78 Stagg George 
80 Piper John 
82 Pethick James, barber 

I'etliick Mrs A, drsmkr 

• Sherbourne st Intersects 
84 Knox Thomas 

N6 Kechl John 
88 Bach Mrs Selina 
90 Cohen Joseph 
112 Villiers Wm 
94 Gldley Mrs H, bdg use 
94% Ellerby John 
96 Craig James F 
98 Robertson James 
100 Stiuson Mrs Eliza, bdg 

Stiuson Wm 
102 Medler John P 
104 Arnot Peter 
Ins Park James 
110 Gelinas Edward E 
112 McGolpin. John 
114 Christie Wm 
116 Markle AVm J 
118 Dominion Mill Stock Co 

Bredannaz Louis, bicycles 
118-122 Tor Woollen Machin 
ery Co 

124 Barchard Wm H 
126 Terry Mrs Mary E 
128 Young Win 
130 Hooker Miss Jane, bdg 
132 Brown Mrs Annie 
134 Langham Daniel 
136 Brown Wm 
138 Lewis Henry 

Lewis Mrs S L, flower 


Cary Miss S, drsmkr 
140 Vacant 

+ Ontario st intersects 
142 Dowling Patrick 

Dowling Mrs A, gro 
144 Sheppard Charles 
146 Duggan Mrs Catherine 
'148 Sullivan Patrick J 
150 Hutchinson Mrs Marg 
Cooper George, r 
Vacant, r 
Clark Robert A, r 
Soper David, r 
154 Clarke George 

Collan Mrs Mary A 
O'Leary Mrs Ellen 
158-62 Vacant factory 

House, s e 

+ Berkeley st Intersects 
172 Cole Charles 
174 See Stewart 
176 Edmonds Charles E 
178 Martin E'rederlck 
180 Tail John 
Vacant lot 
188 Davidson Walter & Co, 

House, a e 

South Side 

Store, s e 
5 Warehouse 
11 Doyle Mrs Margaret 
13 Tumlln G C, livery 
House, s e 

• George st intersects 
Wood yard 


W Christie, Brown 
biscuit infrs 

^ Frederick st ends 
47 Soad.v Mrs Sarah, bdg 
49 Wilson Mrs J. art flowers 
."•1 Woodhouse Thomas 
53 liell Hugh 
55 Davy George 
57 Tasker AV F 
(',1 Beckett Manuel 
63 Gorrie Samuel 
65 Fogarty Mrs Ann 
Store, s (.. 

• Sherbourne si intersects 
71 Bodily Charles W 

7o Lewis & Newman, cartage 

Lewis John 
81 Button Samuel 
..•fr^ytVite's pi commences 

M J 9 ]o]lp Papel ' Box Co 
89 Smith John 

91 Whitfleld John 
93 Gunn John 
95 Atchlson Wm 
97 McCTen Mrs Jane 
99 Kelly Mrs Bridget 

* Princess st ends 
101 Foley John J 
103 Martin Mrs Ann 
105 O'Brien David 
107 Hughes Joseph 
109 Brooks Henrv 
111 Hunt John 

113 Wilson Henry 
House, s e 

* Ontario st intersects 
House, a e 

127 Boylan Patrick 

129 McGinn John 

131 McCalhim John 

133 Ford Wm 

13551 Barchard & Co Ltd, 

packing case mfrs 
153 Mastin Vesper 
155 Reid Mrs Georgina 
159 Fire Hall, s e 

• Berkeley st intersects 
House, a o 

171-175 Storehouses 

179 Wnlmsler Mrs Maggie 

181 Smith Sidney 

183 Bradbnry John 

Carriage' works, s e 

DUNBAR RD, n from Elm ar, 
to South Drive, first • of 
Sherbourne, ward 2 

East Side 

Unfinished houses (4> 
11 Fuller Mrs Rosamond 
13 Harrison J W F 

15 Gwynne Wm D 

21 McClaln Watson R 

23 Gundy Samuel B 
Scott Mrs Patty G 

West Side 

House, s e 
30 Christie Thomas 

16 Blackwood Mrs Eliza 

22 Montgomery Robert J 

24 Holmes George W 
26 Gunn Edmond 

28 Haywood James 
30 Moffatt Win 
34 Holllnrake Thomas A 
36 Langton Hugh H 
38 Herbert Frederick 

DUNCAN, n from 244 Ade 
laide w to Queen w, ward 4. 

East Side 

Store, a a « 

17 Feflder Louis 

• Nelson st Intersects 
27 Mudford Henry 

House, s e 

West Side 

House, s e 

• Nelson st Intersects 
20 Osborn Wm 

22 Rooney Thomas 

House, s e 
+ Richmond st w Intersect* 

House, s e 

Gospel Hall 

32 Yeoman & Co, furnacei 
40 Small Mrs Jennie 

Store, s e 


Cotton Waste, 

Solder, Babbitt. 
116-13O GEORGE ST. 


• H f* r|T A I ITV ' s Distinctly Lower among Total Abstainers than amongst Non-Abstainers. 




DUNDAS. n from 1004 Queeii 
w to ArtUur, thence n w to 
city limits, wards 5 and G. 

Ku--,t Side 

Bank, s e 
3 Putland Henry 
5 Hill Win 
7 Pike Frank, barber 
9 Vandecar Frederick 
11 Gilbreath H & Co, fuel 
17 Tran-y JaiiK-^. shoeuikr 

Vacant lot 
Jk Rebecca st ends 
29 Thompson W \V, exp 
33 McKlnney Benjamin 
35 Duke Wm. shoemkr 
Charles Mrs Mary A 
35V2 Hognn W J, pickle mfr 
37 To! In id J A, school sup 
39 Toronto Cabinet Co 

Shea Thomas 
41 Robinson Win 
43 Muerrle C A, photo 
45 Burke Robert H 

Bennett Arthur A, cabt 


Kendall James 
47 Bell Thomas, much bag 


Annis Joseph 
49 Hall George J, gro 
+ Bruce.' st ends 
51 F.ason Win O 

Stevens Mrs Jennie, drs- 


53 Hughes John P. pntr 
55 Sorviss 1> l>. tlr 
57 Hare Mrs K, confy 
59 Baker John 

Bond Jaints. tlr 
61 Hurst Joseph E, clothing 


63 Green Miss Flora M 
65 Warn-n George, dairy 
67 Hill Wm 

Hill Mrs H. drsmkr 
69 Potter James 

Potter Mrs Emma, Indry 
71 Mellmish John 
73 Mr-fanny A. bldr 
75 Pendrel John, hardware 
77 Blevlns Mrs Elizabeth, 

Blevins James 
79 Perkins Henry, confy 
83 McConvey P. cattle 

Private grounds 
87 Bills Stephen H 
89 Feruley Charles R 
91 Woods Cornelius 
95 Bcdson Mrs Alice 
97 Duncan James 

Duncan Mrs M, nurse 
Nutch George, plstr 
99 Pugh & Watson, bakers 
Pugh Wm J 
Cheshire Wra H 
101 Robertson Robert, gro 

• Argvle st intersects 

103 Hunt Mrs M L. crockery 
105 Payne T E, bicycle livery 
107 Kee Song, Indry 
109 Haywood F G, barber 
111 Hunt Wm C, bicycles 

Hunt F C, pntr 
113 Dowrie James, dairy 
115 Hudgin Albert, gro 

Post Office (br) 

Davis Win 

117 Skelllngton David, whip 
Insh mnfr 

Skellington Mrs Mary, sell 

Vacant lots 

125 Davis W H, shoemkr 
127 Jones Mrs M, gro ~ 

Gourlav Isaac, r 
133 Holland Mrs Sarah 

137 Bell Wm & Co, coal 

Bell Wm L 
141 Flnlayson Wm 

Potter Wm, Indry 
143 Beck James 
151 Czerwlnskl Louis, cattle 

Hastings Wesley 
153 Jones Mrs Jane 

• Halton st ends 

165 Flnkle M & Co, cartage 
Flnkle Wllmot 

157 Hr.wkes F B. plinbr 
loO Hnmblyn S. locksmith 

Mi-faun James 
161 Brown J L. prtr 
It;.; Keen Gcur^i 1 . [tntr 
1G5 Douglas David, harness 
167 Hneo Richard H 
169 Smith John, tlr 
171 Defor.-st Stephen 
173 Mr-F.irland Manford. tlr 
17," lirciman J J. pntr 
177 Vacant 

179 Williamson John. sew 

Vacant lots 
^ June Arthur £ Ossington 

Northeast Side 

Mcih Church and School 
216 Bennett Jos, btchr 
21S Shakespeare Mrs J. gro 
220 Leach F C, shoes 
222 Ossington Hall 

Vacant lots 
254 Seagor Mrs Mary A 

^ Lakevlew av commences 
256 Hunter Moses, flour 
258 Dempster James, bnker 
2' HP Katon H W. gro 
2ii4 Lvons George A. flonr 

-rris F J. gro 
268 Welsford Albert J, exp 
270 Smith James O. bicycle 

272 Pollard F H. barber 

Caven John 

274 Hyuds Mrs Caroline 
276 Vacant 
278 Repath Jabcz E 
282-0 Mc-Craney Coal Co 
288 Savage Wm, shoemkr 
2i.iO Vacant 

Vacant lot 

204 Fisher Mrs Annie 
290 Wing Charlie. Indry 
208 Dolan Patrick J, btchr 
+ Dovercourt rd intersects 

Chalmers Pres Church 
324 Hornby Bros, dairy 

Hornby Mrs A M 

• Coolmine av commences 
Private grounds 

• Rusholme rd commences 
Vacant lots 

^ Gladstone av intersects 
456 Brt-ckon Richard, nursery 

+ DnfTorin st intersects 
500 Lester Wra H 
512 Sansoni Frederick, gro 
514 Willitts T A", incubators 
516 Hague Wm. btchr 
518 MeConnell Wm 
520 Ruttan Jesse W 

Vacant lots 

532-40 Rankin & Co. lumber 
Miles Mrs Ann J, sash 
Toronto Casket Co, coffin 

mfrs. r 
548-50 Burns E R Saw Co 

• Sheridan av intersects 
552 Fairies Milling Co 

Fairies Mrs Margaret 
554 Chantler Mrs M M, gro 

Vacant lots 

560 Manion John P, coal 
576 Clarke R N, shoemkr 
578 McClelland Alexander 

Vacant lots 
584 Parker Benjamin 
588 Thompson James I D 

Vacant lots 
594-98 Taylor Thomas, fruits 

Vacant lots 
604 Davies Wm Co Ltd, proT 

• Brock av intersects 
608 Dnggan Stephen 

612 Sturtridge John, shoemkr 

614 Hern Mrs T, confy 

616 Abbs Thomas, btchr 

620 Abbs Thomas 

624 Hill Mrs Lucy L 

628 Waugh Wm, whol btchr 

• Hargueretta st commences 
Vacant lots 

648 Smith Benj, whol btchr 
Vacant lots 

• St Clarens st intersects 
678 King Thomas J 

Armstrong Mrs M E C, 

680 Woods Mi>s Maiy A 
694 Crealock Win. c-attle dlr 
700 Ellard Hugh E. tlr 

Non-it- Win 

Delahaye John 

Long John R 
7i '2 McAleer John. 1:1-0 
T'.iJ Smith Albert 

Veil Win. confy 
708-10 Moitnn A; Co. hotel 

Mourui Thomas 

Caldwell Alberi I-: 

?Lansduwn« av int.- 
Mallon John. 

A St Helen av commences 
• Bridge over railway 
"SO Vacant 
788-02 Matthews liros & Co, 

pinning mill 

cP.ride Peter, r 

• liridnes over r.-ilhvay 
808 Dobson John 

810 Brake Mrs Catherine 
*22 I'ooU- John R 
-Ii4 Hums Tliuinas 
826 Sutherland Wra 
S28 Hot-tin Win D 

Vacant lots 
856 Weston Gr 
si:2 Driscoll D. who! lnchr 

Vacant l"ts 
S72 Finn Edward F 

• MOITOW av commences 
874 Morrow Fraud* B 
S76 Mee Samuel 

878 Gilroy John 

S82 Hunter .las P. u'ro 

Vacant lots 
012 Vacant 
^ Golden av commences 

Vacant I"t> 
f, Ritchie av commences 

Vacant lots 

1006 Strctton Wm H, bldr 
Wilm/nt Adv Co, Ltd 
1008 Andrews Charles 
Private grounds 
10.'t6 Lightfoot W. florist 
Market gardens 
+ Bloor st w intersects 

Market gardens 
+ Vincent st ends 
1142 Bennett Joseph K 
1150 Southern Edward 
• Soho av intersects 
^C P R tracks 
......... West Side ......... 

2 Bcro Vincent T. hotel 
4 Ham-r s A. lumber 
6-8 7'iihlio Library (br) 

Hamilton Mrs Emily A 
10 Fire Hall No 9 
12 Water Works office 

Corporation yard 
2S-:',0 Hobson Alfred, whol 

conf i- 
32 Clinkunbroomer Miss M. 


34 Clinkunbroomer J S, exp 
36-40 Cntts John, coal, flour 
42 McEvoy Jos, cigar mfr 
44 McBurney Mrs Mary A 

McBurney Miss E. drsmkr 
46 Beall Mrs Elizabeth 
48 Rogers Stephen 

Ricketts Wm 
50 Shaw Mrs Mary A 
52 Houghton James 
54 Caswell Samuel 
56 Harris Thomas 
58 MacKenzie George 
60 Kupifz Edward 
62 Blakelv Mrs Susanna, bdg 
64 Rutledge Robert 

Rutledge Miss J. drsmkr 
66 Newton James A 
68 Benson John 
70 Gumming A, baker 
72 Sherlock James, plmbr 
74 Lloyd Jos. grocer 
76 Ontario Tailoring Co 

Dewshury Edgar 
78 Monckton Wm J, coufy 
80 Casena Mennottl, art gds 
82 Ferguson Alex, gro 
+ Humbert av commences 
84 Meyers H C, artist 
86 Giles Wilbert, barber 
88 Greensides Isaac, bkr 

90 Woods J L, btchr 
92 Bailey E T jr, prir 

Watson Wm M 
94 Godwin Joseph, gro 
96 Ashdown J. willow ware 
98 Vacant 


104 Quibell John, gro 
106 Wilkes F W., stoves 
108 Hood Frederick, gro 
110 Calhoun Robert J, prors 
112 Richmond Charles 
114-116 Finn Hugh, liquors 

^ Arcyle st intersects 
118 Smith Wra H, gro 
122 McGinn Arthur, btchr 
126 Smith John 

Smith Mrs Charlotte, conf 
128 Summers Mrs F B. drs- 

maker « 

Summers Win J 
l:JO Martin & Co. tailors 

Martin Caesar A 
132 Lindsay Wm J. shoes 
134 Barnett David, gro 
136 Pritcharrt H C, dry gds 
138 Johnstone James w. bkr 

I.owry Joseph W 
140-42 Shepherd Hardware Co 
Mick & Woods, tinsmiths, 


144 Passmore Richard, gro 
148-50 Passmore Sam, btchr 
152 Godfrey F L, staty 
154 HortOD Harry G, drugs 

• Foxley st commences 
156 Cole T W. gro 

158 Bute-hart D F, tlr 

160 Smith John W. gro 

K'2 Iiickeson Frederick, jwlr 

Diekesou Mi«s F, mus 

Vacant lots 

170 Warner Maurice W 
174 Donaldson Mrs Lavinla 
182 Yick Hop. Indry 
184 Vacant 
186 Graham Nicholas 
188 Gillard Mrs Grace, btchr 
190 Home Chemical Co, ink 

MiCre.i Thomas 
192 Kipp Henry F. gro 

• Rolyat st commences 
194 Hitchman E F. barber 
196 Pearson S E. dentist 
198 Payne John H 

Porter Mrs C E, mus tchr 
Porter Emily F. mus tchr 
Porter Miss Maud, inns 

200 Spauldlug Wesley, dresi 


202 Bruce Robert 
204 McCrea & Carrnthert 

Misses, bkrs 

206 Pennal Frederick, gro 
MeLaughlln John 

208 Evan's George A. drugs 
Southwest Side 

209 Laker W J, dentist 
211 Vacant 

Vacant lots 

225 Stocks John, fruits 
227 Cleghorn Alex, tlr 
229 Broiflle Bros, shoemkrs 

Brodie Mrs Margaret 
231 Newman Mrs M 

Vacant lots 

243 McGowan George W 
247 Mackrell Henry 

Vacant lots 

• Grove av ends 







North British & Mercantile Insurance Company, 

LARGEST FIRE RESERVES. Investments in Canada, $6,567,079.94 




267 Tully Mrs M, drsinkr 
269 King Mrs Janet, slaty 
271 Jeffries H A, ludry 

Vacant lota 
285 Verral Mrs Aunie 
287 Clark Miss Catherine 

Vacant lots 
801 Rowan i: Co, drugs 

Rowan Richard, yuy 
^ Dovercourt rd intersects 
803 Woods Grocery Co 
305-307 Woods John (est), li 
309 Carroll James J, cigars 

Vacant lot 

325 Lilley Mrs Maria, florist 
329 Rayner Samuel, pntr 
341 Jones James 
543 Dempster Win J, bkr 
349 Boyle & Libby, bottlers 

Vacant lots 
361 Burns Alexander 

+ Lisgar st ends 
363 Armstrong Win 

Vacant lots 

• Beaconsfleld av ends 
Vacant lots 

419 Macdonell Mrs Pauline K 
Private grounds 

• Gladstone av intersects 
Vacant lot 

465 Haines Mrs L, drsmkr 

Haines Daniel S 
467 Coupland H E, gvo 

Vacant lot 
471 Kir by Win J 

McCracken Robert A 
473 McCracken Joseph A 
475 Bolssonneau Pierre 
+ Erie st commences 

Vacant lots 

• Dufferin st intersects 
493-499 Cyclone Woven Wire 

Fence Co 
Private grounds 
503 Collard Joseph 
513 Skene Mrs Eleanor E 

Private grounds 
547 Brockton Club House 

^ Sheridan av intersects 
557 Sampson T N, drags 
559 Nixon A W, barber 

Nixon Atchisoa 
561 Mlckus George, blksmlth 
565 Plumb Mrs E M, confy 
567 Lee Chung, Indry 
569 Van Horn Charles F 
571 Hopper Frank, confy 
573 Jones Mrs Emily G, gro 
575 Hurlliut C M & Son, 


Hurlbut Clinton M 
577 Wallace Andrew, dry gds 

Vacant lots 
581 Ward Mrs Mary, drsmkr 

Mara John 
583 McGraw Wm 
585 Douglas Joseph, sec hd 


589 Jackinan Samuel, barber 
591 Poole Mrs Clara 

Vlckers Robert 

597 Stlrrett George, hardware 
599 S'firrett A P, drugs 

Hager S A 

+ Brock av intersects 
601 Fitzpatriek Thomas 

Brockton P O 
603 Dolan John 
603-607 Gould J A. wood 
607 Perry Richard, carp 
623 MeConnell Mrs Elizabeth 

McConell John H, pby 
629 Watson Wm H, gro 
631 Hicks E N, flour 
633 Shea Miss Mary, confy 
635 Scythes Bros, shoes 

ies George, bldr 
637 Squire Wm E. gro 

Vacant lota 
643 Vacant 
647 Sullivan Mrs E. produce 

Private grounds 
653 Henderson Jacob 
655 Brady Thomas G 
637 Ebbage Horace, gro 
+ St Clarens st intersects 

Fire Hall No 13 
• Lansdowne av intersects 
School, s e 

+ Bridge over railway 
809 Taylor John 

• Bridge over railway 

• Sorauren av ends 
Vacant lots 

^ Lynd av ends 

+ Howard Park av com 

Street car sheds 
+ High Park av commences 
Unfinished houses (3) 
Vacant lots 
+ June Bonstrad and Ron- 

cesvalles avs 
Vacant lots 
1099 Vacant 
1101 Pines Hotel 

^ Bloor st \v intersects 

Vacant lots 

1113 Graham Mrs C, gro 
Graham Jos, btchr 
1117 Andrews Ell C 
+ Edna av commences 

Vacant lots 
^ Soho av intersects 

Vacant lots 

$ Conduit st commences 
1333 Shii'lils Wm. mkt gdnr 

LirNKIiIN. 11 from Shudell 
av to Baird av, first e of 
Jones av. ward 1. 

East Side 

House, s e 

• Dawson av commences 
23 Simpson Robert 
25 Rose James 
27 Robinson Henry 
29 Reid John 
31 Montgomery Charles A 
33 Moorcroft Thomas 

West Side 

4 Reed Wm B 
6 Hayes Wm J 
8 Hughes Henry 

DUNN AV, n from the lake 
to 1347 Queen w, ward 6. 

East Side 

1 Holmes K H, barr 
^ Dominion st ends 
35 Shannon James N 
37 Ford Thomas J, publr 
39 Smith George 
41 Paterson James C 
^ Empress cres intersects 

House, s e 
57 Harper Edward 
59 Diuimock Charles 
+ GTR crossing 
63 Urquhart Wni J, druggist 
65 Robertson T B, btchr 
O Huxley st intersects 

Store, s e 
S3 Irving L Homfray 
Vacant lots 

103 Lawson James F 
Vacant lots 

121 Cole F F 

127 Hook Thomas 

133 Vacant 

137 Hall Major Wm B 

139 Pankhurst John C 

141 Munro Edwin S 

143 Kimpton Charles 

145 Northcott B L 

147 Milne Wul S 

149 Acres Charles R 

151 Vacant 

153 Henderson Samuel 

155 Little Wm J 

157 Macrae Mrs Maud 

159 Vacant 

161 Brown James E 

163 Waterson Robert C 

Methodist Church 
4> King st w intersects 
Vacant lots 

189 Clarke James 

191 Sloan Wm, phy 

193 McSweeny Edward 

195 Ruck R A, phy 

197 Burt Aaron 

201 Ryan Cornelius 

',203 Thomson Mrs Isabella 

205 Turpin James 
Vacant lots 

217 Thompson James 

219 Tredger John, bldr 

221 Shannon James 

225 Rankin Rev James A 

2'_>7 May Wm H 
229 ttrown George 
231 Uray Edward 
_..., .Milan Martin 
237 Betlieii John, blksmth 
239 Shaw Edward S 
241 \\ ilson Robert 
243 Thompson Thomas A 
245 Elliott Thomas W 
247 Ford Andrew 
249 Kemp Jesse 
Vacant luts 

207 Leech Rev George 
Leech Miss E A, mus tchr 

259 Carson Hugh 

Vacant lots 

House, s e 

Shaw's llall 

Store, g e 
West Side 

Vacant lots 
^ Starr av commences 

House, s e 
46 Holland Wm H 

Vacant lots 
r>2 Wilkie Wm 
54 Somerville F L 
+ Empress cres intersects 

House, s e 

:GTR crossing 
Huxley st intersects 
06 Macpherson James B 
OS Martin Robert 
70 Watson Wm J 
72 Riddell Wm D 
74 Hillings Charles C 

V acaut lots 
S4 Hradshaw Isaac D 
86 Hardy Henry R 
92 Pink Robert 
Vacant lots 

!'S Martin Mrs Margaret 
iOO Scott Wm C 
130 Home for Incurables 

Burns Wm T, phy 
146 Geggie Rev A L 
148 McKellar Alexander 

154 Robinson Mrs E E 
150 Hossack Rev Donald C 
160 Bain Win 

162 Essery Win H 

Essprv G W, pntr 
164 Arnold T S 

House, s e 
^ King st w intersects 

Vacant lots 

155 Mombery Walter R 
Membery Miss I F, nurse 

190 Smith Gilbert A 
192 Fish Rev Charles 
194 St John Joseph W 
190 East Henry M 
198 Thompson "w J, dairv 

202 Patchett Enoch, dairy 
204 Challenger W 

208 McKee Wm. jr 
Vacant lot 

216 Beirh AVm 
218 Crichton James 
220 Balfour John P. 
224 Fenwlck James W 
226 Bellinger Peter 
228 Stevens Holmes C 

Stevens Henry C. bldr 
232 Sutherland Henry 
23G Maokay Rev Robert P 
240 Martin James S 
242-254 Parkdale Pres Ch 
2.11) Black Hugh C 
258 Hunter James 
260 Dickie Edwin 

203 Lloyd Frank E 
House, s e 

DUPONT. w from opp 251 
Avenue rd to w of Christie, 
wards 4 and 5. 

North Side 

House, s e 
6 Wylle Miss Lucy 
8 Heal Charles 
10 Laughlin James E 
12 Greenwood Christopher 
14 Dwyer Mrs Margaret E 
16 Roche Wm 

Magulre Bros, coal 
• Davenport rd Intersects 

Vacant lots 
118 Fnlrweflther A C 
120 Austin John F 

122 Croucher John Q 
124 Gourlie Ernest H 
126 Joselln James S 
128 Lewis Albert B 

Oben Francis A 

Vacant lots to Kendal av 
270 Brewer Mrs Selina 

Vacant lots to Bathurst 

Store, s e 

338 Conger Coal Co 
348 Crawford Robert 

350 Glassey Mrs Mary J 
352 Crazier Joseriih 

Vacant lots 

362 Cauchard Alexander 
364 CrawJord Wm 

366 Hyltou Edward W 
366% Bruce George 

Vacant lots 
3C8 Brown Thomas L 
O Palmerston av intersects 

Vacant lots 
386 Dimes Edward 
388 Andrews Edward 

390 Hoidge Silas I 
3SU 1 .. Hoidgt Wm II 

392 Hoidge Richard J 

394 Hoidge & Sons, plstrs 
Hoidge John R 

396 Hoidge John 

398 Back Wm G 
Vacant lot 

404 Cook Wm 
Vacant lots 

412 Robin Robert 
Coe Mrs Emma 

414 Elliott Eli 

South Side 

Cbureh, * e 

O Davenport rd Intersects 
7!> Juud Mrs Elizabeth W 
81 Arkell F Henry 
83 Bishopric Allison 

Vacant lots 
4> St George st ends 

House, s e 
259 Cross Daniel 

Vacant lots 
O Howland av intersects 

House, s a 
275 Pope Cecil 
281 Craik Mrs Elizabeth 
285 Trollope Henry 
4> Albany av intersects 

Vacant lots 
4> Battmrst st Intersects 

Store, s c 

335 Smith George T 
337 Sweetmau Edward O 
341 Guard James, rontr 
. O Markham st ends 

351 Black John 

355 Fiuegan Patrick J 
357 Dennis Kdward S, exp 

363 Turner W R, carver (wd) 

t Palmerston av intersects 
Dainty Arthur T 
379 Coop Andrew P 
381 Nichols Albert 
Vacant lots 

391 Ellis Warren H 

393 Stovel Joseph 
395 Carter Thomas J 

397 Phillips James E 

399 Phillips Wm C 
401 Nicholls Herbert 
403 Crupper Wm 

405 Drover David 
407 Burrows Charles 
409 Harris Edward W 

413 Amoss George, dairy 
Vacant lots to end 

EARL, e from foot of Hunt- 
ley to 52i) SUerbourne, ward 


North Side 

2 Auglin Arthur W 

4 Grant Robert A 

6 Alley Henry R 

8 Mclntyre Wm T 
JO Capon Wm B 
12 O'Hara James W 
14 Meidruni Mrs M D 
16 Fielding Edward 
18 Thompson Win J 
20 Bell Thomas 
22 Anderson George 
24 Campbell Mrs Emily V 
26 Jeffrey Mrs Mary 8 

Guarantee Company of North America. 

MEDUAND & JONES, Cen'l Agents, Mail Building:, Cor. King: and Bay. Tel. 1067 

H. O'HARA & CO., 30 Toronto Street 

Carry Stocks on Margins. Special Attention Given to Unlisted Stocks. 




28 Snellgrove Alfred M 
30 Wickens Win E 
32 Mclntosh Adam K 
34 Ireland James H 
36 Trow Albert E 
38 Ewan Peter F 

Leckii* John 

House, s e 
South Side 

St John's Grove 

Church, s e 

EARNBRIDGE, w from ry 
track to 45 Brock av. ward 

North Side 

8 Chorley Frederick W 

10 Purvis Mrs Eliza J 

12 Graham \Vm J 

14 Buck George E 

16 Bigley James A 

18 Kentner Erastus 
20 Floody Edward 
22 Hunter Wm D 
24 Bray Thomas I. 

House, s e 
South Side 

9 Cole Frank W 

11 Johnson Joseph H 

13 Phillips James 

15 Coulter Miss Mercle 

17 Hcasllp Elwood 

19 Jacksou Herbert E 
House, s e 

EASTERN AV, e from 93 

Trinity to Queen e, wards 

1 nnd 2. 

North Side 

House, s e 

tj Morrisoy Mrs Ellen 

s Middleton James 
10 Bazley Thomas 

12 Hngen John 

14 Short Robert 

16 O'Brien Dennis 

• Gilead pi commences 

18 Price Mrs E gro 

20 Staff Robert 
22 Cox Mrs Sarah 

2( Armstrong Henry 

Beamish Mrs Mary E, r 
Kogelman Francis, r 
Richardson James, r 
28 Storer Morono 
32 Phillips James B 
34 Wesieott Thomas L 
38 Burns Ralph A, ice 

• SaokviHe st commences 
Sarkville st school, a e 

72 M<-CIay David 

74 M' Dowcll Wm A 

76 Shearer Albert 

78 Barton Edward J 

SO FJdvidge John, baker 

82 Hang Ell 

84 O'Brien Sylvester 

86 Sinclair Archibald 

88 Shea Murtagh 

Barrett F A, brewers' 

supplies, r 
'.10 Cameron Hugh 

Lefeher Walter, r 

Knight Henry T, r 
92 Adams Thomas 
94 Rohson Wm G, pntr 
06 Fraser George W 
98 Haiimin John 

Vacant lot 

• Sumach st commences 
102 Relgue H J 

104 Hull Frederick 

106 Thompson Andrew W 


110 Mines John S 
112 Gordon Wm J 
114 Crackiiell Richard 
111! Williamson James S 
120 Davis Mrs Martha 
122 Howard John 3 
124 Beck John 
120 Bailey George 

+ Williamson pi commences 
128 Hogarth Mrs S. gro 
ISO Forbes Mrs Agnes 
132 Cane Alfred W 
134 Timson Burton 
138 Jcft'ery James 
I40-140 1 :. Byhain Amos H 
142 McDonald James A 

+ Schmidt pi commences 
144 Ktheridge Evan 
146 Rodden James 
148 Foote Mrs Elii 
152 Baptist Mission Hall 

Bamford J B, mkt gdnr 

Orr Thomas, r 
156 Kelihcr Dennis 
158 Murray Charles 

Vacant lot 
1U2 Trerope George 
164 Grigsby Charles T 
166 Listen Frederick J 

Clark Mrs Kate 
+ St Lawrence st com 

Vacant lots 

200 VVarren-Scharf Asphalt 
Paving Co 

Nielsen Andrew, r 

:Don ter commences 
CPR crossing 
Vacant lots 

:Belt line crossing 
Don bridge 
Vacant lots 

+ Broadview av commences 
House, s e 
Vacant lots 
+ Lewis st commences 

Vacant lot 

362 Mahouey Thomas J 
Vacant lots 

:Saulter st commences 
GTR crossing 
Flagman's switch house 
Vacant lots 

^ Strange st commences 
400 The James Robertson Co, 

408 Spink Wightman 

Vacant lots 

^ McGee st commences 
House, s e 
Private grounds 
^ Booth av intersects 
466 Hopklugs Edward J 
468 Johnston Alexander M 
470 Foote Arthur 

Vacant lots 
+ Logan av intersects 

Vacant lots 

494 Johnston A. bicycle repr 
496 Gillman Wm F 

Vacant lots 
508 Ayre Charles, hotel 

• Morse st intersects 
510 Hare Wm 

512 Stirling A F A, gro 
514 Workman F E 
516 White Mrs Eliz 
518 Knight Thomas S 
+ Carlaw av intersects 
Vacant lots 

• Reward av commences 
Vacant lots 

594 Morgan Wm 
+ Pape av commences 

Vacant lota 
610 Thompson Wm H 
Ice house 
Vacant lots 

+ Caroline av commences 
Nursery grounds 

• Leslie st intersects 
Vacant lots 
House, s e 

+ Laing st iJtersects 

Vacant lots 

882 Wheat Wm. mkt gdnr 
884 Cook John 
Vacant lot 

+ Knox av intersects 
S9i> .Tohnson Benjamin 
902 Reeves John B 
908 McMullIn James 
.11 i <•-,]-, r \v n , 

912 McKeown Jesse 

Vacant lots 

920 Rloukhorn John W 
022 Maodonnld Frederick S 
924 Morley Wm G 
92fi Royee Henry 
928 Press Maxip 
930 Bateman Wm jr 
932 Riddel Harry 
934 Pickering Henry J 
936 Pickering Henry J Jr 

Vacant lots 

• Colina st commences 

950 Macdonald Duncan A 
Vacant lots 
1000 Randall James, whol 

Vacant lot 

South Side 

House, s e 
5 Mooney James 
9 Carter Robert H 
11 Meadows Wm 
Terrell Samuel 
13 Secord Hector 
15 Mulvogue Mrs Margaret 
17 Pllson Mrs Alice 
19 Campbell Wm 

Tanner Wm 
^ Eastern pi commences 
21 Richardson J T 
23 Taylor Charles 
25 Goodfellow Wm 
29 Vacant 
31 Asher James 
33 Steadman John 
35 Taylor Mrs Ellen 
37 RIley Thomas 
39 Stein Mrs Annie 
41 Cummiugs John H 
43 Howitt James, tlr 
45 Wright John W 
47 Johnston Wm T 
49 Waring Mrs M E 
51 Gilmore Thomas 

Vacant store 
53 Mclnerney James 
55 Gilmore James E 
57 Hurley Edward J 
59 Payne James A 
61 Batty James 
63 Kennedy Thomas 
71 Vacant 

71-73 Cherry St Mission 
+ Cherry st ends 
. St Lawrence sq 

• Worts av ends 
123 Stone Daniel 
125 Tarnev James 
127 Grimshaw Stanley 
12!) Sloan David 

131-37 Hartshorn Stewart Co, 

shade rollers 
139 Hiiliard Wm J 
141 Smith Richard, shoes 
143 Stevens Charles 
145 Davis Mrs Ann, confy 

• Water st ends 
171 Oakes John 

173 Sornberger Henry 
l.Ti Vacant 

177 Whitney Hamilton 
+ Vine st ends 

Vacant lot 
181 Rowe Wm 
183 Brown Timothy 
185 McDonald Donald 
187 O'Learv Patrick 
189 O'Lcary Bernard 
191 Wardrobe Robert 
193 Fallen Michael 

• Beachell st ends 

199 209 Clarke A R & Co, Ltd, 


Clarke & Clarke, Ltd, 

• CPR crossing 

+ Cypress st ends 
City Crematory 
A Belt line crossing 
^Don bridge 

• GTR crossing 
Platt George 

• Booth av intersects 
483 Qiilnn Wm, exp 

Vacant lot 

• Logan av intersects 
Taylor John E 

+ Morse st intersects 
513 Cousins Fred W 
515 Sheppard Frederick 
MO Cnnvtuer George 
5'J?. Collins Win 
525 Bowers Charles 
527 Greenaway Thomas 

Vacant lots 
533 Boyes Wm F 
535 Hamilton John J 
537 Thompson George O 
539 Vacant 

• Carlaw av Intersects 

Vacant lots 

593-99 Lankiu Robt, mkt gdnr 
601 Matthews Blake 
603 Russell Francis 
605 Vacant 
613-017 Clarke A R & Co.glove 

623 Murphy Andrew 

Vacant lots 
^ Leslie st intersects 

Vacant lots 
^ Laing st intersects 
873 Murphy James 
875 Sawden Thomas Jr 

Vacant lots 
887 Vacant 

Vacant lots 
^ Knox av intersects 

Vacant lots 
911 Hyde Albert A 
913 Hopkins John 
915 Spence Joseph 

Ice house 

1077 Coleman Charles 
1117 McClelland T, mkt gdnr 

EASTERN PL, s from 21 
Eastern av, ward 2. 

East Side 

House, s e 

1 Henderson Robert 

2 Bradley Wm 

3 Gallagher Hugh 

4 Wilson Charles 

5 Morden Wm C 

6 Croxford David H 
West Side 

House, s e 

7 Sparks Mrs Mary J 
9 Carlyle Mrs Ellen 

EDEN PL, e from 219 Bath- 
urst, ward 4. 

North Side 

House, s e 

6 Curran John 

8 Taylor Herbert W 

10 Noble John 

12 Curtin James 

14 Niblett Morris 

16 McMurray Mrs Barbara 

18 Tail Mrs Isabella 
Millar Mrs Martha, r 

20 Burger Charles H 

22 Heise G Luther 

24 Mallory Frank S 

26 Foulstou James 
28 Woodward James 
30 Pengilly Wm 

South Side 

House, s e 
5 Hickey Patrick J 

7 Mellan James 

11 Blythe John 

13 Sindeil John T 

15 Ford John 

17 Parkes Thomas 

19 Plook Mrs Mary 

21 Steadman Mrs Mary 

23 Vacant 

25 Colby Mrs Jennie 

27 Soutar Wm 

EDITH AV, w from Frank- 
Ifa to Edwin av, second s of 
CPR, ward 6. 

North Side 

Carlton Park 

South Side 

5 Liston James H 
7 Peters Burton 
9 Squire James 
11 Newton Thomas 
13 French Arthur 
15 Mr-Master David 
17-19 Bond John S 
25 Drury John 

EDNA AV. w from Dundas 
to city limits, first n of 
Bloor w, ward 6. 
Not built on 

EDWARD, w from 322 Yonge 
to University, ward 3. 

North Side 

2 Reid Samnel G 
4 Griffiths Wm 

Cornices & Skylights 




Cor. King: and Dufferin Sts. 








6 Peach Mrs Eliza 

8 Farrow C R, blksmlth 

Banks Mrs Mary A 
10 Thompson Mrs Mary 
12 Elliott Mrs Mary 

Bowera Mrs Jane, drs- 


14 Berg Mrs Annie 
16 Burns James 
18 Spring Jacob 
20 Farinei Edward 
22 Friedman Ellas 
24 Doughty Mrs Mary J 
20 McMartin Walter 
28 Robinson John 
30 Gofeter Charles 
32 Krydon Stephen F 
34 Barrett Augustus 
36 Robertson James 
38 Birnbauui Harry 
40 Kobinson Herbert H 
42 Watson James 
44 Taylor James 
46 Ferris Thomas H 
48 Simpson Mrs Mary J 
50 Nelson Frank, mus tchr 
52 Runstedler Mrs Bridget 
54 Swift George 
56 Adams Thomas 

Ross John, r 
58 Ross Wm G 

Ross Mrs Jennie A, confy 
60 Campbell Mrs Mary J 
64 Vacant 
66 Eafherley Wm 
68 Griesman Moses 
70 Robertson Mrs Rose 
72 Forsyth John S 
74 Clayburn John, shoemkr 
+ Teruulay st Intersects 
76-80 Crouan Mrs Klizabetli 

A, ero 

82 Hann A F, dairy 
84 Hunter James 

House, s e 

^ Baruabv pi commences 
88 Anglo-Italian of St Anth 
ony Ch 

90 Ames Mrs Flora 
62 Holman George 
94 Jackman Henry, exp 
96 McBride H J, coal 

• Elizabeth st Intersects 
House of Industry 
Store, s e 

• Chestnut st Intersects 
116 Hotel, s e 

120 Brugger Abraham 
120'/2 Landsberg Abraham 
122 Dandle Mrs Margaret 
124-26 Barber T W, coal 
130 Fleming John jr 
134 Robinson Wm, gro 

A Centre av intersects 
138 Lev! Joseph 
HO Gains Mrs Lavlnla 
House, s e 

South Siile 

1 Smith Edward 
3 Wilson Johu 
7 Logan Charles 
Price George 
Cowley Miss Eliz, r 
9 Golden Mrs Sarah 
11 Haberman Louis 
13 Stafford Andrew 

Collins Thomas, carp, r 
Walker Wm, r 
15 Llebermann Abraham 
Barrack Frederick, r 
17 Wright Alex 
W Gans Louis, junk 
21 Yard 

23 Rtngbam Robert D 
23 5 RIngham Geo, galvan 
ized iron wkr 
27 Feehely John 
29 Popharn Richard B 
31 Cole Robert 
33 Goldblatt Samuel 
35 Samuel Henry 
37 Rashkofsky Lazar 
39 Levl Joseph 
41 Hutehlnson George 
43 Breakey J E, cxp 
45 Breakey Wm, exp 

Breakey Mrs B, gro 
47 Anderson Alexander 
I/ydon Michael, r 
O'Brien Edward, r 

Hawthorn John, r 
49 Letty Chartres 
r,l M, Keuzie Wm 
53 Williams Mrs Elizabeth 

McAlpine Miss Jane, r 
55 Uodgers Mrs I 

Bradley Joseph, r 
57 Sanderson John 
59 Murray Mrs Kate 

Hawthorn John, r 
01 Spotteu Mrs Eliza 

Vacant, r 
63 Kennedy David 

House, s e 

+ Teraulay st Intersects 
65 Sparks Albert, shoemkr 
67 Dynes Alexander 
09 Rhodes John H 
71 Hart John 
73 Goff Charles 
75 Munshaw John 
77 Willis Wm 

79 Testa Neno, feather re 

81 Markr Wm, gro 
83 Bragrnan Louis 
85 Knowlton Robert J 
87 Nicholl Albert J 
89 LiDsit Samuel 
91 Slean Wm 

Bragg Stephen, r 
93 Fletcher Michael 
Gray Loftus, r 
Store, s e 

^Elizabeth st intersects 
105 Goodman Gabriel 
107 Nensbaum Isaac 

Store, s e 
+ Chestnut st intersects 

Store, s e 
117 Archi-ro Stanlslao 

Ferlizlo Pasquale, r 
119 Twining Thomas 
121 Greonberg Henry 
123 Richardson Albert 
123 McKee Wm A 
127 McFftdden Richard 
129 Cohen Ignatius 

* Centre -a v Intersects 
131 Lc\ve Mrs Mary 
137 Dixon John A 
House, s e 

EDWIN AV, n from Rnskln 
•.av to Ethel av, first w of 
.-Franklin, ward 6. 

...'...:-.-. East Side > '. 

37 McBurnle Jolirr 
39 Lillew Ernest A 
41 Humphreys Robert 
43 Bird Wm E 

Richardson G T, florist 
Vacant lots 

• Irving av ends 
53 Turran Edward 

55 Hamlin Thomas I» B 
57 Little Johu 
59 Irwln George 

Vacant lots 
91 Mallaby Wm C 
93 Dunn Mrs Emma 

Vacant lots 
107 Drewltt F J 
109 Fltipatrlck Wm n, plstr 
111 O'Brien George 
113 O'Brien James 
115 Dodspn Wm 
117 House, s e 
Store, s e 

• Royce av Intersects 
Baptist Ch, s e 

123 Buschert Mrs Annie 
125 Wagner Jacob 
127 Spain Bartholomew 
House, s e 

West Side 

68 Cave H Wellington 
70 Smith Mrs Catherine 
72 Jackson Rev J A 
Vacant lots 
House, s e 

• William av commence* 
88 Drlscoll Michael 

90 Dale George T 

96 Rushbrook Wm A 

98 Hlne Henry 
102 Anderson Charles 
104 Dodson Richard 
106 Kennedy Michael 
Store, « e 

+ Royce av Intersects 

Vacant lots 
150 Gerry Thomas J 
Vacant lot 
St Cecilia School 

ELGIN AV, w from 82 Avenne 
rd to Bedford rd. ward 4. 

North Side 

2 Schuch Edward W, mus 

Private grounds 

14 Quiim Michael 

16 Ten Broeke James 

20 Stollery Wm. bldr 

24 Clark John M 

26 Anderson Walter N 

28 McDiarmid Ewen 

30 Bain Angus U 

32 Gould Richard J 

34 Parmenter Miss Ida E 
Vacant lots 

52 Sydere A H 

South Side ..- 

House, s e 
13 Patterson Joseph 

15 Pardoe Avern 

17 Costello Michael J 
19 Wills John 

21 Carlon John 

25 Millman Wm H 

27 Nash Robert 

29 Addison Alfred 

31 Vacant 

33 Reade Mrs Alice 

35 Sutherland W S 
37 McCormack John 
39 Brown George 

41 Turner Thomas H 
45 Bradnee Mrs R M O 
Wreyford Charles D 
47 Dyas Wm J 

ELIZABETH, n from 102 
Queen w to Grenville, ward 
East side 

Store, s e 
9 Vacant 

11-15 Brown Alex & Co, 
props Citizen's Milling 
17 Lyons Mrs Bridget 

Standlsh Chas 
19 Rosen Isaac, tlr 
21 Berkowitz Rev Isaac 

Brown Meyer, r 

Bresnen Timothy, r 

Wallace Richard, r 
23 F'allon James 
25 Walker James 

Shejipard Edmund, r 
27 Rooney James 
29 Brown Alfred F 
31-33 Kins & Yorston, furn 
+ Albert st intersects 
35 Grossl Oliver, fruits 
37 Kirk Thomas F 
39 Nesbltt S C 
41 Searle Wm 

Alnsworth Walter 
43 Corrin John F 
45 SanjDson Mrs M 
47 Canning Walter 
49 Robertson Geo, dairy 

Jones Andrew, blksmlth, r 
51 Houlgrave Thomas 

Houlgrave Mrs C, exp 

Wiggins Mrs Cath, r 
53 Watklns Mrs Ann 
55 Fawcett Mrs Prudentla 
57 Spenee Wm, gro 
+ Louisa st Intersects 
59 Vacant 
61 Koerner S 
63 Vacant 
65 Vacant 
67 Douglas Miss M 
69 Honser Moses 
71 Flngerhut Jacob 
73 Bochner Charles, gro 
• Hagerman st commences 
75 Tugendbaft Louis 
77 Binder Bernard 
79 Habhen Wm 

Bloom Mrs Annie, r 
81 Iredale Ishmael 
83 Wilson Geo 
85 Smith James 
87 Rooney Mrs Margaret H 

89 Vacant 

91 Sachs Mrs Toba, gro 
^ Foster pi commences 
93 Glass Samuel 
95 Swartz Michael • 
97 Messenger Philip 
99 Plant H, china- decorator 
101 Pullan Joseph 
103 Stokes James 
103 Mnnton George 
107 Banks James, shoemkr 

• Cuttell pi commences 
109 Brody Moses 

Brody Mrs S, gro 
111 Harrison Miss M 10, dres?> 

Harrison Mrs Sarah 
113 Maloraua B, macaroni 

115 House, s e 

^ Agnes st Intersects 
117 Store, s e 
119 McAIary Mrs Mary 
121 Cole Mrs Eliza 
12.'! Mullen Alexander 
125 Fearnloy George, plstr 
127 Miller Joseph 
129 Jaekman W H 
131 Ryan Mrs E. gro 
+ Ed ward st intersects 

Wood yard, s e 
145 Rothenberg Louis, junk 
147 Nelson Miss Jane 

Snow Moses, r 
149 Glackln John, oxp 

Varey Mrs M, r 
151 Burton J.imos H 
153 Hughes George 

Hughes 'Miss r A. mus 


155 Reid Win 
157 Sweet Bros, grocers 
159 Sweet D \V 

Sweet Geo F 
+ Elm st Intersects 

House, s <• 
105 Piinlop John 
109 Bailpy Robert 
171 Davey Robert 
173 Plckett Joseph. <l,iny 

House, s e 
+ Walton st end- 
181 Sht-ffer Wilfred 
187 Hope John S 
18!) McClelland Robert 

McClelland Mrs K, gro 
• Gerrnrd st w ends 
l!il House, s e 
195 Martin John G 
197 Klnkeley Mrs Margaret J 
199 Black Mrs J, gro 
201 Date Mrs Maria 
203 Redwood Charles 
205 West Henry F 
207 Set;genor Mrs Margaret 
20!) Hofland S H. prtr 

+ Haytcr st intersects 
211 Vacant store 
213 Brooks George 
215 Springer Wm 
217 H<>e Robert, express 
219 Hlnchey John 
221 Ferguson Charles 
223 Kclso John J 
225 Sa niter Wm 
227 Morrison John 
229 Gllley Isaiah S 
231 Pollard John H 
233 Longboltom Mrs J 
235 Ward Wm R 
237 Hay ncs Charles G 
239 Jones Mrs Eliza 
241 Chiltou Wm 
243 Ames Mrs Charlotte 
247 Monhy Wm 
249 Thcnkstone Thos H 
251 Phillips Mrs R, drsnikr 
253 Brady James 

t College st Intersects 
House, s e 

West Side . . . 
Hotel, s e 
8-10 Vacant (2) 
12 Davis George 
14 Peterson Frederick 
16 Sovel Jacob, tlr 
18 Spears John 
20 Gray Edwin 
22 Speyer Isaac 
24 Buck J S, uphol 

Union Assurance Society. 

Instituted in the Reign of Queen Anne, A.0. 1714 


W. & E. A. BADENAOH, General Agent*. 
Telephones: - Office, 2288; Residence, 3516. 

Head Office, 

King: St. E. 


• ••••••••••••••••••••••••• Limited. 








Lumber yard 
28 Camplln Wm 
30 Sallaway Wm C 

Lumber yard, s e 

• Albert st intersects 

34 Simmons Charles, furn 
38 Speuee Wm 
40 Tinsley Ferdinand 
42 Isbeel Rev Alexander 

Clune Mrs Ellen, r 
44 Brauu Gustave 
40 Bell John 
48 Sharp Joseph W 
50 Bacon Edward 
52 Fickens Charles 
54 Small Daniel, liquors 

• Louisa st intersects 
50 Deall A E. gro 

58 Flanagan Michael 

GO Welton John J 

G2 Bolau John 

C4 Coan Mrs Mary 
Jeffers Mrs Mary A 

06 Vacant 

68 Schwartz Wm 

70 Schafeldt Mrs Rosle 

72 Rodden Christopher 

74 Cox John J 

76 McDouougu Mrs M 

78 Leviusky Morris 
Vacant lots 

84-86 Gains "John 

88 Voldeuburg Lewis 
Edmonds John F, r 

90 Baskin Joseph 

92 Eisvuberg Solomon, gro 

94 Krugel Israel 

96 Tugendbaft David 
Rogers James, r 

98 Selagosky Harris 
100 Levine Mrs Sarah 
Lobraico Michael, r 
102 Goodman Henry 
104 Mills Mrs Margaret 
106 Greeu.-iway Wm 
108 Oliver Wesley 
110 Woods Archie 
112 Cohen Jacob 
114 Ernest Mrs Mary J 
116 Fallen Joseph P 
118 Taylor Wm 
120 McNeice Thomas 
122 Hogg James 
124 Ramsey John 
126 West Wm 
128 Switzer John J 

+ Agues st intersects 
130 Hotel, s e 
132 Hammerton Wm a 
134 Dabney Henry, barber 
130 Lewis S 
138 MacDonald Neil 
140 Fowls John 
142 Leathers George 
144 Schamel Jacob 
House, s e 

• Edward st intersects 
Wood yard, s e 
House of Industry, s e 

• Elm st Intersects 
House, s e 

166 Bligh Thomas 

168 Brian Robert 

170 Densem Herbert G 

172 Martin Mrs Eliza A 

174 Lowrey Arthur 

176 Fowler George 

178 Little Mrs Marian 

180 Little & Brown, plstrs 

Public School 
1S6 Mission Church (Pres) 
1S8 Todd Joseph H 
190 Skelton Miss J. Indry 
1P2 Btrohall Wm 
194 Oakville Chas. gro 
196 Cowan Wm S 
198 Moore Mrs Sarah 
200 Bovnton Edward 
202 Edmonds Samuel 

204 Johnston John 
20« Crohitt Wm 

205 Fitzgerald Samuel 
Store, s e 

^Hayter st intersects 

Store, s e 
216 Hall Wm H 

Hall Mrs S A. phrenologist 
218 Brown James H 
220 DeLanburgh Henry, pntr 
..:•-' Barrett Michael 

224 Colby Frederick 
220 1'atten Mrs Jane 
228 Cullen Wm 

Cullen Mrs E. drsmkr 
232 Currle John 
234 Trotter Wm J 
236 Schrapnell George 
238 Sccord John 
240 Smith James J 

^ Chestnut pi commences 
242 Skilton G C. shoemkr 
244 Smith Samuel, contr 
246 Crowson Dan 
248 Hodkinson Walter 
230 Organ Michael G 
252 Hnzen George L 
256 Alexander John 

+ College st Intersects 
Church, s e 

ELLIOTT, e from 127 Munro 
to Boltou av, ward 1 

North Side 

House, s e 

4 Corney George E 
6 Jay Frederick H 

5 Garwood H A 
10 Watson Charles 

Vacant lots 
^ Hamilton st intersects 

Vacant building 

Vacant lots 
^ Broadview av intersects 

Store, s e 
48 Vacant 

50 Greeu Edward C 
Vacant lots 

58 McArtuur James A 

60 Evans Thomas 

62 MoMain Charles S, notary 
04 Ashtield James S 

66 Sanderson H G 

68 Catou Edward 
70 Beesley Henry jr 

72 furry Mrs Harriet J 
Vacant lots 

80 Tedd Joseph D 

82 Jenkinson Edwin 

86 Creighton M A. drsmkr 

88 Jennings Charles B 
Smith James F, dairy, r 
Smith John T, r 
Vacant lota 

92 Chambers Hev A B 

94 Gee Mrs J 

96 Carter J T 

98 McKay Miss Alice 
100 Johnson John P 
102 Sanders Albert 
104 Race John F 
506 Cook Henry W 
108 Jay A F. contr 
110 Whitehonse Joseph 
112 Morgan Mrs Rosetta A 
114 Weston Georae H 

Weston Mrs S, drsmkr 
116 Bonney Robert 
House, s e 

South Side 

1-3 Richard. contr 

Private grounds 
9 Thompson James W 

Vacant lota 

^Hamilton st intersects 
19 Riee Win. confr 

Uiee Mrs H. confy 
21 Brndlev Wm 
23-29 Davis- Thomas, coal 

Store, s p 

+ Broadview av Intersects 
55 Dryden Thomas H 
57 Wilson Cromwell H 
."9 Long James 

61 Andrew Maxwell 

63 Hunt John 

65 Montroy Robert H 
f.7 Wllllsi John 

69 Stephenson George F 
~\ Birch Henry 

73 Sloan Wm 
75 Baker Lev! 

Private grounds 

51 Oowllnsr Mrs Mary 
S3 WaddeM David W 
S7 Burgess Frederick T 

89 Pye Charles A 
91 Rlley Peter 

93 Cridland James 

95 Miller George W 

97 Allen John 

99 Couch John 
101 Ross John 
103 Llghtfoot Joseph 
105 Good John 
107 Maldlow John 
109 Lambert Abbott 
111 Mouldey Isaac 


ELLIS, e from 2 Severn la 
to Reynolds, ward 2. 

North Side 

House, s e 
8 Cullen Richard G 
12 Bugg Wm 
20 Doddington E, cabtmkr 

South Side 

1 Muff Alfred 
3 Hurst Samuel F 
5 Vacant 
7 Walsh Frank 
House, s e 

ELM, w from 346 Yonge to 
University av, ward 3. 

North Side 

2 Gourley Mrs E, drsmkr 
4 \Viudeler Wm, shoemkr 
6 Vacant 
8-10 Davidson Wm & Co, 


12 Andrews W A, pianos 
14-16 St George's Hall 
St George's Hall Co 
St George's Society, J E 

Pell sec 

R A, Beaver, No 845 
R A, Canada No 612 
R A. Maple Leaf, No 867 
C O F, Concord. No 420 
C O F. Equity. No 170 
K of M. Fidelity, No 13 
K of P. Amicus. No 20 
Can Home Circles, No 37 
S 0 E. St George 
A O U W. Granite 

A O F W. Capitol 
K O T M. St& 

hem c\ 
K O T SI, "Star of Card 



K CTT^M. .Fpadlua Hive 
City Travellers' Assn 
Gardeners' and Florists' 


Retail Grocers' Assn 
Wheeler Chaa R, caretkr 
18-22 Y W C A. Miss Martha 

Rogers snpt 
Toronto School of Domes 

tic Science 
36 Querrie Philip 

Querrle Mrs MarF J, bdg 
Methodist Church 
48 London Miss Jane L. drs 


Matts Peter 
50 Qnackenhush Wm 

Quaekenbush Mrs Annie, 

52 Shier W L 

Shier Mrs Eliza J, bdg 
54 Pickard Robert 

Piokard Mrs Mary J. hds 
56 Woman's Christian Tem 
perance T'nlon. Mrs M E 
Crawford snpt 
Wlllard Frances Home for 


Can Temperance League 
Can Home Circle. No 30 
Crawford Mrs M E 
+ TeTanlay st Intersects 
5$ Staples John, carp 
60 Vnsraro Ansrelo 
62 Hastlnes Alvln 
64 Coleman David 
66 Norman Mrs Elizabeth. 

ods hse 

Norman A R. inns tour 
fiS Henderson Win 
70 Brandon M.issey C 
+ Bnrnaby pi intersects 
72 Gllonnn Donate 

Glionua Michael 
74 Cartwright Mrs Ruth 
76 Pike Wm 
78 Garamona Francesco 
SO Zuppo L, grinder 
84 Mardarlno Antonio 
^ Elizabeth st intersects 
86 Markham Mrs Frances 
88 Trevaill Mrs Catherine 
90 Klrkpatrlck H J 
92 Garrick Henry 
94 Wilson Thomas 

Vacant lot 

98 Turner Mrs Mary A 
98% Stephenson Lionel 

100 Sam Wing. Indry 
• Chestnut st intersects 
Store, s e 

104 Healey Patrick , 

104M, Speed James 

106 Durrani Frank 

108 Gage Miss Nellie 

110 Pritchard A E 

112 Organ John 

114 Goedike C B 

116 Cashman David 

118 Smith Charles 

120 Virgo Thos J' 

122 Dowson Alfred 
+ Centre av intersects 

124 Rynehart J H, er» 

126 Clarke Charles E 

128 Vacant 

130 TJWrauer Thomas 

dams Wm E 

<• ' Synagogue, 

s e 

South Side 

1 Imperial Medicine Co 
Somers John S. dentist 
Gibson Robt. mfrs' agt 
Hovenden Mrs S 
Hovenden Miss Jane B, 


1M> Worley Mrs Catherine 
3% Burton Charles W, tlr 
5 Boddlngton W E. plrabr 
7 Wrenn Miss Margaret 
9 Logan Miss M. drsmkr 
11 Cavanagh F L. phrenol 
13 Napolltano F L, mns tchr 
15 Bell Rowland 

Bell Frederick C. artist 
17 New Jerusalem Temple 
New Jerusalem rdg rm 
Bell Adam, contr, r 
19 Wilson James G 
21 Storey & Co. pntrs 

Storey David J 
23 Jackson James S 
25 MpArthur Charles 
Hedderson George, r 
Plater Miss Fanny, r 
27 Jarrett Mrs Mary 
29 Corfleld Mrs Jane, Mg 
31 McNelll John B, bdg 
33 Wood Wm P 
35 Johnston James M, phy 
McArthur Miss Kate, 

Thomas Miss Helena, mm 


37 Mackie Mrs Mary 
39 Beatty Mrs Elizabeth 

Vacant lot 

43 Laurla Rocco, mus tchr 
45-47 Yorkvllle Laundry 

Falser H D 

4!1 Lflb.-m John, bottling wks 
49% Fuller Alexander H 
51 RoWnson Mrs M 
53 Armour Archibald 
^Teraulay st intersects 

Creelman Bros. Typewriter Co/To^ 6 " TYPEWRITERS 

15 Adelaide E. 'Phone 2251 Typewriters Rented. J. J. SEITZ, Manager. 



55 Adams J G, dentist 
57 Glionna Vincenzo 

Glionua, Marsieauo & Co, 
inns tchrs 

59 Burnett Miss Auuie 
61 Wanless Uuucan McG 
63 LeKoy George F 

65 Seitz John .1 
67 Jarmonl Joseph 
69 Genovere Giovanni 
71 McCallum George 
^ Barnaby pi Intersects 

Grace Church 
79-81 Sweet Bros, gros 

Sweet George F 

• Elizabeth st Intersects 
87 House of Industry, Arthur 

Laughlen supt 
A Chestnut st intersects 
93 Dauoato Agostino 
Paolino R, mus tchr 
Paolino Mrs B, gro 
95 Camllli F, fruits 
97 Caleagno Joseph 
99 Rocca Rev Dominico A 
101 Branciere P E, mas tchr 
103 Moroni Rocco 
105 Casclato Enrico 
107 Jones Robert 
109 Davis James W 
111 Wellwood John 
• 113 Summers Sebron 

• Centre av intersects 
115-119 Davis Frank, liquors 
121 Cnthbert Wm 

123 Burton Charles W 
125 Cunningham Edwin D 
127 Rockwood Cashus C 
129 Pettigrrw Miss Sarah 

ELM AV, e from \v of Hunt- 
ley to Nanton cres, ward 2. 

,..'. North Side 

2 Warren Wm A 
8 Ellis Mrs Eliza 

• Huntley st intersects 
10 Ryan Mrs Margaret 
14 Johnsion Wm H, Jr 
16 Alley Wm S 

18 Drayton H L 
20 Davies Mrs Mary E 
Vacant Jots 

• Sherbourne st Intersects 
House, s e 

44 Mace George A 
40 Blallde George W 

60 O'Hara Henry 
Vacant lot 

52 Vacant 

+ Duubar rd commences 

54 MacAndrew John 
Vacant lots 

+ Glen rd intersects 

Vacant lots 
+ Beau st commences 

Private grounds 

South Side 

1 Brodie Mrs Johanna S 
3 Haney Michael J 

t Huntley st intersects 
Cnwtlu-a Mrs Charlotte 
7 Henderson G E 

Vacant lots 
+ Junction of Sherbourne n 

and Maple av 
House, s e 
Rear entrances 
Vacant lots 
51 Collinson Wm H 

53 Blatehford A W 

55 Hay Edward 

57 Lumsden George E 
House, s e 

• Glen rd intersects 
House, s e 

ELM GROVE, n from 1280 

King w to Queen w, ward 6. 

East Side 

House, s e 

5 Jennings Samuel 

7 Hassard Wm 

9 McLaughlin James 
11 Poliwka Emil 
13 Johnson Wm A 
15 Izzard Wm G 
17 Ingles Rev Charles I/ 
19 Tough Robert J 
21 Hall Samuel E 
23 Arnett Lewis R 

25 Gilchrist David 
27 Swinartou Albert T 
2!) Hetheringtou John 
31 Lennox Isaac 
38 Thomas Mrs R 

House, s e 
• .Melbourne av intersects 

New Jerusalem Church 

47 Hyatt Rev Edward S 
40 Harwood Mrs Sarah 

51 Wright Lewis 

53 Mitchell Samuel D 

55 Dry Co Jiimes Q 

57 Adams Richard H 

59 Kennedy Angus 

61 Auld Wm 

03 Macdouald Henry E 
Vacant lot 

69 Harris C R, dairy 
71 Barnes James 

73 Parmenter A B 
75-77 Vacant 

83 Carter Augustus H, acct 

Bank, s e 
West Side 

House, s e 
4 Colwell Wm W 
6 Jackson George T 
12 Matter George F 
18 Knox James E 
22 O'Neil James N 
24 Duff Alexander 

House, s e 
^Melbourne af intersects 

House, s e 
46 Hughes Wm C 

48 Hall Charles W 

50 Webster G N, dairy 

52 Ross Thomas 

54 Hammond Alfred 

56 Noble Christopher 

58 Maitland James M 

60 Wilcox Thomas A 

62 Clayton Miss E, drsmkr 
64 Peirce" Wm E 

66 McArthur John 
68 Stinson Joseph 

74 Tooth Wm B 

78 McHardy John, bldr 


88 Crowhurst Miss M, drs 

Turner Miss A, drsmkr 

Store, s e 

ELM GROVE PL, e from 61 

Elm Grove. 
East Side 

4 Wilson Samuel 

5 Stewart John 

6 Williams J Dayton 
West Side 

Rear entrances 

ELM PL, e from 163 Terau- 
lay, ward 3. 

North Side 

Rear entrances 
South Side 

1 Brock Mrs Minnie 

2 Bertram James S 

3 Smerdon J W B 

4 Veysey Edward N 

5 Burke Wm 

ELMER AV, n from 1926 
Queen e to city limits, 
ward 1. 

East Side 

7 Wheatley Thomas 
9 Belham George H 

13 Reid Patrick J 

West Side 

Store, a e 
20 Lendrum R G 
24 Bell Wm. excavator 
20 Reeve Henry J 
28 Tew Richard 

ELMSLEY PL, u from 90 St 

Joseph, ward 3. 
East Side 

1 Ross Hon Geo W 
3 Chalcraft Wm E 
5 Dewart H Hartley 

13 Elmsley Remy 
West Side 

2 Greenshlelds Miss Julia 
Vacant lot 

10 Patterson A D, artist 

ELSIE AV. u from Ernest 
av, lirst w of Perth, wan] 

Not built on 

EMILY, u from 152 Welling 
ton w to King w, ward 3. 

East Side 

H Warriuer George 
21 McLaughlin Henry 
23 Le Roy Mrs Rose 
25 Scott Frank S 
Store, s e 

West Side 

St Andrew's Church, s e 

EMMERSON AV, n from 
Bloor w to city limits, third 
w of Dufferin, ward 6. 

East Side 

5 Todd Wm V 
Vacant lot 

11 Todd Arthur C 
13 Moore Andrew H 
+ Patou st intersects 

Vacant lots 
91 Reed Wm, contr 
93 Blaiu Win 
+ Wallace av Intersects 
Vacant lots to end 

West Side 

4 Sanderson Rev Joseph E 
Sanderson Miss M M, 
mus tchr 

6 Peoples James 

+ Paton st intersects 

Vacant lots 
^ Wallace av intersects 

Vacant lots to end 

EMPRESS CUES, w from e 
of Dunn av to Dowllug av, 
first s of ry track, ward 6. 

North Side 

Vacant lots 

16 Harisou Mrs Susan M 
20 McLaughliu J F 
22 Bennett Burton H 
24 Morden Walter H 
2t> Hahn Gu-stuv 
28 Teller Frederick J 
30 Holmested F W 
32 Muuro Newbury 
+ Dunn av intersects 
34 Foy Wm J 
30 Foster Mrs Jemima M 
Foster Miss E, artist 
38 McCarthy Mrs M F 
40 Gross James F 

Vacant lots 
46 Nicol Mrs Helen 
48 Daniel Joseph W 
50 Stewart Wm J 
52 Clarke Robert 
54 McFeggau David J 

Vacant lots 
58 Paull Arthur C 

Paull A E, architect 
Vacant lots 
72 Harrington G T 
74 Atkey Alf. eontr 

Atkey Miss L, mus tchr 
78 Roberts 1'ercy 
SO King Peter 
House, s e 

+ Jameson av intersects 
84 Watson Mrs Ellen 

Vacant lots 
116 Hill John B T 
118 Faulds Edward 
120 Armitage T Wilson 
322 Gianelli Alfred W H 
124 Gray Win T 
126 Davis James E 
128 Thompson Fred H 
132 Waller Wm G 

South Side 

Vacant lots 
11 Vacant 
13 Hodgens George 

Vacant lots 
+ Dunn av intersects 
House, s e 
Vacant lots 
43 Wilkie Rev John 

House, s e 
• Starr av ends 

Vacant lots 
+ Jameson av Intersects 

House, s e 
Vacant lots 
Unfinished houses (2) 

Pape av to Jones av, sec 
ond s of Danforth av, ward 

...' North Side .. 

118 Stone Henry 
138 Andrews Wm 
152 Austin Edward P 
156 Leamfu Christopher j 

Church, s e 
South Side 

25 Parsons Alfred 

27 Deans Samuel 

41 Rabbich Ernest J 

ERIE, s from 475 Duudas to 
r of 461 Dufferln, ward 6. 

East Side 

House, s e 
1 Moore David Y 

West Side 

Not built on 

ERIN, n from 340 Front e 
to King e, ward 2. 

East Side 

Riley Edward & Co, bar 
Church and school,, s e 

West Side 

12 Vacant 
14 Geddes Wm J 
+ Derby st ends 
House, s e 

ERNEST AV, w from Sym 
ington av to GTR, flrst 3 
of Wallace av, ward 0. 

North Side 

Store, s e 
^ Perth av intersects 

Methodist Church 
^ Elsie av commences 

South Side 

Not built ou 

foot of louge to Don sta 
tion, wards a and 3, 

North Side 

GTR bonded freight de 
pot, s e 

Fruit market, s e 
^ Scott st commences 
32 Santos Joseph 
34 Draper Henry 
3U-3S Can Produce Co 
40 Ryan Mrs Margaret 
42 Crystal Ice Co 
42-50 Grant Hamilton Oil Co 
54 Stockwell S, blksmttF' 


62 Murphy Wm J, blksmth 
Greey W & J G. s e 

• Church st commences 
80 Tymon A J, hotel 

90 Findlay James, mach 

Rodgcrs George, veter 
inary instr iiifr 
+ Farquhar la commences 
100 Watson Robert Co, r e 
104 CPR freight office 
116 Government Hide Inspec 
tion store 
Thompson E A, aide 

118 Ontario Lime Association, 

builders' supplies 
^ West Market st intersects 
Market extension, r e 

• Jarvis st intersects 
Warehouse, a e 

Reid George & Co, ware 

Vacant lots 
Mclntosh & Son, r e 

• George st commences 
15S-162 Anti-Trust Box Co 
164 Williams H & Co, roofers 

Do Laplante & Bowden, 

r e 

178 City Morgue 
^ Frederick st commences 








The J AS. MORRISON Brass Mfg. Co. 




Shorthand and 
Typewriting 1 

BUREAU ,11'; 79 Adelaide St. E. 

THOMAS BENGOUGH, G.S.R., Official Court Stenographer, MANAGER. 

Esplanade East. 



Tor Railway buildings, s e 
Vacant storehouse 
+ Sherbourue st commences 
228 Burns P & Co, coal 

• Princess st commences 
Lumber yard 

Queen City Oil Co's yard 
Factory, s e 
Foundry, 3 e 

• Berkeley st commences 
GTK freight sheds 
GTR storehouse 
Paterson Bros, warehouse 

• Parliament st Intersects 
Gooderham & Worts, s e 

+ Trinity st commences 

Gooderham & Worts, s e 
+ Cherry st commences 

Freight sheds, GTR 

Cattle sheds 

Car shops, GTR 

Customs office, Don stn 

Don station, GTR 

Shedtlen Co (br) 
South Side 

Yonge st wharf 

Richelieu & Ont Navig Co 

Milnes James H & Co, 

+ Foot of Scott 

Tor Electric Light Co 
43 Lake Sirncoe Ice Supply 

Northern Ice Co 

Dickson & Eddy, coal 

Selby Robert 

• Foot of Church 
Church st wharf 
Sylvester Bros, wharfage 
Conger Coal Co's wharf 
Coal storehouse 
Rogers Ellas & Co, coal 
Grenadier Ice & Coal Co 
Belle Ewart Ice Co 
Chapman A, wharfinger 
City elevator and wharf 
Ice houses 

67 Wilson C & Co, scales 

• West Market st intersects 
Doyle M Fish Co of To 
ronto, s e 

Vacant warehouse 
Beard's wharf 

• Jarrls st intersects 
Britnell & Co, s e 
Vacant lots 
Vacant building 
Brown & Love, stone 

79 Victoria Yeast Co 

Dom Cement Paint Roof 
ing Co, r 

Vacant shops 

Ice houses, r 
SI Vacant 

Knickerbocker Ice Co 

White John 

Vacant office and wharf 
+ Foot of George 

Corporation dock 

CPR wharf 

Corporation storekpr's of 

• Foot of Frederick 
Poison Iron Works, boil 

Canadian Heine Safety 

Boiler Co 

^ Foot of Sherbourne 
Cameron Alex 
Warln & Jackson, boat 


Vacant wharf 
Burns" P & Co. stables 

and docks 

• Foot of Princess 
Martin George E & Co. 

pork packers 
Fersnson H W 
McDonald David 
Rogers Ellas & Co's dock 
Vacant yard and dock 
Medler & Arnot. contrs 
Reid & Co. lumber 

• Foot of Berkeley 
Paterson Mfg Co 

Beck C Mfg Co Ltd, s e 

• Parliament st Intersects 
Gooderham & Worts, ele 

GTR lumber yard 

Foot of Trinity 
GTR lumber yard 
Foot of Cherry 

Yonge to Union Station 
ward 3. 
........ North Side ........ 

Customs examining ware 

Mechanical engineer's of 

fice for Dom bldgs 
Customs Express Dept 
50 Vacant 

Flour mill, s e 
^ Bay st intersects 

Coffee & Spice Co, s e 
66 GNW Tel Co, storage dept 
Black A, picture frames, r 
Dominion Hat Co, r 
Eekardt Casket Co, s e 
Lumber yard 
76 Vacant 
78 Dryden T H & A H, ma 

88 Vacant 

^ Lome st commences 
Dom Trans Co, stables 
Williams A R, r e 
^ York st bridge 
......... South Side ........ 

Yonge st wharf 
City Park 
4 Bay st intersects 
Cobban Mfg Co, r e 
Switch house, GTR 

ESSEX, w from Christie, 

third n of Bloor w, ward 5 

North Side 

Store, s e 
8 Vacant stable 
10 Brock David 

Vacant lots 
16 Milliard Ernest H 
18 Calder Miss Margaret 
20 Fraser George A 

Vacant lots 
30 Wood Thomas W 

Vacant lots 

40 Baker Thomas 
42 Robinson John 

Vacant lots 

52 Petrie Alexander, bldr 
Vacant lots 

62 Boles Charles 
South Side 

1 Churly Abel, blksmith 

Vacant lots 
13 Rutland Sinclair A 

Private grounds 
23 Mclntosh James W 

Vacant lots 

41 Bali-stow John 
47 Glass Samuel 
49 Aldous Wm jr 

Vacant lots 

59 Marshall Alexander 
61 Garner Joseph 

63 Garner Joseph jr 

ESTHER, n from Farley av, 
opp St Andrew's Market, 
to St Patrick, ward 4. 

East Side 

] Hubbard J & Co, coal 

Bank, s e 
• Queen st w intersects 

Hotel, s e 
15 Armstrong Wm 
21 Milligan Samuel R 
23 Braund James E 
25 Leadlay Mrs Mary I 
33 Leadlay John 
35 Caldwell Robert 
37 Taylor Henry R 
39 McCarthy John 
•43 Le Francois Charles 

Dinau Miss Annie, r 

Stone Thomas, r 
45 Uoche John H 
47 Ratcliff Wm 
49 Pembroke Mrs Elizabeth 
51 McLeod Wm D 

Johnson Winfleld, r 
53 Wilson Andrew 

Riches Wm H, r 
55 Balfour Thomas L 

Green Mrs Sarah, r 

Asling Ralph W. r 

Graham Wm, r 
59 McDonald James 
(il Coolahan Joseph 

Lundy Richard, r 

Pearman George F r 
63 McMahon Joshua 
65 Reardon Wm. 

Johnstonc John, r 
67 Cooney Thomas 

Crosso Adolph. r 
69 Howard George 
71 Reid James 
73 Coyne Mrs Ruth 
75 Heron Thomas 
77 Townseud Mrs Elizabeth 
77V6 Burns Wm 
79 Harvey John 
81 Davis Alfred 
S3 Kerr Joseph 
85 Brown Richard 
87 Hand Edward 

89 Jose Mrs Jane 
91 Bourgard Emil 
93 Cruse Peter J 

95 Wilkes Mrs Theresa 

97 Armstrong James 

99 Tinkes James H 

Rivers Miss A, mus tchr 
101 Grant John F 
103 McC'rimmou Mrs Janet 
105 Williamson A R, gro 
^ Grange av intersects 

House, s e 

113 Titherington Mrs S 
115 Currie Alexander 
117 Vacant 
119 Baird Mrs M A 
321 Osborne Mrs M J 
123 Day Edward C 
]2.- McCauley Hugh J 
327 Lester John 
12<i Manncll Mrs Rebecca 
131 Johnston Frederick J 
ilW Campbell Herb*-t J 
135 Webb Frederick 
137 Adshend T R. fruits 

West Side 

2-6 Baird Samuel, tinner 
8 Ashby Mrs Elizabeth 

Hotel, s e 

^ Queen st w Intersects 
Store, s [> 

12 Ward Samuel P 

14 Mitchell Mrs Ella 

16 Davis George T 

18 Trnyling Albert F 

18V 3 Goddard Wm H 

20 Thornton Mrs C V 

20% Dunn James 

22 Heyd Jacob C 

22>4 Howell George 
+ Woolsley st commences 

24 Ferris Henry E 

2fi Josslin John B 

28 Thompson Moses 

30 Cooper Henry J 

Crawford Mrs M. nurse 

32 Gray Wm A 

34 McCormlok James 

36 Slfton Frank 

38 Belyea Isaac 

40 Issell John T 

42 Graham Thomas 

44 Hollowell De Witt C 

46 Turner Wm 

48 Turner Ambrose 

50 Hodgins Thomas 

52 Henderson John 

54 Henderson Wm J 

56 Christopher James 

58 Overend Harry 
* Carr st commences 

60 Ryan Thomas, liquors 

62 McCoskey Duncan 

64 Scott Robert 

06 Neal Albert S 

68 McQueen Mrs Margaret 

70 Sherwiu John 

72 Brown James 

74 Houston James 

70 Smith Frederick R 

78 Guthrie Henry C 

SO Davles Mrs May 

82 Poynts George 

84 Myers Wm A 

86 Gllkinson Wm 

88 Phillips Wm H 

90 Cullen Walter 

92 Cunwath Edward 

94 Dawsou Mrs Diana 

96 Martin Frank 
104 Haydeu Patrick T 

^ Grange av intersects 
106-108 Breckels & Matthews. 

church organs 
110 Deans Alexander 
112 Clark Miss Agnea 
114 Wilson Daniel 
116 Tomlin Arthur R 
118 Fletcher Henry, dairy 
120 Wood Joseph 
122 Baker Henry 
124 Smith John L 
126 Lawrence Charles 
128 Breakey Mrs Emma 
130 Malone James 
132 Paterson Joseph O 
Vacant lot 

ETHEL AV, w from Frank 
lin to GTR, second u ot 
Hoyce av, ward 6. 
Not built on 

EUCLID AV, n from 6S4 
Queen w to Follis av, ward 

East Side 

1 Reid George D 
7 Elliott Kobt D, shoemkr 
9 Surplis Richard 
11 Muudy Mrs Florence 
13 Deutscher Mrs Janet 

Vacant lot 
17 Giles George 
^ Euclid pi commences 
19 Kolston Wm H, bldr 
21 Murphy Daniel 
Ii3 MePher*on A A 
25 Harfleld Mrs Emma S 

Kerslake Wm 
27 Wray James 
29 Speer Rev James C 
31 Watson Richard H 
33 W'arriuer Robert C 
33 Caswell George C 

Caswell Miss M A, dress 

37 Henderson J W, cattle 
39 Kirk Wm 
39V4 Chapman John 
41 Black Wm 
House, s e 
^ Robinson st intersects 

Store, s e 
61-63 Towns Mrs Sarah, gro 

Towns ffm 
67 Early Wm 
69 Balden George 

Vacant lot 

75 Raymore Mrs E A 
77 Moore David 
79 Simser Philip 
SI Valentine Thomas A 
S3 Atherton James W 
So Bailey Joseph 
87 Rutherford Mrs Catherine 
S9 Leahy Patrick A 
Ellery Thomas, r 
91 Clark Frederick 
93 Davis John 
05 riose Arthur 
97 Taylor James 
99 Neuu W John 
101 Daley James B 
103 Royle Mrs M A 
107 Berzolne Charles C 
109 Wardcll John C 
111 Oswald Mrs Margaret 
113 Dunnett Charles C 
115 McDowell Mrs Esther 
117 Gaskins) Alfred 

Lumber yard 
123 Jose Thomas 
127 Neun Wm A 
131 Denning Isaac 
133 Crate James 
135 BeaTon Colin C 
137 McGlnnis John 
130 Goddard John 
143 Stutchbury Mrs Emily 
14-. Middleton A G 
147 Currau A J 
149 BarfT Mrs Ellen 
151 Sinclair E L 

Collier Ernest, r 

Store and Window Fittings, 




nt a II 1/inrJo 


Brass Manufacturing Co. 

The Confederation Life 


Guarantees Extended Insurance or a Paid-up 
Policy after two years, or a Cash Value 

after five years. 
See the Unconditional Accumulative Policy. 


Euclid Av. 


153 Harris Henry 
155 Currey Henry J 

Heaney John Jr, r 
157 Barnsdale T E 
159 Langfleld Fred 
161 Strickland A W, bldr 

Strickland Miss E G, 


103 Varley Patrick 
1G5 Shearer Wni 
107 Kerr James 
171 Ferriman Albert 
17,'i Powell Mrs Ann 
175 Kyle Mrs Sarah J 
177 Haun Mrs A E 
183 Lindsay I W, bldr 
185 Wiley Thomas 
187 Hill Wm G 
189 Connor Richard 
191 Todgham Alva J 
193 Coleman Fred J 
197 Shannon Wm 
199 Johnson Mrs Annie E 
199'/j Gaboon A. pntr 
201 Cannon Joseph P 
203 Fletcher W J, phy 
205 Drummond Mrs M, gro 
20.V 2 Struthers J W, drugs 
207 Store, s e 

^ Arthur st intersects 
209 Adarnson Alex D, btchr 
211 Giles Joseph 
213 WInterfleld James 
215 Latchford Jackson 
217 Clark Mrs Lilly 
219 Cantlou Frederick 
221 Ferguson David 
223 Kerry Wm 
225 Mille'r Esli P 
229 Richardson Samuel J 
231 Franks Henrv, contr 
235 Frith Wm 
237 Hampton James F 

Hampton Miss L.mus tchr 
241 Trims Mr? Anna, mus 

Matti'iiley MUs Nettle, drs- 


243 Hew son Wm L 
247 Mc-Kenzie Thomas 
240 Saunders Charles H 
251 Hill Robert H 
253 Bakewell Henry 
257 I'arruthers W H, dairy 
259 Griggs Samuel 
261 Delaney Wm 

Private grounds 
•j--, "(>,'lt>r John, contr 
267 Murray John M 
269 Hinder Frederick R 
271 Phair Thomas 
273 Orange Hall 
27.", I'olby Wm 
277 Ryan Wm 

279 Gould Thomas 
281 Corin Frank 
283 Maddocks John 

285 Taylor Mrs Emma, gro 

Taylor John 
2S7 Mephain Walter 

280 Plrrie John R 

291 Stephen James, bldr 
293 Melby Lev! J 

Lncas Emma D. Indry 
295 Eversflplfl Thomas 
207 Glass Charles 
21i!i Eversfield Harry 
301 Letterer Christopher 
305 Coulter Joseph 
307 Izzanl Mrs F. F 
300 Milne John 
311 Duffus T W 
31H4 Morrison Win I, 
313 Robinson Thomas G 
315 Green Ambrose W 
317 Cole Uobort 
319 Owen Wm 
321 Foord Richard J. pntr 
323 Sheparrt Thomas 
325 Ransom Wm F 
327 Faulkner Wm J 
329 McRae Duncan W 
333 Dunn Robert X 
335 Forersve James 
339 Nichols John 

Nichols Thomas, mus telir 
341 Chater John W 
343 Baker Samuel J 
345 Given John M 
347 Lannin Wm 

347H Hall Edwin B 

349 Taylor Leon E 

349i£ Couterie Louig 

351 Wilcox Mrs S J 

353 Swanzey James 

355 Graham David S 

357 Mackenzie Wm A 

359 Watts Arundell P 

361 Pudifln Wm, builder 

363 Eades John 

365 Rowell John T 

367 Linton J Thomas, dairy 

Vacant lots 
+ College st intersects 

Vacant lots 
417 Williams Wm 
419 Watts A Pryor 
421 Fergusson Adam D 
423 Flynn Henry T 
425 Godden Clarence P 
427 Hickey James J 
429 Fox John J 
431 Robertson Mrs Jean 
433 Porter Miss Jane 
435 Holmes Frederick, bldr 
437 Holllngworth Samuel 
439 Young James 
441 Grew Frank 
445 Moreland A J 
447 Tyerman David T 
449 Pattlson Philip M 
451 Boddy James S 
453 Turner David E 
455 Brown Wm E 
457 Gladman A J 
459 Thompson George C 
463 Lawrence Wm 

Unfinished houses (2) 
473 Hayes Mrs Amy 
475 Maybee James E 
477 Brown Peter 
479 Paton James W 
479% Davis Francis J 
481 Clancy Henry 
483 Terapleton Robert P 
485 Butler Frederick T 
487 Cordingley Arthur B 
489 Heakes Frank R 

Vacant lots 

495 Wallace Wellington 
497 Pugh Mrs Sarah 
499 Curren Alfred E 
501 Hewson Frank A 

Vacant lots 

513 Douglas Richard Y 
515 Marshall George W 
517 Vacant 
519 Campbell John 
521 Macfarlaue Malcolm 
523 Brown Rev John G 
+ Ulster st intersects 

Vacant lots 
553 Peterson M H 
555 Hill Edward C 
557 Meek Edward 

Vacant lots to Bloor 
C91 Coates Nathan W 
093 Gardiner Henry 
695 Donkin Charles 
697 Bennett Wm 
(199 Hamilton Mrs Jane 
701 Seymour Thomas 
703 Wood John R 

Varant lots 

715 Williamson Edward 
717 Soper Mrs Maria 
719 Wheeler Jonathan 
723 Dnvey Robert W 
^ London st intersects 

House, s e 
725 Lowen Bernard 
727 Hill Miss Martha 
731 Wilson Moses A 

Private grounds 
741 Fan-oil F H. who! btchr 

Farrell Wm T, whol btchr 

Vacant lots 
+ Barton ^pv intersects 

House, s e 
777 Reid Thomas 
770 Elnor Harry 

Private grounds 
787 Cnrrnther« Mrs M .1 
793 Edwards Mrs Elizabeth 
795 Calhoun Charles 
797 Suter Alfred E 
799 Burry James, bldr 
SOI Yeatman Robert 

Fretwell Harry, r 
803 Hardman Henry 

805 Simpson Wm 
807 Hardman Edward 
Wood John, contr 
817 Vacant 

West Side , . . 

Store, s e 

10 Watson Albeit D, phy 
12 Cockburn Francis 
14 Lawrence George 
16 Cope Wm L 
18 Crowe George 
20 Hall Wm 
22-26 Cud more George F, 


28 Thompson John W 
32 Klllackey Alexander 
34 Jackson Mrs Jane 
36 Conley John 
38 Boyd George E 
40 Pudney Sydney H 
44 Denning Mrs Mary 

Private grounds 
48 Jarrott J Edward 
50 Swift Mrs Eliza 
Private grounds 
58 Beddow Alfred 

Bryant Wm 

• Robinson st intersects 
02 Winfleld Mrs E, gro 
Winfleld Geo, dairy 
64 Adams Wm 
66 Marriott Edmund 

Evans Peter T, dairy 
68 Mitchell Thomas C 
70 Grove George A 
72 Light harr Chas N 
74 MeCulloch Wm 
76 Rowan Patrick J 
78 Barker Joseph 
80 Cameron James A 
82 Miles John J 
86 Scollan Michael 
Scollan T, dairy 
Oliver Robert, r 
90 Carrie Mrs Mary 

Hughes Herbert, r 
!I2 Shaw Daniel A 
94 Hamilton Michael J 
'J6 Kreitzer J F 
98 Norris Alfred C 
100 Vacant 
102 Wyse George 
104 Cunningham Samuel M 
106 Campbell John 
108 Lament James 

Private grounds 
114 Olson Rudolph 
116 Burton Edwin 
118 Collbary Mrs Belinda 
120 Harrison Mrs Mary 
122 Death Thos J bldr 
124 Darlington Charles J 
120 Cunningham George J 
128 Bush Wm 

Rush Miss E. drsmkr 
130 Miles John B 
132 Moore James C 
134 O'Reilly Mrs M. coufr 
136 Shaw Mrs Elizabeth 
K(8 McKechnie Hugh 
140-2 Vacant 
144 Shaw John 

Shaw Miss L E, artist 
Chilton Thomas R, r 
146 Steels Daniel J 
148 Russell John 
150 Ellis Mrs Mary A 
152 Kelmont Mrs E 

Cummins Mrs M, drsmkr 
154 Bennetts George H 
156 Hilts George T 
158 McDonald Mrs Ellen E 
160 McKenzle John 
162 Hewetson John 
164 Tully John 
106 Borrett Frederick J 
168 Vacant 

Carey Walter, r 
370 Wardell Hiram, gro 
Warden J S. bldr 
172 Ferguson Wm 
174 Quance Herbert 
176 Spearman Wm" J 
178 Davis Thomas 
180 Collins James T 

Pattison Mrs M A, gro 
182 Richardson Alexander 
184 Calhoun Walter F 
186 Gearing Thomas G 

188 Fogarty Thomas 
190 Dryland Henry 
192 Barrett Richard W 
194 Kelly Richard, exp 
198 Stewart Robert 
200 Silverthorn S H 
202 Curry David 
204 Apted Edwin, gro 

+ Arthur st intersect* 
208 Store, s e 
228 Hirst Wm 
2SO Easby Mark S 
2.12 Hales Mrs M A 
2:i4 Walsh Mrs Dora 
236 Cumming John 
238 Cole Henry R 
240 Barker Frederick 
242 Claiton James 
214 Kirk John D 
246 Calder Alexander 
248 Wai-rington Henry W 
248% Taylor John L 
250 Angus Mrs Margaret 
252 Dodgson Mark 
254 Stewart Josepu 
256 Stewart Henry 
258 Cooney Wra J 
200 Flaws David 
262 Barton Arthur W 
264 Piukertou John 
206 Darner John 
266V, Stinson Abraham H 
208 Robinson Wm J 
270 Rogerson John 
274 Dunn Mrs Rebecca 
276 Simpson Sidney 
278 Currie James 
280 Coke Harry "J 
282 Ewing Wm G H 
2S4 Chiun Harry 
286 Hungerford Kobt_ 
288 Shosenberg Charles W 

Brown Thomas M, r 
290 Fowler Wilson H 
292 Oke Wm 

Teece Wm H, mus tchr 
294 Billinghurst Mrs Catb 
296 Vogt I-'red. mus tchr 
298 Willson John D 
300 Cox George 
302 Kiddle James 
304 Male Frederick J 
308 Rellly John 
308 Schadel Wm 
310 Evans Harry E 
314 Hewitt Mrs Mary, gro 
316 Snider James H 
318 Jones Benjamin 
320 Cooper Wm 
322 Wild Thomas 
324 Elgle Herbert 
326 Santon Douglas B 
328 Lalng Archibald 
330 Buchanan Thomas 
332 Goorlier George, pntr 
334 McClay James 
336 Hill Thomas, shoemkr 
338 Smart Joseph T 
340 Colgate Wm F 
342 O'Connor Thomas 
344 Mills Wm L 
348 Taylor John C 
350 Calow John 
3r,2 Way Sydney S 
:\r>4 n.'ll iliorgh Wm H 

Vacant, r 

356 Crowe Francis W 
358 Penrtrlth Georze T 

Vacant lots 
• College Kt Intersects 

Vacant lots 

400 Bundle Albert J, dairy 
402 McLellan Wm 

404 Melville Rwhfort M 
40ft Moleswnrth Miss E 

405 Miller Wm R 
410 Billinghurst John 
412 Brown Robert S 

414 Bnlev Mrs Caroline 
410 Myers Emerson B 

415 Dunn Herbert. I, 
420 Fntnn Wm ft 

Eaton Miss A M. nurse 
422 Cnrmiehael Mrs Sarah 
424 Cockburn M J 
426 Evans Wm T 
428 Morrison Adam 
430 Hlggins James D 
432 Moore Allan A 
434 Chater Walter G 

Sherman E. Town send, 

Arbitrator and Financial Agent* 

, Add«»». Mr.KINNnN BUILDING. 

TUtt PnittTTNFNTAT T IFF POLICIES carr> y Reserves on a 3^ per 
1 ilrj UUiM 1 11N JJlN 1 ALt Ljir JJ cent- basis> and have guaranteed 

GOOD AGENTS WANTED Cash, Loan and Paid-up Values. 

Euclid Av. 



436 Roberts James D 
43S Urquliart cuarles E 
440 Turuer Frederick A 
442 Ward Benjamin 
444 Tuuuer Jolm 
448 batiiiou Uug'h C 
450 Boinervllle jamus M 
Soiuerville Hubert B 
•iu2 Daucey Henry N', bldr 
454 Watson Jollli B 
456 Lugsdiu Charles L 
458 Kordaus Mrs 0 M 
460 Xupper J Rice 
402 Bee ion Mrs Mar/ 
404 Martiu Robert H 
460 Alien Alfred 
468 Moore George W 
470 White Heury T 
472 Suelgrove Alfred H 

Vacant lot 
476. Sinclair Mrs A II 
478 Fuller Charljs II 
480 Cutubertsou Fred H 
482 Stewart John 
484 Thompson Walter S 
488 Law Win H 
488 Johnston Joseph 
4UO Kitchen Mrs Jane 

Kitchen E, mus tchr 
492 Fool Johu 
+ Ulster st intersects 

Vacant lots 

502 Wadsworth T Page 
504 Wadsworth Miss S L 

Vacaut lots 
514 Vacaut 
516 Trolley Mrs C E 
518 Mclutosli A K 
620 Reynolds Miss M G 
Russell Miss Laura 
522 Webber John H 
524 Young Mrs Annie 
520 Macartney G 1', phy 

Nlles Miss Kate C, ar 


Vacant lots 
536 Anderson James 
+ Harbord st intersects 

Collegiate lust grounds 
506 Vine Charles A 

Vacant iots 

* Herrick st interse<ts 
618 Mitchell John 
620 Campbell Colin C 
622 Lane James M 
624 Harris Walter C R 
626 Copeland R Morrell 
628 Montgomery Albert E 
630 Armstrong Wm E 
032 1'hilllps Wesley B 
634 Harris Edward K 

Vacant lot 
03fi Cloherty Martiu 
038 Grady Mrs Annie 
040 Butterworth Wm 
642 Leislunnn Win II 
644 Northey Robert 
646 Macintosh Hugh F 

+ Lennox st intersects 
048 Dixou John H 
650 Irwin Wm J 
652 Reading Arthur J 
654 Leonard Charles J 
656 Sturrock David G 
658 Vacant 
660 Elliott George M 
662 Hagarty Edward W 
064 Goodall Arthur W 
Kllgour Mrs F B 
Goodall Miss B, nurse 
606 Carstairs J S 
668 Griffith Wm E 
670 Cross Win, piano tuner 
672 Whnley T MeL 
674 MeCnffery Ann J 
Vacant lots 

• Bloor st w intersects 
Store, s e 

690 Kelly Wm 

602 Hurt Watson S 

Vacant lot 
70S Tambllng Henry 
712 Syrett Miss Agnes 
714 LeDrew John M 
716 Power Wm E 
718 Price Wm E 

Private grounds 

• London st intersects 
732 Kerr Andrew, bkr 
734 Robertson George M 

Robertson M, 'drsmkr 
736 Smith Frank 
738 Appleton Frederick C 
740 l)odd George 
742 Glover Wm J 

Vacant lots 
756 McCouvey 1', whol btchr 

Vacant lots 
766 Bailey Daniel 
708 Cooper Charles G 

Vacant lots 
• Barton av intersects 

House, s e 
784 Kemp Beverage Co 

Kemp 1'ltkin G 
786 Collins Mrs L. drsinkr 

Collins Wm F 
7'JO Sharp John M 
796 Keuyon John, btchr 
800 Marchment Wm A 
802 Houghton George R 
804 I'lppy George A 
808 Woodhonse T W J 

EUCLID PL, e from 17 Eu 
clid av, ward 5. 

North Side 

House, s e 

2 Rolston Herbert W 

4 Mnlhollnnd Isaac 

6 Luby Michael 

South Side 

House, s e 

1 Egan James 

3 Conley Wm G 

5 Garratt Henry S 

EVANS AV, w from opp 181 
Clinton, ward 5. 

North Side 

Store, s e 

2 Lane Mrs Mary 

4 Hussey Arthur H 
Vacant lot 

8 Motley James 

10 Coath Thomas G 

12 Cummlna James 

14 Gllmore Alfred 

+ Jersey av commences 

South Side 

Store, s e 
1 Brown Mrs Jane 

3 Ward David A. 

7 Dunne Edward 

9 Cordell Samuel 

11 Daggett Thomas 

13 Hardy Fred 

15 Grimsley Walter 
17 Clarke Thomas 

EXHIBITION RD, w from s 
end of Str.ichan av to Ex 
hibition, ward 5. 
North Side 

Not built on 
South Side 

Garrison commons 
157 Curran Johu 

Barlf Thomas S 

Ent to Exhibition Park 
173 Langrldge John 

of Gladstone av to Duffer- 
In, fourth u of College, 
ward 6. 

Not built on 

FARLEY AV, w from 144 
Spndlna av to Niagara, 
wards 4 and 5. 

North Side 

Store, s e 

.4 Brlntnell G S, horseshoer 
Hurd Henry E, vet surg 
6 Britnell George S 

Clow Miss A. drsmkr 
8 Pennell Henry 
10 Campbell Wallace P 
12 Holmes Samuel 
14 Paekhman Charles 
16 Lynn John A 
18 Benham Hc>dley H 
20 Hacking Harry 
22 little Jackson L 
24 Nichols Miles 
26 Rock Mrs Ann 
28 Evans Percival U 

30 Henderson Herbert 
32 Brown Mrs Sophia 
34 Bedford George 
36 Miiher John J 
38 Gray Frederick 
40 McKnight James 
42 Rockwood Walter 
44 Tipton Edward 

• McDoognll la commence* 
46 Morell Adolph 

48 Farquharson J C 

Tout Edwin J 
50 Campbell George 
52 Dent Wm F 
54 Kemp Wm 
66 Little Andrew, coal 
68 Evaugt'line Home 

Vacant yard 
74 Ronnie Mrs Mary J 

Woodyard, s e 
+ Esther st .commences 

Store, s e 
86 Sawdon John 
88 Harrison Henry J 
90 Wilson Wm J 
92 Daly John J 
94 Kyle John 
96 Waldrum Robert 
Baker George W 
98 Culley H T. mus tclir 
100 Gautt Mrs Jane 
102 Rush Edward F 
104 Humphrey James 
106 Fennell Michael 
Private grounds 
112 Mclntyre John 
114 Coombs Arthur A 
116 Williams Mrs Mary 
Fire Hall No 2, s e 

• Portland st intersects 
118 Little Andrew ' 


124 Killoe James 

126 Kaiser J, spring bed mnfr 
Clark J, mattress mnfr 

125 Kills Horace 

130 Chisholm Alexander 
132 Mnltns Leonard J 
134 Todd Mrs Mary A 
136 Clements Wm 
138 Mitchell Frank 
140 Gonld Mrs S, gro 

Gould Herbert 
142 Lrndreville Mrs Flavle 
344 Guy Joseph T 
146 Ward Robert 
148 While Frederick 
150 Johnstone Thomas 
152 Wood Joseph 
154 Conboy Stanley D 
156 Colgan Jotm 

Private grounds 
100 Enright Michael 
302 Duffy Michael J 
104 Halligan Patrick C 
160 Singleton Walter 
168 Gangc George 
170 Landrevllle J T, plmbr 

Store, s e 
+ Bathurst st intersects 

Wood yard, s e 
184 Johnson George 
186 Donnelley James J 
188 McCool James 
100 Sherman James 
]!)2 Sturdy George 
194 Pickering Mrs Mary 
I'JG Walsh Misses, drsmkrs 
198 Walsh Mrs Rose 
200 Collins Patrick 
202 Foy Martin F 
206 Kii-kness Mrs Elizabeth 
208 Curran John J 
210 Ruddy Wm 
214 Bnrnardo Home 

Dps and Downs (quarterly) 
216 Hewlett Albert 
220 Pennock John 
222 Huff Samuel C 
220 Banks Mrs M, drsmkr 

Banks Orlando 
228 Mclntyre Lawrence 
230 Allln James 
2:12 Theobald Joseph 

Store, s e 
• Tccumseth st Intersects 

Baptist Church 
238 Hodgkinson J W, phy 

Hodgkinson T, mus tchr 
240 Espie Samuel 
242 Vacant 

244 Sheehan Lawrence 

246 Kelly John, mus tchr 

248 McMullen Samuel B 

250 Ryan Jeremiah, exp 

252 Awde John 

254 Cole Mrs Elizabeth 

256 Johnson Wm H 

258 Hodge Richard J 

200 Ryan Wm 

202 Boswcll Wm C 

204 Abraham Mrs Harriet 

2ilG Bray Win 

208 McNeil! 'Hector 

270 Clark James 

272 Peake Mrs Ann 

274 McNalr Robert 

276 Benson Frederick W 

278 Sanderson George 

280 Watts Henry H 

282 Slean Thomas 

284 Tilley John T 

286 Crackle Wm 

288 Wadsworth Mrs Janet 

290 Finlay Samuel C 

292 Scott Walter 

294 Capling Henry H 

296 Morrison James 

298 Kaiser Joshua 

300 Boland Wm J 

302 Worth Cleophas 

304 Kelly John 

306 Konecney Andrew 

308 Glover Claude 

310 Prince Mrs N 

Bennett Frederick, r 
?.22 Rosenthal Joseph & Bon, 

South Side 

Shop, s e 
5 Archer Wm 
7 Borrows John 
9 Pi-dwell Herbert 
11 Kelly Christopher 
13 Lilley Miss Alice E 
15 Parker Mrs Margaret 
17 Darling H G 

Private grounds 
21 Wakely Chas E 
23 Hyams George T 
25 Black Wm A 
27 Forster Waiter 
29 Parker Thomas 
SI Odell Wm H 
33 Ritchie Ralph B 
35 Shareman Helen 
39 Fryer George 
41 Oracle Mrs Elizabeth, gro 

McCabe Mary, r 
43 Hibbert Wm 
45 Chapman John E 
47 Donglas Alexander 
49 Smith J Coulson 
51 Jones Wm R 
53 Baquln Mrs Mary 
+ Brant st ends 

St Andrew's Market 
City Weigh Scales 
+ Maud st ends 

House, s e 

117 Burkardt Oswald 
119 Griffin Wm J 

Mann George G 
+ Portland st intersects 

House, s e 
1?7 Hopkins Robert 
129 Coleman Mrs H 8 

Coleman Miss A, mas tchr 
131 Squirrel Abel 
"133 Graham Robert 
135 Buntln Benjamin 
137 Hopkins James 
139 Murphy Michael 
141 O'Leary Floranee 


LAKE SIMCOE ICE Exclusively 
Delivered to all parts of (he City 

and Suburbs all year round. 



Office, 43 ESPLANADE ST. E. 
JAS. FAIRHEAD, - Manager. 


North British & Mercantile Insurance Go. 

GOOCH & EVANS, Resident Agents. 

26 Wellington St. East. 

Tel. No. 423. 

Farley Av. 


141Va O'Connor Jolin 

143 Reddle K J 

145 Floyd lira Kate 

147 Flatt Waller 

149 Maddlgau Thomas 

151 Foley Wm 

153 Murray Patrick 

155 Downs Patrick 

157 Canty John 

159-163 Walker E C & Sons, 

hilt mfrs 

103 Maeauley Joseph 
165 League of Cross Hall 

House, s e 
+ Bathurst st intersects 

Hotel, s e 
171 Harrison Waltw 

Trice George, r 
173 Johnston Mrs A 

Barker Alfred J, r 
175 O'Donohoe James 
17i Patterson George 
179 Fraser John D 
181 McGill George W 
183 Rocamora Mrs Margaret 
185 Hunter Charles 
187 Flower Wm F 
189 Stevens Wm F 
191 Wyld Mrs Mary 
193 Hennessev John J 
195 Kelly James 
197 Walsh Mrs Charlotte 
W T alsh Dlckson. dairy 
199 Young T R 
201 Millers Robert J 
203 Hallarn M*m J 
205 Devine John 
207 Doyle John 
209 Weekes George 
211 Brown Frank 
213 Landreville J. cooper 
215 Finlay John C 
217 Painter M'm J 
219 Thomas Alfred 
221 McCrohan Jeremiah 
223 Smith Nelson F 
22,-> McDonald John 
227 Pritchard Wm 
2211 Darling John 
231 Milne Mrs J, gro 

Milne Wm 

• Tecnmseth st intersects 
233 Dunlop Joseph, shoemkr 
23D Black T W. rl est 
Black Mrs W. gro 
237 Whiter Wm J 
239 Green Miss Catherine 
241 Madden Matthew 
243 Paterson Wm 
245 Case Jasper 
247 Worthington James, jr 
251 Brinkworth Samuel 
253 Maloney Miss Mary A 
255 Rigney John 
257 Peay Walter 
259 Vacant 

261 Hogan Mrs Margaret 
263 Marvyn James 
265 Murphy John 
267 Baird Harry E 
269 Owen Thomas 
271 Wilson James 
273 Jacques James 
275 Doyle John J 
277 Young Win C 
279 Baiden George C 
281 Farquhar Allan 
283 Jordan James 
285 Cochran Abraham 
287 MeGinnis Samuel 
289 Peake John W R 
291 Brown A H 
293 Brown George J 
295 Graham Samuel 
297 Titus Wm D 
299 Bays Samuel 
301 Chesher Alfred J 
303 Edis Henry, pntr 
305 McKittrick Mrs Ellen 
307 Richardson Henry B 

FEE'S PL, e from 57 Sumach, 
ward 1. 

North Side 

House, s e 

South Side , 

1 Rhodes John 
3 Squires Loiel 
5 Chambers James 

7 Cotcy Joseph 

9 Brophey Robert J 

FELSTED. e from Greenwood 
av, second s of Danforth av, 
ward 1. 

Not built on 

FENNINGS, u from 1066 
Queen w to Humbert av, 
ward 5. 

East Side 

Store, s e 

3 Vacant yard and office 
3 Everett Mrs Anna 

7 Eager Wm H 

9 Blnks Oliver T 
Weale Frederick W 

11 Maynard George 

13 Armstrong Wm, phy 
15 Traccy James 

17 Median John 

1!) McCoy Charles P 

21 Booth Wm I 

23 Finnic Benjamin B B 

23 Trimble David 

27 Harrington Mrs Ann 

29 Patterson George H 
31 Liscomb Hiram D 

Barnes John 

33 Stewart Wm J 

35 Stewart John J 

37 Evans T Arnold 

39 Matthews John J 

41 Holmes John II 

43 Jones Henry 
45 Bedford Wm T 

47 Shaw Matthew 

49 Howie Robert G 

51 Humphreys James B 
5:i McCartney Owen 

55 Williamson George N 
57 McKay Asbel F 

53 Hill George A 

61 Wass Charles E 
63 Hewitt John 

West Side 

Store, s e 
2 Madden M J, coutr 
4 Tomkins Nathan B 
6 Smith Mrs Annie 

8 Broclie Frederick 
10 Eaton Wm. bldr 

12 Galbraith Hugh 

14 Lock David J 
16 Mahar Matthew 
18 Stephens Joliu W 
20 Steward James U 

22 Hall John J 

24 Moore Wm H 

26 Campbell Mrs Amelia 

23 Latehford Joseph W 

30 Radey John 

:i2 Mundy Elgin T E 

34 Doyle Thomas 

36 Souster John 

38 Bowbeer Eli A, bldr 
4(1 Kwart James 

42 Osier Win J 

44 Pierce Win H 

40 Reid John 

48 Hcndry Mrs Ann 

50 Pascoe" Albert E R 

52 Beaumont Wm E 

54 Montgomery B D 
5(1 Allen Robert 

r>S Simpson Mrs E M, imrse 
60 Cox John J 

62 Howie Robert G 

FENNINGS, now Balrd ar, 
ward 1. 

FENWICK AV, s from Dan 
forth av. first e of Logan av, 
ward 1. 

East Side 

10 Ewart James 
12 Norris Joseph 

West Side 

Not built on 

240 Sorauren av to Ronces- 
valles av. warn 6. 

North Side 

Unfinished warehouse 

South Side 

House, s c 

11 Barhite Mrs Nancy M 
lit Youmans Willet C 
15 Stratford Charles 
17 Rogers Wm J 
19 Meehan John J 
21 Nealo Wm 
31 Lamburu Mutthew D 
33 Edmondson Robert 
97 Rough John W 
99 Campbell John 

FERN AV, w from 194 Mac- 
donnell av to Suunyslde av, 
ward 6. 

North Side 

Vacant lots 
8 Rankin A C 
12 Gorman Henry 
14 dimming James 
16 Mearns John 
20 Thompson Robert J 
24 Maywood Win 
20 Marks Wm H 
28 Raincy Edward 

30 Ogilvie Alexander 

33 Noble James 

34 Phillips T Henry 
.VI Levitt Samuel 

38 Pearson John N 
44 Durle George 
46 Hubbard John 

48 Groves George H 

52 Edmundson T M 
54 Vacant 

56 Cunningham J J 

58 Weuilick James A 

60 Woodcock Mrs Jane 
Presbyterian Church 

• Sorauren av intersects 
Store, s e 

74 Mellish Frank D 

76 Ran- Arthur J 

78 Harris James 

80 Scott Charles W 

86 Frame Samuel 

94 Best James W 

90 Bnimptou Win 

98 Cllnkuubroomer Wm H 

100 Neil John F 

102 Moffatt Robert L 

104 Goold James E 

106 Clark Hector McD 

108 Bougard Conrad 

110 Gamble John H 
118 Gibson John 

122 Baker Joseph 
Public school 

South Side 

House, s e 
1 I'iercp Mial H 
3 Hughes Thomas J 
7 Gray Albert A 
11 Read Charles A 
13 Sherlock R Thomas 
15 Ogilvie James M 
Hamm Henrv A 
17 Sherlock Robert J 
Vacant lots 

31 Atkey Alfred 

33 Fenton Frederick A 

35 Black Walter 
Vacant Ujts 

49 McDonald John J 
51 Booth Wm 

53 Duncan L J 

59 Graham Thomas A 

61 Rabjohns George 
Store, s e 

• Sorauren av intersects 
House, s e 

83 Stewart Kennedy 
Vacant lots 

101 Dodds Wm J 

103 Bell James S 

105 Boyce Thomas J 

107 Stre-eter Thomas 

109 Nicholis Edward 

111 Weir Richard 
113 Watson Hnttson 
115 Sedgwick R F 
117 Nesbitt Wm A 

123 Mackie Robert, dairy 

FIFE, e from 173 Dowling av 
to r of Jameson av, ward 6. 
Not built on 

FIRST AV. e from Broadview 
av to GTR, tirst s of Ger- 
rard e, ward 1. 
North Side 

Vacant lots 
2 Jefferies Wm O 
4 Scott Mrs E 

Vacant lots 
14 McGill Thomas 
16 Morehouse George W 

Morehouse Bertram H 
18 Wylle Wm A 
20 Harrison Wm 

Williamson Miss R. dress 

22 Lees Richard D 
24 Jones Alzono W 
2(1 Preston Bvron 
28 Twigs John T 
30 Traill James 
32 Smith Thomas 
34 Duncan Alfred 
36 Morrow Joel W 

Vacant lota 
52 McFarlane George 
54 Weston Mrs Maria 
50 Murray Daniel 

Murray Miss H, drsmkr 
58 Russell John, bag mkr 
60 Stevenson Wm J 

Vacant lota 
74 Graham Adam 
76 Browning Rev Arthur 
78 Tatton Mrs Nancy 
80 Unsworth Rev Joseph 
S2 Kernighan John 

Store, s e 

• Bolton av intersects 
Bolton av school, s e 

• De Grassi st intersects 
Builders' yard 

132 Ashbury J 

134 Crawford John W 

136 Rust Ernest G 

138 Dawson Alexander 

140 Bate Wm L 

142 Jamieson Mrs Mary 
144 Hubbard Joseph M 
146 Copp Wm J 
148 Dale Frnucis 
150 BarkeT Thomas 
Vacant lot 

156 Aiken Wm H 
158 Wise Wm H 
160 Asmus C H 
lt!2 Mathewson G D 
166 Weston Richard C 
168 Mann A C 

Vacant lot 

172 Vacant 

174 Wilson Charles 

170 Preston Jonathan 

178 Borthwick Adam J 
380 Ponnejly Leslie 
182 Vacant 

184 Knight Harry A 

150 Johnston Samuel 
188 Broadhurst T 
190 Smith David 

Vacant lot 
194 Jolly J S. bldr 
190 Elson George 
1118 Allison Andrew 
200 Care Ernest O 
202 Stewart Ernest J 
204 Hibbard W C 
200 Hunter Wm W 
+ Logan av intersects 

South Side 

13 Maxwell Robert 
Baptist Church 
+ Bolton av intersects 

Store, s e 

+ De Grassi st intersects 
Lawn tennis grounds 
St Matthew's Church 

137 Scott— Howard Rev James 

139 Mance Mrs Martha 

141 Hallford Frederick L 
+ West av ends 

151 Broomhall F C, mu« tchr 
155 Hunt James B 

157 Slade Simon B 
163 Kidd Frederick A 
165 Weston Edmond O 

171 Sunimerhaycs Wm F 

173 Thomas Frederick 
+ Tiverton av ends 

177 Gaboon Robert, gro 

179 Bretz Abram 



McGregor & Mclntyre 

FIRE ESCAPES, Automatic Fire Shutters. 

65 to 73 PEARL. 'Ptpne 2748 

First Av. 



181 Flesher John N 
183 Ham Jesse 
185 Fottes David 
187 Domelle George T 
189 Banks John L 
191 Wells John B 
193 I'earson John C 
193U Davis Jarnes W 

• Logan uv intersects 
195 King James A 
197 Rollins Wm D 
201 Boll George 
211 Rreunan R 
213 Wallace Stewart J 
215 Joslin Wm 
217 Gardiner Win J 
219 Hiehl George 

FISHER, w from 646 Dnf- 
ferlu to Sheridan av, ward 6. 

North Side 

26 Barton Joseph 
28 Uclf Wm J 
36 Hall George 
38 Williams Wm H 
40 Tyi-i-s Charles H 
42 D'iplock Fran"k W 
Gospel Mission 

South Side 

9 Webb John E 
15 Vacant 
Honse, s e 

side of eastern gap of To 
ronto Bay and s from 
Cherry st,' ward 1. 

Ratelle Joseph 

Smith Thomas 

Martin Frederick 

Pearsall Benjamin 

Formau James C 

Fleming David 

Martin Frederick W 

Fensom John .ir 

McKay Arthur A 

McMullen Wm 

Sparrow Wm H 

Pickering Clias P 

Towusend John 

Pearsall George 

Montgomery Wm 

Montgomery John 

McDonald Hector D 

Ramsden Mrs Annie 

Ramsden Henry 

Ramsden Wm 

Smith Sidney 

Hamilton Henry J 

Sinclair Wm 

Nicholson John 

D'Avcy James J 

McKee Gccrge A 

Langndge George 

Morley Thomas 

Dancy Henry A 

Fleming Robert 

Millet James 

Paul Joseph A 

Friend Thomas 

Barnes Thomas H 

Barnes George E 

Worthing Henry 

Chapman George R 

Scholes John F 

Lord George P 

Hayes Daniel J 

Mil'ler John B 

Beaulne B J 

Briekendf" F S 

Hutchinson Macintosh 

Crone Frank 

Guest Wm H 

Burton Norman B 

Massingham J J 

Apted Stephen J 

Harrington, J J 

Marsh Leonard 

Thring Walter A 

Clarku Richard 

Lang Charles 

Grinnell Thomas 

Andrew Maxwell 

Kirk Frederick 

Barker Alex J 

Montroy E H 

Lang George 

24 Kensington av, ward 4. 

1 Nosworthy Richard 

3 W'akeford Henry, florist 

4 Newman Wm F 

5 Raisen John 

8 O'Donnell James 
7 Garland Samuel H 
S Wilson Alexander P 

FLORENCE, w from 492 Duf- 
ferin to Brock av, ward 6. 

North Side 

Store, s e 
u Logan John 

8 May Charles W 

10 McKeag Joshua 

12 Spurgeon Mrs Elizabeth 
14 Richards Charles 

16 Maloney James 

20 Burnes Frederick W 
24 Earls Mrs Frances 
26 Allen Joseph E 

28 Wallace Langhlin J 

30 Lewis Robert 

32 Henderson Gavin 

34 Paterson Samuel E 
36 Spry James 

• Sheridan av commences 

House, a e 
50 Jones James 

52 Baldwin George 
54 Wilson Henry 

50 Stock James 

53 Morrow Thomas 
60 Abernethy Edward 

62 Axtell Wm F 

64 Piercy Wm 

68 Bramhall Jumes 
68 Jaffray Jiimes 
House, s e 

South Side 

Store, a e 
7 Burns Samuel 

9 Mulhall John 

11 Florence Hugh 

13 Vacant 

17 Malloy George 

21 Voss Edward J 
Fredenburg Mrs Carrie, r 

23 Fryer John 

29 Evans Albert E 

31 Hillson Wm 

33 Burrows George 

35 Brogg David 
Vacant lots 

51 Skeeles Richard W 
53 White Richard 

57 Grunwell Samuel 
59 Hall Orange 

63 Morton Hugh 

65 Armstrong Samuel 
67 Buckhurst Edwin 
71 Ramsey George A 

Lake Simcoe Ice & Coal 

Co, storehouse, r 
77 Longthorn John 
79 Gadsby James O 

House, s e 

FOLLIS AV, w from 968 

Bathurst to Christie, ward 


North Side 

Store, s e 

4 Smith Mrs Mary 

6 Cassie James 

8 McCay John R 
10 Thorns John 
12 Vandmark Dell 
14 Harniman Mrs Jane 
16 Jessiman George W 
18 Morgan Edward T 
20 Hales Edward 
22 Hammond Mrs Emily 
24 Herder Richard 
26 Payne Henry 
28 Muir Robert S 
30 Mitchell Mrs Eliza 
32 Wilson Peter 

34 Cross John R 

36 Sullivan Mrs Caroline 

35 Vaughan James 

40 Jones Mrs Margaret 
42 Taylor Thomas P 

• Markham st intersects 
Vacant lots 

54 Greig Alexander 
58 Feast Richmond 
Feast Mrs H, gro 

• Palmerston av intersects 
Vacant lots 

70 St John's Mission House 

Vacant lots to end 

South Side 

15 Trott Herman 

Vacant lots to Euclid av 
95 Kenyon J H, whol btchr 
Vacant lots to end 

FORT ROCILLE, n from the 
lake to Mississuuga, first w 
of Dufferin, ward 6. 
Not built on 

FOSTER PL,e from 93 Eliza 
beth, ward 3. 
North Side . . 

2 Foster Jonas 

4 Goldman Henry 

6 Reeves Mrs Ann J 
House, s e 

8 Grismin Michael 
South Sme 

1 Foster Thomas 

3 Cohu Samuel 

3% Fnieberg Mrs Sarha 

5 Vacant 

7 Balloon John 

9 Heidelberg Mrs Sarah 
11 Foreman Miss Mary 

Foreman Miss Ida 
oFreman Miss Esther 
13 Store, s e 

FOXLEY, w from 154 Dun- 
das to Dovercourt rd, ward 

Xorth Side 

Store, s e 
2 Cole Thomas W 

8 Green George 

10 Bedingfield George 

12 Bedingneld James 

14 Niblett Francis 

16 Bell George A 

18 Hurrell John. 

22 Charles Richard, plstr 
Plaster yard 

28 Crealock Mrs Elizabeth 

30 Worrall Walter 
Private grounds 

40 Gartlan Patrick 

42 Hamilton Win J 
44 Lemon David 

46 Curtis John 

48 Hall Mrs Matilda D 
50 Maharg Clark S 
* Grove av commences 

52 Stacey James E 
54 Stanton Charles 
56 Bond John T 

58 Legg James G 
60 Dickenson Joseph 
62 Outhet John 
64 Rutledge Mrs Ellen 
66 Brown Wm H 
68 Thompson R D 
70 Stnart Wm 
72 Cairns A B 
74 Bow Wm 
76 Burns Frank 
House, s e 

South Side 

Store, s e 

5 Irvine James 

7 Kearney Mrs S J 

9 Wiggins Nicholas 

11 Steele James 

13 Wallace Robert 

15 Nelson James 

17 Meadows Alfred H 

19 Chivers Alfred P 
21 Cracknel! John 

23 Nesbltt James D 
25 Potter James 

27 Clark Thomas 

29 Emmett Robert H 

31 Geary Bartholomew 
33 Simpson J I 

50 Emmett Wm 
37 Blair Andrew 

39 O'Brien Andrew 

41 Morrow Joseph J 

43 Challenger Franklin W 
4r, McNichol Felix 

47 Clarkson James 

40 Chambers Alfred T 

51 Cowan Arthur W, exp 

53 Collins James H 

5T> Foreman Mrs Mary 

57 Saville Harry 
59 Tuck James J 
61 Hunter Robert H 
63 Livingston Alexander 
65 Lyons George L 
U7 Toovey Frederick W 
69 Hobbs Hugh 
71 Cole John H 
73 Brillinger M A 
73 Chapman James S 
77 Sris-'ley Archibald R 
79 Simpson Hugh 
81 Donovan James, bldr 
83 Birney John L.real estate 
85 Ling Charles E, dairy 
89 Tolen Miss Elizabeth 
91 Mitchell John 
Store, s e 

FOYLE AV, w from Logan 
av, first s of Danforth ay, 
ward 1. 

Not built on 

FRANCIS, n from 136 King 
e to Adelaide e, ward 3. 

East Side 

Store, s e 
9 Eudo Mineral Water Co 

11 National Cigar Co Ltd 

* Commercial st intersects 
Hotel, r e 
The Nasmith Co, r e 

West Side 

Store, s e 

2 Herring S, taxidermist 
4-6 Store, s e 
8 Storehouse 
10 Spain Abraham, barber 

12 Ibbotson G & Son, cut 


Ibbotson George 
14 Taylor A P, barber 
+ Commercial st Intersects 
16-18 Vacant 
20 Millar Wm & Co, show 


20% Baniford J, storehouse 
22 Pink M C & Co, Junk 

Dominion Fibre Works 
24 Olshanezky A, barber 
26 Summers D H, harnes-* 
28 Nasmith Co stables 
30 Vacant 

Store, s e 

FRANKISH AV, w from 78 
Sheridan av to Brock av, 
ward 6. 

North Side 

2 Clark Michael 

4 Donohoe John 

6 Bennett John 

8 Platt Frederick G 
10 McLaughlin James 
14 Sweet Henry 
16 Ferguson Wm H 
18 Kendall Robert 
20 Port Robert E 

Port Miss J M, nurse 
22 Johnstone Benjamin H 
24 Driscoll James H 
26 Bartlett Wm C, coal oil 
28 Crilly Wm 

Vacant lot 

34 Carrutu Mrs Mary 
36 Durnford James H 

Store, s e 
South Side 

House, s e 

5 Hazard Norman S 

7 May Thomas 

FRANKLAND, e from Car- 
law av to Pape av, first •» 
of Gerrard e, ward 1. 
Not built on 

FRANKLIN AV, n from Rua- 
kin av to city limits, first 
w of Perth, ward 6. 

East Side 

Vacant lots 
• Irving av intersects 
139 Coppiethorne Luke 
149 Long James 
151 Knox Wm 
153 Mackey Arthur A 


llUmb Limited 78 CHURCH ST. 


and large suras. 
Interest at Hierhest Current Rate. 



Toronto Offices : 


J. W. KERR. Cashier. 

Purely UNCONDITIONAL Policies. 

Low Rates and Large Proms 
on Endowments. 

142 Franklin Av. 


155 McKonzie Moses 

157 Lewis Wm H, shoemkr 

159 Watkin George 
161 Rice Mrs May 
163 Denno George 
165 Blain James 

Vacant lota 

197 Seadding Miss Elizabeth, 

House, s e 
• Royce av intersects 

Store, s e 

Vacant lots 
207 Burke James 
209 Mooney Kphraim 
211 Lnxton John 
213 Roberts Mrs Louisa C 
215 Crnlckshank Wm 
217 Burke John 

Vacant lots 
225 Dwan Patrick 
227 Curtis Mrs Mary 
220 McKeand James 
231 Lellls Mrs Mary J 
233 Kennedy Hugh 
235 Harrington Wm J 
237 O'Neill Felix 
239 Nusbaun John 
241 Ware John J 

Vacant lots 

253 Lea Amos, coal oil 
255 Brown Arthur 
257 Long George F 
259 Blackle James R 
261 Wright Joseph J 
263 Avery Thomas 

Vacant lot 
West Side 

Vacant lots 
104 Thornbeck Robert 
+ Irving av Intersects 

Vacant lots 
152 Doane Ira 
154 Miller Frederick A 

156 Bnrke Win 
Vacant lots 

160 Stewart Adam 
Vacant lots 

172 O'Brien Daniel 

174 Coleman Owen 

176 McMaster Mrs Margaret 

Vacant lots 
186 Hatch Henry 
188 Halnes Jesse 

Store, s e 
^ Royce av intersects 

Store, s e 

200 Watkins Samuel F 
202 Simpson George A 
204 Lister Mrs Mary 

FRASER AV, n from GTR to 
King w, second e of Duf- 
ferln, ward 6. 
Not built on 

FREDERICK, n from 178 Es 
planade e. to Duke, ward 2 

East Side 

Tor Ry stores dept 
Tor Ry repair shops 
31-17 Tomlinson T & Son, 


Tor Ry power house, s e 
^ Front st e intersects 

Vacant lots 

59 Working Boys' Home 
Smith S George 
Store, s e 

• King st e intersects 
West Side 

City Morgue , s e 
Safe Works, s e 
+ Front st e intersects 
Tor Ry shops, s e 

* King st e intersects 
Store, s e 

7S O'Reilly Robert 
80 Mulligan Patrick J 
82 Gibson James 

Biscuit factory ,s e 

FRICHOT, w from 950 Yonge 
to McMnrrleh, ward 3. 

North Side 

2 Albery John C 
« McWhlrter Wm 
8 McCarthy Jeremiah E 
10 Steele Charles J 

12 Bennett Joseph C 

14 Allward John 

16 Ross Thomas 

18 Ray Robert B 

20 Vacant 

22 Moir Ryerson 

24 Wilson Wm H 

26 Carter Chas H 

28 Ellard James H 

30 Harwood John J 

32 Brown George 

34 Coulson Mrs Catherine 

36 Foster George 

38 Teal John 

40 Mason David 

South Side 

Not built on 

FRIZZELL AV, e from 587 
Carlaw av to Pape av, ward 

North Side 

House, s e 
South Sine 

House, s e 

Bain Neil K, mkt gdnr 

FRONT EAST, e from 31 
Yonge to the Don, wards 1. 
2 and 3. 

North Side 

2-8 Board of Trade Bide 
Canadian Grocer (weekly) 
Crickmore Edwin, broker 
Hardware & Metal Mer 
chant (weekly) 
Victoria-Montreal Fire Ins 


10 MacLean Pub Co Ltd 
Canadian Dry Goods Re 
view (monthly) 
Canadian Military Ga 
zette (semi-monthly) 
Canadian Printer & Pub 
lisher (monthly) 
Bookseller & Stationer 


12 Gait G F & J, teas 
Blue Ribbon Tea Co 
14-16 Gowaiis, Kent & Co, 

whol crockery 
Traders' Fire Ins Co 
18 Thompson & Thompson, 

20 Consolidated Cloak Co 


Fleming F A, mfrs' agt 
Brown J .C, mfrs' agt 
22 British America Assur 
ance Co 

Barnard Fred, caretkr 
24 Mclndoe R S, mfrs' agt 

Wilson Wm C Co Ltd, oils 
+ Scott st Intersects 
26-28 Pacific Buildings 
Fisher John S, wool 
Bernard C M, teas 
Dominion Transport Co 
Clarke & Clarke Ltd, 

Fryer Robert 
30 Rose M Cartage Co 
Hudson R S, soaps 
32-36 Macdonald John & Co, 

r e 

38 Lancashire bldg, s e 
40-44 Ellis P W & Co, r e 
46 Stanway Geo & Co, com 
Leask A O, broker 
Eze Mfg Co, washing 


48 Indian & Ceylon Tea Co 
Creighton & Mackle, com 
50 Janus Buildings 

Donaldson J §, broker 
Mason P L & Co, com 
Musson Geo & Co, com 
Dowker H B & Co, leather 
Grant Robt, contr 
Grant W F & Co, contrs 
May G H, accountant 
Niven John K & Co, brok 

NIven Malcolm, com 
Anderson C H, broker 
Hayter R W, broker 
Ewen John, plumber 
Thompson Edward 
Roberts George, caretkr 
Gooderham & Worts, s e 
^ Church st intersects 

60 Vacant 

G0% Waddell A & Co, brokers 
62 Fee John J, produce 
62% Ontario Chambers 
Queen's Own Mess 
64 White & Co, produce 
66 Baillie J E, whol provs 
68 Rutherford, Marshall & 

Co, whol produce 
70-72 Ryan Wm Co Ltd, whol 

74 Ramsay R H & Son, whol 

76-78 Gunn D Bros & Co, 

wbol provisions 
82 De Laporte A V & Co, 

whol grain and flour 
Carrick John, com mer 
81 Goodall James, grain 
86 Wlllard & Co, whol prod 
88 Vacant 
Hotel, s e 

• West Market st intersects 
St Lawrence Market (for 

occupants see St Law 
rence Mkt) 

• Jarvis st intersects 
92 Hotel, s e 

94 Market Hotel 

96 Caldwell C & Co, flour 

98 Prior Wm G, rest 
100 Standard Vinegar Co 
102 Speight Wagon Co 
104 Ontario Brush Factory 
106 Hutchlnson & Peterson, 

bottlers' supplies 
108 Vacant 
110-12 Central Hotel 

• George st intersects 
114-20 Black Horse Hotel 

Dalgety J, horse dlr 

Tor Ry repair shop 
•• Frederick st intersects 

Vacant lots 

152 Mahaffy Wm S, blksmlth 
156 Dunham J E, feed mill 


160 Mahaffy W S. warehouse 
162 Morrison George 
164 Ltttlo Aaron S 
166 Shields Mrs Snsan 

• Sherbourne st intersects 
Shop, s e 

174-6 Dominion Chain Works 
178 Rutley Warming & Ven 
tilating Co, warehouse 
180 Williams C & Co, pickles 
182 Williams Daniel 
184-90 Sliedden Co, storage 
+ Princess st intersects 

Lumber yard 
208-12 Storehouse 

^ Ontario st commences 
222 Vacant 

228-38 Ont B & M Co, malt- 

242 Vacant 
244 Glionna Francis 
246 Naughton Michael 
248 Wilcox Mrs Elizabeth 
250 Wright Thomas 
252 Hill Edward D 
254 Kelly Daniel 

Vacant lot 

+ Berkeley st intersects 
262-90 Canada Foundry Co 

• Parliament st intersects 
292-316 Consumers' Gas Co 

purifying house 
318 Matthews Thomas 
320 Batt Wm H 
322 Thomas Wm 
324 Hill George E 
326 Hunt Robert S 
328 Bailey Samuel E 
330 Schoenfeldt Lewis 
332 English Hugh 
334 Outhwaite Thomas J 
336 Martin Robert 

• Erin st commences 
340-42 Factory, s e 
344-46 Maginn John 
348 Begley John 

350 Johnston Mrs Anna 
A- Trinity st intersects 
352 Store, s e 
354 Norris Michael J 
358 Gillian George 
360 Kemp Thomas 
362 Allen Henry N 
364 Vacant 

366 Monckton G 
368 Wingate Jonathan 
370 Hoult George 
372 Mason George H 

Jobson John H, r 
376 O'Connor John 

Mahon Wm, r 
378 Hickling Charles 
380 Hickling Chas, liquors 
382 Brown George 
384 Hicks Richard 
386 Quinu Patrick 

Vacant lots 
398 Arnold Alfred A 

Vacant lots 
^ Cherry st intersects 
414 Blackburn Mrs M, gro 

Blackburn Joseph 
416 Steer Wm H 
416% Dunn Daniel 
422 Fltzheury Mrs M A 

Gooderham & Woits, 

cooper shop 
432 Webber Mrs Anne 
440 Storehouse 

Vacant lots 
• Water st intersects 
482 Gordon Mrs A, gro 

O'Connor Henry J 
486 Collins Miss Mary, dairy 

Vacant lot 

*• Vine st commences 
508 McCarthy David, exp 
510 O'Connor John 
512 Taylor Abrain 
514 Ramsden Thomas L 

JCPR crossing 
Beachell st intersects 
Graham ter commences 
Boddy Robert 
528 Gale Thomas 
530 Parm John 
532 Liscum George W 
534 Shirlow Mrs Margaret A 
^ Cypress st commences 

Tan vards 
542 HulfWrn H 

Eastern city stables 

South Side 

1 Canadian Rubber Co of 


Johnston A T, mfrs' agt 
Dominion Oil Cloth Co 
3 Adams & Burns, liquors 
5 Elliot & Co, whol drugs 
7 Tor Biscuit & Confy Co 
9 Lumsden Bros, whol gro 
11-13 Reid G & Co, wool 
Anglo-American Direct 

Tea Trading Co 
Scott Jumes, teas 
Nichol W J & Co, teas 
International Wine Co 
15-17 Hamilton Wm B Shoe 

Co, -whol boots 
19 Eckardt H P & Co, gros 
•• Scott st intersects 
21 23 Eby, Blain Co.who! gro 

Colville W K, cartage 
27 Adams James C, mfrs' 


Clark J Ernest, mfrs' agt 
Acadia Sugar Refining Co 


Dixon Storage Co 
Lightbound Geo, broker 
29 Howard R H & Co.liquort 
31-33 Pure Gold Mfg Co 
35-37 Warren Bros & Co. 

whol gros 

Imperial Lumber Co 
Metropolitan Ry Co 
39 Beardmore & Co, leather 

Beardmore Belting Co 
41-43 Perkins, Ince & Co, 

whol grog 

45 Sloan John & Co, gros 
47 Foy G J, whol liquors 
49 Kinnear T & Co, grog 
51 denies Bros, whol fruit 
53 Edwardsburg Starch Co 
Graham Charles P, agt 
Muckle Wm H, cartage 
55 Bickell & Wickett, tanners 
57 Canning A H & Co, whol 


59-63 Bayley W B & Co, com 
West & Patterson, drug 
gists' sundries 
Clancy George J & Co, 
gros' specialties 



GEO. R. HARCRAFT, General Agent, 

'Phone 251 TORONTO 




Front East. 



Robinson Mfg Co, flavor 
ing extracts 
Hewitt John, mfrs' agt 
+ Church st Intersects 
65 Carrie Robert, storage 
/opesa Chemical Co 
Calvert Jos H, mfrs agt 
Dominion Wire Mfg Co 
Tanners' Association 
Burns Douglas A, acct 
67 Lumbers James, whol gro 
69 Humphrey V W, whol gro 
+ Faniuhar la ends 
71-73 Lyuiau Bros & Co, 

75 Watsou Robert Co, mfg 


77 Taylor John & Co, soap 
Morse Soap Works 
Dominion Dyewood and 

Chemical Co 
79 Parsous C & Son, whol 


Morton J A, hops 
81 Toronto Fruit vinegar Co 


81% Lamb W & Co, provs 
83-85 Carter E T. wool 
87 Leadlay E & Co. hides 
^ West" Market st Intersects 

Old City Hall 
^ Jarvis st intersects 
105 Steele, Bi-iggs Seed Co 
109 Partt & Co. whol confrs 
111 Hallam John, hides 
113-125 Mclutosh P & Sou, 

^ George st intersects 

Store. 3 e 
131 Warehouse 
133-137 Keith John, coal 
139 141 Bowden F A, whol 


145 147 Taylor J & J, safes 
+ Frederick st intersects 

Toronto Ky power house 
109 Burns Frank J 
171 Walls Michael 
173 Smith Edward 
175 Griffiths Mrs Charlotte 
^ Sherbourne st intersects 
177 Nelson Frank 
179-189 Tor Chemical Works 
101-9 Dalton Bros, spice mills 
19? Levick Patrick 

^ Princess st intersects 
2<)l-r> Perkins J & Co, machs 
207 Ferguson John 
200 Williams Henry 
211 Royd James 
213 Barley Charles H 
215 Miller James 
217 Gurnon Thomas 

Gerow John 

219-221 Smith Wool Stock Co 
223-37 Standard Woolen Mills 


Gas Go's purifying house 
+ Berkeley st intersects 
269 Consumers' Gas Co 

. Economical Gas Apparatus 

Construction Co Ltd 
^ Parliament st Intersects 
295 Michigan Ammonia Works 

of Detroit 

297303 Side entrance 
Gas Go's yards 
House, s e 
^ Trinity st intersects 

House, s e 

359 Conlln Mrs Abigail 
361 Ridley Joseph 
363 Foley Patrick G 
365 Harnden Robert 
567 Somers Mrs Eliza 
369 Rubin David 
371 Rubin David, Jnnk 
373 Crowne Thomas W 
375-377 Dee Mrs E C. gro 

Dee John 
381 Crosble James 
383 Robinson Nelson 
385 Everson Mrs M A 
387 Crate John W 


393 Hare Wm 
395 Shedden Co's stables 
397 Hartlgan Mrs Sarah, gro 
399 Rutledge James 

401 Beber Mrs Jennie, junk 

Bebtr Max 
+ Cherry st intersects 
405-15 D'Arcy J J, hotel 
417-111 Mc-Grath Mrs B, gro 
421 McLellau J J 
423 Brown John 
425 Graham Henry 
427 Hawkea Tom M 
429 Dawson Matthew 
431 Skeats Charles 
433 May Mrs Ann.- 
435 Stewart David 
437 O'Connor James 
439 Fletcher Watsou 
441 Miles George 
443 Power Miss A E, gro 
445 Fletcher George 
447 Clark Patrick, dairy 
44!) Pepper Robert 
453 Boyce Win A 
4.V, Booth Mrs Mary 
457 Vacant 
4511 Arthurs Mrs Margaret 

Vacant lots 
467 Grogan Charles 

469 Layden James 
471 O'Toole Patrick 

Store, s e 

• Water st intersects 
475 Liston Wm 
477 Scott Richard 

470 Smyth Edward 
4S1 Gordon Roderick 
4 1 -:; lied; Wm 

4S5 Amphlett Robert 

4S7 Bell James 

480 Steadmau Joseph 

491 Pouter Wm 

403 Weeks Alexander 

405 Kame James 

407 Vacant 

Vacant lots 

:CPR crossing 
Beachell st intersects 
521 Davies Wm Co. pork 
packers and wholsale 
531 Morse Soap Works 

FRONT WEST, w from 30 
Youge to Bathurst, wards 3 
and 4. 

North Side 

Bank of Montreal 
Sutherland Gilbert L 
Turuer Wm, caretkr 
10 Mickleborough, Muldrew 

& Co, whol woolens 
12 Minerva Mfg Co, ladies' 

U-1G Westou F J & Sons, 

whol boots and shoes 
Standard Cap Co 
Standard Cloak Co 
Thomas Albert, caretkr 
16 Stanbury James & Co, 

nifrs' agts 
18 Continental Costume Co 


20 Trew T E P, acct 
Irving Umbrella Co Ltd 
Robertson F & Co, who! 

22 Prime & Rankln, whol 

dry soods 

24 Jenner, Saner, Banuerman 
Co Ltd, whol fey dry gds 
Rochester Lamp Co 
Crown Tailoring Co Ltd 
Stewart. Howe & May 

Co, skirt binder mfrs 
26 Morrison J L Co, bkbndrs' 

28 Carter-Crume Co, counter 

check books, 
Klelnert I B Rubber Co, 

dress shields 

30 Consolidated Pulp & Pa 
per Co, Ltd 
Poole Publishing Co 
Industrial Recorder Co 
32 Wood, Vallance & Co, 

whol hdwe 
Levinsky & Cooper, whol. 

dry goods 

32 Lowe Geo W Paste Co 
34 Glllett E W, yeast 
Barber E & Co, prtrs 

36 McMahou. Broadfleld & 
Co, .wnol crockery 

38 Eddy The E B Co, Ltd, 
woSdenware and paper 

42 Merchants' Dyeing .t 
Finishing Co Ltd 

44 Darling Robt & Co, win! 

^ Bay sf intellects 

48-50 Gordon, Mackay & Co, 
whol dry goods 

52 Brereton & Manning, 

whol furs 
Edward Adam, acct 

54-58 Gage W J & Co, LH, 

whol books and staty 
Educational Book Co 

56-58 Nelson H A & Sons Co 
whol fncy gds 

60 Ames. Holden Co Ltd, 

whol boots and shoes 
Grandby Rubber Co 

U2 Coppley, Nuy.-s & Ran 
dall, whol cloth'ng 

64 Copp, Clark Co Ltd, sta 

68-70 Warwick Bros & Rut- 

ter. whol stnty 
Ontario Gazette 'weekly) 
Boys' Own Taper in.mih- 

Girls' Own Paper um-iitu- 

Sunday at Horn- (uiouih- 

Lelsure Hour iniontliiyi 
78-92 Queen's Hotel 

Nicholson And. uews 'llr 
Conroy Joseph, b-irber 
C P R Co's Te. : (bi> 
100 Eclipse White-wear Co Ltd, 
102 Wilson & Co, London, 

Eng. Ltd. wool 
Vacant lots 

118 Tor Ry waiting room 
D'Arcy James 
Venn J W, c-ia.irs 
^ York st intersects 
120-24 Unfinished bldg 
Vacant lots 
Unfinished bldg 
Vac-ant lots 
Ie4 North American r.jnte 

Supply Co Ltd 
Vacant lot 

ISO Grand Union Hotel 
C P R Co's 1c.\ 
Huston J W. barber 
^ Simcoe st intersects 
Old Parliament bidgs 
Dept of Immigration 
Chase Charles H. r 
258 Simser John 

Burtchaell Miss Kato, r 
^ John st commences 
282 Scott Mrs Elizabeth 
284 Ray Mrs Annie 
286 Butwell James H 
292 Lynch Joseph P 
294 Vacant 
296 Vanuch James, < jgurs 

Private grounds 
304 Cairns Hugh 
310 Rathbun Co, lumber 
312 Morphy James A 

^ Windsor st commences 
314 Piper Railway Supply Co, 


^ Peter st commences 
342 Clarke Wm 

Private grounds 
352 Hand Patrick 
354 Burr Henry 
356 Hendry John R 
358-60 Vacant 12) 

Private grounds 
363 Johnston James 
372-74 Crawford A, hotel 

Vacant lots 

384-92 Wilson, Lytle, Badg- 
erow Co, Ltd, vinegar 
+ Spadlna av commences 

Ry Y M C A, s e 
416 Jones Richard A 

Loretto Abbey grounds 
478 Burns Patrick 

House, s e 
• Draper st commences 

House, B a 
512 Hollingsworth Miss C.I'M 

Parker George 
514 Craig Charles H, gro 
alii Prentice Mrs Isaboln 
518 Barker John 
520 McClure Matthew 
522 Mitchell Robert A 
."24 Milligan Mrs Margaret 
.7>2'i Vacant 
528-30 Vacant 
532 Miller Mrs Jane 

Miller Wm H. piano dlr 
^ Portland st commences 
534 Kennedy Reuben J 
536 Vacant 
538 Elliott Joseph 
540 Lewis Wm H 
542 Thompson Henry P 

544 Reid James 

546 Hanna Mrs Mary 

545 Lynch Dennis 

^ Maplewood pi commences 
550 Garvin James 
iri2 Morgan Charles 
554 Ferris John D 
,"i5(l Macquay Andrew 
558-78 Burns P & Co, coal 
......... South Side ....... 

Custom House, John 

Small collector 
McMichael Solon W, chief 

insp of customs 
McWhirter Hugh, caretkr 
it Vacant 

11 McKellar & Dallas, shoes 
13 Boulter & Stewart, ladies' 


15 Canada Paper Co 
17-19 Caulfeild, Henderson & 
Burns, whol men's furus 
Asher & Leeson, pdlrs' 

21 Northrop & Lyman Co, 

pro medicines 

23 Evans & Sons, whol drugs 
25 Vacant basement 

McLaren J A & Co, shoes 
Cuthbertson, McCnnn & 

Co, mfrs' agents 
27 Mitchell C J & Co, mfrs' 

Walsh E H & Co, mfrs' 


Stewart W B, mfrs' agt 
Mortimer Thos, mfrs' agt 
Sims A H & Co, shirt 

Millar C A, clothng coutr 

Vacant basement 
29 Vacant bldg 
31 Bryce Wm, fancy gonds 

Young Canada 
33 Garside & White, shoes 
35 Nerlich & Co, fancy 

37-39 Rowland H S SODS & 

Co, whol hardware 
41 McFarland. Gray & South- 

gate, whol dry gds 
43 Canada Cycle & Motor 

Co, bicycles and motor 


^ Bay st Intersect* 
45-47 Johnston W R & Co, 

whol clothing 
49 Gutta Percha & Rubber 

Mffi Co 
51-53 Lailey, Watson & 

Bond, whol clothing 


High Grade Vault, School and Office Furniture. 

O7VT. 177 Raw «*_•» FuRtnriae • NPWMARKFT OUT. 





Grenadier Ice and Goal Go. 





144 Front West. 


65 Booth G W, mfrs' agt 

Scott & Browne, chemists 
67-59 Cockshutt Charles & 

Co, whol woollens 
61-63 Gutta Percha & Rub 
ber Mfg Co 
65-67 Hachborn & Sheridan, 

whol clothing 
69 Boulter George E, whoi 

rubber goods 
71 Hawthorne D D & Co, 

whol boots and shoes 
Smith J Sproule, mfrs 

a rant 

Private grounds 
83 Gartshore J J, ry sup- 

Flood Miss S A, stenog 
^ Lome st ends 
87 Harvey, Van Norman Co, 

whol boots and shoes 
S9-93 Dominion Transport Co 
liodda Thomas 
95-!»7 Williams A I! Much C,> 

Vacant lots 
^ York st intersects 
Walker House 
C P R Co's Tel (br) 
131 Vacant 

137 Montonl Domlnico, frts 

Vacant lots 

141-5 Petrie H W, machinist 
Union Station (for occu 
pants see Union Station) 
Daly House 
+ Simcoe st intersects 

GTK freight sheds, s t 
• .I"hn st ry bridge 
Ry grounds 
Brock ry bridge 
Prince of Wales' walk 
Bathurst st ry bridge 

FULLER, u from 1514 Queen 
w to Pearson av, ward 6. 

East Side 

Vacant lota 
11 Mclntosh Charles 
13 Fenwick A H 
17 Murk Alex J 

19 Quinn John 

21 Donnelly Mrs M A 
2.{ Blackwell F J 

25 Lawrence Fred J 
27 Kennedy Angus V 

20 Scott Samuel 
31 Jenkins Charles 

33 King Horace M, dairy 

35 MacDonald H N 

37 King G H S 

39 Dunlop George P 

43 Ecclestone Wm B 

45 Fisk John 

47 Tipping John 

51 Downing Godfrey T 

53 Henderson Mrs Eliz 
Vacant lots 

59 Adamson George J 

65 Bowman A J, indry 

67 Osborne Thomas H 

69 Ross Lockhart 

71 Harris Archibald 

75 Tyler Kdward 

77 Cole Alfred A 

79 Herod James S 

81 Young Henry W 

83 Baker Augustus 

85 Weller Wm M 

87 Bray John 

89 Higel Otto 

91 Hallett John G 

93 Vacant 

95 Sullivan Wm T 

97 Giles Mrs Harriet 

99 Windle Wilson 
103 Carveth John 
105 Cassidy Francis 
107 Rumney Wm A 
109 McKiuley Samuel 

West Side 

Woodyard, s e 
8 WestcoU John 
Morison Neal, r 

10-20 Unfinished Houses 

22 Wcscott W J 
24 Fullan John 

Vacant lots 

30 Vanzant Clarence N 
32 Duncan John T, phy 
34 Gibson Win G, contr 
36 Laldlaw Alexander 
38 McKellar Robert 
40 Herbert Mrs Kmina, bdg 
42 Bnmmervllle Thomas 
44 McKay John 
48 Blackball James 
50 Harris Archibald 
56 Lindsay Alymer M 
58 Longstaff Frederick 
60 Flatten Thomas A 
62 Jary Samuel W 
64 Bray Charles 
66 Stevenson John 
68 Cottrell Wm W 
70 Jennings F J 
72 Grant Daniel 
74 Applegatli F C 
76 Flynu Thomas 
+ Marion st intersects 
80 Bates Thomas gro 
82 Graham Donalfl 
86 Harris Bros, excavators 

Harris Alfred 
90 Butchart David E 
92 Dunn Edward A 
94 Cadden John 

FUNSTON, e from 15 Su 
mach, ward 1. 

North Side 

House, s e 
6 Cooper George 

10 Harvey James 
Vacant lots 

South Side 

House, s e 
7-9 Vacant shop 

11 Melhuish James M 
13 Robertson George 
15 Onley Thomas 

17 White Ch.-irlos 
19 Cable Henry J 
^ Williamson pi ends 
House, s e 

GALLEY AV, w from 146 
Sorauren nv to Sunnyslde 
av, ward 0. 

North Side 

Store, s e 
6 Wright Win 

Methodist Church 
16 Ockley Mrs C K 

Vacant lots 
86 Edy Mrs Mary B 

House, s e 

• Roucesvalles av intersects 
Vacant lots 

South Side 

Not built on 

GALT AV, n from Gerrard e, 
first w of Jones av, ward 1. 

East Side 

1 Rice Edward, mkt gdnr 

41 White Wm A 
West Side 

Vacant lots 
38 Farnan Frederick 

42 Kimpel George 

46 Pinkerton James A 
48 Henthorn Adam 
50 Kane Francis J 
Kane Mrs F J, gro 

GAXGE AV, n from 22 Cot- 
tlngham to Birch av, first 
w of Yonge, ward 3. 
Side entrances 

GARDEN AV, w from opp 
169 Macdoaell av to Indian 
rd, ward l>. 

North Side 

Store, s e 
2 Saul George H 
4 Irvine Alex C. pntr 
6 Cook Marshall E 
8 Portch Mrs Annie 
10 Rogers Joseph 
12 Cates Edward R 
14 Ball Samuel 

10 Vacant 

18 Hall Daniel A 

20 Hamiu Henry 

22 Ogiivie Alexander 

24 Lee Charles B 

2(i Rome Wm L, pntr 

28 Brown Wm, shoemkr 

30 Van Luvan Win 
32 Henderson Wm 
34 Bradley Mrs Eliza 

36 Shepard Albert E 

38 Forbes Disney 
Vacant lots 

44 McKay Rev N T C 
4<i Payne .lames 

48 O'Learey Wm J 

52 McLennan Roderick 
Vacant lots 

CO Phillips John 

House, s t> 

^ Sorauren av intersects 
House, s e 

68 Malborough George L 

72 .Sullivan Dennis J 

74 Haines Albert 

70 Newman George B 
Private grounds 

84 Stewart Thomas A 

86 Oliver Joseph J 

90 Houlahan Denis 

94 Cox John 

96 Hoxar Alexander 
100 East Win 
104 Kelly Frederick 
110 Stewart James B 
112 Bullock Edward S 
]l(i Davey George 
116i/a Trembley Wm 
118 Crevler Napoleon 
120 Buck Robert H 
122 Vacant 
126 Edwards J, leather gds 

Private grounds 
144 Birdsall George, dairy 

Vacant lots 
184 Collyer George 

Wilder G H, nurse 
]86 Martin Harry 
188 McPherson Alexander L 
190 Dixon James 
+ Honcesvalles av Intel- 
House, s e 

222 Braden Matthew, earn 
Vacant lots to end 

South Side 

House, s e 

1 Mason Ambrose W 
3 Mason John H 
7 May George 
Vacant lots 
11 Cowan Frederick A 

Vacant lots 
15 Campbell Hugh A 
17 Torrance Peter 
19 Rowan Wm O 
21 Lawson Robert 
25 Watson George F 
Vacant lot 

29 Coles John M 

31 Dixou Wm 
Vacant lots 

37 Sherlock Ricliard 

39 Wlngfleld John 
41 Cudney Daniel 

43 Birdsall Wm I, dairy 
47 McCanslaml Edward 

49 Silk Charles F 

51 Thompson Thomas H 

53 Howson John E 

55 Beemer John W, pntr 
57 Lilburn James 

Store, s e 
+ Sorauren av intersects 

Vacant lots 

69 Mitchell John 

71 Wingfield Albert E 

73 Kidd Wm 

75 Fraser Charles 
77 Pearco George R 

Butchart Wm F, tinner 
81 Jones Richard L 
83 Clarke John 

85 McFarlnne Win 

87 Challener Frederick S 
89 Hamilton Hugh 

91 Cobean Frederick A 

95 Walsh Alex C 

99 McCarroll Patrick J 
103 Slee John H 
107 Day Win 

113 Thompson Francis 

Vacant lots 
103 dimming Donald 
165 Weaver Samuel S 
167 Parker John O 

Vacant lots to end 

GARDEN PL, e from 
Pape av, ward 1. 

North Side . . . 

Not built on 

South Side 

1 Leason Wm H 
3 Haiuer Charles 
5 Radcliffe Laughlin 
7 Papineau James 
9 Harrison Franklin 


GARNET AV, w from 202 

Christie, ward 5. 

North Side 

House, s e 

4 Scott Wm J 

10 Dones George 

14 Kesteveu Hector C 

24 Bowcock John 

46 Stocks James R 
50 Hauiett Thomas 
52 Sewell Thomas C 
54 Powell Fdward 
58 Churchill Stephen 

South Side 

1 Field Mrs Elizabeth 
3 Donnan James 

11 Steels Thomas 
19 Boyne Kdward P 

21 Knowlton Walter, pntr 

25 \Vinslow David 
27 Smith Wm L 
37 Smith Sydney 

47 Sewell Adam J 
49 Stoner Robert 

GAKXOCH AV. w from Lo 
gan av, second s of Dan- 
forth av, ward 1. 
Not built on 

GEOFFREY, w from Sorau 
ren av to Indian rd, ward 

North Side 

Not built on 

South Side 

Vacant lots 
*7 (irr James 
89 Klnghorn Mrs E I 
Vacant lots to end 

GEORGE, n from 158 Esplan 
ade e to Gerrard e, ward 2. 

East Side 

1-7 Williams Anti-Trust Box 


9 Cruise John 

11-13 Collins C G, bldrs' sup 

15-17 Yard, s e 
19 Vacant 

21-23 Mitchell Mrs B, bdg 
25 Gadsby & McCann, hay 
2:> Htckey Mrs Catherine D 
31-41 Terry F G, bldrs' sup 

+ Front st e intersects 
Hotel, s e and yards 
Hotel, s e 

• King st e Intersects 
67 Vacant bldg, s e 

69 Smith Fred J 

71 Kearns Wm P, harness 

73 McFarlane Geo 

75 Townson Henry, cutler 

77 LaiiRSton A V, shoemkr 

79 Benson & Co, leather gds 

81 Jacques & Grey, coal 

• Duke st Intersects 
De La Salle Inst, s e 

109 111 Tor Mill Stock and 

Metal Co 
113 Garnett John 

George St Mission 
115 Bunce H T, pro med 
117 Cronin Jeremiah 
119 Walker Thos, blksmlth 



Invalids and Children. 




. . EAST . . 




121 McKinuon John 

123 Feney Thomas 

125-27 O'Connor T, bottler 

+ Duchess st intersects 
129 Foster Mrs E, gro 
131 McCurry Frank 
133 Abraham Joseph 
133 Tyner Wm E 
137 Sweetnam Miss Jane 

139 Maloney Cornelius 
141 Kelly Patrick 

143 Callaghan Mrs Elizabeth 

140 Haffey Frauk 
147 Strachan Neil 
149 McLean Isaac 
151 Hudan Mcses 

+ Britain st commences 
155 Coulter & Campbell, cop 

Stonehouse & Smith, wire 

gds and whip nifrs 
157 Faris Mrs Agnes 

Todd James F 

Palmer Jacob C 
^ Queen st e intersects 

Hotel, s e 

177 Sheridan J, cattle dealer 
179 Ramsay James 
181 Conley Edwin 
183 Persee Richard M 
185 Watson Thos A, exp 
189 Blong Robert 
191 Burns Mrs Mary A 
193 Hodgson Thomas 
197 Bates \Vm H 
199 Whltebread Mrs Jemima 
205 Seager Richard 

Seager Mrs M, bdg hse 
^ Shuter st intersects 
207-9 Tong Ho. Indry 

Trevers Mrs E 
211 Dawson Falconer 
213 Thauburn Christopher 
221 Gordon W H Lockhart 
227 Wattle Mrs M 
227 H Holmes John J 
229 Kinsey James A 
229 1 -* Cray Mrs Annie 
231 Simmons Mrs M J 
233 Green Herbert J 
235 Cuff Arthur E 

Public School 
^ Wilton cres commences 

House, s e 

279'., west Mrs Matilda B 
281 Moorhouse Mrs G 
2Siy, 1'hilio Mrs Florence 
283 Pelletier Miss Eva, drs 


2S3 ! i Crysdale Arthur G 
2S:> Herson James 
289 Latham R H 
293 Thompson Isaac 
20? Fegau Boys' Home 

Greenway George 
297 Salvation Army Men's 

Training Home 
301 Brown John W 
305 Meredith Mrs Susanna 
309 Lock Ernest A 
Rll Wiman Horace H 
339 Boys' Home 

Mackay Miss S S 
^Gleuholme pi commences 
351 Hincks Miss Jane 
353 Best Rev John H 
355 McCaul Mrs Sophia 

House, s e 
West Side 

Mclntosh P & Son, flour 
• Front st e intersects 
46 Hotel, s e 
48 Vacant 
58 Bolton E, pntr 
60 Hawes & Co, varnish nifrs 
62 Sonthgate W W, barber 
64 Thompson T, harness 
66 Thompson Thomas 

Store, s e 
^ King st e intersects 

Hotel, s e 
82 Phillips Albert 
82% Toronto Horse Exchange 
84-86 Brown Asa, vet surg 
88-92 Smith Thos, bdg hse 
^ Duke st Intersects 

House, s e 

108 Wheeler & Bain, factory 
116-30 Frankel Bros, iron 
^ Duchess st intersects 
138 Prior Frank 

140 Smith James 
142 Buchanan R L 
144 Ryan Mrs Mary 
146 Smith Wm 
148 Reid Mrs M 

Factory, s e 
^ Queen st e Intersects 
166 Wallace Matthew, phy 
168 Stonehouse John 
170 Mills Thomas E 
172 Meier Joseph 
174 Casey George 
176 O'Connor Miss Mary 

Murphy Miss L, mus tchr 
178 Calhigban James 
180 Kenney Patrick J 
182 Wheaton Edward F 
184 Wheler Mrs E 

Private grounds 
190 Lang John W 
192 Buchanan Robert J 

Buchanan M D, nurse 
194 Thompson Robert 
196 Burrlll Mrs E 
198 Storey Joseph 
200 Creaghe Richard S 
202 Blackball Wm B 
204 Young Albert 
20ti Eastman George P 
208 Warner John H 
210 Flynn Miss Maria 
212 Flynn Thomas 
214 Organ Wm S 
216 Martin Frederick 
218 Doyle Thomas 
220 Finlay John 
4 Shuter st intersects 

Store, s e 

222 Downie Mrs Helen 
224 McXelll Mrs A 
230 Vacant shop 
232 McNabb Wm 
234 Crapper Mrs Jennie, confy 
236 Strain Win 

Strain Mrs Mary, bdg 
238 McCabe Charles 
240 Raw-son T E 
242 Taylor Mrs Grace 
244 Coleman Mrs Gertrude 
248 Colby Marshall F 
254 Cuff Henry W 
256 Smith Mrs Mary A 
258 Claxton Thomas 
260 Tock Wm 
262 Farrell James J 
264 Cooper Mrs Mary 
266 Affholder Mrs E 
268 Ormsby Mrs Eleanor 
270 Doust Joseph 
272 Shore Rev T E Egerton 

274 Cavers C W 
27U Barber Robert 

275 Hallott Mrs Allison, bdg 
Lee Norman, clairvoyant 

• Wilton av intersects 

House, s e 
290 Brown Charles T 
292 Newell John, livery 
294 Redpath Walter 
296 Buggy Miss A, drsmkr 
298 McManus John J 
300 Walker Mrs Elizabeth 

Rear entranaces 
318 Meredith Mrs Sarah 

Timbrell Aubrey 
320 Hepburn Arnot 
322 Harvey James H 
324 Mullin James H 

Rear entrances 
330 Distln George 
332 Ritchie M & J, drsmkrs 

334 Yokum John 
336 Brown Thomas 

335 Gissing Albert 
340 Cluff James T 

Humphrey Frank H 
342 McMillan Mrs Ellen 
344 McKinney David 
346 Harris Mrs Margaret 
348 Taylor David 

House, s e 

GF.RRARD EAST, e from 397 
Yonge to city limits, wards 
1, 2 and 3. 

North Side 

Store, s e 
2 Wolseley Hall 
4 Littleford W O & Son, 

china riveters 
6 Willis Joseph 

8 Weaver Janies W, plmbr 
10 Berry Isaac H, pntr 
14 Wright Andrew 

Boswell H J 

16 Williamson Mrs M M 
18 Aguew Mrs Carrie, mus 


22 Sherwood Wm 
26 Chambers Graham, phy 
30 Wright Adam H, phy 
38 Scholfleld Mrs Luta 
40 Bilton Frank L" 
42 St James' Sq Pres Ch 
44 Ont Coll Pharmacy 
46 Myers Alfred 
50 Henderson Mrs Margaret 
56-8 Constantinides P C, phy 
60-62 Jackson Isaac, bdg 
64 Fisher Alfred E 
66 Wood W Lloyd, drugs 
^ Church st intersects 
to Caven Wm 1'. phy 
74 Sllverthorn Gideon, phy 
76 Le Villlau Miss M, drsmkr 
78 Hinchey Mrs Agnes 
80 Cash Mrs Sarah 
84 Merry Martin N 
86 Love Mrs Martha 
90 Currie Mrs Ellen A 
92 Caswell Thomas 
94 Kester James 
98 McQuillan Miss Cecila 

100 Snuggs Alfred, gro 
^ Mutual st intersects 

102 Sutherland Donald 

104 Lyons Mrs Josephine 

lOfi Streamer Marcus. 

108 Rowe Mrs Minnie A. bdg 

110 Stublvs Joseph P 

112 Welch Rev E A 

House, s e 

^ Jarvis st intersects 
Baptist Church, s p 

158 Watkins Alonzo J M 
Horticultural Gardens 

• Sherbourne st intersects 
House, s e 

202 Markle Mrs Elizabeth 
204 Tugman Mrs Eliza 
200 Cresswell R W 
208 Brooks J B, livery 
210 Wood Mrs Emma 
212 Williams W H 

Hill George 
214 Hewitt Charles 
216 Rogers John B 
218 Vacant 
220 Dunlop N S, confy 

• Seaton st intersect* 
222 Scott Thomas W, drugs 

• C P R Tel Co (br) 
22 i Res-wick C F 

226 Cameron Andrew C 
228 Daly Mrs Eleanor 
2:;0 Blashford Mrs Lucy 
232 Reed Alex H 
236 Taylor Mrs M E 
238 Burns Mrs Sarah 
238V 3 It-win Wilber 
240 Bee David H, gro 

+ Ontario st intersects 
242 Gates Wm 
244 Collard Mrs Margaret A 
246 Hoare James C 
248 Spnrr Miss G E, artist 

Spurr Mrs Laura 
230 Hill Joseph H 
232 Brand Wm. bldr 
234 Brownlow Wm 
23ii New Thomas 
258 Plater Wm P 
260 Kerrison Mrs Eliza 
262 Abraham Charles A 
2iU French Mrs Sarah 
266 Defries S H 

+ Berkeley st Intersects 
2r,S McWiUiam George 
270 McVean Wm 
272 Bourne Edward 
274 Took T. plmbr 
270 Coster Mrs M 
278 Bond George D. contr 
280 Clarridge John J 
282 Macdonald C Henry 
2S4 Miller Wm, pntr 
2S<> Patterson George C 
288 Bray James, phy 
2:iO Lamb Wm 
2!>2 Beavis C H. plmbr 
2.14 Cameron Will J 
2:ir, I'uon Mrs Mary 

+ Parliament st Intersects 

Hotel, s a 

300 Jones Mrs Elizabeth I 
i.02 Gearing Mrs Emma 
306 Wright Miss Mary E 

+ Gerrard pi commences 
310 Cook Joseph H 
312 MacMurchy Mrs Amelia 
314 Falconer John, carp 
320 Roden Ephralm P 
324 Webster Mrs Mary 
326 Watson Mrs Deborah 
330 Smith Mrs Ellen 
332 Marquis BenJ 
334 Cameron Lauchlin D 
3-10 Stephensou Stephenson 
342 Nlcholl George F 
342V 2 Shaw J^ihn, coal 
344 \Valford Miss Mildred 
348 L>avis Daniel 
350 Baker Mrs Susannah 
352 Shaw John 
.'•'34 Nixon Kniery G 
S56 Alexander Robert G 
358 Aveline Haley L 
360 Kelly Morgan J, wines 
362 Stewart H H, gro 

^ Sackville st intersects 
Hospital grounds 
Burnside Lying In Hosp 
Tor General Hospital 
Eye and Ear Infirmary 

^ Sumach st intersects 
434-6 Cruttenden Thos, drags 
438 Francis Henry 
440 McGaviu Wm 
442 Jenkinson Joseph 
444 Vac-ant 
44ti Arnold Samuel 
448 Vacant 
450 Frizzell E J 
452 Montgomery Mrs Ellen 
456 Simpson J & Son, grcrs 

^ Sword st commences 
458 Lyon Joseph 
460 Purcell Richard 
462 McLaren Wm 
464 Thompson Andrew 
•166 Veitch Robert 
470 Slatter James, floor 
474-6 McCoIl Bros & Co, oils 
478 Whitham George H 
480 Metcalf Eflward 
482 Plater H B. shoes 

• River sr intersects 
Methodist Church 

^ Don River Bridge 
Isolation Hospital 
Toronto Jail 
550 Ewau Peter 

Ewau Miss Barbara A, 

mus tchr 
562 Gvoen John 

• Broadview av intersects 
Store, s e 

588 Boyd Robert, eip 
390 Maffey Francis C 
592 Phillips Win H 

Private grounds 
598 Walkem Wm" J 
600 Brace James C 

604 Cross Leonard G 
Cross Leonard 

606 Graydon James 

605 Graham Osborne A 
Private grounds 

618 Allan Frederick M 
622 Benson Wm G 
624 Scott Abraham 

Private grounds 
634 Kelley Henry R 
636 Alliu'Mrs Maria 
638 Alliu Alfred A 
640 Dowson George W 
642 Blackburn W, shoemkr 
644 Glenn Hugh 
(Mil Vacant 

648 Rogers Mrs E L 
fi50 Lynn .Tames 
652 Drohan Michael 

Private grounds 
658 Van Unm Henry A 

Private grounds 
664 Hamilton George 
660 Lowe Wm 
670 Cook James 
<;72 Lee Charles K 
674 Finiirau James 
676 i'ro» i' & Sou. pntrs 

Cross Christopher 


. . 3O. 



Repairs, Cleans, Dyes, Alters, Presses 

Gentlemen's Clothes, Etc. 'Phone 8074 



Toronto Fruit Vinegar Co. Limited 

81 Front St. East. 


Gerrard East. 


678 Cross Christopher Jr 
684 Gibson Mrs Sarah C 
686 Stoskopf Louis 
686% Coniam Charles 
688 Martin Louis L 
690 Trotter Mrs Hannah 

Trotter Miss G, tchr elo 

C92 Cliudinuing Wm H 
694 Ramsey Wm J 

Vacant lot 

702 Brlckell Charles H 
704 Penney Cliarles 
706 Diuiond Arthur 
708 Lane John 
710 Caskie James 

Private grounds 
714 Jarvis Henry 

Vacant lot 

720 Anderson Mrs Agnes 
722 Hubbard Wm 
724 Fleming Thomas 
726 Wright Wm 
728 Henthorn Mrs Cecilia 
Y30 MacMilhin Mrs Janet 
732 Hemming Edward 

Vacant lots 
746 Crowe John, gro 

• How-hind rd commences 
Vacant lots 

+ Logan av intersects 

Vacant lots 

+ Carlaw av intersects 
+ GTR crossing 
930 Grant David 
+ Pane av Intersects 

House, s e 

Private grounds 
<» Gait av commences 

Private grounds 
4, Leslie st intersects 

Vacant lots to end 
South Side 

Store, s e 

1 Entrance to Arcade 
3 Cornell J. work shop 
5 Store, s i> 

Entrance to Arcade 
7 Store. * " 
9 Felklr. W D, uphol 
11 Gorrlll •* Co, tlrs 
AO'Keefe lane ends 
15 Townsend S H, arch 
19 Wagner Wm J, phy 
+ Victoria st ends 

Normal School grounds 

• Church st intersects 
House, s e 

• Dalhousie st ends 
S3 Vacant 

89 Brown John H 
91 Walker John B 
93 Ford Mrs Jennie 
95 Valleau Stanley 
99 Dill Charles A, bdg 

• Mutual st ends 
101 Westman Eldon 
103 Coleman Mrs Sophia 
105 McCann Thomas 

107 Riddell Miss Margaret 

109 Bennett Mrs Jane 

113 Sutherland Alex, shoes 

House, s e 
+ Jarvis st Intersects 

House, s e 
135 Brown Thomas M 
137 Dancy Mrs Isabella S 
139 Yokom David 
141 Carnaby Mrs Emma 
143 Reid George 
145 Wright Matthew 

• George st ends 
147 East Mrs Jane 
149 Rutherford Mrs B 
151 Vale W T 

153 Pennlngton Virgil 
155 Gudgeon Robert 
157 Fee Joseph 
House, s e 

• Pembroke st ends 
179 Gurney Edward 
183 Wellington Wm B 
185 Matthews James 
187 Carlyle James, phy 

189 Patton J Churchill, phy 

191 Adams Charles 

193 Sipes Melvin, dentist 

• Sherbourne st intersects 
House, s e 

201 Lloyd Mrs Cecilia 

203 Farmer James H 
203 Warren George M 
207 Cornwall Alfred 
20!) Greer Mrs Martha J 
211 Holman J W, btchr 
213 Lee J Hip, ludry 
215 Ferguson F, shoemkr 
217 Taverner Miss M A, 

219 Baker J I, dairy 

+ Seaton st intersects 
229 Girls' Home 

^ Ontario st intersects 
237 Taylor Oliver, gro 
239 Vacant 
241 Vacant 
243 Vacant 

245 LeCour P J, plmbr 
24T Dandy W J, flour 
249 Broadfoot David, dairy 
251 Bowman Matthew, barber 
253 Greer Thomas, tlr 

Greer Richard 
255 Thompson Thomas G 
257 Miller Mrs M 
259 Swait John C 
261 Pyue Albert K, phy 
263 Pyne Robert A, phy 

+ Berkeley st intersects 
265 Pickering Latimer, phy 
269 Taylor Rev G I 
271 Earl Theophims R 
273 White Aubrey 
275 Unfinished house 
277 Steplu'iison Win 
279 Tingle Mrs Mary 
281 Gllfoy Win, baker 
283 Force Thos, shoemkr 
285 Rowland & Galbralth, 

Rowland H A 

Galbralth M T J 

CPR Tel Co (br) 
287 Coutts John, gro 
+ Parliament st intersects 

Bank, s e 
289 McBnruey Orwell 

Van Dusen Miss A, drs- 

Island James S, dentist 
295 Stone & Stinson, livery 
297 Preston Wm, pntr 
299 Rooney Wm L 
301 Flynn Mrs Mary 
303 Ingram Mrs Nora 

Vacant lot 

^ Victoria pi commences 
315 McKnight John 
317 Parke Wm 
319 Innes Andrew C 
321 Shier Miss Clara E 
323 Goold Jacob L 
325 Corson Benjamin 

Corson Mrs Minnie, gro 
327 Colemau Wm 
329 Hainsworth Mrs Fannie 
S31 Macdonald & Murnan, 

Macdonald Mrs B 

Murnan Miss H 

• Gerrard av commences 
333 McCann Mrs Isabella 

Houlihan Mrs I, nurse 

Vacant lot 

333% Sheehan Timothy 
339 Vacant 
343 Kemp Frederick 
349 Kingsnorth Edward 

Kingsnorth John 
357 Tor Medical College 

• Sackville st intersects 
361 Alnsworth C, clothing 
303 Pett Wm W 

365 Luney George 

367 Greer Robert 

369 Simpson J L 

871 Taylor James A 

373 Mawson Seth 

375 Nuthall Edmund C 

377 W'allls Joseph, exp 

379 Moffatt James 

381 Hewlett Alfred, cigars 

Vacant lots 
397 Coxon Samuel 

Vacant lot 
401 Brodle Joseph B 
403 Motion Thomas 

Vacant lots 
413 Poehle Frederick 
415 Baker Walter 

417 Logan Gilbert 

419 McKerracher John, bldr 

Vacant lots 

^ Sumach st intersects 
433 Hyde Wm H, gro 
437 Egau James J 

439 Abel John A 
441 Fleming Joseph 
443 Dale Adam 

440 Smith Arthur P 
447 Brown Wm 

449 Taylor James 

451 Brown Albert J 

453 Bryant John 

455 Ireland Henry G 

457-59 Fogarty Joseph, florist 

461 Buchanan Thomas 

463 Chesman Frederick, btchr 

465 Fallalze Francis 

Dempsey E, baker, r 

Stratton John, blksmlth, r 

Balson S, r 
,• 467 Ross John 

469 Pitton James T 
471 McMillan Alexander 
473 Plttis Alfred 
475 Cosgrove James 
477 Billing Willimott H 
479 Major Edward 
4S1 Kddowes George 
483 Spanton James 

Private grounds 
489 Hathway Fred G, btchr 
491 Seymour James 
+ River st intersects 

Factory, s e 

McColl Bros & Co, oils 
^ Gerrard st bridge 

vacant lots 
+ Blackburn st ends 

Vacant lots 
+ Munro st ends 

Vacant lots 
+ Hamilton st ends 

Vacant lots 
^ Broadview av intersects 

House, s e 
587 Smith Manley 
591 Butler Leonard S 
595 Crane J D, gro 
597 Phillips Mrs S C, gro 

Phillips J H, dairy 
599 Willcox John I 
601 Williams Wm 
603 Moore Mrs Mary J 
G07 Burgess James 

Vacant lot 
615 Hilton David 
621 Hooper Wm J 
623 Gillespie Alexander 
625 Short Hugh, barber 

Whlteside Thomas 
627 Hacking L, shoemkr 

Ramsey Alexander 
629 Wilson James 
631 Hannighan James, btchr 
633 Monaghan George 
637 Page Alfred 
639 Cooper Thomas 
641 Scott Harry J 
643 Leidy Fletcher 
645 Vacant 
647 Maclsaac A H 

White Benjamin A 
649 Bennis Emerson J 
651 Knowlton Wm 
653 Beasley John 

Vacant lot 
663 Rossiter Mrs Annie 

Vacant lot 
* Bolton av ends 

St John's Pres Ch 
691 Gibbons Henry 
695 Lee Henry 
097 Ward Henry 
699 Webb Elijah 
703 Burry George, baker 

tDe Grassl st ends 
7 Coulter Andrew, gro 
711 Drury Frederick A 
713 Howard Wm H 

Vacant lot 
723 Cowling Elijah 
725 Page John 
729 Fleming John T 

Vacant lots 
739 Fldler Joseph 
741 Jennion Wm 
743 Pye Henry 
745 Mortlock Ambrose G 

747 Thaekray John F 
749 Cochrane Joseph S 
751 DIckson Wm J 
753 Tolchard Daniel 
755 Blythe Charles 
757 Lennie Alexander 
759 Mainland James 
761 Osborn Arthur, d;. 
763 Burns Cornelius 
765 Bishopric Charles 
767 O'Brien Robert 

O'Brien Miss Kate B, drs 


769 Horn John M C 
771 Thomson Wm 
773 Mitchell Robert 
775 Adams Edward J 
777 Nicol Andrew C 
779 Bogart Lyman 
781 Lundy Wm H 
783 Munro Mrs Phoeb.- A 
785 Wilder James J 
787 Lauder Andrew K 
789 Collinson Samuel 

Vacant lots to end 


880 Yonge to Elizabeth, 

ward 3. 
North Side 

2 Marrow Mrs Mary 

4 Storehouse 

8 Lettau Gustave 

10 Tipllng Mark, contr 
12 Payne Wm T 

14 McClymont Wm 
16 Clewes John 

18 Cashman Michael i; 

20 Kelly Mrs Mary 

22 Jordan Wm H" 

24 Wilcox Wm H 

26 Duhig Mrs Elizabeth 

28 Kilfedder Miss Margaret 

30 Burrows James 

32 Rubbra Alfred L J 
34 Sharman John H 
36 Arscott Edwin 
38 Adams Nicholas 
40 Moore Mrs Jennie 
42 McRae Miss Kate 
44 Paul Miss Minnie 
44% McCreery Wm 

McCreery Mrs E, drsmkr 
46 O'Neill Miss Winifred 

O'Neill Miss E, drsmkr 
48 Marseilles Mary 
50 Hewglll Stephen 
52 Haslam George H 
54 Maley Mrs Kathleen 
56 Sheridan Humphrey 
58 Podger George S 
60 Rea Mrs Mary A 
62 Newton George 
64 Staton Mrs Elizabeth 
66 Kinsman Wm, gro 
^Teraulay st Intersects 
68 Maguire George 
70 Jeffery Mrs E M 
72 Ani1«>rson Thomas .7 
74 Popham Wm H 
7C Mnnnell Thomas 
78 Gallagher Henry 
80 Richardson James L 

83 Johnson Herbert 

84 Johnson Benjamin 

• Mission av commences 
86 Armstrong Mrs Mary 
88 Vacant 
90 Fraser Mrs Jane 
92 Albertle John E 
94 Mitchell Nicholas 
9fi Davis Robert W 
98 WTiithefirt Georcv 
100 Little Mrs Catherine 
South Sldo 

1 Lawless John A 

7 Oosnpll Kdward A 

9 Honeh Wm O 

11 Kerr Mrs Jan- 
Private grounds 

15 Close Jofin E 
IT Avery Hpnrv T 

19 Johnston Thomas 

21 HnskPll Alfred 

23 Anderson Mnrsmrpt 

25 Thomson Robert L 

27 Ssyprs F W 

29 Bryson Frederick H 

31 Hargrave Miss Lizzie 



5 KING ST. W. 

•Phone 1424 

445 YONGE ST. 


Lansdowne Arenne and 
Bloor St. West. 
Telephone 5125 

Total Abstainers 

consulting a representative of 

The Temperance and General Life. 




33 Shuttle James 

85 Lawrence N Annie 

39 Jackson John 

45 Romaueili Joseph 

49 Tait Thomas W 

51 Eyre KIchard 

55 Greeniaus Mrs Philomela 

Hotel, 3 e 
^Terauiay st Intersects 

llr.'jse. -^ G 

GS Mnybury Mrs Mary A. 
65 Lawrence John M 
69 Duiral Mrs Charlotte 
71 Kiely George \V 
73 Hook Mrs Grace 
Store, s e 

GERRAKD AV, s from 333 

Gerrard e, ward 2. 
East Side 

3 Fltzpatrlck Mrs Ellen 

5 Cooper Charles J, pntr 
Shoveller Mrs Mary A 

7 Shock Albert 
House, s e 

West Side 

Store, 9 e 
2 Rydall John 

4 Patry John D 

6 Vacant 

8 Sullivan Michael 
12 Roulston Win 
14 Wilson Thomaa 

UERKAKli 1'L. n from 310 
Serrard e, ward 2. 

East Side 

House, s e 
3 Shaver Jason S 
5 Morris James 
7 Lamb John D 
9 Preston Ira. real est 
11 Whyte Mrs E J 

." West Side . 

House. 3 e 

GlFFORD. u from Spruce. 

opp r of General Hospital 

to Carlton. ward 2. 
East Side 

1 Harvey Andrew 

3 Price Samuel 

5 Tamlln John X 

7 Ritchie David 
9 Xlxon Henry 

11 Moss Mrs Margaret 

13 Brenton John 

15 Sutton Wm M 

17 Mills Henry C 

19 Reed Charles P 

21 Hunter Cecil E 

23 White Mrs Rebecca 
25 (Brighton Tnomas A 

27 MeCualg John F 

29 Cameron Donald 

31 Johnston Mrs V"nes 
XI XeNon Wm H 

35 B;ill E F 

^ Gilrtersleove pi commences 
37 Cameron Mrs Mary 
39 Allen James 

House, s e 
West Side 

2 Addlson Wm T 

4 Barber Mrs M J 
Barber W John 

6 McKell Wm F 

8 Rea Isaac L 

10 Beaton Mrs M C 
Vacant lot 

14 Allen Henry 

16 Lewis Mrs Elizabeth 

18 Camnbell George 

20 Ainslle Sherman F 

22 Marrs Thomas 

28 Brick Thomas, bldr 

30 Wlckett Wm M 

32 Poulter Henry 
House, s e 

Sumach to the Don, first s 
of Carlton, ward 1. 
North Side 

3 Hancock James R 

4 MeBurney Mrs Mary J 
6 Furey James M 

GIVEXS, n from 968 Queen 
w to Bloor w, ward 5. 

East Side 

Store, s e 
1 Barrett Alfred M 
3 Dibb George 
5 Bero Alexander 
7 Craig John 
9 Nevilles Edward 
11 Hllleu Benjamin 
3 Montgomery Charles E 
15 Cubbidge Sampson 
17 McGill James 

S I'uuueit George 

10 i'erry Mrs Jane 
Gray U m H 

12 Druninioud James 
1-1 Jariiiue James W 
Iti Williams Harry M 

IS Murphy Mrs Catherine 
21) Uuinusoii Thomas 

22 McCormick George T 

24 Williams Ernest S 
2i i Huil^vs Arthur A 
M Murray George S 
:;i» Jeandrou Arthur E 

32 HurrU Henry J 

34 I'vrke Valentine E 
36 Muir Frank 

38 Lang Joseph W 

40 Manning Alfred H 
42 Joseltn Ell G 

Hastings MM Jaue, mus 


44 Ebbels Mrs Amelia 
46 Nash George F 
4s Flanagan David G 

South Side I 

1 Adeney Thomas J, gro 

3 Poulter John 

5 Stanton Airred, dairy 

7 Warwick John 

'•* Mnir Mrs Isabella 

11 Gregg George H 

13 Carter George R 
la Hilller Thomas 

IT McCormick Win J 
1'J Barton Charles W 
21 Moore Wm 3 

23 Suninierfield Sydney 

25 Gill George 

27 McLean James C 

20 Vacant 

31 Temple Charles G 

33 Towns Robert 

35 Marrin Frank 

41 Vacant 

r of 27 Gifford to Sumach, 
ward 2. 

North Side 

2 Brock Robert 

6 Gilmore David 

8 Doyle James A 
10 Butt Albert 
12 O'Rlley Mrs M C 
14 Graham Frank E 
16 Staunton S H 
18 Wilson Frederick 
20 Haley Francis 
22 Phillips Wm C 

House, s e 
South Side 

1 Watts Arthur J 

3 Johnson Henry 
House, s e 

G1LEAD PL, u from 18 East 
ern av to Coatsworth, ward 

East Side 

Store, s e 

1 McCarty Charles 

3 McCarthy Michael 

5 Slsley Joseph 

7 Breen Thomas T J 
9 Lepere Wm J 

11 Wliiteside Robert J 
West Side . . . ^^. 

House, 3 e 

2 Hallam Herbert 

4 Llvernois Mrs Exelda 

6 Watson James 

8 Almond Wm 

10 Faulkner Mrs Margaret 

12 White John 

I'j lJuulh Frank 

21 Comes Joseph W 

23 Tomliiuon Henry 

23 Gayuor Walter 

27 Stewart Robert 

21) Sninmervllle Edward 

Sommerville M, drsuikr 
31 Powell Wtu 
33 Rowles Josiah 
35 Bui-bridge Robert 
37 Drury John 
39 Harding Patrick 
41 Thomas Frederick 

+ Brace sr intersects 
43 Fearrnan Thomas 
45 Atherley Wm 
47 Hamilton Michael 
53 McClelland Mrs Isabella 
55 David Miss L, drsmkr 
57 McMurray James 

59 J.-ukiiis Edwin J 

61 Champion Alfred H 
63 Cooper John 
65 Smith Joseph W 
67 Smith Frederick T 

60 Hutchinson Wm 
Public school 

• Argyle st intersects 
House, s e 

99 Crawford John 
101 Foster George V 
107 Crawford Thomas 
109 Davies Edmund C 
117 Dunn Jesse W 
125 Bullman Mrs Elizabeth 
127 Bulman John 
^ Halton st Intersects 

Closed for one block 
+ Arthur st intersects 

Houso. s e 
16!) Diplock James A 
171 Verrall George E 
173 Acomb Mrs Elizabeth 

Vacant lots 
^Harrison st intersects 

Vacant lots 

301 Thompson John T 
r>03 Norrie Mr? Hannah R 
305 Cockbnrn Angus A 
307 Beadle Delos W 

Vacant lots 

• College st intersects 
Vacant lots 

S49 McKerih™ H. teas 
351 McKerlhen Herbert 
353 Garrett Bruff 
355 Bungay Francis L 
357 Valsey Wm 
350 Marshall John G 
3t;i Gowlnnd Matthew M 
3fi3 N'ortbcott Joseph R 
3(15 Watkins John L 

Watkins Miss H A. nras 


367 Prince Frederick 
369 Gilbert Ilnniol 

Vacant lots 

383 Henry George, bldr 
385 Marshall Alexander 
389 Allsopp Samuel, tinner 

Vacant lots 
461 Bnrron John R 
463 Hall James 
465 Pollard Augustus 
467 Vacant 

469 Yeomans Rev George A 
•*71 Dnvidge Mrs Annie 

Vacant lots 
501 Pickering Wm 
503 Crocker Mark S 
505 Moorhouse Ernest W 

Vacant lots 
527 I.angdou Walter P 
529 Holmes James V 
531 Caldwell Jas. coal oil 
535 Aitchlson Thomas McK 
537 Boyd Jamps A 
541 Rontery Walter 
543 Brooks John jr. dairy 
545 Rodgcrs Mrs Jane 

Vncnnt lots 
557 Brennan Chas, cabs 

Vacant lots 
567 Murray Win 
573 Given Samuel D 
575 Ford George T 
577 Avison George 
579 Gilmore Geo D, teas 
581 Withers John T 
583 Mitchell Thomas 


089 Balantyne James 
591 Bryant Robert J 
59114 Cleaver Arthur 
593 Russell Jann>* 
599 Langdon Xoah 
605 Smith Samuel G 
607 Major Edward 

009 Ockenden Henry L 

Vacant lots 
019 Peters Albert 
C21 MacKenzie Win r. 
023 Fisher Arthur H 
025 Turner Thomas 
027 McFarlane Miss Agnes 
029 Jackson Edward S 
631 Gibson Mrs Margaret 
637 Ball Wm J 
630 McCallum John 
041 Magin Joseph G 
64S Carter Miss Alice 1C 
645 Church Mrs Lonlsa 
647 Quinn Miss Mary 
Store, s e 

West Side 

Blacksmith shop, < ,. 
2 Montgomery Alex 
4 Armstrong George 
8 Payne Wm R. i-mitr 

10 Vacant shop 

12 Sims Mrs Julia 

14 Nicholl John 

16 Hall John T 

18 Hardy Wm T 
^ Rebecca st commences 

20 Barton Edward W 

Bnrton K W. violin tchr 

22 Cooper Charles T C 

24 Mackenzie John 

28 Jones Thomas 

30 Bacon Mrs Catherine 

34 Wilson Patrick 

36 Young Alexander 

38 Johnson Wm F 

^ Bruce st Inters. ei,~ 
Cattle yard-" 

44-41 Vacant i2i 

48 Coxon. George 

50 Coxon Geonre jr 

58 Moore Chnrfrfi 
Moore Chnrlc.- ir 

60 Kneen Matthias 

62 Rood James 

66 Neill John X 

t>8 McCarthy Timothy 

70 McKay Andrew 

72 Cochrane Lemuel 

80 McGowan Wm 

84 Verrnl Robert 

8(1 Pearse Wm J 

S3 Iseinan Mark 

90 Kendell J S, gro 
^Argyle st Intersects 

House, s e 

94 Keeler Wm T C. bldr 
100 Douglas James 
]10 Dunn John 
114 Brown Mrs Isabella 

Brown Miss C R. drsmkr 
116 Aykroyd George 

St Barnabas Church, 3 « 

• Halton st intersects 
Closed for one block 

• Arthur st intersects 
Vacant Iota 

176 Jennings Thomas 
182 Walterhouse John 

Vacant lots 
194 Wilson Robert C 

Vacant lots 
^ Harrison st intersects 

Vacant lots 
276 Mackrell George 





Limited. 43 ESPLANADE ST. E. 


North British & Mercantile Insurance Go. 

Telephone No. 423. 



148 Givens. 


Vaqnnt lots 
888 Menton Michael 
300 Lalng Jnmcs 

Vacant lots 
+ College st intersects 

Vacant lot 
850 Kennedy James H 

Down G Frederick 
362 McMordle Alexander 

McMordle Mrs J, dairy 
354 Davidson Wm J 
35ii West Peter G 
358 Wells Wm J 
360 Paxton Alexander 
360M! Kerr Robert 
362 I.aine Louis F 
364 Scott George 
366 Smith Theophilus 
368 McNeilUe Thomas C 
370 Beatty John 
372 Reid Charles E 
374 McLaren John G 

Vacant lots 
388 Beatty Samuel 
390 Strehler Arnold 
S92 Wilson Thomas 
894 Williams John W 
398 Sinclair Alexander M 
400 Cassldy Peter 
402 Montgomery James T 
404 Abbott Mrs Maria M J 
406 Bradley Northrop H 
408 Bailey George L 
410 Pigott Thomas 
412 Urry Wm H 

414 Sinclair Mrs Helen N 
416 Owen Mrs Clementina 

415 McGowan James 
420 Connolly Robert 
422 Price Wm It 
424 Payne John 

Vacant lots 
472 Vacant 
486 Wolfe Wm J 
483 Roe Wm 
490 Ham John W 
492 Hanna Arthur J 
496 Freeman Fred M 
500 Carter Frederick 
C02 Goulter Wm McW 
504 Knrge James D 
506 Austrian Peter J 
60S McKeown George A 
510 Crocker Luke 
512 Clellaud George 

Vacant lots 
B2S McCullough Wm 
530 Graham George T 
532 Manhard Lewis B 
634 Beardsley Cyrus D 
636 Eaton 10 Clifford 
538 Richards Wm G 

Vacant lots 
548 Hartley John 
P50 Purchase Jumes 

Purchase Mrs M A, gro 

Purchase R G, dairy 

Vacant lots 
658 Sutton Edmund 

Vacant lots 
574 Oakley Samuel 
576 Hyde Charles B 
578 Hutton James 
680 McGregor Jan^es M 
6S2 Verral George 
584 Nicholls Richard E 
BSfl O'Brien Edward 
5S3 Nesbltt Wm J 

Private grounds 
592 Gllmore Isaac, exp 
594 Balsdon James 
596 Spink-i George 

Vacant lots 
610 Mountford Albert V 

Vacant lota 
628 Hunter John B, coal oil 

Hunter Mrs F, fey gds 

Vacant lots 
C3G Llddell Henry 

1214 Queen w to Bloor w, 
ward 6. 

East Side 

Hotel, s e 
5 Vernon Eli, pntr 
7 Coulter James, exp 
9 Cronk Wm N, optician 
11-13 Gaby Jos, blksmith 

Dickson D J, waggon mkr 
15 Cutts Eugene 
17 O'Neill Mrs M Jane 
1U Bulnier John 
21 Haggar Henry 
23 Badka Allen A 
25 Hunter Mrs Isabella 

Newlove U J, carp 
27 Parkes Robert 

Irving Robert, carp 
29 Irvine Robert B 
29% Richardson John 
31 Irvine Charles A 
31% Fox Robert 
33 Johnson Joseph A 
33V, Auient Wm 
35 McComb Mrs Mary 
35% O'Brien Michael 
37 Moore Robert 
39 Magulre Samuel 
41 Hill Wm A 
43 Davis Frederick C 
45 Terry Wm J 
47 Williams Alexander 
49 Duncan Wm 
51 Delory James 
53 Campbell Wm 
55 McPhee Mrs H 
57 Copelaud John E 
59 Gaoy Joseph 
61 Brown James 
63 Furter Frederick 
65 Vacant 
67-75 Plymouth Brethren 

Meeting House 
77 Ferris Wm 
79 May John W 
«1 Allen Alfred M 
83 McKee Alexanader 
85 Kirklaud Archibald 

Borden Miss M E, nurse 
87 Softley Rev Henry 

Softley Miss E, mus tcbr 
89 Gladstone Av Mission 

Thompson J H, fruit 

• Argyle st ends 

91 Hook Thomas, btchr 

Hook Edward J 
97 Shouldice John W 
99 McGregor Richard 
101 McKay Mrs Annie 
103 Craine Robert 
105 Seaman Wm B 
107 Quinn Martin J 
109 Cameron Albert E 
111 Lyness Mrs Mary J 
113 Trimble Wm 
115 Macdonald Daniel 

Vacant lots 
+ Cross st cuds 

Vacant lots 
165 Collins John 
167 Vacant 
169 Speers John M 
171 Spence Wm J 
173 Peters Frank J 
175 Jarvis Joseph 
177 Hazle Thomas 
179 Donovan Li It 
181 Glackin George 
183 Beetbam Francis E 
185 Gibson Robert 
187 Freeman Alfred 
189 Spenceley Alfred 
191 Simpson John 
193 Rimmington Frank 
195 Doherty Peter 
197 Mulholland Wm J 
199 Gerow Wm W 
201 McCarthy John 
203 Hodgins James R 
205 Sykes Wm J 
207 Morrison James A 
209 Brew Wm J 

House, s e 

• Collahie st ends 
House, s e 

215 Staunton Luke 
217 Kelding Wm W 

• Dundas st intersects 
Vacant lots 

• Gladstone pi commences 
House, s e 

263 Edwards C M & Co, flav 
oring extracts 
265 Gammon Charles 

Vacant lots 
275 Marr John, dairy 

Vacant lots 

• College st intersects 
Coal and wood yard 

345 Jacobs Clement T 

Vacant lots 
+ Lindsay av intersects 

House, s e 

+ Sylvan av intersects 
House, s e 

West Side 

Conger Coal Co (br) 
2 Knight Albert E 
4 O'Connell Patrick 
8 McKee John 
10 O'Reilly Mrs Mary 
12-18 Coulter James, yard 

and stables 
22 Bartlett James C 
24 Bryan Walter 
26 Osborne Wm C 
28 Whaley James 
30 White Wm R 
32 Vernon Mrs E 
34 Nesbltt Hugh 
36 Sleau John 
38 Patterson Wrn J 
40 Brown Samuel, gro 

Gamble J F, produce 
42 Egan John 
44 Robinson Thomas 
46 Aikens Thomas 
A Peel av commences 
52 Jackson Mrs Elizabeth 
54 Scott Mrs Frances 

Scott Thos G, dairy 
56 Henderson L W 
58 Mathieson Malcolm 
60 Birch Harry W 
62 Jackson Alfred 
64 Bentley George W 
66 Lougheed Francis A 
68 Speiran John 
70 Bowen Price 
72 Purdon Robert A 
74 McElroy Wm H 
76 Arnot James 
78 Wright Samuel, gro 

• Alma av commences 
SO Dunlop Thomas, gro 
82 Bong Mark, Indry 

84 Johnson F W, bicycle liv 

Anderson Richard 
86 Smith George 
88 Clay Charles O 
90 Murray John M, carp 
92 Lonergan Michael 
94 Virtue Robert H 
96 Davison Mrs Mildred 
98 Glynn James 
100 Hawe Harvey T 
102 Croft Thomas G 
Croft Mrs Ellz, gro 

• Waterloo av commences 
104 Marshall Wm, btchr 

Murton Mrs Lucy E 
106 McEIhinney Robert 
Gladstone av school 

• Trafalgar av commences 
128 Taylor Arthur W 

130 McVicker Samuel S 
132 Gilray Wm H 
134 Shaw Mrs Kate 
136 Belding Charles W 
138 Shaw James 
140 McPhee John W 
142 Rose Mrs Sabanea 

Johnson F W 
144 Macdonald Wm 
146 Richardson Mrs Mary A 
148 Mitchell Wm J 
150 Walls Andrew 
152 Kelly George. H 
154 Dennie Thomas E 
156 Reid Wm G 

Vacant lot 

180 Powell H F, mkt gdnr 
186 Prest Thomas 
188 Freeman Clarkson E 
190 Halliday James I 
192 Hope Robert R 
194 White Wm 
196 Oster Wm 
198 Rayner Richard 
200 Sibley Fred G, uphol 
202-4 Vacant (2) 
206 McHeneary Isaac 
208 MeHugh George 

Vacant lots 

• Dundas st intersects 
House, s e 
Private grounds 

252 Baumhard F R, contr 
Vacant lots 

• College st Intersects 
Vacant lots 

• Lindsay av intersects 
House, s e 

350 McKenzie John R 
352 McDowell George A 

• Sylvan av Intersects 
House, s e 

Hancock T, planing mill 

Gladstone av, first n Dundas, 
ward 6. 

North Side 

2 Hastie Wm R 
4 O'Neil James 
6 Mitchell Wm 
8 Dale Basil 

10 Chambers Mrs Hannah 
12 Hyland John F 
14 Bricknell G Harry 
16 Donkln Benjamin 
18 Scott Edwin 
20 Douglas John D 
22 Ironside Alfred 
24 Wregget Oliver 

South Side 

Not built on 

GLEN RD, n from opp 27 
Howard to city limits, ward 

East .Side 

1 Robertson James S 

• Dale av commences 
House, s e 

• Maple av intersects 
House, s e 

G3 Inwood Frederick G 

65 Wright John D 

• Elm av intersects 
Vacant lots 

85 Vacant 

87 Acton James 

89 Jarvis Edgar J 
Vacant lots 

• South Drive intersects 
House, s e 

: Bridge 
Beaumont rd commences 
Rosedale Golf Club, s e 
Gibson A H 
Adams James 

• Binscarth rd intersects 
Rosedale Park 

West Side 

2 Mahood Rev John W 
<J Rnwllnaon M 

8 Van Nostrand Arthur J 
10 Marshall Mrs Eliza M 
12 Manchee F D 
14 Chisholm George T 
10 Cooper John A 
18 Gorman James A 
20 Coles Edward W 
22 Mullin Alexander 
24 Ross Simon 
26 Dickenson Henry S 

40 Mncklem S 

•Maple av intersects 
60 Evans F S 
62 Adams Wm 
64 Irish Mark H 

66 Kills Philip W 

68 Kertland Edwin H 

• Elm av intersects 
Vacant lots 

80 George Wm K 

SO Hamilton James C 

90 Clarke Frederick G 
92-94 Vacant (2) 

• South Drive ends 
Caldwell Wm, lumber 

Vacant lots to end 

GT.KNBAILLIE, w from 332 
Spadina av, ward 4. 

North Side 

Store, s e 
2 Corin Harry J 
4 Legge Herbert 
8 Powell E G 
8 Nimmo Alexander 
10 Engen Wm T 
12 Dude Henry 

Guarantee Company of North America. 

MEDLAND & JONES, Cen'! Agents, Mail Building:, Cor Kin? and Bay, TeU067 

Hfl'H A R A Ri ftfl Brokers and Financial Agents, 
• U llfllin IX UUij 30 TORONTO STREET 


Grange Av. 149 

South Side 

I McLean John 

3 Huugerford Miss Susan 

5 Hutchcroft Albert B 

7 Uobsou John 

9 Mnllin Andrew 
11 Wndsworth Alexander 
13 Childs Richard 
15 Maddocks H G 

GLENDALE AV, n from Gar 
den av to Wright av, first 
w of Sunnyside av, ward 6. 
Not built on 

George to Sherbourne, first 
s of Gerrard e, ward 2. 
Side and rear entrances 

GLOUCESTER, e from 601 
Youge to Jarvis, ward 3. 

North Side 

Store, s e 
28 Masonic Hall 
10 Patterson Alexander 
12 Boyle Robert W 
16 Kohertsuii Mrs Jennie 
IS Ellerby Miss Lucy M 
Mockrldge Miss E, mus 


24 Foy Augustus 
26 Foster Silas H 
;'2 Irwin John A 
34 Klug Joseph 
36 Patriarche Mrs Heleu M 
38 Foster J Milton 

40 Sbeppard Mrs Eliza 
42 Mason A W, phy 

44 Callnghan Thomas F 

46 Lloyd John W 

50 Gimson John F 

r>2 Newsome Win B 

56 Johnston David I 

r,3 Vacant 

<'0 1'ingle Mrs Henrietta 

62 Browu Charles P 

G4 Merrick Miss Florence 

66 Webster Henry C 

C8 Brush Seely B 

70 Armstrong Thomas 
House, s e 

+ Church st intersects 

House, s e 
76 Henderson J H 
78 Marshall Thomas 

52 Keaohie Mrs Ida G 
84 Wilkes Miss Marcella 
80> Gunn Andrew 

88 Baker Charles 
IK) Robins Wm 
!>2 Martin Louis K 
94 Copp Wm 
00 Love Henry G 
100 Brimer Robert R 

House, s e 
South Side 

7 Snarr Robert I 

9 Hillary Miss N, mus tchr 
11 Fletcher Mrs Rebecca I 
13 Young Robert St B 
13 Gowaus John 
17 York Henry H 
in MoKny Daniel H 
21. Oliver Wm 
23 Woodruff Charles H 
25 Neill Henry 
27 Briggs Mrs Elizabeth 
20 Brown George 
31 Croake Michael 
33 Erskine Mrs Margaret 
37 Humphries Robert H 

41 Hicks Mrs Esther 

43 MncMlllan Mrs Jeannle 
45 Chestnut D George 
47 Carter Charles 
4i> Meharg Mrs Isabella 
Bl Evans Mrs Elizabeth 

53 Collier Joseph 
55 Huggnrd John 

57 Curry Miss M, drsmkr 
59 Patterson Mrs Jane 
61 Bradv Ml* Lucy J 
63 Walsh .Tamos 
05 Clark Nicholas J 

71 Barwick Miss Sarah 
^ Church st intersects 

House, s e 

85 Hurley Joseph E 
S7 Wyndow Win 
89 Stepheuson Edwlll W 
Bl Lawless Matthew 
1)3 Lee Thomas H 
95 Weese George A 
97 Williams Giles H 
09 Sagar Wm L 
101 Gilbert Mrs Mary A 
103 Cole Thomas S 
105 Field Mrs Isabella 
107 Frankel Leo 
109 Balrd James 
House, s e 

GOLDEN AV, n from Dun- 
das to CPU, second w of 
bridges, ward 6. 

East Side 

Store, s e 

3 Cameron Wallace, contr 
5 Webster Charles 
7 Freeman Wm J 

West Side 

Unfinished houses (4) 

2'i Malloy Jacob 

28 Malloy & Bryans, coopers 

34 Kearney David J 

36 Cochrane Henry J 

38 Dearborn Everett 

58 Liddell Thomas D, bldr 

CO Cox Wm 

62 Coghlan Richard 

GORDON, w from 526 Duf- 
feriu to Sheridan av, ward 

North Side 

Store, s e 
2 Strain Robert 

4 Shaw Eiuanuel 

6 Phillips James It 

5 Barnes Charles 
10 Stevens James 

12 Carmichael Frederick 

14 Cameron Angus 

10 Kelly James 

15 Lunglois Wm F 

22 Steele Robert Y 

24 Kearus Mrs Annie 

26 Jacksou Wm H 

28 Guerin Joseph 

30 Thompson George J 
32 Gray Joseph T 

34 Dearborn Wm E 

36 Willmott John 

38 Morrow James 

40 McGillivray Mrs E 

42 McKinley Wm 

44 Bread}- J A W. horse dlr 

46 liuttan John W 

South Side 

House, 3 e 

7 Leigh Albert 
9 Cox Walter J 

11 Young Mrs Bella 

13 Patterson Wm H 
15 Grant Charles H 
17 Miller Andrew T 
19 Skelton James 

21 Wood George A 

23 Ellerby Joseph W 

25 Smart Wm H 

27 Robertson Thomas 

29 Burrel Wm 

31 Sterrltt Wm J 
Store, a e 

GORE, w from 32 Clinton, 
ward 5. 

Not bnilt on 

GORE VALE, n from opp 877 
Queen w to r of Arthur, 
ward 5. 

East Side 

39 McGill Wm 
41 Gourlay Adam 

West Side 

Keeley Institute 
Griffith George A 

G'H'LD. e from 339 Yonge to 
Mutual, ward 3. 

North Side 

4 Hastings Andrew 
8-12 Bowling alley, s e 
^O'Heeie la Intersects 
16 Hynes W J, plstr 
IS Nichols John B 

House, s e 

^ Victoria st Intersects 
St James' Square 
Dept of Education 
Harcourt Hon Richard, 


Millar John dep mln 
Hodgins J G, librarian 
Model School 
Normal School, Wm Scott, 


Ontario Educational Mu 
seum, S P May, supt 
McCorkindale L/achlin, 

• Church st intersects 
82 Store, s e 

88 Caron Charles E 
A Dalhousie st intersects 
90 Scales Charles H 
92 Shaw George S 
94 Maunder Mrs Mary 
96 Stinson John T R 
98 Ferrier Wm O 
100 Matthews Robert 

Matthews Mrs E, bdg 
102 Walker John C 
104 Hall Win H 
106 Brown Asa A 

Sosth Side 

1-9 Empress Hotel 

tO'Keofe la intersects 
17 O'Keefe Brewery Co 
+ Victoria st intersects 

Cath Apostolic Church 
33 Vacant 
35 Vacant 

• Victoria st la ends . 
37 Stovel Miss Mary A 
39 O'Leary John J 

Dunn Miss Nora, mlnr 
41 Zurhorst Charles 
43 Gosne] Edward 
4.-. McMillan Gilbert 

House, s e 
^ Bond st ends 

House, s e 
."."> Stacev Wm H 

Stacey Mrs M J. bdg 
~>~ Coakwpll James 

Raper Thomas 

House, s e 
4. Church st intersects 

House, s e 

• Dalhousie st intersects 
Roofers' yard 

87 Love Allan T 
S9 Stevenson Arthur 
91 Harstnnp Wm A 
93 Harstone Mrs Mary 
9."> Giroux Wm J 
97 Gnlhraith Alexander 
Dick Miss B. drsmkr 

GRACE, n from opp 141 Ar 
thur to College, ward 5. 

East Side 

Public school 
^ Mansfield av ends 

Vacant lots 
+ Henderson av ends 
111 Woodward James 
117 McCague Wm A 
119 Hounsom J Ernest 
125 Woolley Mrs Sarah 
127 Tilt Richard W 
129 McGill Frederick W 
131 Balmer Mrs Jane S 
133 Henderson Thomas 

West Side 

2 Parker Edward M 
4 Davis Wm R 

Vacant lots 
142 Stpwnrt Mrs Helen 
144 Wharln Wm 
146 Stnbblngs Wm 

GRAFTON AV. w from Trll- 
ler av to Koncesvalles av, 
first n of Queen w, ward 6. 

North Side 

House, s e 
6 Burnham James G 

14 Symonds Arthur H 

18 Glen Alrston Wm 
South Stde 

19 Matthews Michael 

GRAHAM PL, e from 83 Mc- 

Gee, ward 1 

North Side 

House, s e 

2 Phillip.* Henry 

4 Armstrong Wm J 

6 Kirby Joseph A 

8 Clarke Thomas 

South Side 

Xot built on 

LANE, s from 9 Adelaide 
w, ward 3. 
1-3 Side entrances 
5 Baker John B. carp 
Clayson Alfred, die mkr 
French Artificial Flower 
and Feather Mfg Co 

GRAND VI KW AV. e from 
Winchester Drive to Logan 
av, first n of Sparkhall av, 
ward 1. 

North Side 

Woolings Frederick A 

South Side 

Not built on 

GRANGE AV, w from D8 
Beverley to Hackney, ward 

. . .' North Side 

4 Patton Mrs Martha 
10 Wildman James F 
12 McLean Mrs Jessie 
16 Levack Alexander 
Potter Mrs Laura 
18 Macdonough Mrs Melle B 
20 Kingsmill Miss S A 
24 Wilkinson Wm L 
26 Ronald Mrs Martha 
28 Beattie Miss M 
30 Donley Henry 
32 Sefton Mrs Martha 
34 Ray Wm J 
36 Haldenby C N 
38 Copeland Edward 
40 Mnrdock Sirs A L 
42 Dee Richard H 
44 Mitchell Mrs Margaret 
46 Nlehaus Charles 
48 Hodgson Mrs Jane 
50 Heise George, bkr 
52 Outhet John R. btcbr 
+ Huron st intersects 
54 Moore Wm H, gro 
56 Jennings Frank T 
58 Miller Matthew 
60 Davis Mrs Emma 
62 Foster George 
64 Gallagher Michael 
60 Fersuson Wm B 
68 Moffatt Edmund M 
70 Johnston Rev Charles O 
+ Larch st commences 
74 Swan Mrs Mary 
76 Gordon Robert 
78 Beatty Mrs Ella 
80 Eagen Thomas H 
82-84 Maybnrry A W, phy 
^ Spadina av Intersects 

House, s e 

96 Taylor Mrs Margaret 
98 Kanaen Dennis 

100 Devaney Joseph 

102 Sheldon John 

104 May Mrs Jessie 

106 MacKinnon Wm D 

109 Doran Alexander R 

110 Wilkinson Mrs Isabella 
112 Sleeth Wm W 

114 Mills Nathaniel 

116 McBrlde Samuel, lumber 


US Rogers Charl?s 
12f> O'Donnel Edward 
122 Tntty Thomas A 
124 Lyon T Stewart 
12fi Wallace Jeremiah 
128 Landon George A 

Metallic Ceilings. 

Metallic Roofing: Co. y uvia 

'Phone 5481. Cor. I(INC and DUFFERIN STS. 





150 Graiij-e Av. 


130 Beddow Mrs Caroline 
132 McCarthy .Mrs M A 
134. Spacey George I) 

\Silks Robert F 
136 \Vliinton Andrew E 
138 Hughes Samuel II 
140 Syius Win H 
142 McQuillan Mrs Mary A 
144 Branscombe Forester W 
140 Huber Benjamin R 
148 Peacock John 
100 MeMahon I'ercy O 
1D2 Chalmers Charles 
154 Flagler Mrs Henrietta 
158 ThompsonMrs Catherine E 
1GO Everett John 
162 Gray Robert 

+ Esther st Intersects 
104-108 Factory, s e 
170 Wright Henry 
172 Allen James, shoemkr 
+ Ueuison av intersects 

Store, s e 
184 Alinag Henry 
186 Fujolas Mrs Ann 
188 McLellan James 
190 Donnelly A P 
193 Charlton Thomas P 
104 Coriu Mrs Rebecca 
198 Nixon Mrs Sarah 
200 Mulviliill John 
204 Mulvihill Thomas J 
206 Tanner Mrs Mary 
208 Cozens Joseph G 
210 TvirnUull Mrs Auule 

South Sale 

House. 9 e 
13 Mitchell Ale, bldr 
Mitchell A A, pntr 
15 Slattery Thomas W 
17 Upthegrove Wm T 
19 Berkiushaw John C 
21 Hearn Edward J 
23 Maedonald David 
25 Reid Duncan D 
27 1'attlson A J 
29 Huckvale John E 
31 Hamilton James M 
. 33 Hickmau Mrs Margaret 
35 Roberts John D 

Roberts Miss Kathryn 
37 Banane Mrs LorettO 
39 Purdup George 
41 Evans Abraham J 
43 Robson Duncan A 
45 Koblnson Wm G 
47 Mooney Owen 

Monney Miss Annie, drs- 


49 Good George, gro 
+ Huron st intersects 
51 Hastings Ckarles 
53 Blakley Wm J 
55 Wood Mrs Jane E 
57 Egan Joseph 
57H Stevens Wm, bldr 
59 Wheater James 
63 T'nitt Frederick W 
65 Vacant 

67 Moore Rev Robert J 
69 Evans Mrs Alice L 

House, s e 
• Snadlna av intersects 

House, g e 
75 Smith Mrs Jane 
77 Scott Wm H 
79 Dixon Charles J 
81 Cnttell James 
83 Holland George 
85 Gafney Patrick 
87 Bennett John R 
89 Manson Wm 
91 Leask Samuel 
83 Hasson John H 
95 McLanghlln Miss S J 
97 Armstrong Wm Jr 
99 Burns M J 

Burns Mrs C, gro 

A Vanauley st ends 
101 Heald Amos A 
103 Quigley Wm G jr 
105 Duck Mrs Rhoda 
107 O'Donohoe Francis 
109 Burton Thomas 
111 Howell George 

Howell Mrs J. drsmkr 
113 Gonder Mrs Jane 
115 Wells Harry H 
117 Gunning J P J 
119 Kenmure Wm J 

121 Woolnojyrh Charles 

123 Clark James S 

325 Forsyrh Henry 

129 Wilson Wm H 

131 Brown Krnest 

i:;:; Sampsuu Samuel, exp 

139 Williamson A R 

+ Esther st intersects 
143 Green George J 
145 Smith R Sidney 
147 Leadlay Win T 
149 Fralick Wm 
151 Brent I< rvderick W 

House, s p 
• Denison av intersects 

House, s e 
171 Baird Andrew 
173 Klippert Adam J 
175 Mills Wm 
177 McCallnm John 
179 Hubbard John A 

Hubbard Mrs Ettola H, 

mui tchr 

181 Smith T C, watchmkr 
183 Montgomery J A 
185 O'Keefe Alfred 
187 Pepper Richard 
189 Warnham James E 

GRANGE RD, w from opp 
69 MeCaul to Beverley, 
ward 4. 

North Side 

House, s Q 

4 Kirkpatrick Arthur T 

24 Chin Wm 

26 Smith I'rof Goldwin 
South Side 

1 McDowall Miss Barbara 

3 Lavelle James 

5 Crawford Mrs Anna 
15 Boulton Mrs M R 

17 Tallmadge Elijah H 
23 Madill Benjamin 

25 Montgomery John D 
^ John st ends 

House, s e 

GRANT, n from 742 Queen e 
ward 1. 

East Side 

Store, ~ »' 
3 Shed 

7 Davis Mrs Agnes 
9 Smith Charles 

11 Hitchin Wm H 

17 Pamentor Charles M 

23 Alexander John 

25 Henley Wm H 

A Clark st commences 

29 Waters Thomas H, bldt 
Vacant lots 

45 Brown Robert 

47 Sehnur Levl W 

49 Sandell Edward T 

51 McCarten Mrs M 

53 Stephenson George B 

55 Moses Joseph 

57 Parry Henry 

59 Llnton Robert B 

61 McTear Ernest W 

63 Amor Mrs Caroline 

G5 Delong Frederick 

West Side 

Store, a f 
0 Gilbert Henry 
3 Cosburn Frederick 

10 Terrell John 

12 Collins John 

16 Palmer Samuel W 

20 Entwistle John 

22 McGinnis James P 

24 Smith Wm H 

26 Walker John T 

28 Charltou Alfred \? 

30 Walker Mrs Hannah 

32 Brodie John B 

34 Spoflord Ingram O 
36 Kelley George 

33 DeLong Isaiah P 
Peacock "Wm. r 

40 Vandervoort M B 
42 Cooper John 
44 McDonald Wm 

46 Nurse Albert E 

48 Raymond John 

50 Lyons Win 

52 Millward Robert 

58 Stoekdale Thomas 
00 Laughraiie Lawrence 

13fi8 Queen e to Danforth 
av, ward 1. 

East Side 

101 Phillips Henry J 
Bradley John T 
Hutcuinson Brick Co 
Bell Bros, brick rufrs, r 
• G T R crossing 
477 Killings Robert J 

Logan John, brick mfr 
509 Price Joseph 
511 Walke Philip H 
575 Weir Mrs Mary mkt gdnr 
577 Framlngham Henry 

West Side 

House, s e 
23 Wallace James 
40 Smith John 
(22 Price John, brick mfr 
160-G2 Morley W. brick mfr 
200 Sawden T. brick mfr 
242 Graham James, exp 

• Gerrard st e ends 
Price Isaac 

400 O'Connor John, mkt gdnr 
422 Taverner George 

+ GTR crossing 
472 Phillips James M 
480 Richardson Jas, mkt gdnr 
520 Crew Charles 
528-32 Price Isaac, brick mfr 

• Chatham st ends 

GKKXVILLE. w from 473 
Yonge to Surrey pi, ward 3. 
North Side 

Store, s e 
2 Vacant 

Vacant lots 
12 Moor Mrs Rebecca 

Vacant lots 
12 Moor Mrs Rebecca 
14 Delta TJpslloa Chapter 


16 Lorsch David C 
18 Lash /ebulon A 

22 Taylor Henry A 
Kennedy Mrs E W 

26 Campbell Alexander M 

23 Watson E A 
Watson Mrs Sarah 

30 Huilder Mrs K 
32 Barber John S 

34 McKinlay John 
House, s e 

+ St Vincent st commences 
46 Matthews Miss E A 

50 Mclntosh Wm D 

58 Green George I)e W 
GO Steele James A 

G2 Mackenzie Ernest C 
G6 Smith Mrs Jane A 

70 Goulnlock John 

72 Cooke Win 

74 Jaffray Robert 
South Side 

1 Cunningham Wm 

Donaldson Miss M C, drs- 


3 Johnston Win 
11-13 Horsey Mrs Letitia 
15 Island Mrs S 
17 Irwiu John 
21 Briggs Rev Wm 
23 I.ash Miller 
25 McKinlay Mrs M J 
Vacant lot 

35 Maedouald Ernest A 
37 Jarman Wm 

39 IV-nder Wm 

41 F.-uvcett Michael 

43 O'Hara Robert 

45 Williams Mrs Annie 

49 Clougher Thomas R 

51 Briggs A W 
53 Horntll Wm R 

55 Roadhouse Mrs SaTah 

59 Bugg Charles 

61 Gonlding A G, dairy 
67 Stables 

71 Proctor James A 

73 Boxall George 

75 Minton Thomas S 

77 Mnttlebury Miss J I ( 
79 Brisley Miss Frances E 

81 Wood Win N 
83 Mc.Mlchael A J \V 
85 Aclaud Fred A 
• Elizabeth st end- 

/ion Cong Church, r e 

GKOSVKNOU. w from 4'->4 
Yonge to Queen's park, 
ward 3. 

North Side 

2 Wallis -Miss Clara 
8 Lntlmer Wesley 

Mitchell H 3 
10 McCausland Joseph 
12 Cook John E 

Forloug George F 
14 Nichol John 
16 Campbell Donald 
18 Orde Mrs Emily 
20 Drnniinond Charles S 
22 Gates Miss Madeline 

24 Mason A E 

2(i McConuaek Win J 
28 McBrieu Miss Mary 
30 Dunsheath R 
34 Caesar G S, dentist 

House, -s o 
+ St Vincent st Intersects 

Central Pres Ch, s c 
56 Kappa Alpha Society 
60 Hammond Herbert C 
70 Cassels Walter G P 
76 McTavish Uev Daniel 
80 Baird Hugh N 

• Surrey pi intersects 
South Side 

1 Store, s e 

3 Nolan Win 

9 Waugh Mrs S A. nurse 
11 Salter Miss U l«i-' 
13 Sawyer Miss Edith W 
15 Pears George 
21 Phillips Win C 
23 Burns Mrs Edith 

25 McKim Mrs Isabella 
27 Francis Mrs Marian 
29 Taylor Mrs Eliza 
31 Caulfteld II J 

33 Foster C Colley 
35 Bradbnnie Mrs A 
39 Snell Mrs A M 

Noonan Miss Belle, elo 

• St Vincent st inttrsoi-ts 
47 Wishart D J G, phy 

51 Ryan Peter 
57 Temple Robert H 
59 R'-illy Robert 
(11 Standlsh Ira 
65 Hamilton James M 
U7 Partridge Charles H 
71 Nesbitt W Beattie, phy 
73 Burnham George A 
75 Christie Miss Isabella 
Mi-CracKen Miss M 

• Surrey pi intersects 
House, s e 

GUOVE AV. n from 50 1 ox- 
lev to Dundas, ward •>. 

East Side 

House, s e 
1 Pask Mrs M R 
3 McCleary Miss Amy 

5 Archer David J 

7 Agnew John H 
9 Arnold F AV 

11 Ryder Albert M 

13 Thompson Wm 
Vacant, r 

17 Purtill James 
21 Featherstonhaugh Mrs L L. 
23 Featherstonhaugh J E 
25 Stretton Alex M 
27 Smith Wrn A 
29 Ross Alexander 
31 Smyth Miss S M 
• Rolyat st ends 
39 Clark James L 
41 Albright Ezra W 
43 Clarke Mrs Susannah 
45 Black David N 

West Side 

House, s e 

6 Green Archibald 

8 Bowman Mrs Ruby C 

12 Gibson Rev Jesse 

14 Whillans Robt, contr 
16 Patterson Daniel 



Offices, NOS. 15-17 LEADER LANE. 

Telephone 2288. 
Residence, Mo. 56 ST. MARY ST. Telephone 381«. 

Head Office, 

King St. E. 






Hamilton. 151 

IS Brown James 

20 Young Robert 

22 Mansell Wm 

24 Maundrell Mrs Mary 

26 Elliott Wm 

28 Lemon Edward 

30 George Frederick 

32 George Bros, bldrs 

George Johu A 
38 Vacant 
4C Belcher John T 
4S Bell Thomas 
50 Head John 
52 Blacklock Johu C 
54 Stammers Samuel J 

GUELPH AV, e from Carlaw 
av to Pape av, first n of 
GTR. ward 1. 

North Sido 

Public School, s e 

South Side 

21 Allan Wm 

25 Booth Charles H L 

CavYNNE AV. n from 1236 

King \v to Queen w, ward 6. 

East Side 

House, s e 

1 Reid John 

a Smith Stephen 

5 Goodings Harry 

7 Nash Richard 

9 Hodgson Wm J 
11 Qua Samuel E 

13 Sneath Henry 
15 Lindsay Mrs J 

19 Kuapp Bernard F 
23 Stanners James 

27 Crawford Mrs Mary A 
2!) Findley D A 
3.1 Edmansou Wm 

33 Miuty John J 

35 McDonald Alexander R 

37 King Robert S 

39 Ritchey Edward J 

41 Marshall Cyril L 

• Melbourne av intersects 
House, s e 

51 Long Charles S W 

53 Downing Robert H 

55 Farlow James 

57 James Mrs E R 
59 Stark Mrs Jennie 
61 Clark R E, pntr 
63 Wright Ernest R 
65 Speuce John J 

67 Hood Wm 
69 Stinsou Wm 

Stinson J McK. mus tchr 
71 Hindson John S 
73 Ellis Wm 
75 Donaldson George 
77 O'Keefe James 

79 McCord James Y 

51 Glatt Otto 

83 Bird James H 
85 Hurst Wm B 
87 Burt Wm C 
S9 Vacant 

Workshop, s e 
West Side 

House, s e 

8 Duff Rev Charles 
10 Clark Wm J 

14 Wright John J 
18 InglTs John L 

20 Gowanlock Andrew G 
22^}reen Wm A 
24~5rtnuan David J 

2S Johnson Charles 
30 Stickney Joseph 
32 McGann Percy 

34 Bleeze Miss A, drsmkr 
Bleeze Miss M. nurse 
Bleeze Mrs Rebecca 

36 Bailey James H 

38 Sheffield Henry C 

40 Thompson Rev James 

42 Galley Andrew H 
44 McLachlan Lachlan 
46 Beecroft Alvary. bldr 

• Melbourne av intersects 
House, s e 

48 Godbolt Lewis 

80 Stone Elisha 

52 Johnston James B 

54 Ward John J 

56 Torrance Robert 

58 Richmond Mrs J 

60 Fell Wm H 

62 Bottomley Richard 

64 Miln James 

Jewett Wm G 
66 Jackson Thomas 
70 Tait Thomas 
72 Grant Peter 
78 Hunt Wm 

Store, s e 

HACKNEY, n from 522 Queen 
w to St Patrick, ward 4. 

East Side 

Store, s e 

7 O'Brien Edward J L 
9 Skimerton Patrick 
11 Smith Patrick 

House, s e 
• Woolsley st intersects 

Store, s e 

19 Mathew Mrs Jane 
21 Willis Mrs Elizabeth 
23 McDonald James 
2r. Doe Albert 
27 Bloxan Charles 
29 Kerr Andrew 
31 Vacant 
S3 Dlnau Michael 
35 Mclntyre Philip 
Collins Patrick, r 
Walsh John, r 
37 Lyons Martin 
39 Curtain Mrs Harriet 
39 1 /, Hutchison Thomas 
41 Crane Mrs Elizabeth 
45 Hines Mrs Mary 
47-49 Lowe Patrick, gro 

• Carr st Intersects 
51 1 

51 Fortner Johnson 
53 Cochrane Michael 

57 Fenn Frederick 
59 Reid Mrs Mary 

Sweeney John, r 

Pollard James, r 
61 Walsh Wm 
63 Devlin Daniel 
65 Tlmpson G J, mus tchr 
67 Press Wm 
69 Turner John J 
71 Weisser Frederick W 
73 Hilley James 
75 Seymour George 
77 Mission Hall 

Davles George C, r 
79 McCarrier John 

Wallace Charles H, r 
81 Moffatt Joseph 

53 Evett Christopher 
85 Hawkins Wm H 

89 Hawthorne Mrs Margaret 
^ Grange av ends 

House, s e 
97 Collins M Johu 
99 Turnbull Mrs Anna 

Ryerson School, s e 
West Side 

House, s e 

^Woolsley st intersects 
30 Ireland Alexander 

Mack Mrs Elizn, r 
34 Vacant 

Burns John, r 
38 Duggan Michael 

King Thomas, r 
40 Griffin Patrick 

House, s e 
• Carr st intersects 

House, s e 
48 Irwin Thomas 
50 Dushman Samuel 

52 Pettit George 

54 Butler Benjamin 
56 Nelson James R 

58 Smith Richard 

HAGERMAN, e from 75 Eliza 
beth, ward 3. 
North Side 

2 Papernick David 

4 Schisl Abraham 

6 Abbott Thomas 
10-12 Brenner N. junk 
14 Bloom Jacob 

16 Krugel Roll 
House, s e 

South Side 

1 McGuay Dennis 

3 Oburg David 

5 Wolfe Moses 

7 Brol Abraham 

11 Long John 
13-15 Scrap yard 
17 Sherman Alexander 
19 Reid Thomas J 
21 Store, s e 

HALLAM, w from Shaw to 
Dufferin, second n of Bloor 
w, wards 5 and 6. 

North Side 

Vacant lots 

38 Stocks Sidney H, pntr 
40 Thompson John 
42 Handley Win 
^ Ossington av intersects 

Vacant lots 
^ Preston av intersects 

Vacant lots 
98 Chessum George 

Vacant lots 
^ Delaware av intersects 

Vacant lots 

+ Dovercourt rd intersects 
142 Bond Mrs C A 
146 Kane John 

152 Sharp Wm 

154 Hargreaves Thomas C 

156 Tate Jushija 
158 McNab Wm M 

^ Westmoreland av Inter 

176 O'Donnell B, flour 
180 Feast Rowland J 

Vacant lots 
^ Salem av intersects 

Vacant lots 
226 Ward Charles 
228 Collins Thomas 
23J Allworth Walter, gro 

• Bartlett av intersects 
Dovercourt School 

232 Butler Wm 
234 Roberts John C 
236 Clark Wm 
Vacant lots 

• Hamburg av intersects 
Vacant lots 

South Side 

Vacant lots to Dovercourt 

151 Bauckham Charles 

153 Gilley Wm H 

155 Boddy Wm H 

157 Woods A E 

^ Westmoreland av inter 

Vacant lots 
189 McBryen Mrs Abigail 

Vacant lot 
195 Price Catherine 
^ Salem av intersects 

Vacant lot 
^ Bartlett av intersects 

Vacant lots 

^ Hamburg av intersects 
Vacant lots 

HALTON, w from 232 Shaw 
to Dundas. ward 5. 

North Side 

12 Dennis Mrs L 
18 Levack Wm 

Private grounds 
24 Cooper Alfred E 
20 Willard Abner R 
28 Johnson Geo 
30 Cameron Frank R 
32 Dnrand \Vm H 
Store, s e 

South Side 

St Barnabas (Ang) Cli 

HAMBURG AV. n from Bloor 
w to city limits, ward 6. 

East Side 

Vacant lota 

3 Gooder Garnett J 

7 Sole Henry T 

9 Vacant 

13 Tomlinson Albert 
15 Mephain Joseph 
17 Layton Thomas 
19 Summerfeldt Mrs P D 

Vacant lots 
35 Whittakcr Malcolm 
37 Jordan Robert 
39 Elliott Samuel 

41 Bruce James A 

Vacant lots 

87 Rimrningtou Walter J 
89 LeHuquet John F 
91 Burley Benjamin 
93 Willett Richard D 
95 Green Oscar J 

Vacant lots 

• Shaiily st intersects 
vacant lots 

151 Ball Wm 

Vacant lots 

^ Hallam st intersects 
257 Busby George 
259 Churchill Albert 
2I>1 Montgomery John M 

Private grounds 
273 Strongitharm Geo, i>xi» 
279 Turp Frederick w 
281 Balmer George H 
283 Hewitt Charles J 
2S5 Edmunds James 

287 Chappell Frederick 
291 Kilgour John 

Vacant lots 
301 Wilson George 

Vacant lota 
.",21 Hofland Sydney H 

Factory, s e 

:Van Home av int"rsect» 
Railway crossing 

West Side 

Vacant lots 
12 Carruthers Thomas 
14 Dinsmore E T 
18 Colville" David S 
20 Robertson David 
22 Hatch John 
24 Smith Walter C 

Vacant lots 
76 Quigley T G, dairy 

Vacant lots 

U4 Bennett Mrs Martha 
98 Watson Thomas 

Vacant lota 

^ Shanly st intersects 
House, s e 
Vacant lots 
150 Hand Wm 
Vacant lots 
178 Smith James D 
180 Kelly John C 
182 Barlow Wm 
184 Lucock Richard 
18rt Hamilton James 
388 Goold Wm 
190 Pitt Walter 
Vacant lots 
218 McGill John F 
220 Eldridge Wm 
222 Parsons Wm T 
224 Hall Thomas S 
Vacant lota 

• Hallam st intersects 
Private grounds 

250 Vacant 

Vacant lots 
270 Wren Daniel 
272 Richelieu John P 

Vacant lots 

288 McNelll Daniel D 
Vacant lots to end 

HAMILTON. n from 682 
Queen e to Gerrard e, 
wnrd 1- 

Easjf- Side 

House, s c 
11 Carroll Joseph 
13 Stephany Robert 
15 Otter Edward J 
17 Smith Win J 







152 Hamilton. 


23 Crowe Edward 
27 Stnlford Samuel 
20 Alllstcr Jolm 

31 Gilby Hurry 

33 Culms Bernard 

35 Weeks James 

37 Allen Mrs Sophia A 

39 Reynolds Thomas H 

41 Birney Wm 
45 Storehouse 

Store, a e 

• 1'aul st intersects 

47 Humphryps Thomas S 
49 Teale Kenben 
51 Weller Henry 

53 Smart George I 

55 Hannah \V H, bldr 

57 Darley Charles H 

59 Patterson James 

61 Lowe Robert T 

03 Barkey John L 

65 Mooney Isaac 

67 Churchill Charles W 

69 Ward Wm 

71 McCarthy Frank 

73 Edmondson F 

75 Lamoreaux 10 Alex 

77 Lalng Wm 
Vacant lot 

83 Dale George 

85 Olsen Aksel S 

87 Tomlln BenJ 

89 Emmerson Samuel 

81 Schmidt Henry 

03 Lyons Uichard 

Vacant lots 
101 Cruise George W 
103 Wlufleld Charles 
105 Charles Mrs Mary 
107 Smith Alexander 
109 Pariu Charles 
111 Banks George 

Banks Miss H, drsmfer 
113 Johnston Arthur T 
115 Moran Edward 
117 liarrie Mrs M 
Store, s e 

• Elliott st intersects 
119 Burton S 

Mullins Mrs Ellen, r 
121 Burleigh R 
125 Walter Henry 

Morton Mrs Ann, r 
]31 Roberts Edward J 
J33 Davis Moses A 

Vacant lots 

145 Plummer Thomas J 
147 Johnson R W 
149 Bunstock Mrs Mary 

Vacant lots 
167 Bronsun Ole 

Vacant lots 

House, s P" 

AMoimtstepben st intersects 
173 Bhike Edward 

Vacant lots 
177 Wildbore Wm 

Vacant lots 
181 Thompson F A 
183 Novell John 
185 Nowland Frederick 
187 Evoy John T 
189 Goss Arthur 
191 Besso James 
197 Corrigan James 
199 Wismer Joseph 
201 Francis Wm 
203 Oldfteld Alfred 
205 Russell Christopher 
207 Hustings John 
21.'! Hiiliws Mrs Eliza 
West Side 

Store. * ft 
2 Law James 
12 Stoner Abraham 

54 Gordon John J 
16 Clements John 
18 Roy Wm 

20 Strachan James 
2J Price Wm 

24 Abbott Charles 

26 Symomls Mrs Sarah 

32 Bourne John & Son, 

Bourne John 

34 Hill Henry 

36 Anderson John 

38 Young Alexander 

40 Greenwood Judson C 

42 Tomlin Evnest A 

• Paul st intersects 

Public School 
Mi W:\rinK John 
82 Best John 

84 liaily Wm 

8« Michell Robert E 

85 Pollock Win B 

!iO Vickers Jeremiah 
02 Gracey Wm J 
94 Miller James 
98 Hoult James 

Vacant lot 

102 Campbell Septimus R 
104 Reilly Hugh 
106 Davidson Alex 
308 Patterson Wm, produce 
310 Boyd T, mkt gdnr 
112 Coilard J H 
114 Bridges Obed P 
110 Sales John F 
118 McQueen James, mus tchr 

Vacant lot 

• Elliott st intersects 
120 Tussle Alexander S 
122 Vincent Wm 

Ashby Wm, r 
324 Stockton M H, drsmkr 

Curtis David 
130 Leloup L, glove mkr 

Private grounds 
142 Wo«Js Mrs Charlotte 

Woods E N, mus tchr 

Unfinished !>ldg 
+ Mountstephen st Intersects 
174 Curtis David 

Vacant lots 

194 Mountstephen Edward J 
196 Normansell Henry 
212 Baker Charles 
214 Wood George 
216 Worthing Henry 

H \MMERSMITH AV, n from 

224C Queen e, ward 1. 
East Side 

Not built on 
West Side 

House, s e 

Charlton Mrs Margaret 

Williams Thomas H 

end of Palmerston av to 
Manning av, first s of CPR, 
ward a. 

Side entrances 

• HAMPTON" AV. n from 
Sparkhall av to av, 
second e of Broadview av, 
ward 1. 

Not built on 

Island), northwestern ex 
tremity of the island 
McMillan David, restr 
Hotel Hanlan 

HAXOVEU, u from Queen e, 
fourth e of Kingston rd, 
ward 1. 

Not built on 

HANOVER PL, n from 416 
Queen e to Sydenham, ward 

East Side 

5 Chapman George E 
7 Brunton Wm 
9 Ashby Wm 
11 Dalsall George 
13 Cameron James 
15 Cameron John 

17 Godwin Wm 

19 Homer George W 

21 Goyette Victor A 

23 Coulter Wm T 
House, s e 

West Side 

Lumber yard 

18 Whitney Samuel 

20 Connell Mrs Catherine 

22 Taylor Abraham 

24 Crozler Charles 

26 Crozler John W 
28 Enuis NYm T 
;;n Martin George \V 
32 Thompson Mrs Susannah 
34 Brown Edgar 
House, s (.• 

HAEBORD, w from 120 St 
George to Clinton, wkrds 4 
and 5. 

North Side 

House, s e 
4 Routh Randolph 
6 Tyson Robert 
12 Vale Wm J 
16 Crompton B W 
18 Clarke Charles L 
^ Huron st intersects 

House, s e 

22 Le Grow Lewis, plmbr 
24 Le Grow Lewis, fey gds 
2ii Burls Charles 
28 Davis Thomas J 
30 Campbell Thomas M 
32 Thornton Robert 
34 Merryfield Mrs Jane 
36 Newman R W, carp 
38 Cane Wm E 
40 Smith Thomas H 
42 Irons Wm, shoemkr 

Store, s e 
^ Spadiua av Intersects 

Store, s e 
44 Campbell John 
46 McGregor Philip W 
48 Spear Miss Julia, drsmkr 
50 Might George W V 
52 McKeudry J Nelson 
54 Gallow Charles 
56 Bolus S, paper hugr 
58 Crandelrt Mrs Rose A 
60 Hopwood James 
02 Bramptou Wm H, bldr 
64 Alcoek Thomas 
66 Tooze Fred J 
68 Bain Wm, baker 
^ Robert st intersects 

Vacant lots 
78 Pearse Wm T 
84 Morrison Johnston 

Morrison Miss E L.drsnikr 
86 Dever John J 
88 Lucas Mrs Jane F 

Vacant lot 
+ Major st intersects 

Store, s e 

94 Haynes John, express 
as Cofob George W 
^ Brunswick av intersects 
100 fiiHespJe George 
106 Robert Simpson Oo, bias 

<k Bordeu st Inteisee's 
108 Rogers John G, gro 
110 Phillips George O 
112 Henderson Francis 
114 Haynes Lionel S 
116 McKpe Mrs Sarah 3 
Brown Mrs M, nurs--* 
118 Plnel Arthur A, pair 

Atkinson G D, inns tcbr- 
120 Maxwell James 
122 Derry Hugh 

+ TJlster av inter- 'Ots 
124 Stewart Wm, p'ltr 
126 Flute George C 
128 Macdonald George D 
130 Crawford John 
132 Mitchell James C 
134 Wiggin Thomas 
136 Smallwood Wm, fey gds 
138 Ridley John, uro 
+ Lippincott st intersects 

Store, s e 

142 Dempsey Mi-^haal 
144 District Nurses' HYme 
146 Gardiner J A 
148 MacDooa'd Onvld O 
150 Smith La'mvte W 
'152 Gibson Mrs C B 
154 Nelson Miss A'le.iue 
156 Taylor Mrs Mary C 
158 Taylor l-'jbf't 
"160 Taylor Robert, (.TO 
+ Bathurst :;t iiuersaits 

House, s e 
^Markham --t Intersects 

House, s i> 
1S2 Dowle Wai'ier 
1S4 Ilabkirk Hubert 
1S6 Wihoughby J >an H 

Vacant lots 
^ 1'alunrstou av Intersects 

Vacant lots 
^ Euclid av intersects 

Harbord St Coll Institute 
+ Manning av intersect s 
I'.'p.s liobluson D, gro 
260 Splau Thomas 

South Side 

Uiinnished bui'dlug 
la Cartwright A D 

Cartwright Mrs A K S, 

rnus tchr 

3a Haigh Charles J 
1 Leslie Alexander 
3 Houghtou Miss Amelia A 
5 Birmingham Robert 
7 Grant Mrs- Sarah C 
a Craig Frank L 
11 Pettlt John H 
13 Steuart Walter A 
15 CHsdell Edward 
17 Tinning Thomas 

• Huron st intersects 
House, s e 

19 Warren Wm H 

21 Hood Andrew 

23 Hodgins Thomas H 

2.) Vacant 

27 Fraser Mrs Lily M 

29 Leigh Edward 

31 Mcueilley Miss Julia 

Prince Mrs Charlotte 
33 Hagarty Daniel 
35 Wilson David H 
37 Mowat Wm J 
39- House, s e 
+ Spadina av intersects 

House, s e 
43 Smith Edmund J 
45 Larsen Mrs Jennie 
47 Healey Thomas 
49 Handley Thomas 

Bennett Mrs Matilda, drs 

51 Gorrie Robert 
53 Cornish Henry R 
55 Bowker W H A 
57 Hamilton Alex, phy 
59 Hunter John 
61 Crashley Thomas 
63 Outhet Joseph W, btchr 
65 Allport Thos. shoemkr 
67 Sterratt Mrs E A, btchr 
+ Robert st intersects 
69 WrlKht Andrew, gro 
71 Brown George 
73 Henry Wm H 
T.'i Abercromble Mrs Jessie 
77 Saumlers Thomas H 
79 St John Charles J 
81 Poole Joseph 
83 Woodcock Robert 
85 Rae Wm 
87 Kelly Samuel J 
S9 Clancy Bros, gros 

Clancy Hugh P 
+ Major st Intersects 

Store, s e 

Store, s e 

• Brunswick av Intersects 
99 Vacant 

101 McGregor Oron P 

103 Anderson James 

105 Wiles Stephen 

107 Schiller Mrs Margaret 

109 Rosebateh A N. pntr 

111 Grundy Richard S 

113 Terry Frankland, drugs 

+ Borden st intersects 

Sfore, s e 

115 Lamoreaux Archibald * 
117 Kennedy Joseph J 
119 Horncastle J D 

+ I'lsiter av Intersects 
121 Gay nor George 
123 Tyler Mrs Jennie 
125 Collins Richard 
127 Easrton David 
Vacant lota 

• Lippincott st Intersects 
Store, s e 

135 Kerr Edward, express 
House, s e 

• Bathurst st intersects 
House, s e 

157 Smith Mrs Annie 
159 Beckett Rev John 
House, s p 

• Markham st intersects 




. w, 

We Make a FULL 


A Business Office for Actual Training in SHORTHAND and TYPEWRITING. 

THOS. BENGOUGH, C.S.R., President. 
A. C. BROCK, Manager. 


Hazelton Av. 1 53 

House, s e 
Vacant lots 

• I'almerstoQ av Intersects 
Vacant lots 

• Euclid av Intersects 
Vacant lots 

• Manning av Intersects 
Store, s e 

263 Morgan J H, coal oil 
L'tM McLean John H 

HARBOUR, w from Yonge, 1 

8 of ry tracks, ward 3. 
North Side 

Railway tracks 
South Side 

Park and rear entrances 

HARCOURT AV, e from Car- 
law av to Pape av, first s of 
Danforth av, ward 1. 
Not built on 

HAROLD, w from Perth av 
to GTR, first n of Bloor w, 
ward 6. 

Not built on 

HARRIET, e from 433 Leslie, 
ward 1. 

North Side 

22 Deakin George 

South Side 

7 McGrath John 
13 Wright Mrs Mary 
19 Ingle Wm H 
• Hastings av ends 

HARRISON, w from 306 
Crawford to Dovercourt rd, 
ward 5. 

North Side 

Vacant lots to 108 

108 Kyle James 

110 Stonier Mrs Elizabeth 

114 Marshall John, contr 
118 Cunningham Alexander 

120 Beatty Harry 
Yewman Fred, r 
Bennett John, r 

122 Vacant 
Glllam Mrs K, r 

124 Powell Abraham 

126 Rose Matthew 

128 Robson R, bldr 
House, s e 

• Lakeview av intersects 
134 Cronin Patrick F 

136 Boulton Mrs Martha J 
Skating rink 

South Side 

Vacant lots to 93 
93 Pryce Benjamin 
Vacant lots 

• Osslngton av Intersects 
Vacant lot 

105 Winter Albert R 
107 Plummer Ernest E 

109 Rutherford Erastus C 

111 Singer Thomas J 
113 Lambert John M 

115 Page Wm J 
135% Robinson Wm 
117-19 Hughes Jas, dairy 

121 Douglas Thomas J 

123 Smith Alfred 

125 Snow Charles W 

127 Hamilton James 

129 Snow Wm 

131 Sewell Mrs Susan F 
House, s e 

• Lakeview av intersects 
House, s e 

141 Bayliss & McGowan, con 

143 Wilcox Joshua H 
145 Ratcllff Thomas 

Ratcliff Miss M. mus tchr 
147 Purvis Thomas R 
149 Cottrell Wm. tinsmith 
151 Johnson Thomas C 
153 Malcolmson Herbert H 
155 Clark Mrs Catherine 
157 Bennett Edward H 

House, s e 

HARVARD AV, w from Cal 
lendar to Roncesvalles av, 
first 11 of Queen w, ward 6. 

North Side 

4 McNairn James H 
12 Clarke Samuel S 
14 Smith Henry W 
26 McNairn Samuel 
28 Laxton Wm 

Vacant lot 
34 Compain Adolphe 

Vacant lots 
40 Noble Robert B 
42 Vacant 

Vacant lots 

62 O'Nell Mrs Elizabeth 
64 Foy James W 

66 Vacant 

69 Cassidey Jesse J 

70 Strachan George 
72 Baker Robert S 
74 Mahony Edward 
76 Addison Frank W 
78 Kennedy Mrs J B 
80 Biggar Emerson B 
82 Cooper George H 
84 Clark James 

South Side 

Vacant lots 
23 Merner John 
25 Rainford E V 

Vacant lots 
33 Ramsay Allan 
• Triller av ends 
61 Thornton Thomas 

63 Raymond Wm B 
House, s e 

HASTINGS AV, n from Gcr- 
rard e to Harriet, first e of 
Leslie, ward 1. 

East Side 

21 Poulton Shuffrey, coal oil 

West Side 

24 McGrath Bernard 

HAVELOCK, n from College 
to Bloor w, second e of Duf- 
ferin, ward 6. 

East Side 

Not built on 

West Side 

Vacant lots 

• Lindsay av commences 
Vacant lots 

• Sylvan av commences 
100 Ross James L 

• Hepbourne st Intersects 
222 Hunter Richard J 

224 Le Huguet John W 
226 Manton James N 
228 Roberts Wm S 
230 Pike Allan W 
290 Boyd James A 

Dale av to Nanton cres, 
ward 2. 

East Side 

1 Burns Douglas A 

3 Whitehead Wm E 

5 Kertland A H Rowan 
Won Side 

8 Lewis Charles 
10 Elliott Wm H 

HAYDEN, e from 709 Yonge 
to rear of Jarvis, ward 3. 

North Side 

2 Calvert Frederick W 

14 Clark Wm H 

16 Braybon Stephen 

20 Carter Mrs Catharine 

22 Scott John A 

24 Sinclair Mack 

26 Davies Thomas 

30 Lester Marcus T 

32 Smalley Wm J 

34 Smalley Ralph L 

30 Morrison Mrs Susan 

38 Coates Harry 

40 Chinn John T 

44 Robertson James S 

46 Radley Harman C 

McCIung Mrs Annie J, 
nurse, r 

48 Hill Charles J 

50 Rannie Mrs Maria 
52 Mitchell James F 
54 Dick Archibald B 
56 Mitchell Mrs V M 
58 Keunie Robert W 
60 Davidson Thomas 
62 Smith John 
64 McMurren David, contr 
W Mitchell John 
68 Bell Wm A 
House, s e 

• Church st intersects 
House, s e 

South Side 

Store, s e 
1 Olver Frederick 
9 Elgie Wm J 
11 Hill Wm J 
15 Chamberlain T H. dairy 
17 Stables 

21 Hyde Frederick C 
25 Amos Henry 
27 Lydiatt George 
29 Mearns Mrs Jean 
31 Madden J Joseph 
35 Wilson John T 
41 Keith George G 
43 Andrews Mrs Mary A 
47 McDonald Mrs Mary 
49 Mitchell Alexander 
41 Talbot Henry, dairy 
53 Nurses' Home 
55 Vacant 

57 Charlton Mrs Annie 
59 Fulgona Charles 
61 Young Wm 
63 Fiulaysou Albert T 
65 King John McK 
67 Wilson Albert 
69 Slater Mrs Emma 

House, s e 
• Church st intersects 

House, s e 
79 Rodger Wm P 
81 Authors James 
83 Bonsall Wm P 
85 Morse Wm 
87 Smith Rev James 
89 Bulk James 
91 Booth Arthur G 
93 Jane John H 

Jane Ida L, mus tchr 
95 McGiffin John S 

HAYTER, w from 402 Yonge 
to Chestnut, ward 3. 

North Side 

2-4 Staneland Herbert 
8 Holohan Thomas 
10 Carter J & A, drsmkrs 
Carter James 
Carter Miss Agnes 
Hewitt Miss Jenny, drs- 

12 Symons John 
14 Coburn John 
16 Jenkins Thomas 
18 Creche Day Nursery 
Hodgson Mrs Amelia 
20 Tomlin John J, harp mkr 
22 Vacant 
2-1 Parsons Wm 
26 Odea Win 
2S Randall Edward H 
30 Smedley Edward 
82 Buchanan Win 

34 Cleghorn Robert W 
341/j Slack Mrs Mary 
36 Maxwell John 

35 Lee Charles H 
Tomkins Annie, r 

40 Fortier Win J 
Lumber yard 
54 Smyth P Joseph 
56 Holman Thomas W 
58 Williamson Robert T 

• Teraulay st intersects 
House, s e 

62 Storeroom 

64 Dingman Mrs Emma 

66 Browne Charles F W 

68 Borebank James 

72 Cook \Vm J grocer 

• Mission av intersects 
74-78 Nursing at Home Mis 

Webster Miss Elizabeth 
SO Bible Woman's Home 

Mclntosh Miss Bella 
8284 Bethany Orphanage 

Mellick M'iss Annie 

'86-88 Mellick Jainu, 
• Elizabeth st intersects 

9092 Taglietti Nicholas, gro 

94 Lamb David 

96 Springer Max 

98 Powis Win J 
100 Spotton Charles 
102 Eliacott John 
104 Vacant 

South Side 

Store, s e 

11 Keuney Merrit W, piitr 

13 Wilkinson Edward 

15 Jeffery John 

17 Bonnick Miss Charlotte 
Tidy Mrs Emma, nurse 

19 Smith Mrs Jane L 

21 Johnston Mrs Janet 

23 Ashby Mrs Martha 

25 Hornshaw Wm 

27 Malcolm Wm 

Mackie Mrs Jane, r 

29-31 Newell Augustus ,^ Co, 
organ reeds 

33-41 Standard Silver Co 

43-57 Boston Wood Rim Co 

• Teraulay st intersects 
House, s e 

63 Nelson Robt G, cart. 
65 Gourley Wm S 
67 Wynne Mrs Louisa 

• Mission av Intersects 
Vacant lots 

77 Williamson George 
79 McParlaud James 
81 Caterina Vingenro 
83 Rogers John 

• Elizabeth st intersects 

f? Sa?b r raTt S 

89 Rome David 

91 Murray Michael 

93 Newton Philip w, music 

93 Currie W Albert 

HAZELTON AV. n from 108 
Yorkville av to Davenport 
rd, ward 3. 

East Side 

House, s e 
9 Hoskins David 
11 Richardson T D 
13 Winter Lewis A 
15 Maxwell Mrs Jane H 
17 Armstrong Mrs H M X 
19 Matthews Henrv J 
21 McKay John B 

• Schollard st ends 
Congregational Church 

37 Morley Thomas 

41 Young Samuel, carp 

45 Battle Mrs Cecilia 

49 Murphy Joseph J 

51 Hurlburt Charles W 
53 Bedford Ebeuezer 
55 Fontaine Wm J 
57 Harvey Miss Susan, drs- 

50 McKay Mrs Elizabeth 
61 Bailey Win J 

63 Mackey Levi 
G5 Dnggan Airs Charlotte V 
67 Sanders Mrs Ellen 
69 Wood John 
71 Smith Mrs Elizabeth 
Smith Miss M. elocution 

73 Durkin Mrs Annie L 
75 McGowan Samuel W 
77 Haire Alfred T 
79 Caso Miss Ruth 
81 Harrington Mrs Elizabeth 

• Berryraau st ends 

85 Richardson Mrs Emma 

87 Graham D Langford 

89 Kew Wm 

»1 Hendrv Win J 

93 Vacant 

95 Jackes Charles B 

97 Chester Arthur 

99 Howson George V 
101 Ireland Frank 
103 Fawcet Miss S J 
103 Vacant 

107 Parker Miss Elizabeth 
109 Vacant 
111 Taylor i' Foster 
113 Pearson Elletson I. 
115 Collier Wm. bldr 
137 Hirons Wm D 


** R ArioiaiHo K+ r 'Phnr ,* R 9 nH ifu FINF M AHHINISTS' mm .<? SHAIFS X, VAIVPS 



Head Office, - Toronto. 

J. K. MACDONALD, Managing Director. 

W. C. MACDONALD, Actuary. 

15-1 Hazelton Av. 


119 Kennedy Joseph J 
121 Caldwell George 
123 O'Halloran Mrs Annie 
125 Whiten George L 

Whiton Mrs Lizzie, artist 

127 Taylor Win J 

129 Pointen James 

139 Shaw Thomas 

Store, s e 

West Sido 

House, s c 

12 Elliott Wm S 

34 Mitchell Frederick 

IS Sheppard L C 

18 Gullett Fred B 

20 Mackintosh Mrs Catherine 

2t; Trail Thomas D 

28 Giles Frank 

30 Simpson Francis 

32 Kyle Miss Eliza 

:t4 Vacant 

38 Wyatt Edward W 

40 Middleton John 

44 Mitchell Robert H 

46 Young Mrs Eliza J 

48 Fotherinirharu David 

50 McDonald Wm J 

52 Johnston Hulet 

56 Williams George 

58 Carman Geo H, contr 

02 Whyte Mrs Aan 

04 Klllaly Richard V 

08 Turner Charles F 

70 Thurston Win O 

72 Harford Leonard 

74 Cooper Thomas il 

76 Rutherford Janii s 

78 Reeve Mrs J->.-ima M 
Hine Miss Edith F 

80 Crang James, ludr 

86 Adams John G. v 

88 Simpson John A 

90 Noden Andrew 

02 Dyas John H 

94 Hushes David W 

90 Anderson Mrs Louisa 

98 Putnam Alapsuii U 
100 Moyer Eli N 

^ Avenue pi commences 
104 Kerr James F 
106 Dixon Hichard P 
108 Cole George 

110 Adams Mrs H, dairy 
112 Glew Thomas 

111 Uenaud Allen 0 
116 Lailey Mrs Maria 
118 Young Alfred I 

House, s P 

1'ape nv to Jones av, first 
s of Danforth av, ward 1. 

North Side 

Not built on 

South Side 

Vacant lots 

133 Card George 

139 Hill Wm 

145 Hosliin Edwin 


opp 32!) Manning av to 

Grace, ward 5. 

North Side 

Store, K e 

2 Wentherell Thomas 

4 Milligan Robert 

<i Allcott John S 

8 Sylvester T F 
Id Milford Henrv 
12 Franks C J ' 
14 Billings Thomas LI 
10 Smith Thomas C 
18 Petrie Mrs Emma 
22 Black Alexander 
House, s e 

• Clinton st Intersects 

House, s o 
28 Woodgate Arthur 
30 Campbell Win D 
32 Fanning John 
34 Brimstin Alexander 
36 Wilson James 
38 Strutt Charles F 
49 Paliu Thomas 
42 Johnson D S 
44 Allin James G 
48 O'Malley John L 

Bailey Wm H, r 
Store, s e 

South Side 

1 Mantle James J, gro 

3 Thompson Richard 

5 Smith Alfred 

7 Gibbs Wm 

9 I^ee Mrs A E 
11 Haggar Henry 
13 Britton John 
15 Marshall Frederick 
17 Duffy Oweu 
19 Sheridan James 
21 Webb Samuel J 
2-i Wilson Richard T 
25 Mawson Mrs Esther 
27 Ford Mrs Mary 
Store, a o 

+ Clinton st intersects 

Store, s e 
37 Stent Frederick 
39 Smith Alfred 
41 Tomlinson Mrs Anna M 
43 Reed Mrs L, clrsmkr 
45 O'Callaghan James, exp 
47 Nichollsi John 
49 Behan Thomas 
51 Beer George 
53 Hovenden Wm 
55 Ross Wm A 
57 Allan John 

HENRY, n from 26 Baldwin 
to College, ward 4. 

East Side 

House, s e 

1 Smith Frederick 

3 Gourlay Robert S 

5 Cooper Mrs Annie 
Rockwood Cyrus O 

7 Kirkpatrick James 
9 Riach James 

11 Parkinson John M 

13 Thompson Wm 

15 MeGowan Thomas J 
17 Davidson James W 

19 Doherty Thomas 

21 Phillips Francis 

23 Rubidge Charles M 
23% Brendon Frederick 
25 Green Mrs Rebecca 

27 Thomas George 
29 Bulger Isaac J 

31 Home Thomas 
:W Pringle Dr Geo 
35 Cerberry Kennedy 

37 Hodgins John C 

39 Cull Caleb H 

41 McDonald Mrs Ellen 
4:'. Clark James E 

-15 Kennedy Alfred E 

47 Solomon Wm J 

49 McCleary Mrs Mary A 

51 Zammers Francis J 

53 Simpson Miss Blanche 

55 Armitage Mrs Harriet 

57 Davis Samuel G 

59 Gibson John F 

61 Tucker Rev Samuel 

»>."> McDonald Mrs M A 

65 Tucker John O 

c>7 Whittemore Harry T 

House, s e 
West Side 

House, s a 

2 Reunie Charles L 

4 Conlin Miss Annie 
Ball Mrs Floreucf 

6 Mitchell Mrs Emily E 

8 Kennedy George 
1il Taylor John 

12 Austin Kichard 

14 Creed Albert E 
tii Nolan John 

15 Munro Hugh 

20 White Mrs Lydla 

22 Matthews Richard 

24 Edgar Alexander 
2fl Blackball John 

28 Hahndorf Fred W 
:!0 Towns Edward 

32 Bolster Thomas I. 
+ Cecil st commences 

34 Lear Mrs Elizabeth 
3d Lye Henry 

38 West George 

40 Blight H M. vocnUst 

42 Wilson Wm J 
44 Home John 
46 Rigg Mrs Elia 

Morton Mrs Florence 
48 Magutre John, contr 
50 MeWhinnle Wm 
52 McCleary Thompson 
54 Nude! Frank N 
56 MacPhereou Wm 
58 Cook Mrs Nellie 
60 Irish Mrs Octavia S 
02 Henderson Will 
64 Urquhart Alexander 
68 Price Frederick W 
68 Hughes James L 
70 Monypenny Wm 
72 Richardson Joseph A 
74 Armstrong Victor O 
78 McCammon John 
82 House, s e 

HEPBOURNE, w from Os- 
siugton av to Dufferin, first 
s of Bloor w, wards 5 
and 6. 

North Side ^ 

Store, s e 
Vacant lots 

^Concord av intersects 
Vacant lots 

• Delaware av intersects 
G6 Sturgess George E 

Vacant lots 

• Dovercourt rd intersects 
Vacant lots 

114 Smith Vincent 
116 Wyatt James A 
118 Calladine John 
120 Addy George 
+ Rusholme rd Intersects 

Vacant lots 
130 Crapper James T 
132 Reid Henry 

Vacant lots to end 

South Side 

1 Mitchell John 
Vacant lots 
House, s e 

+ Concord av intersects 
House, s e 
Vacant lots 
35 Summers Alex 
37 Robinson Wm A 
39 MacKay Rev Alexander 
41 Abra Wm W 
^ Delaware av Intersects 
Vacant lots to end 

HERBERT, w from Osier to 
GTR, second n of Royce av, 
ward 6. 
Not built on 

HERBERT AV. u from Queen 
e to city limits, first e of 
Woodbine av, ward 1. 

East Side 

7 Leslie David J 
9 Wilson Mrs Catherine 
11 Wood James K 
13 West Henry C G 
15 Potter Alfred 
17 Flatt Zephaniah 

West Side 

Joselin Wm H 
Barnes Albert E 
Ross Mrs Catharine 

HERMAN AV. n-w from 
Ritchie av, first n of Dun- 
das, ward 6. 
Not built on 

HERRICK, w from opp 195 
Borden to Manning av, 

w ards 4 and 5. 

North Side 

House, s e 
0 Telford Thomas W 
8 Meldrufii James 
10 Hallett Stephen 
^ Ulster av intersects 

Private grounds 
+ Lippincott st intersects 

Store, s e 
36 Rowson Wm J 
38 Goode James 

Vacant lots to end 


South Side ........ 

Public School, s e 
Ulster av intersects 
Vacant lots 
House, s e 

Lippincott st intersects 
Scott Mrs J, gro 
Forrest Charles 
Jones Thomas H 
Grindall Edward 
Hall Wm J 
Ritt Mrs Anne 
Lennox David 
House, s e 

Bathurst st intersects 
Vacant lots to end 
Henry Robert 

HEWARD AV, n from East 
ern av to Queen e, first e of 
Carlaw av, ward 1. 

East Side 

•21 Webb Harry S 
23 Claridge Charles J 

25 Passmore Joseph 

27 Graham Wm J 
Vacant lots 

33 Porter Johnson 
35 Totton Wm 

37 Phlppeu Henry W 

39 McFarlane Samuel 

41 Martin John 

43 Hymas James 
Vacant lots 

49 Karnm Charles C 

51 Dennett Wm 
Vacant lots 

67 Bunting Robert 
69 Beaune Edmond J 

Vacant lots 
91 Cox Daniel G 
93 Frame James 

\VesI Side .... 

26 Ellis George 

28 Martin Wm J 
Vacant lots 

38 Hagen Win C 

40 Jeffries Henry G 

42 Logan Charles T 

44 Henderson James 
46 Winters Joseph 
48 Griffin John W 

50 Martin Harry C 

52 Colville David 
Vacant lots 

74 Manson Robert 

HEWITT, w from Roiiees- 
valles av to Indian rd, first 
n of Howard Park av, ward 

Not built on 

HICKORY, n from 216 St 
Patrick, ward 4. 

East Side 

Rear entrances 

West Side 

House, s e 
6 Skarrlt Martin 
Elliott John, r 
8 Johnston Wm 
10 Webb Samuel 
12 Elsley Randall 
14 Warren Thomas 

HICKSON, w from a lane to 

79 St Clarens, ward 6. 
North Side 

2 McClelland James 
4 Buchan Alexander 
6 Smith James 

8 Campbell Harry T 
10 Wedderbnrn George 
12 Press Frederick T 
14 Logan Mrs Margaret 
16 O'Neill Patrick T 
18 Gordon Wm 
20 Perry Richard 

Vacant lots 
84 Nugent Daniel 
36 Watkius Edward A 
38 Bremer Mrs J, drsmkr 
South Side 

1 Brown Frank 

3 Sheriff Wm 

Sherman Townsend, 

Public Accountant, Auditor and Assipee, 

cable Address. MrKTNNnN mTTT 





Howland Av. 155 

5 Hayes John 59 Yeomans Mrs Cynthia 
7 McComb Mrs Mary 61 Strachan Frank 
9 Hogan Andrew 63 Lumsden Hugh D 
11 Sharpe John 65 Hofmann Miss T, school 
13 Day James A Private grounds 
15 Abbott Wm A 77 Vacant 
17 Hudson Thomas 81 Cox Mrs Fanny 

South Side 
Wycltfftf College, Rev J P 
Sheraton DD prin, Her 
bert B Mortimer reglstr 
Toronto University, r e 


21 liundstaller Andrew 
House, s e 

85 MacMahon Mrs Anastasla 
87 Byam Jesse F, brkr 
89 Brace Josiah 
91 Gregory Wm 
93 Hill Wm, jr 
95 Garrett Alexander N 

HOWARD, e from 603 Sher- 
bourne to Parliament ward 

North Side 


HIGH PARK, at southwest 
ern boundary of citr, en 

House, s e 
4 Keith John 
6 Sparrow George 

trances Lake Shore rd, Col 
lege st and Fermanagh av. 
Meyer Mrs P V, restr 
Wright John, mkt gdur 
Wise Thomas, caretkr 
Stinson Robert 
Creilly John 

107 Kingstone Fred W 
West Side 

8 Taylor Wm D 
House, s e 
^ Glen rd commences 
Vacant lots 
24 Kennelly Albert D 
26 Wenborne Oscar C 
28 Boyle Wm C 
30 Smallpeice Wm R 
Vacant lot 
St Simon's Church 
58 Sinclair Mrs Henrietta 
60 Blaekford E P, nursery 
62 Laughliu Robert J 
64 Horton Albert E 
Ofi Smith D H Scott 
68 Milliken Wm 
70 Noble James 
72 Austin H N 
76 Kerr Wm 
78 Self Thomas W 
Self Bros, bldrs 
86 Johnson Miss Henrietta 
90 Lipscomb Henrv J 
Vacant 'ots 
102 Charlesworth H G 
110 White Thomas 
Smith Side 


House, s e 
12 Pearson Charles 
14 Raymond Burrows 
lli Lawrence Mrs Annie B 
18 Whltehead Frederick W 
20 Blackstock Rev Wm S 
24 Stevenson Mrs Sarah 
^ Montague pi commences 
26 Burns Rev Nelson 
28 O'Donnell M C 
30 Weichert Sigmund 
32 Ramsay Robert H 
34 Thomson J B, paper hnarr 
36 Madge Thomas 
McKnight Mrs Edith, drs- 
Unfinished houses (3) 
46 Pettigrew Robt L, bldr 
48 Gay Rev Alexander R 
50 Henderson James 
52 Douglas Wm M 
^ Suffolk pi commences 
54 Davies Robert, grocer 
54% Walker Glenmore 
56 Stainton C H 
58 Dobson Wm B 
60 Read Mrs Matilda 
62 Andrew George 
64 Dixon Frederick J 
66 Isaac John J 
70 Carter Edward T 
72 Lord Robert F 
74 West Robert O 
76 Parker Mrs Margaret 
78 Cragg Fred H 
80 Ahern John 
^ Maitiand pi commences 
s2 Allan R J S 
84 Cox Arthur 
House, s e 

^ Roncesvalles av intersects 
74 Freeman John 
^ Indian rd intersects 
35 Jelliman Thomas W 

HIGH PARK AV, s-w from 
Dundas to Roncesvalles av, 
first n of Howard Park av, 
ward 6. 
East Side 

^ Roiicesvalles av intersects 
89 Smith Robert 
• Indian rd intersects 
173 Downs James, restr 

19 Gray James 
West Side 

HOWIE AV. n from ODD 17 
Clark, ward 1. 
East Side 

Not built on 

HIOGA AV. w from Indian 
rd to Kobe av, first s of 
Howard Park av. ward 6. 
Not built on 

1 Smith Major 
Cohort Mrs M. nurse 
3 Anderson John 
5 Dawsoo Win H 
7 McCurdv Robert 
9 Muir John 
11 Richard James 
13 Lowe Reuben 
15 Burke Thomas 
17 Butcher Henrv 
19 Hobson Wm ' 
Vacant lot< 
31 Hewlett John 
33 Badgerow Jesse 
35 Eatherlev Mrs Ann 
37 McDonald Neil 
39 Hawthorn Wm L 
Vacant lots 
49 Gilbert John 
51 Hanks Robert 
53 Outhwaite Wm L 
55 McDowell Wm 
57 Murrav George 
59 Edgar Walter A 

West Side 
8 Mitchell James 
10 Mitchell Wm E 
16 Murray Robert 
18 Jones John B 

HOGARTH AV, e from 
Broadview av, third s of 
Danforth av. ward 1. 
North Side 
2 Slater Joseph T 
4 Herst Samuel 
Vacant lots 
48 Sheppard James J. exp 
64 Keys Thomas 
^ Bowden st commences 
68 Hogarth George 
^Hampton av intersects 
South Side 
Not built on 

13 Cox well C W H 
15 Koys Mrs Margaret 
17 Coxwell Hylton, gro 
Reid Mrs 'Margaret 
19 Munn John, pro 
^ Kleecker st ends 
21 Duff Jar.ies. gr» 
23 Finch fhos W. btchr 
25 Walterhouse D C, drugs 
27 Boyntofl E jr, btchr 
29 Vacant 
31 Cobban Wm E M 
33 Lee Thomas J 
35 McBride Archibald 
37 Stuart Francis jr 
39 Bryan Wm J 
41 Anderson Frank G 
43 Jacob John 
Hodskins Mrs H. uurse 
47 McHnrdv Mrs Noble 
49 Cooke Wm 
51 O'Loane John T 
53 Simpson Richard 
55 Wynn Mrs Charlotte 
57 Maynarfl Mrs E 
59 Eastmure Mrs S 
• Ontario st ends 
House, s e 
Fire Hall, s e 
^ Rose av ends 
House s e 
S5 Wallace David B 
87 Pape James J 
89 Cradock Stephen 
in Couch J T 
93 Mitchell James F 
95 Vance James 
97 Campbell Joseph 
99 Clarke Mrs Maiv 
101 Stewart Alexander 
103 Hay James R 

HOME PL, n from 110 Oak to 
Reid, ward 2. 

House, s e 
1 Rogers Francis 
2 Godfrev Wm 
3 Poison 'John 
4 Kirkpatrick Frederick 
5 Gardiner Wm 
G Henderson Robert 
7 Glbbard Mrs Susan 
West Siilt- 

Wellesley, opp Homewood 
av, ward 2. 

House, s e 
13 Nicholls Frederick 
West Side 

HOWLAND AV. n from Bloor 
w, opp Borden. to CPR, 
second e of Bathurst. ward 

East Side . 

10 Huestis Archibald M 

HOOPER AV (Toronto Is 
land), n from 286 Lake 
Shore av, ward 4. 

15 Hall F Asa 
17 Cook Mrs Kmnia 
19 Allen George F 
21 Pemberton .Leigh T 
2i Shortreed Mrs Mary 
2T> Evans Josiah J 
27 Lawson Walter J 
Vacant lots 
35 Clark Robert S 
37 McLaren James A 
39 Currie John A 
41 Sherriu Dennis P 
•13 Prendergast Wm 
45 Prittle Robert W 
47 Ross John 
49 Williamson John W 
51 Cockburn Wm A 
Vacant lots 
73 Jacob! Frederick W 
75 Plewes David 
Vacant lets 
+ Barton av intersects 
Vacant lots 
91 Tyrrell Wm 
09 Chadwick Edward M 
Vacant lots 
117 Jones S Alfred 
119 Clarkson Charles 
Vacant lots 
^Wells st intersects 
Vacant lots 
li."> Norris Walter Wm 
147 Abbey Edward 

Hi IMF: WOOD AV. n from 154 

Carlton to Wellesley, ward 
Eair Side 

3 Donald Richard A 
o Drynan John W 
7 Vacant 
11 Equi Wm J 
13 Goodman Charles E 
West Side 

1-5 Oldright Wm, phv 
7 Fraser Rev R Douglas 
9 Browne John C 
15 Ness Archibald 
17 O'Neil James 
19 Hinch Miss Emma 
21 Hemphill Mrs Charlotte 
23 McMahoii John 
25 Underwood J Elbridge 
27 Hough Heurv 
29 De Laplante Magloire 
31 Walker w c 
83 Tyrrell Edward 
35 Cosford Wm E 
37 Clelaud Wm 
^ Hurst pi commences 
39 Kirklaud Archibald 
41 Thatcher George E 
43 Hirst John 
45 Niece S Herbert 
47 Vanderburg A J 
49 Oliver Robert 
51 Peunylegion Mrs K 
53 Brown Win 
55 Vacant 
57 Briggs James R 

4 Price Frederick W 
6 Dunbar F J 
Gale George C 
8 Dyas Mrs E W 
10 MeGill Wm R 
12 Bruce Rev George 
14 Rriggs Harrv W 
16 Greig Wm 
18 Watson Ernes.t 
20 Dvas John H 
22 Copping Geo R 
24 Addison Alfred 
26 McCabe James W 

HOWARD AV. u from the 
lake to Queen e, between 
Lee and Balsam avs, ward 

F;»st Side 

Vacant lots 
Trimble John H 
. West Sidt» 

Not built on 

HOSKIN AV. w from Queen's 
Park to St (jt irge, first B 
of Bioor w. ward 4. 

from nearly opp 912 l)un- 
das to High Park, ward 6. 
\orth Side 

Not built on 

Tor Ry stables 
Market gardens 




The Lake Simcoe ICE Supply Go. 

Jt ft FG.OI AWA 




Best Oualitv. All Sizes. 


156 Rowland Av. 



Tel. No. 423. 

14y Siuffurd Dr Joseph 

151 Andrews George 

153 Vacant 

155 Denning Thomas 

157 Turner Hugh S 

159 Simmons Enoch 

101 Neate Miss Nellie 

1U3 McHenry Grierson L 

Ilia Macdonald Samuel 

167 Cope'and Isaac 

173 Lee Wm T J 

177 Roberts Robert J 

179 Jeffrey John M 

181 Bairstow Jonathan 

183 Matthews Wm 

187 Landon James 

1ST 1 , Courtney Jonathan S 

189 N'utter Richard 

191 Brown Miss Amanda 

Maunder Joseph 
193 Harrington Thomas P 
195 Thompson Thomas 
199 Mossop Samuel H 
201 Baxter Henry G 
203 Long Frederick 

Vacant lots 
+ Dupout st Intersects 
227 Death Edward 
229 Cross Kenneth 

• Railway crossing 

807 Boake Mfg Co, lumber 

West Side 

16 Farmer Jones H 

18 Mc-Kie Joseph W 

20 Miller Israel I 

22 Glover James A 

24 Cochrane Mrs J B 

26 Strachan James 

28 Cone Wm 

30 Sinclair Donald 

32 Scott Wm 

34 Lowther John 

36 Markham Rev Joseph 

38 Steward Arthur 1' 

Vacant lots 
48 Kellow Moses S 
50 Fasken Rev George R 
52 Platt Samuel 
54 Fischer Wm G 
56 Howland C; W 
58 Bassett Samuel 
64 McMillan Mrs Mary A 
(ili McMillan James W 

Vacant lots 
^Barton uv intersects 

St Aiban's Cathedral, 9 e 
86 Swentman Rt Rev Arthur, 
DD, Lord Bishop of To 

St Aiban's Cathedral Sch 

St Aiban's Athletic gds> 

• Wells st Intersects 
Vacant lots 

130 Bnrford James H 
132 Rogers Norman J 
134 Wilkina James 
13fi Van Wyck Mrs M F 
338 Kilgore Samue] 
140 Bnrt John jr 
142 Spradtrow Wm 
144 Reece Thomas 
150 Vacant 

Private grounds 
176 Generenx Joseph A 
192 Butterworth H C, florist 

Buffv Reuben 

Hicks Mrs C, nurse 
194 Hines Lewis, gro 
396 Lawrence Robert J 
206 Tibbs John, coal oil 
+ Dupont st intersects 

Vacant lots 
214 Morris Arthur 
216 Jeffery Charles 
^ Railway crossing 

HOWLAND RD, n from 746 
Gerrard e to Langley BY, 
ward 1. 

East Side 

17 Golay Henry S 
19 Prout Mrs Mary A 
21 Stewart Mrs Mary 
Unfinished houses 
Vacant lots to ends 

West Side , 

Store, s e 
• Simpson av ends 
32 Waugh George 
14 Pudsey Amos 

Iti Mahaffy Wm S 

18 Noble Wm J 

22 Francis Sam, confy 

Francis Miss M, drsmkr 
Vacant lots to end 

HUGO AV, w from Perth av 
to Franklin av, first n of 
Royce av, ward 6. 
Not built on 

Duiidas, second n of Regent, 
ward 6. 

Not built on 

HUMBERT AV, w from 82 
Duudas to Dovereourt rd, 
ward 5. 

North Side 

Store, a e 
4 Mulheru Bryan L 

Glft'ord Mrs C, nurse 
0 Sampson Joseph 

8 Adams Frederick W 

^ Humbert pi commences 
14 Wise Robert 
1U Bennett Arthur A 
18 Rogers Joel 

20 Thayers Mrs M J 

22 Creed Charles S 

24 Rogers Albert J 

Miller Miss L E, mus tchr 
26 Bird Edward 

Bird & Co, plmbrs 
28 Bird Charles M 
30 Francisco John J 
32 Beale Mrs Mary 
34 Smith Frank 
30 Attrell Robert H 

38 Rason Samuel 

40 Smith Joseph L 
-±2 Honeycombe Win 
44 Hilliard David 

4U Milligan Alexander 
48 Mackintosh John M 
50 Giles James W 
52 Aikins John E 
54 Beldam Arthur D 
56 O'Brien Charles J 
58 lugrain Charles W 
60 Dickinson Richard 
62 Snider Nelson D 
64 Samwell Joseph 
06 Pearson James 
08 Murphy James J 
70 Pittman Mrs Matilda 
72 Simmons Wm J 
74 Smith Joseph J 
78 McCready Richard 
82 Einmett James 

Milligan John W, r 
84 Tucker Walter A 
88 Johns Stephen W 
88 Brookes Frank 
90 En rl Thomas 

Store, s e 
South Side 

Store, s e 
7 Thorn Wm 

9 McTaggert Mrs Mary J, 


13 Wilcox Wm 
+ Brookfield st ends 
House, s e 

21 Dickinson John H 

23 Jones Charles F 

25 Blackwell John A 
House, 9 e 

• Fenningg st ends 
Store, s e 

39 Brown Win S 

41 Clark Benjamin W 
Store, s e 

HUMBERT PL. runs n from 
14 Humbert av. ward 3. 
Rear and side entrances 

HUNTER, e from 419 Jones 
av to Leslie, ward 1. 

North Side 

House, s e 

20 Ryan M J, mkt gdnr 
Finucau Thos, mkt gdnr 

South Side 

Jackson Wm. dairy 

UUNTLEY, n from head of 
Earl to South Drive, first e 
of Jaryis, ward 2. 

East Side 

House, s e 
5 Love Frederick 

House, s e 
+ Isabella st intersects 

House, s e 
35 Iroufield Thomas 
37 Newcombe Ovtavlus 
.!9 Croft Wm jr 
41 Thomas Arnold W 

43 Ross John F 

<k Linden st commences 

47 Holden John B 
49 Strong Charles T 

51 Money Frank G 
r,3 Swift James 

55 Rust Arthur F 
57 Gray John G R 
59 Garde Henry 
61 Chapman Alexander 
63 Sherlock J M, vocalist 
65 Patterson George E 
^ Selby st commences 
67 Dunnet Thomas 
•19 Ynllle Harry A 
71 Wilson P Turner 
73 Scott James Jr 
75 Cooper Duncan D E 
77 Moure Ferdinand A 

Berthon Miss C S, artist 
79 Spencer Clayton J 

House, s e 
^ Bloor st e Intersects 

House, s e 

Bridge over ravine 

House, s e 

• Elm av Intersects 
House, s e 

125 Dexter Thomas G 
West Side 

Private grounds 

• Isabella st intersects 
House. 9 e 

34 Bull Mrs Emma S 
36 Foster Mrs Charlotte E 
8X Ellis David O 
•10 Tebhs Mrs Alice 

44 Bengough John W. artist 
46 Meredith Arthur 

48 Bilton Wm G 

52 Johnston Strachan 
Private grounds 

84 Snenoi' George 

86 Crawford Charles A 

88 Johnston W S 

90 Adam Graeme G 

02 Boothf Jamea 

S4 Rice Omer F 

98 Knapp Frederick A 

House, a ft 
+ Bloor st P- intersects 

House, 9 e 

Bridge over ravine 

House, s e 
^ Kim av Intersects 

House, s e 
120 Jarvis Beaumont 

126 Rowland A E 

^ Meredith cres commences 
128 Ttannlp Mrs F M 

HURON, n from 28 Phoebe to 

city limits, crossing Bloor at 

350, ward 4. 
East Side 

1 Graham Robert, gro 

3 Dunham Arthur M 

5 Vance Mrs Lydia 

7 Stockford Herbert 

9 Dorrington J, shoemkr 
11 Dlckson John 
13 Hartson Thomas 
15 MacCauley Mrs Ellen 
17 Upshall Charles 
19 Salvation Hall 
21 Wray Richard H 
23 Pendergast Mrs Ellen 
Store, s e 

+ Sullivan st Intersects 

House, s e 
29 Ryley Richard 
31 Pratt Henry H 
35 Ford Mrs Julia A 

Turner Win, r 

Firman John, r 
37 Kittcnljci^ Isaac 
39 Biy Gilford D 
41 Sanderson Thorn;*- 
43 Miller Mrs Mary 
45-47 Good George 

Store, s e 

* Grange av inter-vets 
49 Carson Wm J 

51 Pratt Wm P 
53 Moore James 
55 Healey George H 
67 Parker David G, bldr 
59 Sullivan Mrs Margaret 
61 Foster Charles W 
63 Balls Mrs Mary 
65 Smith Wm 
67 Lannin Thomas 
69 Boundy Richard 
71 Perks James 
73 Snowball Tom, gro 
^ St Patrick st Intersects 

House, s e 
75 Lumbers George 
77 Hurd Mrs M J 
79 Carney Miss Ellen 
81 Dunsford O 0 H 
88 Muir Thomas 
85 Gray Miss Isabel 

House, s e 

• D'Arcy st intersects 
House, s e 

105 Pigott Wm, pntr 
107 Beekmau Robert T 
109 Montgomery S R 
111 Beatty Christopher 

House, s e 
^ Baldwin st Intersects 

House, s e 
323 Macdonell Alexander 

Vacant lots 
^ Cecil st intersects 

House, s e 
153 Higgins Frank O'C 

Higgins Wm H 
15.i McLeod John E 
157 Williams John H 

Williams S J, drsmkr 
159 Toogood F W 
161 Gagen Robert F 
163 Armour Douglas 
165 Esling Zacharlah 
167 Chadwlck V 
169 Vacant 

371 Penniugton Miss A 
173 Clougher Joseph P 
175 Hollwey Thomas C 
189 Davison John B 

<k College st intersects 
213 Stevens Wm G 
215 Johnston Wm D 
217 Haggart Daniel, agt 

Haggart Mrs C, drsmkr 
219 Dickie Mrs Elizabeth 
221 Mitchell Thomas 
223 Smith Henry 
225 Blizard Wrn'H 
227 Forster Albert I 
229 Armstrong Robert 
231 Crozier John A G 
233 Jenkins Mrs Marion 
235 Steele George 
237 Durand Chas. barr 
239 Muldrew Mrs Faifthful 
241 Baird Wm M 
243 Moss Harry T 
245 Somerville Mrs Agnes 
247 Butcher Nelson R 
249 Cousins Edward J 
251 Rennie Mrs Helen A 
•^ Russell st intersects 

House, s e 

2.".3 Hunting & Sale Stable 
255 Monaghan Frederick 
257 Taylor George 
259-277" Victoria Club 

Victoria Skating and Cur!- 
ing Assn 

Toronto Curling Club 

Toronto Skating Club 

Victoria Bowling Club 

Victoria Hockey Club 

Victoria Lawn Tennis Club 

Victoria Whist Club 

Griffin John 

House, s e 
^ Willcocks st intersects 

House, s e 

289 Macpherson Alexander 
291 Rodger A F 




McGregor & Mclntyre 


IN STOCK: Beams, Channels, j 65 to 73 Pearl. 
Angles, Bar Iron, and Steel. | 'Phone 2748 


Indian Rd. 157 

293 Short Wm B 3G 

295 Henderson David ^ 

297 Kerr Miss Sarah J 
299 Tandy Rechab 38 

301 Roberts Mrs Annie S 

+ Classic pi commences 46 

303 Smith Wm H 48 

305 Tulloch John G 50 

307 Deivar James S 52 

309 Martin Mrs Phoebe 54 

311 Powell Jas, gro 56 

Watkinson Geo 58 

House, s e 

• Harbord st intersects ^ 
House, s e 

329 Painter Thos, bldr 
331 Young Thomas 
333 Painter Thomas 
335 Urquhart F H 76 

337 Storer Alex 78 

339 MeLintock John W 80 

341 Hardie Mrs Christina 82 

343 Jones John D 84 

345 Donkin Robert H * 

347 Bowman Wm J 
351 Pringle Charles 102 

353 Jackson James 106 

355 White Harry J 108 

357 Neal George 110 

359 Rrayley Robt C 
361 Smith 'Wm H * 

863 Dowler Mrs Agnes 112 

365 Pearcy Gilbert S 114 

367 Van Bree Edward I 116 

369 Darley Robt, baker 

• Sussex av intersects 
House, s e 

371 Muntz Rupert G 

Lightbourn Miss E, nnrse 
373 Livingstone Miss M, mus : 126 

St Thomas (Ang) Church * 

379 Petrie Henry W 
381 Chapman S H 140 

395 Sankey Villiers 
397 Merritt Thomas 
399 Wallace Harry C 152 

401 Shaver Charles 154 

403 McMurtry Wm J 
405 Partridge Wm H 160 

Partridge Robert H 162 

407 Pentecost Robert W 164 

409-15 Lnlng Win J. florist 

Private grounds 

House, s e 1~0 

• Bloor st w intersects 

House, s e 174 

455 Welton Rev Daniel M 176 

457 Smith Frederick J 
459 Langmuir E A ^ 

House, s e 200 

^ Prince Arthur av ends ' 210 

House, s e 212 

Vacant lots 216 

485 Rosemond Wm + 

4«7 Smith Robert A 

House, s e 238 

^ Lowther av intersects | 240 

house, s e 242 

507 Seath John 244 

509 Middleton Wm E 24« 

511 Regan Alfred M ; 248 

513 Gordon Stewart I 2.iO 

515 Gray Mr* Mary I « 

;"19 Manso-n Wm 

521 Maclntyre Thomas J 256 

529 Matheson ReT James 

' Public School 266 

543 Leavens Byron K 268 

Vacant lots 

569 Pakenham Wm 270 

571 O'Beirne J C 272 

573 Lovell Robert + 

Vacant lots 274 

+ Bernard av Intersects 278 

Vacant lots 280 

601 Keenan Wm. bldr 282 

Vacant lots 284 

661 Stone Win OCR 

665 Carter Wm 

Vacant lots to end 
West Side j 

House, g e 288 

20 McFarland R, gro 290 

Store, s e 

• Sullivan st intersects 292 
House, s e 

24 Slater Isaac 
26 Outhet John R 
28 Taylor Harry A 
30 Phillips Wm 

Rumball Win H, tailor 
Grange av intersects 
Store, s e 
Moore Will H 
Thompson John 
Kelz John S 
Smith Mrs Mary 
Fulton David 
Davison Mrs Isabella 
Humphrey Uichard 
Saulter Mrs Mary 
Hodgson Mrs Cath 
llou^t', s e 

St Patrick st intersects 
House, s e 
Benu Miss Lulu 
Hall George 
Williamson Robert C 
Slmonds James 
MacKay John A 
Smith Mrs Susannah 
Wytho Mrs Sarah 
Peter John W 
D'Arcy st intersects 
House, s e 
Hyarn Henry M 
Lowe George 
Kyle Edward 
McCullagh Mrs Annie 
Store, s e 
Baldwin st intersects 
Morgan Joseph C 
MacPherson Mrs Emily 
McEachern Donald, bldr 
McEachern T, drsmkr 
Travers Arthur P 
Mclntosh Allen 
Cowan Mrs Amelia 
Gilroy A A 
Bristol Eiimund 
Vacant lots 
Cecil st intersects 
Benn Roy F 
Reeves Mrs Annie 
Quigley Edward 
Birks Arthur 
McLean Wm J 
Dickson John 
Whittoo Isaac 
Smith M F. dentist 
Waste Alphonso D 
Boasi John S 
Astleford T H 
Lawson Mrs Sarah A 
,T"s> John 
Pratt James 
Crofts John H 
McLachlan Hugh H 
House, s e 
College st intersects 
Grace (Horneo) Hospital 
McConnell Mrs Margaret 
Mara Mrs E M 
Coady Richard T 
Division st commences 
House, s e 
Milligan Walter R 
Denton J Herbert 
Edwards Donald C 
Thome Miss Anna M 
Irving Thomas C 
Butt James 
Mackay James A 
Russell st intersects 
Private grounds • 

Private grounds 
Webster Alexander F 
Barclay George J 
Barclay W E, mus tchr 
McQuillan Thomas 
Walker Robert E 
Orchard st commences 
Brown Robt T, bldr 
Temple Edmond B 
Grayson-Smith James 
Kerr Mrs Urith 
May E Newton 
Archer Mrs Martha S 
Archer Miss U. mus tchr 
Archer Miss K, mus tchr 
Archer Miss E, artist 
Paterson Mrs Eleanor 
Montgomery John T 
Montgomery Miss Jessie 
Bowerman James 
Bowerman Miss L, nnrse 
Drew Miss Adella, nurse 
De Vellin Miss C E, nnrse 
Macdonald Miss M, nurse 
Barnard Miss M L. nurse 




















Watt Hubert L 
Krtznor Jacob 
Willcocks st intersects 

Hi'll-r, S 6 

Strickland W D'B 

Beatty Joseph W 

Wilson Mrs Isabella 

Northcote Reginald 

Fisher Wm D 

Mackintosh F P 

Classic av commences 

Divwry Mrs G 

Howlaud I'eleg 

Birchall Thomas S 

Moore Wm H 

Watliugton J Hartley 

Donald Richard A 

Macdonald A N 

Hargraft John 

Locke Richard 

Vacant lots 

Pearce A Swinton 

Mackellar John A 

Harbord st Intersects 

Bremner John 

McKenzie Mrs F, fey gds 

Johnston James 

Dawson G W 

Suuderland George 

Smyth Sidney D 

Rutherford John jr 

Rutherford Mrs Anna, 

Wicksey John E 

Fletcher Mrs Josephine 

Lanskail Jas S 

Taylor Wm H 

Barnard Benjamin S 

McGrath James 

Ewart Arthur G 

Morris st commences 

Weston Joseph, gro 

Harman Richard H, bldr 

Castle George 

Kent Herbert A B 

Varcoe Frederick R 

Jackson Henry O 

Ryerson George M 

Vacant lots 

Sussex av intersects 

Charlton T M, gro 

Ferguson Jonn 

Graham George M 

Laing Miss L, drsmkr 

Maxwell F J 

Pirie Charles N 

Robinson George H 

Murray Wm L 

Robinson George H 

Fnlford Mrs E, nurse 

Mulhollanrl Wm F 

Wallace Mrs Marianne 

Covernton Miss A 

Layburn George 

S*>lby Thomas 

Washington av com 

Woods George B 

Guy Matthew 

Byrue Francis 

Robinson George M 

Coulter Joseph 

Twitehell Charles E 

O'Brian James B 

Secord Herbert C 

Vacant lots 

Bloor st w Intersects 

Presbyterian Ch, s e 

Coleman Arthur P 

Lee Thomas B 

Roberts David 

Atkinson Joseph E 

Mlllman Thos 

Wright Henry J 

Temple Henry P R 

Drummond H A 

Cox Herbert C 

Lukes Lewis 

Kay Mrs Ellen C 

Vacant lot 

Lowther av intersects 

Vacant lots 

Brodie Robert T 

Fraser Thomas E 

Sanderson Frank 

Mills Samuel D 

Vacant lots 

Grand James 

Ince James 

Vacant lots 

594 Wanless Dr John 
5% MacKenzle James M 

fiUS Balfour Mrs Josephine 
600 MeAinsh Daniel T 
600 Lytle Thomas A 
+ Bernard av intersects 
Vacant lots to end 

HURST PL, e from 37 Home- 
wood av. ward 2. 

North Side 

House, s e 

2 <'ollins Ernest F 
4 Fox Godfrey J 

South SiJe 

House, s e 
1 Fullard John 

3 Steel John 

HUXLEY, w from Dufferln 
to Jameson av, first s of 
King w, ward 6. 

North Side 

Vacant lots 

^ Tyudall av intersects 
House, s e 
Unfinished houses 4> 
House, s e 

+ Spencer av intersect* 
Vacant lots 
House, s e 

<k Cowan av intersects 
28 Rogers Edward A 
30 Gould Joshua M 

Vacant lots 
44 Millar James 
Vacant lot 

48 Ardagh F A F 
50 Smith George 
52 Barr Wm 

54 Wright Joseph 
56 Goodler James W 
58 Robinson Wm 
60 McCarthy Jesse O 
62 Little Frank H, gro 
+ Dunn av intersects 

House, s e 

Vacant lots 

68 Culvcrhouse Edward 
70 Thorn john O 

House, s e 

^ Close av commences 
72 Harrison George P 

South Side 

41 Howard Samuel W 
43 Edwards Charles 
47 Richards John 

49 Weismiller David 

+ Tymlall :\v interesects 

Vacant lots 
67 Haultaln T Arnold 

• Spencer av Intersects 
Vacant lots 

• Cowan av Intersects 
85 Crocker John B 

87 Noble George 

89 Craigie Mrs Helen 

91 MaeLean Wm 

93 Armstrong Thomas H 

95 Forgle Wm H 

tDunn av Intersects 
G T R station 

INDIAN RD, n from Queen 
w (Lake Shore rd) to city 
limits, first e of High Park, 
ward *» 

East Side 

McDonell Rolling Mills, 
a e 

• Garden av ends 
119 Thompson Phillips 
123 McMillan Percy E 
123 McMillan Percy E 

• Wright av ends 

275 O'Donohoe J. mkt gdnr 

• Geoffrey st intersects 
307 Scott Wm J 

+ Plmfield pi ends 

Vacant lots 
+ Marmaduke st ends 

Vacant lots 

• Howard Park ay Inter 


Vacant lots 

401 Du Vernet Ernest E A 
405 Smith Eden 


IC IUI ll- Limited, 78 CHURCH ST. 

MORTGAGE LOANS, small and 

large amounts, reasonable terms. 


Standard Life 

Assurance Company. 

158 Indian Rd. 




Chas. Hunter, 

Chief Agent, OuUrio. 

Toronto Offices: 

Bank of Commerce Building. 


+ Boustead av ends 
Reid George A 
Vacant lots to end 

West Side 

36 Faulkner Miss Anne J 
120 Goulding George 
126 Coulson Win H 
ISO McWilllam John 3 
150 Harrison Mrs Agnes 
A Cherry av commences 
168 Daw son Rev Alex 
Brown Wm J 
Smith Robert, r 
+ Hioga av commences 
208 Vacant 
280 Vacant 
368 Mulheru John 
+ Howard Park av Inter 

420 Ffolkes Edward G E 
Vacant lots to end 

INGHAM AV, n from Win 
chester Drive to Hogarth 
av, first e of Broadview av, 
ward 1. 

Not built on 

INKEKMAN, w from opp 57 
St Nicholas to Chapel, ward 

North Side 

Infants' Home, r e 
22 Hendriek Michael 
24 Moore James 
House, s e 

South Side 

1 White Frank 
3 Quinn Miss Ann 
T White Wm 
9 Findlay Mrs Jennie 
11 Quinn "jolm 
13 Henderson Joseph 
15 Tnck Bence 
19 Dorgan Timothy 
Lamb Thomas 

IRENE PL, e from Carllng to 
Ossingtou av, first n of 
Bloor w, ward 5. 
Not built on 

1 1: v ING AV, \v from ry 
tracks to Edwin av, second 
u of Bloor w, ward 6. 
Not built on 

lit WIN AV. w from 044 Yonge 

to Chapel, ward 3. 

North Side 

Store, s e 

•'• i 'a rr \Vm II 

- Consalus- Mrs Amelia 

10 Ulakely Will N 
Yi May bee John W 

11 Alcombrack Leonard P 

tSt Nicholas st Intel-sects 
Foster Wm 
l.s Jackson Reuben 
20 Quinn Frank 
22 Knight John J 

24 Kleaken Charles 
26 Teagle Lewis 

25 Carter Frederick E 
30 Holway Albert T 
32 Forsell" C Albert 

34 McNichol John. 
HH Terrell Mrs Kliza M 
8s Barton David W 
40 McDonogh Joseph K 
40Mi Hopkins Thomas N 

43 1'ardoe Thomas 

44 Knowles Richard 
46 O'Connor Mrs M J 
48 Bedley Charles 

52 Byrch Win P 

South Side 

Store, s e 
1 Tansley Charles T 
7 Linehan Michael J 
9 Culling Win 
11 Young Nelson S 
13 Denlson Howard 
15 Corrlgan Mrs F.Iiza 
17 Harrison Thomas C 
Hou so. s e 

ISABELLA, e from 039 Yonge 
to Sherbourne, wards 2 and 

North Side 

2 Store, s e 

10 Coltart Mrs Catherine 
12 MacMillan John A 
18 Boarduiau Mrs Fannie 
20 Ross Johu 
2'3 Montgomery Wm J 
24 Hay Miss K G 
20 Kane Mrs Matilda 
30 Murray James, horse dlr 
32 Lewis Will F 
34 Dignuin Edward J 
38 Wood Robert A 
42 Browu Mrs Louise 
44 McEwen Rev John P 
46 Lee A Burdett 
4s Parsons Rev H M 
.'* Sheridan John T 
52 Ferguson Mrs Helen E 
54-8 Walker Holford. phy 
Rotherham House Hosp 
t<0 Williamson Mrs Eliza 
Jeffers T C, mus tchr 
62 Holgate Henry 
M Hyde Rev Thomas B 
00 McLaren Mrs L 
08 Blngham G A, phy 
+ Church st intersects 
72 Corley J W S 
sO Falconbridge Hon W G 
Si; Walsh Miss M, drsmkr 
88 Wright Joseph. 
90 Foy James J, QC 
92 Greey Johu G 
'J4 McMaster Mrs Helen E 

House, s e 
^Jarvis st intersects 

House, s e 
118 Koyrt James T 
120 Frankel Maurice 

* Huntley st intersects 
126 Hallam Josephine 

146 Dalton Charles C 
162 Cox Edward W 
164 Ryrie Harry 
106 Hilton Thomas 
108 Realty Samuel G 
170 Tifrtn Ephralm 

South Side 

9 Doane Mrs E M 

11 Virtue Mrs Adelaide 

13 Sparling Charles P 

!."• Burns G Ferrler 

17 Britton Wm, phy 

19 Byrne Lawrence V 

21 Henderson Mrs Jane 

23 Bradley Mrs Annie 

Bradley Miss M, mus 

23 Haslitt Robt. dentist 

27 Fleming James 

41 Zeta Psi Fraternity 
Hunter Thomas M 

411 Rynn James B 

51 Stalker Mrs Emma E 

53 Symons Herbert C 

55 Heighlnfrton Joseph 

57 Collyer John 

59 Cassifly Robinson A 

61 Petry Charles B 

63 Clarke Lionel H 

65 Lloyd Ellis 

67 Boyle Patrick 

00 MacAgy Mrs Mary E 
71 Duncan Mrs Emily 
73 McRrlne Patrick 

House, s e 

• Church st intersects 
House, s e 

83 Woods W Lloyd 
85 Andrew Mrs F I 
87 Lvon Wm A 
89 Irforton David jr 

01 Wallace Mrs Eliza 
Stt Clarke Alfred R 
95 Pearson Wm H jr 

House, s e 

+ Jarvis st intei-sects 
House. 9 e 

• Huntley st intersects 
123 Murphy Mrs Julia 

12." Church of Eng Deaconess 
and Missionary training 

127 Watson John 

129 Fleet John 

131 Playfair John S 

133 Utiun James W 
K::. Han-is Mrs Jean G 
i:;T Asling Herbert M 
139 Macdonald Adam F 
141 Ramsay Robert H jr 
143 Sloan John 
14."i Staiuvay George 
House, K e 

ISABELLA PL, s from opp 

172 St Patrick, ward 4. 
East Side 

1 Hall Joseph 

3 Farley John E 

5 Ritchie John 

7 Hill Sauford 
9 Hill John H 

11 Brackstone Thomas 
West Side 

2 Francis Albert 

4 Freestone Mrs Margaret 

6 Camm Robert 

8 Phillips Mrs Ellen 
10 Smith Isaac 

12 Smith Gordon 

ISLAND PARK (Toronto Is 
land), lies on n s of Island, 
bet Haitian's and Ward's 
Points, ward 4. 

Kimingg David M (per 

Goodwin Captain Joseph, 
pleasure boats (perma 

Goodwin Wm T 
Goodwin James A 
Rennick Joseph, parcel de 
Wilson & Co. restr 

IVY AV, e from 443 Leslie, 
ward 1. 

North Side 

Not built on 

South Side 

7 Roadknight James 
13 McAlister W J. coal oil 
19 Crew Isaac 

JAMES, n from 30 Queen w 
to Louisa, ward 3. 

East Side 

Store, R e 

7 St James' Hall, s e 
11-29 T Eaton Co. r e 

• Albert st intersects 
Salvation Army, s e 

T Eaton Co, factory, s e 

West Side ~.. 

City Hall, s e 

• Albert st Intersects 
House, s e 

:!4 Rrydson Robert 
36 Coupland Mrs Margaret 
T Eaton Co, stables 

JAMESON AV, n from the 
lake to Queen w. inter 
secting King w at 1429, 
ward 6. 
East Side 

27 Bernard Clarence A 

29 Sewell Colin J 

33 Reid George W 

35 Sproatt Henry 
Vacant lots 

+ Empress cres intersects 

47 Harris Whitney T 

53 Howard Alfred H 

+ CJTR crossing 

• Huxley st ends 

73 Corbold Cecil E 

73 Gray John C 

87 Kammerer J A 

89 Stuart Francis F 

fi?, Ford Joseph H 

95 Norman Thomas 

9 1 J Smellie Wm 
101 Williamson Wm H 
103 Vacant 
105 Barr Frank F 
107 Halliwell James L 

Unfinished houses (2) 
125 Leslie George B 


Tnrnntn flffino 

Limited, of 

'PhntlR 951 

129 denies Matthew P 

131 Watson .lames P 
137 Morrow Johu 
139 Meutivler A C 

Vacant lots 

^ King st w intersects 
155 Wilson Frederick 
137 Andrew John B 

161 Watson George F 

163 Hoover Addison H 
103 Gouinlock George 

167 Kelley George M 

169 Rogers Joseph E 

173 Scott James 

177 Harrison James A 
179 Bruce Wm M, dentist 
Vacant lots 

187 Turnliull Wm F 

189 Winchester John 

195 Jameson Av Coll Institute 
215 Greer Wm D 
Skating rink, r e 

West Side 

28 Edwards George 

• Labumam av commences 
4« Foster Samuel 

46% Bickmore Frederick 

• Empress cres intersects 
House, s e 

+ UTR crossing 

» Sprlnghurt av commences 

96 Hayes Frederick B 

98 Vacant 

102 Verity Robert H 
106 Wright Fred T 
108 Juuor Wm 
110 Mulholiand Hiram M 
112 Thayer Ira B 
114 Bull Wm 
116 Husband George C 
118 Sparrow Thos W, phy 
120 Birehard Isaac J 
122 MaeKenzie Ewen 
126 Warren James J 
128 Warren Michael P 

130 Menzie Robert E 

132 Sing Rev Samuel 
Ross David, mus tchr 
House, s e 

^ King st w intersects 

Vacant lots 
160 Smith Walter H 

162 Wedd Wm jr 

164 Blackwell George J 
166 Wood Alfred W 

168 Larkin C A, lumber 

170 Godson Henry 

172 Gregory A T, artist 
Gregory C H, artist 

174 Coleman George 
176 Hunter James R 

+ Leopold st commences 

Unfinished house 
182 Gibson Ralph E 
186 Mountain Wm F 

Mountain Miss E S, mu9 

188 Dean W George 

190 Marshall Wm J 

192 Fitzgerald Jerome M 
194 Connolly J F, contr 
Unfinished houses (3) 
220 Lynd Adam, phy 

JANET AV, w from Lans- 
downe av to Albert av, first 
n of Bloor w, ward 6. 

North Side 

Not built on 

South Side . . . .. 

House, s e 
21 Torpey Eugene 

JARVIS, n from the bay to 
Bloor e, crossing King at 
161, wards 2 and 3. 

East Side 

Vacant lots 
• Lake st intersects 
Vacant lots 

Toronto Bedding Co, Ltd, 

t Esplanade st e intersects 
-3 Hough Lithographing Co 
5-7 McNairn J H, wax paper 
9 Nicholson & Brock, bird 


11-13 Toronto Plate Glass Im 
porting Co 

GEO. R. HARGRAFT, Cen'l Agent. 

Residence Telephone 3124 
T. C. BLOGG. City Agent. 

I he DttfUN rait IH5. uu. 

(Cash and Mutual Plans). CAPITAL, $500,000 

neaa uince 


F. CLEMENT BROWN, Managing; Director. 
J. A. MACFADDf IM, Genera' 'gent, TORONTO, 
24 King St. West, Tel. 165 


Jar vis. 


15-17 Walker, Parker & Co, 


19 Patterson S A: Co, eider 
21 Cohan Cigar Co, cigar 


23 Turner & Co, pro nied 
25 I'oole & Co, machinist* 
Warehouse, s e 

• Front st e Intersects 
City Weigh Scales, J R 

Dunn supt 

29 McCully Andrew, hotel 
31 Noble W J, barber 
33 Vacant 

33% Tumalin J, poultry 
35 Harris Win, pork 
37 McSayer Bert, barber 
37-41 Albion Hotel 
43 Raekstraw T, barber 
45 Vacant 
47 Blong J H, fey gds 

• King st e intersects 
Store, s e 

55 Vacant 

57-59 Beard Win, rest 

61 Swartz Andrew, rest 

63 Vacant 

65 Westuian Elijah, butchers' 

65% Mack Wm 
67 Gadsby & McCanti, floor 
73-75 Hancock Mrs M, stoves 

• Duke st commences 
77-79 Frost & Wood Co, ag 
ricultural implements 

81 Vacant store 
83 Wright John & Sous, cer 

85-87 Vacant (2) 
89 Livery stables, s e 
91 Allen Alfred, bldr 
93 Tolaud A Charles, rest 
95 Watt David H. barr 

Tonkin John, tlr 
97 Nelson J, excavator 
99-105 Macfarlaue's Hotel 

Vacant lots 

111 Mounce John, blksrnith 
113 Lines & Zeagman, produce 
Robinson Frederick 
Graham Mrs Bridget E 
Duckett Mrs Sarah 

• Dnchess st commences 
115 Moran Michael, pntr 
117 Watt Win. produce 

Stronge George 
Perks George 

121 MacFarlane Alex 

125 Coyle James 

Covle Mrs Annie, gro 

127 Whitney Seymour 

129 Smyth John T 

131 Hamilton Archibald 

133 Smith Patrick 
Doyle Felix, r 
Houston Richard, r 

137 Spilling Bros, cigar mfrs